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My Little Pumpkin [SSL139]


Hello everyone you're listening to spark my news this is your host Lisa delay and this is soul school lesson one thirty nine exactly what the Pumpkin look like but suffice it to say I thought to myself if this Pumpkin how did human brain beautiful in its own unique way it looked nothing like the other pumpkins and it was so unique and so pumpkins there were absolutely gorgeous I have a feeling it's because these are farmers that this isn't like a grocery store they were in all kinds of brilliant oranges and many different sorts of pumpkins there were more elongated longer ones perfect were pumpkins come in from far away and they're just run of the mill pumpkins. These pumpkins were specially picked to be beautiful differently. Recently I went on a shopping trip with my daughter she's in eleventh grade we decided to go to get some items for our house I'm still ugly but honestly my heart leapt when I saw it I thought this is definitely the most beautiful one this is definitely my favorite for some fall decorations as well as some presence for a few other people and we went to a store that had a lot of harvest type decorations fall decorations weird I thought this is this is my favorite one this is definitely my favorite one it is just so out of the ordinary there were a few others like it and we're definitely if we get any pumpkin here at all we are definitely getting this one and it made my heart single most the weird God says to us you're my favorite little pumpkin and God has a special place in God's heart for the weird ones there were smaller and not as many bumps not as many sort of worked like things on it but it was just covered in the show notes when you support the show you'll get to I feel like the ugly duckling it would compare itself to all the other Pumpkins and say I'm not orange I'm not beautiful I'm not symmetrical no one's going to pick me I'm the worst or is it beautiful for itself is it completely unique all the other pumpkins yeah they're gorgeous for sure but leaves and things like that that you can put on your door and then we thought this is a time to get some pumpkins and so we went to a farmer's market and the I bumps everywhere on all over the place sort of almost weren't looking bumps it was very funny looking Pumpkin and it was they're all the other pumpkins this pumpkin the standout this pumpkin has its own flair its own thing going and comparing it using there were these really cool white tiny pumpkins that I really liked and throughout it all I I saw all the brilliant colors work for sure there were ones that were perfectly suited for carving and the variety of shapes and sizes was I and and I thought what a great variety here this is amazing but my daughter later is on the most special pumpkin of all take anything away it's perfect in its weirdness in its bumpiness and we put a little white pumpkin there which is all all the orange is gone cemetry there were the very cute round ones there are all sorts of little tiny pumpkins and gourds with the most beautiful shapes they look like artwork when I saw it I had to agree this Pumpkin was so special we had to get it it wasn't a large one it wasn't brightly colored in fact it was a muted brownish colors none of color that you would think was beautiful and the quality about it had pumpkin with a million words but if you looked at it instead of looking at it as does it have to be like the other pumpkins beauty of this one the lesson wasn't lost on me that I think this is how God feels about us the misfits and the wasn't orange it wasn't beautiful it wasn't bright it had bumps every square inch of it all over covering it you could say that was or like I don't have my act together I wish I had this other person's qualities I wish I had this other person's something or other remember that and you notice it just for its shape and just for the absence of what Pumpkins are often known for which is their orange nece over and over and over again picks the underdogs the weaker ones and those are the ones that have a special place in God's heart to itself is the only thing you would do he wouldn't compare it to the other pundits that would make no sense you would compare it to itself and say for itself this in our little installation of fall produce was complete and in my heart I realized that God was telling me don't compare yourself to when God sees you he doesn't see the other pumpkins he doesn't see the other people God sees you for just you pumpkin you're coming home with me so we made a little display an alley put out a pumpkin that had been a typical orange pumpkin that she carved a face see exactly what I'm talking about I took a picture for people who want to spend a dollar and chip in and help me out with this program with the cost of doing it I'll show you pumpkins in your life when I saw that Pumpkin I knew I loved it and it will come home with me and have a special place on our porch the reason why you're here and there's probably more than one special reason there's probably money and you can give love and light to the other special I know that you're not forgotten you're not lost among the beautiful ones you're not left out there's a special place for you in the world there's a special can help to support the show stay tuned next week for another episode on Wednesday with a guest thank you so much for listening to this program and perhaps I think it's even clearly said in the Bible that God picks the ones that are overlooked God picks setup picking the first and when God saw you in your specialness that's the same thing God felt in God's heart you're my special pumpkin so today be into which is not what you would do with this bumpy pumpkin this bumpy pumpkin has to be appreciated with all its bumps all its new ones you don't add anything to it you don't doc is outstanding and it spoke to me in a really weird way this is my special pumpkin you are my special and those are the ones whom God notices it's of that's the kind of Pumpkin you identify with then her inched in your life whether you're really struggling whether things are going great you probably need encouragement once in a while and you probably is it think we don't fit in the ones that are weird and misshapen or strange in some way that isn't up to par with other people have compared yourself to other people who have thought boy if I stand up against so and so I just like complete loser and something clicked in me and I thought if if this pumpkin heart and brain it would for sure think it was the ugliest Pumpkin of all my little Pumpkin we're looking at a little bit of a short soul school today but I hope it's one that encourages you and lifts you up and makes you think a little bit need to encourage someone once in a while in your life go out there and be the best pumpkin you can be please chip in a dollar and see my very special pumpkin at patriotair dot com forward slash spark my muse for this episode and it will make a big deal to me for you see my Pumpkin and for me to share it with you other pumpkins around you and the people that you think are talented or smart or have it all together you're my little Pumpkin so for all of you out there borne in a family he'll pick the last child or the second born or the one that you wouldn't think would be picked the overlooked one.

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