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Tommy Caldwell Pt. 2


Parkas listeners we have big news starting may seventh. All past and future episodes of hostage are moving exclusively to spotify. This move only applies to hostage and not to all other existing park cash shows. They'll remain available. Wherever you're listening to your podcasts may seventh kicks off our gripping three part series on the Iran hostage crisis chronicling the four hundred forty four day standoff that captivated the world. So if you're listening somewhere other than spotify we WANNA make sure you don't miss out on all these incredible episodes to ensure this you can download the spotify APP for free today. No payment is required. And you can listen to all of your favorite podcasts and Music. All in one place spotify makes things easy by including a follow button on every podcast so by following you'll get new episodes right in your library. You'll also be able to access the entire back catalogue whenever you want simply type hostage in the spotify search bar and start listening for free today. Remember this move only applies to hostage and not to all other existing parkas shows. They'll remain available wherever you listen to your podcasts. New episodes of hostage premier every Thursday. Get them as soon as they come out free. And only on spotify this episode features discussion of kidnapping and violence that some people may find offensive listener discretion is advised especially for children under thirteen on August. Twelve two thousand twenty two year old professional. Rock CLIMBERS TOMMY. Caldwell his girlfriend bath and their friends. Jason and John were captured by members of the affiliated Islamic Movement of. Who's Becca Stan? Or I m you as the rebels rifled through their belongings fellow prisoner to rot. Tried to warn Tommy through gestures. He dramatically pointed to his bloody clothes held up three fingers and made throat-slitting gesture with his hand. Tommy panicked thinking their captors. Were going to kill the three American men and disappear with Beth into the countryside but Toronto quickly recognized. The terror in Tommy's eyes and cried yet yet. No No. He continued gesturing until he was able to make his story. Clear to Rod. Who was a sergeant in? The Kirgiz army been captured along with two other soldiers by the I. N. U. Militants is comrades were then brutally murdered. Toronto had been kept alive solely for the purpose of helping locate the Americans to rot rolled his fingers together making the universal sign for money. Tommy and his friends immediately understood. They would be kept alive and held for ransom. Tyrod explain that. There were several Kirgiz soldiers in the valley nearby but there were also more. I any rebels. Soon there would be fighting. Tommy's heart sank. As he realized the two outcomes they would either be held for ransom or they would die in the crossfire. This is hostage apart cast original every week. We tell the stories behind the most captivating hostage situations and the people inside them. We'll also cover. The psychological tactics used in kidnapping situations. And what the human brain does when held captive. I'm Irma Blanco. And I'm Carter Roy. You can find episodes of hostage and other podcast originals. For Free On spotify. Or Wherever. You listen to podcasts to stream hostage for free on spotify. Just open the APP and type hostage in the search bar at podcast. We're grateful for you our listeners. You allow us to do what we love. Let us know how we're doing reach out on facebook and Instagram at par cast and twitter at podcast network? This is our second episode about the kidnapping of twenty two year. Old Professional Rock climber. Tommy Caldwell his girlfriend Beth roden and their friends Jason Singer Smith and John Dickie on August. Twelve two thousand. The four climbers were exploring the Kara Su Valley region in southern Kirghistan when they were taken hostage by Sanofi Jihadist militants known as the Islamic Movement of is Becka Stan. Last week we learned about the early days and motivation of the Al Qaeda affiliated. I am you we also got to know. Professional rock climbers Tommy Caldwell and experienced the first chilling moments of his group's kidnapping this week will follow the four hostages as endure six harrowing days of captivity. We'll see how they use their instincts to survive under grueling conditions. And we'll find out what Tommy was forced to do to secure their eventual escape on August. Ninth Two Thousand Twenty eight members of the Islamic Movement of. Who's Becca? Stan slipped into southern Kirghistan. By way of High Mountain passes they ambushed and tortured Kirghiz soldiers interrogating them about local military forces and the presence of foreigners the I am you had successfully ransomed outsiders in the past. And they use the money to help fund their activities now. They were hoping to repeat this method by kidnapping. Foreign tourists in cargo stands beautiful southern region also known as the assembly of Central Asia as the IMU continued to ambush more Kirgiz soldiers in the area. They gradually extracted more information. They learn that there was a larger. Kirk is army outposts in the area and that groups of German Ukrainian and American rock climbers had been spotted nearby so on August ten the. Im you rebel. Split into two groups. One set out to ambush the army outpost. The other party led by an Becky. Rebel named Abdul set out to find the valuable foreigners. Bills Group brought with them to rot a captured Kirgiz soldier who had seen four. American climbers days before and knew where to find them the next day on August eleventh to of Abdul comrades named bid and sue kept an eye on the Americans from a distance. They watched as twenty two year old professional. Rock CLIMBERS TOMMY. Caldwell and his three friends packed up their base camp. They were preparing for an overnight. Climb on a route known as the Yellow Wall but the rebels didn't pounce yet instead they waited to strike until the rock climbers were already on the Yellow Wall on the morning of August twelfth. Tommy Caldwell his twenty year old girlfriend Beth Rawdon and their friends twenty two year old Jason Singer Smith and Twenty Five Year Old John. Dickie woke to the sound of gunshots. They peered out of there. Tends to see the. Im you rebels standing on the ground. The rebels forced the four Americans to descend the Yellow Wall. Then Tommy and his friends were taken back to their own base camp which the three rebels had already begun to pilfer taking food clothes and two-way radios there. They met to rot the Kirgiz soldier who had been taken captive and who Tommy and Beth had just met a few days prior over the next hour to rot made it clear to the Americans the danger of their situation. They were being kidnapped and kept alive for ransom provided they could make it safely through a battle between the. Im you rebels and Kirgiz soldiers Abdul and his men instructed the four captives and to rod to fill their backpacks with whatever food and clothing was left then they were told to tear down what was left of the base camp and hide any remnants beneath rocks and pine needles as the hostages obeyed one of Abdul 's men. Sue patrolled the area using the stolen radios suddenly Susan to report Abdul at the Camp Abdul shouted at everyone gesturing for them to dive into the trees in Hyde peeking out from their hiding place. The captives saw a military helicopter circle the area. It hovered at the Yellow Wall. Then flew away. Tommy hoped the pilot had seen their abandoned port alleges that he would report the incident but even if he did. How long would it take for help to arrive as soon as the helicopter was gone? Abdul ordered them to leave the area over the next few hours the four Americans to rod and their three armed kidnappers began a long march north. The journey was immediately arduous. The mountain terrain with steep and treacherous and heavy backpacks. They were forced to carry made hiking all the more difficult as they went. Tommy and his three friends glanced at each other. Worry was written all across their faces. They had no idea where they were going. Or if they would even make it there alive Abdul who was clearly. The leader of the rebels occasionally ordered the group to halt and hide from nearby Kirgiz patrols and overhead helicopters threatening to use it if anyone tried to get the soldiers attention given the frequency of these sightings. It seemed like the earlier helicopter had reported. The climbers empty port alleges or at least. That's what Tommy hoped but the rebels were keeping a close eye on his group for any of them to signal for help throughout the day to rot. Made it clear to Tommy. Jason and John that he wanted to overpower their captors as soon as they had a chance he wanted the Americans to help him but Tommy and his friends were reticent to Agree. They reasoned that the military already knew. There was trouble. Surely this meant they'd be rescued soon. Besides their kidnappers were heavily armed. Wasn't it safer to wait into risk being shot at but this was precisely the sort of danger they were walking into by mid afternoon. The Group of Eight emerged on a hillside and crossed a nearby river to meet up with more rebels nearby. Kirgiz soldiers were asking shepherds about the group of rebels and the foreigners traveling with them. Tommy realized it was the deadly confrontation between the Kirgiz Army. And I am you rebels that tyrod had predicted. The soldiers were growing closer. So the four I am. You rebels drag their hostages up the Rocky Hill and told everyone to hide behind trees and boulders. The Kirgiz soldiers took up positions across the river behind buildings and rocks. After a brief while they heard three soldiers walking across the rivers bridge in their direction Abdul gave the order to shoot the captives consider running but with gunfire. They knew they'd be hit a squeezed behind their hideouts for safety. Tommy and his girlfriend. Beth were huddled together with Toronto Bullets. Flying all around them when Abdul rushed over. He grabbed her rod and sullenly led the curbs soldier up the hill and behind the boulder. Almost immediately to clear shots rang out to rot. They're only friend in the situation. And the only one who spoke the same language as their captors was dead he had served his purpose and helping to find the Americans was no longer useful to the IMU. Meanwhile the nearby. Kirgiz soldiers were closing in. There was no time for the climbers to mourn to rot or consider how his death impacted their situation just then. Abdul rounded the boulder where he had shot to rot. He screamed for everyone to join him behind it. John made a dash for it. I has he ran. The incoming bullets hit his enormous backpack sparing him from almost certain death. Jason ran next than Tommy when Jason arrived. He was horrified by the sight of Toronto dead and bloodied body. But there was no time to think he waited in angst as Beth made her run as bath rounded the boulder. Jason quickly shielded her is from Toronto Body but the worst was not over by late afternoon. The battle had escalated into a one sided assault on their hiding place mortars exploded. Another helicopter flew overhead. Abdul knew it was useless to wait any longer his valuable captives were no use to him dead and he needed to get them all out of the area so he made the decision to abandon their stronghold not wanting to be slowed down by their heavy packs. Abdul or hostages to leave them behind and bring only what they could easily carry and wear as the sun set. The prisoners ran further up the hill dodging bullets as they went under their captors watchful eyes. They slipped away from the battle scene and began a long walk into the night. It was a long journey and his Thomas Friends walked. They took stock of what they had brought along. One sleeping bag a dozen power bars and a handful of candy. One of their captors overbid was now missing and Abdulah left during the night for another. Imu Mission Aching. One of the radios within the captives were now under the watchful eye of Abdul and his side kick. Sue both of whom seemed agitated and angry as the hours dragged on the two men wave their guns and shouted at the hostages urging them to hurry up. Tommy looked at the tired and traumatized faces of his friends. They had been on the move almost a full day and night and he wondered if the nightmare whatever and coming up Tommy and the other captives form a plan. Hi It's Carter. Don't forget that starting may seventh all past and future episodes of hostage are moving exclusively to spotify. This move only applies to hostage and not to all other existing park shows. They'll remain available wherever you. Listen to your podcasts. We're also kicking off our three part series on the Iran Hostage Crisis. 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The real estate agent becomes convinced that the House is haunted when the previous owners friend tells a story to the houses new tires. They find it charming to them. The alleged haunting and the story behind it adds character in the end. It's these stories that live on after we die. The memories told by the people. We touched each moment. Good or bad adds texture to the narrative over time even the painful experiences lose their sting and you can see them for what they are an indelible part of your life story so instead of dwelling on the difficult times or trying to bury them. Remember that every experience is part of what makes our lives unique. The past can't and shouldn't be forgotten but the future is still a blank page. It's up to you to write the rest of your story. Daily quote is a daily podcast. Follow on spotify to make it part of your morning routine and let it inform the rest of your day. Daily quote is a podcast original. If you're listening on spotify you can share this with your friends on social by tapping the three dots in the top right corner of the episode. Page scrolling down to share and selecting your sharing option of choice. If you're looking for a morning jumpstart amid day. Pick me up or evening inspiration. You can hear a new episode three hundred sixty five days a year followed daily quote free on spotify. Or wherever. You get your podcasts now. Back to the story August thirteenth. Two thousand around three a m twenty two year old. Rock Climbers Tommy. Caldwell is girlfriend Beth. And their friends Jason. John finally came to a stop the past twenty four hours. They had been hostages of the Islamic Movement of Pakistan known as the Im you they had survived a vicious crossfire before walking all night. Long under the watchful eye of their main captor Abdul and his comrades sue now they had arrived at an area with tiny caves where they hide from the Kirgiz soldiers. The rebels separated their captives into groups of two and pointed them into caves where they were supposed to arrest. Tommy and his twenty two year old friend. Jason Singer Smith were pushed into one cramped cave. Meanwhile Tommy's girlfriend twenty year old Beth Rodney and another friend twenty five year old. John Dickie were shown to a different Cave Creek. Tommy felt helpless angry that he'd been separated from his girlfriend but he could rely on John to look out for her last. Tommy and the other climbers had a quiet moment to think and the gravity of their situation sunk in they were being held at gunpoint and taken to a more remote area in the mountains by terrorist rebels but why they're only friend a Kirgiz soldier named dot had been brutally murdered the day before but before his death to rot had said that the kidnappers motive was to ransom the Americans to fund their organization the IMU now as the hours ticked by a possibility of being ransomed seemed unsure in the hope of being rescued. Felt more remote than ever perhaps worst of all they had no way to do what the rebels had planned to raw had. Been the only person who could speak their language without him. They were completely unable to make sense of the situation hostage. Specialist Justin Borowski says there are two primary motives for hostage taking instrumental goals and expressive goals instrumental. Goals have material objects such as kidnapping for ransom. These tend to be clear. Cut expressive goals on the other. Hand are more obtuse and expressive. Hostage-takers tend to be motivated by emotional and personal concerns. Such is publicizing there. 'cause it's more difficult to satisfy these types of goals. Therefore an expressive hostage situation can be considerably more dangerous than the instrumental one. Initially the climbers thought Abdul and his group planned to ransom them as an instrumental goal. But now they weren't so sure if the goal was ransom. Shouldn't the rebels have made contact with the outside world by now instead of fleeing into more remote parts of the region or had their goals changed where the Im you rebels? More concerned with publicizing their holy war against Kirghistan and potentially punishing the Americans as an example. But if this was the case why were they bothering to keep the hostages alive? The climbers had little knowledge of the new groups history of ransom kidnapping and they weren't sure what to make the situation as they lay in their cramped hiding spaces for the rest of the day. Each of them mold. Over a swirl of questions as night fell the rebels rousted their captives probing them with guns to get moving exhausted hungry and confused tobby and his friends complied before long. They approached a violent river with no bridge. Abdul and sue tried to move a log over the rapids but it got stuck. Jason surprised everyone by stepping into help. He waded into the dangerous river. Wrangled the end of the and slowly swam the rest of the way across. Then he held the log in place to let the hostages and their captors cross. Tommy and the others were confused. Why was chasing helping the kidnappers but they gradually understood his strategy without knowing whether or not they were as ransom they needed to do much more than survive they needed to show Abdul and sue. How strong and helpful. They could be essentially proving that they were worth keeping alive. Maybe then they could gain their captors. Trust nudging them to let their guard down then maybe just maybe. They could find a window to escape with this shared goal. The hostages tried to be as accommodating as possible for the next three nights they marched steadily through the mountainous countryside prodded on by their captors. They Drank Sandy Brown river water and savored their daily meal. One half of power bar per person per day. The uneven terrain was dangerous in the moonlight and their progress was slow. That four Americans were already weak with fatigue and hunger and the rebels tormented them by constantly shouting and waving their guns and their faces telling them to hurry up during the day the group hit wherever they could usually in cramped overhangs tiny caves filled with pools of icy water from mountainous runoffs. Beth was always put with John. And Tommy was always put with Jason. Jason spent the long daylight hours resting and confiding in each other about their concerns. It was during these quiet hours. That they began to fantasize about escape with no end in sight. Jason suggested that they needed to prepare themselves to do whatever it took to survive even if it meant killing their captors but for Tommy. This was a particularly brutal thought. He was a strong professional athlete. But for its tough as he was Tommy still had a gentle soul a struggled with the idea of killing anyone no matter how bad they were instead. He preferred to stick with their original plan of humanizing themselves. And thus winning their captors trust he hoped they could use this strategy to stay alive while they look for a chance to escape stealthily and avoid a deadly confrontation over the next few days. The climbers continued to focus on this method. The help the rebels camouflaged. They're hiding places assisted in navigating the rocky slopes and shared personal details like their ages and hometowns. They tried everything they could to build. Trust and increase their chances for an eventual escape. Meanwhile the Kirgiz government was well aware that there were insurgents in the area while Tommy small group was struggling to stay alive in the Wilderness. A broader scale of events was unfolding fighting between the soldiers. And the. Im you rebels had escalated. And the Kirk is army was determined to push the rebels out. They didn't hesitate to shoot an unsuspecting. Im you rebel. And August thirteenth two of the rebels. The climbers had met Abdulah and Ovid were shot while pausing for a drink at the car of shit and river events intensified the next day on August fourteenth when I am used snipers killed thirty Kirgiz soldiers this caused the Kirgiz army to retaliate. In full force and by August fifteenth the majority of the rebels had been surrounded. But Not Tommy's CAPTERRA. They were still high in the mountains away from the main action. In the meantime I m you rebel forces invaded the nearby country of Ouzbekistan's amidst this chaos. General Ballade Yon Newsweek off of the curb Security Council announced that the governments of Kirghistan. Who's Becca Stan? Anti Jika Stan had agreed to work together to squash the treacherous rebels. For those in Central Asia and the Middle East this was a huge unfolding new story about it. Hardly made a splash in. The United States were Tommy's family still thought he was enjoying his climbing trip in Central Asia. They had no idea that he and his friends were scrambling for their lives. By the evening of August sixteenth the isolated group of four captives and two rebels had completely run out of food. Abdul used his two way radio to try and reach his Comrade Abdulah. He wanted to ascertain his location and order. Abdulah to bring them food. Of course there was no answer. Abdul was dead but Abdul and sue had no idea still. They had to make a decision quickly or face dying in the wilderness so they issued a new set of instructions keep walking but this time downhill. The climbers immediately realized they were heading back in the direction of their old base camp. The area where their entire nightmare had begun. But none of them could understand why Tommy's mind raced with possibilities where they being brought back so that they could be executed or was that the place where they would begin making ransom demands it Abdul ensue even have a plan in reality without any contact with the outside world neither the rebels nor their captives had any idea what was happening elsewhere in the region or what to expect back at Base Camp Abdul immediate concern was finding more food and hopefully meeting back up with his comrades Abdulah in orbit maybe it was hunger and exhaustion or maybe their plan was working. Imer's didn't know but on the five mile walk back to base camp. They noticed that their captors were far less vigilant than before instead of guarding them closely from behind Abdul and sue walked ahead looking out for threats. Sing this change. The hostages considered running but they knew it wasn't the right time for an escape attempt. They were too weak to outrun bullets and would be dead before any of them made it to safety when they find the arrived in the car Sioux Valley near their base Camp Abdul signal that he planned to go ahead and find some soldiers to rob for food demanded Jason's coat and left the group hiding along a riverbank with sue. Has There Guard Abdul returned later that night with Yak Butter and congealed yogurt from a local farmer? The hostages didn't know if he had stolen killed or begged for it. They simply accepted what was offered and force themselves to eat the unfamiliar food. They needed their strength for whatever. Lay ahead on the morning of August seventeenth. The temperature was near. Freezing climbers. Were more cold hungry and exhausted than they had ever been in their life and their nerves were far past frayed. They had lost their ability to speculate. What would happen next? All they could think about was survival and escape as they waited for dual to give them their next instructions when the sun went down. Abdul gestured what he wanted them to do. Next is radio was running out of power and he had apparently hidden extra radio batteries nearby on the day that they had. I dismantled the base. Camp Abdul Plan was to retrieve the fresh batteries so that he could contact his missing Comrade Abdulah. In the meantime Abdul ordered the hostages and sue to climb a treacherous slope on the west side of the Car Sioux Valley he wanted them to reach a plateau. Three thousand feet up. This would serve as a meeting point. After Abdul had retrieved the batteries and made contact with Abdulah. He would catch up with sue the hostages on the plateau. Then they would all wait for Abdulah and possibly Oh bid to meet them with food and other refreshments. Once you're united. They would all head North together and cross the border to use Becca Stan. It was a dismal plan for Tommy and the other hostages disappearing into another country would make the chance for eventual rescue even more obscure and while Abdul did not tell them what was waiting for them and is Becka Stan. They were certain it wasn't going to be good coming up. Tommy makes the hardest decision his life now. Back to the story on August Seventeenth. Two thousand twenty two year old. Rock climbers. Tommy Caldwell his girlfriend Beth Rawdon and their friends Jason Singer Smith and John Dickie prepared to spend another night trekking through the Kara Su Valley. It was their sixth evening as prisoners of the Islamic movement of his Becca Stan and they had been kept under the watchful eye of two rebels. Abdul and sue the leader Abdul had just given them orders while he went in search of Radio. Batteries the starving captives ensue. Were to make a three thousand foot. Climb to a rendezvous point Abdul and his two other comrades would meet up with them there and the entire group would head north to Uis Becca. Stan would happen. Once they got their Abdul didn't say now the captives stood shivering in the dark at the foot of the mountain evaluating their situation the steep climb would have been easy for the experienced climbers in their current condition. However it would be dangerous but there was a silver lining to the perilous situation. Abdul would be gone for at least two hours retrieving the hidden radio. Batteries leaving them guarded by the slightly less menacing. Sue Tommy and the other captives knew that sue was probably not as experienced climber as themselves for days the four Americans had been murmuring about whether or not they would be willing to take drastic actions in order to escape even if it meant murder now it looks like the opportunity might present itself. Jason was the first one to voice this reality as he did. A chill ran down Tommy Spine but they all knew the truth if they disappeared into Ouzbekistan. There was no telling whether they would ever be found as it were. Their families and friends still assume they were enjoying their original climbing trip. Uncertain of what would happen. The Small Party of four mentally prepared themselves for the climb and the possibility of what they might do already. Sue looked extremely uncomfortable. He slung his rifle over his shoulder and snapped at Jason to lead the climb. The group began their ascent. Meanwhile Tommy's mind was racing the thought of what they might do to sue according to Dr Thomas Trends of the FBI. It is typically unwise to attempt an escape unless the odds of success are extremely high if a captive does try to escape their action must be swift and decisive to improve their chances of getting away with it as the evening progressed. The odds of escape seemed to be against the hostages at one point. Jason opportunity to push sue but the rebels screwed it along to the next handhold before Jason could get into position later in the climb. John reached up to push Su from below but again the rebels slipped out of reach before he could be knocked off the mountain by midnight. The group had almost reached the top anxious to reach flat ground. Sue climbed faster rushing ahead to the front of the group by this point. Tommy was right behind him. He had a better chance than anyone of reaching sue before the rebel regained. Control of his gun. Tommy's heart filled with dread as soo- scrambled up the last ledge. The window of opportunity was closing before his eyes and he knew it was now or never horrified. Tommy turn to bath and asked her. Do you want me to do it. Bath was paralyzed by the intensity of the situation and unable to respond. But Tommy took her silence to mean yes. It gave him the permission he needed to do. The unthinkable using every ounce of his strength. Tommy launched himself up the wall behind Su. He grabbed the rifle slung across sues back. In one swift movement pulled the man off the wall. The other three climbers watched as their captor fell hitting the side of the cliff before he disappeared into darkness. It all happens so quickly and yet it seemed to take forever overwhelmed. Tommy finished his climb and fell to his knees. Psychologist are Scott Stay. How're explains that? Most people don't believe they'd ever be capable of killing another human being even when it's clearly self defense and others are reassuring. The guilt can be extremely difficult to reconcile. Tommy understood that he had saved his friends and his beloved best but he felt sickened by what he'd done. He broke down in tears and Beth tried to reassure him. She thanked him for saving their lives and told him she loved him. But Tommy was inconsolable. Meanwhile Jason John told Tommy that he had done the right thing. They suggested that nobody ever needed to know that it had been his responsibility. They could tell everyone back home that they had pushed together. But in the meantime had to get moving before Abdul or any other I am you. Rebels caught up to them fueled by ADRENALINE. The four climbers fled the scene. They followed a downward incline trying their best to move quickly and quietly. While looking for familiar landmarks they continued until they eventually found themselves on the Bank of the carves Shin River Jason. John recognized nearby trail. They had taken the same path two weeks earlier when they went to track down a missing bag from their flight at the time. It had seemed like a futile journey. But now it gave them clarity. As to their surroundings Jason and John knew beyond a doubt that approximately ten miles down the trail was a Kirgiz army outpost. It was now the wee hours of August eighteenth seven days since they've been kidnapped and Jason. John were certain they were getting close to the outpost as the night wore on. They hurried along fearing that at any moment. And I am you. Soldier would apprehend them but they continued undetected. Finally just a few hundred feet ahead. They spied a familiar shrine. Jason John Recognized Air is lit up knowing they were less than a mile from the outpost but the danger wasn't over yet. Suddenly three men appeared out of the tree line. One shouted at the four climbers and fired his gun. The Americans believed that they were being ambushed by rebels and continued to dash towards the shrine. The three men chased after them firing shots. Suddenly more shots rang out in front of the Americans they were coming from. The shrine climbers heart sank and rebels taken over the shrine in the hail of bullets. Tommy and his friends spied a dark figure in the doorway of the shrine. Beckoning them forward. They didn't know whether the man was a rebel or a soldier but with no other choice. They instinctively ran towards the hut for cover as they ran. Jason raised his hands in surrender. He screamed Amerikanski Amerikanski. Jason Dove inside the Open Door of the hut followed closely by Tommy Beth and John that collapsed as the strange men. Frisk them for weapons. Have they made it to freedom or was the nightmare about to begin all over again but lock was on their side. The men were Kirgiz soldiers and as soon as they realized that Tommy and the others were American. Their entire attitude changed. The soldiers explained that the Turkish army had successfully turned the. Im you rebels. The Americans were finally safe. The Kirgiz soldiers gave Tommy and his friends food and water along with fresh army fatigues to replace their tired close then. They were escorted by helicopter to a local town and later by airplane. To the Kirk is capital of Bishkek during their journey to Bishkek the. Us Embassy learned for the first time about their ordeal and upon arrival. Tommy Beth Jason. John called. They're stunned families at home telling them what had happened. Tommy and bath took the first flight out of Kirghistan followed closely by Jason and John and by late August all four climbers were back in the US trying to resume their normal lives but the crush of press attention and the memory of their traumatic ordeal made it difficult. Shortly after their arrival fellow climber and journalist Greg Child contacted the group for an interview. They agreed knowing a member of their climbing community would treat their story with respect and they told Greg everything except for one detail when it came to sue's death. They kept their packed claiming that all three men had pushed him together. But Tommy couldn't handle the guilt. Shortly after the interview. He called the reporter and told him the truth about what had happened. Just in time for the article to be revised but one month later. New Piece of information came forward. Tommy learned that sue. Whose real name was robbed Sean. Charipov had actually survived his fall and been captured the information stunned and believe Tommy. He wasn't a killer after all. Tommy and Beth were married in two thousand three. They divorced seven years later in two thousand ten but remained friendly on January fourteenth. Two Thousand Fifteen thirty six year old Tommy along with his climbing partner. Kevin Jorgenson completed the first ever free climb of Yosemite Dawn Wall. Beth Rawdon was there to cheer them on and they're athletic. Accomplishment made national headlines further cementing Tommy Status as an internationally recognized rock climber today. He's a writer Speaker and survivor. In two thousand seventeen he released a memoir called the push in it. Tommy recounts his many adventures in lessons. Learned including the harrowing experience of being kidnapped. Thanks again for tuning into hostage. We'll be back next Thursday with a new episode. For more information on the kidnapping of Tommy Caldwell amongst the many sources we used we've found over the edge the true story of the kidnap and escape before climbers in Central Asia by Greg Child extremely helpful to our research. You can find more episodes of hostage. And all other podcast originals. For Free on spotify not only does spotify already. Have all your favorite music. But now spotify is making it easy for you to enjoy all of your favorite par- cast originals like hostage for free from your phone. Desktop or smart speaker to stream hostage on spotify. Just open the APP tap browse and type hostage in the search bar and don't forget to follow us on facebook and Instagram. At podcast and twitter at podcast network. We'll see you next time in the meantime. Don't take your freedom for granted hostage was created by Max Cutler. In Z podcast studios original executive producers. Include Max and Ron Cutler sound design by Trent Williamson with production assistance by Ron Shapiro Carly Madden and Isabel away. This episode of hostage was written by Alex. Sloan with writing assistance by Kate. Gallagher and stars Irma Blanco and Carter Roy.

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