Anime Podcasters 85: Death Battles We Need!!!!


Hi Guys. Welcome back. We bring you episode of Anime PA casters. Today I am back with my main host, my desk parallel homey. Barrel Home Bray my best. Friend in the whole wide world hotshot has the man. It's going going good. It's going fine going just straight right on did. To be here today in all seriousness today, we have a topic that we've done once before a long time ago, but we're rehashing because it's been two or three years at least is this podcast that we did. We are going to be coming up with five death battles, each enemy based battles that we're GONNA pitch to screw attack I really wanted to take this podcast is opportunity like let's tweak this to the death battle researchers. Let's chat all. CORETEC let's get that out there. That's on their celebrate or something and let like, let's just give them like ten. MAYBE THEY WANNA WANNA use we. We took the time to come up with five death battles each and we're gonNA. We're. GonNa go over this hotshot how you feel about the your pigs in now and everything how's it going I'm feeling all right but. Honestly like one that I, that I've been wanting to see forever they actually announced that they're doing the cannon battle of it like officially announced so I can't fall back on that one anymore. So I act fast. So I actually had to come up with new battles because I was I was I was holding onto hope for that one but now apparently it. It's being worked on Great. They're making your wish come true. poor you mad socks. I'm sorry to hear that. Well, Saks when we're doing a topic about it and I can't talk about my dream despot a one, it's happening but it's OK hotshot because I'm here for you I. had. That hurt me than you know. I went through our older podcasts. We did all this episode Twenty Eight, I think are twenty nine. And here are some of the battles we came up with hotshot we had zoro versus Satsuki Levers Zuko Yangshao longer the right gay we had use cavers Fash we had L. Verses Mono- Cuma we have male Yoda's versus Naruto Sakura Versus Arman which you picked that's still to this day makes makes no sense to me midori overs this curio. Ruby versus Maka and soul and Ken Connor Dickie versus Lellouche. That was what we came up with last time and I wanNA say the Maka versus Ruby one that's the one that can that's coming out is it yeah that's that's the one. Well I saw tweeted a while back at least Canley announced but like it's not being worked on yet I'm not sure while you call them at least hotshot maybe listen to podcasts they were like Oh man we're GonNa make it happen. Yeah. Three years later. Yeah exactly. All right. So before we get into this Let let me know let the audience know what wouldn't you pick your battles The factors that play I tried to do like similar a similar character types or similar like fighting styles like similar ways of going into combat to go head to head with each other I wasn't gonNa have like a long range fighter go against like someone close range or like someone who could use the supernatural building like say. From Nardo and put them in something. That's just. Like power. Rangers. For example, like I know it's not an anti but just go with it basically if their power set reminds me or is similar to me in any way that's what I tried to go on for. Okay. See for myself I really wanted to do A. Really good picks like really good choices something that's going to work for sure something that the audience would get behind i. feel like I I went more for a voice of the people kind of thing. So would you like to go first or? Should I can I go I? I'll go first because I think my first one is going to surprise you a little bit. We're setting the tone here hotshot. So set the tone we're setting a tone. Yes. So I'm GonNa do this in a teasing way that I'm going to reveal the death battle is because why not tease the tone before you said it shot So. Both these characters seeming to be unkillable both these characters have unworldly power behind their ours in their arsenal like they can use unworldly power and both these characters are just us not bad people at all these two characters. My I ask battle is won punch man Saitama Versus Kurosawa say? Oh my gosh. Here's here's the thing. So I'm just GONNA put it out there in the verse one of those who characters in within one of my battles I'll just say. Okay. But I don't know I don't see death battle putting sight to mine there ever. No I. Know I know but this would be hilarious this it'd be hilarious. This would be it's the pony versus deadpool Communist vibe getting here right because curson say can be obliterated. We all know this but he can regenerate in like even from the tiniest of forms or even when he's like in his. Like defensive little shell that he has put himself into eight can't be penetrated like even by anti him anything. So laying now so he can regenerate he has like the ultimate defense he can go mach twenty, and then side tomorrow can literally just like destroy anything in single punch my question is can he destroys a a so badly that even he can't regenerate I think no, but then Sense. They actually can't sight tomato and do any actual physical damage to him and that I'm not sure either it like this one throws a bunch of questions up in the air like canvas actually happen or can can he actually land to hit or anything like that? Especially, if Kirsten's going mach twenty and sites among going God knows how fast. I remembering site the most moon feet remember when he like it took him like what twelve seconds to do from the moon to earth or something like that. So I don't know what that intensive speech equates to, but I'm sure he's moving faster than. Ben Mc Twenty. Yeah for sure like one hundred percent like there's no, there's. All. Yeah well, yeah. Kiss occurs sunset like he'll go to like the states or anything and be back like in time for class but then again, he's also taking his time in everything too. So my question is is much money like the fastest. Or is that just like his standard? I don't know. I. Don't know what like obviously we're approaching this. I should say this and stop the show but we're pushing this for me. This is what would be cool to see we're not going to like. Find a conclusive win for sure. We're just giving our thoughts here in general but. I just I strongly feel that site them I will be faster site, punch harder and Saitama. I mean Ma- maybe courses he has. In his arsenal and more different like difference, suffocating us and everything. But at the same time like scientific, just get a hold of you and it's over right like I take one budget you think like for for normal humans and for Meta human study meets in His universe and Hell even aliens that he meets in His universe. Yeah. That's exactly how it goes but no, no one in one punch man that I can think of at least has ever come close to the same kind of character that curls sense is or the same kind of being that he is right It's it's hard because I'm trying a I'm trying to think here that the king was pretty now keep in mind boy to give you know like boroughs you what do you think boils? Yeah. The final game in season one, the alien was. Yeah Yeah for yeah. Okay. I know what you mean now. McHugh the hell boroughs I'm not hungry right now. Now that's a character Hud. Burrito. I mean he he gave insights tomorrow at least a slight push to where sites to my head to get like these slightest bit serious. But like no one has done that to curl sunset yet unless they pissed off his students in which case they just pissed him the fuck. And There's this other village in season two. I don't WanNa go too much into. Garut. This guy's this guy like doesn't like. I said he he he takes s class fighters to here and he's not that not that bad of fighter really not that bad he's he has endurance and I could see him maybe fighting against say so I just feel like we're ranking the assassination classroom universe versus the one punishment universe site the Mo- wins in my opinion like this is the site, the MOCHA. It I do think it is essentially to win especially like if he gets curson saying the water or anything in that regard at all. Yeah. But at the same time, it would still be awesome to see. It would be I don't discredit whatsoever for sure it would I just like to frankly unkillable beings just going head to head with each other until one of them falls like those kind of battles I actually really yeah right on but but when push comes to shove I, am GonNa have to give you agree with you and I am going to have to say I'd probably have to decide to yeah okay. So I should probably go to my first Unless. You have anything else you WANNA say hotshot no I'm getting. Okay. So my first fight like differently sprint off the. One of the more recent enemy death battles that the death penalty did UH. All night versus my guy, can you guess what my fight would be based off those two characters I mean no rock levers. You had. Allen Yeah you see have the senses. Let's get the students going see. There's precedent here first of all mid Doria versus Rockley would be amazing and like M- like just from like for for. The thing is we already saw their abilities like being little via. All night and my guy. Use of the strong fist. Broccoli in his type Jitsu dynamic entry leave hurricane leaves. Drop Leaf. World. Win. The the gates obviously being another above. Leases all the leave from what I can tell could only open up to the sixth gate I haven't seen him push past the sixth gate so That's Something that we could not down for. Sure. And then he also like his drunk fist like I would love to see drug fists. And he? Also, like when we when you think about like Rockley speed, we remember like you know he takes off his his weights when he was finding as getting and like he's fat, he's moving faster than the I can catch right? Right. So and that's just another way. The I remember him like being able to like being really powerful and. If I'm not mistaken he had this one fighting Shapur. where he destroyed Lake. A huge chunk rock like almost like a meter size I think. Winning, assist six gate. He does a bunch of awesome battle. So so that's like for Rockley, that's just and then when we're talking about Majoria, obviously, we got like one for all his thing because originally obviously he was cordless. And when he uses like twenty percent he can lie you know jumping bursts or he can like do the air bullets. A he wasn't like matching it up completely like he's fighting a twitter rookie and he's like flicking his hands and he's breaking one finger time remember in the tournament. So that's another thing. That's there at the other thing that's like relates these both these characters have recoil right? The primary lowest recoil for all recode unless it's like fully mastered. So there's a lot of like INS and outs here that go. And so I think it would be a great battle. I was really thinking that it would be a. More on. Remember like he uses said he he uses like. One hundred percent of wines and I want to go. I know you didn't finish the season. He goes even further now in a decade is one for all he's fighting like that Not Overload. I know the name. Dead. Hall overhaul overall. Finding is we're hall okay. Cool. With with the I can't remember the girl's name either on his back but with her on on his back because she kept rewinding his quirks that we wouldn't get into. I've played it the the game covered it. I mean speed wise. I think rock. He's got him because like like keep up with Lake what's that guy's name the here killer is GonNa be Suada bonus here like it would be a fight for both of them but I would have to give the win to Lee because the only reason that Madeira was even able to use one hundred percent one for all was because of the girl on his back rewinding him, he's still can't fully master like he can use one for all enough to where he can use like a certain percentage but if he over does it then he still gonNa break something and Majoria but then when strategy comes into play because he's a brilliant strategist when it comes to taking down people stronger than him but he's also incredibly reckless. You can actually like us all or how many times he can exceed the limit or anything like that. It would be a hell of a fight but was leased willpower alone to dislike overcome like now he's doing this. Okay. I'll just have to be way better than that, and that's exactly what we will do like he doesn't take it Hadi cycles like Lee sees strategies and has used these used against him and has come off himself. But even though most of his strategies result in just beating the enemy now I feel like he can. Just like overcome any strategy that minority can come through or if he can't overcome than, he can just like power through them with with his speed and everything especially with the negates 'cause older Lee actually doesn't have the the restriction of Primary Lotus that was when he was again. But when he's a, he's a tuning when he's joning, he can overcome it. He can use it like no problem. Yeah. I just think like the the one thing that Lee might not have undocumented deco as an I I might be completely wrong when they say Is. Like an actual. attack. Poignancy like I remember like. Decorate smashing that robot when he was like just starting and he used like one for all for the very first time But like lease also done some pretty big blows like I mean he absolutely destroyed the arena when he was getting against Gara. So I, don't know but I think it will Raleigh would win. That's that's how I make sure that being said I think it'd be A. Great battle that anime fans would be high up for this one for sure. It would be a sequel to to the all my versus guy, and that death battle loan was probably their most popular if not like most sought after. But at the same time, do you think this would still get them as excited because it'd be like rehashing the same fight in a lot ways like I know. Way Different than all my Lee isn't really all that different because the my hero fans are bitter they're stir symbol of peace lost. Okay. Well, I best your decker could destroy Rockley. Okay Boo. Let's make it happen. It's like a rematch and then latest Roy's Docu Danieli. So yeah. That's how that's how I see this one playing out just because like a deck has a tendency to think too much and like try to get into an area where he thinks too much and lead doesn't like he'll think when he's on the on the battlefield and he will save a strategy but he's more. So focused on just taking down hoosier veteramn like he'll think of how to do it but he's he'll just charge in before he can more often than not especially if like if his blood starts spoiling if I borrow, it was just like another point of Maderas Checklist Raimondo Mentor. So he's had more people like to teach him stuff. So that could help him potentially just. A vehicle it'd be cool fight. Yeah. Just my job to turn. All right. So I actually have a here academia character in mind too but it's not who you're thinking of its go. So both these it's not Balki. Oh, I actually thought of one for Bucky. Oh. Okay. This one is Momo versus Edward. elrick. Okay That's abstract. How. How's it? How's it would come up with that? Okay. Well, let me when he's through it then real quick. So with Momo, having the ability like her quirk is creation. So basically, she understands the molecule structure of whatever she's trying to create. She can create it at will, but it takes time for her to create said objects, which is why when she in the heroes sponsorship tournament that she almost immediately lost because he couldn't react fast enough to create her items. Meanwhile on Ed side, he can create anything for out. Of the materials that he takes from like no transfer transferred circle no nothing like that. Basically as long as he takes something from an item, he can create something new from that item like taking a chunk of concrete and then just like crafting it into like a dagger or something. So with both these creation s tracks to him. It just leaves like to the imagination like literally can come up with and it. It's kind of like a lantern fight from DC like green lantern fought against different green lantern literally the only. Bummer is your imagination. That's kind of what I'm basing this one off of because they can both create out. It would be yet go ahead. Sorry like like did that Momo can create anything as long as he understands it like she could create flash fangs, she could create a sword or one of my favorite says she creates a electrical insulated cloak. So like electricity can get through but ed like mainly using his arm and a lot of it like making his blade or making staff a shield or like basically using the floor around him to project himself up onto a pillar and stuff like that i. just think it'd be a lot of fun going back and forth. I think that it would just be one of those. They both have the same abilities they have the similar repertoire. But like Rick Wins Right 'cause Mamo is good. But now like she's she's definitely lower tier character in my here academia and I feel like Elrick is a main character just has more in his arsenal is is that he has more here's more in his arsenal. He's done more. He's definitely experienced more combat like Mojo has fought but like mainly it's been her brain power her through, which has almost every. Every fight the she's been in, but never to the of like. A major opponent down meanwhile in foam at Aucas pick literally almost any bad guy that you can think of Ed has taken down at one point or another, and I am going to have to back you up. I. Do think I'm going to have to give this win to Ed, but it would just be amazing to fight just because of like how creative both garage I see I see where you're coming from with that I honestly. Mobile I've seen her action I obviously elrick less and less elrick, but in general. elrick, we wouldn't in my opinion just because I. Almost like in the early beginnings of her of her. Life as a battle person. When wife as a combatant? Yeah. Whereas ed literally has to take down all the corrupted alchemist in his area or like when wrath takes over takedown basically anyone wraps sends out. Yeah or any targets that not that he has at the time he has experienced these combats like a lot of which, without Alice, help in a lot of which were like something happens to Alan edges losing. So like experience alone yeah. I'M GONNA have to give the thing is here. So can I go to my next battle? Okay forty years here. I I. Have a battle lined up. It's a great battle, but there's one of the characters. There's so many versions of this character. I don't know which one to pick. So I'm just going to go with like the one that you know and just in general like just like the. Asterix. On this fight like I would love to see any iterations of that character versus the WOM- So I'm picking from Samurai Shampoo Morgan do you see what I'm talking about here? I was trying to think of another characteristic him. Okay. Go on a sore fighters is the same here I would pick cya from blood seat. It would yeah. Honestly like blood see unfortunately I've only seen that first episode discuss everything else have been kept by reports end Samurai Shampoo I've seen to episodes. But I but I know the sword skill that both of these characters have. From what I've seen at least, it does seem to be close talking. Cools contest the thing here is that Mcginn is really unorthodox. His his findings style if you can remember it. It's basically like break dancing with a sword. That's what it is. It's like spending young jumping slashing black and like Sayas very like formerly trained and refined, and you can see your like definitely like putting up a strong fighting against the burns throughout blood you saw the first part of it and the similar speeds I feel like their strength is pretty similar maybe Muga Nesbitt more. We'll probably has a bit more experience being older as vagabond a drifter. He's hired as a mercenary, but like science fought lay incredible monsters that Mugabe's never fought before. So balances out and then in terms of strength I just I don't know I really think like this would be amazing. Just line lineup to sort fighters, devolve swords, and we'd be like a Samurai fight would be amazing. It'd be like Afro Jag versus. What was the other guy? The other Samurai of the headband you mean Samurai Jack versus. Samurai. You combine both of them. You them. What you did was developed between those two U., shaped, Afro Samurai and. Jack. You made. Josh. Thing that there's been a death battle of that of those two before it was really great. It would be like you know battle has done this before. So yeah, it would be an awesome fight between these two and I could just see them just going at it and. I if I had to pick if I had to pick I, think Mugabe wins. Maybe that's all I got. It's honestly like I said, I have a lack of evidence on both of these fighters. So unfortunately, I can't get a dive too deep into it but from the experience that I've heard about for both these characters or as Moog take sound like bounty hunters and like other Samurai else whereas cya hunts down literal monsters capable of destroying the entire town or city I'm GonNa have to give the fighting owls. I'm going to have to give the wind Asya but again, I'm speaking with a very limited deck here take with a grain and. It's a cold call for the to. Say Yeah Amazing fight like it would be great, it would be great. The only way to know for sure is to see that's on. One of these happened at least within a year. Okay. Next Paik hotch go go ahead. So so refresh my memory. In in Samurai Jack Versus Effort Samurai. Did Afra-, win or lose you're putting me. In a long since I've seen it, I think that I think that's right. Jack Wins I. Think I'm going to go I'M GONNA. Go ahead okay. Well, the e, the possible winner of that fight efforts high is in my next battle So again, I don't know whether he won or lost, but point being he was in as before, but I have Afro Samurai versus psycho from high school the Death Oh interesting. Okay. Okay. So psycho from high school, the dead has been trained in the. Way of the sword like maybe not to Samra s levels, but she's been trained with the swords. He's been trained with firearms in seed basically most down like a wave of zombies. Meanwhile, Afro has fought other other Samurai. He's fought in bounty hunters, people with guns and rocket launchers taken them down. So they have kind of a similar, a battle aspect to sovereign drafting. Psycho Samurai Jack one that one. Okay. So F over a loss once maybe he'll lose again. But more of a point just like these these similar kind of experiences like with fighting waves of enemies at once or fighting severely outclass firepower like psycho has used guns before but Afro has also reflected bullets before and has proven to be a master of the sword when it comes to. Sort on sword combat psycho. However, we haven't seen really a whole lot of anyone coming after her with a sword. We've just seen mowed down zombies. So it'd be kind of a trial for her to see like how she would handle another swordsman opponent and I'm I'm just curious to see how that man I just I I don't know these two like I remember watching is. He's very in the back of my mind and Afro Samurai. All I know is from the debt battle. Is. A really tough. Colin I. It's one of those I can make a decision. I can't make a decision like because obviously high school today was very gun based but this so but then yeah, africom Reich but some. Psycho. Like for a lot of it, like her go to that. Okay. tough call. So I'm going to have to I'm going to have to say my vote for though would have to go to afro mainly because he's experienced like opponents with the with swords coming after before the most that psychosis outweighs is. Facing down hordes of zombies that have like their teeth in clause in everything else. So I'm not sure if she's fought with another someone with another sword I can't remember but from experience alone I'm GonNa have enough Okay. Let me think here I don't know Can my next one yet this year fourth one two. This is my third one. Rockabilly. And Oh? Yeah 'cause 'cause that's right. 'cause you went second I'm used to media made you pay who went I I know that's just goes I wanted to make sure that you didn't Martin I'm going to go to the battle where you've picked one of the characters I'm doing. psyched Emma. Versus tnn from a guy. From Dragon Ball. Sized over. Is it just because they're ball because Saitama Win I don't know man I don't know it's just counselor behind I really feel like I don't like I feel like you're basing this off lack of hair and nothing have events potential the both of them the. A zillion different creatures. Aliens. They fought humans. And they're both lay martial artists. There's more than just a lack of hair. There's like there's a precedent here the most fist fighters like. I honestly like let's just thinking back and looking at at. Technique wise. He has way more than sites. Well scientific has done. That's what. Exact saying that like you. The the after Midget, he site the most more limited in his arsenal of combat TNT. I'm sorry has more experience and I just think. Tank Him Fly Kim blindside. Does a lot here like can maneuver around and I honestly think just in general that versus. We don't know how strong today's he's. It's hard to cap it. But sorry I had this gut feeling that the dry new-ball universe is stronger in general than the one man universe I think is ridiculous to just pick. Saitama, MBA. Yeah. She can punch anyone and they'll die no being characters that he's punched in the Anime Dad Survived Okay and I remember in season one two was one character just punched me fell to the floor but the character didn't die you know and I just think in general it's not it's not impossible to give a fighting chance I. Don't know what do you think I think you have valid points where like yes to my has left some of his I'm just GonNa come victims alive but at the same time, let's let's give. Let's give sight to the benefit of the doubt. Let's say T N throws off his key blast flair. Moss. Lars for some reason can't touch him. Ultimate move is the key coho and with every use that weakens him that leg shuts him down almost the point of like if you use it enough, it will kill him. So his alternate move is a suicide move side to my has no such move like that. So if basically sites just walk through everything else which I have a high thought that he. Can he just has to wait for ten to literally kill him? So okay here's the thing about it. I think about it this way we just of like, let's compare the two universes like think of Saitama being able to like jump from the moon to like planet earth and we think he's super fast for that because they didn't like a couple of seconds, right? Can we agree that that is acquitted jumping speed he jumped he he made it back. Okay let's that's Saitama and we can agree that it's like superstar. Think about when Piccolo was a dragon ball Z destroyed. An sorry Mosey early say inside typical destroyed the moon right from birth. He's she shot a blast to destroy the moon right and Atlanta and a couple of seconds and he was able to like cheap up with like rats. At that point you know industrial attacks from Raddatz that was like Dragon. Ball. You know and we've had the freeze for that the cell saga the. Super where like was fighting god-like fighters in the tournament power like he? He is like on another level I really think drama universe is like so powerful that like when we introduce God's distractions and stuff like that, and then was recruited as one of the tenth strongest fires on from his universe like I really think that like just like thinking of his Kiko. A suicide move is like, yes sure. But that was against like I for a second sell online when he was not as strong as somebody as where he was compared to what is at now with like how how crazy like he was taking on punches from. From adult go home and super and was able to take him and like keep fighting. I. Just really think in general. Just has way more plus key is a way. So. Crazy and drag him although this. Potential techniques he could do with them with his ourselves. He can overwhelm a slight them I. Really. Being, able to take this, I might just not give in an enough credit because just like obviously when I'm watching Dragon Ball like I'm more focused on Goku or any of those others I don't really pay much attention to Yom Chen Tian like over in the background characters as much as I obviously should because from what you described yet does sound like he'd. Give fighting chance but at the same time I just for some reason, I might just be biased I can't separate the fact that like sites Emma would I wouldn't be able to somehow dodge a lot of these attacks like maybe get hit by one or two but like not show any damage cause he hardly ever has from like any other gods cereal lots. Man. I WANNA WANNA bust that right there like there's no gods your level. You know what I mean like ultimate powerful attacks that have hit this guy but he just kinda just. Like. Can I go home now? Wait then sending though is that those super powerful attacks that were like the he got hit with we're like at the level of his universe and I'm trying to tell you drug super is on a whole other plane of existence I think like with how powerful this is like we have characters who can destroy universes and stuff but yeah but you're not you're not gonNA give you're not gonNA throw like say say you throws Tian into one punch man's universe whereas like none of the Dragon Ball rolls apply it's just one patrols or if you throw sites into Dragon Ball Universe, none of the One punch man rules apply it's just dragon ball that's not fair to either fighter they fight in their own like what is Canon to them? Univer the. Fight with fighters from their universe and then they meet up and fighting a death battle. Right? He has more experience. But they have their universe rules of. have their fees from the university. We look at all you strong enough to do this. To do that, but like I'm just saying like look at who fights on a regular basis for since, who site to my fights on a regular basis Lewis Hudson grows learns get stronger. He's Marshall. Marshall Strain site them brawler. Okay. Like he's more refined and another thing that ten can use like a I'm sure could help is the multiform technique. All right. Let's not forget that he has a Jillian more techniques that we're like not even considering Dotan Ray like she has more in his arsenal and he has more experience and he he's fuss stronger characters than sites Emma site demise like very strong and he's able to take out. He's Joe character where he's able to take out these characters, his enemies in one punch but like if you take any of the characters that he's one punch against. Capacity One punch those characters as well because of how powerful has gotten at the point that he is enjoyable. Super plus the Mungo continues after that. So there's even more stuff from we haven't seen that I. Think. It's. Just, I just think like the when you see this battle, you see Saitama you see he's a one punch he's so powerful, but then you forget has done so much more and he's like on a different level of experiences with like the universe house the you're versus versus the One Punch universe that like these two against each other like Tian wins he just does I I can't see him not winning and I can't see me so I guess we're done great conversation. I. Want to keep going on this subject I love this and You're you're draining me here since? It's legitimately just because like when it comes to ten, I don't have enough information like like personally personal information 'cause a lot of what I'm hearing is I can hand and I don't doubt you at all. But at the same time, what's he and he says to me at least one of the characters I push in the back of my mind and don't pay attention to so that that's honestly all I'm basing this off. I have no doubt that he's done everything that you've said because you have no reason to lie to me and say this time with lose this out of the state of being bitter but like I. It's just just just to me sights sounds like he would. He would still win this but that's because I'm putting sites. I'm applying one hundred as. Like what I'm trying to understand here is like when you are looking at like when you're making your decision, right are you taking like what I said into account as like this? Can do this jake and do all those things. Are you saying he might be able to? So I think is GonNa win like what are you doing i? I'm honestly going back and forth between like what I think tha could actually handle, and whereas would have issues with some of these other monsters like size. Maybe, take more than one punch maybe to punch maybe even a kick but feel like he would still be able to take them down. So let's for for example here. Let's Okay. So you you know season two of one punch I don't. So you might know like more enemies site come up against that haven't gone down with one punch and that might be driving you're. Driving what you know more than what I know. So you might be right Tian might walk away with this one but with everyone that I've at least seen t n fight like I've seen him fight sal. I've seen him fight against boo I've seen them fight sell junior I've seen him a fight against a Napa of like I've seen him basically Z. More than I haven't super and he always goes down like every time but I'm I'm thinking that site smoke could take them down relatively but like I I guess what I'm trying to say here is like when you look at a drama super which I understand, you ever seen where we've gone over this has times. Is just like the tournament of power is like the cream of the crop fighters and he's fighting against like like God level characters and he's taking some of them out right? Like she drops early in the tournament power but he's still able to keep up with like those like Gao characters that I really don't see site my even standing a chance against right and. So. I guess what I'm saying is that. When I'm saying what? I'm saying those things and you like take that like makes it so. There's ver- very unlikely for him to win as well. I'm trying to say but like yeah, maybe maybe when I see a determine power myself finally, maybe I'll change my mind on this. Maybe I will agree with you and Saint John Wick, but with the information, I have enough. This is why I love podcasting 'cause like this is like this is what I live for. All right. Go Go. Sometimes sometimes, you can convince me other times. I stand my ground, but I never seem to no matter what. I'm just going to be doing now. Now I'm just going to send I'm just GONNA do no. I'm going to send you that clip just me going no one time and here lupus like every. Second happening in the PODCASTS. All right. So I'm cheating a little bit here but not really because you have accepted this as an animate even though in the world of many even even though it's animated like an anime who it is not an anime. Okay you're picking Picking by picking Zuko versus not so. I mean. Yeah. But that the Nazis I think this one is like a one like I know who wins already not to wins who do you think when's not such a stronger than? A human and not like I haven't seen fairytale but like I've seen like fights and fairytale and. Okay, keep up but go please go ahead. Let's not let's not just start. Let's start the argument after your explanation put so much to being a fire slayer wizard he has the ability to use basically fire spells and come up with different abilities around fire even eating other fire sources to increase his overall power. So say he finds it towards he'll eat a news dragon flaming war, which is basically fireball Jitsu, and basically it will be just like way more powerful he can eat his own flames but to him, they're not a stacey. Meanwhile, Zuko has the ability to control. And manipulate fire and dislike bendit around to as well. So I have just a feeling that fire attacks against the experienced suco wouldn't really do a whole lot because he's able to dispel them he's able to separate them and control and manipulate them. So when it comes to not having the firepower, Zuko has a backup being the Blue Spirit. He's also trained in hand to hand combat and dual sword-wielding. So He has other abilities to play off of here Nazi on the other hand like he can fight fist phys but a lot of his abilities deprive heavily on viral. All right. So just seeing that go back and forth like maybe not does get lucky in Atlanta fire blast on Zuko or maybe a zoo goes ability to control. Fire is more than enough for for Nazi, to handle and he comes through with comes through with swords and finally guts not sue. There's several ways that this can go. All depends on lake demand in control or supply and control. I guess like can not sue dish out more than enough than Zuko can handle or is not just going to underestimate tzoukatos ability to control fire, and then just completely lose it. It could go either way in my eyes but why why are you so have? has like more points. Does Not compared to anything that Zuko that's that's the the illustration I have in my head but the thing is I, haven't no. But like because he's an animator like just attack point of view it doesn't matter experience anything. It's just like the sheer willpower and just strength he possesses like what the hell how I get the Blue Spirit Cra- great. You put a mask on you've got to blades, but like Bro you're gonna Melt Bro you're GONNA belt we're GONNA do marshmallows Zuko that's what's going to happen I. don't see not sue losing I don't you also have Retail. So you don't know about magic. Limits you can run out of magic ability. You can run out of being able to use your spouse. You can drain yourself out Zuko on the other hand can't do that with fire. He literally has it until it's not around anymore he can even create it in snow like he's at a horrible disadvantage, but he can still create it from absolute nothing. It's air as long as he's in air or anything that can sustain oxygen, he can make fire. So the literally the only way is underwater, but not to can't use his fire underwater either. And like I said, Zuko can had a hand and actually fight. Again not so much and please tell me how Zuko because I really feel like you. Think's GonNa win this. That's like how you're. Arguing that's what it sounds to me right now apparently coming from the the Wiki here from the very wiki wiped out nine hundred, seventy, three soldiers that once destroyed the tower I've haven't. Lived in a large stone slab once shot a war God move faster than i. i- site melted calcium with his heat like please tell me how. Can. I don't a little ball Zuko. Zuko remains a human fire bender whose skilled but like he doesn't match not this is one of those like you know when taboo. there. Was it. Flash, versus quicksilver and everyone's like Oh. That's cool. We everyone knew flush was GonNa win like if you throw this one on their everyone's going to be a announcers GONNA win. That's what's going to happen I what I can't see with outwitting like he has mentioned. Seeing seeing the feeds as differently as they are from Avatar in fairytale I do I know I making the argument for Zuko to win but I'm but that's not what I actually believe. I do not to overwhelm Zuko but I wonder I wonder at least like say that Zuko has a fighting chance his abilities do create at least a chance for not sue but I do think that not will events going on one out of one hundred times because. He's know he was there. He stabbed him in the face and he died instantly. That's what that's what happened. That's how go was stabbed him in the face. That's it. Kale. I don't. mean. Blue. Wasn't assassin. So I kind of place that kind of. Thing. I I do I do I understand what you're saying like with how overpowered not sue is especially you know main character trope and everything else I do understand everything you're saying I just think that Zucca would at least be able to put up a fight but I do overall agree with you in saying that Nazi would probably walk away with the win. All right. I. Want to go to my next battle. Okay. This battle is not fist fighting. It's a battle of the brains for sure and this this might mark my words. This death battle will happen. It's just a matter of time I'm picking. This one's on the message boards everywhere this what needs to happen on talking about Lellouche for Yoga, me as. A great battle in the sense that these two characters compared all the time. These characters are argued about all the time and I, don't don't. I. Don't WanNa. Get too deep into the semantics obviously the power of Joss being able to look in the ice and tell them to do something and they works on them. Once if illusion is able to simply just look in the eyes and kill yourself. Lellouche wins and if light against the she demon Gami is writes down Lellouche Damer away light winds and can ended up in its is well, there's a lot more going on in the browns year that makes it a very convoluted. This would be this is probably one of those fights those propose and. Guys escort like we're going to spend like literally the rest of our lives trying to figure out who wins this but I just think. Overwhelmingly Lellouche most likely wins I know you're not fan but just in general just think about like this, the guy can see your name arrived on a piece of paper. The guy the other guy can look at you are your eyes until it to kill yourself who do you think? and. They're both very strategic. Who Do you think in general could win or is it a toss up? Honestly I gonNA say a tossup because. Actually well, if In order Okay. Let's say a lights accepts the the dove allies successive. The data's if he accepts insurances, lifespans does the name appear in people's heads immediately I'M GONNA have to give it to light because with him, you can see the name immediately and you can see it from a distance especially with how smart is plus everyone knows a name like in in his universe at least however when it comes to light, he's your average high school student by like no one ever pays any attention to and honestly light hardly looks people in the is like he'll look El is because he's going up against L. again here he's going up against Bush. But will lose house active right he has satisfied were active in order to actually use it. Meanwhile, lights is active passably it's active all the time like he doesn't have to do anything special other than accept the deal. So from what I understand from both characters in that aspect, if amusing, legitimately just their own special tools I'd have to go to light however, it will lose also trains military style like he can use guns, you can use weapons. So he would also have an advantage there whereas Melvin light doesn't have any of that too in the sense that like do think Lellouche would win in a sense of what light needs to do is like stalled the match to be able to like in the spot and get the is and get the name and ride. Steps to everything, right? Lellouche. Has He has this robot he can get into and everything. So I guess the robot, his face, it's harder to see to see him and the thing is Lellouche. Whereas a mask and I'm not sure if the rules say but I'm pretty sure if someone's face and wearing a mask. Kinda screwed. I'm pretty. Sure. Face. Well I thought I didn't name on head like. Can't think of their facebook writing down their name. So Oh, well, then fucking yeah we'll lose I didn't I didn't remember that. At. All again, not a fan of that. CARE Lellouche has. As a partner and lighthizer Euch. bucs board cryptic. Cut It helps a like a little bit but like. Devoted to bluish and his way more going to be able to help so. I think all right to give it to lose again. Don't really care about either series so I can't really give a detailed explanation. Like the member like. What you`re Kicked him but I'm GonNa have to give it to lose mainly for the. Lose more than like white anyway. I had a mobile battle. going. So my last fight has to do with John Mara that I absolutely love I haven't gotten a lot into any of the variety of storylines that they're in, but I love the idea of it. So here we go. The Genre is Mecca and I am picking Garon logon versus starlets Zia from Darlie in the Franks. Again, you have absolutely no idea what I'm speaking about Gordon log on. So the MAC from log on which is the title name and start let's From Darling in the Franks guard log on is a Mac that is into pieces. It's a torso and body piece alongside a head. So the body is called Laura on I think in the head is called Geron. So when their combined can actually operate macktaz, they have blasters, they have swords I think going log actually has a shield and starlets from darling the Franks is Favourite pink haired warned Girl Zero Two's Mac and I'm just saying that because like literally if you look at Arlington the Franks anywhere, you will find zero two and you remember exactly what she is or or what she looks like. And To in. Sorry. For back in order to operate starlets yet completely, she asked to be paired with her partner hero. So it has to have hero and zero to has jet powered boots a spear, basically ultra power red mode that like increases all of her feeds like. Three times over if that. Basically. Just a giant robot fighting a giant robot like there was nothing really all that special about either of them but it's just a giant fight I don't know why. But the the song raw bar Fai your favorite Martian was playing in my head has describing that that's Kind of. Kind of is would win. This is really tough for me to the hostile I. I'd like you just. GOING, logging. I'M GONNA go ahead please. Go had. ME. Personally. I'd have to give the win to start let's Ya and here's why if store Lucia is damaged and let's say like the cockpit gets damaged at all in hero dies in the Mac zero to not being heard percent human goes into a full on blood rage and she is one of the few of francs operators who can drive her Mac on her own and with euro dead. Instead of the you start, let's you like able to operate capacity like your actual standard. Francs, surly goes into like a wolf beast mode too where zero to is completely frantic and completely just ripping into anything in front of her. So with that bonus frenzy mode like she's completely unpredictable, he's completely unreadable. If she even like is able to Penn Gore log on down and just like tear into the head and the body I grown loggins done like I am going to have to give this one to start let's Ya if for anything for that failsafe intense, very intense. I guess I have to agree because. Like one of those. You know I don't know characters I also I. Mean you know them better and I'm looking at the wiki pages it's it's too hard to decipher. So I'M GONNA to simply agree I think I I will I will come clean here and say guard log on as much as I love it I haven't finished it so I could be missing some specs about the actual MEC itself but darling the Franks I have actually almost finished the entirety of the series so I've seen starlets yet number times the feats that sees achieved are way up there from what I've actually seen gone logon achieve. Then when I watched growing log on I'm mainly watch. But then again I was you can say you could you could play that way. Okay. Can I go to my final battle? Yup. Kind of a How can I say? I, pretty sure we all know who would win already. But just as one of those quick servers versus flash battles is because they're both. The way these characters lineup it's really cool. They are both. Like Eve evil characters, they're both major characters in their unique series. They're both lords they both have their own army they both go in a spaceship I'm talking about Lord burroughs versus. Freezer. Obviously, the ones I just thing from A. Say from a narrative point of view this like I feel like freeze. Lor boroughs like the mirror, each other and in many different ways. I mean turf told when me kill finally watched the one punch for the first time and made it to boroughs. We kind of looked at each other like that exactly can find. So obviously like we houses ones but now we we most commonly. Gold form of any was able to keep up with every single exe- fighter like we Piccolo Geeta Goku dot level characters and. Even, determine a power. Before the terminal power sorry. Assess these henchmen were higher to go over the freezer and use a Hawkeye which is gonNA destruction energy, and this is like you throw Hawkeye over on a building to billion. vaporizes just goes away and that's would like you something like a blue. Truck access to and one of the characters uses the attack on freezer and able to like. Close the attack back in and like not be killed by a gun of social energy. So we'll just like very, very powerful character, but then like, Lord boroughs is really cool and I just love. How strong he was versus. Sight to my any like he he put on an awesome fight like you just you put these two against each other and I could just see a great battle developing for sure. It'd be it would be a great fight. Especially, sons boroughs has that power up mode like just gain. You don't WanNa talk when I'm talking about right like when he buffs out. With him only having that one transformation and then freeze a having let let's give the benefit of the doubt. Freezes. Starts, form one. Like form one through three freezer. I feel like wouldn't be able to do a whole lot of quote unquote final form freezer would actually I feel like would be told us how the guy but then once freeze goes gold yellow now but that's A. Freezer win just because he lay overruns boroughs in every categories what I see. Yeah like power army size like this guy has the one spaceship that just like lands on one on one city in one punch man freeze on the other hand. Has An actual galactic awards working. Yeah. Okay. Obviously he's strong and it's fast. He does boroughs. Has a collective force behind him like he does maybe not as big, but it's still a collective force because. They gone for planned to plan to plan to destroy and everything, and it's like we've seen it happen before. The thing is like we've seen boroughs finding him. He's the here's an argument for Boris. Simo, Spungen and boss was able to regenerate right. Have, we seen freeze a fight someone who can regenerate and can. Like do e power attack powerful enough to defeat them give generate I think like freezer can not. Boroughs has been in space to dude you know it's not like. Okay. But the I'm trying to say is like, yeah, okay it's like it's not a complete wiping on the table because I like freezing we'll have to pull out like a death ball or something to. Like really destroy a boss and boys doesn't regenerate. He's going to have to go to the limit. I don't I don't think freezes. Freezing anyone to actually regenerate but he has fought people who have like resilient to damage to where like you have to do a metric ton of any attack ever to scratch on the guy. Like the but like this guy will will accept down regenerate. Yeah. But really you just have to output like faster than he can regenerate. Feel like they can actually do that in order for them to do. So he's going to have to like pull out one of his strongest attacks. Now, he's going to actually have to cry which would be like a death or something like adapt not. Or have, Guinea or have gone you body. That's definitely within the rows of their battle. Yeah. Right I. WanNa. See that happening. Back. I had rock Levers Decker cya versus Mubin light versus Lellouche sites versus Tian which t and Win Sight Boras Verses Freezer those were my picks. Go ahead hotshot what were your picks I I had sites tomorrow, versus say, Edward, our versus Momo Nazi versus Suco Afro Versus Psycho Ryan. Along The comments. Are, these vows GonNa Abbott are they worth it? What do you think? Who would who defeats who are we or wrong Ross dolls don't roast US whatever you like what go ahead or just Upside sorry to interrupt an just 'cause I'm curious guys. If we said any of these like if you're interested in any of them, let us know which one was your favorite I'm curious like what one would you guys out of these one actually. Mine. I think it's going to have to be late resolution but like a close second is rock levers deco but us but sizable versus just to prove you're. Saying I can't I can't. I can't choose again. Battle next five vows we got them for you. You're going to mind could. A final just ignore anything he says. If if anything if you were planning on doing any of these and we just so happened to talk about him, just both phone don't. All out and we're like okay I'll deal right now. Because, they've mentioned it. We're not going to do this. They just start scratching their whole projects. Yes. Okay. Okay. Let's wrap this thing. Otherwise just head. Over some, I'm just GONNA go ahead the artwork for podcasters provided by Gopro Keough. He's an amazing artist animator. 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