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If you're in a show you've seen the title of the program. It's called year. I said it I hate the NFL draft. Let me say that again year I said it. I hate the NFL draft coverage. I don't hate the draft per se I hate. Nfl draft coverage at absolutely despise NFL draft coverage. It is absolutely the worst and I'm even knocking us at bt SC. I had a great time doing it. I had fun with all the guys going through the draft. Hate draft coverage. It's absolutely the worst. Let me give you the four reasons why. I hate the draft one rampant speculation. There's rampant speculation in people trying to be no strong dominance about every draft prospect or every nuance about the draft number. Two the attention given to players. That ain't done shit ain't done shit not at all nothing. At all and yes snowman. Captain Cranky is back. I was tired of being nice so I gotta be back. Captain Cranky is back. I've been in the house but like I'm not even going to say because everybody's been in the house but I am. Captain Cranky. Big Up to all the first responders in everybody that treating Kovic nineteen patients and and putting their health and wellbeing on the line number three the third reason. Why draft coverage mock drafts? Absolutely hate MOCK DRAFTS. Mock drafts were the worst there. Absolutely the worst yet. I am dropping. Bombs. It is Friday about the start drinking after I do this show yes. I hate draft mock drafts. They're full of Shit. They're horrible. They suck everywhere. Data the s bom suck mock draft suck and last but not least the reason why he draft coverage draft grades that come out two days after the draft and like John McCain said draft. Grades are worse than mock drafts. I just hated man. Like can't we just wait? Can we have some patients? How can a guy be a hall of Famer on Monday when he got drafted on Thursday? Come on man. Come on there and Brian to Brian Herring to be safe. You hate the draft and all that surrounded the urine. Wrong business bro. No I'm not. I just don't like the way to his covered. I love the steelers. I Love Brian in giving my opinions and thoughts to you. I'm in the right business clearly because you like me and like Bill Davis said nobody knows shit when it comes to the draft so I did not in the minority. I'm sure I'm not I? I know that I'm not. I just hate the way it's covered. I love the draft stories. How these young men get an opportunity to change their lives. Change their families live. I love that they are rewarded. After all that hard work with the opportunity to chase their dreams love all that that is great. I love all of that stuff but I hate the rest of the stuff. Embiid UP MELVIN AGAIN MEMBER OF A SCI-FI Q. Dog Big up to you again on your birthday. Hopefully you're drinking some oil having some ribs and right now get your atomic dog on right now in your living room. So I know Melvin right now just turned on atomic dog. And he's hopping in his liver room do earner new to do do do do bow out. Wow Yippie yo you be a big up to you and I had to give you the extra super shot out my son in law's Q. My Godfather's a Q. I got a bunch of cues in my family. I am not a cute but big up to all the cues to mega sci FI. Big Up to all y'all so let me just say this. Let me get back to the point. Rampant speculation what people cover the draft. They cover every frigging angle possible every. Forget angle possible okay. So everybody knew that Joe Borough was going to the Cincinnati bengals. How many times did you hear teased that? Mr Little hands was not going to ingles while maybe the bengals will. They'll trade the number one draft. Pick to get extra picks. Maybe the word may be overused when it comes to the draft. Will maybe tour. If it's hip wasn't as good as it was last year he would supplant Joe Borough as the number one pick but that hit was like it was this year it would be like. I just can't take I mean I just can't take the rampant speculation that just goes on on and on and on and on when it goes with the comes in goes with the draft. Are they going to move up or do you think Dell trade back will they trained laterally with a tray diagonally will they trade perpendicularly? Will they trade? Look I I I just can't take it. I just can't take it. I can't take the rampant speculation. And then what they do is they. They do this. They go well a source said okay. I have a source too. I have. I have a source to an my source says that draft speculation is full of Shit. That's what my sources you know. Even all the speculation even at BTC like speculation and we did. All we think still is going to trade up in the trap. They're going to do this. They picked every single pick. The rampant speculation is just off the charts. I can't take it if I want to speculate on some other stuff. How speculate that the stock market is GONNA go up? I picked a good stock that I make a whole bunch of money. I can speculate on some other stuff. That's worth something I mean it's just it's just arable. I hate the rapid speculation. And I'm probably hitting the network that you guys. No hidden is the foreign letter network. Espn which is the worst. Espn is absolutely the worst. That's why you guys should come to be. Tse were more entertaining. We give you more information and we break it down better. Espn sucks they. Just come up with speculation on top speculation. I call it. The speculation layer cake. Were ONCE SPECULATION. Leads to another speculation which layers on top of another speculation. Then you come with speculation icing. That's why I hate draft coverage. Let me just say that. That's why I hate draft coverage. Hey everyone this is. 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Every Tuesday and Friday. Subscribe on Apple podcasts. At wherever you listen to podcasts. Let me go to my second point. Attention given to players that have been proven shit now the only people that should get a ton of attention for not doing anything. Our babies babies are the only entities in the world. That should get a ton of attention for not doing anything. All babies do our look cute. They just look you smell fresh look cute they make sounds they got those big doe. Is You look at them and you just fall in love with them. Babies are the only type of people that should get attention for not doing shit because babies are fresh. They're new they're just potential potential. You love babies in your potential. You look baby you can see their future in your eyes you look at yourself. It makes you feel good. It makes you say I'm going to be a better person. I'm going to be a better man because I want and I see and I want this baby to be the best of the baby can be and I can see the potential of the young child when I look into. The child's is our whole child up in the air like it was roots and I say a prayer to the ancestors just looking at the baby for the potential. What DEBATE IS GONNA be last time? I checked JOE BOROUGHS MR little hands. He ain't a baby he's a guy that got beat out by the Wayne Haskins in had to transfer to Lsu. He did put up stupid numbers. But we don't know what these guys are going to be. We don't know what these guys are going to be. These guys have played one single snap. And let me give you an example of why the coverage of these guys that hasn't done anything and just have potential is distorted we on this network bt TSE talk ad nauseam about Devin Bush steeler nation. Top at Naseem about Devin Bush. Espn TALK AD. Nauseam Devin Bush before he was drafted before he played a snap Devin. Bush was the flavor of the month. All I think Devon Bush can be the next Ryan Shay Zere. I think he's a combination of Ryan ear. Lambert Ham Kirkland. He could be the greatest linebacker ever. He could also not be giving you my example. Anybody mentioned Devin Bush. Has Anybody said anything about Devin Bush after he actually played football? Like if you WanNa talk about a player actually have something to talk about than potential the only people. You should just massively speculating. Talk about the potential. Our babies not football players. If a guy doesn't have any game snap or game tape to evaluate. They should not get that much attention now. The attention should be on Devon Bush. We should be breaking and Bush down breaking down as snaps. How was he in coverage? Is He a good sackler? Did he live up to all of the mass speculation that we had about Devon Bush last year? So that's why hate draft coverage attention that's given to players that ain't done shit or Diddley or nothing or could buds are not unknown. Or whatever you WANNA call it. That's why this coverage is distorted. This would be a great time to break down seven Bush's rookie campaign breakdown. His weaknesses his positives things that you'd think he could improve on but guess what that requires that requires actually watching film knowing something about football not just pull it out S So I'm saying that's why I hate draft coverage so that's my first two points. My next point is draft. Mocks or mock drafts. Absolutely hate my dress so I hate my draft so much in the rampant speculation when it comes to mock drafts. I could look at four guys that are known for mop drafts Mel Kiper. Espn ethic Daniel Jeremiah's at the NFL. Network Peter King. Cnn Sa it's mcshea at ESPN. I'm just GONNA look at the percentages as the number of picks that they got right in the first round and given how bad they are with their mock drafts. Why in the hell do we pay attention now? Big Up to Melvin. He doesn't pay attention to mock drafts. Melvin smart but many people listen to mock drafts and they're just dumb. They're stupid let me let me give you make Shay type. Mcshea got six of thirty two right. Eighteen point seven percent. Peter King got of thirty two right twenty eight percent Ed Daniel Jeremiah. Eight of thirty to twenty five percent and Mel kiper junior of ESPN six thirty to eighteen point seven percent. So if you add the two espn talking heads. They have earth's brown right they suck. Here's the thing. Here's the nugget that I wanNA point out what I when I say these four names who did the best of the four names the guy that actually does not watch an iota of film. It was Peter King. Peter King was better than the guys that actually make a bit of doing it. That's helps you. This is bad. Mock drabs are terrible in. This is why I don't like draft coverage draft coverage that the guy who isn't a draft analyst. Get of thirty two windy so called quote on quote on quote unquote in cocoa cocoa quote quote unquote experts gas. Six thirty to hell. I could get my youngest daughter downstairs. Shore a list of people in have her point at names and she'll get four but with football fans we're like Sheikh being herded to the slaughter. We go to website after website after website after website after a website. Mock draft one my draft to mock draft three four five six mock draft seven eight nine ten eleven twelve. Thirteen mock drafts are terrible. Hey Big Rush. Not at thirteen a bad. It ain't bad it ain't good. If you were not at thirty two on tests you'd be you'd be a dummy you graduated. You would have no degree. You'd still be a continuation school. All they do is throw this shit up. Hope it sticks on the wall and they just say anything for views likes whatever. They are apt soon. Louis stupid so when you had rampant speculation attention given to players that haven't proven shit potentials only use for babies. That's IT and draft marks. You can understand why I absolutely despise and hate draft coverage. Now let me just put the icing on the cake and this last piece might be the piece that I hate. The most is draft grades draft draft grades of the worst You know draft grades like going out with a young lady. You'd think she's cute. You have a first good first date and get try to just pick out your future and see if you'll be a couple of fifty years from now. Hell you don't know and Roberts Acetates I have not even gotten or hitting gotten excuse me I not even had a SIPA COGNAC yet. Jeff knows I hate the draft. Jeff hates the draft as well he he as the draft as well drive. I don't know what he's do. Have these do suck. That's the other thing about it is most of these dudes are average. Not Not even say average. Only a few are average. Only even fewer become superstars and most suck most of these is. You've never heard of in. Won't you won't hear outed you'll hear about these dudes. I challenge any of you guys. Go get a street and Smith go get an. Espn go any get any fish. Wrap or website that you look at and look at some old draft coverage have to do our in our in the League anymore. And most of the guys sucked. I mean you know like Eddie. Xp He said he drafted his wife but a six row big up. Any you know hopefully traded a couple of picks to move up into round and get her off the top of the six brow hopefully but last not least man draft grades. How can you great a draft? When a guy hasn't played a snap. How how can you do that? I mean how? How can you do that? Let me just give you guys a nugget in. Brian sank you. I'm almost done with my rant. This is my topic for the day Mr Harrington are you joey you joey's cousin? Hopefully you're not joey's cousin because you're not joyous cousin you can't complete passes consistently. I had to knock you like that. I'm a CAL fan. I'm McCallum after Knock Oregon fans. Hopefully you're not related to Joey Harrington if you are to get gang yes big up to Felicia thank you for the five or chat lands after hearing you rant please relaxing get yourself drinking. Chill hater plus points. Hey Man I had to. I had to go with. I was losing my mo Jo. Well let me just say this and I want to give a big shout out. Jim Wechsel a steel city insider dot com. Jim does a fantastic job of covering steelers longtime friend of my programs. Jeff is fantastic. Big Up to snowman as well snowman as Snowman's question before I jump into Jim's point. What game are you looking forward to watching this season October? Eighteenth versus the Cleveland Browns in the Burgh. Now I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO THE DALLAS GAME. Always like to see the classic. The classic matchup I'm a seventies baby. I'm turning fifty in June. So the cowboys steeler matchup is always classic to me that that is a match up. I like to see and also I want you to Ravens game on Thanksgiving. I think that's great their Turkeys Turkey and they'll get stuff like stuffing you'd get the unusual not to touch but my friend. Jim Wexler said he put it the best way. The only way you evaluate anything in the national football league and this goes to draft grades is wins and losses. That's it that's it. That is the only way you can great draft or great anything. It's wins and losses right. Who cares if you go out and draft or pro bowlers? If you're if you suck you don't make it to the play offs. Who Cares if myles Garrett is a hell of a player the Brown stink? It's all about wins and losses at the end of the day. If your team is winning you I give him give a rat's about who drafted you're gonNA worry about if you're winning or losing that's it now drafting well may help you. Sustain that or sustain waiting but bottom line everything is framed about winning Devin. Bush was a great rookie. Is anybody like ecstatic about it? Because the steelers missed the playoffs. I mean everything is within the frame in the context of winning. That's it no more no less that's it. It's just winning football games so if you drive good players put you suck. You're drafting F. You can't have a draft but lose a bunch of games that's it. And if that's Ruben here with a live chat. I think that's my little cousin. Big Little 'cause thank you for jumping on the program and showing you some love and support. Stay safe out there. Baby boy this is about winning losing. That's facts hashtag facts. I don't care if it's dealers have no draft picks if you win a super bowl who cares hashtag. Facts cares about the draft if you suck. That's it that's it. It's about winning or losing when I had this conversation with and this was after we either view Jim for show I'm going on about. How do you great drafts? And how do you do this already? Baba Blah Jim said look man. It's about winning and losing. That's about it and I had. I was like Oh shit. Hey everyone it's Jimmy model on the of Vedran run a new show on qube produced by the team at Polygon. Speed run gives you your daily dose of the biggest gaming and entertainment news. Every weekday will give analysis of the latest video games and highlight. Some of the best of the gaming community will cover everything from the twenty year. Evolution of action role playing games to the breakout success of riots. New valent for stories like this and much more Donald Kirby APP to watch new episodes of run every weekday this complex. All of you draft somebody rounded. It's about winning and losing hash. Tag Facts those are the facts if you win. You had a good draft if you lose your draft. Something that's it. Let me jump into some of the questions. Big Russia's question big Russia. Can we talk about how I hope the steelers don't sign bud debris to a long term deal? I'm with you I'm with you. I don't think from a salary CAP perspective. And it's GonNa be interesting moving into twenty twenty one. I know you guys are tired of hearing news about covert nineteen. I think I am as well. I think we all know where it is and house impacting. Everyone's live in. It's impacting everybody's Li- significantly but if there aren't fans in the stands local revenue which is part of the equation into the salary cap is GonNa get severely hit so there are estimates that each team salary cap or the salary cap in general the top number for the salary cap could decrease by forty million dollars thirty to forty one million dollars. So what that means is unlike Melvin. Said is if you're a thirty nine year old quarterback with the forty one million dollar cap it next season you might be in trouble it also says. How can you allocate if your salary Cap Gibson? The campus I would say that's about two hundred million. I think it's a hundred ninety eight. Let's say two hundred million if you're cap is reduced to a hundred sixty million. You'RE NOT GONNA be able to afford to outside linebackers 'cause TJ is going to be the highest paid defensive player in the National Football League. You're not going to be able to afford to outside linebackers with the salary. Cap Number combined north of forty million and have a forty one million dollar cap allocation for quarterback. That can't happen. That will not happen. Don't agree entirely. That duprey is a product of T. J. Watt but I will say this head. He produced like Over the course of his force for five years. There'd be no question you keep those booking guys together but they draft outside linebacker to get after the quarterback in niche draft for. He's a replace meant. He is a replacement so I just don't think with no fans and there aren't going to be fans I am going to look into my crystal ball and tell you that I work in this industry. There aren't going to be any fans. I'm going to tell you that there will be no fans so I think that at the salary cap is going to shrink and it is going to be interesting and near Jeff my talk about a little bit on Sunday but I do think it make sure you hit the light but been rothlisberger could be a cab casualty because of it. I mean he could be a cap casualty because of it before I get out of here and go have my cognac and I urge you guys to not do like me because I'm bad like that. Who's Mr Two am again? I hate the draft coverage. Yeah I said it. I hate draft coverage. The reasons are simple. The rapid speculation the attention given to players that haven't proven shit draft mocks or mock drafts in draft grades. Let me jump into this last question from big rush. Thank you for contributing for ninety nine to the program. It's also time to move on from Cam as much as I love him. He's getting older and we pay our own too much they fall. Sometimes I will disagree with one hundred percent cameras. Play the best ball of his career in the last. Three Seasons and defensive line is a position where you can age. Well they need to resigned. Cam because this defense moving forward because Ben won't be here for the foreseeable future I mean been at most is GonNa play two years built around this defense but continue to dig into the draft to try to get their replacements and get a little bit younger at the position. But I love Cam. Hey He packs and lunch Pail And he brings it everyday before I get off the show. If Ruben this must be my cousin Ruben Hill in the live chat. Big Up to you rube. I appreciate the support. Thanks for hopping onto the program Love you Bro. Be Safe and with that man. I'M GONNA go ahead and conclude the show but I wanNA make sure that all of you guys stay safe man socially distance If you can wear a mask wash your hands take care of your fellow member of the nation and let's make sure that the nation takes care of the nation is always tune in to a friend and subscribe.

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