Four Weddings and Some Celebrity Real Estate | Jam Session


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up to our producer kiara for that title and also the inspiration for the rest of this stuff but there were four wedding this weekend high really came through 'cause i'm like how do we turn this into a tlc joke about or wedding feature why four weddings and a funeral so much i just think the tlc show okay well i reference before if you're just watch me 'cause i'm just being honest with you i love the tlc show for weddings okay what is show it's a oh it's the show but they got all the time it's about 'em there's four weddings and each of these women go to each other's weddings and the great each other on different categories and whoever wins gets a free honeymoon what is winning like whoever has the approval full of other people like kilos score based on how they dress it's crazy it's part of tlc the wedding industrial complex okay it's like on the on frequently all right i guess you just don't really mix it up a tlc i just watch romantic comedies classic romantic comedy said everyone else in my life to say hey it's fine movie pass it oh i don't think you are but that's where you work through a different time for weddings kravitz in paris joe jonas and silvy turner in the south of france chance katharine mcphee in london andrew jackson brittany remember her role in kentucky where some amazing stuff can say before we get into this mix these weddings all happened the weekend before the fourth of july rate so they're not taking up the holiday weekend but they're setting people up for a full week officers everley if you travel to one of these weddings then you're taking the rest of this week off three do i cherish forever and outs so you're not hugging the holiday but you're setting people up for nice vacations of their own i think that's i think it's awful yeah i totally agree with you it's like a nice thing to do something about for european vacation or a lovable savannah pump people back dalai right after the lecture but if you're going to europe for the uk it's setting you up for a great like week week to ten days succumb i just think it's better than picking up the july fourth weekend oh definitely although i really care about july fourth it's just not not my holiday do you think that's because of an bff no i never really celebrate as always at camp i just like oh it's just never really meant anything to me but i support everyone who who does mean something to them into our country america support this on a thursday so you go adversary sunday i like i really support the full everyone taking a vacation what i support totally totally agree with the most most a glamorous yes i think is most glad one is that a crowded she got married to carl glues men who she's been dating for quite some time they've been together for a few years i think i have a question yes who i got this weekend because i saw it scriminate i think we all did okay all the celebrities are in town brazil crowds his wedding you're seeing the photographs and it's it's very cold who's minute and i have to be honest maybe i'd heard of him before and it just fell of my brain sure we're not familiar yeah i think i've only seen him on her instagram like once in a while and at a few events she keeps pretty low key in another colleague will tell you most her instagram like their strap yourself and he's not really in them i support that you don't have to player moshe relationship on display i just kind of iowa's so unaware that it's like wait zoe kravitz is getting married she's in a relationship it's been going on for a long enough that she decided to get married it is kinda wild he also still looks like an athlete to me but he's an actor okay but i just feel like he looks like i also thought he was european when i when he first came across my transam a couple of days ago or we came across but now he's a he's a from the same place kevin love in fact i bet he knows kevin love 'cause they're both and like as we go and they're about the same age k and they've been dating for three years well that's great a he's an actor he's actor yeah yeah the most notable thing probably from his wedding overall is that zoe kravitz the night before for her rehearsal dinner wore white biker shorts underneath a comical white mash or not match like net cover all types of yes very fashion forward with the the white bridal very it's very on brand she looks great very stylish beautiful full he does a great so they got married at lenny kravitz his home in paris incredible incredible sentence shout out to them i would love to be buried at my father's home in paris didn't work out for me we should also note that a lot of celebrities were in attendance hooting the big little lies knowing at merrill no mero but yes reese witherspoon moved there laura dern nicole kidman chilling wildly failing woodley yeah i think there's a false before they're all they're also they were all gal venting around paris tourists so like not like she paris just like regular harris a regular tourists i would say except laura dern did go coppery before she went to paris she just really doing it right yeah and she had been can further can lions as we discussed and she she brought her kids yes and she's been instagram it's been our kids were not impressed with her on this european vacation which is amazing stuff seems to be lawrence daughter can we just got so many other people who were there donald glover yes dennis zell nice eddie red main okay one to me but i'm excited i have a weird soft spot for eddie red main based on like absolutely nothing 'cause i've seen almost none of his work and i'm really miss but i i just like like am i didn't see this even hockey movie it is so which you are gonna be about talking about i wish him well okay caridad levine yes west ashley been said yes they're they're day but i didn't know when something is happening yeah it's been a little while for them aaron taylor johnson and his wife sam johnson right they're not in my world but they're like super rare claire and then we gotta talk about chris pied annabel while i still find most voters were for the rehearsal dinner we have a lot of photographic evidence from the wedding itself yeah they really protect that well right but everyone was photographed entering the rehearsal yeah which is petsmart if i set up the photo cannot keep him away the next day end chris pine is wearing a bright blue how would you describe this blue serlin yeah it's really in luke perry winkle booed double breasted suits with high end his hair is basically meg ryan hair from you've got bad absolutely when i saw this picture now just scrolling through sliding through i thought it was mark walberg at first i was just i i couldn't recognize him at the hair they basically had long hair like this and the liz warren hair basically it's just it's also it's tom brady to me this looks like tom brady right after he got hair plugs yeah so it also similar to jackson main hair or like in like pretending to be jack's debating hair his hair is not struggling as much as jackson main hair but i think what happens is you get hair plugs then you have to grow it out to cover the new stuff coming in okay and so i think that's what we're seeing here because he used his face looks different to me and then i'll say he's wearing like karl lagerfeld style sunglasses almost as like man i actually liked that he tried i don't know if he's winning i don't know if he's succeeding exceeding but i like he went to an event in the summer in paris and it's just like i'm gonna wear a suit i'm gonna be fashion forward i appreciate it there's another picture of him where he's wearing like a orange suit like he really was going for like summer dapper guy he's also the animal wallace who looks so much like a vodka trump in these rehearsal dinner pictures just the way that they've captured her not but she actually does but but she's like looking down in the kind of like i just said a lovely she's wearing harvick kyle it's very ivanka yeah yeah ivanka i thought it was mark walberg and ivanka trump but i'm really confused so she's like wait what we're looking at another kid that i like about this wedding nicole kidman was not spotted among the people at first like their pictures of her came later i think she arrived after everyone else an i think is on tmz may have been the daily mail where they noted that nicole kidman who dated lenny kravitz from nineteen ninety two has not been seeing like flying the reason she wasn't there as long as you do lenny kravitz like forgotten about twenty years ago yeah i loved it though as good just a great addition from a the tabloids thank you so much it seemed it seemed like autograph fair this is the wedding then i would like to go to of this lineup definitely seemed like the most obviously percent paris i mean just wonderful in the summer it's lovely yeah great stuff i'm eager to see what she chose for her her actual wedding look i think it'll be similarly fashion forward and i would love now do you think it'll be a vote oh interesting probably it's why we haven't seen it i assume someone got exclusive boca not cross my mind but you must be right also of course jason momoa was there since he's married to elizabeth hang her mother i just love how hurts to super famous parents were like not even like that'd be and tractions for this wedding yes it's true good you're totally love it all righty now staying in the country of france jonasson sophie turner redux the they have they are kind of ceremonial wedding whereas the illegal wedding has already occurred in the great state of nevada which you all know about the bloodshed blows really you know many things you objection about regarding dip low but in the last six months just killing it on social media and he made a funny joke about how they took away his phone so that he wouldn't spoil the wedding as he did in vegas which i thought was funny he was invited to you there well we could kinda sniping back and forth on social media about the fact that he was live streaming it unless that was a joke okay great perhaps it was a joke and i misunderstood i hope he was there it speaks about her of everyone is there i think the two other people who were there maisy williams maid of honor love it so at the pain care joe pre aka kevin and danielle question prio one ear out where are you on on the marriage of joe of nick jonas and priyanka chopra should we believe in it i haven't thought about it again i just i really that's kind of not where we all respect to the women if she time and he's not really engaged in any jonas album content a real jonas content and so i have not thought about them again an i guess that means that it's a it's a normal which so maybe that makes me more liable to believe year if you make a year the first year the hardest they say oh yeah it's true she's just like there's a bit of because of their new album in their their movie on amazon and she's been like a lot of jonas family events and all three wives are dutiful they're just they're around a lot and i'm just like okay that's good for you guys i hope i hope it's real i dunno but there's always a lot of fanfare around those to you if you watch the jonas brothers documentaries just obvious and nick as a bigger deck some other to an interest in i mean he credited breaking the band in the first place like it's like a it's like part of the movie yet i just in general he seems like a bigger deck in general this is the most of vailable wedding of the it's not the most available by first first point yes the chateau which they got married yeah on this current season the real housewives of beverly hills they went on vacation they stayed at this house the shutdown so it's pretty it's pretty like readily available spot for celebrities and rich people press availability like there i know most of these like invasive and 'paparazzi photos but there is a lot of coverage of this wedding and they're always seems to be a lot of coverage of these two couples i think the jonas brothers orchestrate a lot of it yeah i that's what it seems like it seems like they are some of those people who are willing to be more in the public guy so we know more about it yeah i think robert you're like well you think will manage it instead of just letting it happen but but it sure there's no straight on shot of what sophie turner was wearing from the night before there is some photos of her wearing like a long white sheet stress and then there's some true drone photos that are pretty like pierpoint super invasive of her wearing what i considered very eighty style wedding dress with sort of fleet camera like poopie cap sleeves oh okay end i think she looks pretty i love sophie turner yeah i wish her well i eight grand norton clip of her from the from the dark phoenix press tour end she was asked about the wedding in vegas andrew kind of that whole thing down and then she kinda said you what i'm sorry grand norton much like but you might do it again right and she was like yeah we were thinking about it and so he kind of jokingly to the camera's like sophie turner second wedding will be on like i think he says july something in the south of france you know as a joke and then he's like i'm just joking i was just guessing anchovy turner goes really which isn't very charming she played along with it but even just kind of like oh you are more of you know comfortable with these things being i butler yeah yeah totally i think also the best thing that happened to her wedding with her structures airport on the weight of france when she's wearing like just an incredible outfit of kitten heels straight like jeans graphic teach art in like a a great plays her while holding her dog and also wearing sunglasses and she just looks so famous an casual and cavalier and it was just it was dope she's she's comfortable being out there really like i feel like not a huge larry's at their wedding ashley grandma's there yeah well they were booked at the other the other wedding this weekend yeah i think also we just they're younger there a different generation so i think maybe what you and i consider major celebrity's were at zoe kravitz is wedding thing and then it's passed a younger generation of celebrates members like a very big deal cigarette you know and i think the jonas brothers are very big deal gronk is is really famous so it's just a family that she doesn't count okay i guess they didn't have a ton of celebrity guests baseball them yes or they did and we don't know about it because that wedding is also under excludes yeah they were trying to cover her with some umbrella some people couldn't get photos butts yeah parasols i suppose yeah so is that also invoke thing i dunno i i wonder where it is but i'm sure it is and exclusive somewhere she's leaving town spokesperson right yes so possibly could hide that yeah i wonder how they spaces out like when i wonder when they publish them and whether the publicist negotiated for being published before after other competing weddings that weekend that's a good question i'm sure that if they didn't that vote will be receiving really angry phone calls from one publicist says you don't wanna get scoop on that stuff he's got two more weddings go yes well let's just say brittany in jack jack jack jack back there makes me and david foster got married in london friday wedding and this is the complete opposite of the to the we just mentioned they wouldn't be happy with all the publicity you could possibly give them like literally all of it there isn't us weekly spread are online piece about inside their magical wedding magical unquote tight lipped which if that's the headline is not a magical nor a shoe or a really nice dress made by zac posen andy made like a weird comment about how it's like almost fifteen years to the day since he wrote her the song for american idol and isn't that weird and it's like no it's absolutely not weird at all this wedding so well you know shouts to him okay she made a big deal about how she wore a rehearsal dinner dress up as blue and she's like it's my something blue like okay cool okay hey no one's worried about that all right mcveigh has added katharine mcphee in a really long time so i feel like she used his wedding just to make everyone think about her again i'm going out you tell me that roger federer is that i feel like that is the number one piece of information that you need the told me to get my attention and aryan roger read this wedding why i mean they do their in london right now because everyone will then so convenient for him to go there they'll carry you know i don't know if it's friday okay so well then start on monday that's okay by me and writer didn't play till to say they chew pippin you remember that p i mean i guess they just will really go daddy wedding they're invited to which honestly if i'm in the country and it's a fancy wedding i would you so i can't judge it no i like i like i like if i'm in them i like them i like past or d'oeuvres i like dancing i like it open bar at like a festive atmosphere why not sure okay go another thing they ride that interest me about roger federer also he looks great what a great i love roger federer everybody okay interlude keep talking about gotta sarah foster erin foster also huge deals on instagram daughters a david foster okay but yeah just didn't really make it cost me i feel like the problem with a foster family in the demo for the foster families very similar to the demo for the vander pump rules yeah cast and so i just feel like they they got sean block on answered by jackson brittany okay so i i just i just followed that tommy haas to is also a tennessee so i just think they were like the wimbledon going through the list being like who can we get even though it is i believe we're retired so i don't even know what to say about that and then also doctor fill is there that okay that makes a lotta sense to me like a lot i just had this thing is very funny tommy house is a really i'm second tennis players have at the wedding of two random people i know they're not random but you know what i mean i mean foster if you have like crazy connections because of his career he's been around for so long to he's sort of like a how expectancy hemet like any like old school span cla spot essentially and i i do think it's almost like dumb but he didn't get married in alleged like it's such a city but maybe i guess he just really needed walea crowd layers yeah okay crowd and then i feel like you know his daughters seren and artists like very famous so true their instagram famous but i do truly feel that they got screwed by jackson brittany okay coming more i die officer many people i know him from being married to yolanda housewives of beverly hills but yes to bravo weddings and the same week that is so true i will admit that i was more aware of their jackson brittany wedding because of the people in my life even though roger federer together why they should have told me that okay someone should have let me know but anyway jackson brittany they are married they're not that it just who cares a lot is very bravo encircled insider town lisa made it shots from southern charm with their doctor good friends you're a few things i wanna tell you about okay great thank you is that a place called the the kentucky castle and lexington condemn her it looks like it's made of sarah from and like it just like the the castle itself is so like fake looking at okay were ridiculous okay larry birkhead was aghast okay i find that incredibly strange anna nicole smith baby daddy what like i just feel like why was he there i don't know the answer in research i don't really wanna know okay but larry birkhead was there okay i i want you to know that thank you next jackson britney were supposed to be married fish is be officiated by this pastor who has been pretty anti lgbt okay so they got rid of him in replacing with lance bass slammed okay which they don't like have a particular connection to him like i don't know why he was chosen he like i dunno lance bass a parking space at our lot for a really long time yeah that's true i think it's gone i don't even know it but lance bass really but as a result in him officiated his wedding in key states where the reception where they play by by by it lands bastard like doing the bye bye bye dance not acting brittany's what i know and there's video of it a lot of video shot from southern charm watch southern charm manda i haven't i can't even get a shot but anyway okay sure captured this video and she's like such incredible public service okay it's just completely insane and then i was going through pictures and there were a lot of content coming out from the instagram account that i had never heard of called at girls new job are you familiar with that i'm not i wasn't there and then i researched this girl's name is claudio sri okay she and her in this is just sort of like i felt aged a lot of years and internet time okay remember brouhaha with this girl and her sister who got like some weird like streaming show and then it turned out that their mom was like antimuslim and they posted obviously antimuslim tweets on the shows like immediately cancelled do you remember that i don't remember the very vaguely remembered it and then like it turns out that the woman who have shown that was cancelled her mom antimuslim tweets in for some reason she's like a major major content creator at jackson britain's wedding and has three million followers on instagram and i'm just like what am i missing about the culture i just don't understand it was just such an instagram slash reality tv wedding i think you had like sponsored sped vodka aunt the bravo cameras were there at lakeside drinking call that you were osha put it through my britain to potatoes better yes exactly how can then jack jackson bernie famously met at hooters were renting waitress okay worthy after party they had like a bunch of like i dunno their actual hooters waitresses but it was a bunch of women wearing the hooters outfit show up to like hang with them or something okay it's just a lot it was just super weird so brittany though works at surf he met her i forget where vegas maybe out of hooters and then he important heard a loss angeles and got her job at services you could be on the show if they might brittany knows everyone fucking loves her everyone in the world so she has to be dope because people are just like obsessed with her okay aunt and i just i can't even tell you much time i spent on this like i would say like over upwards of ninety minutes just like wow looking for britain to understand their jobs in oppose the radio and then they put it all on instagram they understand that their or job and all of this is to be really public about it should provide ridiculous stuff where people talk about yeah and it was just completely okay completely ridiculous i don't know if i would have enjoyed this wedding i know i said i would go the other weddings but i you now this guy and the hooters is alarming to me personally i think it would have been it would have been worth it to be within five feet of lance bass dancing to and say okay i just see that i'm sure we could find it online for you so i you know i can watch that on instagram in my home versus going a kentucky i would have lost my mind where present for that okay that's good to know but also the fact that it was this information is delivered to me by shots from southern charm who's like just in ten seconds you're less i would describe chap as an overgrown rich man child with no interest and changing okay but very charming of course sure yeah that's how you're able to stay that way got it deserves a ton of a ton of wedding activity congratulations 1 mostly though that since i know i know everyone i you know i hope her wedding works out otherwise what was the point of doing it you know he'll spend a lot of money to do this again any year so i hope you get married again yeah and also so if it doesn't work out then you're gonna spend a lot of money getting divorced so i wish you well but you know an it looks great end again i reiterate if you need a wedding guests in i dunno i guess was well i just if it has passed or d'oeuvres now i'm open to it okay okay okay okay thank you moving onto her favorite topic real estate yeah two big ones frio this it's yeah i just i guess you guys were listening as we appreciate you everything you 'cause it's really like giving hugh amanda content you need yeah which would you like to begin with maria sharapova yeah i think it'd be good let's do let's start with you know composure then we could devolve all right maria sharapova had a very firm hand in designing her japanese inspired las angeles home with all extremely close to be a edge of her home right it's a lot especially undercover of architectural digest andrew burial delayed by them this month really though i suppose you can't put a video on the physical cover anyway she gave a full tour of the house and the entire piece is about how involve she was in the process and how super detail oriented she was in the process i'm just reading a quote from me interior designer courtney apple bomb maria is super perceptive detail oriented there's not a chair or table that came into house that she didn't analyzed dissected discuss she pays attention to every stitch in grove city that is code for maria sharapova life miserable difficult manding outlook honestly if i were decorating the house if you don't think like i also would pay attention to every student group i would make someone else's life and married to make sure that it gets right i related to this quote while also understanding what it meant between the live i really appreciated them actually not really i think we take her temperature on this i appreciate how it's written to make it seem like she's definitely in control here yeah an demanding without making her seem like some kind of nightmare like i think this is kind of fair and i actually it's kinda hard to do that with the woman who also has a reputation of being a bitch i agree with you i think they they clear they had a lot of people that she worked west talking about that better when it's in those people's totally you know they conduct as a job they got the right quote yes exactly i'm sure they were supplied directly to them and it was required for them to interview these people and talk about how all ratio is because that is how things work but i thought they did a nice job that it's tasteful i you pointed out it's a small lot i'm trying to figure out i know that she lives on the west side i mean they say it's on the west side but also she did eight grub street diet fairly recently and everything was kind of venice based what's up at this press tour she's on a well she businesses and she's trying trying to you know make money off of them i think i think you know her endorsements and it's not like she's playing great tennis she had to retire from building already so her value and her business or based on her visibility right so needs to be out there i mean it's true of of war in the last couple of weeks so a couple of months thought about her in a while yeah i mean it is kinda high tennessee's in right 'cause the three grand three of the four grand slams french open wimbledon and then usa open are late may right now july's wimbledon and then the end of august right so it's kinda when peak season it's peak season it's when the most attention is on it and i think she also is making up for lost time in terms of the time and that she was suspended or so now i am i will never forget let's talk about the pool yeah it's been cool like many backyards even entered through a sliding door through like a living room or whatever many backyard and have like a lot of states where you walk this this one foot from i drove her home well yeah really so i i think this is in manchester in nearby this seems like a very small lot has really vertical yeah i actually do a nice job west there also so the gimmick that they have is they have a bowling alley which seems really random when you think about if it's like a narrow long house if the lot smaller than the bowling alley is like what you could fit in you know what i mean yeah like i i think that that's probably capitalizing on what was otherwise unusable space right that makes sense yeah go down but you can't go out right so i think it's i think it's a small live which you know that's fine maybe she wants to be in the mix things i pull rather than not having four so even on a small that that's what i'll say in her defense i'm just not a person i can't i can't get there yeah you're just not a pool person doesn't know what you're doing right now i have the option of going into last weekend i declined to even consider this i i'm ashley speeches how i learned about you you you love water yeah that's right i am but it's really really just not profitable that's like one of the reasons i agree they being in the ocean is preferably a pool but that's different than not being a pool person i'm just i'm not interested in going in a pool like really infrequently do i go in a pool okay like i i can years at a time without doing it but like water and being in a body of water is you're happy place i vividly remember instagram's firm you vacation last year like in the in the mediterranean in the early morning i thought you were you like era morning person and you like being in bodies of water so i just don't i just never i just never liked the pool i don't like anything that feels like 'em landlocked in a pool is just like literally lead i mean it is i guess you i grew up going to a pool like that was what you did in atlanta in the summer as you went to the community yeah you know and then you just like spent all day annex if it's too hot tea anywhere else right so i have positive associations i mean don't judge judge saying i just i'm working through this new like really shocking piece of information in real time i'm just tried on the other thing i was thinking about recently okay how am i ready for it yeah it's how expensive pool maintenances oh yeah that's very true it just i would rather spend my money on traveling to the ocean somehow you know k or being near the ocean yeah yeah or like i and i just like a line by the pool is also not appealing to me like i dunno like i just i like i said i'm not a pool person i if i'm lying by the pool i'm going in like all the time and i proudly spending more time in the pool the brain in it and i agree with you i don't understand rich people who ran a house like by the ocean but then they have the pool right above the ocean and they spend all the time in the pool i'm like the ocean is great wire window that's like that if you're famous superior but you know i mean sometimes sometimes the ocean is they're very large waves you can't swimming my thing is not being able to swim as a fucking disaster for me i handled a swim at like that's the only time i'm happy they finally it's swimming weather in los angeles and i would say that my mood has improved like one hundred percent isis because there is the possibility of swimming so he's going like on vacation and like being by the ocean and not being able to swim is it like tragedy i so i like writing the backup of the pool yeah okay i just feel assign a pool makes me feel dirtier than unlike anything else i just don't like ashley i i know i'm not judging this is like a four and a funeral situation i just i'm surprised anes i'm kind of thinking through it it's like another piece of the juliet punter and it's even for you and unexpected mile and so i'm just trying to get my head around it but that's okay you know you should have the leader activities they want the feeling of of the freedom of being in a giants body of salt water she goes yeah it's just greta where i'm like like like i i like i like i like a natural body of water but i don't know what's at the bottom of the lake i know what you call yeah immunity one regulated the lake it's just been sitting there and i don't know how long and i don't know what's growing at it i don't know when they're gonna be like slimy things touching sure i there from like in living in the lake or the bottom of the lake similarly the pool thing i grew up going into ponds on cape and then in the lake and cap some sort of like for whatever let's go let's go for it let's let's get to the middle of this saying that's the point of a lake in a pond oh it's my opinion is always go to the metal and like just like be in the middle of the lake and like hang out okay floaty with you okay the dock jump off get back on so it's actually about avoiding bottom of the gross mug of the okay liquor i'm stressed out like doing something then jumped from the okay all right so i'm gonna be i'll be thinking about this tonight when i go to sleep and that's okay i play learn things about people you know you don't want a relationship to stay the same overtime so i think that's okay one more thing on dogs unbelievable as amazing five minutes agra are aside i really throwing you off your game i'm so sorry so i have one more sharapova thing before we go to my happy place which is just she has a guest house i mean sorry the guest room that doubles as in office which is like the number one way of saying i do not want guess please don't stay with me which i really i respect i liked it it's clear you know yeah it's like i guestroom but i'd really rather he says in office which is it's just a very clear code friday really rather you find another place to say it's important to know what you want to be clear about it even ever maria sharapova lay around out there yeah i guess so all right time to move onto you're top topic of twenty nineteen most likely yes more firm architectural digest this time in video form a guided tour of mark ronson tom guided by mark ronson this published on sunday and it came to my attention today and i i have to gather myself before watching it i just like i need to be common rational about this 'cause as we all know i love mark ronson i just i find it very handsome interbank i like his work and she seems to you know leaving the world in a way that's interesting to me and then he has what is quite literally my dream loss angeles house like if i could pick any style of houses any features like in any neighborhood to living this is what i would pick we are taking leonardo dicaprio's like house off the board and it is in fact mark ronson south and it has nothing to do with the occupants although the document is like a very nice addition it's a nice amenity but this whole thing and it's it's it's a beautiful spanish townhouse have been built in the twenties like in the hills of los feeless i'm guessing it's above those fields are doing anything yeah it's got an it has like be original tiling and it's still has the molding and the arches and all the nooks and crannies and parts of it have been updated like the kitchen is immaculate is amazing hits and it's like a nancy meyers kitchen but it's still fits in the house in the bathroom has like a beautiful steam shower but you know it's still has the old kinda archways unlike the archway like tiny bookshelves it's still a lot of character just like mark ronson so much character while just being immaculately restored and then i think the big thing is interesting i'm good i like it i love the zebra wallpaper you're i can't love also like five room yeah house seat is committed to like a great zebra while it's like a bright yellow i guess there's blue in the dining room and it's really nice also the yellow in the kitchen the back of it did you ever watch indian summer on bbc show notes on my list the back of his house from the from thee lawn were from the backyard looks like on hold and that show kinda funny but like in a good way like it looks kind of wild in the back would i love the the hell's the most filter like that and i hated overly manicured backyard yes an it just seems like lift in but also really really nice she has immaculately taste which is you could tell from no work and like his job is basically finding talented musicians and having them helping them have good songs like he does so he has tastes we know that but to see it manifested in the real estate form is really it's overwhelming for me he starts of videos a great joke where he's like showing off his art yeah this is from some random artists yeah just kidding ascii they're the most obvious you think he makes it like what when you go to the fourth room with the wallpaper he's like well we got a discount on the wallpaper clearly very charming some other highlights for me is that he notes that he's literally never eaten in the dining room which is true of every person that i know who has like a separate dining room i don't know if it's true of every people but if you have a separate dining room a formal dining room yeah when did that could you like very infrequently ever he keeps all of his awards in a little bookshelf that is actually i think a right angle jar yeah well it has a sliding door from prohibition days incredible i mean he like shows you you all his grammy's and oscars and then slides the doorway she'll look at his i dunno it's it's basically like a junk drawer there which is very charming a there is some built in which he used users were record's i do some books but whatever what can you do i love this house i think the pool is lovely juliet nice okay whatever what did astroturf around it i think it is right is yeah i liked that touch actually it's nice and also you don't have to mow it which is great because he go conscious that's allowed in the guestroom looks lovely patio and they don't like is like the blue padded walls i love the colors blue that he has throughout i i like a like a real color in the bedroom and just white but he also has like the old tattered walls and i think he like dollars like funny the keeper not crazy about i don't like the carpeting eminent room but i do like he like left the tricks potter wallpaper that the interviews like for their kid further nursery really really great i would just love to live in this house and not just because it's my grandma's house it's really fantastic i recommend not ten minutes of this video plus i do a good job of staying relatively even keeled relatively speaking i would now is not experience watching it he is so much credit so the artists like what's which i also like really adore about him i just think it's really really sweet aunt he give so much credit a the trifecta of amy wine house lady gaga and of course my blog at bruno mars yes i just think that like awesome i dunno not be a surprise but i don't know i feel like it's very sweet how connected he sings we did artist he works like how much you're stuck understand watching this why so many why mark ronson history is and why so many people wanna work with him great taste and he's kind yes and and also very handsome at stylish among the best looks he's tried it out in the last player and a lot about like the short sleeve net polo inherited on draper show real look that i enjoy that on yeah and here he is with the little argyle i'll this is fantastic this is really great content thank you architectural digest having it to me how do you see this accident i blame here at hewitt i said so now you know a lot of places right i'm trying think of who there is someone else recently who is like i don't really who is were born in the uk anna's living in the u s for a while and kind of has that same you rash after one year producer little i know by ricky out of it if things do you do you adapt to the environment where this is particular early male vocal fry that's what it is more the natural access you're right you're right that's okay i we don't judge people for their says no doubt okay wallpaper choices and mark ronson has passed with flying colors lash it plus stuff thank you so much for listening we'll be back i've julie outlet ben i'm amended out in have a great fourth of july enjoy

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