Episode 59: Bad News for Some / DC Grids for Others - The Lighting Industry News Brief March 8th


Hello it is. Monday march eighth and that means two things. due to unprecedented conditions. The light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off until further notice. And it's time for the lighting industry news reef brought to you by he stoned technologies and their fit outdoor fixtures. These are area lights or outside. They save energy modern low profile three housing sizes onshore mounting options optic options punches options controllable dimmer integrated twist lock perceptible or their dust to dawn photo sell contractor funding motion sensors easy field installation minimal wiring that's keystone tech dot com or the link in the description. If you're police into the news led vance will lay off twenty five employees. The will begin delisting noncompliant as products as per the five version. Five point one q l. Seventy four percent of the us geographically has access to led rebate at least in commercial space so get on those dim on off and motta's will merge the user both iot services us do we is testing grit harmonization in seven counties. Climate models may be overstating the value of efficiency. This is a reread of thirty three. Other studies done by some people at the university of sussex business school in mineral news copper zinc and aluminum. Prices are on the rise. And what does that mean a lot. David gordon breaks that all down for us on get a grip on lighting. What savers steve. Robinson is here to explain what it means to do. The job sites s four has announced a commercial decoration becca ratings subsidiary as for decor is in full fabrication for the holiday season right now humble is expected to parse post a billion dollars in quarterly sales This is a prediction of a report coming soon. The i dis designer survey shares their experiences of the past year. At g partners with mick wong for wireless controls topazes opening a new distribution center in new jersey e. us designing labeling rules skip lighting europe's recommendations which might not be great vast. Berg is investing in zaal making a them. A minority partner in the leading specialists is led alliance joins five adds five new members out alpine grammar. Have a stack ostrom continental in yanfang automotive lighting interior and exterior Korea has demonstrated a fully. Dc grid on the island of. I'm gonna do this wrong. Please forgive me. Say go chato. It was ten percent more efficient as as reliable as ac grid. G current comma tree company has unveiled a quick stock program which should speed shipping of their most popular products seeking beacon-lighting will issue a dividend shareholders as of the eleventh will receive point four two cents per share. Gmt the lighting has been sued for crop copyright infringement. tnt used. A promo photo of a competitor's headquarters without permission on the agents site in events the good light group has outlined their events Webinars and online appearances on the ninth tenth twenty third and may eleven in rep agencies. Global leading controls is founded a new agency in wisconsin energy Focus is partnering with three new agencies. Gm lighting partners with rickard in quebec flux works expands in to new jersey with sos hubble partners with m. h. companies asai cotto will partner with. Stl and boston light source and we silica ads. Bay ume as reps from michigan and recommended reading oriented jury gutsu on strategic directions for the industry. Reclosing on double dynamic lighting and human centric tack on explanation of short pulse. Testing why dc micro grids are making a comeback even outside korea. The five hidden dangers of wrong lighting The possibilities of controlling light smart buildings as the key to the resume market and the politics of errors. Again if you sign up for the text version of this you can read. All these articles niagara. College will be building a new cannabis research center. We've in in our in d. a. k. I s. t. Study was able to measure neural activity in mice with. Led's no the blue light from your screens isn't destroying your eyes. But you maybe should call your exposure levels anyhow fingers crossed and thoughts and prayers for anyone who can actually do that in our continuing. Learning that everything. South of the equator glows in the dark belgian. Researchers in new zealand have observed three species of shark that are bio luminescent and ari whitten offers a guide to red light therapy both red and infrared light as helpful and beneficial in dark sky. News foothills county. Berta are seeing light Diction from an led conversion palm beach. Florida has set a lights out. Ordinance for turtle nesting season hash tag team. We turtles More western slope towns are gearing up for dark sky. Certifications you can see what e- texas rolling blackouts look like from low orbit. Wildlife advocates are demanding that 'binding bring down that wall because all the lighting on it is bad for everything and everybody and the lack of light dark cycle is affecting your goldfishes. Feeding habits enlighten me is a new urban health research initiative twenty two inter disciplinary partners in the eu will research light and health in urban environments sterling. Higa has a comprehensive study on. Why light is affecting wildlife and humans in hawaii and the effects of q leads have been started to be measured in melatonin suppression and because quantum dots rely more on green light. They might just be a little bit better for us. Isn't that reassuring and local news. Espinel of phuc feud over streetlight ownership with their utility ocean city. Maryland is expanding their business leading program. The doe grant will make madison county city council building a little more efficient. Utah state us. Greenhouse gas emissions are down eight percent after retrofits thornberry ontario plans three years of lighting projects. Banff alberta has received provincial intrastructure infrastructure funds for light streetlights cab county. School districts will be straight up canceling that. Uvc partnership i. After while the malfunction the word of the malfunction got were got way their way to pta's orange beach alabama lands on the rgb color lighting for the pretty pass bridge thurmond maryland has replaced one hundred three streetlamps so far as part of their programs meet villas completed their streetlight programs and york. Minnesota has seen their school bird get savings after their retrofits in projects. Hacks and weirdness sharks. You can embroider embroider. A constellation create a circle of led's that are in fact a clock since oria eight art piece. In paso robles will be adding sixty. Nine illuminated towers made out of wine bottles. We have a question as to whether or not plants will change. Light changed to suit light around them. This is a bit of a homebrew response to a princeton study. We have a youtuber. Dip kinski turning a rotary felon into a lamp bonus points if the dial on rotary phone is how you set your dinning. That'd be that's bonus points. That's ace's right there and noted internet phenomenon. Leroy jenkins of world of warcraft is in fact. An industrial lighting tac. Much like us in people. News acuity is named trevor palmer is president of lighting and lighting controls business elegance promoted kevin marketing kevin murphy. The marketing lead in the us see led has added in hegi as a product engineer. Such painda discoverer of the ganglion cell that control circadian rhythm is maimed to the retailer. Rita and richard anderson chair at salk institute. Nora lighting has added five people to their customer service. Team and promoted to people with from within. Barbara horton has retired from h. l. b. carry. Holly will serve as ceo in her. Stead he horton has been named to the board of canada d. m. f. lighting added chris carboni to the sales team magic light names. Jeff puerta as ceo and hubble has added retired general rhett a hernandez who their board of directors scott walker. This has been the news brief brought to you by mail. Get associated getting lightened at innovative. Have great week. Enjoy the music day i got. Your concern is four in the south the floor. Now trust me when. I say no away from this. You see on this earth began doing getting down Everybody the.

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