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Previously on the Tony Kornheiser show. I just want the phone to work, and it doesn't work because I updated because I actually had. Company improve the phone, which they were gonna do for free out of the goodness of their hearts. I thought and my phone is ruined. And I want to take said phone I want to throw it through through brick wall. Which I can't do I hit the brick wide watch that. Surrounded by hate. Apple are Hank the iphone. I hate it. My wrong. The Tony Kornheiser show is on. Now. Are we going to update the phone story? As soon as we are live the chatter pit grout. Chatter at the corner. Wisconsin avenue northwest, Jennifer, streaks northwest in friendship heights. We have the World Series here tonight. We have football all day Saturday. It's gonna rain Saturday. We're going to put the Notre Dame flag out. We have football all day Saturday football day Sunday the World Series Friday Saturday, at least maybe Sunday as well. We all your sports headquarters. Kevin Sheehan is here. He's taking time off from his Rocketship of a podcast into hit show. It's a very thing today. I got do his podcast, very important. Gary Braun is here. Michael Kornheiser here. Niger will produce the show run the board. Do the news the great Jack Bartman. And I wanted to begin with one of the problems that I have in. Where are we on the phone? I'm inside the phone, and this is great because. Because dad doesn't know any of his apple ID d say any because he and my mom have created multiple accounts that are all variations on the same name. And then I remembered after the last apple ID password situation about three or four years ago. We just buried all of his pass codes in the notes section. So if anyone ever picks up this phone, it's a con. Yay. West zero zero zero zero situation to get into all of his details. So this is this is something I should say. I'm just going to repeat this again. And perhaps I'm wrong for hating apple perhaps, I should hate AOL. I don't I just don't understand you though. I don't understand why if the company makes a quality product, and the iphone is obviously quality product contents of millions of these things are sold all around the world. And then says to you we will update this. We will make it better sensibly make it better and everybody who you talk to goes. Oh, no, no, no, don't let David don't let them update it. You shouldn't have let them up. I let them updated. On the faith that why would they sabotage their own product. Which is exactly what has happened. I think but again. I don't even anyone. So let me move on. So George Mitchell rich who has these wonderful notes about baseball, and football and sports and who's lived his whole life being smart and being kind and a guy like very very much. He sends me the notes, but he sends them to my Email address. So I haven't gotten the notes and in a week. So George George found out that I couldn't get into my phone. He called me last night, and we chatted about a variety of things. And he said he told me this one story that I should tell everybody and it was based on the chickens being dressed object for Halloween Halloween. And he said, well, you you haven't done that having his no, no, I don't know anybody does that. But I had a friend once and this is very Asian on a lobster story. And he had a friend once and it's impressed him for fifty sixty years about this. He had a friend who wondered about the first person who's looking at a chicken and sees a chicken, laying eggs through its rear end. Hence says let's see that try that. That's a good idea. Good idea guessing, very hungry person state with the same thing you allowed to wash up on a beach lobster looks delicious. Let's let's cook it and even though some butter on it and be fine. So anyway, so I have a couple of notes here to talk about from John kitty, Yama and Pacific grove, California. I was listening to yesterday's podcast and enjoyed listening to Curson own stats version, the mailbox long, I guess a few days ago, I was going to fire off a fax, but was not able to find a fax number on the website. So I'm sending the next best thing note just curious what is the ratio of emails versus faxes versus notes nine. Do. You have an answer to that. Yes. That's one hundred percent. Can I just all your next while you're sharing notes, we've collected? Mark on Twitter sent to me. And I think he sent Nigel Michaels while yesterday, a tweet from five thirty eight the reputable, you're familiar with fivethirtyeight, the statistician what's that guy's name silver. Not add silver Nate, Phil not philsopher, this headline Italian body akin to our Federal Trade Commission has fined apple and Samsung a total of fifteen million euros for forcing customers to download up dates that could slow down or break their devices. So so is that a plot to get you to buy something new? Update. I do the same thing you do. I try to avoid dating until my wife tells me. Well, that's the reason you're not getting such and such. Minor standing. Blows vices they have to slow it down because the old technology cannot work with the new day. So it's actually trying to save you. If you want your. Yes phone when did you buy that phone twenty thirteen twenty fourteen that's a long time. And it's time the updates are improvements yesterday the update night technologically the updates are improvements, but the old technology can't doesn't have the bandwidth to handle them. So it improves the new phones they want you to go. So why should get an allergic that says for people like you ignore this every time they will alert just go buy new phone. This isn't an issue this setting for your Email, although new phone, I'm happy to buy a horse. This is a new phone. All of your old Email addresses and just create a new domain address. You need simplification in a lot of parts of your life. But you need. This equivalent on your password of the grass growing too long and your yard. So you buy a new house? I mean, just from Dave and Megan Bradford who are in here. The other day, we thought you would get a kick out of this mystery cheese. From our local version of cheese, re Gibbs Ville cheese, located in Sheboygan county, Wisconsin home of whistling straights. Side of the twenty twenty Ryder Cup, we've been lawyer Little's from us twenty years, which is added a new dimension to our visits. The DC. We have a new vocabulary to bathroom situation to describe our stay at the Mayflower good hotel. We've also enjoyed trivia night at chatter and are winning gift certificate is paying breakfast. Thanks for many of entertainment. So mystery cheese is what happens in these large facts of cheese, when they when they get down to the bottom of the VAT, and then they have to add new cheese knows what you're gonna cheese sausage. It's very good though. We we ate ate some of it last night. This very sort of yellow the bottom of that thing reminds me of a friend. I know who did the bourbon trail in Kentucky sort of. Like wine country, you go from another Woodford reserve. I'm not I'm not a bourbon guide, but Woodford. Reserve is good. You hear that Woodford? Yes. To that. So at one point he said, you stand over I forget, which distillery he was app at you sort of stand over, and you look in the vats, and he said when he looked over he felt his sunglasses coming up said he grabbed on reached him before they fell in. But he said to the guy was touring. How often does that happen? And the guy said more often than you care to know. People lose all fishing out cellphones. He said people are in the in the verb. People. Leave me Likud astute believer the negative. I believe anything. She says with Kevin. Yeah. So later in the show this as as people know, we have MSNBC and NBC on that. I can look at in case there's breaking news and the Megan Kelly thing which will try to get to later in the show 'cause we'll talked about this at length yesterday. And it will perhaps surprise you. How people look at the world from different is. Because of who they are and how they've grown up even people close friends for forty years. But Megan Kelly NBC just had a story saying that Megan Kelly and her attorney are in discussions for separating from the network NBC's not going to be wrong on this. They can't afford to be wrong on this that this is their talent. This is their story. This is someone to whom they paid. I'm read sixty nine million dollars over three years, which is. That's auto porter, jR monitoring. That's money you money, and when you know, and she's not walking away for like less than that. So anyway, so we will talk about that later, but let's start with the football game last night and the football game last night was not a particularly attractive gang ESPN. Of course, leads with the NBA because he s PIN is one of two owners of the NBA and ESPN is one of four or five owners of the NFL. So it leads with the thing most dear to them for ratings. And that's the NBA. I would always leave with football. Because more people watch football in anything else in America to Shawn Watson. Watching him last night more so than most more so than Russell Wilson. For example, to Watson not the biggest guy in the world to Shawn Watson has what we like to call the scape. Ability to Shawn Watson was trapped behind the line. How many times Kevin six at least eight I mean multiple times. And then what you see is him out on the left or out on the right? And he's attempting to make a pass does Shawn Watson is really talented even with he has broken. Ribs at shirt, learner good. He's got good players to with them on offense laundry. Hopkins is top three receiver. This is what I wanted to say about in fact, since they are now five and three this happened five weeks ago, we had a small little segment on the ship. And we talked about the four teams at the time that were in three Houston was one of them. I assume the giants were one of them at that time may Oakland was one of them at that. There was so forth. Might have been resolved. And the question was which of these teams if any of these teams will be okay and do better. And we'll on loudly said they stink. They all stink. None of them will do better. And I said Houston, and he looked at me. He said, you're crazy. And I said, no, they got there's talent there. There's talent there not a really good division. And there's talent there will in the in the who would they Kevin would you can we look this up Nigel who did they play in the fourth game in Jacksonville? Then they beat Indian the fourth game to get the streets, which by the way, a gift from Frank right for member. You went. Yeah. He went down and his own. Okay. So as I'm watching that game. I am of the opinion that if they lose that game. They're gonna fire Bill O'Brien because they've got talent there, and they are not producing. And I do remember whoever it was. And now you refreshing, my memory that it was Indianapolis that they won under odd circumstances. They probably should not have one. They had a big lead in the game in an indie came back. I mean, they add. Luckily, getting to look very very good. That's that was game. Could have been a tight usually. They haven't lost. They've lost it other five and three proving again that. Something they haven't really beaten anybody. But you were you're ahead of it. But Tony there you saw last night authencity with they can be for the first time. Really they scored forty 'cause I don't think they've scored more than twenty during the streak except for the first game against Indianapolis right around eighty seven defensively, they're top-five defensive team when healthy they have cloudy, and they've got why mercilus. I'm looking at the schedule. This is interesting to remember. So you played a terrible view right about not scoring a lot of points. Well, they score till twenty against New England. During the street. Correct. Not they had not twenty two list. So they beat indie in could have been a tie easily. They then beat Dallas nineteen sixteen. That's where Garrett didn't go in plus territory. So that one also could gone the other way, then beat the bills twenty to thirteen which is not impressive interception return. Right. And that was the Peterman bills beat Jacksonville twenty two seven before last night blowing up last night, but we talked about how unanticipated that game was essentially it's week eight almost the halfway point until seventeen have never can't remember to winning teams playing time in the middle of season being less anticipate. There was no regard for them. So this Shawn Watson ends up. He throws only twenty passes. He completes sixteen five touchdown five. This is a tool game. This is what happens every week college percents out of the fourth quarter Casella bama's up by fifty point. Points. And that's what Watson had and Watson. And and in listening to the game last night in listening to Troy Aikman. Troy Aikman expressed. What I think is the very reasonable fear. He runs too much. He's gonna get. Too much. He's not take of the contact at the end of the run. I remember that status game thinking he's gonna get callous game. He got he got hit a punctured lung free. Steve Young essay PTI was talking about this. And you you get shot up during the game you won't feel thing during the game. But the next five days of your life. You can't breathe. You can't roll over the pain is extraordinarily. But during the game, it should be point out to they're expecting to confirm today that will Fuller's lost for the season with a tornado came. So it's another town. But they're they're good. They're going to win that division divisions. Bad divinity wanna revisit when we talk about the Redskins schedules. They they'll be Houston. Kids are going to win like twelve games. The rescues the easiest onto your skin. They don't play any Houston. First of all, look, look at schedules. They. Look at well. Because what you think looks like an easy game by the time. You get to it an easy game. That's the way it works in the NFL. But twelve gave look at the team. They don't lose any good. He had Houston at Owen three. So let's schedule. Houston is the best team two games over five hundred. It's the best Phillies vice Phillies under five hundred but so what Atlanta's under five hundred two, but they can score. So Miami was over five hundred last night and their garbage twelve everyone believes as the giants. The everyone is lose that game giant. But doesn't everybody is at least, you know. They could lose. Is it here in Atlanta? We'll take a break. We'll come back. Richard Justice of MLB dot com. Will join us and explain where we are in the World Series. When we return, I'm Tony Kornheiser. You're listening to the Tony Kornheiser show. So I've got the lows add the lows being my new go-to destination for craftsman products. And that's true. If I want craftsman products, I going to love that's the place. Everything I also got a wash on a dryer from Lowe's, courtesy of Jim Babich. She oh the Samsung, right? No, they maybe they are. They haven't been. Blown down the update. Have everything I need help me. This is Lowe's. 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This is the Tony Kornheiser show. Comes from Mike who writes my band, windy, cranking, windy, cranky resolutely released the Halloween track monster smashed remember monster mash? Bobby bores? When my van mates asked how we promote our song. I told him I'd send it to my favorite orange, man. I'm a Long Island little, but I'll be in the DC area this weekend and surely stop by for profit established good. Thank you. That would be great. This allowed him. So I can hear. This is music. Richard Justice of MLB dot com joins us. Now, waking up at a preposterously early. Our in order to be on this show and to be asked a barrage of questions about the World Series. And actually, you know what? And I think that I mean, I have problems with some of the things Dave Roberts is done. And we'll get to that. But I guess the over riding question Richey has to be from what you've seen is it over are the Red Sox clearly better, we guardless of how many games it takes. I think I may be the relying storyline when we're done with thing is that we're looking at one of the great teams ever they've a hundred and seventeen games. And if they win the last two they went to more games. I think that'll put them behind the ninety eight Yankees in the twenty sixteen Mariners. And when you see what they are. Okay. We knew they were good offensively. But when you see how they competed with two hours. I think they've scored over half their runs. So amazing. It's amazing. It's amazing. And then you take you elevate David price back to a status, you take this guy. Joe kelly. He's showing one hundred mile our fastball eighty seven mile our change up. And then you take the closer creek kimbrel who was keeping his pitches in Houston, and you get him fixed. They're pretty much a team without a weakness. Do I think it's over? I don't think it's over. I don't with the writing with the right into pitcher with that warm, California sun with fifty three thousand people I think the dodgers have a chance to reset ran into day. Roberts in the elevator Dodger Stadium yesterday. I've known pretty well. And he just said we're we're going to put up a fight here. It's it's not over. So we'll see but Boston is really good. I'm going to get to Dave Roberts after this question. Because you mentioned this the two outs. It's not just two outs. They get an awful lot of hits with two strikes. It's to trikes in two outs. They've scored more than half their runs with two outs. It's how does that happen? Is there is that just random or is that coaching on some level? Well, I think part of it's coaching. We're in an era in baseball where you strike out one hundred fifty times hit thirty home runs bec. Okay. Good teams. Don't a lot of teams. Don't subscribe to that. And the Red Sox are one of them that it's not okay to strike out one hundred and twenty five times, I think it's part of the way you do business. You have to have some discipline the strike zone. And when you see the two out-rally other night. Won the game. It was this kid Christian Vasquez. You really not much of a hitter. Right. He took a two story pitch and just sort of a breaking ball on the outside part of the play just sort of dumped it down the line. And now you face bet and you face Benintendi year, you're in big trouble because the depth and they're not great. But up at the top though, I mean lewke bitch. That's the alien BP Benintendi, the star of the postseason. I don't know if there's any such thing as a perfect team. They're pretty close and things they done peripherally in terms of instructors and analytics in studying everything their role, and did you also did you hear after game two lewke bed, and he didn't want any attention for this. They they didn't fly after game two. They you know, these teams are sleep experts. Now lewke bits went to a homeless shelter and took a ton of food and didn't want attention and with not happy that there was attention about it. So everything's working for the Red Sox now, and they're good guys boot as you mentioned price may be the key to all of it. Because if they have confidence in price and prices confidence in himself that is a great addition, given the fact that sale in recent playoff games can't really get out of the fifth inning Kimbrell is lights out, and he was really shaky in the previous play awesome. And suddenly Volpi is not a starter. But is is in the maybe the and Jamila role loads only been one inning. What do you make of that? What I make of that. Is that making gonna make a lot of money this winter? He's a free agent at exactly the right time. And he hardest. He throws a hundred and he's harnessed all of it. Everybody knew he had those towns, and this is what I love about the way our course approaching Nathan of all these supposed to start game four, but he needed him in game one. And he said at what we're worrying about is winning game. What we don't keep game two is five years from now did the same thing with game two and he said on game three tonight. He said look. We don't plan to use him. But if we need it if we need to go Kelly evolve the kimbrel to finish it. We're going to do it. And then I'll worry about game four when game win win that game rolls around. And I just think that's such a great message to your team everything like we're all in today. We'll worry about tomorrow tomorrow. So this is what I would ask. And I wrote it down is Cora discernibly better than Dave Roberts. Does. He just have better players than Dave Roberts yet. He has better players look getting ripped for you. Start the first two games of the World Series with your top three homerun hitters on the bench. Yes. And yes monthly is on the bench bellinger's on the bench who's their third guy. Yuck. Peterson is on the bench. And here's the thing. The last too much of the season. Those guys didn't hit left-handers in Muncie would be the one you'd question. Now. The other two have struggled against lefties all year. He had they just went to a strict platoon in. Here's what happened they had. They played. They led the National League in runs. Both the last month last two months, they had the highest numbers against left handed pitching. So what they did work. But it hasn't worked in the World Series. You know, I think you have to go back and say, wait a minute. Maybe the other side's pitching pretty well David price was if not unhittable. He was pretty close to and then when they had him on the ropes he punch back and got up. So then I got a right. You know, that's what you do against what the Red Sox. I mean, the dodgers have done for a couple of months now and bringing in David freeze gave them another right handed bad and that net monkey wasn't gonna play. That's the second. Get munchies hit. I looked it up a hundred eight one hundred seventy two against tend to pitching in the second half of the season. You don't wanna put that out there? So people say, but your top guys out there will the top guys in those situations hadn't performed this is the way we did it all your this is how we got to the World Series. But tonight, you're gonna have a right handed pitcher reports. Oh on the mound. So bellinger's going to be in their Peterson Muncie, you're going to be in there. And you go from there. The the chestnuts you get into is that Boston has a couple of left-handers in the bullpen. And so can turn them around quickly. Like Dave rant out of division players in the seventh inning game one. And he was criticized for letting. For letting David freeze base met Barnes in the fourth inning. And he goes I only had three bench players because we have a D H and a catcher, and I don't wanna start firing bullets. Yeah. And because you run out of players quickly. And he did he ran out of players thinning. I would love to second. Guess Ryan Madson, but only because I hate him because I watched him here for the last two years. But I won't go ahead. Well, let me I have never heard a cashed in front of meeting. It was really cold out there that maybe I didn't do the best job of getting loosen up and go, you know, all that stuff you use pine tar sunblock and all that you couldn't use of it. Thank that's supposed to be until he of the game. Can we delete from the transcript, so I'm just gonna leave him alone because that's a personal prejudice. Although he said he pitched five inherited runners score all pitch. Well, the World Series picked a bad. We have a bad week. Okay. But but but the one that stands out to me is Bellinger in this regard. He was just the MVP of the most recent series. Does he only that against righties is incompetent? I mean. That was the one you go. Wow. That really not him not to games in a row. Right. Well, his numbers in that series work. Good. But he did have three hits that would knock your teeth out, and including the one that basically won that series. You know, I think they would tell you that all that legitimate second guess, but this is the way you constructed your team. This is the way you won what you did work out worked in August working timber. I mean, they were all the chart even against left handed pitching. So you can't say. Say it wasn't productive and it got him to the World Series. But has worked so far the thing that I try to point out to people, and I don't know how many games the dodgers win. Maybe the win four in a row. I have no idea, but over the course of the year in the harder league the Red Sox one hundred eight dodgers one ninety two. I'm the Red Sox. They were dominant. And then they went through the Yankees that one one hundred and then they went to Houston that one one hundred and they they have looked they have answered every single question. So so to me it would be stunning if the dodgers they can win a couple of games. I if they actually won the series. I'd be amazed. How about you? Yes. I'd be amazed to this is great team. This is a team without any weaknesses. They got the American League. Most able player they've got one of the great close of all time in this is the formula. Now, write this down. All you guys going to build a baseball team. You have a great farm system that produces bets and Benintendi in Bogart. And then you spend a ton of money to get guys like David price. And we haven't even talked about JD Martinez who makes way park. Look like the smallest ballpark ever so player put it great drafts. And you spend a lot of money. It works every time. How many games you think? They'll win. Do. You think the weather is a factor or could you at this point sweep? Chiefs. Weep. Absolutely. I think tonight's the key. You know, if you win tonight, then it's probably over tomorrow. I mean, but I I know sort of drinking the dodger Kool-Aid because I know those guys. You know, they want six straight division championships, led the Nash lead the majors of tennis for six to eight years. It's gonna be a pretty good environment tonight last year, Rob Lowe, the actor to actors were right on top of the Astros dugout waving a flag and Carlos Correa through a Cup of water on. I mean, so like for everybody says ONA in Boston they cuss at you and their closed and all that. No, no, no. They kind of get into it here too. It'll be it'll be a good atmosphere. Not. So this is the the question I have I remember saying this to we had cost us on the other day, and I handle brag we had Kirch in here. The other day Ritchie. This is this is a sport that still plays under two different sets of rules in its championships. It's just I don't I don't understand it. I mean, it's bad enough that the other thing that that happens in doesn't happen in hockey. And it doesn't happen in basketball because they're indoor sports, and it doesn't happen in football because the Super Bowl is on a neutral site. The weather is an enormous factor here for both teams. And it seems to me that the northern team always has the advantage because they are more used to bad cold weather. Oh, I thought you were going to say the two different rules was it's the DAX. No, no. That's. That's part one. And part two was the way they don't really have really impacted really impacted the dodgers. You gave David Roberts one. Let's card to play. And someone David trees comes up against Matt Barnes. Eat doesn't play that card in a normal situation. He would play that card, but he had used what had one less player. He had a catcher he was a very short bench. But that's the way they constructed the team, you know, in terms of the weather. I it was okay in Boston. It got cold. I think the dodgers suffered from it a little bit. You just play through it. Now. That's the other part is you get off the plane yesterday, and it seventy five degrees, and you feel like if feels like heaven, I mean down southern California is a pretty nice place to be. I don't think you can do anything about the weather. It was a very bad weather. April wise, it impacted the attendance dramatically, but maybe I don't know that climate change is or anything like that. But it was a bad year. Weather wise in Boston was uncomfortably. Cold, and they are more used to it than the dodgers are not used to thanks Richie. The study all that that you know, you never get you've walked in the cold million times. You don't get used to it. But you take the dog out you have to do. I have to take the dog out in the snow and rain, I take the dog dog doesn't wanna be out. I take the dog. Thank you Richie dog eat up. They tell me Justice MLB dot com. Great pleasure to have him on every single time. Any woke up early for us today. We will take a break when we come back news Nigel do the news. I'm Tony Kornheiser. This is the Tony Kornheiser show. This episode is brought to you by an all new season of the Showtime original series. Ray Donovan, starring Lee Schreiber would Susan Sarandon. And Jon Voight L top fixer has left Hollywood and all of its turt- behind, but New York City has its own dirt and raise quickly lured back into burying the secrets of the powerful and political his professional and personal turmoil. Threatened to sink him. 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Michael if you're looking going to be raining cave. Knit winter head with full pompon go to shop that showed dot com. Ten percent off the entire site. And yes, Gary tell Michael umbrella will come in handy this weekend, we get inches of rain. Yes. These coast is going to get and coping by the way giving away some TK show. Hats are fifty TK show. Baseball caps that are available. So check out his messes on the Facebook. I think you can see how to win and also on my Twitter feed at Bron film. I think I retweeted yesterday you're looking for hat just just sharing it with. The little so they can figure out how to get those hats, those hats are like gold, Jerry, Kevin do you have do you have clothing for your hot podcast? I do not yet. Do you think that's a good idea or you are you doing trying to get listeners for doing really, well, we're doing better than zero? We make some much better than zero a little better than zero you covering your costs pizza restaurants. Yes. We were in the clothing the rest doing a lot better. Okay. Well, we can have Tony's always wanted to own a have a dash ary news for us. I do I do. Indeed, Mr Tony. Yes. We'll start out with. Yeah. Want you to take some notes Kevin because Kevin you do this for us for those of you that are new to the and then you what apple recommends and we upgrade? Which of course, ruined the totally free. Putty. We'll start off with hockey. Tom Wilson's twenty game suspension for an illegal illegal check to opponents. Head in a preseason. Game was upheld NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman in a thirty one page decision. A week after a seven and a half hour appeal hearing that men determine that the initial ruling was supported by clear and convincing but very strong letter from Gary Bettman, you found this very one of the things it's very interesting that it was a seven and a half hour appeal meeting. I mean, are you kidding me a longtime that is a law presenting evidence? On film, max on a meeting the maximum meeting race suspension hearing, I would say three and a half to eleven hours anywhere anywhere. Tashin the NHL does this predator than anybody. I mean, I'm not a fan of this do, and they tell you in it. So just wasn't even really a twenty game correction. The the everybody though when he got that suspension, all of the hockey experts said they gave him so many games. So that they had some room to negotiate a reduction in the suspension upon a penny time anytime anyone is suspended people say that, but they were your at the it was such a severe penalty. It was. And everyone said it wasn't a twenty game hit and the league office, basically said no he said, no he said it was a six game hit and they applied like a multiplier of three for the repeat offender defender right now so desert, which is defensible dessert. Yes. To the association. Mr Tony Cleveland was the first game. In the Cavs play last night, not kiss. They didn't they lost not local to editor thrown in the score. Just for people. In the town. They lost four to one. Okay. Thank Connor mcdavid had a goal Houston. Great breakdown. That is lose again. Mr Tony good, looking really. Tide told me I was crazy. I make two predictions. Yeah. That the Lakers who won last night. The Lakers did win second in a row. One last night. They beat Denver a good team. I said they would win fifty. We'll laughed at me. And he looks like he's right. Then I said Cleveland would win twenty five or fewer games and fire the coach at the end of the year. And he said, you're crazy. That's stupid. That's simply stupid. How am I doing so far on that shit doing pretty cure all when five counter to that? Like how many wins did he think they were good for five forty forty and like one forty last year five and he thinks Tyler will on pace to win. So far this year. Wait. What was your Lakers? Prediction fifty and clearly the playoffs they'd like top for seed in the play. I I'm with you feel differently now after a bunch of game two and three. Here's a couple of players. What I would say they had a couple of players suspended at some point around Christmas. Lebron will do what he always does he'll ship out three or four guys with Magic Johnson's permission. He'll bring in three or four new guys. And then you'll see what say boys, you'll see what the Lakers team really is around that point. You'll start hearing rumors that it has been advised that Luke Walton consider a career in investment Bank. Ron does not respect any coach. He does not he likes. Lebron wants to pick his own coach and not listen to him. That's what LeBron does with guy. What he does. The good news is Tyler will probably be available. Yes, we won't be for that much longer. Another team that has a forty year old James Jones threes, four of the thunder mysolar. He'll get Mike Miller out of retirement. The thunder still winless as well. They folded Celtics. Oh and full Celtics. Now three in getting his numbers. I haven't been following playoff. Yeah. Thirteen and fifteen off Pete playoff p. Also, the Houston Rockets have reportedly offered the timber wolves full first round picks for disgruntled player Jimmy Butler from the timber wolves. So this is extraordinarily interesting to me if true you cannot offer first round picks in consecutive years. Did you that's a league wide room? So that means the minimum stretch out on these four picks would be seven years almost no one on the rostrum now will be anywhere near as good in seven years. If they're even there in seven years, and I'm including Chris Paul and James harden in that Osho twenty two year olds Chris Paul and James heart. So you do this to win now. 'cause you think you can beat Golden State, which you can't that means you add Jimmy Butler. You've added Carmelo Anthony you become a total wing team a team just like Golden State, though, I would say not as good, and you would say, well, why would they give away for first round draft picks because they're banking on. The fact that over the long haul these are going to be in the mid to late twenties. Right. Kevin. That's what you Bank on. If I am Houston. I would do this would you? Absolutely. It's the one sport where it's predictable not only is it predictable. But the draft. Cells are like one in three one in four chances. So yeah, I would absolutely do it for Jimmy Butler. It makes them look at the start. They've gotten off to also. So there's a little bit of pressure to turn it around. But I I saw that Tony I thought this is the sport where you do it. You don't do this in football is because football varies from year to year as as ratatouille truly are your few. They aren't in the early not if you don't get one in the top three ROY Moore, and even then most of these kids and by in within three years it should be today. But within three years all of those picks will be eighteen year olds all of them because the stupid and illegal one and done rule will be gone as it. Now. Again, wilbon went crazy on me yesterday on PTI when I said the villain in this space is Adam silver. And he said nobody even cares about these trials, which is not to the point at all this. He's right about that. It's restraint of. Trait. It's it's ridiculous. It's anyway, what else to baseball coup- couple of raise coaches that very good day. Assay Rocco bell deli. I've not heard of either the new managers. Remember Okubo deli. Don't well. He's a player. He was a place very talented player. But had a lot of injury. Bums, one of the fastest guys in what did he play? He was an outfielder. Okay. Yeah. And bounced around little bit because you know, the position that traditionally yields managers more than any other position cashier catching right Bolelli has been named just catch your faces out to the field and everybody else faces. He will be the new coach for the Minnesota Twins. And this is after he spent nine two thousand eighteen in a position I never heard of before for the for the rays which was the major league field coordinator. And she helps Thames George Toma. Did he did he coordinate them? It was it was helping the the raise with endgame strategy working with the outfield isn't focusing on development and on the little cards like the bat. Void did. Did you had you ever seen that Hajer snow? Yeah. And his compadres insult your bingo cards. I'd like to have bingo here at chatter. Do you think that would work? You think bingo would really skew the age down side. I want to bring people in Shuna bring people in and they bring in that case, they bring their children and grandchildren. And then they wanna end look at you people our eating beef forty two some of that was known Vive doesn't go that seven and end is to forty two I seven each one is played more recently. I think if you had some pudding that day, I think people would really enjoy that wrong. I think Mahjong. Menu. I think your rent out the room today Jimmy dinner theatre, maybe no. Charlie Montoya clue would be fantastic China Montoya who was the bench coach for the race this past strategy. What does that things not get t go categories, Scott? That I think that's there's a future in that. Since the. China Montoya Montoya's. He was the bench coach for the race last year reasonable question on the newscast. How did? The bay. No, they won ninety games this year. They did how did Tampa Bay become the cradle of managers. How did this happen? I am China aid. Kevin you follow sports nut. Tampa Bay baseball though, not raise baseball. So major league sports major league sports. I'm just very surprised. This is in the newscasts or other things that I would have included. What would you have them? We'll talk about it after the show when we go over notes when you give me his podcast. Jack, just tell the people how they can. Because we have a wide listenership tell the people have get your willing get Mike podcast on itunes or any of the ways they get podcasts or that Kevin Sheehan show dot com. Which is the way you get it. Yeah. Jecklin can cook has pled guilty to disorderly conduct in an assault. Kate Acklin, Ken, cook, Jacqueline, Kent Cooke. Yes. This was the child. Yes. Pled guilty on Tuesday to disorderly conduct and assault case stemming from an indication that allegedly and fold an anti semitic remark and a four hundred dollar glass puss used as a weapon say allegedly it was videotaped she pled guilty. But said, I'm not apologizing said, I didn't do it. I just don't want to go through the pain and agony of jail trial. Yes, that's right. Which by the way, in our system of jurisprudence as the great Jack volume knows you can say that because they can say, well, you pled guilty. Yes. So we're going to us. We're gonna use the pleading as the official position here, and you can go out in the street and high get a bull along and say, whatever you want. This was common says, I'm never going to apologize for defending myself as a woman everything I did was in self defense. I've been through so much. I couldn't handle it anymore being a nightmare. Right. Yes. Be out tonight. On of a car, and I'm gonna bring this up mentioned five thirty eight the Nate silver. I did Gary did they came up with a list of the top candies for Halloween. That's when the read you the top five hits your reaction to that. I don't there are a lot of Canis. I don't like reese's peanut butter Cup is ninety. I like them rhesus miniatures number two. Well, that's right China kit. You can't do that. Because it's just a small version of the same candy. So if you then you have to third one was really tiny reese's that would extra big rhesus third. One is extra big kidding fed when his Twix two kit, Kat followed by Snickers Twix and kit Kat essentially carried on and kitty cat is way for and chocolate. He saw. Has care it the other one reese's on this little difference between Snickers and Milky Way. No. They both have caramel in milky has says nuts knickers has nuts. I take it. You like I like them frozen to fries that kick. Cats are in higher cat number full kits for you where the candies. I liked black liquorice lack which. Deco chuckles good and plenty chuckles. I'll just pay day. I'm I like. The peppermint Patty's yours, you are peppermint, Patty. You're the one lack slips you don't like those slip. Dating pado. Peppermint, Patty's popular in the fifties. And sixties. Those top four. What about Neko's do you like, but I don't think they're in the recent pieces Milky Way more races peanut butter M's thing. I don't like peanut butter Eminem's, I like Eminem three musketeers hundred hundred thousand Sony likes one. That is crunch. Okay. Roll. No, it's seventeen. Yeah. That's lost. Hello is an up Rollo is what's that candy that sort of a high and candy that sorta like Rollo with foreign its maiden another thinking of total Rhone. Sort of like roll in a row. On his individual. Thanks caramel for you. Does just carry it does. But what are the minimum ranking regular Eminem's or below all the other true? We're gonna anti America. Yes. At fifteen in which are ahead of it. You've already said peanut butter peanut butter peanut peanut butter Eminem's imminent. Peanut butter M's, come out. So you would have gotten out with you. You would get reese's. Peanut butter. Eminem's are good. There's in like half of the top ten you wouldn't know that everyone in the country. Yeah. Well, we we couldn't afford Gary. That's very long stupid way. We'll come back with old radioing this weekend. Big storm on that. No, no. There's lease plague nor'easter in and out quickly. Lots leader. That's it. But you said. If I had the time I would have gotten into important detail. Okay radio with Jeff Ma Kevin's best friend. I'm telling you. This is that Tony Kornheiser show. This is old guy radio for the day. This is Elton John. This is your song. I think this is the first big hit is seventy release on this day. No, he thinks parking. So that's what forty eight years. Kevin you big Elton. John. I will go deep on a few people will von loves Elton. John. Do we have any anything special in terms of cloud? Helping who wrote this wrote so many great hits real John? They wrote them together. Guess what he wrote the Bernie Taupin? Didn't you say? This. They wrote already wrote the song's lyrics after breakfast one morning on the roof of twenty Denmark street, London, Joan work for music publishing firm as an office. Boy Hinton he was Reggie White. That's right. So there you go. There's a movie shoot. James bell sat on the roof and kicked off the moss. There's a movie coming out about Queen. But he moved around one in the works on Elton, John. It's it's cool cooled rocket man yet coming out next spring is that right? Who's playing Elton? John Gosling plays everybody. It's going to the guy the guy that played the Kingsman as a role in the Kingsmill. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So played in. No, no the kid. He's good. Okay. We'll figure it out for you. Jeff mama joins us. Now. Jeff Ma is killing it, Jeff Ma with his podcast and his partner Rufus Peabody who by the way is involved now as we learned with Michael swimmer, and the podcast that that Jeff and Rufus do is called bet the process Jeff picking for this show is eighteen twelve and three he is winning at sixty percent clip. Right. Gary. That's sick. Yes. I would defer to going with him. You're winning just I'm I'm boosting you up. I am trying to create that Tony creek. It's tearing Edgerton, but. It is still a small sample size. So you know, you can't get too excited and at any small sample size. Any dumb monkey can do well done on monkeys monkeys of five hundred monkeys ten ten in one. The monkey does pretty well. But not as well as you are you a right with Kevin you have in your right with this. You're gonna I'm fine. I you guys have that Twitter. No as soon Jeff shift in vitari, Kevin will be back of a Twitter beef with with Scott than than with me. But I had no idea he was eighteen twelve in one. And so many people have tax rate me eighteen twelve three did meet that he's like five hundred on his website. Well, I don't know that I know about this show. Okay. I care about this show eighteen twelve and threes winning money that is one time. Jeff, what do you like no just to cover the Kevin issue that I had Kevin with you talking about it was dismissive knits with which you talked about my pick. Kevin. As if I was on that didn't know this. I mean, I was obviously I was a professional gambler for many many years and are all about using analytics to get sports. Not like, I'm just doing this as a media personality to get some. I do this because I like coming on the show with Tony. And I like talking about this and ever since Tony insulted me. The first time we met have been able to get away from. One of the greatest stories of my wife, but a don't buy that is great spoke. Trust me. That's actually a term of endearment. However, he described it. No. You know, when when I was on the show with you the last time when you were making your picks. And I think I mentioned this to you you pick when you got ready to make picks. It was the chargers Browns game. And I sent Nigel note. And I said he's going to have the chargers. And you know, what you're right about it. They won by a hundred. But it was the biggest anti public side of the weekend. The Browns were that weekend. Which is why I said that. But the public doesn't lose all of the time. And I know that's not the way you necessarily make your picks. Anyway, you don't go with the puppy process. Yeah. Go ahead. I try I try to all of that noise. Right. Because those are just narrative typically like you're because because the predictive modeling is just like investing in the stock market or counting cards, which it is in in you know, that too. And that's that's the only thing that I would say is that they're two totally different. Things would I'd love to see what goes into your predictive modeling. And I just know a lot of guys that would line up to take your action. That's that's what I know from my from from Mike spear. That's their job is to take action. Yeah. Not from picks. All right. Let's hear what. Takes Denver plus ten over can't city Kim's video covered every game that year. So you know, when that happened anytime that happens there becomes a lot of value to bet against that team because everybody wants to bet on that team. They're still bottom for and defense in terms of yards per play. And they've gotten a lot of good luck in terms of turnover. So I still think that this is, you know, obviously can't cities very good. But ten points against Denver is an inflated line in my in my opinion. And I like Denver puts up time here where is that game? Jeff. In Kansas City in Kansas City. Okay. You'll take Denver. Plus. Yep. Okay. And then I'm gonna move onto Pittsburgh, minus the eight over Cleveland, Cleveland is a very interesting team that you're the perception is that they are a lot better than they have been in the past and the primary reason that they are better, but they're number one in the league and turnover margin by far, and that has made them their results even better than you would have thought they were but they are fourth from laugh than yards per play offense. It's not very good and Pittsburgh law. Pence has been very strong this year off a bye which worth about a point and a half. I liked it bird minus the eight here. So I remember this because that will might have been the opening game in the season. And there were five turnovers. Cleveland got five turnovers and still only tied that game. I may be Jeff overly in love with Baker Mayfield. Because I think every time I see him. He's doing something. Great. But his statistics are not nearly as good as I make him out to be. Well, there are some people who are in the Cleveland organization pretty high up who still fundamentally believe that if they were trying to win. Now, they should be playing tyrod Taylor. But obviously they're not necessarily trying to win. Now. They're trying to develop a quarterback. So I think that you may be a little bit overly in love with Baker. Yeah, I think I am. What else you got? We're gonna go at Baltimore, minus two over Carolina. This is really a bad on how good Baltimore's defensive then Carolina's kind of lucky to be four and two. They've had a lot of games that have kind of gone down to the wire and a couple of gone their way. But again, Baltimore's just been a very salt team. Their offense is pretty pedestrian so really we're gonna need their defense stuff up to win this game. Okay. And then we're gonna take a very ugly pick San Francisco minus the one over. Gonna San Francisco is the opposite of Cleveland. They're they've been the worst league in turnover margin at minus two point one. And that hasn't made their results worse than you would have thought they should be based on the fundamentals of their team. I think they are a much better team than Zona. Even though the results when indicate that even though they played earlier era Zona of beat them in San Francisco. So that's why I think you're getting some line value here. I like number one. And I think they'll win this game. Are you are you surprised at all that Green Bay is getting nine at Los Angeles. Rams. I mean, everybody says this is the most Aaron Rodgers has ever gotten. But the Los Angeles Rams strike me as far superior team to Green Bay. And I just wonder how you feel about. I'm not asking you to pick the game. I'm wondering how you feel about it. Yeah. I mean, I think that lines probably about right? Maybe there's against them Lert to the narrative around Kansas City similar narrative around. The Rams probably even more. So that they're the best team in the league by far. And that you know, they could go undefeated. That's what you hear on through mainstream media, these narratives of the things that create value embedding. But when you have in Rogers on the other side, it's not like you're gonna get out much value because people are always gonna wanna bet on rod, right? The nine point underdogs. So I actually think that line probably about right? I think that like you said the Rams are much better team than Green Bay in the Rams at home. You know, they're going to be able to score pretty much will. So it's just going to be a matter of whether you know Rogers, putting up to to come in that back door and with the number of skilled players that he has that are injured or banged up and the pedestrian schemes that they run I wouldn't be surprised to see the Rams win that game by double digits zero any other game you wanna pick. Are we good? I'm going to pick one more pick plus the seven and a half over the bears fares another team that sort of like leading league number. To sort of turnover margin. They've been a team that has benefit in this case, you could say, well, maybe it's just that they have such a great defense with Khalil Mack what they're doing. And that's what force turnovers, but the Justice been sort of a sneaky underrated team this year. I think seven points with you know. Mitch Trubisky quarterback that I probably don't trust in a situation like this as an ability to sort of blow a team out. I like the jets getting more than a touchdown. Thank you, Jeff. And again, Jeff is eighteen twelve and three and outstanding podcast. It's called bet. The process and Rufus Peabody somebody we need to meet because we met Michael swimmer and he's working with Michael swimmer. You're all you're completely aware of that. Right. The analytics of. I'm aware of all of that. I think that's interesting is he in town ever. Rookus? Yeah. He was in town last week. I think he's in town right now. I'm sure he'd l-. He his sister is a big listener of your show. And she insisted he needs to come on. Yeah. I love to have he'd love to come into studio sometime. I'll I'll I'll have you guys connect. Thank you, Jeff, okay. Mob girls want to attack those. No, no. I'm not gonna do hangs up. He trump. Chuck Todd agree on three of those games. How about that? Wow. Interesting. That's great. It's interesting on the decisiveness of. All I know. Tony's you may want to tune into the smell test. Every once in a while on the Kevin Sheehan show. I'm nineteen twelve and three in the NFL. Thank you. Chance plus units on the year. I'm winning money for my clients. That's good. Yeah. That's so it's for for what would be ninth year at twelve. So you may want to tune into it. I can help you little bit. Can you help us on the Maryland report? You know, what let me read it. And I did. So let me just say this. Maryland. Said that it's football team program was troubled, but not toxic toxic is what was used in an ESPN story about a toxic culture. There was not only was there zero chance that Maryland would say, it's culture was toxic. There was so far less than zero than anyone who thought that word would show up as being confirmed is a complete imbecile because if you say, you have a toxic culture, you not only have to fire your coach, and you have to fire everybody. Nobody can stay nobody department. Nobody in the administration. If you say, it's a toxic culture. And plus you can't recruit for three to five years. You can't it's completely impossible. So what they said was well, we've had some problems, you know, and other people have problems too, but buying large by and large. We were trying to do it. The right way strength coaches are the same all over the country. That's every one of them is the same. The terrible thing that happened to Maryland. The terrible thing is a child died a player died and statue never have happened and every night in every other football program. People go to sleep thanking God that didn't happen with them in their workouts in their workouts. You still I believe you must fire the football coach. I don't think there's any chance he returns. No, not at all. But I think the one thing based on just this quick reading of the report. Ten seconds is that firing the head coach now with caused looks like that's out. That's not going to happen. So the university fire the strength coach had cool. So the university is going to be on the hook for durken's salary. That's right. But I do agree with you. I don't think there's any chance he comes back. But I'm not sure we will hear the results of whether or not the president AD cheat by twenty twenty. I think we'll get taking their feet. But in actual to be fired. I say, yes, I just can't see how any of them can survive. I think the president has to be fun basketball season starts in two weeks. What are they what are they waiting for you? That's what we care they waiting for. I don't know. Maybe they're just trying to wait it out. The elections are waiting for the midterms. Two two. Tuesday night decision people, really. That's that's it. That's all. I I I'm not going to make things. So we'll take a break. We'll come back with jingles. That's an Email. I'm Tony Kornheiser. This is the Tony Kornheiser show. Holly. Bag. We shu. Man. Span. Choose. This is Greg that Steve Lipton from Springfield. And that is that's art song. Is he a new eighty? I don't know done. It a million. I'm kidding love the hauling we get to the mail bag Justice of MLB dot com. And our predictive expert, Jeff Ma and you know, in the tension between mind, can no, no, no, no. He doesn't on your show raises a great show. I like him. I I just happened to be one game better than him on the NFL today. Let me thank spies and just so you know, that is the true NFL record free. Swear to God, the Kevin Sheehan show our sponsors for today. Lows and Showtime remember to listen and subscribe to an archived episodes of the Tony Kornheiser show where every listen to podcasts including apple podcasts. Spotify Google play. If you listen to the show on I tunes, please leave us a review from Tom found in Chicago, Illinois. I was listening to the wonderful slow-burn podcast, by the way. Can I just say this? We need to get our podcast out on time. If there's any problem with the podcast, if it's if it's delayed we need to call here immediately. Right. I'm getting this to my friends at kagins. I've had reports over the last couple of weeks that we've been very slow getting the thing out. Let's not be slow. I was listening to the wonderful slow-burn podcast a history of the Clinton Lewinsky scandal to seven episodes, the audio and interviews were impeccably produced of the highest quality. That is until they called up noted, degenerate, gambler and occasional political genius James Carville who sounded like he was yelling into a tin can from the other side of a Bank vault. I stopped. I exclaimed. Hey, I know that phone it was what a toy David Aldridge moment. I don't think anything's wrong with James phone. I don't think James talks into where you're supposed to talk mouth is away. From the any is holding the phone out. Can we coach him up? We've tried. We're gonna try. I'm a Nigerian prince with unique business opportunity for you. I've been attempting to Email dollars. So that I may become an investor in your for profit restaurant chatter. However, my close friend Steve sick of fan tells me you cannot and all the word to misspell cannot receive Email to your phone, please fix soon. So I may invest the password to accept the transfers Edith's. Eliza prince Hakim, Mike, Burke, Virginia, you are afraid of Sutin certain toothbrush because you didn't know how it could run without a cord and finding out at runs on a battery assuage your fears. Did you consider running into your yard planting the brush upright in the soil of north west and dancing around it like the apes danced around in the model of two thousand one a battery operated toothbrushes still an electric toothbrush just has a different source for the trinity. Would you feel better? If it was generating the power via tiny, portable windmill. He he destroys me. This. Skewers me. I'm like a kebab in his life from Chatwin Cincinnati, Ohio while the rant about your broken phone was podcast gold gold Jerry it brought back painful memories of talking on the phone with my father. Who is also an old man about his junk phone since you were a part of the one percent. I can only question why you haven't purchased a new phone or why anyone has an offered in new one to you. And when that happens, I can only hope Michael does what any good son should do take the phone away. From you, remove all the junk. You don't want asks you what you want your password to be writes down the password you loads, what is minimally gate need for you and hands it back to saying here grandpa, don't mess this one up, but really how much hope do we have about a man who's afraid to use an electric toothbrush? Then isn't connected to an outlet. What's the saying? If you can't use an electric toothbrush. You can't use an iphone PSI haven't quip. It's so easy. Even Nigel can use it to turn it on you press the button, a my the only one who had that doubt that that. I felt that electricity. You might have been requires a plug in situation. You might have been alone on that. I didn't think so Jeff Farris from hickory North Carolina ninety five I think did you try holding down the bottom button of your iphone and starts screaming Email if that screaming Email if that doesn't work as an employee of the company just scorned. I feel qualified to become the official apple Representative of the Tony Kornheiser show. Just put me up a little house, and I'll repair your phone whenever necessary. My guess is frequently I'll even split the ten dollar water Bill with you. If that sweetens the pot from Zach Nolan in Meriden, Connecticut, so let me get this straight. You battery-powered watch isn't an electric watch. What kind of batteries does? It have gasoline batteries clean powered batteries. But let me ask you when you plug something into the wall to charge it where do you think that electricity is stored onset device? I feel really stupid. I feel stupid about this. Because I am stupid. You're out on your bike. Everyone is all do wear. Why we're not gonna? Women goons mcgovern's when cranky. It's. Mugu macabre when cranky is this is the monster manage. Dracula. This call real quick. Becks? To get in the bed. Eight. Couple hundred bucks in the cities. Stretched like six goes on the sheets that saw God damn last year had a chance with hot. She left with the do. Just like rob song. Chucky give him. Never showed up. Girl at the storm in the same. She was bored.

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