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ExtraTime Radio: Roger Espinoza (Sporting KC)


I don't like this business of preaching to fan. Calm down. Greg at soccer. It's. The only thing. I got a lot of. Doesn't matter of you in the stadium watching them on TV trysted. The guy's not good enough guy. Just not good. I don't know if you're you're pigging New Year's resolutions. But you don't wondering if maybe you pledge to come out of your shell little bit in two thousand fifteen his me off. From New York New York. You're listening to extra time radio and soccer dot com and serious. Sirius XM channel ninety four. It's just that kind of day. Dave, it is one of those kind of Dave here with David Goss and Simon board. I'm surprised sign when you're not ready jumping on me that well I walked into the studio today and Simon said to me, you know, every night, I Victoria to bed, and she asked me, what are we dealing here? Why are we living and I had no answer for him. So I think we're all in that. I was in the mode. But normally you would have jumped on that. So maybe you're not quite your rambunctious mood. No, I let you drown alone. He doesn't he doesn't correct. He's just standing on the side of the pool with the life vest. That's what happened to me. I was in. I went to Camp David you've been to. Why wouldn't I went to one day of camp at seven years old because they just let me go in the pool. And I thought I don't know what I was possessed me that I thought I would you had to able to swim before this is your one six from an island. I was born there. So at seven I was still here in New York. So I myself the pool and it was a near death experience. Wallowing water. It was where you were screaming your around. No one reacted. No on the next day. I just didn't go anymore. I camps camp with what's on was that. And what kind of camp was this before we move on? It was never as you're walking down g mama wanna go. But they don't let me go wanna go. What was the camp was it like it was in the woods somewhere? It was. Did you? Day camp one of those camps that you stay there. All so the bus brings you back. Okay. Okay. Nightmare. Do not send your kids to camps folks in agreement with that I've worked at cancer few years people like David are working camps. All you need to know. I. Okay. Well, I had fun at camp. But that's neither here nor there. Big show for you today. Roger Spinosa is our guest sporting Kansas City. Of course, he's been with Wigan both in the EP L and then the championship for the last couple seasons. Played another road Cup. A lot of things going on with him. We'll chat with him here in this first segment wall. So talk about that World Cup the decision for cutter. It's going to happen in the winter. And that's going to interfere with them less playoffs way down the line. We'll think a little bit about how that might be dealt with by the suits over in New York City, and then we'll go to the mail bag. Of course, what start first things first on that Rodriguez Pinault's a topic. But I'm gonna I'm gonna throw it a different direction for you guys not about Roger not about sporting KC. We'll get to that in just a second. I'm gonna go little more general. And let's look at these teams in MLS. It's it's it's two weeks, isn't it until the first game. Like, Jan minus two weeks. It's getting here really closely teams are pretty much done tweaking their rosters maybe a few signings here or there. So who's had the best? I've seen. And maybe more interestingly who's had the worst who hasn't done enough. So we're talking about acquisitions who's had the AUSSIE. If you're looking at that transaction page soccer dot com. That is your cheat. So top of the list easily Dom Dwyer he picked up similar ru on a permanent acquisition. That's not a team. I had an IRO did. But you know, what some news about Dr. We didn't mention last time obviously engaged and then married Sydney. Larue? It's a pretty good pickup. Right. Very good fish, then single at strikeforce Sidney Larue and Alex Morgan than went to fifty shades of grey. So that's bring it full circle Simon. You can maybe chat on the next show at them exchange thoughts, maybe you know, what? Shied to say you went to see some believable second show in a row you bring it up. So now going back to actual soccer. I have two teams on the top of my list, and they both Volvo were around one aquisition New England in Vancouver. They both I think had a lot of pieces going into this year, and they both acquired strikers that I think are going to be star strikers. And I think they put everyone else where they have to be. So I think there are teams that have made more aquisitions like Chicago and Columbus that have been a large amount of quality acquisitions run over the one with just the money being spent up. But they yeah. Okay. I guess that would have been a good one too. But I'm going with Vancouver and New England. But to me you're trying so hard not to pick the obvious Toronto is the winner hands down. If you bring up anyone else, you don't know what you're talking about. They not only did they bring in too. But they got to come early. All right. And this was a team, by the way that was a mid table team. They weren't bad last year. Claps down the stretch a little bit. I know that it was a collapse. But they were in a good position. And they squandered that position how about that. Can you sign up for that? Yeah. So you have the two two big names, then you have to international players, obviously, Shareo and per keys, and then you have a g goalkeeper is not going to count against the roster and Alex bona who's already getting national team caps. And then you have guys we're going to eat up minutes in Marco Delgado. I think I think really highly of him and Robbie Finley. And then you get din love it's back after law some expansion to me, that's the obvious. They won they won the you're trying to really reach with which of those three teams as close as to winning Cup right now. To me, it's an unknown commodity. But you'd have to say Toronto in terms of we're talking starting eleven you think Toronto over New England starting Leviev the one thing I will say about New England and I love their team. And I think that they're probably the favorites right now. Maybe them are FC Dallas because there are some injuries. But Germain Jones is not going to be there from the very start. I know Simonsen another show Bunin season doesn't matter with Josie outdoor Michael Bradley, you're gonna miss for Gold Cup. You're going to have the reality of it is comes on. Delo was the best player on a team that went to the Eastern Conference finals for New England. They then lost him. They went to the final. And now they're getting him back at the age of twenty with German Jones as well. Exactly. So I could see that I'm with Simon. I think it's Toronto FC. Look they knew they had to go in and do big things they knew they were going for the playoffs. I think they'll make it their I'm with Simon here. I don't think the Gold Cup alternately will matter that much they will drop some points during that period. But you still have Giovinco you still have the rest of that Ross. Right. I think they'll make the playoffs and make a little bit noise. But now the now the team that didn't do enough. Because that's maybe the one team that the fan is at home thinking man, I don't know we had holes, but we didn't fill and this is actually for me the much harder one because you look through these lists most teams made a good number of moves. Yeah. The Sounders that stood Pab, but you understand that based on their roster. The one team that I would look at maybe still have an issue with these made some great moves the rebels. I just don't centre-back pairing. Who is it? And are they going to be any good great? You have a great midfield BWI. He got Sam. But what happens in the back? That's my biggest question right now. And I know Jesse Marsch is going to be get some organiz, but you still have to have the players. So right now, they're the ones that have the biggest question marks about. It was real Salt Lake though. Because I didn't know what was going on with them either. But you have loose skill to walk in for grab a void you bring into Mark Phillips to walk in for winger HAMAs Alavi for borders. I mean, it's kind of a like for like on the the age scale, and you know, you're not gonna get a ton of time out of him. But there's nobody that really stands out to me. Just kind of dropped the ball. I to me Seattle. You say they stood Pat. And that's fine. But you look at them and say they lost Jimmy trae Ori. They lost the aligning baba. They lost the Andrea Lennon the back line. And the back line was the place where you can look at Seattle and say, you know, what I'm not that conflict. What what they have in Scots, you're older. I mean Evans is they're saying he's probably going to move to centreback release. Those those are the preseason rebelling. That's doing your moving. Brad Evans does so stopgap. So to me. If I'm Seattle fan again, having Dempsey and Oba Oba up front, really, you know, I think masks things, but I think you want to do better in the back. Now, they got unrest Korea thousand got still young dire on MIR. They got Tyrone Mears. What's Tyrone muse going to be an MLS though? I think he is he another is he another Jimmy Chari. I think they're hoping that he's a solid but not star right back. Jimmy chari. I mean, no offense to Jimmy tra- other than that goal. That was an absolute bomb. He wasn't exactly a shining success. I would say, and I don't think he goes down as a big loss. But I agree. I mean, Tyrone Mears going to be that kind of. Yes, here's really the biggest issue with them the Alonzo a so so so important at a miss him for a long period of time and. You just don't know if that midfield can say, especially in central midfield. You just don't I've been saying that I would take Andy rose over over Panetta the current guns other peanut who doesn't really cover enough. Great. I'm glad you queue saying that I will big here who's your team here to DC and Houston, I think Houston got Kubo. But besides that, they got I guess you could say they got Joe Willis to replace tally hall nothing else for me stands out. And I don't know Derek is probably the starter. It'll be a competition there. But I don't know if just getting Kubo for half a year makes you a much better team. And then you're you're discounting Moore on the railroad rigors like you don't think that's a Tyrone MIR situation where you don't know what you're getting them. But I think they have the potential big sign. Okay. And then the other one is DC, I think DC. They stood Pat from last year. But I don't think that that's enough. Because I think they surprise some people. We know how long I spend suspended for. We don't know what the deal is with Eddie Johnson Johnson. And so with them in less, the younger guys, quote, unquote, like Pontius and deli owner college oil play better. I don't know how they get better as a team. What do we of Michael farfetched because apparently talked about that on this show came back didn't work out for a cruise Zule coming into that midfield. He was kind of pegged as creative minded midfielder. When he was in Philly, but you didn't necessarily have the production back that up, and I guess for me. It's my feeling is more of a box to Bocskai where does he play on? This team is able to push himself into the lineup because Marcus Halsey is going to be there as well. I think he's a guy who kind of Luis Silva is behind the forward. Today, we owned type maybe you can play a more can plan wide. I don't like them. There has played with the Philadelphia union when when he was with them. I think I mean you look at them. That's for fun was a phenomenal was our yet. I really think highly of he's one of those eh spin the types who look spindle joins DC has has an unbelievable season. MVP spending has had better MLS seasons every year of his career than area to ever has at oursel- New York. But I believe that hasn't moved as much as been delayed. So I think he comes here. I think he totally has chance liquid break. There's no doubt that that. I think he's a stopgap solution for them. Ultimately, if they're healthy. And they're guys are not suspended audience. Should not be starting. There has there has to be a little bit concerned because they did over achieve last year. At least that's the way. I see it. Maybe maybe fans degree. I'm sure been series. And I think the one guy we didn't mention McGill out Aguilar. Who's a draft pick who everyone loves scored a goal. He's been the sensation of the Prusse. Yeah. Absolutely. And he's Chris roll out a great one. Two. So if he's not hurt at the end of season last year. Maybe they do something more. Let's move on real quick. We didn't talk about sporting Kansas City, of course, Roger Spinoza coming into the twenty thirteen champs. They are now in the Western Conference. And he's going to be a big part of their team this year. We're excited to have him. Let's see what he has to say. Roger what's up, man? Thank you on the show. We are glad to have you. Now, let's start with something a little bit lighter. And that is the I'm going to call it a celebrity wedding that wind down and that was Dom Dwyer similar room. I mean, these two obviously the first American soccer couple. I wanna know what you got them though. I wanna know what Rogers Pinault's wedding gift was or if you've gotten one yet. I haven't I haven't I didn't even know he got just a surprise to everyone. Right. So we're we're Tienanmen that it's kinda hard for to get for for looks. He has it. Although we'll try to find what let me get your quick ideas. I doubt Dom gonna listen to this. So it's still going to be a surprise tongue in cheek legitimate. What are you getting? I don't know. I don't know. I really thought about it. But I'm sure if we do something to do team. I don't maybe it gets can be Frank or something as those pranking everyone. So did he walk in though, Roger with the ring on that? He was he was showing off the ring to everyone. How did it? Go down. Oh, he wasn't a first until everything came all. And then he just started showing these rain to everyone. How nice you look and nobody's going to be like his or the chemical very flashy. You're backing kids a city that you spent some time in Manchester, and obviously Wigan I think you lived in Manchester. But when I get back to Kansas City, the first thing, I do is I go to Oklahoma Joe's when you got back to Kansas City after this stint over there. What was the first thing that you did what was the first place that you went? Remember, it's been up early in the morning because it was my signing day in Kansas City, and there's a a coffee place. I always go since I was lewke, and it's called Broadway coffee off of Broadway in Westport. And the first thing I did in the morning. So that's one of my favorite place to go and Kansas City every morning. So that's what I did. Actually. I definitely have been to Broadway coffee before Simon rolling his eyes. At me. Let's let's take it back though. Let's take it back to Wigan. Obviously, you spent a couple years there with you. But before you did that you played in the Olympics in England, and that kind of pushed your move through that really got you on the radar. I'm curious you get to England you win NFL Cup. But before that, you got that standing ovation in Newcastle, which was the better moment, which was the moment that was more gave you the most tingles, shall we say? Playing the quarterfinals into lympics, you know, just playing against Brazil and just been able to make it past the group something of never done and being able to play Ville because I really didn't know this ovation was for me to be honest. I didn't know there was some boos in the crowd to and I didn't know he was exactly for me or for the referee. So it's a mixed emotion there. So I I d- until after I found out I was just being in going past group something that, you know, for small country like under the if story we have never gone past that, and we have an even venture many Olympic. So I think just being there and in the quarterfinals against the team with a bunch of stars vizier. I think. One of the best things I have in Rodrigues soom after playing on that stage playing that. Well, your phone must have been ringing off the hook. Tell me the the call you got from the club that surprised you the most which club called you. And you're like what they're calling me. I mean to be honest just hot a few teams. No big teams students apprise, obviously, they call my agent here. Let me know much stuff. How you notice they deal with a lot of stuff? I was playing here in Kansas City. So I'm sure they wanna get many things in my head, and he just put the weekend and a couple of clubs in primarily that I could go to and I had to go with this because we're we're Martinez in the style. He played no weekend. They they appreciate players who play your type of style. I mean, you saw it in that in that standing ovation in Newcastle. I'm sure the Wigan fans took a liking to you. And they had some chance for you. Did they not was there a chance for Roger Spinosa? There is for every player. I I really can't remember my. But there is every player by. Yeah. They did. They're going to be disappointed if they're listening that you didn't remember that Roger or that you didn't sing. We're in the game. You know, you're the game in your focus in the game. So it's kinda hard to do here. The crowd. He just kinda here you Maine's here and there, but this kinda it's kinda hard. It's a good point thought about that. What not being on the field, but people screaming my name. But let's take it back to revert though Martinez. He's the one who obviously brought you over and then you win the FA Cup. But then he departs forever ten how did that change your situation over there? Because if you look, you know, between Kansas City and Wigan and Kansas City, man, you you were a starter. That was you were in the lineup. It seemed to be a little more difficult to really lock in a spot on the field with Wigan. The I think the moment is real knows when run revert to laugh and new coaches came in it was a whole different style that what you know, Bertha was not that much different for. From Kansas City intensive trying to keep the goal and the pressure and Vienna boxer box midfield there. So I got a lot to when I first got there and became their difficult. For me coaches, Shane different value new players came in and then another coaching change rug away, a few months later, and that just slow down for everyone other plays commend. So to be honest. You know, I wasn't going player. It was just a bunch of players you know, that season. Have three games and. Just a few players are lucky to play more than half the game. Just because of all the coaching change in the past year and a half is coaches. So that just made it difficult for for me and for everybody at the club and toughest well because Wigan has gone through a few relegation battles going down to the championship. And now, they're fighting the say there as well, you left at the end of twenty fourteen so they've continued on I'm wondering, what's the most difficult thing about being in the middle of that relegation battle, you know, here in the US, we don't have that side of things. What's the thing that maybe surprised you about being in that situation? I mean, if obviously nerve wracking just because the you'll want to say at the bench level, you can everybody is fighting for life to stay up the pressure between the crowd and the pressure from the coach and the ownership and the club directors is it's tough five and the day. You know, that's why you play for you wanna be guide. You wanna show everyone that you can that you can play and it's difficult difficult moments. But you've turned up for that. And and you know, that's how the game goes in new honestly grew up with player and the person you, you gain kinds of spirits, and sometimes you just you know, the game goes away. Thruster one of your teammates that Wigan Sean Maloney now in MLS player with Chicago fire. If there's a there's an MLS player out there that you can compare him to who who would it be. And what what kind of impact you think he's going to have comp- compared to compare him to a player force. You know? Here in the league. I compare it to. Papa or not. He second number. He another ten role. You know, he's the guy who who you can always go and gives a bowl, and you have an idea what to do that. He's he's player already. She's the game. Very very well. You know, Chicago. That's a great signing. He's a great player and a great person to. And I think he's gonna he's gonna help them a lot, you know, before coming to molest he was telling me earlier in the year. How heels wants to come here, and he was making push for. And you wanna be here in the league? I he knows America. He loves the culture here. And and I think that great for the league, and that's great for for for him to you know, because that's gonna help happen. Get into league. And he's gonna help the league girl to made me happy. When when I heard he wanted to be the liter here now, and he's gonna do. Well, should just be one match it with him. This year. That's unfortunate. You guys are moving over to the Western Conference. Kansas City is and obviously your back. I read an interview that you said it was Kansas City or nothing you had interest in Italy. You had some other championship clubs some places you could have gone, but you said you had to be back in Kansas City. Why is that what really drew you back? I always wanted to independently dozen my dream just 'cause I watched when I was little here in the US the primer leagues big insulin. And that's the league Betty showed most TV so everybody grows into the league. And I wanted to permanently. And I went there to weed in. 'cause I knew the coach I do not want to leave Kansas City. I love the team. I love everything about it. I needed to make that jump and see how it is in Europe. And when I got the spears, there ain't got the all about and got off the twin the term leave a dream come true for me. And all that was done after that. I think about what was my next. You're gonna be all had a UNESCO Wigan either resigned with him for a year or a couple of years or look for other teams, and I don't like going jumping from team to team. I'm not that type of player of a wanted just to someone that I know the star, and and you know, you know, winning team, and my only option would you know, that I wanted to come. It was Kansas City because I didn't wanna go to be traveling all over the place and end up at this places where when you don't know, what's what's going to happen. And I always remember great times. Kansas City and decided to go, Peter, and and the whole thing up, Roger as you mentioned, you were part of Kansas City before you helped create the identity that define sporting Kansas City still to this day. And I'm curious from the time you left till now now that you're back how has Peter Vermes specifically and the club changed from when you left him. Air change a lot. You know, obviously, there's the players that I started with with visa Chan's Zunes phone. I move came around that time and from other players in their older, get him bigger games, zoos and and and beef in the World Cup. So they have tons of period chance, and then all them together. One MOS 'cause Peter obviously he doesn't need to go. When we were younger he repeatedly how to repeat things and the style play and thinking has to do that anymore. I think all the that are here. Now know what he wants just our job now is older players get the younger players into the whole tack to and and the whole after the game. So all by has changed everything the different Peter doesn't have to do all of all those things anymore is really know that the club win. The club. Then you stayed here in the marketing department and all the media. Everybody knows that is one of the top to leave. And all that evolve in every year, and that's great. You know, that's great for the league for the town and emperor players. Of course, you're one of those players and Simon mentioned, it you really thrived in this system in that kind of that midfield role where you're putting a lot of pressure on guys you run a lot. And then that left foot in the ball and switching and pushing the ball forward. What is it about that system that that allows you to be so successful what what of your attributes really kinda shine and come out, and what should we expect to see from you in twenty fifteen? You know? Video when he decided the Fisher he made it very clear when he wanted me to do. And that's exactly what I was. I cou up playing you know, I'm the player who life to offensive and defensive. I like to be on both sides. I like to be part of in part of the game. Then both sides just because it's it's fun to me the fun. You know being able to have to defense and help the tax. I think over the years I've learned a lot of students from games. I've played the games. I think I've learned word to went to go, and when not to go, I think when I was younger, I always went. I always went and sometimes they might not been the best decision. You know? I'm see when I was younger. I was. A lot more aggressive than I am now, and gummy and a lot of trouble times. I think I've learned a little bit. We'll see this year. I learned a little bit, you know, to stay calm. And you know, what specific myself where to communicate with my teammates. I think back then I have to have the the power to tell all the players the where to what did I vision stuff on the field? And now it's like I've gone power. Just from the speed of games, I've played and, you know, now eight years to my professional career in I've known many things, and I think I can help the team on that. And hopefully on twenty fifty and I can I can do that for my team and do and do better when you mentioned that those early days Roger, and I was in Kansas City watching I remember, you got a reputation and people were calling you red card Roger, and I always felt like maybe that was a little bit unfair. Did you were you ever like how did I get stuck with this name? Or was that something that no ask to go? We were on the opposite said that's not that bad that just means. No, it's it's kinda cool. What did you think of that? No, I didn't think you'd be any trying to be thirty or anything. I was just trying to win for my team at one hundred percent every play dust away to want us to play. That's the way. That's why can't drafting me, and and Peter let me know right away. We drank you because of this reason. So what change Peter knows that. I wasn't trying to be an aggressive hurt. Anybody? He knew the game. Everybody kind of knew that. Yes. A time to go into place that you don't want to hurt anybody. But you just going to play the fifty fifty challenge. Sometimes it happens. People have done it to me. They got rid of to I've done it. And sometimes you just move on and try and be better next time. And you know, I'm Peter knew that side of on my game. And he was happy with it. And he was fine with it. And and he just keeps pushing before and you don't he's one of one of the main reasons one up. Professional, and I got I was able to to Europe and the play and and other games with my national team. And you know, I'm gonna keep doing the same thing. Just be a little smart about it. Speaking of the national team, Roger assume you're twenty fifteen you expect to be still be part of that group. But I noticed what her Louis Pinto has I camps the new coach for jurist. He didn't call you up your called up. What was what was behind that? And have you had conversations with Pinto? No, I have not actually obviously, it's kinda hardware preseason here. Just got to Kansas City feel is important for me to preseason with the team. I'm not too worried about it to the I know when I stopped playing here kind of do my best to do. Well and for the team to do. Well, and I think I will get a cold up to the national team. You know, these great players and unders there could get the job done, and I'll just keep working hard. And I'm not gonna pretend to speak to him or to anybody there. When if I get the chance I'll be ready roadrunner knows what he's going to get that chance in Kansas City this year, they're hoping to get to the top of the Western Conference. Of course, looking for another call up to Honduras, two World Cups, man. That's crazy. I can't I can't believe that from the times when I first started covering, it's pretty incredible. But congratulations on your move back and good luck this year. I think you think you thanks Roger big thanks to Roger. S but knows of their enjoyed his time air Zona Casey's down their training in preseason. Beasley down there as well. And a little Smith strange. We look fitness gate that went on and on and on. I know you're rolling your eyes out there saying why are we talking about it again? But Matt Beezer came out and clarified his comments. And here's kind of the gist of it. He said, it's frustrated any of my comments will be taken imply that my commitment to the national team is anything. But absolute in this kind of puzzled me goes, I didn't think anybody was questioning Matt Beezer commitment to the national team, fitness. Didn't think that was an issue in your soccer since come out and said, Matt Beezer fitness was indeed not an issue and he played ninety minutes in both games. I guess I don't understand why he had become an item. Maybe he goes home. After that story. Runs about Peter Vermes comments on the same day, the Peter lumping in Beezer spoke as well in his comment there, maybe could have been misinterpreted depending on how you read it. And who is reading it. He says that's when my season starts it goes from March to December, the expectation is different that. Something that needs to be discussed. So we know going into a camp where we need to be and over cleanse lers were I we talked about on the show your Clinton tweeting like, yeah, it's it's about one hundred percent. You gotta be a hundred percent every single time to clarify. Lot of clarifications of comments here. Coming on this whole fitness issue in that part of the fact that they're communicating through other people everyone in this conversation's communicating through the media. The media is reporting it not just the way they choose. But that's not the easiest way to communicate. If they were communicating by themselves in the locker room face to face. I don't think there'd be have to be as many clarification interesting. That Clinton does shoes to speak to players through the media. And he's doing I'm assuming he speaks to the players as well. But he clearly uses the media to send messages like this. And maybe if you send a message publicly out there without naming anyone putting the players in about spa every player thinks that may be about them. So are says something and it turns out it's not about him. But he doesn't know that when it comes out, and he's being asked by the media, the media don't know, it's not about him. So they're asking him anyway. And there were. Other people that were saying that so Beasley I I I wasn't sure what that was about. Let us know what you think. Addicts time radio extra time, minimalist soccer dot com. We come back the World Cup moving to November and December. What does that mean for the less? Want to hear from you? You're encouraged to Email extra time at MLS soccer dot com for tweet at extratime radio with any comments questions orientations. Hey, guys, this is Omar Gonzales from from the LA galaxy and you're listening to extratime radio. Jay. John John McCain into swing. That jail. Grech now on extratime radio with because they've got some aboard. I have Andrew we'd be at the segment to here. We'll get to this World Cup debate. And just a second. I wait before we get into anything. Can I get a little bit of credit 'cause I picked us song and Simon bit his lip and was like moving at a little. I really that was. Showing a little bit of pain from biting his lip. Who knows I never got into Elvis Presley? Man can't I mean, you weren't really like the prime Elvis Presley. We'll say, so here's the thing. I was I like Elvis, but not crazy. I went to Memphis, which is which I had a blast in. And we went there and someone told us we had to go to Graceland which wasn't something we were going to do. And we went, and it was awesome. And we drove back to Saint Louis, which is like a six hour drive. And in the car that we rented they had serious radio Sirius XM channel eighty four. And there was an Elvis station, and we listened to it for six hours. So I listened to so many things and consume so much in this day and age with you don't know where you get stuff. But I have cleared an impression that Elvis Presley died because poop. Hold on built up inside him. And couldn't get it out. He was sitting on the toilet right on the toilet. He might have been constipated. I'm not sure. But literally he got big because that was all poop. Oh, wow. There is some research firm. I don't think that was false really some actual news Las Vegas out of the running for that twenty-fourth MLS expansion tries. Yeah. I know it was probably performed in Vegas. He might have been able to tap their formed to say come on. So it's Sacramento Minnesota and Miami, of course, is kind of locked into that twenty third spot. They've gotta get their stadium situation. Here is what Commissioner Don Garber wrote to us bega snare rush airline Commissioner Don Garber, we'll have that later in the mailbox America erlin Goodman, given the timing of our expansion ROY on the uncertainty as when we might be able to move forward in Vegas. We are no longer considering Las Vegas as an expansion market until after twenty eighteen so it's still alive perhaps down the line. Is this a big blow? You are. You said some you don't seem like a Vegas guy to me why I love Showtime. I love performing okay? I love what Vegas represents. But. What I think it's it's the fact that. MLS has said to Vegas. Let's revisit this. That's to me number one a positive message that I take away. Okay. You didn't makes patient to as a as North America as a continent. I look at that and say, wait a minute. We're revisiting something in twenty eighteen right? What does that mean? What comes in? Because the whole thing is twenty four by twenty twenty. Maybe you start pushing it on later on. I mean, I think I think also you should be great. I think it could support a team. What would be great to see if they took the Sacramento Orlando model, and they continue to push it forward ILD and build a fan base. So they could put the proposal and say, look, we are on this is we've got something going on that. No USFL, not USO. Pro remember USO they've done their rebrand here there Commissioner Tim Holt was talking to a ascend the other day, and he said that they're going to go for thirty plus two forty teams in US L. Yeah. So you're looking at a huge expansion there. It's twenty four this year. And that was with a big growth of MLS teams. Standalone teams didn't figures have the Las Vegas mobsters. That was that was Pedio pedia. Yeah. They would need to create some thing is Vegas such like an event town is Vegas. One of those cities. That's going to go for minor league. Soccer. Just there's an indifference. There's a difference in Vegas between visiting Vegas and living in Vegas, and I have some friends that live there, and they love having the strip is an option, but they don't spend very much time. If anytime at all there, they like being able to do those things, but you still have a large group of people. They're just trying to live. They're just trying to do fun stuff. And you know, what look if it's a Ford -able affordable thing for for kids or on a Friday night. You can go out there. I can't judge it. Maybe we have some folks in Vegas that can tell us more could USO work there. And we've gotten we've gotten emails from people, but it's similar tore Landau that Orlando has this tourist attraction, but. The team is there for the people that live there. Orlando city is not Disney Orlando city is there to be a part of the city and that would be similar Vegas. It's there for the people who live in Vegas and live around Vegas when I say about one I talk about Las Vegas in that way. I'm thinking New York City where New York City's similar fashion. I mean, we're not New Yorkers going to time square in the Empire State that we're not doing touristy things. But you still want the big French, and yeah, it's still takes a lot to get your to get your attention. But you start a new team. And if you start successful, and you have a new stadium you have people drawn, and if you can make it a good environment and good product to watch a quality product to watch you can keep fans around while you're pushing for MLS, no doubt. No doubt. I look I don't know Vegas and cutter have similar like arid environments things that Cutter's going to be pretty miserable in the summer of twenty twenty two. Well, it's not going to happen in the summer of twenty twenty to the World Cup. It's been moved in November. And December of that year. According to reports, they're looking. Pretty good though. Grant wall one of the ones out there reporting this from sources and my immediate thought on that was November and December. That's a pretty important time for the league that I follow that I pay attention to by twenty twenty two in less. According to their goals is going to be one of the best teams in the world. Of course, we have to wait and lease. That's what I meant to say leagues and the role to wait and see how that goes. But what do you do? How do you react if you're Melissa? And you see this does that does that make you get a little bit nervous? What about our playoffs? That's our. That's our zone to one off. I mean, all these are going to be inconvenienced to some respect. No, sure. Sure. The leagues that have Lee their season going at the time the European season. They're going to have to make jump through hoops a little bit. So to me, I think MLS will find a creative waste and still make the put your commissioners hat on. Yeah. Bush this season. I think you push the season up, and you probably shorten it. Whatever it is. You do you on fortunately for that year lose some regular season games? I think we don't know what the legal look at the time in terms of teams and how big it'll be. Here's the other question. Generally, those those camps get together what six weeks before the atom it starts. So now, you're looking like Tober is gone half of September's gone at least for your World Cup players. Well, if you say, let's say October first your World Cup players have to be there because it says November December a World Cup takes a month. So let's say it starts in the middle of November and runs through the middle Semper. So Tober I you have to your players out of there. But if you think about it almost everyone would be done if you're in playoffs because at the semifinals is only four teams left. So you're at a point where a lot of guys can be released. So you try and find a way to I think you just try and get the final in right before everyone would have to be released a tough situation. I mean, this this was the first thing I thought about when I looked at that. And I'm sure that MLS. Looking at that looking these reports probably looking at them years ago, saying, okay, how would we may be maybe go and address this? But let us know what you think what are your ideas? How would they do it? What's the best way to do it which you shouldn't the season with whatever you do? Please don't come up with will go to the European season model placed we've been hearing about that a lot today haven't way, and it's it's it's cold. It's like every single February people figure out that it's cold in most of the US. And they get on Twitter. Like all look at this. This could never work. I'm like thought we did that the last five years, we all know, it's cold way. Here's the question about the World Cup. Would you watch a forty eighteen World Cup you separate countries with a final group stage in a third hosting country. That was was at least Figo's I did. Yeah. He came out with his manifesto at Wembley stadium this week for his run for presidency. He's trying to beat out, of course, Sep ladder along with two others who are contending for an and interestingly enough, they're all using the same PR group in England to run their campaign. So people think maybe that's ridiculous surprises an English peer group. Not a lot of love for Mr. bladder now. Yeah. Right. Like Luis Figo gave his speech at Wembley surprised when we open for you just come on in no big deal. But the question is 'cause people are saying you can't open it up to forty eight teams because you get rid of the like the tradition and the way it's been the World Cup has consistently expanded. Right. In nineteen Ninety-four was the first time you have thirty two teams. So it's not like that's tried intrude style that it's been done, and you've gone from group stage two groups they to now groups stage the knockout, right, but like if to go to forty eight that would mean, like, let's Concha kept for example, that it would be such a formality. Qualifying would really take something out of qualified offend that stand? That's a good point. Qualifying in many ways is more exciting than the tournament. You know, it's about accomplishing the dream. And that's really where you get kind of those minnows found that on this show with the thirty one. No, it's it's I don't know. It's not just about the thirty two teams in part of it is the heartbreak if there's not that heartbreak. There's not that that that drama that just kind of seeps through every game. And what everyone listening would say or what a lot of people are saying look at euros it expanded. And this qualifying round has been the most exciting that they've had for a long time. Now, I don't know if that will say sustained it may just be because well Scotland's going for their first one in forever and Iceland's. Leading their group and Israel's close to qualify. And after the first time of everyone getting in. Maybe it's no longer exciting. But qualifying becomes Ken Jamaican, Panama get in, and it's no longer conversation about the US and Mexico, but that still competition for Jamaica, and Panama either way, you can see what we figure might be doing here expanded tournament means more revenue for a lot of countries. More opportunities for a lot of countries, maybe more voting blocks for a guy like you go. So let us know what you think about all that one. Final thing before we get out of here real quick. Tim Howard kind of luted to on a one of our sister shows your counterattack on siriusxm FC that he in less. He leaves Everton before his contract is up. He won't come back. Unless is that does that disappoint us. Do we wanna see Tim Howard animals, not not at that age not with that prospect if he's going to come I would want him to come now. So if he's going to really see out his contract with thirty eight I mean, just having a three year old goalkeeper for the sake of it. Look, I mean, Casey Keller had a good year or two when he came back this. But it was it you sense that was more of a formality at that point. And I just don't like the smell of that one. So yeah, I would agree with. I think there's a lot of people to be very happy to see him back. But the way he puts it here probably gonna move onto broadcasting opportunities and a lot of their stuff lot of things on the rise in for Tim Howard. That's it for this. We come back the mail bag. We've got some opinions on who our friend should take to that US Mexico game. We want to hear from you. You're encouraged to Email extra time MLS soccer dot com for tweet at extratime radio with any comments questions oriented. Hi, this is mixed the screwed and welcome to extratime radio. Now on extratime radio with the ghost seven board. David goss. I am Andrew we be big news here on this Thursday. MLS fantasy is out as of February nineteenth you can go to fantasy soccer dot com. And do all of that extra time radio has a league. And we tweeted that out actually, I did I'll make sure you go in and re tweet from the count that's a head to head league. And it is on limited. There is no limit to how many people can get in that thing. And yes, you may be able to hear that right now are clunky heater behind Cohen. I don't know if it was because Simon had his hand go he made just been playing planet. So get into fantasy get that going really pump it up over the next couple of weeks. And we'll try to keep you updated as the who's doing. Well, but we don't know what the presence. No, we have to tell us. What are the fans want? Of course, we all know, and we've discussed soccer shorts that will know that fifty shades of grey signed by Simon and his mother Simon this time, maybe the DVD by the time. On DVD. So maybe it's a private screening with. No, quite honestly. Oh, I like that. We wanna know. What are you guys want? We can go out and try and get it. We have all season. Just let us know because it's your league. And we're going to try and keep it up to date throughout the extra time soccer dot com with that we're turning it over once again to Mr. Goss here guide us through the mobile. So we got a few quality emails about US soccer mount Rushmore, Chris in D C. And he said, it's just way too soon. It's crazy that people are even talking about it. He said he hopes Donovan makes it on the soccer mush Moore's what he calls it. But he also hopes that a lot of the people who end up on there haven't even been born yet and that Aventure will win a World Cup. And then he says, although I hope they actually are born because he would like to see, you know, what else is crazy us actually acting like this thing is real and is going to be carved into some out somewhere. That's also crazy, but it's one and don't give me that the waiting for the route mount Rushmore is a good Email because the game is now today, I don't care what happens in the future. We'll John Donald junior agrees with you. So you'll already. Agree back with what a name, by the way, that's like a name for civic service. And he says, Don Garber should definitely be on on it. Simon is dead on when he states the body of work is better than the nice moment. Much like a hall of fame when you judge someone and their career and their impact on the sport. Dongo took a league saved it from joining the pile of extinct soccer leagues, he said with the majority of the growth of soccer specific stadiums. Academies intro of the DP rule getting MLS largest TV contract for domestic soccer and more on that. He's also showed that L and arena pretty much have garbage with because he put this league where it needed to be. I've come around Simon's argument. didn't give me, but John Donald junior. You've sucked me inside disagree though with the Bruce Arena. Landon Donovan comment there because what Bruce did with the Oto World Cup team in that bump that it gave the legitimacy that gave to US soccer into MLS. I think is separate of Dunga because he won amyloid Cup before. Don garber. Was part of the league. And then he did what he did in the World Cup. You know, it would be interesting if we're playing the what would have happened if if let's say Donna never came to molest. How do you think that Donovan story would have gone? Yeah. I don't know. I think at some point he breaks through in Germany cute state waiver coups elsewhere, either it's in Germany or he moves through probably England just because you have that little bit of comfort with the language. The question is if he doesn't make it on a champion. That's a co maybe Mexico. He didn't make it on the Champions League team is he the face of US soccer. Or is he like, DaMarcus Beasley and crossville. Can they are great players that people look at but aren't that one Michael Jordan type guy? I don't know. It didn't take the champions for him. He's all about international and all about the bushman's. And that's plenty for me to get him on and not Rushmore, John Donald finishes, Simon you take the friend who can afford it because can't afford it who can't afford it to the USA Mexico game. You should your in-laws will realize you're doing something. Nice for friend as well. We put this on the pole back to last show. We put this on the pole. Of course, you'll remember our friend had those US Meko tickets to know who to take huge soccer. A friend who couldn't go. Well, that got the most votes votes. Fifty six percent that it's his wife, even though she said to take someone else domestic intelligence there that one got twenty eight percent of the vote the Mexican co worker and friend who loves soccer ten percent of the vote and in dead last. It's the brother-in-law only six percent of the vote. We got naive trysted in Seattle who says bring them to a local game. So if you live in San Antonio or Dallas take them to a scorpions gamer and FC Dallas game. You can get your brother in law involved with Adams. Hey. Yarder that experience means so much more not bring up that. You went to the game in front of at thanksgiving or Christmas. Just can't. Yeah. Why is it that you have to take like you're saying, oh, hey, I got these tickets? And then they would be the question. The question here is has he broached the topic with brother-in-law if he hasn't broached that top gift or if his wife wasn't like, hey, you know, what I gave them some tickets, and you should go. Then you're good. If you haven't brought it go if you know the brother-in-law with go he's in town. But a lot of people would go, and then later you bring it up, and he goes, well, I have gone, and then all you have to say is now, I know for next time, boom. That's gotta say slime ball slimeball silent. That's just that's just the Maltese way of doing things. Sure. Sure. It is Simon. We got an Email about a couple of multi streets. Buzzfeed put out an article the top twenty five things about Maltese. What's your favor, multi street? What's the one thing? If someone says I want to taste the delicacy of Maltese cuisine. I was looking through this. Yeah. We've talked about posting. So what's your what's other one is the date that I've only seen in Malta heaven seen anywhere. These there these what are they don't know their names in multi, but their date filled fried deep fried delicacies, but not fan Cada. No. The other one is by that obeyed make it really hard candy. No of did not twisties. Delicious crisp savory snack rabbits, also made it just Rambo's. Rabbits. No rabbits, excellent band is. Are these are the national dish of multinational meat of Malta? They can't imagine. You're raising lots of large livestock on a small not national meat. But it is the the finest delicacy the finest cosc- in Malta, well, lots of talk about on this show. But we gotta get out of here. Now, let us know what you thought of Roger Spinoza what is going to do in twenty twenty two. I'm sure some folks out there have ideas that you know, how to get at us until Monday, I won't be here. Actually, I'll be in Charleston. So we'll just be these two jokers. Enjoy their company we'd be out.

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