Diabetes Health in The News Podcast: Text Messaging Can Help Those with Type 2 Diabetes Control Blood Sugar


Oh Samri with Diabetes Health magazine. You're listening to diabetes health in the news. Today story text messaging can help those with type. Two Diabetes Control Blood Sugar and new study published in the online journal Diabetes. Care reports that intervention text messages can help those with type. Two diabetes improved their blood sugar levels. The study looked at Hispanic patients. Were classified as low income. Dr Addy Fortman and her team at the Scripts Whittier Diabetes Institute Track One Hundred Twenty six participants some received as many as three doty digital intervention. Text over the six months steady others received only the regular care. Those who receive the tax showed an improvement on their HBA. One C test P zero point zero three with no other statistically significant secondary. You facts patients gave the intervention text a high satisfaction rating. These findings were published in diabetes. Care on June ninth. Twenty seventeen from diabetes health. I'm not yell Samri.

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