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As I was mentioning before you have all these unbelievable contacts and helped out our Saturday shows last weekend. You put bill cower on and Phil Simms on and then this weekend you put Chris Collins Worth on and Frank Reich so I felt like I needed to help out in this way like like who could I put on so as a feeling a little bit inadequate so as I'm going through my contacts here I don't know if you're the same way and now you might be this way too because at one point you were a. I mean at one point at one point. I was a radio producer. You learn at this. Very Point. Radio Producer But there has to be thirty percent or more of my contacts of people that I have no idea who they are or stored athletes in my phone. That I talked to once that I've never reached out to again is the same with you. Yeah I have like a twelve hundred fifteen hundred contacts in my phone. I have no idea who most of them are. Now is crazy like I've got a guy in my phone. I almost want to call them and put them on the air to see who he is. I've got a guy in my phone named Mako. Mike I have no recollection of ever meeting a man named Mako Mike and then saving his cell phone in my phone for future use. I wouldn't could. Yeah he could it be that maybe you're like at a bowl game or something and you wanted to go. Mako fishing and this was the guy the chatter call to get you to go out and fish because you're a fishing guy. That's what I would. Yeah I mean probably but like you would think that I would remember. Oh Yeah Mako Mike like. That's an easy catchy. Name no recollection whatsoever of Maaco. Mike and then. I've got some really really unbelievably random athletes in here too. I'm sure that hours even better than mine but got the radar base. Yeah it's great like I. Can you do better than Nate McLeod I've got former pirates and braves outfielder nate. Mcleod in my phone. I've got former. Nba Player former net. Kion Dueling guys like why this is Joe Blow. I'd never really gone through my contacts. I got John Tortorella in here If we wonder if he's got the same number that'd be a funny one. I got more tender. Yeah I'm sure I mean I don't even want to know what's in your government. Venue the bartender. Now I know who he is but I'm just I have you do the bartender. Yes yeah but like if you know who he is. It's not as fun as me. Not Knowing you make. Oh Mike is like I. Don't I have no no clue who make? Oh Mike is none. I'm trying to think who else like. There's some guy having here as Glenn Store Len store like is this is last name store or is it a guy named Glenn who I met in a store. I don't I don't know I can't Gil Brandt I've gotten here. It's not a bad one. See I tried to do first name last name and the company where they work for like. I'll try really desperately only over the last few years I'd be like billy realtor. It's like a realtor. I want to talk to name Billy. I do that I was just. Oh Yeah my contacts and so of course. I come up with Tom Brady. Yeah that's the best one you've got. Yeah Yeah but but it's not it's not updated that's the problem It's not as new phone. He's not no I have. You actually have a a address for blackberry dot net. That might have been the blackberry. They got rid of after the whole deflategate thing. That's right he did this Roy. That thing. That's right that's exactly what happened. I mean do I need to do? I need to change that to Tampa Brady or Tampa or whatever radio you pro- you probably should Tom Brady. Or a T. V. A. Tampa Brady or Tampa Bay. That's what it is. I got another great one in here. Dustin Keller member Dustin Keller get site in for the jokes yeah. Gosh what. A Hodgepodge of people goose gossage. I've gotten here man. I I need to know like I don't know if we this might be a bit for the morning. Show where we go through these things. And we call these people in our contacts to find out who the hell they were and how we ran into we. I might have the best random athlete of all time. I think I think I have the number of the best random athlete of all time former. You would appreciate this. Allieu probably have never heard of this person. How `Bout Devon said Iguchi of the San Jose Sharks Ghetto know? Who THAT IS SURE? Who is of course? I don't know if he's still playing with the sharks. Is Number Got Devon Synagogue? Did you still play? I don't even know. Here's a guy done. Here's a guy I have in my phone listed under jets. He's played for like nineteen since then and God knows what he's doing now James Ahead of. Oh that's a great one. Blaine Bishop. Member blamed Bishop of the of the titans though yes I do. Yeah played against them. Wow Gosh Man oh man. I'm trying to see if there's any others that are right here. Boom curious as to yours. If you if you come across one that you don't know who it is you got you got Brooks Bollinger I have one here labelled as a New York giant. Ramsey's Barton. Yes Oh yes let's go. I also have like. Oh No if I don't know if you still I mean Al's been a guy who hasn't been married but I also have like these random women's numbers that I never got rid of. I just saw this would Nikki and I can click on it and company. I put underneath. It was buffalo wild. Yeah but like like there's all sorts of just like I names of of women in the year that I it like Gillian Jess like I don't know who these people there's one I just came up with. Yeah I should send it to you guys I guess right yea at least there's really no reason to call us per. I mean. There is a reason to call this person right now but I I. There's no way I'm just GONNA TAKE. I'll do a screen shot of it and I'll send it to you guys. Okay Yeah please do. I got a couple of Istan stumbled upon a couple of good ones here kirker. Domke member him the steroid guy call my gosh. Yeah Yeah Lamar Woodley. Former steelers linebacker are now. I'm going to send you right now. All right okay. Yeah and you tell you. Tell me what you think all right. I can't wait to see this waiting. Wait and wait and wait and come on. Come on through text come on. Here's one while we're waiting vice sick. A hammer kick returner. I believe this is tremendous. Here's just a Kelly. I don't know who you are where you're from. I don't remember you at all. Maybe she's from my past where she's Mons. Venus Al were Tampa Mako Mike through to you guys yet. No I haven't seen it. Who Malcolm Staples you ever heard of that person. Nope don't know that on either man Mark Jackson. That's not a bad one. Give him a call even wants to coach. The Knicks would why he would want to coach the Knicks. And you could probably bring Charles Oakley as an assistant coach so you don't. You can't just tell us who this is that you're talking about. I'd rather not but this one non-sports one Morgan spurlock the guy who ate McDonald's every day for all yes that's right. He did the What was that called Yeah I couldn't think of it either but I know exactly what you're talking to McDonald's documentary right exactly where aided for thirty days. Yeah years straight or precise me. Yeah I size me there it is. That's right here's a here's a guy named Mitch. Don't remember you nick to tomorrow actor Nicotera. It's not a bad one. Some guy named norm up here. We Go. This is a different thing. This isn't the this isn't the The contact you seven something else. What I send you I saw here. We go I got I finally got it. Oh that's that's an office number though. Right it's gotta be because the area code people have that number as their cell phone. He also lives in the city as well. He has multiple places where he can stay. I thought that was six four six though and not to one two on those cell phones that he has a hard line okay. So that's a that's a house number or whatever. There's no way we're never person on a house number interesting one. Wouldn't you say it's a very interesting one? Yes it is very topical stuff a lot of interviews on CNN these days. He's certainly. Is that person absolutely Roman? Open member Roman Open Sure and then I got a number of people with passed away two when I see there. That's always a bummer. When I see that like Rusty Stab at a Gary Corner number how about this is a good one. I have here Rachel. You tell the girl who oh yeah. Tiger Woods Tiger. Oh Yeah Oh yeah how about this. This is a good one. Shelley Duncan for Shelley Duncan of the Yankees boomer. Do you remember that one was great? Shelly Dunkin Short. Oh Yeah Oh yeah all right Tim. Hasselbeck all right. We got to leave it at that. That's about it. I don't have any other good ones but the some of these ones that were never cracking me up. Were like here's another? I've never heard of this person in my life. Some guy named Zachary Snyder who are you? Where did I come in contact with you? Fault Harris Remember the head coach. Walt Harris he was my quarterback bowl coach jets for two years. Oh yeah that's one of the best coaches I've ever had and I had him in ninety three ninety four. You want to call Walt Harris. No don't WanNa Pittsburgh he wants to Stanford. Yeah you don't want to call them four Andrew Lock. Here's a good just got very distracted by one. I just came across. Who used to come on the show back when we were in Queens Anthony Weiner all his problems before is Weiner problems. That's a winner problems or all right. Well that was fun.

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