Thursday, October 8th, 2020


Good morning cancer today is Thursday October. Two Thousand and twenty. The Sun is a libra midpoint now halfway through this jovial sign. And six celestial bodies moved through Karnal signs, the action points of this Odia. Today we make good on our promises and recommit to our ambitions. This is cancer today a cast original. If, you are feeling anxious depressed are overwhelmed. Better. Help offers licensed online counselors or train to listen and help. Connect with your counselor through secure video phone chat or text. Join the one million plus people getting help with better help. And horoscope today listeners get ten percent off your first month at better help dot com slash horoscope today. That's better H. E L P dot com slash horoscope today. Let's begin your day. The Moon in your sign provides for a day of self care allowing you to check in with your emotional core. And with Mercury cruising through your fifth house of Desire, and it'll be easier to identify your needs. Don't be afraid ask for support or a simple favor. Now. Take a moment to reflect on your relationships. Now you're at peace with your inner world outside power struggles could prove challenging. Ask yourself which is more important to be in this partnership. For to be right. Contemplate the work you do end your career. You work hard for mutual respect in the workplace as such you may grow frustrated when you're good faith is not returned. Try not to harbor resentment instead approach colleague with honesty and openness. Cancer today is a daily podcast follow on spotify to make part of your morning routine. If you're interested in learning more about your sign, download the sanctuary at from the apple APP or Google play stores, get your first reading today and follow sanctuary at sanctuary world on instagram. That's s ANC T. U. A. R. Y., W. R. L. D.. Chorus Cope today is a park us original.

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