On the Third Day It Rose Again - Insanity Check #647


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TALK SMOKE IN SOMEBODY AUTO VOLVO SWEATY SO-SO Game Tracy is he the Knicks Shays. I put on May be welcome back to the PODCAST. Is your host Chris here and we're here with episode seven. It's seven forty seven. I mean six forty seven of the tantric podcast. We're talking with some of the Clinton had in the last couple of weeks because we've Taken how taking a couple. Aw couple of weeks off join today Bob. A man all live on the West Coast Tim People's critic what's going on was up man. I just saw the Harriet Tubman movie. And I'm shocked that her. Kill Abraham Lincoln not accurate. Well he was a Zombie so it meets what you murdered him. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA. We're GONNA talk more about that. We talked about that. It's insane. It's one of those things where he sent you see a movie. You might have some feelings about a movie and then you are seeing. Maybe we haven't seen the movie started talking about things you don't like but that's not what happened in the way though that's got me defend this movie. It didn't happen that way. I Ah Yeah I know. We'll get into Harry around this before we get into that. I do want to say because we we have a couple of weeks off. I'm put up with the schedule for for most of the MTR Network of what we're what will be having coming out over the next month so we are officially in November I just did the mailbag with Deepen we'll get that out soon. Probably around the same time this comes out it'll be on the supervisory feed. It was so funny. This feels like both the year has gone. Two thousand nine hundred feels like gone by really fast and also really really slow in both of those i. Don't you see that was me house me. I saw people like cost us for Halloween. That was this year old. I was telling him. Zam came out this year. Suzanne was this year I was like Oh shit was just so many things I do. I do track my year. Buy Movies because how many movies I see when they come amount but it feels like it's such a long twenty nine hundred and then also same son's like it's November already really g ally. What the hell? Yeah so So just because I got so much stuff going on here and I want to get some kind of scheduled for you all so we have the show today. We'll have an insanity sanity check. I believe coming up on the ninth and tenth with Jeff Might Get pushed a week depending on what schedules like. We'll have those and then we'll be one more sandy check episode six forty nine will come sometime in December. I'm working on lining the guests for that right now. But there's only going to be after this episode only to Mauritania checks for Twenty nine thousand nine hundred and that's just because honestly I know it's kind of crazy because it's like the race for for the elections heating up and things are happening. I don't give a shit about any of that I honestly is just. I'm tired I am tired between work. getting this house built The movies that we have coming up because they're going to be AH shit ton of stuff coming on the movie trailer feed just so we can watch movies. There's TV shows. I gotta get caught up tonight. On watchmen I got a gotTA finish I want to at least try to finish Jack Ryan season two like between all in the fucking in nine in days or something like that or shorter. We got Actually it's nine days exactly because it's the third right. Yes as the third. We got nine days until Disney plus drops demand laureate. So yeah I just in Star Trek's I'm like yeah. I need a break. So you're going to we're going to we're going to take the brakes for these handy checks so we'll be doing more shows this year and then we'll come back in January with episode six fifty at the beginning of twenty twenty. We'll do that On the care to Cornerside We'll have next week Department Oregon we we were going to do to part two of new mutants we. We decided because of the Claremont stuff twenty more issues. We're going to roll that into the Claremont x-men part four recording that next next week in as well so we'll have that that'll be the last numbered care to corner of twenty nine thousand nine then we'll have to pull this comes out in December sometime hopefully after doomsday clock comes out and then that will also give us some time to rest. Relax read about some of the stuff and then we'll come back back hitting hard with some some shows we have. We have some ideas for shows we're going to do for the cared corner Coming in twenty twenty. So but yeah that's the and then Obviously Super Tuesday recap. We'll just follow the shows Schedule those shows I think December tenth is the last crossover until so they go on break until January. So we'll be an irregular schedule for that show then and then unfortunately the movies eight we just review movies when they come out and we got a ton of that stuff so if you are a premium ever you already got two premium episodes this month with Terminator Dark Fate and Harriet. We put but those of their reviews and two because we were so many movies where we doing that more often. We're food were removed where we WANNA have a larger. Discussions will do a quick twenty minutes or less for movie trailer US fee. Put that up there. So you guys in here that and then if you're a premium you can come back and we'll talk a little bit longer on the spoiler reviews and that's allows US support for you. Faster also get premium content for faster. So that'll be happening. Hopefully I haven't scheduled this yet. We'll get tim joy a row and myself together and we'll be having a black critic roundtable to discuss some of the stuff out there. 'cause I know I would love to get it was me Rome brandin talking about Harry I would definitely love to get you enjoy and other kind of talk about then some other films that we saw this year because it the is a lot of films this year a lot of good ones. There's a lot of good ones. Yeah I'm saying I said this to Sensible joy in row is a lot of good fills. I feel like there's even better performances. Maybe maybe the film itself is one that I would nominate for best pitcher but there's performances out there that have been really really good. Good that I kind of wish that the best actor best supporting actor actresses Category was larger than just five. Because I have L. Larger list for that. I do best pitcher I know I know we do our voting in about a month for our Chris Association some Tron alike. Start Tearing down that I've seen in performances that I've liked. I don't like showing up soon for my laptop trying to plow two hundred movies. I'm trying to do some of that. Now it's tough. There's a lot of good performances this year. Yeah like I wouldn't necessarily say that to a great movie because because of some of the new review about that just you know kind of downplaying. Some of the evilness of Pope Benedict but those performance between Anthony Hopkins. Jonathan Pryce a really really good though like their performances. So there's a lot of that you know there's all thing thing you know people have muzzle feelings on the joker film and everybody says that or convenience has a great performance in that film so because a lot of good in that yeah right so there's a lot. There's a lot of that going going on where there might not be a film that you WanNa do but the performances themselves but this has been a really good performance year out there I have feel. I don't know if you saw. I have feelings on clemency but free Woodard is rough brandon. That ran for just mercy and I was like that so bad idea. That's the bad news too heavy right back and forth there but Yeah so we kind of mentioned a here Harriet there's yeah it's a movie about Harriet Tubman about Harriet Tubman and people have various various various opinions on it. You know when they go see like my thing is it's it's a fine movie as good performances is. It's the safe it's a safe. Harriet Tubman film right what I was saying I watched it was like this is the kind of movie I could see someone showing my nephew middle school to teach them about yes like a history teacher would just put on into the yearbook is watch movie and at the worry about nudity. Any like extreme violence silence. It's not sort of the the slavery torture porn stuff that we see usually. It's none of that is just sort of like. Here's the store probably historically inaccurate but hit some of the high points. Yeah isn't doesn't really doesn't drill down in anything like this is the thing that happened. Was the film that you could that you can. You can let your your class watch without having to send them home with the permission slip right because we've seen that before the movies that they can show you in the movie they'd be like we we ask your mom to sign this permission to say you can watch this and if you don't get the signature then you gotta go watch like the land before time and the other room while we watch this you know so title. It's not that right and I think the frustrating thing is the title card at the end seems like the more interesting move. It's its heritage as a spy. Harriet leading a troop during the civil war. Like like. That's the more interesting story that is that was one of the more if you're eating things for me when you get into the thing and they show you yeah. She was a spy for the Union. She worked at the spot for the Union army and then also she was one of three women to ever lead armed expedition Shen of an armed exhibition period in the US. I'm just like that should remind it reminded me of when you're sitting there you're in episode four and you're reading the title of four and you're going like wait. Show me that 'cause I WANNA be. That was rogue one not episode so four watches little you know whiny whiny kids skywalker. Go through like would show me that film. So yeah yeah I mean it is as what is now. The problem is there are two things right. Well there's one thing the whole thing and I'm not going to go deep down to it because as I said before I come to the point in my life I don't give a fuck anymore. it's the whole scenario commentary on you know Black Americans. And she's the anti-black American and all that other stuff guys. Look maybe. This is being problematic. Whatever here's the thing I don't care and also I don't know she's Anti-black Anti-black America? I think she said some dump stuff and I think I think her sentiment is something that people carry. She just tweeted it which I wouldn't have done right but But also that was a while ago right like this was and so on the press run. This isn't like Liam Neeson talking about hunting down black people right right right. I had I UH-HUH FANTASIES about hunting down black who Liam Liam calms down a little bit. So you're right and and and I'm not GonNa try to tell people how they feel about that. You feel how you feel if you feel certain you cannot support her on these films following that do that right. I honestly though at this point. Don't care and the reason I don't care because that's everyone. Everyone has something I can find something on everyone and so I've had to just to survive all right. I had to make certain certain certain allowances and certain choices. All Right Arcos are the world. They're raping little girls. I'm not going to allow that right. I'm not gonNA allow the Kanye West. Who clearly having a mental breakdown or if somebody's going on with him while also living up a white supremacist? I'm going to draw a line there. I'M NOT GONNA. I'm I'm just can't get all the way down to d into the tweets of Cynthia Repo and give initiate about I would've but that's the line for you. That's that's a line. Does that align live that line. Stay with that line that you do you. You got your thing right and I'm fine with that. The problem problem than came down to people then worrying about the movie right late lies like blatant lies. which and again if you have a pro their legitimate problems with this film with it being safe are eight? There are legitimate problems within. You don't have to go and lie about the film home and saying things like I think. The first one I saw was that she had a love affair with the they had a romance between her. And the slave owner the white guy. I can't remember the the white actor who replaces slave owner he was he. He was the primary love interest in film. Yeah who the primary Levinger Film and I'm like. Oh Ah okay so my question to you is. Where do you think someone would get that from? So I think what people got it from is and they were. They were the people that were. He's eight the people that were sitting the the screen shots of the reviews. I think it would. They were showing was There are quoting lines from any other reviews that said the relationship relationship between the two characters and I think people immediately went from relationship to our love interest. which is that is is is a huge leap the stretch? It's like a throwaway line when they talk about how friendly they were as kids and now she prayed for him when he was sick right. But that's let's cut it. There's no it's not lusting after her. There's never own moment. Like the first moment they have alone. He tells her. Why are you praying? God is listening to Niggers. That's what he tells her. There's no like moment of like they're alone he's like I'm sorry right there and it's like in maybe we'll everybody said that his love for her. It's like I said there's some Tonto On my on my facebook like this is love for like is that both love that abusers have right that he's a slave owner and he sees her as part of his property Operti and he's trying to entice her to come back to being a slave because he has is not a love is not he loves her is not this is not some Thomas Jefferson secret lovechild type deal type. Love Hear Sally Him is that that's not what this is right now. No not at all and they don't even try to go down. That path of she clearly has a husband she clearly they deal with that as a whole big thing on that so the the the whole thing and I and also sort of context right because because the context of the film is they're losing money and his mom tells him the only standing we have is the stage that we have and so that's that's that's that's what's motivating him to try to persuade her to come back right not a love her. The fact that they're they're going broke an and people pressuring them to sell their land. Yes that is so so when you add the Contin they're made even dumber right so there's that then there is a whole thing of they made The Black Baron bounty hunter who was hunting down runaway slaves the main antagonist antagonist of the film. And I was like. Oh that's true either. I WANNA say he might he. He's there but he's hired by the main antagonist of which is the white slave owner is there and I don't want to go into more detail. The film digits come out but there's another piece to that to the people sit there and say and I'm like again going back to the first part is like you're missing. Important context there and now I do know somebody were like like they feel like the that. That was Stretching the because Harry Tom and never interacted with a black bounty hunter of runaway slaves adding creative license and added into the film and for that. I'm like fine if that's the way you want to draw your line on these type of films uh-huh and that's okay but I honestly feel like most people don't draw the line on these kind of films. The don't cause some you know what movie had a white savior here. And it was historically inaccurate. Putting the film to save the day hidden figures but people didn't pile on hidden figures about that. That Kevin Costner care does not a real person that never mention of three different three three other different People right it's like right you know and and there were still support behind that that film to go see that film and and get it so and honestly to be fair. That's also better feel very very clear. There's also a better film so it was able to do that and I'm fine. I'm with that and I'm fine. If you have these problems with accuracy okay but then saw gonNA write about this on my time on and I just had this things like I think a lot of people awesome. You just have have this unique moment yourself to figure out. Maybe he's done to these films. I know I'm not the only reason why I saw. Harry is because literally I was killing time. I and I had time at the Middleburg film fessel. Had I not been there. I probably never would have seen Harry because honestly I'm not personally films. The Pike is just not my thing and it's not the whole well could is how the white people why people feel about these films and how they portrayed. Es Nova lie that it's like they fall into categories of me right. The first one is how Harry falls in which is they in order to make them more palatable film it is is watered down right and so it's more entertainment value than actual historic value. And in that case what happens you. I'm not telling the more interesting stories because I feel like if you told the story of her being a spy for the army of her being leading the more interesting aspects of of of Harry Shum in aren't as a palatable to wider audiences as being told here and then the second piece is if you didn't tell them to be more orderly accurate. I think they're harder to swallow. I still have not seen twelve. Oh Years Asleep yes I still have not. I refuse to see twelve years to sleep because I just like I'm good. I don't need to see that Shit. I was not going to go see birth a nation. Even before the whole nate Parker thing. I was not going to go see the nation. I do not need to see that stuff. I don't want to see that stuff. I understand that this history underhanded stuff there but honestly real real. I don't need to see it I'm good form of entertainment. It's not my entertainment and it's not even though about about the idea of Oh well could've slave round and it's just like honestly. I just is like romantic comedies. Romantic comedies. I don't know what last Christmas is coming now this week and I'm like yeah I told brand he was like why are you gonNA sounds like you're right. Why am I going to see this? I don't WanNa see this shit. Thankfully dexterously comes on the same night so I can easily make that choice but like Yeah Yeah No. I don't want to see that film so I'm like I don't go to see them so I feel that same way comes with these types of slave films. I feel like they were really sh- give you the the Harriet Tubman store you need and you WanNa see. That's historically accurate. One is a hormone right. 'cause I mean honestly Yada Yatta Yatta. The fact that she ran went over one hundred miles to freedom but like one hundred miles in the dark with no street lamps with no flashlight can't read nothing like that. Because that's a horror story like self like a nightmare. I ain't walking the street the through the woods. Of course my dad's house to to do a road I know is there. I'm not walking through that at night with no fucking flashlight. A hundred miles doing that. Shit like actually like like here trying to survive the purge what what did you eat how did you. I don't want to go into that level of detail. Turn something like I don't know of anybody. That's that's going to be hard to watch right and also I don't know how cinematic it is story but like you I mean there's a certain level of skill telling that story and making interesting right right exactly so and not the director not skilled. But you know it's a certain level of skill this this doesn't necessarily between story in a in a in a in a history history in a history book and then making story something that people want to sit for two hours and watch it is right now. Right and I'm honest and having seen films like just mercy and Clemency Agan Tell you man I don't know how much of these black pain stories I can sit through in the I. Just I don't know I honestly Detroit. Detroit was well made film but also it was black torture porn at times and I was like absolutely not not doing that from bail station. Her is a great film. Never have seen fruitvale station. 'cause absolutely not. I know how that ends not doing that to myself. So I think a lot of people fall in that category and they don't they feel guilty by saying that You know and so oh I think you should own that. Also the flip side of that is don't shame people and telling them they have to see this shit. I was seeing people go. Will you need to go support. Report this film or don't say that you can't support other black belt. Who Don't don't be surprised? What other black films? Don't get made all right pause that that argument doesn't fly no more it. Does it right in the in the years following you know. Get Out of us all Black Panther and all the strata Outta Compton and all these other things that have made money in a major theaters. You don't get to make that argument that I have to see this this torture porn or the slave movie in order for these black films again made tyler. Perry did open up a huge can theater right. I say what you want about Perry. He has a whole own. Theater of theater has hormone studio lot. Now that we you made it so you don't get this. Make that argument. I have to see these films in order for For the eighth the same argument about a red tails wasn't a good film. But you have to go see retails are they're not gonNa make these stories anymore. I'm like I'll be okay. I don't buy that argument But yeah it's just been it was. It was funny watching people. Take these two engines on this film. People lied and said like the craziest live will i. I saw which was accompanied by a clip that was out of context and sort of cut off at the right moment was there. Harry needed saving from the White White Man from the black bounty hunter and and then he forgave her. She forgave him and I was like. That's not even remotely. What happens in the film home and they just put the clip of him telling Harry I'm going to kill you and then getting bigger getting shot And cutting it off L. like well. Yeah if you watch the rest of that Cla he chases after Harry and then Harry. It's not killing. Him is more to do with her faith in like absolving him of slavery is not as often people shouldn't own other people like God's unlimited for their own people like that. I'm sorry from the dialogue in the film is often. Shoot him in the hand right so. It's not like Dan off like it's like come on like like. Oh Massa I forgive you. And he's not trying to save it from him killing his his Negro who disobeyed him because because he told people a million times I want her taking the live right so big along goes to kill her. Obviously he's like no. I'm shooting you in the head because you're just another Negro and who's is GonNa stop me from shooting you 'cause I want her alive because she's my property right that's it. It's the trump we've seen in all kind of action movies where the underlying is doing something. The big boss doesn't doesn't want and the big boss kills them Yeah it's it but framing is like he's saved her again. It's it's the frame anything and the thing that got me to in this is this. Is it a bother me. The most about all of this was especially when we're leading into a an election year is how easy people went with ally. Yeah man over in like I learned people come in and we're trying to tell me that when I'm like the film but I have and I'm telling you I'm telling you that's what would have happened and then there was no are my bad. Let me delete that tweet. We let me do that. It was just kind of going on and kind of or moving onto well well. Cynthia really doesn't like black Americans so that's really my issue with no. Oh see near just trying to search for an issue maybe you do have a feeling about her with that way but you pushing allies on that you know listen listens and yeah that was my takeaway is the same as yours is like I. I watched it happen in real time which this is really scary. I had never seen a lie like that travel in real time and people just re tweet and and quote tweet quote. We tweet something that they hadn't and seen and it's taking people's work for and people who I imagine. They trust to tell them. The truth are telling them lies or spreading lies. I've seen people make the ship readiness. Veto you know this girl may refer going on a rant. Nils apparent from the rant. She hadn't seen the movie of. Oh you haven't seen it because you're saying about stuff is not true She's not saying Hanson Dancing. The movie she just telling people why should boycott. But here's the thing. These people will never have to apologize for what they've done they'll just move onto the next outrage orig- yeah you'll never going to have to be like. Oh you know what man I was one hundred percent wrong about the thing. I didn't like about this film. The stuff that I will spreading wasn't true no videos and everything and the thing that got me about it was I was telling me what it was like. I was saying this like listen. There are plenty of things like about this film. You don't have to make things things up like you're not that far off in saying if you want to go the route of it doesn't do a Harriet Tubman. Just as I'm an agreement with you on that one you can go down that route and actually seen the film who tell you that you are a hundred percent right on that but to go down this path of Oh these things which again you said are purposely taken out of order and out of context to to trend. In and get people riled up and then people win with people went with. It's so hard in in guessing about it is. There wasn't just a Harry thing right. It's it seeing how especially as we get into the election season like to this day I still I'll see people complaining about Making making the jokes in the comments about how Hillary Clinton tried to appease a black people by carrying hot sauce in her bag of. Yeah Yeah and and it drives me crazy because I'm like but like because to me. It shows you the staying power of ally in in how it can go and how hard it is combat. That I'm like I can show you. I can show you newspaper clippings from her back in when she was the the first lady talking about how she has a thing for hot sauce. That is her thing. Everybody who knows who apparently person knows. That's her thing right isn't it was not some Trying to appease the black people it is everyone knows. Hillary Clinton is a hot sauce. Phen- she carries a case of hot sauce with her everywhere she goes does that is just what she does but because people will have an opinion about her already they would rather go with that lie and discredit and keep going with it versus going all right cool. That's fine and I'm like that's the problem you face right. That is a problem always going to face is that it's always it's easier for the lie to stick is easy for people to go with Crooked Hillary that then go. Oh no actually this this this same thing with his hairy movie. I'm sitting of the entire going like guys. If there's things you want do this I went to a whole. I had to hold threats. Ask Me like I'm hearing you say that this is wrong. But you're not giving any rebuttal about the enterprise back up like I have to fucking threads and I have a whole as written review and audio review and premium for members who go into the exact details pills of this. You're not trying to find the answers. You don't WanNa you don't WanNa hear the truth because it didn't fit into the narrative the trying to push is easy to slam. I'm doug get these jokes off the news it'd be like well actually that's not. That's not factual I mean there's told people today that I know for a fact we're pushing that Hillary Clinton in Donald Trump with Two sides of the same coin. Bullshit then now as we're ramping up this time again is all that. Don't don't shame people voting don't do this. Don't do this. Don't do this. y'All blaming us for this and this and this and my yes. You don't seem to understand that again that goes into the whole thing with facebook and we're kind jumping around here but facebook hole of not wanting to deny Political as they know are false right. I'm like you guys realize how dangerous that is but so many of you will push dangerous and false things during the election cycle last time and then took no responsibility for it. So which way is is ro thanks. So is it that the false ads at politic- politics running basil because allowing are wrong in that we shouldn't allow the pushing of lies or is it just not okay when politicians pay for visit. Okay when you do it right right right. Yeah it's fascinating to watch people just like you said no responsibility and they'll just move on. They will just casually acquis if we've the same people who are on TV all the time push that you know Hillary's no different than than trump and within be outraged by the stuff trump is doing and I want to be like. Did you think Hillary was on and do any of this kind of stuff. It's it's do you generally think she was GonNa do any of this. No probably not. It's interesting to me watching all the moderate and republican conservative commentators like Joe Scarborough in in Mika presents all them about how all them laughed laughed at at Cornell Liberals who were claiming that that Donald Trump would would would would wreck the constitution and would be a travesty with a lot of people love and do all these things how they used to back in Twenty fifteen in two thousand sixteen mock people who were saying those things saying that would never happen and we have checks and balances and never happen. Now we're here. We're looking in two thousand. Nineteen them all going. Oh this is a constitutional crisis and all this other stuff. Who have seen that happening? I'm like everyone we all everyone. Everyone told you we on the debate stage. Yeah and you you laugh. You said that it was impossible in. That wouldn't happen but we told you that was going to happen because it didn't happen right at that moment you let it go and here we are so I think people people because Hillary was right. They let that their dislike of her cloud the fact that she was on point about a lot of stuff she said about this guy. Yeah Yeah Yeah people actual about it. Absolutely but they don't like her so it's like you know what it is some see not Harry for yourself. I was glad to see people on twitter. Be Like Hey. I'm glad I saw it for myself. A lot of what I read on here wasn't true. Yeah Yeah I mean again if you come in with the knowledge of what the kind of film and honestly having seen the trailer. I don't know how you could be. That surprised surprised. Surprised by the film it is. I mean I feel like it'd probably did live up to the trailer. I also know personally myself. This is these films for me there. They're just not. I don't in care to see them. I just don't know but I know that about myself and a lot of people need would do a lot better by knowing themselves and I mean there's a reason why you'll oh see joker I know myself. I don't need to sit. Don't need to sit through that and torture myself. I don't have I don't have fair missing out I really. Don't they really really do movies to see I can. I can trust me I can. I can afford to miss out on some things I do want to say one thing. Can we kind of jumped jumped some more heavy stuff and I do WanNa kind of ring back because This is This is the third day and You know he has arisen the public sandwiches back. He's back. I saw that the lines are already around wrapped around Papa's brought the chicken. Sandwich is back on a Sunday by the way just to kind of poke. Poke poke it at a Chick-fil-a who is not open on Sundays and Yeah I'm I'm hoping one time because I did not get one less. Have you had one. I have not had one yet home. This time around I can grab one. Yeah I'm I'M GONNA try tomorrow at work. I'm I'M GONNA try to see leave. Leave the office and go over. The Papa's around the corner from me because in trying to get one. I'm hoping they won't have the lines I see. I live in a pretty black area so I hate to say we love our fried fried chicken but it's just like that's his stereotype is real. I know this is one of those areas I feel like we. We Accept Yo. No it's just accept it accept it like I never forget this story. I told her I would live in back in Atlanta and I walked into this The Chinese food place else. You know Chinese food place have great fried chicken. Some sitting the Chinese food plays in this. Why do walks in behind? Hi Me it was a data pill skit he has. He was good here before answering. The chicken isn't Elvis was like damn motor of five. I was on the order of five wings and fries and I was like. Yeah the chickens. Good God damn it. I felt like such a stereotype. That day But Yeah Yeah so get your get your PA chicken sandwich. I'm hoping I've seen the reports that apparently they have a Popeye's Popeye's has hired more base surge staff to handle this Wow I would hope that to me. This is one of the things of maybe pay them a little bit more or to make a little bit more maybe pay them a living wage. Possibly you know working Popeye's he had to deal with people in all people getting mad because they didn't get the chicken sandwich they wanted Pay paying a little more and set it up so we have that because November. We've also reached the point where Christian Christian music is already playing for trump now to trace amounts of Christmas music and I have to say folks Thanksgiving here there is. There is a holiday in between Halloween and Christmas Mike I guess the problem is there is no Thanksgiving music when he they've given music. I don't know what it would be though what it would be up. The back of my mind immediately went to the sounds Anita American screaming so that probably is why it probably isn't there. Yeah Yeah probably we don't have. We don't have Thanksgiving Music But yeah we are now in the point of yeah. Cursing music is are is czar. Playing everywhere you go And we now have the rest of sales from now until the end of the year so oh I saw trees trees and stuff up at target before Halloween. That's all the decoration. Yeah it was already up crazy. That is when you can't even respect colleen you know went from strength from Labor Day to Christmas eight Labor Day right to Christmas but yeah we got two Two months left Timing of that stuff in Yeah I'm it I'm just never prepared. I feel like Christmas clan. sneaks up on me every year. Even though they are planning the Christmas music earlier and earlier I swear to God is going to get to the point. It's going to be delighted. They're going to be playing Christmas music in July. Yeah Christmas it's going to happen and then eventually is going to that point. The teen titans they were Santa Claus. Nineteen Times it's kind of a villain and he was post-christmas twenty four seven and all all year around Christmas time because that point we're going to be Easter and we're GONNA be selling back. Listen I have some friends who love Christmas they will would not mind that at all that will love it. Yeah I mean yeah it's thing is the thing is the thing so just want to make sure everybody's aware. Yeah just you know at this point. Even though I'm mad about it just stop fighting it. Embrace it just embrace it like I'm. I'm leery talk about this I they're either. TV or little Christmas commercial on right now. Yeah man I wonder. It's probably target target commercial. This is literally literally at Christmas commercial happening right now with people in Christmas pajamas. I cannot believe it it is November third is target target. Is Doing Christmas commercials roles already. UN fucking believable. I'm discussing Larry involved. Everyone involves discussing Spinner Keno Discussing Bill. Maher says the dumbest things I saw that I don't watch his show. I haven't avenue in years. I wish mm auto. I don't even know he's on anymore. I only his name pop up when he's either says something stupid or does something stupid or has somebody stupid on. Yeah that's generally wear Bill Maher. You're right now so bill Morris vaccine a vaccine autism link is not crazy we don't know shit. Of course the scientists do no shit. But you know I if you talk show host. Bill Maher allowed vaccine vaccine- vaccinations skeptic to air his views on the discredited link between vaccines and autism on Friday night and many points appear to agree with him skeptic. Dr J. Gordon was the first guest on the on the real time with Bill Maher episode. Enjoy no real pushback. From his repeated esser assertion that vaccine axiom could cause autism mar contributed to the conversation by sharing his medical history. Melissa airs a modern medicine. I'm just saying we don't know Shit Maher said we don't know a lot about how the body works. So how do vaccines fitting in with it. I don't know all the new chemicals. There's thousand new chemicals pollutants irritant. We didn't use to have all this corn syrup in our bodies antibiotics. Could it be any combination combination. I'm just curious your fucking comedian. You're not a scientist. That's why you don't fucking know. Oh yeah he's literally comedian. Turn talk show hosts like that's why and he probably vast vaccinated on imagine magic. Yes yes we also have like we. There's also we have a global measles outbreaks happening happening and a record setting year in two thousand nineteen. Why is measles making a comeback? 'CAUSE motherfuckers aren't vaccinating like that's why bye bye. Don't listen to these dumb asses who don't know science. Nearly the entire medical community agrees accent vaccine. Gene do not cause autism as shown by large cities and just as past year some patient parents refusal to vaccinate their children and places like California and New York that to rise in in preventable illnesses that alarm public health officials and lead to some drastic measures and accounting north of New York City unvaccinated Myers were barred from public basis for several weeks wchs although mar analogy the vaccines work. He does audience which appeared to be two largely support. What he was saying that the idea that the cause autism still marriage debate? You know to call this. This is crazy person. He told born. Really what you're saying to you know to call you this crazy person. He told Gordon really what you're just saying is a slower vaccination timetable maybe less numbers and also take into account individuals. People are different family. History stuff like that. I don't think that crazy more than the lent credence to vaccinations sentiment. There's all these parents who say I have a normal child go I had a normal child. Got The vaccine in this story. Keeps coming up is seems to be more realistic to me. We're just going to be realistic about this. Like it probably happens so rarely but you can't you can't say it happens one the million times because then somebody could be millions one so you scare people you can. You can't say when might be the more real option. Might be the more more realistic opinion. You know what. Let's play devil's advocate right. I hate doing that ballistic that. Let's let's say that there is a link to autism autism and vaccine in his one in a million Vaccinate your fucking kids. It's one in a million pure that million if you're that million parent look at the fucking draw you gotta suck it up. Autism is in a deficit. And you'll be fine autism like that's the other thing that bothered me about this whole thing too. Is People make. It seem like autism. Is the death sentence like your kids getting cancer or HIV or something. Yeah so your. Your kid has autism okay. You know there's plenty of people while here living just fine with autism there's varying varying stages in burying somebody has autism is there is a wide range of of where that person fold in and having autism so already that break. You saying that you're not going to do this because there's a one in a million chances. You're kicking have autism. I'm like my instrument and it'd be somewhere on that spectrum somewhere on the spectrum somewhere mice within his and and you have a Byu heavy better one in a million chance. You better chance of being of being struck by lightning. You don't stop going outside do you. So you know what your kid is. When he has autism he's alive? I didn't want to go that far. I didn't want it. I didn't even bring that aspect of well in the beginning of the vaccine. My kid wouldn't have autism but they might be dead. Yeah the might have measles some other the disease because you didn't want to get them tested these at least they're not somewhere on the spectrum of autism right but also again this one million chant again one million million. Let's say one million you. That is the things that could affect your child their less odds than that. You don't stop you. Don't you. Don't go outside Kigali get bit by a tick in get lime disease you anything about that. You're not something that you kick start by lightning. Don't you know know dog. I remember going to Africa and I had all these different vaccines and of course people do this. They don't even question it. They don't don't do them because she was like listen. You cannot get these vaccinations but if you get sick when you come back we're going to quarantine you now that well all right let me get let me sit through it. All and other countries won't let you in without. You can't get in without this thing Gordon for his part advise parents vaccines precaution while announcing a lack of scientific evidence stance. I can't prove anything so I talked quietly. Maybe talk at all fucker to shut the fuck up. Shut the fuck up more rounded up as we all right bigger. Dennis Prager prager university. That turned out youtube videos. Full of prager opinions. He joined University of California Journalism. Professor Christina Ebola Tony and former NBA ministry a station official Richard St for a panel discussion discussing which he falsely asserted that Russia did not attempt to undermine that democracy in two thousand sixteen. If this Dennis Prager on your show why was the point. I don't understand to this point and why people are watching Bill Maher show also affect. Why are you gonNA show what does it? What does he adding to it? Well how does whole debate at work with this guy about these types of the people who end up like it was you know candace Owens and and and the you know Katrina Pierce around that revolt panel and I was like what's the point of having them on because they're not going to be honest about anything that's happening then. At the moment you backed into a corner with actual facts. They'll just spew off a bunch of stuff. That's not an accurate and so what's the point of having them on because it's not like you're actually having the debate of of ideas it. Someone spreading lies in not I haven't ever repent for them or back up and just to spread misinformation and move on hits and so why so why have yeah. That's what I came. Naturally it's people want want hits in clinics the Joe Rogan's Bill Myers even puffy. Like the one thing I was telling my friends about it was like we've all known there've been even doing this. Show one episode six forty six forty seven hundred thirty seven so you covered politics for a while we both know there have been tons of black Republicans out there who very conservative and very much. Gop led right but what they don't do some of them is dive into this nonsense. Is that we've seen in the past four five years This always trump Conspiracy Theory Bs that that that sort of lane but the reason these people are on these panels. Because they won't do that. Oh well look put it this way not GonNa do that have rational conversations but there's no space space for that put it this way the there's a reason why you see abundant people asking for brand Kenya's OEM's on to represent black Republicans. But Not Colin Powell. Exactly even Michael Steele's crisis Brent. That'd be was or even. Yeah Michael Steele. You know. With a reason why his own. Because you know you're gonna GonNa say something that's going to generate conflict is going to generate controversy in controversy sells like that is what you're doing here and I'd rather people just admit that versus this whole idea of warm doing it to have both sides of conversation bubble of of well. That's not a nobody. No mind that you know. It's not a real conversation. It's not on news workers as do all the time it's like. Why did you hire like there is I can't remember seeing in higher camera guy they hired but you do that then. Later went on and then Should it on one of the military guy who gave the some testimony against trump trying to say on American. Or something like that. If you got to come out and be like why did you even bring this guy on. Why are you why are you? Why are you paying with dude to have these opinions? When he's clearly he's clearly making Sharon having been being divisive it because what happened? You got a bunch of responses to that controversy. Got People watching whether it's a small clubs things afterwards right and that's what keeps it. Going is just what it is controversy sells you know if everything wasn't that way then it'd be NPR correct. Yeah so more of that leading up to the election more information more of this. We've got to hear both sides and let's bring this person on and I wasn't. I'm okay with hearing both. Oh sides if both sides are honest in the discussion that they're having they're just not if the other side is legit side right and let's be honest here. There are a lot of the other side they are not. They're not aside their opportunistic. They should that's why they have no. They have no morals they they have no no foundation which is why there was this. Why you can't really trip up can is Owen? Because she doesn't believe in anything no yes so so just sort of tap dancing around anything right exactly so you switch or or do they do like what we were talking about. What the Harry people? Just move to something else. You have a legit issue. You have an issue with Cynthia Rio okay fine and you just pay everything around that and so when you're found to be wrong you just go back to the fact well Severo said so. That's why I'm really upset. All right cool fine. Whatever I at this point I just can't anymore? I'm I'm done with these people because I feel I do feel like I feel like this is true I feel like a lot of people are religious. Really Unhappy Yeah. I feel like like I used to argue with people would not because I was unhappy because I was just like Some do board gotta do it now and not only that. But it's like I genuinely wanted to have. I am generally going like no. You guys are wrong on this. Why are you not seeing? How wrong you are on this stuff But I've realized that I think are really just in it just to trend order to get things out or they literally just have nothing going on there. They're really unhappy with their lives. Like I see so optimism people and I'm like yeah. You know what I would just I told you before any point I can walk away kind of started doing that. I'm just GonNa walk away and let y'all have this because it means more to you than a dozen me so y'all have that because I can't I moved on into another story. I call this. The white people need in Natural Predator Natural predators are thing Python found quote around the drowned the dead woman's Brown Dead Woman's Neck Indiana home owned by sheriff with one hundred forty snakes. Hurry a wait. Hyphen found coiled around dead. Woman's Nick in Indiana home owned by Shariff with one hundred and forty snakes. Thirty six year old woman died Wednesday after he was found with an eight foot snake wrapped around her neck and Indiana House owned by the Benton County. Share Don Munson and set up specifically for a collection site in the Indiana state. Police said the woman who police have not named at As of twelve forty five pm Thursday notification a Fam Fam family apparently kept one hundred forty snakes in the house starting Kim Riley and any in a state police will I said Munson who lives next door to the House told Journal told the Journal and courier Thursday afternoon that he found the woman in the blue ranch with snakes on Wednesday evening rally that the cause of death will be determined during autopsy She appeared to be strangled by the snake. We do not know for a fact until we have the autopsy Z.. Results told the Journal on carrier. That hurts her staff's was attacked with so I think this is this is up. Do they actually did find out the lease name. Name was something. Hearst that hearst's death with a traffic accident with a loss of human life being fully cooperative with everybody the corner owner. There's another ORKLA had on this basis said that She curled up in the bed with the snake and the snake wrapped around her encounter. I would you skirl was a python. It's up yeah yeah yeah yeah. Yeah but they they basically set up a a house with For one hundred forty saints for it was basically a rescue house for snakes. Oh that's nice in theory. Athlete practices not working out. Yeah he look terrible win at Di she's a terrible horrible way to die World League it's a python curled up next to it took so out there. Was this a horrible way to die. Like her name was Laura Hearst this is a battleground any in a owned about twenty six snakes kept in the house And this e says apparently visited the House about twice twice a week and the house was made for keeping snakes. Nobody else lived there. The snakes an apparently being taken from that killed her apparently been taken from its closure the other than the House version on the cages when the police arrive after getting a call on nine pm just before nine pm on Wednesday in this article says legal had had that many snakes there are no law jurisdiction house with so many snakes said can rally engine any state police. The UNIT EH in Indiana Department of Natural Resources did not regulate the position of any species of python. Four constrictor are regarded as length the DNR spokes person. Marty Benson in Indiana does not also does not regulate python because they aren't Does not regulate pythons. Good they're not native to Indiana state. Regulators are requiring permits for venomous snakes and endangered species pieces of snakes lizards. Hold the RENOVA mistakes in the house just ones that could grow eight feet long and kill you buy string leader deaf. Yeah Yeah In two thousand fourteen in the report found that any in his rules were wild and exotic pets more lenient than most surrounding states. Who can own just about any animal as a pet? As long as they have a proper a permit for it. Why people need Why why people need a he'd natural predators they do? I really do another reason. Why people need natural predators? Listen I do not give a shit about the gender of your baby. I WANNA be the gender of your baby. Oh Yeah I saw. The people died in a gender reveal. I absolutely I don't talk about it. Normally I definitely don't give them the fuck of enough about it to die. Woman killed in Gender Jenner reveal. Explosion was forty five forty five feet away from the device but died instantly. Yeah they said it. Put gunpowder authorities authorities on money. Is Iowa authorities on Monday released. The name of the woman killed after she was struck by debris during a gender reveal announcement Saturday in Iowa. The was identified as Pamela. Cry Cry Cormier. Fifty six in a news release Monday from Marin County Johny shares office share Jason Assembled Office said in a investigation showed the family members working on ways to Make Fun Making Fun Fund announcement of Charles Ginger for social media inadvertently created a pipe. Bomb Dinner Ville pipebomb members of describe. The Myer family were experimenting with different types of explosive materials. On Friday and Saturday the news release said six people including Primera and the mother gather Saturday and put gunpowder inside of a homemade. Stand that was wheel to a metal base They put a piece of wouldn't of the gunpowder and some colored gun powder on top of that. Stan had a hole drilled inside it for fuse finally table fucking bomb. Mom What are you doing. How do you think bombs work so fucking stupid stupid like all just simeon email? I don't care about the gender your gender your baby. I really don't but if you need to do that send me a fucking email email like this whole like this. When did this? Jinnah reveal thing. Become a thing. I didn't even know when I don't have kids so I don't know gyn reveals can become a thing. I didn't know this was the thing going my God. Finally they put the finally tape was wrapped over the top of the assembly. The idea was for the gunpowder to blast the color powers cave general top of the stand of sorry. I shouldn't be laughing at. This woman did die but God but she died instantly. This is so stupid it it is dumb it is like I don't. What did they find on the Internet? Like a pipe bomb decided. I mean it won't be a pipe bomb because because we added pink we added food color. Yes blue powder to the to the gunpowder. So it's not going to be a bomb anymore. It's GonNa be a reveal A smoke bomb GIZMO but Yeah you can definitely folk MOMS right. There's this easy and they don't they don't expose. I like that quote. The colored smoke comes out what is the desired effect. It's not you don't WanNa Big Bang. Jesus man but the explosion instead middle shrapnel flying Kramer who was standing family members about forty-five feet away with truck instantly with a piece of metal talking on the head the news release. They could have all died. They all of them all of them could have died. I'm sorry I hate to say it this way but they are lucky. Only one person died all of them all all of them could've died. The debris continue flying for well over a hundred more yards central. It made a bomb bomb. The actual bomb also released a statement. This family got together for what they thought was going to be a happy event with no intention for anyone to get it hurt. You built a bomb. You build a bomb you billabong only only Americans can do something like this to build a bomb. I thought nobody was going to get hurt. Ended up having having with Pamela Crimea. Ca Meyer a wife. Mother and grandmother was killed by piece of metal where middle stand gunpowder and color powder were involved. There's reminded anytime someone makes it these. I think there's a high potential first series injury or death. Please take unnecessary risks. CAJOLES go out to the family. So that's one right. Here's the thing that wasn't the only one so it's another one. The walkie fire department also in Iowa announced Tuesday that Jinnah reveal explosion over the weekend shook homes more than two miles away. Forty said the incident took place on. They thought to walk walk. He said he limits on a vacant lot of St. The losing occurred one day after a gender reveal in in Knoxville. The kill fifty six year old if hamlet primary so the second one key fire department captain Tommy ties. Dole says that the property owner using a ten right. I gender reveal boombox kit. They shot with a rifle which is legal there in the county and so they are not in city limousine key so as far as we know is legal or well. He residents felt the blast so that the galaxy of the reveal kit brings brings little comfort around the back trying to figure it out. I looked at my neighbors. Does your everyone behind me. Looked at me like a look like they were intact. My wife and I stared at each other like what was what was that Says Resident Kelsey Malone. I thought it was something in the basement looked at the basement took the stairs took the garage title said. No injuries were reported in the explosion with the injury is always possible. Anytime you're dealing with any type of explosion in dangerous now awesome. I gotTa look and see what this do. They actually have a kit for this. You use the kit to make Jin reveal thing and people were are people like just you're kind of spice it up a bit and then blowing themselves up. I don't know I'm not the remember doing this. PODCAST in your folks so this is how you find the stuff out we. Yeah we do this right now because I probably hit it before but I didn't look it up so I just assumed people were buying reveal stuff from like a party store. Okay make not making them at home all right so the boombox. It's kind of always before it already comes with the power so they don't mix themselves with other eighty s did It contains cornstarch might on fire due to friction. Please be careful to place your target in locating the does not have anything flammable nearby See here It is yeah so the tin arrived gender. Reveal boombox everything you need for a gender reveal with the color blades color powder and one pound ten right brand binary rifle target all wrapped in one. Beautiful package the packers. Conceal powder conceals color inside just opened the Flap on the front. The box mixed target. According to the directions the box contained a color blues Color Blazes Pink or blue collar powder and one pound ten right brand targets on assuming that's one pound and a basically gunpowder then explodes while direction are printed on the box in the targeted. Please note if they say they actually have video of this explosion. Yeah hold on let me see. Yeah it's I'm looking at this go. Yeah the God these are so fucking dumb so basically you have a rifle you shoot at it and it explodes. God knows what I'm thinking of. I'm seeing these it doesn't it. It didn't look. It made a lot of noise but I'm wondering if what they did. The WHO did is probably maybe spice it up a little bit I try to addicts or stuff to it. God this is so that doesn't sound dangerous from what you're reading out of maddening. They tried to like you know augmented in some way to make it more a bigger reveal and ended up creating a bigger bomb instead of a bigger smoking to smoke bomb. Or just. Don't do it but we just don't do it. People warn them for the Internet for facebook and Instagram. And you know we'RE GONNA record the gender of our baby and we're we're going to find out and it's I'd imagine it's fun fun. Hopefully for the people having a child but not making a bomb. Here's thing here's the thing. No no one gives a fuck about the ginger your baby. I know you need to hear that you need to hear that. Nobody talk about the gender of your baby baby. Nobody not even you really. Because what's going to happen if your baby. You're expecting a boy. But you get a girl or you get a non-binding what is fucking manner. You having a baby are growing fucking human being in Saudi. Is your baby healthy. Is your baby healthy. And even if it's not what are you going to do. I mean like who the fuck cares. There's not enough one to lose your life over in to scare some people in the middle of fucking nowhere in Iowa and the thing and they're under a terrorist attack all right just fucking stop. Yeah don't worry it's not a terrorist. We're just having a boy. Oh Okay Cool Outta. Aw Jesus Christ folks like what is Jesus they won't. They won't stop I just I just can't Um So we got that Speaking of Dumb Home Corp that's up not coming up all of a sudden I had this trying to read them off line because my husband that dies. I'm trying to read them on my phone. Does it from a few weeks ago. We miss this one. There's a lot of stories in trump land and stuff like that going on with the impeachment process of that. I'll be honest folk not going to cover any of that shit. Let me know we. All we know is bad. Let me he know when he if he gets impeached and removed from office until that point. I'll be honest. None of the Shit bought none of the ship moves me none of the like you. I wonder why it doesn't move me. I'll say rock. We'd why doesn't move me. Nothing that anybody's saying right now is getting fully on record and stuff like that anything that anybody should be remotely surprised is by. Now you're at so in. The rubbings are already showing that they were going to do everything in their power to be idiots in and try to support a Muslim cancel at this point. I'm just like vote. You WanNa talk about of office. You want held accountable vote. That's what that's what. I'm betting my game on. If somehow impeachment does work and they get out that way I I'll take it. I'm not gonNA take it. I'll eat that I'll be wrong with them when our I'll be happily wrong on on that one but I'd rather just putting that I know would would would would definitely work voting and getting that of office. I also don't give the shit right now but the different I know Beto dropped out airland. There's some news the Buddha Gig. The the mayor of Albin I've been is now kind of surging. Oil was like that. But he's polling at zero percent with Black People Latino voters so that means he's also not a real candidate so I don't give a shit. What about him either Apparently some people are trying to blame again once again blamed black people for being homophobic. And that's why they're not voting for him. Well we don't own homophobia it's bright and it can't be possibly be the fact that he also has a terrible history of by people in his own take as a real thing so there's that so you know Yeah so I don't give a shit I don't don't care you will let me know. I know a lot of people are working on that stuff. You let me know what happens by the time Maryland votes. Hopefully it'll be a new house of that point above us how Maryland Votes We'll probably know who the the the nominees anyway. So I'll do then at this point. None of the shit moves me matters manners to me. I don't care I just doubt just tell me who I need to vote for Donald Trump. I'm there so not bringing this up but I do want to cover the The fact that the are really dumb criminals all of them around them are idiots and I love anything that makes the former mayor of New York. Look bad rudy. Giuliani Johnny Butt dials. NBC reporter Heard cussing trashing the Biden's a late night on October sixteenth rudy. Giuliani made a phone call to this reporter. The fact that Johnny was reaching out wasn't remarkable he then reporter spoken earlier that evening for a story about all his ties to the Iranian opposition group. But this call it was soon become clear. Wasn't a book of a source following up with reporter. The call came in eleven zero seven PM. The and went to voicemail and the poor sleep then if more than the message exactly. Three minutes long was sitting in the reporters male and the recording. The words to tumbled out of Julia's mall offer not directly reporter. He's someone else in the room. Giulani could be heard discussing overseas dealings lamenting the need for cash though diggle during the full content of the conversation the call all appears to be one of the most unfortunate Faux Pas which is known as the casual a butt dial. It wasn't the first time happen. Julianne said at the start of the recording Charles would have a hard time with a fraud case because he didn't doing any due diligence wasn't Charles's or who may have been implemented fraud in fact much of the message first minute difficult to comprehend cameron in part because the calm voice other of the man in the conversation is muffled and barely intelligible Yeah So Rudy Doc. Giuliani Is An idiot. And but dialed a reporter. That basically kind of went into dealing about how he doesn't have any cash and also the it's like yeah. Of course he did. I think what bothers me. The most is not even like it goes. It's leaving all about the George W we can go further back about just with the George W. Bush era too so not even smart criminals. That's what drove me crazy crazy right. They're not even smart criminals like dress. It up pretend lie to me right. Don't don't don't make it so fucking easy and then have your cronies come out and try to tell me that what I heard and when I saw is it real clearly Israel just this is why so tired of me. This is why I refuse to cover that much. Because what's the point is exhausted to set a lease. It's exhausting hearing the news. I can imagine trying to talk about it in a real way. Yeah yeah no fuck them. So that was interesting. Let's see has one other story here. They were GONNA be. Who is it Oh yeah then also because because they're also horrible people So Treasury was at the at the White House at a Halloween party. Children were to build the wall at the Halloween White House. Halloween party a Halloween Louima party on October. Twenty fifth at the Eisenhower also building. Peter Candy era planes people airplane in there for some ten dis a station where children were encouraged to help build the wall with your own personalized bricks. That scene funnier tournament are over with the paper wall. Were provided a Yahoo News. The party which took place inside the office building used by the White House staff included the families of the decorative brand employees by VIP. He gets inside and outside of the government even though many of the attorneys remember trump president trump administration never went thought. The Halloween game was a treat horrified. We were horrified. That a person who was is there a question on amity to Avoid Professional Ra retaliation. Here's the problem his problem. Why are you horrified? If you are working with his administration you should. I know this is par for the course. The Eisenhower executive office building across from the White House as large portion on the West Lean support staff is home Sununu the build the build. The Wall Mural was the I was on the first floor outside saw the speech writers office next to the Office of Digital Strategy and Beecher red paper breaks each bearing the name of a child alarms on the vice bill. Build the wall uh-huh kids dressed as superheroes Ninjas were given brick colored paper cars until it right the name with marker and take them to the wall along the paper will were signs including the ones that right America America first slogan often used by president. Prompt that have been criticized because it was previously employed by the KKK. Wow again it's exhausting. Why are you bringing up kids to the White House to do that? They don't want to be building. A wall on. Halloween gives a free candidates in them on their way to a costume contest. I got nothing I. It's it's it's a mess Saab. Stop doing that to your kids man. Let them let them live speaking of a mess and this weekend no one's cancelled a apparently Harvey Weinstein made appearance at a comedy club. Job and the women who heckled him were kicked out Harvey Weinstein turned up events for young actors. They woman confronted him thrown when out. Woman comedian was booed and kicked out after they protested. The errands disgrace Hollywood producer. Harvey Weinstein Performance in Lower Manhattan on Wednesday night night wanting turned up with with an entourage. Watch actors our a monthly event dedicated artists downtime bar and lower east side one comedian. Kelly Bachmann called him out interstate. Interact on stage referring to him as the elephant in the room in Freddie Cougar. I didn't know we had to bring her mason rape whistles through the actress with our pretty good pretty good Eh. Somehow some members mostly men booing shut up said one person kills at group therapy for rape survivors reply. Bachmann herself was a rape survivor. Bobby and said Fuck you to wind seen before continuing with set. I'm comfortable enough to talk about my experience when I'm sitting in a room with a Mazda people supporting to suck the air out of my chest. Bachman told Buzzfeed News. News doesn't women including many of the prominent actors who have come for many prominent actor come forward with allegations of sexual assault against movie mogul Weinstein is due to stand trial in January in New York City over rape allegations Bob until a bus we knew that she had previously nightmares Weinstein and that seen him in an audience with a nightmare come to life is Kinda. NFL like an old school harvey to me having his table. Lower East side bar surrounded by actors elmo during her comedy set in which which is about sexual consent is important stare directly a Weinstein gene. I don't want to make everyone comfortable. I didn't WanNa make light of this person to make everyone feel good about it. He's frustrated by with wanting the president's had factor ability lead to perform the stand ups since they've been was going to be recorded nor that she didn't call him out further moei-salween Reject Satan Maui. I wish I had said more zoe. stuckless a twenty one year. Old Actor told buzzfeed they were they were. They were horrified after recognizing nineteen at the booth across from them. Use Them Pronoun Weinstein enter the venue using a walker so this is a he so wait so is he is. He is the because Okapi faunal. 'cause we now all of a sudden he has fucking ailments and he needs to use a walker into walker initially didn't suspect anything unusual but as but as a booth began filling up with younger act women and older men in suits. Douglas said it became clear that it was disgraceful. Hollywood mogul as a little booth filled out. His interchanging became apparent that it was who thought he was stuck list. When Bach mentioned windings president was grateful that someone had someone was acknowledging what the entire room was wishing I was sitting there? It was like surely there have been organised. Say something now. She brought it up and can't be denied hi. The show's. Mc made no mention of later a male comedian joked about boxing bringing a wising Ip address. The elven room said Andrew Be Silence Comedian visiting from Roy who in this room produce goodwill hunting because that shit was great wow What a terrible piece of shit thought this whole buffy the Shirley before performing one of the show performers as performance dimension president sites that he did not mean for his goodwill hunting cracked and support Weinstein and say it was intended playoff and remind people at Bachman earlier joke? You did a terrible job. At that came across her courage wasn't credible via DM. I didn't want to feel alone. I didn't didn't want to tread on her honestly and if he didn't want attention I was going to give him attention and father's Day. He had three times before before and said he planned to joke about where to obtain chloroform. If someone told me that it would be in poor taste I swear amount a piece of shit sounds like you are a pizza schick. That is that is in poor taste. That actually was now. That's terrible. It's not even funny. saw this video pass warranty organic bit but the to speak how that watching the male can meeting engaged with his joke upset them. That's when I thought such the anger and shame and fear bubbling gut that Simon was allowed to be in that space. That'd be laughing at the comic was able to demean. The person that went went up before him that they could not believe that support for Weinstein that have been encouraging. I mean but honestly I'll push back on this and say how can you not believe the support. The same thing happened Kate. Louis C.. CK right now is also doing like a fourteen city tour so like yeah like. I'm not not to demean This person actors Feelings or though the community before That was the Nisa something for the female comedian before them but like yeah this is like people are going to ride that. Weinstein train until Taylor falls off today. No these officially gone. They're going to do that right. So but but yeah like I don't understand I don't understand how as an actor actress you're still sitting around and you're gonna sit at a table. Harvey Weinstein exactly. Yeah I think did you watch that next Netflix. Show about the girl who was raped. No I heard about it though is really good though. It's great right but this one scene in the show where they're they're talking about this. FBI guys working on the case with them and how he cares but One of the character says something I think is reminds me of the Harvey Weinstein Story. Oy was she asked. Where's his outrage like? He's not outraged by any of this. He knows what is wrong and he can say stuff. There's no real outrage and if men were assaulted at the same clip as women there would be outraged from them and these jokes and and being funny about Weistein wouldn't be good like you do do that because you would understand why people are outraged about this behavior but since men don't care that same level outrage they can do this stuff and say oh I thought it was. You know in good taste thirty. You know what I mean. Make all these concessions while they're joking or or you know saying hello to him in a booth and not understand why the women comedians up on stage or absolutely outraged arrays. He's even in the room. It's funny you mentioned that there's a ad going around now. I think it's four underwear company. I can't remember what it is. And they have this ad where basically it's Talking about periods but all the men and boys talking about having periods and things like that and it basically makes us any argument. You're making it was like you know if if if men get got period we wouldn't we talk about this. More often is is a really good ad and I was like it was a AH data had my peer and we're looking at. Is this a trend inclusive ad or something like that and it was like that level but it's like basically if men got periods if it was was something that both men and women got then we would have more conversation about this things would be different so it was a very some of that. Caught me off guard but it goes right writing which were saying Going back to this stuff did confront Weinstein. What your name when they asked Weinstein videotape? Hey My buzzfeed. Why does he plays his table while Min while another man Nixon was hurt? Speaking of Stuccos they said the man the they said the manically winds he told them it was another business they had no right to ask. Nobody's going to anything. Wow this isn't a video filmed later posted on facebook. Nobody's really going to say anything so there was an absolutely the venue I'll get outta here. That's fine I'm happy. But nobody's GONNA say anything. I'M GONNA stay in four feet from a fucking rapists and no one is going to say anything so they were they were out of the room by a woman and a man the guy leading me up the stairs repeated just repeating due process due process to me who has a man if he worked at the bar. He did not respond. The downtown Bart has not responded to the bus request request for comment but posted a note on his facebook page. Apparently referring to us as a heckler shortly in the evening one geeky heckling another causing a determined to everyone to everyone in the attendance for several requests. Stop where ignore we commonly asked to leave the moment that deserves confront wising. I seen so the Amber Rollo a thirty one year old comedian head attendant of the show disorder friend Bachmann. She's right roller total wine thing. You're fucking Mosser. What are you doing here? Fuck you also you said one of the men are coming. Weinstein called her son in response while another woman had wisey table guided her outside. Rolo said she disappointed that Weinstein was welcoming event and that those who question is present wasn't rude and removed from the venue rate of myself. Said Rollo. I thought that everyone agreed that while he was a bad person. Other people were are questionable. He's the worst the worst. I thought we all knew then. Alexandra Liberal Libert liberty over tar the organizer Actors our Toll Buzzfeed News. The second meantime wanting to turn up to one of our events added. She doesn't have a security team rather than turn onto your weight shift to the community would address them. Walk them all walks of life in my space pats not an answer. You want to know when asked why walks of life when asked why she allow winds in the event intended to support encourage young actors actress when she had been when he's been accused of sexually assaulting interesting. There's a dozen of them Alexandra's toll buzzy opportunity them by freedom of speech communities COMEDIANS. Make Fun of him said that twenty six year old actor this one screen and people walked out which was fantastic but you guys also forced out the woman in a euphoria one woman and in one one person out before to people who confronted him when it followed state statement Saving shared on the actress. Our facebook page the ordination of opposite apologize wholeheartedly for away. The situation was handled. Yeah of course I apologize. They messed up There you guys have it. I just I don't know I'm yeah says it's disheartening to hear the got escorted escort out the only recourse at that point them out but I would leave the thing the thing we may be better for me at this point Many start taking that burden right it would. It would have more effect if they were men who came up in in and took that weight just like when we would rather have white people come up and stand up and fight when there's some racism going on on. That's how you'd be an actual ally Sydney Randall in Linden others do this work. No no no yeah all right all right lesson for we gotta hear you know what time it is grown conflict and this one is going to be a really short one is. It's not long is pretty easy as pretty short. I might even just read the headline Lygo plus released from prison prison before ending fourteen days emissions game. Yeah desperate housewife. Dr Phil Huffman was released from prison on Friday and in northern California for just under her two weeks in and and and cause a mission scandal them toward the wealthy parents will go to get their children. The top university Her her fourteen days sentenced on October Fifteenth and in Federal Correctional Institution in Dublin A low security prison for women in the San Francisco Bay area to release as part of the policy regarding in May two are set to be released on on weekends according to prison officials. I mean that's it. That's that's story. I mean just like well Gotcha right. Right she's served her hard. I guess but thirteen days. How long this is back on? TV right right talking about how how. How prison changed her? You getting some interview on the view. Maybe you'll go the Martha tour route outside Iran. Everybody Martha Stewart is a convicted Felon Vermont. I pulled out that ms of her and and and snoop by each other. And everybody's like what are these people. ooh Is convicted felon and the other. One is a rapper chick so good I the rebrand. Yeah I mean who knows who WHO's the other one the other who pleaded not guilty who might get the book thrown at her Oh you can't remember her but I doubt any of the all. These people are fucking walk. It's all right cool. Whatever I'm just I'm over it I'm over over it anyway? That's all I got a manteaux folks where they can find you and what you got coming up on your side. The People's food blog dot com people's it was critic on twitter instagram views. Coming up Master GonNa be on good a new north west. I'm beyond television the third time to a TV this year So I'm GonNa Television November twenty fifth talking about for movies. Oh Yeah saw uncles. Is that clip when it when it shows up awesome Here again. We told you what the schedule going to be like Coming out we We are moving the Arrow in and flash reviews this week to Sunday This week for me. You'll you'll get something for Dr Sleep in force variety so stay tuned for those. Who have those coming out and Yeah make sure you got subscribes check and and we're listening. We'll be back in a week. We're out of here piece

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