Rob & Akiva Need a Podcast #56: The Masked RAANAPper


Everybody rob here before we get into this week's addition of a Robin Akiva potentially not spoiling the outcome of today's mass rapper. That just don't tweet at all about this or anything in general and you'll be much safer same thing with the episode grab sort of all time I guess before we get into the show let me just quickly thank our sponsor for the podcast our friends over at bed online inge where had a good week last week from closing back in on the ooh Horwood Dell the Great Jim beaver lers in the season-long charity contests with NFL College Football Fifty percent sign up bonus lots of stuff going on in week number needed tech Notre Dame Oregon versus USC Miami at Florida State Visit interesting Kiva Needle Masked Redknapp over and we're doing it with a man who while Seinfeld allegedly because there's a problem with our itunes feed and we can't find the Seinfeld yes if the amount of people who have emailed this week complaining we'll still be it would still be going we still go be going if that was the case but east we've known about almost any episode we've done we the press recently to last week what was the response to Leprechaun to it was pretty Shen we would be so lucky as s thing over give it a year before we go do I think here today we're going to be talking about the masked rapper and so we today of course I let's bring in the man who I believe was US please welcome back to the podcast the great shut up Tim Tim how're you armed the person who's had the most ideas on the wheel and the person who's had the most ideas produced on I on some people's lives kid shows trash life for naming the one that was that people actually like Tim's money I do believe started a feud or you in Akiva still ops all and I consider Akiva friend even though I don't respond as quickly as I should to for for creating episode the first person I believe other than me in Europe you're of course he is the Co host of the mask singer wrap up Mr Puja you have to wait ten episodes before you can have something be discussed the comeback I was on ten episodes ah five shirt rob for any guests who makes the show five times thing I guess we'll just say five timers club and we're just like the wheel like I don't right yeah I think that if people have ideas send them in I think it would be pretty into easy pat I think no shutdown okay chilly it'll come I guess who wants to explain how this is GonNa work we have collected contestants are masked rappers who will clues into figuring out who they are and after each you get two points and if you guess after the last clue you get one point get the two points and so on and so forth does that make sense little bit on that way a a singer the show that is sweeping the nation unless the world series is on which apparently the ACLU packages come in modulated and then they get on stage and perform a song and it is through quote and everyone yells take it off and they unmask and then we find out which celebrity that and these are people that have appeared on Robin Kenyatta podcast may between people connected to our HA Ah Next week you'll get your way we gotta do one for us and then one for use on top of each other or a little a little tiny yeah okay you know that it's the nipple of nipple not part of the run-up circle and vice versa got it got it yeah added to the wheel let's hear that Mario sound effect please maybe some I think we need to start with talking about the stakes and Geyser Rob and Akiva you need to get at least thirteen points tell them what at thirteen now we're we're going to punish them with all right rob and Akiva Ascom filthy whoever loses has season everybody to be punished or just us it should I don't think it's a wheel like we'll talk a little bit of a scam cast into that okay what might be next week it might I guess I mean I guess the closest we have to that is in the Oregon trail when we were working myself Gee said we might have to lower the required points truckin but that's what we're here for it it's GonNa be fun is there a reward if we win Oh yeah twenty four of twenty eight we get one hundred after Hugh bonus punishment or do a specially bad if you the ones we took it last week you mean all four yes including and then married with children and blossom okay yeah and that that's including having you have to watch one episode of Scum with your wives like each really short they're shorter than normal just for anybody who's someone suggests that we learn a new language and the suggestion was finished but what if we learn Norwegian that guys if we lose can we learn Norwegian and then we don't have to wait until we're fluent in Norwegian could do it okay all right sure I feel good I feel good coming in yeah I think we're already already okay if there if there are people that we've heard their voices those type things and like did they throw themselves in or is it going to be like really random curve balls I don't back to the old episodes in like some person who we don't remember from episode four who had like a two minute oh yeah well good luck but remember much like the mass singer the Maswrah all right so I've we've sent you the file so many we present to you the cigarette cigarette you should see three points if you guessed correctly in this round people definitely singing in the occupied your three rounds consist around Enron woman first of all rob people she can we listen to it again I'm the cigarette you should see for me but you won't people often how do you have any any thoughts on who it could be Akiva I don't have skinned clue we're going to get gas and politics you should stay away from somebody but they don't know I don't really have a him her but you know but she's self deprecating feel theirself young Asian there I'll also say on the wheel they said like we only have two eight and then for a long time they had seven at eight so I also think at the end we anything to do does the costume is that a clue at all or is it random go okay oh we dropped down in points yet you would have locked in a potential three pointer with this round but since you haven't you yeah it wasn't on the Johnnie Moore Audio's release all of the birds stuck up you're with us that help inform anything I still think it's a guy I usually smell lyrics have a message being he's a skater boy episode yeah that's a little bit you think so orphan tonio is being self deprecating Yeah why should we stay away from Antonio points for Akiva guessing something it's not right at this point no in fact you should don't feel great about that but I guess we're looking Antonio we could go to oh I've been on the radio twice number three this is unleashed from ages four to six yeah leashed I do think it's a millennial or even a Gen Zia young yeah on the radio twice and then what was the the other part of that you've twenty at twenty six and insufferable I think that's cheaters will probably spell the wrong anyway you know back a year ago whatever yeah you have a better gift America is not yeah but I can't imagine the Antonio's leashes does he seem like a wild kid I doesn't seem like well okay but maybe he like read it the right will is definitely young enough I will I could see having to have been leashed as a child you don't have a choice see are you agree we're three voices maybe we'll get a better idea of the modulation like how high it goes insufferable though yeah yeah so okay I feel better about we'll from America than Antonio it also the singing wasn't good enough for from America that's that's fair that's fair Ugh Oh then Tony but I don I really don't think so not a big part but there's no real reason to say will you the person is okay let's we take it off take off I am the cigarette it'd behind the mask I'm missy she's on the radio twice she was on the radio twice she's how wow miss missy so any connection gone to an uproar Levin concert because he doesn't fake includes and some did some didn't let's just say okay okay that's good to like a pool of people that could be she definitely would have been in there but I didn't think we were GONNA lead off with Miss Bye missy death had a big hand in doing this and she mentioned that it did which was perfect yeah that's by them okay good job all right anything the whole thing snippets all other puja and I both team on this one so yeah I I didn't museum was on him I bad terrible editor watching thirteen episodes of this eleven but I have a feeling we might get zero points all points on every person from now on if you want to win my money okay gotTa Yeah we did the math but I assumed it was like a bonus trailer park sound but but then what's the number for not having to watch scum all of those are all right well we have to watch one episode of Scam by every point then fair I think that's a lot of things watch yeah we had twelve collect two more people when we lynch not being able to do it now there's real stakes of being able to because we're going to serve some Arnold Palmer okay so this person is a big laughs auber face t one hundred who is it I've two guesses but I it has to be one of them so the person who banned us from saying the h word on this podcast hr and y yes likes you of course that a Arnold Palmer would be a half this over everyone I I think genuine would be the back our guests here for three points as to be guilty right your face t hundred percent numbers in Canada they're both Canadians Jenny we do it wouldn't be like an arnold they'll try for round one okay injure percent drink sir The I mostly simple I know that you could probably cut it is funny but I think you'd probably cut the last like after the first thirty seconds of the person Song Yeah Jenny would probably be more of a rap might not be like his type of music as he was not born when that song was yeah is is there anything I mean is there anything spelling words like honor and collar with or without a you oh that's not choice for filthy to come up with a Youtube Song True True Karar right locking it in all right we can move onto the clues driving range that's one of my all time passions okay lost but he shares his name with a Golfer Phil Mickelson probably the second most famous Golfer Tiger Wood yeah but if missing who's like what's our universe like who who else are we expecting the year from today we've got puja my my thing just trying to think Arnold Palmer offing name with a with a Golfer I yeah but also we get three points right about Phil so we really have to be certain to move off in value of like Mike or Josh do you WanNa guess no could be Josh Wig sweeter sharing a name with a with a Golfer Golfer named Josh Yeah Anything to have a Guy Brooks Zach Brooks Brooks is one of the is Uga Golfer there's not an Amanda I in well why is this tough Taylor Khader share named with a golfer no I'm just naming yeah right the chance of three points to two juicy to pass up I think should we lock it could be okay take it off take it ooh Massingir I taller Bushehr my offer I never played Gos- tossed tax confuse you don't worry I'm sure only wanted he's referring to lost in the scene with Hurley and Charlie you focused on was he was explaining that his name Arnold Palmer is also a golfer fusing oh closer to be tricky guys that's the again the thing like I sound a lot like Josh right I guess the first clue again okay I know how that Muse Them Josh Wigley Thirst Trap Yeah I think specifically no results have come up real nice real name round and I've never heard okay I've never been wrong before the album Joshua tree okay all right yeah yeah okay that's do we have to watch we don't have to go pass these in one if we get zero points thirteen like six rob that will if we get our wives involve like just we'll just watch one with our wife instead the Norwegian Degrassi but if you watch with me I only have to watch one come on she all right yeah okay we're moving on to the third round lose like I'm exempting them to like have a oh I got it we thought the second one was pretty easy use other Josh Wigley was pretty easy is a Gimme you guys should go with your instincts on who it is and not try to do the math of like hey is this the value he's here it's better than zero points but okay all right not much and let's go for some Sushi here okay here we go Sushi also certainly a woman right it would seem that way but I feel like I am the Sushi we're ready to roll a wholesome okay Sushi is rice and his fish is it pot terezin him in mind here all three points the rule who fish back was on the show he was in the royal rumble that is true that is true that's true but I think I'm trying to think how we would have gotten his info and don't have a lot of faith I know how due to the song the Sushi Song so you're talking with craigslist honest next time okay all right ooh flavor voice of an Angel Mark Levin two percent crash into me. Yeah I was thinking host Minnesota so I was already I already had in mind yeah I but crashed makes lots of now they should say the word lost wasn't a song we don't think it'd be Mike Bloom really young so I don't know if she was not born on the sunken okay all right by a car joke right no narrow the earth onto with hit by a car claire all right here the crews of the clue the FAB and Akiva in person one of my favourite TV shows this covered on an episode two points. If Carter Lock it in guys I player don't come crash into me not everyone followed their their song choice as possible out McKay Sushi because she was ready to roll which was what happened actually singing the song if you'd like to hear her lovely singing voice Nicole clip of crash into Golic well no I'm GONNA make randy new poll do it and that sound collective yeah okay all right and we have to so we'd have to watch eleven episodes right now which is along the suggests the next performance keep hitting twos Akiva that's only one episode and I guess is there somebody that's upset with you that does not ever Ping them if she was also plus I could see like you know like nobody's spoiled nobody contacted me never forgets anything yeah room that's not bad let's let's let's lock in will with no degree on finance and go to the great will from America America all right let's hear let's hear the uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh They I did ask all our seniors to give us about a minutes worth of song that's fine somebody will smith and other another well yeah and then also you know men in black like it I don't know what the men in black thing is so I think we have to hone in on the in terms of like I don't WanNa like just like locking too much on owns I'm not sure I just think there's not we're not I don't think we're okay I don't have anything I'm just grasping at straws okay all right let's Org spooked wartime fingerboard stones digestible anyone else title Liverpool obviously of moving or mortar tool curveball. A couple of things shocked they're in Tony Mazaar big Liverpool fan wartime for Jewish teens Ba just been what else in the reverse obviously or more detectable or not being now he's sort of like trying to knock me they're only so then it could be chester Eagles wha what is it that he podcast with me about more comedies and dramas more than what was that what we do with mega murder me and yeah let's actor a Liverpool Fan that why is he saying about Liverpool it's for can we can we do that so men in black just go back the Antonio Massaro side of things but I do feel like that based on the clue that I don't think you could say he's a Liverpool fan were chester everyone always said he looks like Michael saying is there any kiva sounds like chester I only Akiva I'm from Long Island Chester your comes the men in black Am You have to go chester here I don't think there's any guy tonio with like in Chester Burghard Morales are can't believe it's just chest Tom would you really skip the season finale of it's to our listeners in your own protection they gave us a lengthy explanation. I'm just saying right now you might There in the liner notes or if I play the song over and over again pausing every three seconds eighty so I worked hard to memorize all of them this was the first song ninety seven men's basic it and I've mentioned it on thirty two fans that I knew the song by but the elephants I guess that is a good clue he doesn't forget okay all right breath okay Kayla she could be there we gotta we gotTa Tell Ya like we have like people go back and squeal to Akiva I'm shocked that he was in because I'm Taylor with I will say he's the most approachable though of of probably anybody you yeah you're about to experience the Pegasus Hag assess take flight or gallop or whatever whatever which though now Nicole on the first lady of podcasting possible it would be it would yeah no thanks guy but I can't imagine that she would turn in a a song I but I I'm not so sure that they would have thought about let me let me hear this one more time really I just I just can't believe that she would be into any of this any of those words mean anything take take flight some sort of a move in Vegas in yeah right come to mind I think that I think that that would actually be a good a good pick flying or anything with horses Horse Okay Okay all right I guess we'll let's hear the song ads there's by Polish they can't in got it down and rings and Fantasy Sports Browse Maserati they can't so it's not Nicole sister Nicole the first lady podcasting throw name out there that don't have a lot of clues for but so hosts your now these are two horse clues in a route who I know thing about the other women who are likely to be your alley Lascher think of any horse related well how do we get to a horse I don't know their peg if it's the Pegasus Pegasus mentioned on big brother this season and then now we're just all in thing that that is there a straighter line tool anything with a horse out of anybody think I'm really thinking like in the wrong direction with with exits like Analysts Martha I dunno Nicole Sister Nina no I do not I do not she can't can't sing should we move to Liana Would Melissa have done it I I suspect that she horse connection unless there's a big horse person yeah she grew up in Colorado I'm trying to think like I don't know any you're running thing Leon Melissa okay I'm not I'm not doing that anymore all right all right all right like the mythological anti says and I don't need no man I'm typically successful in the things the now I've really come into my own and when I look at me I see home I to people yeah first of all that northern constellation stuff that sounds for just east and she is also is in charge of the male like the Mythological Pegasus Mike Constellation also lies in the northern I am typically successful in the things I pursue especially when it comes to gathering letters and I look at me I see home because if you can't love yourself how the hell are you gonNa might be there might be a like a tricky circle back to Liana that I do think that that would that would fit hiring letters was about like having degrees yeah I think that you could make either yet of something somethings fifty fifty and at least we got two points for Leon one only okay I them you are okay hey I'm how Nice Ah Yeah I get that all right explication on on some of the clues so the last line of love yourself how somebody else that's a ball looks andro rumble there's two and being no for the means I guess the me victory because she doesn't win mark even up to five points I gotta say we're we've relied on him to do math they probably thirteen is take flight Gallup or whatever but I think they yeah that's the plan that's the game we'll rob scum a lot of the scum episodes sure speed or have a problem with that if you don't tell Johnny boy but with five points you do not have to watch scam with your wives it is I the eggplants and this Aubrey Genius Ladies and gentlemen it is I the eggplants yeah or gene you think it's Caitlyn from Auburn play and this auber genius is ready to slide into I think this one's filthy okay yeah aright locking filthy for just based on doc washburn thinking kidney modernize come sized long choice I don't know that song animated the least famous the impression of them has referred to assess his dad's okay why am I the eggplant could you imagine if this was like not audio medium and like I was like just dressed up although on the eggplant I'm rarely considered purple just like the eggplant is stable and Mediterranean cuisine in dishes such as well renown people in Universe so at inspect your four points advice like honestly helped me Belinda vice that I got you as a as a youngster we're on the same page yeah bill t causes dad's things I need to be all he hey Robin Akiva you got me or you didn't get me I have no way by the immense swag I'm omitting right now and you know those were great one bye bye rob I didn't get right away how many points we it's too bad they have to how about this if we do back to threes happy but I'll do it yeah all right all right only two left to okay the shoo shoo shoo I'm Michelle and I'm and okay I'm Michelle and I'm ready to take the next step in why do think though based only on the voice I five hundred okay yeah for two thousand because they'd he puja puja let's see Michelle and I'm ready to take the next the American Karl not free as I'm trying to think of if there's any way the clue is given the Mike Bloom but I just feel like that the cadence of the voice okay is there anything with a shoe with a shoe that would isn't there by Austin powers is from the opening credits in which again is okay all right here we go labra close seaweed queasy smile naming can meet Pele it's if that can you make that out it was like it was a show tune sure okay all right I'm Michelle and I'm ready to take the is thrown me off though could we hear the song time I could aw thank you still academic them a little bit shine the little the Emma too flirty you know Mike Bloom has been accused of both maybe we should've started this at the beginning I didn't think of it we have to like enforce like no spoilers thing oh we we don't do any internet searching Nand live the next wheel all about that yeah maybe we'll pull sure okay I'd been part of many pairs would it be an opportunity to grow to new heights and plants and seeds for the future life years lost yeah he's planting seeds in that he has a alright yeah we'll stick with Mike Bloom all right Mike for three love it we're white red hot into this so here's the thing here's a scenario where you guys were zero we're like okay we'll bargain racing to episodes okay rob okay with the head of the the word s in lieu of you'll be able to hear the conversation eighteen right now you locked in right now let's just let's you win this game right right outright all right nights Hulu I the OWL Hello I'm the owl and I bet you can't guess the suspects okay in Tonio we have right we've guest them a lot I'd say like shut up Tim this shut up Tim I also the voice Yup Yup Yup for sure and you just think for a minute if I could hear it one more time let's see could it be like sean the mailman I like are you like this is like a a bigger guy with the deeper voice I know that you could so to see who it could be I could it be Dj Lebel Klein could But you can't guess who I and Ooh Komo news now I get to round we've known each other forcing in your the very okay do you have any any further guests and now I our universe I most closely associate with Rick Rolling who's just most closely associated with the first clue again hello let's see oh she's wise yes yes at the state of chips why do you associate the Parsley asked about the walking dead which has a rick a closer to miss than to and also there's been four men and three let's know he wouldn't have done that time who than anything we have so far yeah okay all right fair locking in your answer to Yes to legally okay number two my favorite food is the breakfast sandwich clue in show at Madison Square Garden. Yeah no that's definitely just goes was he at survivor thing yeah rush on Rhino Jessica Lease as Jessica Hey Rob Akiva you guys are good guess or so they actually modulate maybe uh-huh this is crazy work together like this before good as a team we they said wiggle it was an easy one maybe I'm at the end we would have figured it out more see I didn't think you'd make it and you panic and then Josh was the elephant I thought these were all very obvious but I thought the first three would be a little bit more here we are with this licking our wounds Bravo we one no no no food we will literally learn the language Norwegian and file yeah you can open the do not open file if you wish it was a nine months along the muffler in the Muffler in the you All right you an unknown by many different names Robin I've shared a stage before doc it's definitely shut up ten there you go got it absorbed that was my idea too because they might not have been tim get in on this yeah we're GonNa give you three points no didn't need it didn't need it all right well this winger it's listen I'd say you know I showed up to him yeah okay so great job and are you going to stick around for the mail bag up Tim Yeah I have one idea right here Robin Akiva I poop my thank you guys thank you so much it was a lot of fun to get going and everyone that agree yes one person who has and I gotta say Nicole was on our shortlist but we uh-huh okay so incredible job and of course if you like aborists every week on reality TV wrap of was the show on this week because of the are episode this upcoming week so we still get it back Wednesday was really a worst case scenario we had a pretty jam-packed mail bag segment last tailback do you think so we mentioned before you think we should put ah OK allies dozen as you said last week but when we pick another show out of the fishbowl take on this when we get another person with us on mailbag about the the controversy touched bits and pieces of all of them here and there so I'm not really like attached to any but did you revisit these four as specifically the one that may be gets the most oh this is effective after the next season three episode seven back in or should we have Brent from Canada create a under the other one okay but if Paul that's fine and I think in general people just don't you they just I think the ultimate thing is like once we put something in we should not take it out going forward that's what they're saying twelve months ago the old leprechaun episode and we had put sex in the city and the fish bowl so there for twelve months I'm still seasons seven of sex in the city yeah well boy mature on sex and the city commits world but it's a good show I don't know why people think it would make a great podcast I don't know that that would be funny I think that would be someone in our wheelhouse so I I think that that baton smarter now I'm smarter so I think we I think we might want to have again yeah okay yeah all right so this is November sweeps this is our first every single week of November yes last week was the master napper which radio from shut up from Digital Klein and our and our mailbag yeah that maybe could be next week November sweeps addition so we got some name submissions can I throw some names for this episode and the murders yeah your alibi trash what do you guys think I like Rob Makita verdict number one arctic that's good that may be ready for next week whatever Amanda on okay they might be okay now somebody said make the rant episode which we sort of have in the WHO I take where you and I are getting worked up on things that we don't necessarily care about okay interesting I'm I think it's fine I feel like the same as like structured banter all right let's see what what people think about what do you think puja yeah I anything you want to put it on the wheel not really the Golden Buzzer yeah where we each get one one time per year where you and I can put you got a Lotta voicemails this week maybe you want to play one fourth rob get it gives the taste of the voicemails that came in yeah slash Rene VM Rene VM. There's also a link in here's one of the messages that we got this week on our voicemail hey they do have some grievances have a good week what it should be see festivus airing weeks that okay should are you smarter than a sixth grader at the structure that you guys we thought you would lose today you want if they watch Scott she's probably too young to watch now teenagers yeah maddie's dykes okay so are you smarter than a sixth grader. We're going to do it I setsu unfair I think we're jeopardy there's me you and Mattie separately okay all right let's let's do that okay are you smarter she gets together one grievance but if she wins she gets unlimited number okay boy Mary's in sixth grade or any time lies I know it felt like she was like them he's mad he's still listening Oh yeah Maddie shut off the podcast movies I'm not joking else Kim had an idea joking not joking was hey he pitched something for the wheel called the mask the OAS no I think they would just tell us their story we hear hear ah we've got a bunch of of Wilson we have a lot of listeners by okay all right what's your question are you a swinger I'll Romera okay fine hookup sauna this into a regular sauna yeah this is a woman said to see me yeah have you ever heard of four g before no but like group stuff general poly-amorous etc type stuff I've been twenty eleven at okay we got stories five seven not stories but like people there's just nothing more romantic rob has a podcast voicemail line fusion if you you bag brooks from from the Kansas City area my idea for aw or you couldn't pick and choose some of the more insane ideas to for people is he's total bright person that go to let like not a real doctor sort of the spiritual successor to Robin I mean he makes like eighty billion dollars a year so someone has to be pro Dr Phil some seen a clip and that is learn more about the cash me off side yes it all came from that one interview so maybe you look into her maybe she's the she's rb baby okay so if Dr Phil Expert that aw this one came out of nowhere rob some guy made us an escape yes Jessica is Jessica lease how was it and she was talking about over meant just east okay on some feedback and ideas what do you think about podcast understand anything of butter like Is it like a can I open the box okay so let's see if we can make something out of it but yeah they they enjoyed it but let's see is but then I guess we could discuss whether or not the court Clark Seal of approval good that's working with something yeah maybe curt was just being nice to the Guy Ah this is Brian calling from Long Island the idea that I have was inspired stands versus ops but what about an even better version are known for their standing ability like stand up comedian Jerry Seinfeld they'd face off against law enforcement personalities from their NAP Universe New York and even the kids in PJ masks if other two of history's greatest foes to see who would reign supreme in the ultimate you playing that it's I'm back again and I have an idea or wheel and another game RTP cash or whoever they want Oh that a show twenty five words or less never at least twenty five words yeah it's hosted by meredith the Aero Y'all of the people playing a game to get their idea on the wheel I don't know if I don't know if the game with the I'm familiar with it I think is it a I had some keep going you more stuff north should definitely be in the crap movie diaper I guess so I'm not you veep timber but you know we'll say no I'm not gonNA Johnson checks in well let's start with puja where WH- what's your ruling on this puja one I enjoyed it but also I was pobably eleven when I saw its I if I did okay I'm finally do along the audience the only thing is that lead has synced she's done stand yeah I guess her parents have left like her and her brother and they're just watched that movie yeah yeah don't Dunston I don't know if is Jason Alexander Dunston or is the okay I also really think like we get so much less feedback on the crappy movies than the crap move diaper is fine I maybe it shouldn't have to spots on the wheel I'd be I definitely would jump good answer our problem because I don't mind doing the movies but we it comes up so frequently now I feel like attended eligible to always come back because there's just not a movie now that we really want to put on there but we'll for America's I'll send me if movies that are terrible and will go to the fear and see that someone send us some things I mean it's also it he says what about Rob Akiva recap star wars again he says as until episode nine comes out in the theaters yeah so one of our most popular episodes ah I mean the the the the prequels or the sequels thrown in will famously I have not seen any star wars yeah I think it would be it's always fun to get educated so yeah I'm only Star Wars I've truly remedial trivia or there's less love for seven and eight or more one-two-three one-two-three what for four point one billion dollars you know star wars although that would be funny hi Chech- Chester's roommate Daniel writes in and says or sixty minutes am I gonNA wreck cracked up every minute rob's bell goes off and you do a would it be abandoned or power hour maybe so we're just getting progressively drunker during the episode wasn't invented yet at peak of my drinking a bill onen had I attempted now I would be dead half an hour into the podcast Okay Cook Zeros would that be shots of coke zero what is it dangerous that drink much your own I think it stains I think so got a beer to go into your system in that short amount of time we are doing a beer at some New Jersey on all store and then he sent a picture when he was four and the glass shattered and then like the beers were opening so his elections he's had drank a bunch of the beers and then they like

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