Hour 2: Tim Kurkjian


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Seventy Sixers defeated the raptors one twelve to one zero one to force game seven also forcing a game seven for the Portland trailblazers who beat the nuggets one nineteen to one eight. That's a pair of game sevens on Sunday. Oh boy. That means ROY game six tonight. Warriors, take it on the rockets without Kevin Durant. Who I believe is rooting for the rockets anyway. If the rockets win, you were you were saying that Durant should sit on the rockets bench tonight. I would if I were Durant. These warriors want to show. Kevin durant? They can win without him. Kevin Durant should be reading against them an act. Best player in the universe. Get better soon. K D. Anyway, the rockets win that. There'll be three game sevens on Sunday. Day in the history sports, and we'll talk to Sam Van Gundy on a special same Van Gundy Monday about that for reaction. And finally when twister was introduced in nineteen sixty six critics denounced the game as sex in a box. Mother's day is this Sunday. But luckily for you, one eight hundred flowers does amazing offers on beautiful mother's day. Bouquets arrangement starting at twenty nine ninety nine to order, go to one eight hundred flowers dot com. Click the radio icon, enter code Dan for all the latest headlines and information tune into sports center on ESPN radio all throughout the day. Yemo put it on the poll is it fair to call the game twister described the game twister as sex box. Tim Kirk Shaw with us now, take your calls. Have you ever played twister? Do you have a story of Tim Kirch in playing twister? I played it. When I was a kid with my cousins in pittsfield mass os, three awkward, young boys and three female cousins. It was it was bad. But that was the last time. I did it. I was about seven I'm the least flexible man on the faces year. I can't I mean, I I can do some things but flexibility. I have none of that. I can't sit. Unlike cross my legs like p other people do can't sit like that. Can't I'm I'm not very flexible. Therefore, I'm terrible at twister, Tim. You're always so self deprecating. What is something that you're great at covering baseball for sure. Well, I can palm a basketball with two hands with each hand at the same time. That's about it. These phone amazing, son. That's the prising. I am surprised that Tim Kirkman at his size. Tim, I forgive me for this. How tall are you? Five five hundred forty two and I can palm a basketball left handed and right handed at the same time. That's pretty good. Those are big hands. He's got quiet. Leonard hands can you dunk. I have never never even touched the rim back when I could jump a little bit. I was four eleven and now that I'm five five and six to I can't jump. I have never touched the rim. Does Mike boot? And holds her looked like he lost his job three months ago, but keeps pretending to go to work every morning because he's to shame to face his family. Or does he look like the guy running and weaving through people at the airport desperately trying to make his connecting flight? Michael you're on with Tim Kirk Shon. Go ahead. Michael. My fiance, and I are getting married in Matz. What advice do you have for us? And what song would we have to play at the reception to get you on the dance floor. Well, again, I'm the worst dancer ever. I my daughter's getting married in September. I have to take dance lessons in preparation for one slow dance. So I don't completely screw up the wedding. I any song would do when I got caught dancing. My son pirated the video an ambush me on the air. It was that uptown funk you up who who did that again. Please. Again. That again, just carefully. I have to say carefully uptown funk you up. What does that mean? Any man white, man. Thank you. And I can't they ambushed me with. The song of the summer. Do you have advice for that? For the marital couple. Yes. Do do everything at the wedding that you are supposed to do if your wife wants you to do something at the wedding. I mean do the cake, right. Do everything. Right. So at the end of the night, she will look to and say that was the greatest day of my whole life. That's all you have to do at the wedding. Is you exactly what you're told? Because it's really important to menu never stopped from that day moving forward. Jeremy you're on ESPN radio with Tim coaching. Go ahead. Germany. ATM? I hear rumbling that Nashville might be talking baseball about getting their own professional team. We're the chances of that happening. And would it be a new team or team moving here? Well, I don't see expansion even though spirits. It would help get sixteen teams please you wouldn't have to play an interleague everyday. I understand. But I don't see the value in expanding while there are teams out there. They raise and the as especially that stadium. They eat something else in order to be Sullivan long-term. So I'm not sure we're Nashville sits, but they gotta get new stadiums. In Saint Pete or Tampa, they have to get a new stadium, and Oakland, and if you know ten years from now that's still as an happened that it's time to go somewhere else, potentially. Josh you're on with Kirch and go ahead. Josh. Hey, I just wanna know about Dallas turning down seventeen point nine million dollars from the Astros. Do you think he's worth that are worth more? Thanks. Yes, he turned it down because he thought he was going to get over one hundred million dollars from somebody else, and that's not going to happen. He's definitely worth seventeen point nine per year. That is more than the going rate. I mean that is at least the going rate for a pitcher of his calibre, and I think he'll sign after the draft. And I think he'll be you'll be good major league pitcher again, but it might not be until July or August. Because it's going to take some time to get himself into baseball shape to me, one of the raise do that seemingly make them appear to be smarter than everyone else doing this. Well, every bunch of smart guys running the organization, they have a really good manager. And they teach the game the right way. And I know all key. But they go first third better than anyone. They catch it. They play it the right way better than anyone and in an era where so few players truly understand subtle nuances of the game. There guys are taught that this is how we make this play. This is what you do on this monthly. I've been told from many people around the game the rays play the game better than anybody else. And that's one reason why they're pretty darn good Kendra, you're on with Tim Kirk should go ahead Kendra. Hi, tom. I was wondering when you're getting dressed and putting on your shoes. Do those suck suck shoo shoo shoo shoo, thanks. I'm sock sock shoe shoe and never Emmer put on your socks until you put on your pants because there is nothing stupider in the world. Then a man walking around it. Dress socks and shorts or whatever. It is put your pants on first. So you never have to look at yourself standing there in black socks stupid white little legs, and your your underwear on. There was no worse. Look, you're the world. I won't even let my self look at myself that way, so always put your pants on. I than socks ach shoe shoes. I strongly disagree with this. Chris you're with me, right because when you're dressed nicely. You wanna put the socks on I because you don't want to bend over, and you're full out outfit and wrinkle your suit. I'm well aware of that Mike I understand what you're saying. Most people would do it that way. But I'm not doing it that way because I'm not gonna look at myself in flak socks, right? You don't have to yell. It's always rage with this guy at lebatardshow gamma. Put it on the poll at lebatardshow is the worst look in the world, dress socks and no pants. And Furthermore, do you go sock sock shoe shoe, or do you go sock shoe sock shoe does Nick nurse? Look like your wife's friends husband who you're forced to let him to your fantasy football league because she wants him to make some new friends. Does Jackie MacMullan looked like the elementary school library in who? While reading the kindergarteners story licks the tip of her pointer finger before turning each page. Brett Brown looked like he walks in to happy hour, a TGI Fridays and before sitting down shouts. I'll have the usual Alice. Mark you're on with Tim coaching. Go ahead. Mark. Hey, kim. I was wondering where you got your facts on the kangaroo junior ever striking out in high school because I made a bet at of our lowest. A hundred dollars because that is actually not correct. So I was wondering if you wanted my then no to pay me back. Well, I'm not gonna pay back is Ken Griffey junior told me he never struck out in high school. I did not go back to the scorecards of his four years in high school, I should have. But I didn't like Ken Griffey junior told me he never struck out in high school. How would you do that? If you wanted to. I think. Needs to be conducted to get this guy. His hundred dollars we need to find out. I'll go ahead and get all the people that Ken Griffey junior ever played high-school with. We'll talk to him at the end of the show. Does Dave gentlemen, looked like he owns to spoil lapdogs named sausage and peppers. Or does it look like he refers to the celery in his Bloody Mary as his salad for the day. Here's some good ones on here, man. Mike Rabo looked like the head coach of a Little League World series team. Thank you, Tim. We'll talk to you next week. Stu gods here. For light stream credit card debt can really be stressful. 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For more information donlevatar Vladimir Guerrero, seventh in war in nationals Expos history. Stugatz. How many Expos are ahead of him? Oh, easy. Gary Carter's, I hit him Raines rock Andre Dawson hawk Steve Rogers, Tim Wallich wall. And then Ryan Zimmerman and then ZIM VC's live at our show with Stu gods on ESPN radio. Gotham Chopra is going to join us later in the show fifteen minutes from now, actually he did the Tom versus time thing on Facebook. This is Deepak Chopra's, son. And he's now doing something with Steph curry Stephan versus the game on that stuff versus the game Stephane versus the game. And we'll talk to him about that. Because some athletes have given him some pretty unique access that it's a little bit difficult to get because these athletes don't actually need medium much. Anymore? So they are controlling the way they give their stories to the public the way. Brady, did it was fascinating where he decided look I am going to show the public part of my life. And it's only going to be the parts I want you to see, and it's going to be kissing my kids on the lips and showing you you know, what my relationship is. And how I do things and what I believe in. And it was the most revealing look into Tom Brady I've ever seen. Yep. But what I'm not gonna show us how I'm still playing quarterback at this level at the age of forty one. Well, he was trying to show you with with. Okay. Well, I understand you want to see the scandal as movie with the doctor who's not a doctor. But that was in there too like his his training regimen. And what he believes in on physically was also in pliability. He was big on pliability. Okay. So. All right. Thank you. It's very necessary cynicism here on a Friday. In may for you to think the patriots are cheated. The world what he looks like shirtless. And I mean, I guess he's into pliability because he's not certainly into bodybuilding who is this quote from Stu guts. It's great. This is fun. This is the time. We've been looking forward to. Wow. Draymond green. It's actually Steph curry, but it is from that team. Also from that team, quote, the collective mood is probably the best. It's been all season. Actually, everyone is together. Everyone is positive. That's looney. The warriors scouts was arguing during the break that Kevin Durant is rooting for the Rockettes tonight. And he's rooting for the rockets and game seven, and he should sit on the rockets bench. He was very excited to God's when he made baskets before he got his achilles messed up or I'm sorry. His calf messed up. He he was very excited about what he was doing to the rockets. He was emotional. He clearly wants to win. But this is the age old question around here guys don't just want to win. They wanna be the reason for winning. So the rest of the warriors are back to where they were a couple of years ago where they're talking about how much fun. It is to not have Durant because they're longing. Back for that time when they won seventy three games and everything was peaceful, everyone equal amount them hungry. Everything was different. Everything was new and fresh was the honeymoon period on the relationship and the quotes that they're giving now are not in any way despondent about. Hey, our guy who's the best guy on this team of getting us all the late shots that guy is out. Out now and us God's man. It would be amazing if the warriors lost because they didn't have a place to get a last shot. It'd be amazing. If they won though, I mean, it would write like either way I'm fascinated by what's going to happen with this warriors team. But if you're Kevin Durant. Absolutely. Like, you're sitting there you have these guys talking about, hey, we could still do this. And that's a natural reaction, by the way. Hey, it's not just all K D. I'm pretty good at this to natural reaction, also natural reaction, if you Kevin Durant. Really you want to show everyone. You can do it without me. Well, I want you guys to fail without me. That would be the total Dan thank totally natural relied, totally natural reaction from everyone. I think it's a totally natural reaction for you point. If he was out for the rest of the season, I'd agree with you. But he could still come back next series. So wouldn't you want them to go on? So he can win the final perhaps. Good retort, I've eight perhaps, but we have no guarantee he's going to be back with the Western Conference finals. And here's the thing. These guys is right? They're not talking about K D our guys out. You know, we need a back we need. Kevin durant? We can't do this. They're saying no, we can get a dumb without him. And Kevin Durant has to be a little bit hurt by that. The question a good question is do you think that the current healthy warriors? Don't want him to come back next series. What's weird about that team is they've had the largest margin for error in the sport. But it's never been less than it is right now like this is the rockets have in front of them the most vulnerable warriors position they've seen because last year when they were trying to do it. Chris Paul wasn't available to them. Now. It's the warriors who have suffered the injury. The warriors are thinner than they've been the warriors have not been exceptional at home this year the way they have been in the past. It's a weird thing to say Stu gods? They are more vulnerable than they've ever been there their margin for error is or has been. As big as any in the sport. But it's less right now than it's been at any time in the last four years can anyone dispute that can can anyone dispute that right now the warriors are the rockets have in front of them hardening crystal their entire careers legacies. All that stuff rests on. Can you beat this wounded fin group that was playing Durant way too many minutes because that benches thin Stu gods? They they've got the guys and nothing else. Right. Legacies on the line. There is so much at stake here, I've aided it as amazing. This is going to be the greatest game six Ed seven perhaps in the history of the NBA. And no matter what you're guaranteed be crushing somebody on Monday. That's why loves it so much a game sevens. All over the place. It's going to be a spay. A shame dispenser on Monday technology truth brought to you by Geico. Truth. You think you can solve any problem by turning computer all end on him? And it's something through laptop. Now just need to turn it off and on probably. It smoking. Yeah. That's just museum needs to recruit truth. It's so easy to switch and save on car insurance at geiko dot com. And Nelson fire happens all the time. It's all good. Geico. Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more donlevatar, Chris what was the funniest thing from the sports weekend. The last six quarterbacks for the Washington Redskins all have four letters in their first name. Stugatz. Kirk cousins, Alex Smith Colt McCoy, Mark Sanchez, Josh Johnson. And now case keenum, that's one of the least interesting things I've ever heard VC's libertas show with this to God's own ESPN radio from Twitter. I wish these callers would stop calling Tim Kirk and Tom where are you getting these people from three head in hands emojis? You'll don't get they show. This guy makes good content, and he gets good access to people who it isn't always easy to get good access to you could check out his new series. Stephan versus the game on Facebook, watch Gotham chopper Chopra with us on ESPN. Radio. First of all why Stephan versus the game and not Steph versus the game. And thank you for joining us got them. Thank you for having me. Yes. Good question. I mean, I've always known him as Steph, and that's what a lot of people call. But you know, he goes by Steph or kind of I think the people who know him best like his family they refer to him as Stephan. And so considering this is supposed to be like an intimate look at a man, it was sort of using that name that he goes by you know, with his inner circle, are you worried people think it Stephen versus the game? I mean, they'll learn over time. But now, I mean, I think you know, again, more I think more people watch the more they get to know him. And again, everyone around him those closest to him call them stuff. And I don't think anyone has given us a more intimate. Look at Tom Brady. I don't know where second place if even is what is your relationship with him? And how did that come to be? Yeah. I've known Tom for like five or six years. I live mostly I grew up in Boston. I'm like a die hard patriots fan my whole life. But I've lived in southern California for now almost twenty fifteen years and Tom used to have an off season home here. I used to call them like Edward Scissorhands. He lived at the top of the hill and never really came down. And we had some mutual friends, and I sort of will was brought up to the house one day just sorta talk to him, and you know, my my patriots knowledge is pretty deep. And so we just sort of connected, and bonded and stayed in Tyson. You know, I've always been obsessed with this idea of sports as a religion have company called the religion of sports. It was a show that sort of involved into company and I- I- common is sort of bonded over that in that, you know, I'm a huge fan. I know what it's like to be sort of true believer, Tom sitting at the epicenter of one of those religions so to speak, and so it just you know, there's certain people and I've gotten chance to work with them like like, Tom like Kobe in the past. Stephon right now that you know, they for them like it's their devotion. I mean, they bring that sort of same spirituality to their sport. And so, you know, Tom, and I remained pretty close. And obviously have this company together actually producing this stuff in versus the game series. And yeah, talked quite regularly. Religion of sports is a company with Tom Brady and stray hand is that right? Yeah. It's the athletes taking control of their own stories. Right. It is. I mean, look, it's it's different than I know. There's a lot of other platforms. You know, LeBron has uninterrupted there's players Tribune, which is sort of like this, unfiltered, you know, just athletes talking directly to their communities. What are you know, they're fan communities? This is this is curated. I mean, it's yeah. It's elevated storytelling. It took us a year to put together this series with Steph. And you know, it really, you know, it's a village of amazing creators editors directors producers writers etcetera, and it's really in collaboration. But it's not just like, hey, you know, turn your phone around and and speak directly to your fan base. I'd say it's sort of like in the middle of, you know, big media companies, and then like these direct to fan, can you know platforms. What you get access, and you get intimacy and the story shaping is excellent. Stephan versus the game is going to be on Facebook watch. Can you explain to the layman because you've been around this a lot something that they don't understand about? How good he is it shooting and how meticulous he is about crafting that greatness. Yeah. I mean like I said there's almost like a there's like this monastic approach. I mean, it's funny. Stephan talked a lot about his faith. And we talked a lot about it. And that in this here is one of the things I brought up, and I'm sort of obsessed with this early on Tam was you know, looking at your jump shot. It is an activate. And it's something that literally when you start and his parents have chronicle this through home video a lot of it's in the series is like you watched the evolution of his shot over time. I mean, it's kind of beautiful I'm a huge fan. But I sort of bring this, you know, outside of just my sports fan. Damn there's something he has worked on this thing for his whole life. He also, of course, grew up watching his father who proprietor generations had one of the. You know sort of most beautiful shots. Dell. Cari, and so staff, but like you just see him like even pre-game like he's got a routine, and he doesn't deviate from the routine and it disciplined and he'll be hitting shots, but he'll something will be kind of off. And he won't leave that court. I mean, I've been with him especially during the off season when he has to hit a certain months shots. He has to swish them all he has to feel the right way. When he hits them he won't walk off that court, and you can be out there for three or four hours before he feels satisfied. He is in my opinion. You know, what I'm kind of biased having been around. And for the last year the the greatest shooter in the history of the game. How about off the court? What did you find most interesting about stuff off the court? You know? I mean, his faith and his family. I mean, it's the real deal. Like, you know, it's it's you come in. I mean, you guys know this you come in almost with the natural scepticism. Sometimes when you're you're doing these things, and you're you're getting you know, beyond just what you normally see on on TV and stuff or or listen to but Steph, I mean, he brings that same sort of devotion to his family. He's very much. I'd say ten years in he's been able to figure out like, okay? How do I separate, you know, the highs and lows of being on the court with this family? He's got a young families got three little kids all under the age of seven one's a newborn. He's got a wife who's out there doing a million things and really having her own moment. And you know, he he's really good about separating himself and really being focused, and yeah that same sort of, you know, devotion. He has on the court. He has it off the court that focus. I mean, you see it in this series. But like I've been to drop off with him with the school, you know, with the kids and and really just like he he's a dad. And that's really really important. And I think by the way, it's team that's Tom to that devotion to that life off of the court helps refine the focus on the court. You know, I feel like they used to be an old adage like, and I've seen it with other athletes I've worked with which is you're so focused on this one thing on the court. It has consequences and and often times devastating one's off off the field off the court at cetera. Steph, and Tom actually they're the opposite for them like having that balances such a huge important part of their success Gotham Chopra with us you could check out the series. Stephan versus the game on Facebook watch. When you mentioned the month stick lifestyle, give me the most extreme example between Steph, and Tom of this is a crazy person when it comes to living like among those that mean. Oh, I mean, it means like twenty four seven right the diet. The physical the mental he watched them. I mean in Tom versus time, which we did last year. There's one of the episodes really focuses on his mental game. And you see like Thomas sit in a chair for like six hours and just look at game tape, and he'll like slip into this. Feels like another dimension can kinda it's like Beautiful Mind type stuff just see the the eyes and just like where the brain goes. So I think you know, that's one aspect, but it's really like this twenty four seven, you know, obsession with with craft and just always sort of. That's why I say it's like life's purpose? I mean, look, I know they make lots of money, and they have these great lifestyles and a lot of other motivation. But I think for guys who live at that level and play at that level, and for that long and with that type of consistency. It it's this. I was put on this planet to do this one thing, but. It's also then the relentless amount of work that goes into it sounds Montasser. So you've got Stephan versus the game Facebook watch Gotham Chopra with us on ESPN radio. You know, how it works? You. Do this stuff. Thoroughly you do it exhaustively and then people notice, hey, Tom Brady. Just kisses his kids on the lips. What are some of the details from this that you could give the audience that they're going to find, you know, titillating beyond obviously, the things that you just mentioned that are macro and the titillating revealing just revealing stuff out of big words. I mean, the revealing stuff so the difference actually between Tom and Steph Osos like generational Tom's ten years older with with Steph. There's this incredible archive vitriol to tap into his parents documented a lot experience. Oh, by the way, that's like an revealing. I mean, the the family like how big a part the family is. And I was just like thinking about this yesterday. I was up in Golden State for game for the last one game five sorry. And you know, Doc Rivers was there, and you just the web of like, so, you know, docks Austin is obviously on the rockets, but Austin's sister is married to set steps brothers. So there's sprawling sort of NBA family in the car E family. I mean, they're the first family of basketball for sure then that's very present. You know, you really get to know his parents his mom on. He has amazing people have kind of seen her on the sidelines cheering, but she's been there every step of the way. Way, you know, as sisters Adele, of course, that we're all dreaming about this blazers warriors, hopefully conference finals, just for story's sake. But yeah, I'd say just like sort of really getting and seeing this conical across time because they documented it, and it's like one of the great things so maker when you're like pan would wouldn't it be great? If you had that stuff from way, back then about these stories that they're telling it turns out in this case, they pretty much do have you heard of the Barry's. Got the malls godson. Thank you for being on with us. We we appreciate it. Likewise. Thank. Here comes on a truck. Seems like they have the third family donlevatar this texture. I believe speaks for many of you when he writes in with a simple yet complicated questions to God's. How are you so bad at your job? These days is not live at our show with stugatz on ESPN radio. Happy fifty ninth birthday to Bano and happy birthday to him. I don't care. Good luck. Embiid was plus forty last night. You don't see that whole lot in the playoffs. I certainly haven't seen that a whole lot in the play offs and this while having not a great statistical game. Although the way that he affects things on defense is pretty impressive. But Toronto just missed a ton of shots that they normally make it appears to me that's Ron too is simply better than that. Philadelphia team. I think a lot of people would make the arguments to God's that Philadelphia. Getting the four names together the second half of the season might have put something together that is as good as Toronto equal push. But you got game seven at home. I know nobody trusts the raptors. But Leonard is a total absurdity. He's the best player in this series. He's not just the most consistent player in this series. He's the best player in this trust. And therefore, I guess I trust the raptors let the funny thing is the choir. Also plays on. The team that you don't trust with the guy. You don't trust. He doesn't need much. She just needs a little if he gets a little from Larry and a little from Siaka. I think I'm wondering think the raptors went, but the Sixers manifest you seem fascinated by this series because there's a lot on the line with this game for both teams. I mean their their future. There. Toronto might lose its best player. Philadelphia might lose the man Philadelphia's had draft pick after draft pick after draft pick. And they've got one guy who can shoot. And he's the guy who seven foot to one hundred and eighty pounds. They draft pick after draft pick after pick. And it's no one who could shoot a basketball. No one guy that gets you worry about his out. Their greatest talent is finding people play basketball without knowing how to shoot.

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