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Ep. 2,904: Scott Coker


Uh-huh. Took you this title. Oh, baby on may junkie radio with gorgeous Georgian. This is what we do in. Why we do it baby? We. Covering M E from all over the world. This is the previous stop for all combat sports needs and that may junkie radio. The only showed broadcasting live from the Mandalay bay resort and casino in the fight capital of the world, Las Vegas, Nevada. The lights are on and the mics are. Hi, it's time to get your MA fix junkies. Take it away. Big John, gorgeous, George goes, are you ready junkie, bigoted or you ridden? All. From the fi- capital of the world inside the beautiful Mandalay bay races sports. You're listening to the enemy radio show. The only show that matters. I'm your host gorgeous, George always is the devious and dastardly goes are as co host back east producing jumbo Josh up. What up homes not much, man? Happy Tuesday, April twenty third to all of us. Spring is upon us. Can't believe that APRIL's almost done. Remember goes earlier in the year when I said, wow, January is like the longest month ever. Yeah. We went right through February March is thirty one days kind of went through that one too. And here we are. I mean like has everyone accomplish their resolutions that everyone stick to their lent that ended this past Sunday. Holy cow. Are you in summer shape? Hell, no. I think I'm over three on all those over three. Yeah. And everything I just said would you give for regardless? April twenty third, and we are just blasting through two thousand nineteen I gave up a bunch of things that I well six things in my friend. Would he put it best? He goes do that a lot. And I held strong for about a week. And then of those six goes four were the biggest like, I believe not accidents. I wasn't I wasn't thinking. And honestly, probably could've pushed most of those pretty well off into the second week third week to see however, Long Island, you know, like red meat things like that. Beer was another one. And it's a simple as one I'm here at Mandalay bay, and the waitresses would you want? And I think I was thinking do I get a goes -i or Jack and coke? And then somebody goes I already got your Cronin. I okay good. Come over here. Start looking at the internet or rhino or something next to you know, I'm drinking the beer halfway through. And I'm like, oh, that's right. So dumb little mistakes like that that could have just easy had the the liquor. You know, and I would have been cou but anyway, all right? To our show that we got ahead of you right now, we have one guest Scott Coker, the president of bell tour anime he will stop by. We'll talk about bell tour to twenty which is coming up on Saturday. Does owns got you covered on that one and two title fights, one of them with the implication of it's also quarterfinal grand prix in that welterweight grand prix that started out last year. This is the last quarter-final features ROY McDonald defending his welterweight belt against John Fitch. Now, remember at the end of his grand prix, someone can walk home with the grand prix belt and the Bela Tor undisputed built and one million dollars so pay attention folks on Saturday. There's a lot at stake there. John fitch. Of course, you know, him from you've see longtime challenge at Titletown ger also stopped by with the WS O F now known as the PF L one there while toy title now, he's with Bela Tor and awaiting the winner that fight will be Neiman Gracie who defeated at route if you'll recall last year also leaving lay McFarland, she'll be defending her bell tower flyweight title versus vita Arteaga. So we'll be talking about those title fights, the other fights that are featured on the main card Abell torture, twenty with Scott Coker, nine PM eastern, six PM Pacific. Other than that. We'll have our daily debate while some fun. We'll take some calls. And of course, you can be a part of the show by calling in at eight seven seven fight ninety three eight seven seven three four four four eight nine three. You can also tweet us. The channel or excuse me. The Twitter handle works for the whole channel not just us. But all the other shows you can use this to address some of the other hosts and producers on the channel at anytime. But for us Monday through Friday, eight eastern five Pacific for the next two hours. It's always at EMI on Sirius XM with you can take, of course, m e junkie, George. That's me at the goes that is the goes. And when Dan Tom's with us when he's Fridays at Dan, Tom Emmer remain. All right. So. John Fitch, I mentioned earlier earlier earlier for that. He responded to some allegations that came at him from for Ross Zahabi for us a hobby is head coach at the TriStar gym in Montreal Canada, most notably he was the cornermen for most of GSP's run. Epic run in the USC. I'd say three fourths of it number. Greg Jackson had a hand in in part of jor Saint Pierre's career, but for us a hobby was there most of the time either as a co-pilot or as the pilot himself for that. Nice run that GSP which just ended recently, by the way with that retirement in air quotes. I think he'll be back. Things. No one's even heard of where he went to. Right. I mean there hasn't been a DSP citing. I don't know on as he popped up somewhere. Not really. But I think he's really done. Okay. Okay. Froth a hobby. Just kind of I think it's fair to say of came out of nowhere. When asked about John Fitch, and boy, did we have bad timing there because we had Jon Fitch on I think day or two before. So we didn't really have a chance to ask or to answer to Feroce hobby. Rosso hobby really really came at him strong. And just I mean buried 'em almost and his says he had the cheating incident. He believes the seven to Ron has been enhanced and that he will be cheating on Saturday. I mean, come on. And that's I guess what why it took the the world by storm was that just kind of came out of nowhere. You know what I mean? Well, especially from him. It'd be like, Dan, rather you hear that Dan rather or somebody like that somebody really conservative and professional all of a sudden just roasted Donald Trump on Twitter. He'd be what like? But. Jon Fitch was on the enemy our and he responded to fraud Sahabi in here are here's what he told Thomas hosts the enemy our as well over Adamy fighting. We have somebody on this. Let's cut number one place. I don't I don't care. I don't live my life carrying whether people seem say or think you're gonna go through your life worrying about other people. And what they think you're going to be a loser. You're not you're not gonna get far. So I I don't care. He will get whatever they want to say, I live my life for me and my family. That much is true. He's always kind of been like that. He's a nice guy. You can have a great conversation with him. When he sees you give you a big hand, Jake big hug, but for the most part he keeps to himself. I've never really seen him as a guy that gets on the Mike and tries to get the approval of the fans all that. I'm I personally, I mean, I know we'll get to more of it. But I kind of liked the way he tackled the situation. But do you think he cares? No, no. He's he's one of the normally I would say, yes. But he's actually one of the few guys in the sport that I do believe when he says he doesn't care. He doesn't care. Wow. Okay. The aka Jim or with his family and close group of friends. He doesn't serve them up something different than what he had to tell Thomas. I mean, that's more of a public setting. He knows that whatever he says is gonna get cut up dissect it and talked about with over here. Maybe you can be a little bit more real. But you really think you just he doesn't care. Yeah. I think so you on the part of them says that guy or well. Yeah. Well, what about this? What about that? You know, maybe a little bit. But not enough to really warrant him coming out and saying stuff like that. Or he's never been one that calls you up for an interview or hey, how come you haven't had me on? He's just a very personal guy. I think he loves the go in and train do his thing. And then whatever time he has left over he has business ventures family time. And I think he's just happy living my like that. All right. Well, for is a hobby pointed to the time that he did get popped. It was for using to stop strong for the who Samara Paul Harz fight. Here's some quotes on white went down that road. This is cut number two. So like I felt spirals oppression. Those struggling with you know, my personal family, life and finances. I got to place where you know. I could I could see other guys around found out about guys who I fought who are on TRT therapeutic exemptions. I learned about veto Belfort's testosterone being covered up and him being allowed to compete anyways. They're rumors of other guys that happening to with also. And then I was taking seventy percent pay-cut at least seventy percent pay-cut from going from the to to the World Series fighting. Not that the a huge pay cut there. I understand why he's looking at things that way. But it still doesn't make it right to do it. I mean, I guess you gotta remember like these people. This isn't John Fitch walking out and saying I'd like to talk about the answering questions. And when you answer questions you have to give answers. Based on the information that you have right? Like, I mean, he knows he's dumb. I think he's kind of somewhat admitted that he's just trying to tell you this is why did it? But I don't think he's trying to convince you you see, maybe it's not so bad. After all, I don't think he's going that route. I think he's just going. This is why did it personally? Do you find that that excuse though, will be less valid at least if we're just talking to you see fighters. Because. Okay, prior to you Sada, and I know some will still say even through you saw George but prior to you saw two people throughout the number or anywhere up to ninety anywhere from everyone's cheating ninety percent to seventy five percent. And everybody was like, oh that was jarring. You know, like, I remember one point. I thought I thought it was more like ten to twenty. And I think some point my mind could have just accepted fifty because it just seemed like it meant every time. I go to extreme couture. Fifty is on the mat twenty five of them are are cheating, even if I just went with my high number and to think all of them are like nine hundred ten it'd be forty five out of fifty that was a bit much, but I know that in our MA world and our social media bubble of the sport does love to exaggerate. Exactly. However, I think you saw two has checked a lot of people. And that's why we see softer dudes and gals or whatever there's nothing. Wrong with that. But. I think that's one thing you're going to be able to say less of is. Well, I thought everybody else was cheating, and I didn't wanna get left behind something along the lines of that. Right. You know what I mean? Because I think you saw. At least cleaned up some cheating. There you go. Well, I think a good good chunk of it. Yeah. Yeah. That's what they came into was curb it not ended. I think they want to end it. But I don't think it'll ever end in in professional sports. I think they caught a lot of people. And then they also just the threat of them being there. Also caught a lot of people or put people on the right path sticking with the same theme. Here's a story that popped up today. No pun intended for you have C fighters. Get a six month. You saw two sub suspensions over supplements Austrian has once again popped up as the culprit here in this contaminants, contaminated supplement cases, and it involves the following four fighters. Agusto Mendez Marvin Vittori, Sean O'Malley and the inaugural FAI champ equal Montana Mendez was March seventh of two thousand eighteen Batory August twenty th of two thousand eighteen Sean O'Malley September. Oh and December of two thousand eighteen and Nico Montana October of two thousand twenty five so they're all pretty much eligible to fight because these suspensions are retroactive. Some of them are really really. Feeling I guess free and. Free of guilt mostly, but but at the same time, they are also I in a way attacking those that kinda hated on them. That's boston. Just Gordon Toronto on Boston guys primarily folks, Marvan Vittori, and I was gonna say the four when this all went down Marvin was probably the most vocal when it happened. So I could see him having a little bit of a chip on his shoulder. But I I believe him in Sean O'Malley today, both released tweets, Sean was just kinda like I'm back baby that sort of thing where Marvin's was a little bit more directed towards the haters, and and all the negativity that you see in sometimes the media, sometimes social media, do you recommend that? Or do you recommend just give back to fight? I think because first of all when you when you lay out a story like this half of the people that read it don't even really understand it. They don't really get what's going on. And then they just move onto the next thing. So I don't know that you're going to change people's opinions at pink the best thing to do is just kind of like Gilbert Melendez just kind of inch back a little bit let things play out. And then when you're back. You're just back, right? Yeah. Austrian that's come up a few other times. If you recall was three Brazilian fighters. Also were linked to that one of them being junior dishonest, and they're all kind of like, I guess what exonerated? I wanna use these these terms that have been going on with the whole Mullah report. But Austrian, by the way is a selective androgen receptor modulator that's banned year round and sold worldwide as a compound that mimics anabolic steroids started has pushed legislators to outlaw supplements that contain Austrian amid several you've see positives. So if that rang a bell, that's what we were circling back to was late last year. I think hope. Zero Nogueira was the other one and I forget who the third have been. But anyway, these fighters are now free to go. I would still say when I what I want you to do more of is. I mean, come on one March of two thousand eighteen what's taking so long. That that that needs to be done a little bit quicker. All right. We're going to break. Now it's ever made junk radio on fighting nation channel one fifty six. That's right. One fifty six we made the switch a couple of weeks ago. You're a little confused there on your presets. We did that for you. But if you ever get lost. Remember, we are channel one fifty six we'll kind of keep a little bit of this discussion going. We had a nice little sit down Jon Morgan with Joseph Ben Evita's, and he also had a some stuff to say out there that was, you know, about the the flyway division, but he also weighs in on Walt Harris, and the you side suspension that he accepted that we mentioned yesterday. So we'll come right back and start off with that. Today's show. You can listen back on demand streaming anytime on your phone or at home unserious XM connected devices and speakers. Put excellence in excitement in your Vitamix and ice and you get 'em a junkie radio. It's draft week on NFL radio tomorrow, eighty cents the NFL draft e party at Allred in Asheville, and it's hosted by Alex marvez and former titan Brad Hopkins only on Sirius XM NFL radio channel eighty eight streaming on your phone at home on Sirius XM connected devices and speakers ready for the draft goes I've been hearing a lot of draft talk. Yeah. Yeah. And I think this is going to be one of those drafts. Where normally you can kind of map it out like say, the first pick doesn't go this way. Then for sure two's going to do this. I think this is going to be one that's going to of throw people for loop. Okay. But the one thing that I would suggest that I've always wanted to see is the time period in between picks. What is it ten or fifteen? I think it's maybe fifteen in the first round. I would like them to move that down to ten now. I get it in the first round. There's a lot of wheeling and dealing trades that sort of thing, but I think every team should be able to just maybe one time extended five minutes. Well, the only do for the first round the second rounds five minutes. Whatever whatever that is whatever round you want you can extend by half or whatever that that token is whether it's an extra three minutes or whatever. But not everybody needs fifteen minutes is what I'm getting at. Yeah. Well, sometimes they don't use the whole fifteen. But the reason you wait is just in case. Let's say you got your guy. But you wait till the very end just think as the people behind you go. Hey, man, we want that guy and you get our number, and they give you something. So ridiculous. They just can't pass it up. My second request is this whoever's doing the interviews that day. Okay. As soon as they're done with the pick. He needs to walk to to whoever the football player is and say are you going to say anything? Other than I wanna thank my family, friends and the ball by whatever that first guy said are you gonna say anything different if so come here, and we'll do the interview of not beat it. I don't wanna hear the same thing over and over and over it's dumb. It's a waste of time. Wow. Well, it's their own their own hats. It's their moment. You know what? I mean. It's each person individually social media's all about I suppose moment on social media. I wanna thank blah, blah. There you go tell you don't wanna tune in to the draft. But it just it's sometimes it can go fast. And sometimes it goes slow, and I don't know. Got gotta liquor up. All right. I spoke earlier just been a beat as we have audio from him. But it's not in regards to while Harris while there's was something that came up yesterday. And I'll say it one more time we like wall Harris, we just recently had wall hairs on. And he has a fight coming up on me for but he was suspended by the way for four months by the United States anti-doping agency. That's you sorta and that happened on Monday when they announced it, however, this suspension that he's gonna go through is retroactive and in gonna end this week. All right. Why is all this happening like that? Because it's backdated to December thirtieth UC to thirty two and the fight that he had with Sergei spe- becomes a no contest. I believe he's the former suspension means he's off suspension on April thirtieth then that's why he can still go through with this white. Coming up on me fourth. And that's why the interview we have everything hold up. You told us he's in Alabama. He's not with American top team. But he's got a lot of individualized training. And he promised us. Remember goes after the fight if he comes to Vegas he stopped by. And he's gonna do a co host gig with us, dude. I took a picture with that guy. Standing on a chair, and he was still way former hoop Stor. Yeah. Big big dude regarding just benefit is. He had a lot to cover. There's a really great interview done by our own Jon Morgan, and I imagine can't Hathaway cold coffee was with them. So shout out to those guys. But this is at the PI and sticking with the team here of PD's just benefit is former teammate of T J dillashaw not just in Sacramento, you'll be call when Bill Shaw moved to Colorado Vitas. I wouldn't say followed them there. He was going because he really liked training with Duane Ludwig think him and his other half Megan elite. I think purchase a house in Colorado, and Colorado was just the place where they were going to be able to go back and forth. There were still some ties and Sacramento. And then of course, circling back they've been pretty much in Vegas now as they've left success completely. And I'm not so sure they still go back to Colorado. Honestly, or if they have it hasn't been as much lately and most of them most of his camp now gets done in Vegas. So why am I saying that I don't know? But anyway, I guess the fact that him. And do I saw being so tight for so many years. His comments kind of caught a lot of people by surprise. So here we go. This just been talking about TJ dillashaw. I mean, it didn't impact me. I mean, I wasn't surprised at all that he finally got caught. Yeah, wasn't surprising at all. There's nothing. I can really say like as far as like that has an been said, that's bad. I'm not gonna sit here and say the guy is this. And that because if you look at the internet, and everyone it's already been said, so you know, there's nothing worse. You can say what everyone thinks which I think is warranted. You know, everything that people are out there and giving him one hundred percent warranted for what he did. But it just goes to show like there's consequences for what you do. And you can't you can't hide who you are forever. And I'm surprised to about long for him to get caught and hid, and you know, kind of what he's about this long. So, you know, but you can't hide that stuff forever. So it's great that it came out there is consequences. And I mean, if anything I don't even think the consequences of that much if you look at it for like, you know, so I mean, it's not that bad the two years get some surgeries, you got paid the day. After the fight. Anyway. So it's not like you're getting suspended for the year. But you know, like, I said, it's all the other things, you know, all the disgrace and everything that has warranted, and maybe hurts more. But said you can't I mean the truth will come out at some point. And you can't hide that stuff forever. I wanna talk a little bit about the consequences. Okay. How how far do those consequences fall? Obviously TJ dillashaw credibility is completely shot. But does it ever trickle down to the coach? And does it ever trickled down to the camp at what point how far do those consequences fall in your opinion? Let me go one by one. I don't think it will affect Ludwig or Sam Calvia and neither of their camps. And I think they were very smart in putting out statements that said we in no way condone misses me paraphrasing in no way condone what dillashaw did, but he still our guy, and the reason dillashaw still there guy is because the bond that coaches and athletes have. For the most part ninety nine percent of the time. Is that of almost like big brother little brother, father, son, favorite, uncle, whatever? And if you think about it in life, you've probably disappointed mom and dad, right? I know I have probably and they're still are mom and dad now, I'm not comparing to blood, I guess, but oftentimes for a lot of people. It's like that, you know. And that's why people don't they're not exaggerating. You just heard Conan Silveira talk about his relations with the men in. Is you ask them the question? And he said I felt what do you say? I found my daughter my daughters. He was with right. So there they'll still be a relationship there. I don't think neither Jim will suffer. If you mean like on the public front like, I don't think. Malls are gonna pull their kids at jitsu class or or anything like that. One thing is the benefit. They're going to get the sport goes two years are gonna go by and there's going to be so many other apps out there that it's just gonna be forgotten until they fight. And if TJ fights and wins, then yes, some of this will come back because hey, are you anxious to prove that you're drug free? And should you win the title? You can put a middle finger in everyone's face the data. You know, what I mean that stuff's going to come along. But as if he just comes back and wins and loses wins loses or wins two loses. One wins to lose one. I think he'll be able to the highlight will just get bigger spa. It'll just get bigger the more he grows again in stature. But as long as he doesn't remember he'll be thirty-five when he comes back, and there's going to be others waiting for them. They're still going to be the killers that are there. Now, all along with some of the cats that are slowly creeping up. Maybe a Koi San hanging fights John Lineker on Saturday. Who knows I'm not saying win. I'm just saying something along the lines of that. So I it won't be easy. Now from the front of remember he was one of the benefit. I think he was one of the ones that benefit from exclusive Reebok contract. Yeah. A few of those guys and gals. Did he had a van Houston to right? You had a few things. Yeah. Well, that will be tough. But now, I point to son and son and was able to get past the same drugs and look where he's at now headlining upcoming bell tour at the garden on ESPN covering. The U of C and also co hosting is the shows with the area area Awani is YouTube channel and his podcast or doing well. And he's got sponsors bet. DS? The unique. He is you're right. You're right. He is. But I'm saying maybe not to that to that level. But what I'm saying is people didn't completely closer doors. Yeah. And of course, they can go outside of that. And go to other sports and point to athletes that you know, had the same type of scandals and yet they were able to still circle back. So it's just our sports a little different. Our sport is more internet-driven. And we're in it. Remember, if we were in football, we'd be probably answering other types of questions by some of the athletes that have gotten hammered where a normal outsider mean not no like Johnson. He may have heard of T J dillashaw navy. Did he may have heard isn't that the guy that just got suspended? And then that's it. He's not gonna remember when he comes back. Oh my God. Isn't that the guy you know, what? I mean. I don't think he's gonna fall at that. Because he's an angel's gut. He's a UCLA guy. He's kings guy. He's a Elvis guy up porn guy. You know what? I mean. That's whereas focuses are. All right. So anyway, I think I think you'll be you'll be able to overcome that. I really really recommend that you all check out. Just benefit is covering a lot talking about the future of flyweight. He still believes there's a chance he's got juicy for go ahead of him. And he actually jokes around says start calling me Joey two times because that's the second time. He's had the fight for mega. He beat him two times. And recently beat Dustin Ortiz who he had to be two times. And there's a few others in there as well. And he's kinda that a lot of remorse. He wants that nicknamed kinda hang out there a little bit. Because if he fights Henry Suharto that one would be a two-time as well. He's got a win overhearing hoodoo. And there may actually be that might be the the the glimmer of hope for the five-way division to possibly survive. Most of us have written it off. I have as well. The only thing I hang onto the fact that they're still booking flyway fights. I don't know why like they should've just told those to fight at thirty five. He has Dana s such an incredible stands on sixty five. We'll tell you. Absolutely. Every reason why has. Like it. But he can't shut the twenty five. You just can't tell us down forty five either in the women's. Yeah. Because yeah, don't get me started. Anyway. All right. Time for one more break do that. It's ever made junk radio on nation channel fifty six. Remember, you can call in at any time. It's eight seven seven fight ninety three eight seven seven three four four four eight nine three. We love to hear from you on any of these topics Vitas PD's dillashaw or hey, let's start turning the page because this weekend, we have some great rights on ESPN and at the very top Jack Herman to the joker steps in for y'all Romero and he'll be battling jock Ray Sousa on Saturdays. We could definitely talk about that. And for sure the bell tower carbel toward twenty weeks features Rory MacDonald and John Fitch along with Aleem lay McFarland versus Vida Arteaga. So stay close and don't touch that out. We'll be right back. There. Metals are covered with participation awards. They have boxes of gold stars that they purchase themselves. They are the legends and demand your respect. Here are Georgia goes. All right. We're back. Remember you? Call in at anytime. Eight seven seven ninety three eight seven seven three four four four eight nine three. We've got to amateurs on old if they can do it. You can do it. Trust me. Just call in the friendly voice of Josh Friedman, aka jumbo Josh will say what's up bitch. What do you wanna talk about utility? You'll tell him shut up jackass just put me through wanna talk, blah, blah, blah. And then that's it. You know, little bit of ball busting on each side and Joshua, let us know. Hey, so until on hold, and then I'll look at goes and goes will either give thumbs up or thumbs down. Yeah. I roll I roll most popular. Reference that he does. But watch watch how easy it is setting the table. It's Marco from Waco, Texas. What's up Marco, Sean how it's done? What's up bad? So we're gonna sit all weekend muddle, Philly and big as she's teams anybody will to the studio awkward who today the summit proxy Mata ferries Roxanne. That's a good point. Yeah. Sisters, nina. I I wasn't expecting. Nobody was thinking chance here wrong. I was at a chance I was given her chances Roxie has proved a lot of people Ron look when you beat har- barb haunt check. What the time was regarded as the number one flyweight in the world before down ahead drop before you know, Eubanks Montano and all other girls showed off what they could do Hunchback was titleholder over at the victim. Now, she had been away from the sport for awhile. But still a lot of people pointed to her like, that's the one we're all gonna for what Sam beater. All right Roxanne did a great account for herself on the reality show, and then on days, notice or hours notice, I don't know. I can't remember when you banks fell off and didn't find Montano Roxanne who was on all sewage also on the same card, but not training for fights went out there and had a great showing for self even though she came up short. So right away. I knew she's pretty much alive. Dog in any fight. And here's the thing about Valentina in MMA Valentine has lost since two thousand two now grand. She had long spells where she didn't fight in them. But she's had like five points in two thousand seventeen and two thousand eighteen just the last two years in Malta. She hadn't lost his two thousand three. So she had literally had experienced losing combat sports since in the last sixteen years. But again, this may and anything can and will happen. So I would politely disagree. I think there were a lot of people out there, including the show, Dan, Tom, I self and goes felt like Roxanne had a chance of winning fight. Anthony, Tina Tina won the title. I said Roxanne had a great run. So so what I meant was barb haunt check was pointed to as the number one. And so this was as the flyweight season was unfolding and everything. And then there was the whole thing that went down with Nico Montano and now yes down Tina holds the bell. But before all that a lot of people look towards barb chant contract for many years as the number one. But yeah, I do know that Antony as the one that that fodder on Saturday in Las that decision. One of the guys that got come up with a six months spent, but I see him guy. He gets keep discipline macho flesh year, I'm the guy's not even on the roster anymore giving kicking suspension it's like opponent show. Would you said we got older, you know, my Sita several Pacific Kito, and he get up to suspension could uncle self respect yourself. You know, go because doctor gave it to them. He gets spend it they never thought plus pussy for nothing. They yoursel repair. We got mad. You know that thinking that exonerated steel safety malls of of his life. One just as the commission too. It's like. Opponent show with this clown show, man, I know that everybody's like, okay? That you sat there and the USC I still think maybe we should go to the Prada model with the thirty until the deal people. And then they send the result to the commission and the commission. I do they gave the punishment because a little bit unfair for the fighters. What they got no say what is getting you said that is there were not on the USC sitting one just suspension on this end. And he said Lord of this question that I got it. It takes more than just one Funchal to talk about. But it's a load of that. I've got what you said about a little sinks that I really ticking me off because they don't receive your baked of the goal on. And then defied of just take him. And I see fair. But I've never been a big fan of commissions ending things out because commissions have a say in take Las Vegas if you have to hand out a bad punishment to a guy like Conor McGregor. Do you know much money Conor McGregor brings the city when he fights that money affects the commission if they're not here. Okay. So it I've never really liked them being the ones making decisions like that. So I have to disagree on that one. Well, a lot of time may whether you know, much money may Mayweather, you telling me that something and then somebody else that's not as popular as for you really think they'd get the same zones. Well, they allow them on the building for crying out loud. Didn't didn't they allow for him to serve a sentence like three weeks later? I guess that involve more authorities. Right. Yeah. Just because they knew what it was gonna what are you what it does to Las Vegas. Yeah. Usually you saw two and the commissions at least the big well-known commissions. Not to say New York, isn't it doesn't have a history is just there's mostly with boxing up until two thousand sixteen. But most of the time I believe they are trying to work a little bit closer. So that everything is doled out equally in this case your said, this is what he did one year. This is the the fine. We move on. You know what I mean? And then you saw to just takes longer. But I understand a lot of Marco saying there's a lot of confusion out there. I think we would all like to see a little bit more consistency. And it'll get hopefully, hopefully, yeah, they get better. Just like we say the you've got better with or if I passed got better. We hope you PM. Plus, we'll get better you saw it an easy turn it up because I believe now they're completing year three and starting your four or the process of your four. All right. Who's next Paul from Wilmington? What's up all? What's up guys? How you doing? I'm doing well. I just got about workout feeling good. You know, nothing. I also wanna let me know I'm casual fan, but I live with a hardcore fan. So I am Zorba on this stuff by most. Okay. My wife, you have fam-. You guys have Ryan show a couple of times Tam. And when I when I saw Wilmington. Yes. I do remember when I saw Wilmington. I thought I isn't that isn't that what Pam has said her husband's name is Paul. Okay. But I wasn't sure. But as soon as you said that I was like there we go. How you doing mass? Nice to it's nice to meet you. Guys here you listen to all the time when I get a chance when I'm on the road. Anyway, you're lucky you're lucky man, man. She's a very sweet lady, she's a passionate Emma main fan. She's so cool. We're proud to call her a friend and a member of junky nation. I hear you. I tell everybody. I'm smart, I married up. Yeah. So, you know, the whole thing with these oughta, you know, they gotta do their thing. I get that. But seems like the rules are always changing. And in the sports gonna always evolve with drug-taking for one reason. And one reason only these guys are trying their damndest to win and they don't get paid shit. You know, so they're gonna do everything they can, you know, America's always been based on Jane cheating. You ain't trying sad to say we've seen it in every sport. They say they cleaned up. Do they do they not the game always volved? And I think you pay these guys a decent amount of purse, they wouldn't be so threatened. And I also think that if you didn't allow the weight cuts to be so extreme trying treat that dominant heads unhealthy on these guys. They got a care their bodies part to get to it. And I said I'm a casual fan, and I can say is I did my first JJ class last week in damn almost broke my wrist. So you know, I applaud these guys they are true warriors on the battlefield. But in the arena. Right on Paul. Hey, great, call and first of all awesome. That you're hitting the Matt's. It's never too late. That's for sure. As far as what you were saying. Yeah, I do believe that in sports greed. Definitely is one of the one of the biggest motivators for someone to even think about cheating. Let alone go out there and cheat. It's it's in a lot of people's minds. It's some can bring some can bring themselves to stop it. And it's all how you raise and the morals that you have and carry with you. But trust me, man, even the most hard core. Martial artists out there that all we've ever known or heard about them is bowing to their opponent. Even they've thought of it. And even they've done it. And a lot of them have been caught too. So it's just the way of sports. It's just the way of life. Thank you very much for the call, man. It was great to hear from Paul shot out to spam. Better known as Pam Sam off from Wilmington, North Carolina. We take our last break of the first hour it's ever made junkie radio on fight nation talent one fifty six. I gotta share story to share with you all and I want to bring in my buddy, Elvis Johnson. He doesn't even know yet. He's walking in right now. But I want junky nation to be my judge jury including Josh goes and the rest of you. So if you wanna call in now, I'll be a good time to let me know here within the next two hours or hour and a half that's left pre and post Scott Coker interview, if g acted decently here, you guys are gonna wanna hear this story. We'll be right back. The Catholic they were obstructed by aliens in instantly returned for rating, all this knacks. They are gorgeous, George and goes, and this is ever made junkie radio. All right guys took this out. I've been holding onto this for a few weeks now, and I am kind of embarrassed. Honestly. So this can go either very well for me. Hey, we got your back dog or I am going to get lit up. But I'm willing to do it. Because. Worse things have happened. So here we go. Let me see I'm gonna leave out some names at least for now. Hopefully, you guys will mind we went to a fine dining establishment about two weeks ago, myself and members of my family and Juliet, okay? All right. We had a nice dinner. And this is like a well known restaurant in southern California. We had a really really nice dinner on the way in. I realized that I had no cash. All right. And I was like, okay, mental note who parked my car, I'm gonna take care of them on the way out because sometimes like to give them a little when they take the car and not just when they returned the car, and the reason I'm bringing Elvis because Elvis has done this before. So he knows exactly how this works. The ins and outs. He'll probably be maybe the ultimate judge. He may be actually spring cortra- here guy if Josh and goes are in disagreement might be the tiebreaker. So it's funny though, because I was helping my oh house helping member of the family just to get out. And I you know, we were like in a hurry to be there on time. And I was thinking me, and I don't have any singles. I don't have you know, nothing. But it's funny because it was a sign that said the recommended tip is it's at four fifty and all the, oh, we'll look look at you guys telling me what what to do. But that's fine. Because I think if I was what I was going to do on the way out not that. That's what I normally do. I'm usually like a three Buckeye. We're here at the form shops, or whatever if I have the five I'll do it. But if I also just have three bucks all usually give three depending on what what they're like their digs are, hey, how you doing, sir? That also goes along way. Here you go me go. It depends on what they say. They are the dollar. That's gone have even the two dollars. They gotta start with three three's the cheap skate and five is kind of like just the cost of living man's gone up. You know what? I mean, if you wanna kinda like have that swag is you're walking in and out starting your car all that ship. But said the recommended I'd never seen that before by side and go that's fine. Because I was probably going to do five we go in. We eat had a great meal proper meal and all's good. I tell Juliet, hey, you got five she got you. She gives me a five dollar Bill. Then I went to somebody. Oh, somebody else on the part. I paid for dinner somebody else in the party goes let me split it with you and gives me one hundred I go. Oh, well, thanks. You know, that's cool. So as we were walking out, I'm helping a certain member of the family get in. And we had the doggy bag. And I think there was some flowers because it was a special occasion. Okay. Bye. Thanks for coming. See you call me when you're home. You know, this that whatever and the guy comes around, and I go here you go. Stick your hand on here, you go, you know, kind of like that little shake, and I got you. And I thought I was giving them a fi I get all the way home, which is an hour away. As soon as we get home. I empty my pockets, and I go who you know, 'cause I had driven from Vegas to go to this dinner. So I left from Vegas. Remember those days off, I took that was then I drove from Vegas went to this dinner. Those a lot of driving around had the dinner had a great dinner, and then still had the drive an hour home. So when I got out it was one of those where you just empty your pockets, and you throw it all on the table. And the first thing I through I saw keys my wallet and a fucking five dollar Bill. And as soon as oughta go, oh, no. Oh, no. I knew it. I mean there. Was no like let me check this. I already knew I was the dumbest motherfucker on earth. And I had just got hundred bucks. Yeah. Can't 'cause I was an hour away. Call Juliet go you're gonna laugh your ass off. Which is my way of saying. I'm about to tell you something you're not gonna like, but I try and preface it by saying you're gonna laugh your ass off, you know. And she was what now, and I go I explained to everything I just told you guys, and she's got it in voice, basically like fool. I know. You're not about asked me to go back over there. You know? And I said, yes, I am. I do want to ask you to go there because I have like some time to think about it like two three minutes. And I just thought look if Juliet wasn't there. I wouldn't ask anybody else. Not big Ralph not any of my home in the go. I'm just dumb, and I'm not gonna go the next thing last night. It was here the guy he looked like I'm just dumb and the guy gets right, man. But because Juliet's only ten minutes away. I thought we need to do this. Right. So she's like, she gave me a polite. Okay. I'm on my way. But if you look through the translation of that. There was curse words. She did not want to go. And I like an impractical jokers punish how was kind of feeling kind of feeling like Costanza shows like weird. What would most people do? And I would love to hear from you all and if you don't get in. Now, we'll talk to you after the Scott Coker interview that's coming up eight seven seven fight ninety three eight seven seven three four four. Or four nine three. I wanted to what you all would do. I was an hour away. The restaurant was closing. I was by the time. I made it back. They were going to be gone. But I knew she could make she goes back down there. And she says, hey, my boyfriend, blah, blah, blah. And the guy tells her oh that was mistake. She goes. Yes. So right away. He acknowledged that he knew now when he took it from me. I don't know that he looked at it. Because I didn't give him a look of someone that when someone gives a hundred you don't just go. Here you go. You kind of look at them. Like here you go kid. I got you a wing or a Pat or something like that just to show your baller. You know, that that hundred means nothing to you. And that's for sure not what I did. I just put it in his hand because I was juggling. That's even more gangster. Maybe. Yeah. Maybe that guy was like got that didn't even mean nothing to. But on his part. He's tell you. You're a very generous individual exactly I didn't get that Engel. Thank you serve. They. No. Thank you. I didn't get that. I think he did a quick. 'cause I remember there was cars in each direction. There was only two of. Them. And so we were all just kind of busy. We're all busy anyway. He says that too right? And she says, yeah, it was a mistake. And here I am. You know, we thought it was just reaching your pocket. Here you go. And I told her I go give the guy at twenty that was a foul up. It wasn't his fault. And that way, I still make eighty bucks out of it. And like I was looking at like this guy's the next time. I see Juliette which I think it was gonna be the next day her, and I can go to like PF changs and order eighty dollars the food. You know, what we're not just going to throw it away. I'm not a rich guy. Neither is she just don't do that. But Juliette up PF things. So. So. He tells her I'm sorry, we've already put the money in the dropbox. And I swear to God when Julia was told me this. I'll like. He pulled the old dropbox on your and was like, and you didn't say anything to him. But I knew she was already like sensitive, and I could tell she was already in the car driving down. And so I I just knew there was no chance of her going back and going that's both you know, she did what she was supposed to do. And I give her a seven and a half out of ten could have been more persistency there. But whatever, you know, she felt with the old dropbox. And so I just knew okay, I'm just done with this. I just need to go to bed, and this is that anyway, I sat there kept me up for few hours thought about it. The next day might being tightwad might being dumb might being old. What am I, you know? And so then Finally, I go. Nope. I think I think I gotta do this because I will be back in that area. And if it's just come right through get it, we get it. Do it. You know what I mean? And like I say guys all of you that wanna act like ballers right now, tell me you don't if you see one hundred dollar Bill. You don't if you find you go look what I found. Right. You go one hundred walk by it. So if you're gonna give you some shit, I'm gonna say that to you because I think there might be some that might do it. And it all depends on who says it doesn't. But we'll talk a little bit more about this. I got a lot to say when we come back interest. It's ever made junkie radio on fire nation channel one fifty six got co coming up, and again, I'd like to know junky nation, what should George of done? Call in eight seven seven ninety three eight seven seven three four four four nine three. We love to hear from me. Good. You still hear the boys were just getting warmed up? Now, the real show begins taking away boys. Okay. Until our Jeff called in. I'm halfway through the story. Give me some early indicators. Mike Johnson also known as what you think. I can't believe you're leaning more towards porting on his team, George or team other guy will call giving the tip back because of that happening into say that that's in the dropbox. Like it's in the vault. You know, like ocean's eleven or something like, it's it's put away, you know, that sounds booty post your warranty, Georgia. Yeah. Oh, okay. Goes I would within your final answer. I wouldn't go get it. I'm happy. I'm happy. I'm not necessarily saying, I'm teamed them. I think I'm just team the incident. I guess team. Not the fuck is that well because I'm not saying that like my early indication is I would I would have told you or team. Okay. Then. The other place. Okay. That's fine. Josh who you were twenty leaning. I'm with you, George, and I mean, you know is an accident. Clearly, this dropbox thing like if they and if they knew as an accident, even they put in the dropbox give you free meal do seduce something, you know, like right gave a decent tip. Well, like, I said I'm half through the story. We'll talk about that in a few minutes here. But right now on a focus on our next guest. He's the president of Bela Tor anime bell tournament has a really really nice card coming up on Saturday episodes on nice, in fact, if you from the streets, actually, more Norway's, I mean, this card has a quarter-final grand prix that also happens to be the one where the champ is defending his belt, his he's he's one of the eight in these grand prix. That's where McDonald defending John Fitch. Remember the winner gets going to get a new shiny built the grand prix boat. He's going to get the undisputable and a million bucks from fifty cent. Now, if that's not enough in the Komen event, we have the women's flyway title being defended by eliminating MacFarlane. Against beat him Arteaga. And like I mentioned earlier during the week two former champs at the light heavyweight division Davis for St. mcgarry. They're battling Benson Henderson gas. Doesn't get better than that. What's up big daddy cokes? Welcome back to EMI took radio. All right. Hey, man. This is an awesome card. You have a lot of firepower on. This main card is still the magic of rich to or what I wanna know is how much of of a fingerprint. Do you have on this Coker? You know, the mass raking is done by you know, the senior we have a good team of two to the fight. But Richards, gently big piece of that he always has been great insight. And you know, I think he really knows what the fans wanna see. And we always like the very first fight on that, you know, that a little bit or something, you know, so everybody, and I think this fight cler is you know, is going to deliver Tig on Saturday night. There's a lot of check marks guys hit along the way starting with the first fight in the main card, which again can be Seon dissolved on ten PM eastern time on Saturday, Gaston Bolanos. He's a local nor Cal kid. He's exciting. Good looking dude. He's got a solid comp- opponent in Nathan stolen. But I think this is going to be a really really nice exciting. Fight that sets the tone for the night. No, that's really, and we want, you know, really come out into the fireworks and guests on the kid that has a lot of heat on him. And he's all over the world for us and tick boxy and may. In the Senate. Town kind of has the focal dance. But you know, then the day, you know, fight, and you can have it, but works like file select hard on that site to launch the night. Do you are you guys pretty transparent when it comes to letting the other camp? No, hey, look, you know, there's a bigger spotlight on Bolanos here. I mean, I don't know if you're supposed to say it or not, but a lot of fans and media can sometimes read through it like Llanos, you know, we've seen him through lion fight, even before he came in fighter. And so he came along with a lot of hype. I don't think there'd be anything wrong with admitting that, but I wanted to ask you that question because a lot of times the other party will feel like, that's, you know, hey, I'm being served up for this guy. So are you guys pretty transparent when you guys make this metric is that disgust? Oh, I mean, listen, you know, what I mean? Honestly, it's like a fight is a site and anything can happen. And it is a day is some opportunity to step up, and you know, and fight you know, that like like Gaston, and you cannot off. I mean, come on that can increase your position and your lie, and you're gonna move forward much. But if the up to the people into shot it gets on, and like you said, you know, I this long and been. Anything can happen. And and in it takes one one one foot punch one take out one wrong move. And and you're in trouble. So you know, what it's gonna be interesting. But you know, we're very with all the batch makers of the managers, and the managers they have to to to like I said to influence their position and this is their shot. That's a perfectly worded answer. You. Right. Use the right word opportunity kind of like I guess a little bit of what Henry corral is did. He's a little bit more well known than Nathan stolen is. But you know, Aaron PICO was you know, a lot of promise on him. And there still is. I think he's an outstanding fighter. But Henry cross went out there and made the most of his opportunity. So I hope the other party can can see it that way as well. You know, it's like, you know, I always like win lose withdrawal. I come here belts eight-game every time and you'll have a home. And so the me if they game and a great site, you know, then they'll roll the several of the next. Phil Davison Liam Geary two former champions bell towards light heavyweight division. What are the stakes for this fight? Now that maters done with the with the grand prix. It sounds to us like his next fight will be at light heavyweight. Do these guys have a feeling like, hey at some point in two thousand nine nineteen I could be facing Batur or do you guys not reveal that to the fighters? In terms of what you guys are thinking. Well, I can tell you this. Ryan baiters excite it's gonna be at the headache division, and it's going to be against Congo. And that's our movie sometimes sometimes the time. Penalties that day. But I late summer. We'll get together. So raise on your belt. And but this fight is a fight that I would say could be a contender fight. And you're looking at, you know, two seasons is, you know, big careers mixed martial arts at the highest level and Liam giving. Then when he's gonna wanna you really impressed. I guess kickball. And so. Elema Giri that has changed management has trade change training camps as taking very seriously. And I think he'd be mcgarry that Phil runs into. Scott Coker our guest here on MA junkie radio on Saturday. It's bell toward twenty McDonald. Versus Fitch Coker is the president of Bill Torma. May folks you should watch this card. It's got a lot of big names. A lot of ranked fighters on it. And you can catch it on zone at ten pm eastern at seven PM Pacific for the Pacific time zone. All right. Goes Scott Coker, Scott. I love tournament a big fan of those. And I wanted to know but personally on your side. I'm sure you have a big smile on your face. When when big fighters come out, they do those types of things, but whenever the homegrown Bela Tor talent comes out, we'll say like an lay McFarland, and she has that entrance. That everybody loves is there like a different level of excitement for you. Because it's kind of homegrown talent. Do those fuel a little different or little bit more exciting. You know, I tell you. I I that's a tough question to answer. But I love it all and you know, a lot of these fighters Fultz before I team to Bella tort. So you know, I know a lot of these guys and girls from before. And but I will say this entrance in Hawaii in December when the inaugurals like their it was it was something very special. Honestly, it was it was like it was a tackler moment. I think in the history of of 'em may and and in the history of Hawaii having, you know, like a mainstream company like also coming there. And it hasn't been, you know, been ten years is have a developer and was from high school and grew up. There you go. And you know, she just, you know, getting cluster, so. Yeah. But I really really love entrance and your special to was how. Personal was like she designed the interest. If she had those, you know, the warriors even warriors with the homeland NATO's uniform of thing, it was just really the jacker because for the time that she wrote roll down, and and they had those baby pictures and growing up and really touch me. You know, where it really touched me the point where I started seeing a little bit emotional, and that was really. That she can come to Hawaii come back to Hawaii live them moment. And then eventually gets victory. It was really magic moment for for her and for myself, and just, you know, the company it was it was really amazing. Your history in combat sports. I mean, there's hardcore fans at no you from strikeforce. And then there's some that even go back further from kickboxing, and I was wondering about like when whenever you have new coming into Bella tour. Okay. And they'll tell you. I'm looking at a guy he's or gal she's a striker tie kickboxing, or you've also made a footprint with bringing in the wrestlers right people like Ed Ruth when you hear that I'm bringing in a wrestler, I'm bringing a striker which one gets you more excited. Is there one that you could point to that? You could say you feel like under your leadership, whether it was strikeforce or Bela Tor that you've been able to promote maybe the wrestlers better than the strikers. How's that worked out for you? I'll tell you is for us. And we called the force for a reason because we like the sectors. And and we've been very close Russell fours. And so it's you know, it was needed properly. But you know, after being a sport, you know, for such a, you know, like, let's say you since two thousand six when we first I fight here in San Jose. It's like it's either. You know, sometimes you say, no less for and you'd be grapes Reicher, and it's really amazing. Because I that's the commitment that the needs to have you might be a great recipe, for instance, change, let's say Daniel, he had no second -bility hit no ground game ability. But he was a great. So here's this wrestler, literally to not fight other than just Russell. But if you look at the transformation that he made that turn the cycle tournament and then in which you rush right in. I that's you know, now that's never made later now decision to to learn and to continue to grow more skills and to become a complete fighter. And that's what I love to see a guy like, you know, as rule who had a tough tough loss. I guess even Gracie in Hawaii. But you know, what he's back in. He's just to just to competing, you know, at a pretty high level and trying to get better and improving your skills. And sometimes you have strikers that you know, they might be great strikers. But you know, they don't want to send the time to really go. Learn she gave a really good learn the the rest of the game. Then they're gonna have if shortsighted because you're gonna if you're if you're a secular, and you don't want to really learn that again, you're getting ads 'cause somebody's gonna be able to do both or also rates and same thing with the rest sort even great wrestler, and you could take somebody down but say somebody's gonna get up. And then they're gonna punch you kick you and then tries to meet you. So that's why this force mazing that you need to have a complete game. And and what I really love is that it's the it's the these commitment to grow that much or skills and to become better and eventually to become a complete fighter. And that's that's really what I think sport really needs Scott this might sound like a silly question. I don't know yet. But when you see the success of sports teams in the bay area, right, right? You got the San Jose Sharks are a game seven the Golden State Warriors are always up on top. Do you ever feel pressure? When you go to San Jose to half, the put on a great card just because of the level of sports that gets played there. You know, what I tell you? Honestly, you know, I think I think fancy the beer will despoiled, and I was talking about that earlier. So many great flights here, and so many sectors here that we always have to deliver a big sack card, and it really is not compared to give all hockey, or or you know, football really comes down to you know, our site sans is big martial arts community here. Big, and they could be big community here big boxes and those fans when they out the want a big part on the line of SARS. And so we always have the treasure to to deliver. A we have a Hong game like this. What do you think about tonight's sharks? Versus are Vegas. Golden Knights game. Seven. Well, that's it's gonna be a great game. And I you know, I ticket holder for the sandwich shark since the very beginning ninety three or ninety spoil for started. And you know, we have yet yet to when the whole thing. So hopefully, we can do it this year. But if we can't then you know, I'm gonna from the. All right. How about how about a little side bit? We're Vegas than fans your sharks fans. Tonight's game seven. The loser has to tweet from their account something nice about the winner. And the winner gets to what it is. Well, you know what? Good. All right. It's a bet. And last thing here, can you update us on the Roman Coliseum is bell or still headed that way. Goes already ordered our togas. We got our passports ready to go. You know, what we are working on that believe me, and it's spike challenging because you working with not just the city of Rome, which are working with a historical society. And the the, you know, basically, it's like three or four different departments of government that control the khasiev. So, but we are still working on it. We have the right people in place. You know, we thought it would it will happen. You know, just be a matter of time. Okay. That's good enough goes. And I were lucky enough to cover the strikeforce at the playboy mansion we thought. Wow. The only way that one can get top is being fed grapes. Having some wine and watching fights in Togo at the Roman Coliseum in Italy. And of course, it sounds like you're you're the one that can pull it off. So by celek with that. So you know, when you get the call be ready. All right, while the focus is on Saturday bell toward twenty and Scott, we thank you very much for the time. You gave us this is an awesome card. Two title fights, the quarter-final grand prix. You got former champ battling it out for the number. One contender light heavyweight division beds and Henderson's back gassed on Bolanos is kid lightning. That guy's amazing as well. So great job on the card, and I'm sure citing it's going to be an epic night for bell tour. Yet tuna on dissolve this going to be amazing. That's right. Does own ten pm eastern. Thank you, sir. For the time as always. All right boy Vegas Golden Knights. Come through goes. I don't think Scott will be too brutal. Yeah. All right. All right guys that Scott Coker shot out to myself for lining that one up. And of course, fist-bump The Danny Brenner for helping facilitate that interview. All right. Let's get this break out of the way when we come back. I'll kind of continue my story here about the tip. I know we have a couple of people that already chiming in you could try and be a social media. Get hit me up Adam junkie, George at Sirius. XM's Twitter handle is at on Sirius XM or call in probably easiest way. Eight seven seven fight ninety three eight seven seven fight are four four eight nine three. We'll be back. Champions hall of famers legends. The very best coverage of the fake games right here on Sirius XM fight nation channel one fifty six NBA radio. Looks back at memories from the NBA playoffs in the summer of two thousand ten the NBA's best player was on the move. This town beaks and join a minute two years after LeBron's decision. The Miami Heat were the marquee team in the NBA and in twenty twelve they had reached the tough and the mountain whom are every NBA champions. Lebron James catchers that allusive title. He so desperately coveted the following year. They were bagging the finals, but found themselves down three games to two and trailing by three in the closing seconds of game. Six needing a miracle. The greatest shooter in NBA history delivered. This. You have the one in only Ray Allen in studio that was such an amazing moment all those years of training culminated with something like that game six I literally probably took that shot fifty times that day. Topics for spot getting this rebound that ended up in the hands of for the greatest shot that I've ever seen. I've talked about that plate to actually have a moment where you come up. Big is everything you've ever wanted. The heat would go on to complete the comeback keeping the title in Miami back to back titles for the heat. Here. This year's chase for an NBA championship. Paul postseason long on Sirius XM NBA radio and anytime you want with the Sirius XM app. Just search NBA radio. All jokes aside. Georgia goes, some of the best chicks. I know. Here we go with more. Verbal sparring take it away. Ladies third interrupt there. Tonight at ten thirty eastern the Portland trailblazers tried to wrap up their first round playoff series against the Oklahoma City thunder. You're all the excitement on MBA radio series. Two seven six three on your phone in at home on Sirius XM connected devices, and speakers, I think the blazers are going to take them out. Oklahoma City, thunders just to Russell Westbrook is such a head case. Yeah. Dude. Next question finding next question. Finally, finally answered that guy didn't. Yeah. But he didn't really say much. Wow. That's going to change next year. Yeah. All right. I'm also looking at the hey chat. I mean, the YouTube jets have you want to chime in there on the story. I mentioned earlier which is not being too kindly taken to kindly by one of the co stars. Juliet from Anaheim, she's arguing with me on on certain points of my story. But we'll talk all that at another occasion Johnson Elvis was saying that he's a little leaning towards team George that. I had every right to get my money back goes to saying. Well, no, I might be on the other side. Josh looked like he was leaning towards my side as well. Chime in folks calling in eight seven seven five ninety three eight seven seven three four four nine three. Basically, I'll say it real quick again just to reestablish the story. I went to a fine dining establishment steady giving the guy five dollar tip gave a hundred when I called back. They said the money's already been deposited. And we just don't have it in. That's it. Shrug of the shoulders. You know what I mean hoping that? We'd say oh, all right. Well, that's that's that enjoy the money or whatever. And I don't know why that didn't sit. Well, with me, I think ten years ago George pie. What does it have? They got me you lose your hundred but older, George. Johnson town, blame you. You know, what I mean, we're thinking we're thinking a little bit different there. That's why that key democrat all these young who's right here. Pay three thousand dollars for bottle service and Cabanas and things like that like 'cause the money just grows on trees when you're younger when you're a little older, you're like holy cow. That's a lot of money. Anyway, who we have on hold. Josh. Dick from Washington, which you got Nick. How are you? What's up? Nick. How're you doing? Nice to meet you, dick. You know, I think he just got who just got a swallow this one as I'm dumb. Yeah. I've thought about that can disagree. I think he's right. I'm dumb on on the ESPN front. Did anyone else? Have trouble getting the broadcast in English. I had no no about three times to get it off a Spanish with English. Subtitles. Okay. I didn't have that problem. But I have had that problem before. And I felt like it got corrected because I didn't see that this time around before you would click on just you only had one tenth you'd click it. And then from there with ask you English or Spanish now, I think they have them separated. More might be for Senator. But I think they did address it. But I did have that problem before I just didn't have at this time. Well, I would look up on the the little setting gimmick up there, and it would say English, but it was still in Spanish a little bit frustrating. But I know the bugs will get worked out. And it'll be good. Hey, how about a shout out to Allan Harman an old owner of the Los Angeles express? The football Team USA fell. Yeah. See Elvis has lost express shirt on. Broke knees. The him though, the. Representing Steve Young. Our catch there. All right. We'll see late night shows. All right. Thank you. Thanks for all your support. Actually will last twelve years. I think that's one guy hurt every show hunts our existence. You guys wanna hear Mike continuance here? Yeah. And so I called the next day. And I thought about this, and I go, okay. So this is what happened. And no, here's what happened. I tried calling the restaurant and they said. For reservation do this for this do that. So I hit what I thought was like something that would lead me to the manager, and it was voice mail. So I go George Garcia trying to figure out what the deal is basically the story. All right. So then why then Juliet went they said sorry. The money's on the dropbox. No can do. She leaves. She's mad. She heads home. And I go to bed the next thought about it. And I'm trying to figure out what should I do? And I get a call from them. And what's been frustrating along the way is everyone's been passing the buck. Oh, well, I'm the manager for this. But I gotta pass it onto the nighttime manager or I gotta send it to the general manager where on the general manager. And I gotta talk to the valet 'cause a separate company so between that and the fuck and dropbox, and this that whatever it has been driving me nuts. And so honestly, you know, what I wanted to do was just forget. About it. Yeah. I wanted them to stop calling me. And I was just gonna forget about it. And that would be that. When every time they called me and said, hey, what happened? You know? We heard or whatever all's like what tell the story because I'm in my car driving in LA. I l tell it again, you know, and because again, I subscribe to if one of you guys walked up there and found a hundred bucks, you wouldn't just go. Hey, look on hundred bucks you'd go. Hey, look, I found bucks out there. You get excited, man. You know what? I mean. It's one hundred bucks. Whether you lost it and get it back where it came out of nowhere. It's still a hundred bucks. I kept telling myself that you know, what? I mean, you're not a baller, George not, you know, big daddy here with all kinds of dough. You gotta you gotta you gotta do. So I would talk to them retell the story, and the we'll see what we can do. And Finally, I talked to a guy who said he would talk to that valley. The valet had also called me and said, hey, it really wasn't a dropbox. I'll talk to the. Manager after they're all trying to pass the buck finally three or four days gone by and I save I had the numbers there. And the reason I have numbers here on my my recent is because I need to do something with them. Like, this is the lady that hit me today. That's the claim adjuster other lady that hit me today. That's my state farm agent. Who I need to talk about. That's a whole other story, by the way, I got it today. All right, everyone else's number of. It's there is there for a reason that right there is the guy who took the hundred bucks once I solve the problem. I deleted. So I still stare at it every once in a while. And every once in a while my blood boils that they are trying to pass the off at some punk and just dismiss it. Or let it go whatever. So what did I do? I hit the thing. Again. I never heard back from you. We managed a few texts, and it looks like now it may come back to me. But again, I just wanna know is my street cred going down or do I have my feet planted? You know in a solid base where. You all can still respect me. It's a tough question. All right. Let's start at the beginning guy. I don't fault the guy that took your hundred. And I'll tell you why without saying what it is. You drive a nice car where I think somebody driving that car. You could see giving a person one hundred it wouldn't be that awed been in the business often. Do you get the hundred dollar Bill whether it's a nice car now. And it's a nice restaurant. It's a really nice restaurant in a nice area. Who did you just tell me is well known for always given hundred just missed out. I wanna get props to he Joe Rogan. Right. He is he's nice. I don't get them. The other day. I got a typical fucking business card for herbalife. That was my tip. Really? Yeah. Yeah. He gave it to you. Like, hey, here you go. I got you. If you wanna make money talk to me, and I'm like, no I wanna tip. Herbal life. You know? Wow. So yeah. Joe rogan? He's he's throwing money. Roundly joker in check Nicholson. Joe Rogan's successful. Right. Yeah. For him. So. But pretty I'm no not often to in like twenty something years. Yeah. That's not that off. But I think where he works for ses where you went. Okay. You know, where I went. I didn't say publicly, but you know, where I went do you think they get hundred off them now now for a car, I mean, right? And especially, you know, the setup do you? Remember it when we went to that establishment recently? Lombard street driven. Yeah. You'd literally pull up and all you have to do is take one step, and you're almost sitting down for dinner. It's not like they had run far to get it or hear that. There's a lot of that little gain keep keep an ear. Keep a close by you know, it's just Intel is it really like Joe schmo. Right. So like, I I don't think it would be you might go who I wasn't expected from this fella. But I think you would it wouldn't be the craziest thing that happened. I think for the day. What's what does dropbox is that exist? It's an outside company. That's what a lot of places are outsource valet. So. There could be you know, at the night. It's like throw it. But you know, so here's what I know that some. Formula only two people on planet earth, though. Nobody can call and say, what's what's the combo or unlocked? This mother fuckers the KFC recipe think. The at some of the establishment here. I think what happens is it doesn't really matter. What you give the waitresses because at the end of the night all goes into one pot. And then they take it from that. So maybe I could see a little bit on their side of going, man. I told all the boys we made one hundred bucks. And now, we gotta take it back. So I could see maybe where they're kind of like, let's try and drag this a little bit. I'm not hating. That's their game. As far as the lovely. Julia. Having to go back yet. I think this is where you're a little different you. You're good at those situations. Like, it doesn't bother you. You can be at dick you'll go in and your argue, and it doesn't really bother you. I think most people are kind of embarrassed to have to do that. So sometimes I could see why she would have to go up there and go fuck, I don't wanna do to me. That's like an impractical jokers punishment. I gotta fucking walk up there. You're gonna laugh your ass off. It wasn't even me. But believe me. Okay. My brother gave you a hundred bucks standing around. A you know that first guy you go to he ain't gonna have an answer. So he's gonna go. Hey tale come over here and hear this. And then he's going to tell a story. And I gotta stand there like a like a boop just sitting there while story. It's like one hundred times, and knowing that this probably not a good chance are gonna go. Go buddy. I like that you said, hey, man, keep twenty or no. 'cause you're kind of taking some blame to. I'm not sure I don't relate that to that was just the plan. I don't blame you. Right. If he would've said, oh, here's the Hyundai. She would've went here's the twenty still. They still come off with a very nice tip now. Yeah. And and by the way, what is a good tip nowadays for Ghana the days of the dollar. We know that right for car or car usually five five out met saw. Met saw Jesus five for parking it five reunion. Oh, wow. That I'm way behind them. Yeah. I thought it was a I thought take it is like three and pick up his five. So two and two and that's an eye roll. To is. How about didn't give you anything on the way out? But I remember you you were the guy that took it. Here's a five on the way back. I mean, that's average average. That's not bad. Ten bucks to park the car. Okay. All right. I believe him. Yeah. Okay. All right. So here's another thing. And this is something that I deal with personally, I grew up a lot around a lot of racism. Okay. And so for me in your situation. I totally understand why you went back or why you I can't heat on you for trying. Okay. But I think it would have been one of those where I just take that one on the chin and part of it is because I know that there's times where I pull up, and I know they're looking at me, and they're going is being shit. You know what I mean? And I would hate to prove that right and have to go back and go. You know, my dump job. I need the money. Like, I think I would rather leave the symptoms. Like we do things that represent our race. And I just don't wanna be that has to go back and go do you. Remember, the guy that gave us a hundred you were right? Jose made a mistake. You know what I'm saying? So I I wouldn't wanna be bad guy. Now, what shocks me is in your life. You've had blunders and there's times where I where thinking just go. Hey, man. I'm dumb lived to fight another day. And I thought maybe wanna one of the times that you would do that 'bout this happened two weeks ago and literally in the morning, I say that and I might at night. I'm like fuck. No man of the way, they've acted the pass along, you know, they just been handing batons off here. You say this you say that don't return the call it alone. Maybe just maybe he'll just go away the feeling I got. And so I find told you listen, we're about ten days out from the ship's. I go. If I I'm in Vegas now, I'm not even our driveway. I'm in Vegas now. So there's even if they were to go. Okay. We got it. Come get it. You know, I can't go back. So do you mind going back, and she goes, no, I go then I'll pursue it. It had. She said George enough already. Then I would've said by right? And I would've left it alone. But she was my only I can't go to Ralph because Ralph tips, everyone one hundred bucks probably laugh at my ass. You probably go. I'll give you the hundred bucks leave the kid alone. So I couldn't even go to him. Yeah. I couldn't tell what he squid and gave because they would just make fun of me for the next two weeks. So I kinda just kept myself bottling face was turning red. I think I mentioned to you. Maybe Finally, I think my I didn't wanna mention it tomorrow because mom for sure, you know, her she'd be like, we're driving from Vegas. She'll spank someone. Yeah. And man, anyway, let's hear from air from Colorado. He has he wants to chime in what's up, Eric. Get me to call him to call and try to shame. Thing to things one total dick move than a hundred dollars less than that's probably karmic -ly, keeping you from doing something far more damaging in the near future. Dick, move on his behalf or my behalf. Dick move on his behalf not to return it or dick move on. My behalf to insist on getting it back year behalf to pursue that far followed on the did you use gauge hours of your life working at far below minimum wage, even if you get one hundred dollars back the principal never gonna be worth that much especially by the hour, and I'll hang up on this. Whatever happened today is probably army pay back for that. Wow. Okay. I believe a lot of a caller. I believe in karma, LA, he's like picking with your mother. Let me ask you this. Would you ever go back to that restaurant? I probably would wait a year. Just because I don't wanna show my face. Yeah. Yeah. So then I would say, I know they go that that fool I would say maybe it wasn't worth it then. Well that said, yes. Big row. I cars. I kind of had a feeling right away. Just what with what it said? I think Nick was on my on my side. And I think you're already Kramar seems unlike you Juliette already told me, you know, we're gonna have a problem when I get back. They're throwing her under the bus. She's already shown me two different routes to get there. And she goes, it's not ten minutes twenty three twenty five. So yeah, maybe all this wasn't worth it. But again, I it was just something about the little dropbox. Yeah. I've never heard that one. Yeah. They're saying they can't physically get in the box or are they saying it's just kinda like, I don't know code or something. I don't know. But you definitely don't fault the guy that took the money, right? No. Because he didn't know. I don't even look at it. 'cause I didn't get. Thank you, sir. I didn't even get that. It went straight into was pocket. We were both busy. I was trying to get our party into the car and put the leftovers over here and all that stuff older people did each guy sympathize, and then there was cars like when you would tell the story would they go. Oh, man. That sounds brutal by nobody gave me a genuine. They were like, oh, that's too bad. You know, and but you could tell it was that little pause as if to say do you feel like just forget about it? You know? Okay. And but but I said, yeah, it is too bad. What are we gonna do about it? You know what I mean? Yeah. So suppose of the I might get then MO or pay pow and we're going to be square. I did tell the guy to send me eighty don't send me a hundred and sticking to my word there. But I don't know. I your you guys. All right. My street credit went down, I accept that. But something just stint sit, right man, bug me. What do you think? Why man George I'm on your side? One hundred percent, I got no patience for any kind of questionable customer service, anywhere. I'll top one for you. I one time and I one time asked for tip back. So I was at one of these like Dushi clubs or whatever. And you know, there's a coach check, and, you know, go down wait on the line. Give girl coat reaching my pocket. I got a ten dollar Bill. So, you know, might you guys. I'll usually I'll leave you know, two or three before two or three after at a coach, Chuck, right? I don't think that's you know, out of line. I'm not balling. But I think that's nice. I give her the ten. I'm like, you know, can I get changed? She looks to me like she kinda says like I don't remember exactly what you said. She was like really I was like, yeah. Can I get changed like, oh, usually I'd just get by all of it. And I was like you could just give it back to me then and I walked away. What's nice little exchange there? What did you say? What you give the money back saving. Now. Save ten bucks. I think I would have had some kind of snarky remark. If you're the coach girl if you I'm Pat grow around other one of those coats. It's just the we're getting older thing. Because I think I I wanna say what I'm about to say, I guess I will. But I do get the feeling that the younger generation is is like, let's say, let's say, hey, how much is my drink eleven and you hand them a twenty there just seems to be this long pauses if to say coup who's next, you know, like I'm keeping that whole nine. I'm assuming it go through the fucking steps of going hero nine back, and let me have that baller moment. Where I go pitch way. Given that to me. That's all you dog. You know, what I mean that need be the baller back to you. Now. I may just choose to go keep four and I'll pocket five I'm not a baller, but you still get for. I may go here's all nine and play the part, and you still get to keep the nine, but don't act like I have to give you the night because for one the eleven dollar drink isn't eleven dollar drink. It's probably been you. Remember one time at spirit Reiner like twenty years ago. Didn't mean you get like two bud lights and the guy goes that'll be twenty four or something. You ask them to give you a little dance. Get a little dance and this is like thirty years ago. So right now, it doesn't sound as bad, but thirty years ago to bud lights for twenty four bucks. Ridiculous. It's the same as right now. Getting to bud lights for forty eight bucks. Yeah. That's what you would say got forty eight like forty eight you know, and I remember him going to dance this a little funny, Dan, this is like five AM and Vegas. And that's the thing though. That's another thing that needs to be brought up is the culture of where you're at plays a big role to right. If you're if you're a stablishment over there in Orange County is probably more familiar with people that live around the area that are possibly going to be coming back. I would think they would be a little bit better towards you and bagels. I think servers are just used to. Hey, man that guy's drunk if you don't take it someone else. Well, that sort of thing like, it's just different. I wouldn't have gone. I'll say this. I would not have gone back for twenty for sure. And I don't and I know I wouldn't have gone back for fifty. But one hundred I think I think I had every right to just go. Hold on a second. I think more people would side with me, personally and go. Yeah. Get one hundred bucks. Now, I wasn't gonna drive back that night. And if I was going to make the Vegas over the left alone. But because I have a connection there my girlfriends right there, I figured hey, she can just stop on by. And they're not just gonna play the whole the old dropbox on. You know what I mean? I want you to share a couple of funny stories when we come back. You told me over the years, they always crack me up. You're listening to EMMY junkie radio on fight nation channel fifty six. They close. We'll be right back. Brothers Garcia seeming recant agree on a duck season products duck season, whether it's spilling great felling case paint gambling, always bet on black red book reading pluck, dummy even social media, Instagram ground. The same applies to the biggest stories. Time for junkie radio's daily debate. Today's hashtag, dude. Big question. Four major radio if you could go back in time and had fifty cent money which cram pretournament slash tournament. Winner. Would you award one million two? So by that I mean which tournament look back on while the owner deserved a million if they're gonna give a million to some of these guys that are winning tournaments. Now this guy. Sure is how needed one or. Yeah. Here. Choices poice Gracie member UC two four no one where he's going who took down the middleweight grand prix in two thousand five now pride's middleweight was same division as you've sees light-heavyweight crow Cup. That was an open weight grand prix in two thousand six that he won open weight middleweights late every weights and heavyweights. And of course, there's other in which you can fill in kind of like the blink first goes, I'm gonna go there. Take you back to nineteen ninety nine the rings tournament. Here you go. Dan henderson. Here's a million dollars courtesy of fifty cent because that field was insane on the field bait or a million Anco. Yeah. Her not bobbly brawl was there onto Antonio Rodrigues. Garra was there. Gilbert IVA was there. Jeremy horn was there who I miss. Over him was in there. I think both ovaries were in that one. It was nuts then he made it through. And that this is not Dan Henderson that we were used to towards the end of his career already with a lot of experience. This is kind of a green, Dan Anderson, right because I think he debuted in the one thousand nine hundred okay? That's a good one. I'm going to stick with the format. Here. You got one Johnson. You sit out I would go with Filo Beto when he fought a Denver's take Murdoch in nineteen seventy eight bare knuckle championships. Well, it is a good one. All right. She's going with other as well. I'm sticking with show gun the two thousand five pride middleweight grand prix. These names. This was the opening round. Well, well, okay. Vanderlei Silva against hit echo. You'll Shida Marie CO hooah. His first round was Quinton Jackson Kazushi sucker. Abba was in it Jose. Oh, no, Gary, wasn't it. Dan Henderson, wasn't it. Our strove ring was in veto Belford. E or vote chance do I keep going or what Ricardo Arana man, if you guys only knew who that guy was he never came over to see, but he was a beast. He was the one that ended Vanderlei as run of twenty five with no losses. Kuzma hero nakimora Kevin random in the late. Kevin random decorated grappler, dean Lister was on the card in the second round. He had to go through hosiery area. No garra in the third round. He went he defeated. Ouster over and then in the finals, defeated Cardo Arana. So that was like a who's her? That's a middle. Murderers row now yours had an open weight facet to it. And Dan Henderson was we all regard him as a middleweight. He was fighting heavyweight so much respect in Anderson's. One of my favorite fighters of all time. My than yours is had those names man that he had to go through that. That was something else. Correct me if I'm wrong, but on yours semifinals and finals were done on the same night. Correct. Correct. I think one of those did kind of benefits show gonna little bit. It was pride and the we're looking at the tournament bracket. Now, he showed we went to Tiki Alastair any Kayode Rona, the only one that got by on a decision was hosiery Garrett, which many said a great that's one of the most all time fights. Yeah. Look, I don't think there was a losing. That was really a losing answer. They were all just great answers. Thanks junky nation, the readers of the site and the listeners of the show for participating this how the voting broke down forty percent agreed with neither one of us. They took Gracie. He went four no at UFC two four fights one night. He was kind of an open way setting as well. Twenty nine percent went to Croke up the open weight grand prix in third place was shogun with two thousand five midway grand prix twenty five percent and other came up with five percents. All right. We're talking about my tipping story there. And my man Elvis has been in that world for many years. Share the story of how you became pals with Mick Foley from WWE it was ninety nine Royal rumble with Anaheim pond. And that's when fully just became heavyweight champ for the first time a couple of weeks before that I was on breaker downstairs something when he checked in. And you're like, you're not gonna believe who you just missed. He was with his wife and just two kids the time. So I called his room just wanted to meet him kind of a rhetorical question. Anything I can do for your spacer, you know. And he called my bluff and said, yeah. Can I get it Topac but light in a bucket of Kathy? And I. Doc downstairs with the manager. Explain, you know, got to take the company Cadillac can go in and went on your own. All right. Because you know, they know where you're where you're at and stuff. So I come up with this. And I had some pleasures and t shirts for the kids and stuff the bell. You know, it was like looking at me and goes and George were head tickets already said, hey, can we get so little interaction went? Well. Thank you. And then after that you saw a few times, right? Yeah. Throw to stay you know, and got on first name basis. And so we went to the Royal rumble, and he never told us about this. So George George used to work at the pond. So he knew the inner workings of the tunnel system to in and out and stuff. That's how we had the incident. We talked recently about a the undertaking seeing when hard all those names stone, cold and the king coffin match all that. That's how it happened. Because I knew the ways the ins and outs. What on this occasion? I take the guys down there. And just as we're walking back. All of a sudden, go ahead. We. Balked? Don't let go right while there was about seven of us. I think but we broke off him. And I and only because I think one of us said, hey, look, it's stone cold or something like that. Right. So we went off into a little room, and as Mer getting close to whoever it was that we wanted to picture with MC fully comes out of where it goes. It gives them a big hug, and I'm focused and they're chatting going back and players this long friends, and then just as that's going on the rock comes and completely interrupts our conversation and starts talking to mankind, and he starts apologizing mankind because he said, hey, man, I'm sorry about all them tears. Give twenty one Twenty-one chair shots, and he told him he goes don't man he was really good. I didn't know any of this literally just happened. He goes you knock me out after the second winning is not any of the other ones happened. And what we didn't know. Well, we kind of knew that they were filming wrestling with shadows. And they were behind they were right in front of us. So that conversation that you see in. The movie we were standing right there for them. And we kind of blew off that guy we thought he was like a university was it called beyond the mat on the mat wrestling shadows, the screwed up thing with heart. Yeah. So you have it. What about what have been some of the best jobs by anybody? You want me through people famous people under the bus. No, I'd rather you not do that. Just. You know, when people say, what are the dumb things that they tell you got the dropbox version? My wife has my wallet. That's a good one. What is there's no there's nothing for that. Why would you? Why would you know your husband? Why would you not have your wallet? My wife has one. They've said I only got one hundred you always produce the chain. If you need change, I always carry one hundred dollars and change on me. So and yeah has worked with. Oh. Okay. And then they call their bluff. But sometimes it can I get ninety eight back in your like. Keep it and you walk away. You know? Oh, you have said live said that. Yeah. Oh, wow. A little more proper. You know, getting salty my old age. You know, keep it the nice. All right. Well, that's our show for today. I want Scott Coker for his time to twenty on design on Saturday. Check it out two title fights, including ROY McDonald defending gains. John vich. We also have McFarland against feta RT yoga. Hey, hit me up on tip story. If you want let me know at 'em fame Hemi junk, George via Twitter, by the best way or get tell me what you think team Georgia team the other guy out of here. Thanks to Josh for another fine producing job that he did goes Johnson, and George we're out of here champions.

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