One Regional Transit Fare Card Is Coming Plus 5 Things To Know Around Detroit


From Detroit's university district. This is your daily Detroit for Wednesday April seventeenth twenty nineteen. I'm jareth stays. And I'm Cheyenne. No Sereni, let's get into what to know. And where to go around metro Detroit after this. Today's episode is brought to you in part by Milo digital Milo digital is a full service digital marketing agency that engineers quality results through data and innovative strategies. Learn more at Milo Detroit dot com. Finally at long last. There will be one United bus fare card in metro Detroit. It's going to be called dart and we'll work on both Detroit's d dot and the suburban bus system smart. The new blue and white cards will launch may first dart passes will be available in four hour twenty four hour seven day and thirty one day increments. This will eliminate transfers and streamline the number of fair options between the two systems. The new cars will also have tapped pay feature where you could just wave them right over the fare box. A dart mobile app will be available this summer. The plan is for this to expand the queue line and Detroit people mover. But at timeline has been given yet. So now you will by bus fare much like on say the queue line, whereas for a block of time instead of paying twenty five cents for a transfer. Here's how that will work with the new system. It now cost two dollars for four hours and five dollars for a full day on the bus a monthly pass that works on all systems is seventy dollars reduced fares. Will. Continue to be available for people disabilities Medicare cardholders and youth. I this is so great Jair before had a kid. I used to take the bus all the time to and from work, and it really should have happened years ago. Didn't you have to take like two buses on the Woodward? Like you had to transfer at the state fairground. Right. I did because I worked too late in the evening. I would have to and when we say too late. It was like seven o'clock clock. Yes. That's too late in quotes. So I would take the dot from downtown woodwork upward get off at the state fair. And then pick up a smart bus to take me from the state fairgrounds, which is at eight mile to nine mile. This is part of what that fast bus help solve right? Like, that's why that was such a great innovation and it seeing ridership go up. Go figure you send buses out on times when people actually need them and people use them, right? Exactly. Staying with transit coulda high-speed rail service be viable between Detroit Ann Arbor and Toledo. The Toledo blade is reporting. That a study delivered this week to the Toledo city council says that setting up a fast passenger train service running at one hundred ten miles per hour on a t shape network linking the three cities would likely cost about five hundred twenty four million, and it could even turn an operating profit attracting more than five million writers year. It could also help with the road funding issue as it costs less to do this than plans to widen freeways. It's an interesting idea level Lincoln the show notes the full report. So there's a wild video making the rounds. Online showing a tow truck running into cars and a woman breaking the driver's side window of that tow truck with the bat so Cheyenne, you dug into the story to figure out what really happened. I did. So things often get shared online without any context or any new or more information. So I decided to really dig into this and before we get to deep into this. We're not including audio of the incident because we try to keep it clean, language wise here on the podcast, frankly, the audience rather disturbing, but we do have a linked to it in the show notes and on daily Detroit dot com. So here's what I was able to find out the tow truck driver lost control of his truck early on Wednesday morning at a and the police report said it was at one thirty in the morning. He then hit seven cars along grand river and wound up in front of us barring grill, so that's grand river. And I believe looking at your report telegraph. Yes, telegraph, then he kinda got swarmed by a bunch of very angry and possibly intoxicated bar patrons. It was it was a crazy scene and the video caption itself, actually, alleged the tow truck driver was intoxicated. What did you find out about that? That's really what interested me the most. Because that's a pretty big allegation. So I contacted the Detroit police department and they got back to me. And when I asked if the tow truck driver had been impaired. They said, no, I also spoke to the manager of the tow truck company, and he said that he was the driver was given a Breathalyzer on the scene, and he was cleared and was not intoxicated. Video was pretty gnarly. There was broken glass everywhere. Any update on that? When I spoke to the manager. He said that he took the driver to the hospital afterwards because the woman did break the window with with something. He said it was about. And so therefore the driver got cut. Well, it's crazy scene. We have a link up there. Here's the deal. People take care of each other. And yeah, this is not that was not the way to solve this whole situation. And we just wanted to make sure to dive into it because these are the kind of things when you talk about Facebook and news you need contacts. You need a little bit more research Cheyenne. Thank thanks for doing this work. Absolutely. The Michigan science center is offering free general admission this Saturday April twentieth to celebrate Earth Day throughout the day. There will be live stage shows, plenty of hands on exhibitions and Earth Day activities. Are we going to plant trees or something? I don't know if they're going to plant trees, but they have some pretty exciting stuff happening pretty cool. So this free day is being sponsored by Denso. And here's the deal. You cannot just show up you need to go ahead and Preregister to be admitted into the science center for this. Because otherwise it could be just a crazy field day. We will have a link to that in the show notes. It'll be a fun time. And you're the parent in town excited about this one. Absolutely. I always love taking the toddler to the science center. Do you think you have what it takes to be a wheel of fortune contested? The twenty-seven foot winnebago wheel mobile will be making a stop at the Aretha Franklin amphitheater on Saturday may eighteenth and Sunday may nineteenth. They're on the hunt for show contestants from metro Detroit. Now, the Aretha Franklin amphitheater that used to be Shane park. Right. Correct. Here's what you need to know. There will be a total of six shows during the two day event. Anyone who is interested in playing wheel of fortune can fill out an application one hour before each show begins. Then the shows will take place at twelve pm one thirty pm and three PM each day. The wheel mobile host will then pick contestants at random to do a show our interview and play a version of the wheel of fortune speed up round. Anyone who comes on stage will be considered to be a future contestant on the televised show and could be contacted at a later date. You'll also walk away with some wheel of fortune. Swag. If you get on stage. We'll have a link about the wheel mobile in the show notes. I wonder if there will be a puzzle for pad save Jack about climate change. A former sand and gravel mine will become a new off road vehicle park. And it's looking for a name. Here's some of the details in case, you didn't know the new park will be in grove island in Holly townships and will be jointly run by a collaboration between the Michigan department of natural resources parks and recreation division, and the Oakland County parks and recreation commission back in two thousand seventeen the DNR purchase two hundred and thirty five acres with the help of a two point nine million dollar grant. And earlier this month, the Oakland County board of commissioners approved a twenty year operating agreement with the DNR the park will be open to all types of offroad vehicles, including full-size vehicles side-by-side 's all-terrain vehicles, ATV's and motorcycles. So if you ever had that dream of flipping your Jeep here, you go it's plan to open in the summer of next year. So here's where you come in. The Michigan DNR is looking for a name for this park web link in the show notes for where to submit it just be sure to get the ideas in April twenty six I don't know if they're gonna go for gravel McGrath. Will face. And with that I'm shy into Sereni. Thanks so much for listening to the daily Detroit podcast. And I'm Jerry stays take care of each other. And we'll see you around Detroit. You're listening to the podcast Detroit network. Visit WWW dot podcast Detroit dot com for more information.

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