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Hey there. This is Reagan, and you may be wondering why there's a new episode of the podcast here in your feet on Wednesday. We have so many new listeners to the podcast, and I wanted to make sure that each one of them gets opportunity to check out some of our favorite episodes from season one. If you're a long-time listener, you may find one you missed so sit back and enjoy this Wednesday rerun. If your skin doesn't know whether to break out a wrinkle, if you're caught between planning the third grade class party and researching retirement plans, or if you want to work out at the idea of cross, it makes your forty something needs AAC you've come to the right place. Welcome to this unrelenting life. I'm your host Reagan Jones and welcome to today's show when I started planning for today's episode. I struggled a little bit on what to call this episode. Was this going to be the grocery shopping app episode? Maybe this was the online grocery app and ordering episode. Ultimately, what I realized is that the way technology is changing and shaping the way we shop for groceries is too much to cover simply in one podcast. So instead of covering all those different aspects what we're covering today is specifically the idea of being able to order groceries and have them delivered to your home. You will hear my interview with Sherry stunned by my guests for today that this is an industry that is booming and is intimidated to grow even larger over the coming years. If you haven't looked to see if you have. Grocery delivery in your area. You're gonna want to check out some of the services that Sheree mentions today, you may be surprised to find that you have grocery delivery available in your area. I know that some of the criticisms I've heard at least in this Molyneaux life podcast Facebook group about grocery delivery, are that in the past some people feel that may be the quality of the products, especially fresh produce that the individual who shopped for them and did the grocery delivery, the quality might not have been the same as their own. So that is something to think about, but as you will hear when I talk with Sherry, and I know from my own experience. There are certainly certain things that we're all buying on a regular routine basis that don't really vary that much in terms of quality that you may find grocery delivery fits four easing your shopping burden. I hope you enjoy this episode of hope it gives you a little bit of insight. Site into some new technology that might be right for you. And with that I'll introduce my guest for today. My guest is Sheree stunned Baugh. She is a registered dietitian with over twenty five years experience as a health professional working in the retail supermarket landscape. There really is no one else out there that surpasses Sheri's knowledge when it comes to specifically nutrition within the supermarket arena. She really understands the retail landscape, and I think you're gonna say she does a great job of giving us a good overview of what some of these services are that are available to us and with fat Alsace sharing. Welcome to the show. Thank you so much publicity here while I know that this is a topic that has been on the minds of my listeners. It's a topic that has come up in this among lineal live podcast Facebook group and emir. Mmediately when it came up as a topic. You were the first person that came to my mind, as I've already told my listeners, they're seldom is another dietitian that you would ever find out there who knows more about the retail grocery shopping landscape than Sheree does. So I am so appreciative. You take time out to talk with us about this. Because as unrelenting I feel like we are primed to adopt technology, even though we may not be native to technology the way our millennial counterparts are. So you can kind of help navigate what this new online ordering experience is all about what it looks like who the players are what the expense is that's involved in how we can use it really in our own lot. So with that lead in the first thing that I would really ask is, you know, is this the future of grocery shopping. Well, you know, I think it really is in it has been interesting over the years. Like you say I've been in the repeal. Industry almost thirty years now and to see the changes that have taken place, and they used to say, well, I think online shopping is coming. Well, it is here it is here is here to stay. So even though the vast majority of grocery shopping still takes place in what we call those traditional brick and mortar stores, according to the industry experts out there that pattern is really gonna probably change during the next decades. Not only are the shoppers getting more tech savvy, but as well, the retailers are and so they're offering these grocery delivery options to the customers, and it kinda like I think about it. This is really bad. But like the milk ban used to do in the past, right? Bring milk to the house. That's what's happening fellers are now bringing food right to the doorstep. And it's I think it's really based on the convenience of it. So if you think about it, it's still it's still small, but it's growing about and last year about thirty one percent of the US consumers. Are likely to buy groceries online. But they're estimating that the online grocery sales that we're about fourteen point two billion in two thousand seventeen we'll go over double that by two thousand twenty one. Yes. So quite some growth there when you do look boys. I said it's not just something that we should just keep an eye on it is happening out there right now. But this is another thing to think about only nine percent of consumers placed an online order for groceries at least once or twice a month in the last year, which sounds super low doesn't it does sound lower. It's surprisingly loud. Does it sound very low to me? But then I'm like, okay. But this is again, I say growing, and we have to remember too that shoppers often still like to see and touch certain products before purchasing, and I think your listeners will agree fruits and vegetables or perhaps fresh meat products. Right. Yeah. And and some people like myself just because I've been the industry I actually enjoy the shopping of you know, experienced brother of shopping in stores how ever what you're going to see is lower prices. And the convenience of shopping online are really both going to become those major factors that are going to persuade more consumers to give online grocery shopping, try, you know, in the future. My prediction also for the traditional grocery store. The brick and mortar store is that. They're going to be changing no longer. I believe are you going to see well again, this isn't going to happen tomorrow. But in the future, you're going to see. Some of the bigger stores go away when people do want to go to the grocery store. They're going to there's going to be a focus on those fresh, high-quality offerings and more prepared food. Because again think about this, you know, I don't have to touch and feel my can of tomatoes. Right. I know what that looks like my toilet paper. My paper towel some of that center of the store products. However, when I do go to a store, I wanna see colors and freshness than and high-quality prepared food. And we're also gonna see and talk about this a little bit later. We're going to see healthier offering some healthy things happening both in the store and with online does so pretty light and stuff it's super exciting. Especially for those of is who walk that fine line of enjoying certain aspects of grocery shopping, just like what you describe. I love going in a grocery store and looking at all the different fresh produce. And maybe even seeing the pre prepare. Heard meals or meal kits that they're serving like the things that I feel like I get inspired to think about my shopping list, or what making for dinner, or, you know, new recipe creations that inspires me going down aisle after aisle to pick up bags of pasta bags of rice cans of tomato things that I love and that I need at home that just feels more like routine. So the idea that somehow technology, which is what we focused in on a lot of times here on this Omonia live, how new technology can actually solve some of our problems, but not hopefully create other problems by paying his opportunity to, you know, see the fresh foods in the pre prepared foods that is super exciting. Now, I know that one of the things that came up in the group was really just a lack of understanding about what grocery shopping options online are out there right now because when you say online, groceries you're really talking about a lot of. Different things. Some of those are things that you can purchase in be sent to your home. Some of those are things that you can order in advance in go pick up so walk walking summary. What options there are right now in in kind of water, the differences in all of those sure I'll talk about several of the key actions that are out there kind of what they are a little bit about maybe where you can find them in some cost involved as well. The one of the first one is in the cart and insta- cart is a delivery program available from a variety of grocery stores program in albertson's being two of the biggest and they also include some drugstores some pet supply stores and in some areas even liquor stores, but it's a valuable in forty states, plus Washington DC, and with a lot of these two you can go to the website and check and see what's available, you know, near you. Specifically when it comes to pricing insect cart. Does. Let people know that they're their pricing is available through. It includes the notes on each retailers pricing policy. Now, I should say so it depends on the store in. So well, most rotations offer, you know, our everyday store. Prices others do make it clear that the convenience of insta- cartman, you might be paying higher prices than you would if you come to the store now membership is not required to use the service. But if you'd rather skip the delivery fee every time you order you can sign up for what they call instead cart express though in exchange for a fee of I'm sorry so exchange for that every time delivery fee will pay a hundred and forty nine dollars per year. And then what you will get free delivery on every order over thirty five dollars, and you'll see this as a as a trend Reagan that that most of them do have, you know, those those limits those lower limits for ordering catching and so if you if you don't. Have that one hundred forty nine dollars per year into the cart express, the delivery costs are between five ninety nine and eleven ninety nine per order. An and again orders under thirty five dollars or even cost more than that. And if you want your order to get you within an hour, that's an additional cost. So you're gonna pay for that that very quick convenience as well. And what you'll find very consistent with most of these programs is they do not on or manufacturer's coupon which for some people have, you know, some people who are real coupon clippers that has been an issue. I believe and that's something to look forward to in the future. They're going to solve for that. I believe that's something that they will solve for because. Oh, I'm gonna stop right there. And just ask one question about instant car because the reason that they don't or can't right now is because these are not just so we kinda clearing this up. And I'm kind of asking this is a question. So you can clear this. These are not employee's of Publix or Kroger or albertson's, for instance, when you're when you're buying from the stores, these are individuals that insta- cart has hired in third party individuals Arete hired to go into the store and do the shopping in my assumption. Is that with the manufacturer coupon you really get into a case of what you've got someone who's going in and doing your shopping for you. So that's one more thing that they have to handle and and the reimbursement all that. So that's at it just kind of wanted to put that out there yet the framework. I think why that might be the case is that your understanding. Yeah. If too difficult to maneuver around right now to accept those coupons. However, you know, sometimes there are special in an infant has it. It does offer special promotions that they say that you'll see those when you log into your account Cadeau in lieu of coupon there, sometimes these other promotions going on. But again, I think they've been a figure out a way to. Aw. That at some point. We'll we'll have to wait and see. And that's true. The play for the next one which his shipped S H I P P. And this is the one that's available here in my area shift delivers a variety of grocery stores, as well it's available through much of the southeast in the Chicago area in parts of Texas as well as Michigan where I am located as I said shift prices are slightly higher. They say if you then if you've taken the trip by yourself, and it's usually typically the order fee, they say they're members can expect to pay about five dollars more using ship than they would on a thirty five dollar order purchased in the store, they do offer which I like, and I know a lot of people have taken advantage of this is a free two week trial before they charge you there ninety nine dollars annual fee or or teen dollars a month. So both you can get the. Ninety nine dollars annual or you pay fourteen dollars a month. And then all of your deliveries unlimited are free as long as you spend at least thirty five dollars, so similar rights against a cart bear. Okay. And again, they do have some inap- specials on items. But also like I said they do not allow these of manufacturers or store coupon again. Sometimes those coupons can really add up. So it just depends on the convenience factor there and the willingness to pay a bit more. The other one that I want to talk about his peapod and people have probably heard of this for quite a long time with peapod items, actually, don't even go to the store, they go direct from the P pod warehouse to your home, and they are affiliated with a whole del Hayes grocery stores and those include the giant and stop and shop stores which are out east. They also have unintended delivery is that they will both. So you don't even have to be home when your grocery groceries arrive and they'll come in an insulated container. I don't you know, I don't know how some people feel about their groceries thing left on their doorsteps. I think if you're having groceries delivered where I live in the southeast that would never be advised during the summer, but you know, the country maybe so right and peapod is available in New England. You know, because like I've talked about their stores are located there mid Atlantic and in the mid west their pricing. They say, you know, delivery price. Comparible to in-store prices, but there are some differences because again pea pods warehouse operates separately right from the stores, and you do not have to have a membership. However, they offer what's called pod pass, and that provides unlimited unlimited deliveries for orders of one hundred dollars or more at a set price, and what they have for twelve months of unlimited of for a year right is one hundred nineteen dollars plus tax. But you can also get a three month or six months of description at forty nine or sixty nine dollars. Okay. So, you know, anything beyond that again, you'll pay for addition of you have lower. If you get a an order us under sixty dollars, for example, you'll pay an additional delivery fee. So, you know, sometimes it's hard to decipher when I was even kind of researching the cost and like, okay now, wait, if I do this, and this and this so I think that something your listeners really have to pay attention to. To to make sure they're wrapping your head around all of the costs that may be involved. Yes. Absolutely. It's kind of almost like buying a club membership to some of the big box club warehouse type stores where you buy this membership because you're gonna get this great value that you're perceiving value. But if you only go in there two times a year, really how much money are you saving. So you kinda have to really see like are you going to utilize the service at I do have one question for you. That's a little bit more of injury Buell nature than it is about the tactical part of each one of these in. It's just a question about peapod in general, a take just brief sidestep to ask do, you know, if this is the same brand of peapod that we knew about years ago when when online grocery ordering I ever cropped up which would have been way back in the days when when us unwilling hills were a lot younger millennials were not even the consumer. Shopping experience. That's the nine peapod that I remember is this the same service. You know, I think it has morphed into what it is today. And you know, it's interesting you mentioned that because several years ago like you say, I was still working in retail, but one of the quality assurance managers left, our company and went and was the quality assurance manager at peapod. But she was located in Chicago. And I remember that really know the full connection I'd have to research that a little bit. But it definitely more. I believe it was probably out there before it's time. Yes. And that's what a lot of people had said, and that it really needed to go through that growth, and, you know, make changes to make it really a viable business option wilder time. The time is here. So we so now, we know. Yes. And one interesting thing with peapod is they do accept manufacturer's coupon, and in some cases, sometimes they even double them. So I thought that was an interesting. Oh, yes. Yes. The other biggie that will of course, have to talk about is WalMart, and they have the to grocery ordering options that you mentioned at the very beginning Reagan, and that in some locations, you can have your order delivered to your doorstep in many more locations, you can place your order and pick it up at a pickup window. So you don't have to get out of your car and a lot of people find that very convenient as well. I know locally with Meyer who I mentioned hours using ship. They had several stores who are doing the pick up them, and they called it curbside in fact, but they actually had to retro fit large rooms in every store to organize this. And my sources are telling me that it was too expensive for them to do that. And that they might be getting out of that pickup business. Wow. That'll be interesting. Yes. So it'll be interesting to see where that may go with WalMart though, they have same day. Pickup is available pretty much everywhere except. For a few states. There is no cost whatsoever. Delivery and pickup prices are the same as if you shopped in store yourself through just getting that convenience no membership. However, again, they do not accept coupons for delivery or pick up orders. I think again, it's just the time to do that. And the logistics around that, however, they have this what they call a saving catcher app, and you can verify that. In fact, you're getting the lowest possible price, and that they give you reward dollars for that kind of something connected there. And then the new big one that we're we've just been hearing a lot about lately, of course, is Amazon fresh, you know, the grocery delivery service there, they had the unintended as well as the attended delivery. So you don't have to be there really hard to find out where exactly Amazon fresh is delivering now, I know they are not in my area. But if you go to Amazon fresh website, you can search for your zip code. To see if available in your area, and they've been changing it around they opened up in more areas. Some of them have closed down right now. I believe Seattle. Boston Baltimore, Philadelphia. DC Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, you know, some of those big hubs do have it. But again, I they're testing this out. They have to make it a viable business option for them as well. So they're testing things they do offer a thirty day free trial, which then costs fourteen ninety nine per month, which is on top of the basic ninety nine dollars per year Amazon prime membership so fourteen ninety nine per month on top of that that order and then orders under fifty dollar have an additional nine ninety nine delivery fee in the orders over fifty dollars or more to get that. I always like it's interesting because I keep saying free delivery, but you're still paying a price right right to get free delivered. But but you've already paid for. Eighteen ninety nine a month. So funny to say that and as well, they're coupons coupons are not offered. And so they're expected Amazon food and beverage sale. They're projecting right now that they're going to rise from about six billion beckoned to two thousand fifteen they're looking at rising themselves over to twenty three billion by two thousand twenty one is a mayo. Yes, a lot of growth happening a lot of growth happening. So those are comparison them some of the main online shopping apps that are out there right now. Well, you've given us the price reach of them. And I love to get your expert opinion on how you perceive the value of that. But I do have one additional question that came to mind or one clarification before we move onto value. And that is with all of these services. Are you pretty much able to get everything that you would need if you were going in? Into that brick and mortar store or are there. Limitations on what you can actually order. Now. It's it's pretty much anything that you can get in the store there might be a few exceptions. But they're really paying attention to that. Like, why offer it right? If I can't get everything I need, and what I found, you know, when people say, no gashes this even worth it and the quality that's been a major concern. I'm not sure about kind of bananas. Am I going to get right? They kind of go overboard. Okay. Who make sure the quality is there and what's interesting to my daughters. Both are using the ship's service and quite new to them as well. They just like oh my gosh. Mom, I can't believe how easy this makes our life. But what they're saying is to and I've heard this from others is when the item you order is not available. They'll call you from the aisles and say. You're still Monte canned tomatoes are not available. However, we have this brand, and then you can tell them. Yeah. Your day, which I think is break you can order. I want three green bananas. And I want three yellow ripe bananas. You will get those. So I think to be viable they have to offer that quality of service in those high quality products. I had posted in the Facebook group. A while back an article that was talking about how retailers like WalMart, for instance, were entering into these different opportunities to provide basically, a personal assistant shopper and means little different than what we're talking about right here. But as soon as you said that I thought it's that same thing that we we are truly now going from in my lifetime going from seeing really small retailers were you do everything yourself, and you go to a ton of different stores to I've aged through huge retailers where everything is under one roof, and you're gonna do your banking and get your is examined. And you're you're going to do everything in once more. I'll just kind of a hodgepodge mixed together. And now we are kind of entering into this. What feels like a season of things breaking part a little bit more, and you having this digitally facilitated almost personal assistant to get some of your shopping done, which is really kind of interesting to see that livestock life cycle. So I guess then my question would be future prediction future. Taylor retail grew that you are when mother features do you think are coming for online shopping apps, while you know, you mentioned that personalized shopper in love that because it's going to get more personalized and one of these services that I love or one of the at that. I love out there. Kroger has a new one called up up hope PT UP. Have you heard about that? When you got. No, okay. This is this is pretty amazing. So it really makes healthy shopping easy. And what they've done is Kroger can take the guesswork out of better for you shopping. And we all know that. Health and wellness is now becoming almost more important value. When people look at food. Yes, I want taste. Yes. I want affordability, but health and wellness is right up there when people are making food decision. So what they have done program programs an inside company that they worked on to help develop this book thousands of products are rated with a one to one hundred score based on their overall nutrition. And it's typically what you'd think about right. The lower scored products are going to have more saturated fat more, sodium or added sugar and the higher scored ones are going to be no good, fiber and protein in vitamins and minerals. So what you're going to do. This is amazing to me your coin to receive personalized recommendation based on your current purchases. So let me give you an by the way, you can download the app up at that's hard to say I've up Pat at Google play or in the apple app store. An example, let's say that I'm ordering online, and I choose the Dan yogurt a regular Danan yogurt, and it's the score of sixty eight. It will pop up for me another option. Maybe it's the Dan and post triple-zero that has an eighty six I can click on that if I want to opt up to that healthier choice and put it in my on my shopping list. It's it's amazing. So you're going to have they kind of groups force together. What they call the green products. Right. Green. Meaning go the healthier ones are going to have a score of seventy one. Or over yellow products are gonna have a score of thirty six to seventy and the red are going to be thirty five or under. And this by the way, just as a note, the UK food standards agency nutrition profiling system is where this was derived from at Oxford. So just I kind of looked like don't have time to go through all the science, but has got some good science back. The other interesting thing there's going to be a dash or so customers can see how they're doing now and make improvements. So over time I'm gonna be able to evaluate what I buy make a change and then track myself. So the goal is going to move people to building healthier shopping cars, right or home deliveries. So if you are a Kroger. Plus card customer what you'll get is very interesting. I've seen the photo. You can get an average cart score. Oh, gosh. Your average cart score the fifty eight and they're encouraging you to increase your score by ten percent. The other thing is you'll see a little circle graph. If you will. And I'll be able to tell oh my gosh. You know, this is the percent of green items. I bought yellow and red and the goal there is to have over fifty percent of your items green and less than ten percent read. So this is real I think this is going to be fascinating to see how this really does impact purchases and moves people to some better for you products. Oh, it's amazing. I mean, if we talk about having a personalized assistant to go to the store for you. This is like having a personalized dietitian walking the aisle saying, right? Yeah. This is probably better. And you know, I know number of retailers have had over the. Years where you could walk the aisles, and you will get you know, whatever that particular store, whatever kind of guiding system or rating system that they are using that's good. That's definitely a step in the right direction. But if you truly are wanting to say, hey, my putting more of those in my car because a lot of times, I think we think we buy a couple of those off the shelf and we've made a better grocery cart for ourselves. But when you look at it in comparison to maybe all of the reds or the yellows that's really interesting to be able to see that into track that and kind of know get an idea of how you're doing and I'll have to say that for our audience. This really is in line with already what I see with what we are using on our phones, I just did recently the apps episode. And in that episode, one of the things that I learned was that in surveying millennials versus unwilling heels unbelievable, actually almost all of us have some sort of health and wellness at that. We are using. Hang on a regular basis where that didn't turn out to be the case necessarily with millennials than I think, Sherry both you and I understand at this stage in our life. It's because we realize hey, we gotta do this. Now like, we don't have the rest of our lives to wait to make improvement star health. So the time is here. This is a the fascinating program, and I'm super excited to hear about that. Are there other changes that are coming that you think people should be knowledgeable about well? And like, you you mentioned Kroger has some dietitians. But this is the way to expand that writing like having that dietitian with you. Because the dietitians are working so close with it. I think some other things you're going to start to see as we look forward with this. You're going to see even specific shopping lists that can be generated and recommended for specific disease states. So, you know, I need you know, you can put in but attributes that you want to filter for I want just for example, I want organic gluten free. Okay. It's going to show you those items with those. Attributes I think you're gonna see more linked to specific meal planning and recipes we mentioned meal kits. There's going to be more supermarkets delivering meal kiss Coburn's out in Minnesota their diet Titians work with chefs all their kids are only delivery. And now, they have dietitian choice where certain ones are specific to different nutrient requirements. They're gonna see more voice ordering right? We have a Lexus and all of these things so voice ordering. You know, what about the coupon circulation? We talked about that. And faster faster faster is going to become a very big competitive edge as well as that service because you know, we all know, we still want that service, and connective my daughter just told me the other day. She said, you know, mom McKinley was sick. She's almost five years old. She said I couldn't get to the store I called shipped. And I told them about about that. She. Of course, they just mentioned it. She said not only did I get my groceries. I got a personal note saying, I hope your daughter is feeling better. You think my daughter's now connected to this. You know, what I may Lutely? Yes. Yes. And I think all of that is going to happen. And as it gets more competitive, you will see that the convenience the Festa livery, the the the special services that the link to health and wellness. It's all going to be there. It's pretty exciting. It is exciting. And I would also add that you and I together both throughout the years have worked on trying to get people to cook. More at home make more meals at home together, we know that when people are eating together and cooking meals that overall they're just healthier in their diet quality is better. And where we hear about millennials so frequently using meal delivery, which definitely has a time in a place. I do think for this unique set of unrelenting where we actually still many of us do know how to cook and do want to cook. But we are so limited in time because we are. Balancing, our children's schedule. Our schedule our work schedule that this is technology is helping to make that happen. That's super exciting now series there anything that. We haven't covered about online grocery ordering or apps that you think people need to be aware of people are adopting online ordering in. It's again is not going to be a matter of if it happens it is out there happening now, and it's just going to continue to grow and as the younger generation who with online all the time. Anyways, right. This is gonna be the normal thing for them. So as a lot of us are just adopting it and seeing the value. It will become the norm down the road cheer. Thank you so much. No. That people are going to wanna know how they can find you online. So let them know that. Yes. You can find me at Sherri Steinbach, which is my Twitter handle. And then also my Facebook or my sorry website nets, Sherry Steinbach dot com. All right. Thank you so much Shihri. I really appreciate you. Joining me today. Okay. That wraps up. My interview with Sherry stunned Baugh. Hope that gives you something to think about when you are making out your shopping list for this week. I'm going to take a quick commercial break. But come right back a making one an announcement about a break that this. Unbelievable. Life will be taking for the summer. And I'm going to be sharing some odds and ends as a wrap up from last week's skin cancer episode on some of the product recommendations you heard in that episode. 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I'm Alenia life dot com slash contact. I love to hear from you. I will be doing interviews throughout the summer to get ready for season two. I already have many of them scheduled. I am very excited about what's coming to the podcast in the fall, including some fun announcements about ways that you can get even more unwilling to life in your life. And with that I want to make good on my promise to share some odds and ends from last week's show the skin cancer episode. I decided to take a little trip to my local Alta to check out what they had available in the way of the tinted son blocks that Dr Keller mentioned, and I found that while they did not have. Have the Elta MD product. They did have LaRoche posts say anti Leo's, which was the tinted sunblock I purchased it, and I have been super happy with it. This is all information that I've shared in this millennial life Facebook group fear an active member of that group. You've already heard me say this. But I know we have many listeners who are not member of that group. And I wanted you to have this follow up as well. The tinted LaRoche posts say Leo's sunblock is very sheer. And I really liked the coverage of it. I would not say that it really changes the color of your skin. So one of the Facebook group members a fan of the show had commented and said, oh, she was hoping maybe it would give a bit more of LeBron's ING effect. I don't think that it does that. I don't actually think it's intended to do that. I realize now after also having purchased just some traditional sunblock that contains the mineral. Combination mostly zinc that what you get with that product is a whitening effect. So when you're using that traditional product that doesn't have the tent and is not very sheer when you use that on your face. If you have any color on your face at all it really whitens out your face. So the tinted basically just brings your skin tone back to a more normal shade, it doesn't cause that whitening effect. So I really enjoy bet product I was also given at Alta. I guess as a result of my purchase a different brand that was called coats, CO tease, e it is a much darker tint in a much thicker paste. I did spread it on my hand to say in. It does go on fairly sheer. So if you're looking for another recommendation beyond the Elta MD, the Dr Keller mentioned the LaRoche post say, then the coats is another brand for you to consider any product. That is mentioned here on the podcasts as a recommendation is. Now, also always shown on the cool stuff page on the this Molyneaux life dot com website. So you can go to this lineal life dot com slash cool stuff and find products that have been mentioned here. So that will wrap up the show. Thanks again for for listening subscribing and downloading if you aren't aware you can now. Subscribe for weekly updates from not only every episode of the podcast. But also any of the new recipes were post that are being posted on this among lineal life dot com blog if you'd like to do that simply go to this among alive dot com slash subscribe. If you want to take part in conversations on topics both before and after the show just a quick reminder that you can always join the this lineal life Facebook group by. Going to Facebook dot com slash groups slash this millennial life if you'd like to reach out to me, personally, you can Email me Reagan at this Emma lineal life dot com, or you can find me on Instagram at Twitter and Facebook at Reagan Jones Ardy I look forward to bring another new episode to you next week. Thanks so much have a great day. Thank you. For listening to this on Molyneaux life podcast with host Reagan Jones musical support provided by Ben Williams at kudzu studio website support provided by Katie Wittig at make media over dot com. I'm Robin Plotkin of Robin, spike dot com, and on behalf of the podcast. I invite you to join us next week for another episode. Thank you for listening.

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