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Episode 114: The Impact We Have on People


welcome to be great today. Weeklies Brayson start your week. I'm Jonathan Bloom or sparks band in the world of warcraft and speaking of craft. I've actually flying back today from Wiscon- thanks to the encouragement. And generosity of the people in the Community of World War craft so you you don't realize the impact they haven't people. I started doing these podcasts. Just to Kinda share my thoughts maybe add a little bit extra positively the world then one day there is a contest where Christie Golden. Give you an extra ticket of Wisconsin. So my friends tossed in so many ehlers. Put My name forward for this ticket and to generosity of Christie golden crush Nader and so many people I got to experience amazing experience. I have no idea. win recording this. How the event went but I will definitely share my reactions next week? Because it'll be about going on a comfort zone or Uber and all that I forget the impact can I haven't people's lives and I don't ever take that for granted. I have been overwhelm so much by the support. That people have had people who have said that they wanted to meet me. Never I forget we have the ability each week to help somebody. I've always liked the nowadays starfish. The one where there's a beach a person comes around a little girl throwing throwing starfish back into the sea. The person's like you realize that there are so many starfish back and see. And you know that you won't have every one of those surface and the girls like. Yeah but you know. I hope that one. I'M GONNA help this one. This one for me. No matter how small the impact has been the fact that I have impact in. Someone's life so much. It means the world to me the fact that James is like a CD of what he did to me and my life is living on other people. I have no words for thinking everybody that encouraged me to get out to this convention. This week I hope I got here and not WanNa meet you in the future but wow literally well I cannot wait the see where things go in the future and the more people that we can impact every person matters. I want to read off the ending song that Mr Mr Rogers would always do at the end of the show. 'cause I don't know if I could do the justice but I'll try my best. It's such a good feeling to know Yohan live. It's just a happy. Feeling your growin inside and when you wake up ready to say I think I'll make a snappy new day it's such such a good feeling a very good feeling the feeling you know your live and Mr always in the song saying it's a very good feeling the billing you know that we're friends. Thank you for listening to this week's fied-rate today you can find the show at inspirational podcast. Dot Com so until next week AAC be awesome like Mister Rogers says the good feeling that I'll be back when the day is new. I'll have more ideas for you. You'll have things that you want to talk about and I will do. Thank you Mr Rogers for having such an impact on our lives. This show is brought to you by in Portland. Studio

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