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On the Bloomberg business app and and Bloomberg quick-take. He's Bloomberg Radio Point three-per-cent markets headlines and breaking news twenty-four hours a day at the Bloomberg business app and then Bloomberg Quick Tag freeze is a Bloomberg business plan on Bloomberg World Headquarters. I'm Charlie out there. You have it sound of the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange folks from 6, Meridian ringing that closing bell this report brought to you by with them a forward-thinking advisory and accounting firm helping clients to be in a position of strength in the new reality of Life most learn about their innovative solutions by visiting with them stocks closed at session lows amid warnings from the FED on the need for more stimulus package the US economy from a coronavirus induced recession the dollar rallied S&P at its lowest close in about 2 months NASDAQ 100 index tumbled more than 3% LED bulb. Is Apple and today? Apple was down 4.2% Amazon fell 4.1% the Dow dropped $524 points lower by 1.9% off 500 Index down 78 a drop of 2.4% NASDAQ down 330 a decline there a 3% NASDAQ 100 index sound 353 points lower down by 3.2% 10-year yield .67% gold down 2% 1861 the ounce and West Texas intermediate crude down five tenths of 1% 3965 for a barrel of West Texas intermediate crude plans for the market backdrop. Katie, Koch is global co-head of

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