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Hoda Kotb & Don Johnson


Welcome to the Bravo clubhouse for the podcast edition of Watch. What happens live with me? Andy Cohen DOC on Miami Vice. He tubs wielded powered. She holds it down on today's many hours. It's what's what happens. I without a copy and Don Johnson. It's an now. Hey everybody welcome to. I'm your host Andy Cohen in the Bible Club with a dream boat and an anchor. My first guest is the main co anchor of up today and the ghost of the fourth hour. Which means that by the time you bet your First Cup of coffee? She sometimes on her fourth class. She is the author of the bestseller. I really needed this today. Words to live by out now. WHO's welcome hold? A copy tracked down perks as Nash Bridges. But everyone's a suspect in his new film knives out in theaters on Thanksgiving. Everybody loves this movie. By the way you guys say hi done Johnson. Great to see you hoes youtube lovers. Yes you know what's funny before we walked out. He gave me a hug and kissed. And you know you're not sure how to kiss yen. We kissed on the lips. Oh my God I made a point of kissing us. I was shocked. I love it right. Okay are helping us tap into our motivation to get messy. Tonight is the director of knives out. Ryan Johnson. Hey Ryan congratulations. On the movie my staff raved about about it and my staff doesn't raise for real questions for Hoda and donner coming in. I WANNA say also. It's so good to see you. I had so so much fun co hosting with you over the last few months we have you seen great morning and be there. It's magic for real. I mean Andy came in and Kinda changed what. The today show's all about. He walks in. He did what he want. He was andy all the way. And I don't know you just turn the lights on Babe your your questions for Hoda Donner coming in. But before we get to those. Here's what three things I'm obsessed with tonight. We have three particularly stupid things to talk about tonight. One one thing that rankles the hell out of me when I coast the today show with Hoda Kotb. Isn't she wears the same damn earrings and bracelets seemingly every day and today. Hey I mean this has arrived no but these every day I love the those era almost changed for you but I decided right well. Here's what in an effort to give you some options hoods we're GONNA have you pick through some of the world's deepest closets those belonging the real housewives. I'm GONNA show you pairs of recent outfit again. outsize you tell me which you would rather wear on the today show on the show. Yes okay okay. Here we go up Margaret's looks made you green with envy. Their God green for or the with the green dress the black over. I think I'd have to go with the greenfield rainfall for okay on the plaza. Plus okay which can more look speaks to you or the today show definitely Kenya on the left out invest. Are you more of a business meeting Deandra or Deandra dressed as her mother mama ds now I like Deandra Business Lady. The Andrew Kelly. Would you wear Modern schoolgirl moment or sexy. Sparkley jumped I know I. Yeah I think I think the shirt through Hairstyle is more today's show. Were the on the left. OPT The top gun or on the Right Classic Jerseys I think classic. Wow which Leeann look is the more you read. Top dramatic shades metallic purple with dramatic braid. I think I'd have to go with the purple regarding okay. Last up which Bronwyn look is where you embellish L. is sheer top and feathered skirt or party. Luck Tardy Lewa. I would pay dollars to see you and you host. You pick one out okay. We're being good. That's exciting. Finally Don Johnson is in a few some categories namely Golden Globe winner powerboat racer and the sixty nine club. What is the sixty nine club mean? I'm sure sure he's a member of that sixty nine but he's sixty nine years old. Of course here's what before. Dawn celebrates seventieth on December fifteenth. I want to celebrate everyone enjoying enjoying sixty nine while they still can show you various celebrities. Guess if they're sixty nine or not tax is stevie wonder sixteen. Now he's he's off yes he is all right. This Meryl Streep sixty-nine No she's seventy is bill Murray Marie. sixty-nine no I say no as well he is a Houston. sixty-nine yes I played the Pill Eh. She's is Jay Leno sixty nine now. Now yes what about about former Falcon Crest Star. Morgan Air Child. Yes I would go with now Did you ever were you ever lovers with their child John. uh-huh Okay is Putin. sixty-nine oh God on say now he is sixty seven. WISSIES IS CISSY SPACEX. Shame you his sharrow. sixty-nine maybe now maybe north of maybe north of that. Guess what she sixteen. I Don- Johnson. Did you ever take Charro as eleven time. Thank you very much house of. Oh my God okay. Let's go to the phones Patrick. From Texas on the line with the question for hoods. What's your question Patrick? Hi Andy What do you think about the morning show on Apple? TV and what are the biggest Would the biggest things that they get riding right and wrong on the morning news. You know what I haven't seen the morning show on Apple TV. But I have seen clips. Yeah and it. It seems like it's familiar themes you know who I'm anxious for you to see it. Did you say I. What do you think Oh boy uh they yell before they go on live they yell last? Looks like they're not making a move like just go. Yeah yeah they go five four three two one. That's how they anyway okay. Let's go back to the phones need from Arizona Nita. What's your question? Listen Hi Andy. Everybody question John Hoda. Hi Don What are you most excited? Sided about working with cheech. Again on your Nash Bridges Reboot and did you two ever took it up after work on the original show. They ever they. Did they ever pretty much. Yeah I didn't realize you rebooting switches. Yeah Wow CVs for USA. Oh that's awesome. That's a great idea. Because I can do a little more with it on on USA. It's a it's more of a thing and yeah I'm pretty excited about Doing this with cheech and Because in this version of he's actually. Are you going to sell weed so we don't have to go. Don who did you Bond with the most on knives knives out stellar cast us. Daniel Craig Chris Evans. Jamie Lee Curtis Toni Collette so many great people won't Jamie Lee and I have known each other since the beginning of time. Yes and Michael Shannon. I hadn't had met. I met Daniel Craig we we. We got closer Michael Shannon on and I I really I struck up a friendship with him and I respect him as a as an artist and actor and we had a great eight time but but we were kind of it was like summer stock. We we were in this big mansion where we were shooting the movie but we had all elected to take this tiny little room about outside of your clubhouse down in the basement of the house and turned it into the Green Room as we sat down we sat around and told stories and talked. Talk about the everything who wish we had shrinking. Yes all right. Jessica from Michigan has a question for holds. What's Your Question Jessica? Hi Andy I just wanted to say that I love you so much and I'm so excited I'm able to finally call in. Come hide on High Hodi my questions for Hoda. I just wanted to know what do you do. If you're interviewing someone and you can tell that they don't like you. Do you have a strategy to turn the convoy around around. Have I ever interviewed someone who doesn't like I'm a pleaser so it kind of bugs me if someone is just sort of very short with the answers so I think I overdo it down. Yeah I go to enthusiastic like I lean in like that. It's terrifying but that's kind of what I do. When when someone is leaning back away from me I go? I go foreign I do too. Yeah let's go to Erica from Virginia for Don Johnson. which question Erica? I wanted to ask Don on. What the ancient favorite memory are hanging out with johnny for Sake? Miami's Johnny at his Miami home. Did you guys shoot their ear nose where we shot there. That was one that was the very first location on Miami vice on the pilot In answer to your question the best time ever had was in Johnny gave me his his Palazzo on lake. Cuomo in in it was. Yeah so so. We hung out there for a week and that's Great Cynthia on facebook Toyota. What is the secret to your energy I would? I'd like to know this too. By the way we would get off the air some days and she would say oh. Yeah I'M GONNA go work out there. She had been here for four hours up at three. Am I think number one. We both have kids. I mean I'm older than you but having kids at this phase of my life just made me excited about just like getting up and getting into it. I literally want to be healthy for the kids. I think about that but I mean I just I sorta get up. I do my thing and I think exercise in the military ability gives me like more juice. Yeah so I try to do that and I just think like look I get to go home. I walk in the door. Haley can jump five feet nine inches because she jumps into my arms. I hold her and I'm like you know what forget it like. I don't even care about being tired. I slept for fifty four years. Like it's enough the leafing right now don Christina have wants to know what role you've edition for the you're still upset. You didn't get raiders of the lost are really really. Did you think you had it and I still think they got the wrong guy. Who Does what you guys in his new murder? Mystery and investigator gives Don's family the third degree. I may not be a professional detective but I do have the power of interrogation vested in me by these cards. He nailed it the first sign. So we're doing it again. Don Johnson the time has come for you to plead does that. You may plead the theft to only one don Johnson on a scale from one to ten. How would you honestly rate your Miami Vice Co Star Philip Michael Thomas Album living the book of my life to say that pleading the fifth thing and I'm going to have to go with a good solid four? Okay all right okay Not a great critical success was living the book of my life if I recall in May one thousand nine hundred eighty eight people magazine reported the Barbra. Streisand was pressuring you to marry her in a late summer summer ceremony. was there ever a moment. Where streisand's wanted you to propose and is it something? You were ever seriously considering doing that. That didn't happen. That did not happen. No no she was not pressuring you to get married no no she was not pressuring me to get married. God we were married but we know pressure. I'm kidding spin the lookout and he is he giving me. Yeah I just had so many said it. Okay the last time you were here you told the story about how Jimi Hendrix Hendrix discovered you in the bathroom with a substance on your nose. Ci wiped off for you. That's correct. That's the first time I met him. What is is your second craziest celebrity stories involving drugs picker celebrity? I'll tell you the story Bruce Willis I never did drugs with booth take control room. Give me another frequent celebrities ready to answer the question Willie Nelson got high factor. We got no no no no but you know being and with Willie I mean. It's kind of a foregone conclusion you drink a lot of coffee and you smoke a lot of weed. Yes yes yeah. All right Thanks defense by getting the big APP in the APP store. Now Hoda you and Jenna Wade yourself on the air the other day How and then you? You are both now starting intermittent yet asking. Yeah I was going. It's going okay. I gotTa tell you when we decided to weigh ourselves. You know when you kind of feel good. Did you like you know what today's a good day to weigh ourselves. We'll do it today. Jenna had a stomach bug for three days. She was like I feel skinny Iran all weekend. I'm like I am light as a feather. So so we put two scales out and we. We don't want to do it before we're going to do it on the air because we feel like it'd be real meantime we're both like awesome and we stepped up and mine was one fifty seven point. Five in Jena was was one seventy one She just had a baby. I got to say Andy It really like it sat not with me like God. What like what's going on that was on my best day so we started that intermittent fasting where we're not eating? I mean most of the time except for a few hours. During Kimmel's a major league proponent yeah. He's super skinny. Yeah Carson's on. He's losing weight Look Real Carson. Absolutely dropped anyway himself did not Don Larussa as said craziest fan encounter. You had while doing Miami Vice. Oh God we called the she was a girl who kept showing up at the set and and throwing undergarments at us. Did you sleep with her. I'm married to Earth to before we get. I do want to plug his book. I really needed today. It's a great book of quotes. Is that you know you can put it in the next few and look up the day and look at the quote. I mean you can put it anywhere aware but it's just great for everything and it's great. It's called I really needed this today. Cyber Mazda today goes to the news that a giant museum open this week in London. Sadly despite clear directions most men couldn't find the entrance. SHACKLE GOES TO SOUTH DAKOTA'S NEW ANTI Meth F- campaign with the slogan math. We're on it. This is been burning up twitter this week. We've been laughing about this all week. You know what we should've casino coming. Beats her runner-up slogan mess rules. I WANNA take hold of all right. We're back with toads from the today show in Johnson's movie is knives out and it's getting raised and it's directed did by Ryan Johnson Director. Don asked me during the commercial break. Well what questions that. I got for my plead the fifth last time. So you're three questions were the first one was described Barbra streisand in three words. What did he say he's funny? Funny funny and then the second one was this. You've admitted to having a big ego during Miami vice days. What was the juiciest thing you ever did? And he pled the fifth to that. Now I almost I asked you what to do. She is thinking you've seen another celebrity do was but I went for the drug question this time. What was the third thing named one famous lady who turns you down free and you said no all right before I get into the call? Brags attitude. What'd you say? It's not bragging if you can do right before I get into the some more phone calls for you guys since our bartenders. Such a big time director director bringing US knives out fresh off the hills from Star Wars. The last Jedi. I need to ask you some star wars a speed round of questions. If you don't like the last shot. I left some fans. France shocked by Luke skywalker story and ending looking back. Would you change anything in your scripted. You stand by all your choices. Now Sam by Richard Do you think. Jj Abrahams we'll dive deeper into raised back story and her parents I am ready for whatever. Jj will you still be making your own trilogy. Elegy of Star Wars films. You'll have to keep your star. Wars Dot Com for their announcement delorean. No not yet. Because I've been travelling around doing `second wait to see it. Where do you stand on Bady? Yoda cut not be. Maybe Yoda it's baby. He's adorable have you seen or chatted with J.J. Abrams episode nine. Yes that's didn't worse thing about working on a star wars movie. Everything is the best. You're working star wars movie. There's nothing bad about it. A knives I've out you have an all-star cast who left you the most in awe onset as don stares daggers at me I would have to go with. Ah Jamie Lee Curtis obvious one. More Question About Carrie Fisher. Do you know what they originally planned to do with. Carrie Fisher in episode nine before her untimely death. Now you don't well no. She passed away before it all started getting solidifies got got it. Thank you very much Ryan from Connecticut. Hey ryen what's your question Rebecca. Sorry Rebecca backup antenna. Hi Andy Hi hi. Hi Rebecca I my question for you Hoda honest what did you actually think of the Song Kathy Lee wrote growth for everyone has a story. I love it. Made her happy. It made her. She was so happy whenever she sang that song she literally. You've been in the studio when it happens. When it came over the loudspeaker she literally stands on top of the desk? I by the way the today show where you'll do something or say something and the Control Room we'll start we'll just let's go to Gina from Atlanta. Hey Gino what it's a question. Hi thank you dawn for all your years of hard work on the huge fan. Do you have any plans for a Miami Vice reduce and so you're planning on bringing on your son. Some people say he looks so much like you during during Wi- Levi. I stayed. Thank you thank you for the question you know ever since I left the show. There's been chatter about us. Booting the show and we're we're still talking about it if if I were to do if I were include my son I'd do a spin off called Sunday sunny. Are you in Philip. You and Philip Michael Thomas I know no. I'm just kidding. No no we he loves. I totally made that can for the record. I so making that up Adam from New York. Hey Andy I love show hurt my soul. That I wasn't a Bravo communist-era I'm sorry yes sir. We'll do it again media post definitely so my question is for Hoda I'd say Multifaceted question Looking back how traumatized are you of your snoopy and Woodstock outfits and where does the John Travolta costume ranking ranking. All your Halloween costume and you can say in the Halloween costumes you wear each year. Do you have a say no how dramatized her you by Snoopy Liam was. That was the worst year we've ever had the worst. Ever I had a big spiegel UNSEE. Yeah Okay and then this year. Where does the Travolta costume rang? I feel like I'm always either a man or something hideous like I was iota one year and I'm usually a man I don't know why that's why they keep picking me to do those things but the Travolta I liked it I liked. I liked that one I looked like Eddie Munster. It was clear you did like Eddie. Munster Corey from Queens last. Call Tonight Corey. What your question? Hey Corey Hi. What's your question? My questions for John Johnson reaction to your book club Love Interest Jane Fonda getting arrested every week for a climate change protest. And would you join her. If you have a free weekend. As a matter of fact we've talked about it and I would join her and I I mean come on. She's the greatest she's and she's she's fighting for you for the future for young people. It's not it's not it's not for us it's for the future L.. Yes I'd joyner. Yeah hope and I hope to be handcuffed to her ask absolutely I WanNa thank Hoda Don and Ryan. Thanks for listening to the PODCAST. Everybody hope you enjoyed the show. Remember new episodes go live Monday through Friday at four. A P M eastern time. Make sure you're subscribed to have a great rest of your night.

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