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It is mac o._s. Considering an concerning smartphones now is still not a good time to buy an ipad and two stories is worth hading. It's friday the twenty third of august twenty nineteen. I'm ken ray and this is news from mac o._s. Can can brought to you by yours truly and sponsored by meant mobile cut your wireless build. A fifteen bucks a month at meant mobile bowl dot com slash mac o._s. Can this show is also sponsored by express v._p._n. Giving you back your internet privacy. I hope you use a v._p._n. When you use your mac or i._o._s. tobias on public wi fi if you don't. I hope you'll try express express v._p._n. Without v._p._n. Any number of interested third parties could be tracking what you're doing online. Maybe even intercepting sensitive data data a good v._p._n. Can keep that info safe and express v._p._n. Is a good v._p._n. Express v._p._n. Has easy to use apps that run seamlessly in the background of your computer your phone your tablet. 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Mid-september event was those overwhelming then i paid closer attention and realize that a lot of the stuff listed is not expected expected by bloomberg to be announced next month. Some of it won't be out until next year. The specificity of rumors around the next round of iphones was something <music> lots of camera changes according to the report. Some of those will be tied to the third camera on the back of the upper end devices others have to do with the marked improvement on the facetime camera. I won't go through all of them. For a couple of reasons first. They might not all happened in second. Spoilers apple's going to have an event and they're going to announce new phones and won't it be exciting to hear that when we hear it i will say i am fairly committed to getting a new iphone in the next round. Probably whatever replaces the iphone ten s. I like the bigger screen on the iphone eight plus but it can be kind of a drag look around. Well probably spend an hour an apple store sizing up the sizes before the next ones come out. My phone is fine nine except for the lack of face i._d. And an emoji people talk about those things and i understand those things but i don't really grow their fullness fullness having talked about them for a couple of years. I think it's time i get to know them for real. I can justify it because i know that knowing those features and owning the latest phone will make me better able to talk about them. If i weren't doing this show i don't know that i would get new iphone and that would apparently put me in line with a growing number of people word of a couple of surveys thursday one from a wireless carrier and one from mark mark tracker the next web says wireless carrier ting mobile survey three thousand six hundred forty mobile phone users last month of those those people fifty five percent plan to hold onto their current phone for three to five years already. The peace says forty seven percent had kept their their previous phone for more than three years. The next web has andrew more crispin director of content ting mobile saying the data from our survey bait and the case that people are more conscious about things like price and basic phone functionality. They don't care so much about having the latest coolest tack something something that might not be great news for the big manufacturers this year sort of aligned with the carrier respondents of the people polled nothing kinky angi and a strategy analytic survey seeing that runs down those numbers starting by saying the rising costs of phones and carrier plans mean people are now waiting almost three years to upgrade to the next new smartphone talking with twenty five hundred smartphone owners in the states strategy analytics lead expound people holding onto their phones for an average of thirty three months. David kerr senior vice president at the firm says that's all about price ice and things are only going to get more expensive quoting the kerr raters device brands base significant inertia giving consumer consumer perception of diminishing innovation vendor pursuit of profitability has seen smartphone prices rising towards and above one thousand dollars prizes isis for five g. Phones will be a key barrier despite one in four recognizing it as being important for their next vice mallet their your iphone buyers that got a little time to save up as for people who do plan to upgrade seeing that says just seven percent of those surveyed by strategy the analytics were planning to spend thousand dollars or more now continues to be a bad time to buy an ipad by the way earlier this year we heard a report a five unreleased ipads hitting the website of the eurasian economic commission that was followed a few weeks later by registration one of two more apple tablets in the pile of kit outlined by bloomberg talk of what could be one of those magnificent seven the segment is short and it goes a little something like this after launching new mid-tier ipad air and ipad many models earlier this year apple is planning to refresh fresh. The ipad pro and it's low end ipad for schools. The eleven engine twelve point nine and giant todd pros will get similar upgrades to the iphones gaining upgraded cameras and faster processors otherwise the new ipads will look like the current versions. The low end ipads screen will be ten one point two inches that means apple will likely no longer sell a new model with a nine point seven inch display discontinuing the original display size after are using it for nearly a decade. If you absolutely positively need a new ipad now go ahead but seriously now continues to be a bad time to buy a new ipad with updates to all of its operating systems coming soon. Soon apple hasn't forgotten. It's home home on the web. Macrumors says the cupertino company has updated its i cloud dot com beta site with with a fresh look and a new reminders app a fresh look you say any chance it could also be funky sounds like not according to the report. The beta version of i cloud dot com has a plain white interface with smaller icons and rather than settings up. There's now an account settings section. Most of the obser- the same with the exception of the addition of the reminders app not surprisingly the peace as the cloud version of reminders mirrors the reminders app and allows cloud users to create view and manage their tasks expect the beta version to simply become the version sometime this fall more news in a moment but first a message passage from meant mobile which means a message from me right. This is me leaving a message for me. Part of this message is using this from my big. Four carrier and art is using the from mobile seriously. I'm switching back and forth between the two because any part of this sound like it should cost fifty the seventy one hundred bucks more of course not fence because many mobile provides the same premium network coverage. 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Show spotify seems to have a new motto if you can beat him why not go ahead and join him any way tech crunch says the biggest name and streaming music is taking a page from apple's book extending its the free trial period to an apple music matching three months in a statement spotify cheap premium business officer alex norstrom said moments events like the free trial extension show the company's commitment to allowing more listeners around the world to access all that premium has to offer but they were already giving away a month for free. Are you sure it doesn't have anything to do with apple really the way tech crunch sees it while trial length is not the only factor involved in increasing conversions a longer trial does allow customer to become familiar with the services features. There's and make it more of a habit and in the case of apple music and spotify it gives the services algorithms more time to personalized playlists and recommendations based on the user's listening history here now a story worth hading followed by a story story to hate even more seen that highlights recent findings published in a report by the chicago tribune according to those findings some smartphones available available in the last three years have been found to emit higher levels of radio frequency radiation than levels allowed by the federal communications commission according to seeing that the new report demonstrates that older phone models operating in the three g. and four g. bands have the potential to exceed the f._c._c.'s he sees safe limits by up to as much as five times among the offending phones iphone seven though i should actually say among the potentially offending phones the tribune says the tests it ran were worst case scenario style now how it goes to the feds quoting see now the gone the report stay to the f._c._c. will now conduct its own tests over the coming months but they he told the tribune that testing was not as comprehensive as those usually filed for official compliance reports introducing uncertainty exciting the fear ganglia the not saying the tribune is wrong. It may be right either way lots to hate in that part of this story and more to hate in the next part according to a piece from macrumors a law firm as capitalizing on the tribune report and announced ounce the launch of an investigation into the claims quoting macrumors fagin scott a chicago based law firm has not yet levied a lawsuit suit against apple and it's not clear what investigation will be conducted. A managing partner said that this could be your noble of the cell phone industry cover up in all well. It sounds like it'll be an impartial investigation. Then beth fagan managing partner of fagin scott was gordon the pieces saying if we found that produce sold in grocery stores contained twice the levels of pesticides as the law allows we would be up in arms demanding. The products be pulled from the shelf. This is no different in this case. We know the cell phone. Radiation is dangerous but the terrifying part is is. We don't know how dangerous especially the kids brain development investigation is good. The tribune report is serious us and yet. I can't help thinking fagin. Scott may have some ulterior motive and finally today. It was a mysterious disappearance. It was an unceremonious sendoff for just under three years. Apple sold a coffee table. Book called designed the by apple in california that came in two sizes which makes sense since coffee tables coming at least that many the small book cost one hundred ninety nine dollars while the bigger went for two ninety nine. You caught the past tense right. Apple is no longer selling this. This book that prompted a story from i'm more which came in under the headline designed by apple in california book mysteriously disappears from apple's online store less circumspect was the headline from call to mac apple discontinues. Johnny ives pricey designed book marking the end of an era. It was a mysterious disappearance. It was an unceremonious and off mac o._s. Can brought to you by me and sponsored by express bpm. Take back your internet up privacy today and find out how you can get three months free that express b._p. And dot com slash mac o._s. Can this show is also also sponsored by meant mobile cut. Your wireless bill to fifteen bucks a month at mobile dot com slash mac o._s. Can advertising handled by backbeat media online at backbeat media dot com. You can reach me a couple of ways his info at mccoy west canned dot com or call seven one six seven eight zero four zero eight zero until next time that is news from mac o._s. Ken i'm ken ray chow.

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