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The MMA Reporters: Episode 32


It take a little there in bulk of brand new episode of quarter right here on e._s._p._n. I'm area aria whole lonnie. It is wednesday august twenty eight two thousand and nineteen. It is great to be back here with you for another episode of the program. One of my favorite things is that i do each and every week and of course as always in the world of mixed martial arts there is a lot going on. We're coming off a u._f._c. by week but bell tower had a phenomenal final show in bridgeport connecticut fourteen fights fourteen finishes and this weekend. It's all about the u._s.'s return to china their sixth event in china. They're going to shenzhen for the first time and be made event is a historic one. It is just drudge defended. Her women's straw way title against the chinese-born zhang waleed there has never been a chinese-born champion and u._f._c. history. John wiley who has is one thousand nine hundred fights in a row. She lost her pro. Debut has proceeded to win one thousand nine th straight after that is the challenger and this could open up so so many doors for the u._f._c. They just opened up that he is the performance institute in shanghai but if you can get a chinese-born champion while we're talking big business a lot at stake there the fight the main card is at six a._m. Eastern time so the fight will probably happen at around eight a._m. Eight thirty it depending on how quickly the card goes but this is big business. This is big stakes for the c._n._n. A lot of pressure on john lee they're trying to make her into the face of chinese m._m._a. Can't can't get it done. We'll talk more about that card. A little later on in the program also n. Things with new york rick talked about some news and notes darren till will be making his middleweight debut. He has decided to move up. We'll talk to him about that and some other stuff. We'll talk to mark monday primarily about the card in china this weekend but i'm very excited talk to our i guess because as you may have heard last week baltimore announced that james haskell former rugby player former member borough of the english national team has decided to move over to mixed martial arts. He's in his mid thirties. He's a big fan has done some work for bt sport. They signed him with no prior experience. He has not had any amateur fights. Any pro fights had a press conference earlier today to formally introduce him to the media media into the fans and so james haskell who's very well known in europe and i will admit did not know a lot about him but when i tweeted about him last week i got a ton of response and so i thought it would be interesting to talk a little more about james's foray into the world of mixed martial arts and also about this movement as of late where we've seen a lot of you've rugby players find success in mixed martial arts alex volkogonov ski tight tweet us to name a couple and so with that in mind. I reached out a to alex chorba cerro. Who's a rugby analyst for n._b._c. Sports played with james haskell in england longtime. Rugby player had a phenomenal a nominal career now moving over to the t. side of things he as well has a connection to the world of mixed martial arts train at american top team is friends with a lot of fighters active on social social media thought he'd be great to provide some insight into the move that james haskell is making an who change haskell is and so. Let's say hello to alex joins us via the phone alex. How are you great to be have while how are you. I'm doing great. Thank you so much for for doing this. I know you're a longtime fan of the sport in addition to your love of rugby and so like i said i thought it'd be interesting to get your insight into this because they had the press conference earlier today in so. Let's start with this if i ask you. Who is james haskell. Could you tell us because i know i'm. I'm maybe not saying the lingo the right way. There's rugby union and other stuff. I will admit i'm an ignorant canadian. I don't know about this stuff as well as others. Can you tell me who is james haskell yeah well james. I'll try and keep it brief because obviously he's had a very outstanding say fifteen year career and <hes> top-flight rugby but he he's a man dan he's saying i think twenty years old is played at the highest level of the sport <hes> he is a bit of iky calls himself a mall mike character which is sort of love them or have you done. He's a big personality awesome out of the very outspoken very sarcastic and funny but really has had a very successful career where he's played internationally. He's traveled the world. He's always kinda. Beat to his own drum in sort of defied the norm of say the stereotypical mold of what rugby players should be <hes> and he's a phenomenal athlete. Someone who's very very strong very very sort of cardiovascular fit very in physical great shape and also a very intelligent player as well. He kind of has the whole balance <hes> he recently retired at the end of the season just finished in may due to a toe injury but it also i think for <hes> <hes> people listening just because you're retired from rugby because of injury doesn't really mean that you're not able to perform anymore. It's more constraints to the game of rugby season when you are in training camp. Say double the season or what an n._f._l. Player is so you basically have about four or five weeks of the year the rest of that time you're running doing contact contact training and you're kind of in a team you have to conform to the team scheduled and i feel like he just sits thirty four myself. I reached that point at twenty. Seven just wasn't in a position to to keep up with the schedule and the demands of of a team sport. How big of a deal is this over in england. How big of a news story is that. He's making the move to mixed martial social arts. I it's a big deal. It's a big deal. I think as far as rugby goes he's one of the most sort of recognizable cuss oddities more so you actually maybe you guys be surprised so highly conduct themselves off the field and on there's a lot of players in his elite bracket that probably don't get any recognition where he because of his personality because of his outgoing this <hes> his willing to put himself in uncomfortable positions and and <hes> you know willing to be in front of the spotlight had has built himself a very successful brian brian and you could argue wanna biggest brands of any rugby player in the world and <hes> this is big news. You know he's been a fan of the sport. He's done softwares b._t. Sport <hes> features of the u._s._c. He's <hes> some stuff with obama as well as as a personality hosting he's kind of always had a little bit of a field around the sport <hes> <hes> and this is really the first i think u._k. Experienced of of a big athlete like this trying to cross over the i can really think of. I know there's been a lot more in the u._s. <hes> but other than other than that you know i i can't think of anyone else right now to compare it to and so when you talk about his personality off the field like is he a wild l. child is he is he controversial is known for doing trouble. Well i five hilarious offensive. He's sort of a blend of like stand up. Comedy may like typical very posh aristocratic english <hes> sense of humor and <hes> he is kind of a unique blend to himself but it's it's been is ability you know to to to do t._v. Shows to try and you know he. His personality shines through with his comedy his ability to you know he's done topless magazines right do son gay magazine <hes> day magazine <hes> spread. He's always been outspoken working on issues. He's never really conformed to this sort of <hes> you know archaic mold that you are a rugby player and you have to conduct yourself set and he's always kind of been outside outside of the boxers such and this kind of his wheelhouse of how he has conducted himself through his career. I believe seventy seven caps for for england. Would it be fair to to say he's one of the best english rugby players of all time or is that a stretch i it means. He's definitely out there in an an elite bracket. I think it's very <hes> positional even though it is a free flowing game so it'd be like you're trying to compare. Maybe tom brady and running back or something that you could have quite compare their stats in his sort of physician. He's seventy seven caps your country for the careers. Finally he was ever the highest. He's definitely in a very very elite club in inning then was bell toward these days. I don't know if you know this. They're making a really big push in the u._k. With their their tv deal with this guy sports and just opening up this bell tower european series if you will getting haskell to sign getting him. They're like you feel like we you are starting. I'm starting to hear people say like oh. They're getting a leg up on the a._f._c. They're starting to get more attention than u._f._c. These days will this help. Put them over. Do you feel like this is that big of a deal where at some point because i was looking at some of the press conferences and they were asking i leave the head coaches eddie jones right. They were asking them about where they were just talking about bell tower like it was just a household name. Is it possible that he can help make built or more popular in england than the you have. C. is one hundred percent. He's gonna bring them into more of the spotlight and bring mall sign naked recognition about until just because he is going to bring a large audience with them. You can have a lot of people that want to see him succeed because of his character. He's also going to have a lot of people that probably wanna wanna see fast who's gonna kinda draw from both sides of of his of the fan base of people that know him and <hes> and i do think he's going to bring much more recognition to the sports bit was with bammer better toll was the guy from jodi shore eyeballs that drawer u._k. And i feel like this will follow in that mode i i think he's an elite caliber actually a big name. I know from speaking to him. He's taking this very very seriously and isn't trying to do it. In some sort of suck doc your show a side show. You know like rob opportunity. He's taking his with his sort of athlete mentality into this <hes> venture such and i do you think that that is going to help grow the u._s.'s still on a higher platform just because of its well dried recognition and sort of categorize the elite level position in the wealth going head-to-head but massive room for that sort of grow hair. I noticed a little space in the u._k. With some people being <hes> annoyed that the tori is on <hes> u._s._c. paper news now have to pay his b._t.'s fall with ballots or just secured on sky sports which is a great platform for them gives them really mainstream recognition. I think over this combined is just going to push their stock up in europe. I just started not quite if they're gonna sort of dethroning the u._f._c. I i heard him say that initially when delta called him they he thought that they were just going to offer him like a commentating gig and now of course he signs a deal to fight with them so when you spoke team i haven't talked to him yet. I'm hoping to do so some curious about this story when when when you spoke to him. Did you get the sense that this was something that he wanted to do. Are they convinced him to do it. <hes> i think it was a little bit of both i think he was always gonna train and do all of the training because that's kind of how i into mixed. Martial arts is toast rugby. When you ride ride your whole life ten plus years of of a wet and then you leave a team sport is very hard to fill that void where martial arts is a great venture. It's kind of a blend of an individual vigil team sport in one you can tell around your schedule so i think he was always gravitating to the training <hes> and was open to opportunities probably more so in the media breath but when this really fruition i think and the fact that there's a paycheck in an opposition for a platform. I know he's gonna documents story. <hes> i know he's he's looking for responsive and looking at bills sort of another sort of area his brand. I think all of that was enough to get any sort of athlete juices going that you know very few rugby plays why is play rugby after that done one because they've been paid to do it for most of their adult lives now so kind of going through that another paycheck isn't the same thing with my understanding and as a worthwhile paycheck in that that he's wanting to give his full athlete commitment to this now and isn't under too many false illusions of how hard it's going to be really yeah. Somebody's training from his two years now. <hes> you know it's a it's a the ocean that he's getting into and he's got to navigate it very very cleverly and he's gonna make sure he starts brought up with the right at the beginning. No secret that rugby players are very very tough some of the toughest athletes on the planet and that includes enemy fighters way tougher my opinion than than n._f._l. Players but that's a different argument for a different lately. We've seen some guys who have had careers. Maybe not as decorated as a james haskell but they've had success in mixed martial arts. I mentioned earlier. Alex full can ski titrate versus. <hes> those are two that come to mind. Do you think that james has moved now because of his his high profile stature that we're gonna start to see more rugby players towards the end of their career. Make the transition over to mixed martial arts. I think we'll see more dabble. I think one of the things is like <hes> i've noticed in rugby which is growing theme and this is part of the reason. Why james says a bit more comfortable. They've been a big move in rugby in the last four or five years to include include a lot more grappling and and technique of wrestling jujitsu into the way they apply the the the contact areas the body control areas of the spot and i think that sort of thing is is mind up a little bit of of martial arts and and what it takes him and and i do think james is going to be a trailblazer. I'm sure there'll be a few that follow although a specially if he's able to be in somewhat it's hard to know what your metrics of success saw in in this sort of venture but if he's able to achieve some sort of success i do think he's gonna open the door for many more guys to do it. I think rugby as well as being tough. It has a lot of similarities with with the m._m._a. That say some other sports like football darn. Have i think it's constant decision making the fact that is open flow clay the bulls in place for four or five minutes at a time. You have to be moving making decisions. It's physical the conditioning. The all those things sort of move itself to sit you when you're actually out there that you a little bit more up to speed without. Your brain is used to making decisions under fatigue. It's used to analyzing and not sticking to say i set drill or a game plan and combating what that was thrown at you in the moment and i think that's one of things that you know. Rugby does transfer very well to to ever marry but but at the same time fact your say question i when he's he's opening doors for more definitely and you know exactly what you're talking about because you had a great rugby career but also you do train and like i said i believe that american top team in south florida i ah yeah i'm about to i was living in florida so i trained american top team for a year and a half or so <hes> good friends fighters with you'll a good friend king most <hes> man and <hes> yeah the man and <hes> i really enjoy it. I i have times about possibly fighting whether it's not at the same time knowing how big of a commitment isn't being fortunate enough to have the ventures in the abuse i have <hes> life off rather be having quite crossed that threshold but but i've spotted i roll weekly balk. I don't kick box as much as i used to <hes> but at the same time it's a tough talk. I think james is gonna. He's not putting any set date on when he's gonna fight and i think that's smart somebody go whatever when they announced he was coming and then they didn't commit to a date for a long time you saw y. You finally see him out there. It is such a hard. There's so many aspects of the sport to learn. It's such a tough environment. One mistake can cost you and make you the foolish out there and be a highlight reel forever especially at heavyweight where it takes us one show that i do think for james. <hes> heavyweight is a good opportunity. I think these adventures are gonna work for for guys and some of the small white crosses because i think the skill level and the town is debt is low hypo heavyweight. There's a lot more opportunity. There's not as many okay got. Let it guys with good cardio that charge her into that division as much as you get sort of debt wise. I was at u._f._c. n._f._c. to forty one in anaheim. A couple of weeks goes a great card and at one well. I'm getting to that. I'm setting it up here. I one point we're watching the action. All of a sunday start to hear everyone i start to hear the entire crowd boo and lo and behold there's colby covington hat built in all walking into the arena and of course he draws draws the ire and it was that moment where i realize koby is finally over like it is working whatever he is doing his work on guide kobe sucks the sad like that is he'll he like if you're on the big screen it's amazing but true or false my friend. You were there with them. You're right by his side. We're us bodyguard that night but i mean kobe have been friends for a long time american top team like with another guys we actually did some pro wrestling being together for <hes> impact wrestling and that's kind of where we bonded hanging out up in canada <hes> doing some of the impact shows but i live in san diego now so it wasn't a a big journey. It was nice to catch up but at the same time he's my friend like he's. He's kinda going into lines then they're done all. This wasn't just gonna if something happens down. I'm there and i let him get beat up but i wouldn't say party. God just more more <hes>. What's the word like support well. I feel like the bigger he gets. The more hatred he is going to receive. I feel like he needs to have you there by his side every time no one's gonna mess with him with you by his side. Well you never know but i think especially at the current yes. It's <hes> it really opened my eyes to how much volatility there is against him. Do these still kind of the guys that i've learned since the the beginning especially in closed doors as such but at the same time he's really committed to try to to make this this run something special. He built this persona. It is <hes> very much. A divisive issue has it's hard core supporters and he has people that can't stand him and i think that's the recipe to to sell tickets gets to make money in this sport. <hes> and i hope more people see it is what it is but at the same time the more people that have that response to him. I just feel happy for him. That the more all money hyper he's gonna make down the line and hard he's worked and i know what all these fighters commit what they risked out after the fact that they can instead of just commit to a normal fight salad alabama <hes> make a big bunch of money doing something like this. I'm just happy to see it by the way what drew you to start training in a man becoming such a big family. I see i know on twitter and stuff. If you're talking about it all the time what you how long have you been a fan for oh. I've been a fan a long time probably like the thing that really <hes> awoke me to it like started the photo properly when trust over. I think i started to find that it's like with the wrestling because i've been a pro wrestling fans the kid so i started to sort of get into this sport more since then i've been i would say i'm in that die hard fan crowd since then and it was actually i met king mo wrestlemainia <hes> <hes> through friends in the v._i._p.'s section and he was accurate something to do dole bug and hooked him up. 'cause they done something together and i it was is a big fan. Just went up and said hi we you know and i said i've always wanted to start training now. I've done a little bit of ju jitsu and stuff when i played rugby but not much and he welcomed let me down to a._c._t. <hes> hooked up with some of the trainers i what boxing coach along time and then trade with him and and got involved in some of the pro classes because after a while and and that's kind of weird started was with king most that's amazing yeah. I know you're a huge fan. I know by the wanna give shot at the john good and for tommy that you'd be perfect to learn more about james haskell and you have been perfect. This has been great but and by the way volkogonov again. I'm a total new. I know nothing about rugby. I'm i'm almost ashamed at how little i know. Was he big in his day or was he more of like a club guy more of a club guy. This is why i think james has charged. I it because obviously he's he's old. He's near the end of his eyes but he has been an elite caliber. Athlete in the sport has rapidly evolved other sort of fifteen. Yes he was at the top of it and that sort of you know mental approach as well as physical gaps gives me sorta hoping spirit that he's gonna take as well as attended chanted any chance he does well you see him doing one say all right. I'm gonna give this goes well <hes> load of money ah but probably not okay all right well this. This has been great alex. I really appreciate it. I know you have to run so i'll let you go but thank you so much for the insight and your work as an analyst. I've been watching some of your clips and just trying to learn more about what you're doing as well. I know the world cup is coming up next month as well. Yeah you do great work in your great embassador for our sport now trying to bring into the mainstream so i appreciate it very much. Thank you very much. I appreciate the kind words big fan and it means a lot coming few pleasure to to have me on happy to to catch up again. Hopefully james journey progresses. Thanks so much all the best. You take all right well. That was fascinating stuff from alex. I enjoyed that very much and very knowledgeable about all things mixed. Martial arts painted the picture of who james haskell is and what he's trying to do here and i'm looking forward to talking to james in in the coming weeks as well wishing the best now let us turn our attention to new york rick in fact before i get to new york rick. Let me i tell you about our good friends over at cheap. It's like ten time this week that i plug them. Our guy troy over there just loves the cheap plugs anyway. This one's worthy because we're getting an early early present from my pal peter rosenberg you know him. He's the man he's the man who wears many hats episodes of cheap as you probably know normally normally come out on fridays but peter just couldn't contain his excitement with king of the ring going down in a w at so. He is releasing a new episode later today. Hey that's right. I said later today. Oh yeah and i'm told peter and stati heart give a review of popeye's chicken sandwiches. Wow if you're not downloading that episode episode right away after hearing that. I don't know what's wrong with you. Find the latest episode of cheap wherever it get your podcast and i hope they have a lengthy breakdown of my interview with bret hart earlier this week new york rick are you there. I'm here. If i'm allowed to break down the fourth wall. Newark wasn't supposed to join us right now but we had to change things and we don't do this live. We do sort of live to tape right now. Mark monday was supposed to join us and i want to wish mark happy birthday but he is not joining us because he is out whale watching with his significant other who i'm a big fan of but he he canceled on me last minute because he's whale watching. How do we feel about about this because i'm not quite sure how i feel about it now did he give advance notice of the whale-watching because this is not something you do spur of the moment right. Nobody just goes and says let's go whale watching as as a spur of the moment thing and then they controls it thank you did you hear that from troy is wife surprised him with tickets gets his girlfriend so let's get crazy surprised him. Troy called him up to get him and he said i'm sorry i can't make out whale watching now worth noting mark one of the more reliable people in the history of emma media in this particular case am i allowed to be perturbed or no because it's his birthday and it it was a president all that stuff and my being too harsh but no texts no call technical. Hello can't make it nothing after troy spoke to him and informed me of the news. I'm going to have to bury mark here. Thank unacceptable. Behavior can expect him to be reprimanded in fact you think i should ban them like the old days if you ban him because he is a valuable resource. I almost feel like that'd be cutting off your nose to spite space but i think some kind of reprimand is in order. I'm not sure what it is yet but maybe we can brainstorm on it okay. I like that by the way also wanted to note in the news this week andrew luck you know he retired. Certainly am i crazy or does troy. The producers sound exactly like andrew luck. I'm gonna say i hear the second person to say that this week. That sounds exactly like him. Some has he has definitely a similar tone own to andrew. Luck would not quite as like there's like a gargle. E sound that andrew luck makes that choice much more clear. He's he's much more <hes> <hes> clear when he's speaking but the the tone the pitch is on point. It's a good spot by you for sure thank you. I call them these days tight ship troy away because he's trying to make the podcast forty five minutes long. It went from an hour to fifty five this week. He's trying to get me to do forty five. I think it's it's ridiculous but it sounds like we're we're spending finding the time the right way so yes okay all right fair enough well. Let's talk about a few things and we were gonna have some switching things around in my mind but you're you're. You're able to talk about this topic as well. I have to admit and i'll i'll offer a sort of mea culpa if you will when they first announced zhongwei league. It's just drudge. I was like oh come on really like you're going to china the seems. It seems like a bit of a stretch but i take a step back and you look at her. Resume zhongwei lee that is nineteen eighteen in a row. She lost her debut. She's won three straight in the u._f._c. She's being tough. Opponents like jessica aguilar and teasha torres and i see the way she looks this week like she is ripped. I don't know if you've the photos of her like she is. Completely jacked ready to go this might be one of the greatest strokes of geniuses are genius. I should say that the has ever pulled off to have a chinese-born fighter fighting in china for a u._f._c. title and one who could very well win like it's not a token opportunity if you will i have to say my level of excitement i've been for this fight is actually way way higher than it was when the fight was announced back in april so i'm really excited about this and and chill i did. The show with shale is predicting that she's going to win. I don't know if i'll go that far but i think that this could be one of the more monumental moments in the history of the sport if she does in fact pull off the victory. Am i crazy here. You're not crazy. What i think is interesting about. Zhongwei lee is that she is clearly there she is she you know she stepped into the u._f._c. and proved that those wins that she had before this were legitimate and that she is one of the top contenders. Now i believe number six based on the u._f._c. ranking <hes> and i believe the the biggest upset in terms of ranking meaning the person who is ranked lowest at the time of their upset was holly home at number seven over ronda rousey so if we were talking about from a rankings rankings perspective how big and upset this would be a huge upset especially because of jessica androgen pound for pound presence but what i think works in jonglei lease favor in this case is the fact that we know she's legit but we don't know how legit we we haven't seen her against all of the top competition at straw and there's quite a bit of it but we have seen her look flawless in the competitions petitions as she has faced so we are at least baseline level shore that she is a legitimate contender. She is a legitimate title challenger but we don't know where she falls and i think that that makes the fight intriguing we really we essentially know how good jessica androgynous. We've seen her for a very long time. We've seen her compete in title fights against the best in the division and we know exactly where she she stands. We know how good she is pound for pound division but we don't really know where to play zhong issue number six. Maybe she's number two or maybe she's the uncrowned champion. There's really a <unk> a mystery there but there's no doubt in my mind and i'm like you. I'm very intrigued by this fight and there's no doubt in my mind that she is a legitimate threat so roseanne munis got a lot of love when when she decided to defend the title against drudge in brazil back in may it took a while for her to get that love but i think by the time the fight happened got a love what drudge is doing is even more impressive oppressive like going to china to fight a chinese fighter as foreign as china can be and look. We're splitting hairs at this point but i feel like no one's really talking about this. The champion is going to china to defend a title against a chinese fighter who lives not that far away. That's a huge deal. That's a huge huge. Ask and jessica hasn't said a single thing hasn't complained about it hasn't even made it into a story. I know she doesn't speak english so she's not doing a lot of media on this side of the pond but like this. This is a really big deal. This is a very notable thing that i think should be celebrated. Certainly should be celebrated. I think part of it comes from the fact that she had a home game in her last fight <hes> <hes> she was challenging rosena on her home turf. We almost recently saw this. I know they were trying to make <hes> on the australia card volchkov ski versus max holloway so i feel like this is becoming more common more so than less common. It's actually becoming kind of commonplace. I feel like it's something that they're trying to do but certainly she should be celebrated for the idea of anytime anyplace. If if we're going to your backyard for the for the first event in mainland like i'm game for it. How big of a deal do you think it would be for the sport. If sean wins like are we still. Are we still in that little bubble where sometimes we make things like y'all ming was y'all ming right like yell ming open doors. This won't be yao ming right or will it. What do you think what's your site. I have a feeling that it would actually i think that her impact could be that big big from the investment that they made it in the performance institute in china <hes> speaks volumes about what they're doing in terms of <hes> roster development and trying to find prospects in the chinese market having her as a champion and being able to bring her around to those different locations and tout her as you know the the first the chinese champion will be huge and i think she really could actually be a yao ming esque figure if she's able to get done. What do you think of shales prediction again. It goes back to how i kind of framed it up in the beginning. I don't know how good she is. I know she's good and i just don't know if she's jessica androgen good or the top ten talent good because the level of competition that she face the the only name that really stands out to me is teasha tourist. That's the only name that i go okay. This is an absolute allude top five top ten fighter and dismantled her. She looked fantastic outside of that daniel taylor just goulard. These are not top talents. These are not somebody that ed. I'm pinning my hopes and dreams to as a title challenger so it's tough for me to please her. I don't i'm not ready to say that somebody as physically imposing jessica assegai draws is going to get beaten by zanga li. I think it's a possibility but i'm not i'm not willing to stick that. I i would side with the champion. In this case that's fair although i will say and they're different competitors no doubt about it. I wasn't overly impressed with just gun drudge in her last fight like i thought maybe you know the rose fight yeah man what's when you would you slam knockout somebody i made okay but the first round sure legros nam unicef was the champion. She's a great fighter. If we're if we're gonna take points away from her for having to overcome some adversity and then get it done was steepest performance less less impressive and is. Are you questioning steep bay after he. He dropped the first two. Maybe three rows. Your body of work wasn't like i was. I was saying wow she wasn't she wasn't cruising downhill but when you can take rose nabi yunus out like that <hes>. I'm <hes> i'm bowing i'm ready to it was impressive. I'm ready as hendrikse who they would say. It ended impressive. I'm just saying like this idea that she can't lose at one. Fifteen is oh well certainly i. It wasn't that long ago. Although it does seem like a lifetime ago at this point that you wanna jay was dismantling everybody at one fifteen eighteen including jessica androgen but for now i pay my respects to the queen of the division all right fair enough okay so that goes down this saturday okay morning six a._m. Eastern maine card on e._s._p._n. Plus prelims three a. m. on e._s._p._n. Are you going to do what's your plan to be honest with me. What you're gonna be here in bristol connecticut no working the fights live live live. Are you gonna do. Are you gonna wake up to thirty or you're just gonna stay up till nine. I am no no. I'm gonna i'm gonna get some sleep in the wake up. See what time did you come into the he'll go to sleep. <hes> maybe try and turn in early like ten p._m. Bedtime nine ten pm and realistically. Can you wake up like thirty to thirty. Get there for three yeah wow it's going to be. It's going to be awesome b._m._i. Pajamas we'll i'll have some s'mores maybe do a little bit of sugar loading some pixie sticks and power through are we staying at the doubletree the world famous w we're gonna. We're gonna get some warm cooke's and make an adventure look at you. Wow okay. That's where will you be. I will be home but i do love the saturday morning shows. I love the more than anything but this is. This is morning morning. Yeah i love it. I'm up by six a._m. No problem and and i'll watch you know now. Three might be a bit of a stretch out listen. I'm not saying definitively but maybe a bit of a stretch six a._m. To nine a._m. Prime time for me. Oh my i'll give them. I'll give you a wake up. Call for the for the prelims when i'm having us us okay. I'll put my phone on do not disturb but yeah i i don't mind it i know and if you're on the west coast it's great twelve a._m. No problem easy. It's like one of the the rise in shows shows readers power through and stay up all night now. Let me ask you about page. Van zandt interesting appearance on monday the quote that i make more money you know posting on instagram than fighting the u._f._c. was interesting confirms that this is the last fight in her deal a different discussion maybe for different but the macy barbara stuff i thought was very fascinating the the tension there when she was talking about her about macy's sliding in her husband's the end all that and more i get the sense i wanna get your sense that she is done that that that she wants to go to battle-torn fight with her husband that she wants to fight out the deal and try to make a lot more money and and try to make as much as some of these other free agents have been making these days. Did you get get that impression as well from everything. She said from her demeanor. Yeah i mean. I don't know if it's necessarily bella tori. I think that would certainly be an attractive option for her especially because her husband fights they're familiar with the promotion promotion having been now behind the scenes with it as her husband competes. I think that she's going to go where where she is valued. Most if it's if they're able to you know pay her the most money i think she'll go there. I wouldn't be surprised if another organization whether it be for one whoever you know says we are in the page vandamme business and breaks the bank <hes>. I think that's torchy's going clearly. You know the statement. She made about being home and making more money. Posting on instagram is coming from a place of saying. I need to be paid what i'm worth and she in no uncertain terms said that she and other women in the sport need to be paid what they're worth so it's no shocker to me that she's fighting this contract out and is going to enter free agency. I would guess that she will be more valuable valuable to bella toward than she has to the u._f._c. <hes> but we'll see who's going to provide. Why do you say that position because because we need star spelled needs talent like her much more desperately than the u._s. does. I don't know if i don't know if the u._f._c. sees sees her as one of those staples maybe they do. Maybe they don't but i think that they have so many other horses in the stable. That bell tower doesn't that they desperately need her. Yeah i agree with that. It's sort of like the nick newell right like nick newell. We'll get an opportunity to shine a lot more toward than in the u._f._c. They'll put them in those positions. I get that. I don't think patriots fan is done by any chance. I don't even know if we know how good patriots will be. Let's not forget. She's twenty five right so she's had some bad luck. She's had some injuries. She's fought some tough people who she's lost too. You know she lost a rose and whatnot but i i don't. I don't feel like she's not worth more like. I see a lot of people saying like oh. You should like patrons and is in token good-looking girl on the roster like i think she's a legit fighter. She has proven her toughness and i see people i i think it's because you say the instagram thing and so right away. You're you're. You're put in that box with all the other people on instagram. Were trying to make money off of just there looks. She is legit like i think she is worth. If she can stay healthy she is worth breaking the bank for in my opinion and my overrating her no. I definitely think there's a value to her but i do think it is tied to fighting. I think that the the ability to make that kind of money on instagram is very directly tied to the fact that she is in the a u._f._c. fighter that people will pay attention to. I don't think that that stays exactly as it is. If that fighting ends i don't think she could just walk walk away from the sport right now and all of a sudden set on that instagram posting and other things that she's doing outside the cage but i will say that. I think there's a difference. If if a male fighter who's in the top fifteen of their division said the same thing that she said if they would be viewed the same way and i don't think that that's the case case male fighters had exactly the same thing that they could be home posting on instagram or doing acting or doing whatever other activities that they get paid for outside the cage <hes>. I think it would have been viewed differently. I think there is an element of that play. When it comes to patrons at i agree by the way speaking of newell do think that they will sign them. Yeah i mean certainly with with promotion that visits connecticut as much as they do. I think it was clear and i was actually in the arena for that fight. It was <hes> unnoticeable change in the room when nick newell's music had and he came to the case at that fight idea that i was there i was doing a little station connecticut with the family and i thought i might pop over to the court so publicize this though listen you know it's not <hes> not everything has snapped her public consumption. What's yeah he hard to go. He was team fights fourteen finishes yeah it was it was rolling fast and furious and he was the highlight of the night as far as the local crowd was concerned. That's that's for sure. They have after resign them like they have to sign him to a long term deal. I think it makes much sense and beating a guy like corey. Browning is like again not a like a cupcake fight. He does have two who wins. I know they're not veterans. Kimball sliced junior and and aaron chalmers but i think he brings him a lot of attention a lot of press and to your point they fight so many times in the state of connecticut. It makes all the sense of the world because he is such a big drop. Let me ask you about something because you got to watch live. This really bothers me. I'm i'm really annoyed about this. Aviv ghozali pulls off an eleven second submission phenomenal submission admiral leg lock. I mean just amazing in my opinion. Union might be off the top of my head the front runner right now for some of the year and this guy. I see on twitter after i post it everyone shaming him insulting him him criticizing him saying that he was cheap. He's dirty classless because his opponent stuck out his hand fist this to do the old little touch gloves and he went in there and went for the sub since went. You have to do this like if you wanna do it fine but really the touch gloves is more of a strategy in my opinion than sportsmanship. You're trying to gauge the distance to reach all that stuff and more. Why is this guy. You know being asked to do this instead. If you're gay plan in the back is hey let me go out there and attack the lead right away for whatever reason why should you change your game plan and fist-bump with this guy. It makes no sense. It's it's crazy to me and look. I'm trying to make sense of the internet. The comments is a futile mission but in this one i was i was kinda shocked at all the hate he got the the gentleman's agreement to touch gloves is between two parties. If you decide not gloves <hes> that is your prerogative and i have the problem with how that was handled. The opponent clearly seemed like he wanted to touch gloves and he did not. I have no issue with that at all if now if you fake the glove touch that's where i have a problem. If you fake the gloves ask <hes> and then you go for the submission or duck in for a strike that's where i have a problem but not agreeing to touch gloves and then <hes> you know trying to execute a submission which you successfully do in eleven seconds no problem at all yeah yeah. Did you see the comments. I don't know if you read the comments but everyone was ripping on the guy. I did see some comments on the e._s._p._n. M._m._a. instagram page half were essentially the pointing out yes but he didn't agree to this glove taught. She didn't fake it he didn't he didn't try to do it and the other half were saying it was cheap and and you know all those things regardless needless to say he got more attention for that fight than he's gotten in any fight he's ever had an assure ear and will be more. There'll be more attention paid to his next fight due to it. So i think all worked out on that front. I would go as far as to say. Let's outlaw the glove touch this outline. If you want to give props before are you know when you walk in the cage all of that but in the middle of the fight over at the top of the fight or any point of the fight the hugging the gloves stop it enough no more yeah i mean there is a reason that the referees have have you touch gloves when they're giving the instructions at the very beginning is so that that is out of the way and that is done and then it is time to fight so i think this is a more recent development now. Obviously i'm not talking super recent because touching gloves during the fight has been in effect for a long time but it has become commonplace much more recently and and maybe it shouldn't be i i defer i defer to the fighters who are in the cage. If you wanna touch gloves great <hes> if you don't wanna touch gloves great <hes> but as long as you're on the same page. I think everything's kosher right. Don't cry foul. If the other guy doesn't touch gloves and submits you and you say oh. I was just going out there to try to pay respects now gather fight and and opponent you know i'm not sure if he said anything after the fight on that on that front but i would hope that he feels look imagine if if been aspirin and he must've we're about to find he sticks his hand and then all of a sudden no it was very clear he had planned flying me. He was gonna start the fight that way. Forget about the touching gloves to fight so that's my two cents near greg. Thank you very much good to talk to you. We'll talk to you soon. Thank you my friend. Mark disappointed. Yes yes me too all right. Let's move along. Thank you very much new york rick. Do i have another cheap. Eat plug that. I have to say troy or are we good for now. We're good for good by the way why did you retire. Though like like are you that bank. I'm just kidding. Come on sounds exactly know all right. Let's let's see what he has to say about it. Let's go now to. I believe las vegas. I always have to throw out that disclaimer beforehand bread automotive e._s._p._n. Standing by bread true or false troy the producer sounds exactly like andrew luck <hes>. Can i get another quick. Quick sound bite here so i tell us about your day. How's it going. My day has been tax great baseball podcast earlier today but now one of my favorite sport and may come on you. Don't hear it. I don't know what kind of has that like like peanut butter on the top of his mouth kind. It sounds like it'd be honest. I i was like he could be hosting. Podcast is a good radio angry pitch. That's the bosses. I've actually said that before. We've now had two different explanations on how entry luck sounds two very different one from you and eric but i maintain. He sounds exactly like but maybe maybe i'm the only one on this one. Although you did say try that someone else said that this was it a smart person or was it someone you don't hold their opinion in high regard. Someone who i don't think too highly okay said that i look and say sounds and act like andrew luck. Gosh okay. Well forget about that brett. Thank you for joining us lots of discuss. Let let me ask you about darren till a are you in agreement with him. Moving up to one eighty five he's moving up to report on monday that he's moving up to middleweight finally after everyone it seems to have been asking for him to do that and he's fighting kelvin gasoline and his middleweight debut november second madison square garden new york city do like the move to one eighty five live and the answer is don't have to you know they don't have to be related. They don't have to be could be exclusive and you'd like the match up in his middleweight debut. <hes> i i mean i. I like the move up to one eighty five. I <hes> i wouldn't have been <hes> you know i i wouldn't have had anything really strongly against st st at what seven he just because i feel like you know the the with those guys baking those those calls about those judgments tebessa. I smoked his coach colin heron a few weeks back and he said look. We're taking a very strategic approach to this. At this point i mean i really wanna see their get leaned. I wanna see what he weighs between fights. It's no secret. The guy acidity started fighting. He disappears enough but cheeseburgers and he believes up if we we want to get a good understanding of winning a healthy weight what is that way class should be. I mean i i will say this call. It has never explicitly told me that he wanted dare to stay one seventy but i always kinda got that feeling. I got feeling they call it new. The one eighty five is gonna happen at some point that he wanted to just make sure that they were done with welterweight that <hes> it was the best spook because it probably not going back <hes> but i think you know just based on the decision that was made. It also just conversations. I've had with their. I mean he's he's looking forward not to not be at one seventy anymore. He has looking forward to not cutting all that way to being a five feeling a little bit better during the week so <hes>. I think that this was probably his decision and i i think that the decision if i guess what was also his i think he asked for specifically. I think he wanted a big fight. When i heard that there were other their other options kind of floated out there there was situations in which he had lied a card instead of you know fought other pay per view and he wanted to be in new york he wanted he didn't want to be the main. Avai feels like i actually actually kind of heard that he didn't feel like even deserve to be of editing or that. He wanted to earn that he wanted to go in to put away. Take on a very very tough guy at the force at this division of prove something right off. The bat approved that he belongs here. He's gotta be tether here so this was all kind of <hes> derek forty. That's together so you gotta love his ambition. I do love ambition and and certainly it's what we've come to expect from him like he wants to big fights. He wants a big opportunities but if you were advising him. Do you think it's smart to go in there. In your debut debut like i will say one hundred percent. I think moving up to one eighty five was very smart extremely smart like he was killing himself making one seventy. He looked very unhealthy. He was the pleading leading himself so i like the move but the idea of going in there against the guy who just fought for the interim title when toe to toe with sonya in my opinion right now it's the fight of the year and was supposed supposed to fire aboard occur. I mean the number one contender five. Is that smart for him like if you were advising him and tried to plan it or how do we get back to where we were at one seventy. How how do we build you back up. It's been a while. It's been since may of last year since we had a victory. How do we get is going through. These supremely tough kelvin ghasem the best way to go in the debut you i mean i'm definitely asked the question right. I mean i don't think i if i was advise you would flat out say man. You're crazy. Take an easier fight that fight. I mean i. I don't think that that would be my reaction to you. Know a fighter it. It'd case you know. I mean everybody knows that he he was undefeated that he's now. He's lost to erode. He's in a much different spot that was you know a year ago but let's not. Let's not <hes> you know. Start starts calling for the guy to retire or anything. I mean he knows he's still a very top guy. Obviously so i mean. I don't think that <hes> you need to take a massive massive. Step back and quite frankly. I just don't think you can't i i've i've had conversations about that with with darren and his team and you almost can't take a step back. Sometimes it's hard i if if you're able to do it it's still very very difficult to do you know once. You've reached a certain point. Which derek did i mean. They're not just <hes> you know a guy who who had gotten into the top ted i mean everybody was calling the <hes> the future star of the sport you know that he had something that's <hes> not many guys have <hes> when you've reached that level and you've reached that type of hype of that amount of buzz it is really hard to backtrack that so i mean yeah of course if i was advising him i would bring up. Hey are you sure. Are you sure that this is the fight you want. You know i loved you. Want this and it says something tells me that your confidence is still there after two difficult fights against tyron woodley and also i love the fact that your confidence. It's still there but you know moving up. You're not you're not familiar with this weight class yet. This is a guy who's just coming off a title fight. I mean he's he's sort of at the peak of his his game. He's figured it out you know. Are we sure we want this. I would have definitely kind of pressed him on that but hey if this is the fight like there's also a lot of reward here you don't he he goes out there and he knocks out kevin castle in new york <hes> in his debut at one eighty five. I mean you see all the time like all of a sudden. All of that momentum is back jack. You forget about the two losses completely at a way that i don't think you would have you gone out. It's lots of guy who wasn't right away and so speaking of that card in new york city <hes>. I feel like it's really interesting the way the last two pay per views are going to play out because there's a november second pay per view. There's a december fourteenth. Pay per view the only title fight that has been officially announce for it is germane to randomly versus. The new news dana white told the reporters yesterday contender series that kobe versus the fight that they're targeting targeting for that card but it doesn't seem like it's done just yet. There's mazda dole and eight out there. John jones once again another fight max holloway alexander wilkin oscar. How do you think this is all going to shake out because there's a lot of title fights that need to happen plus. There's ashville nate which i think should be a main event and nate sometimes doesn't want to be on the same cardis other people connor seems like a bit of a long shot to fight you know by the end of the year but he has already said that he wants to try and fight by the end of the year. How would you laid eight out. And how do you think it's going to lay out for those papers because sometimes it seems like the cupboard is super bear in this particular case for the last two papers. It seems like they have almost too many options yeah no. It's it's absolutely true. I mean how would i lay it out. I mean i could i could sit here and be a fight fan and say like man gimme all of it you know i want. I want everything successor jimmy johns new york one thing that should as you know has a very tough test ahead of dustin for you but he said that if he wants he wants to fight against before at the end of the year tony ferguson is is ready to go you know and he's he. He's gonna be watching that flight next week at dhabi very closely <hes> so you're right. There's there's a ton of options for the end of the year <hes> like you. I don't see carter coming back so let's let's take him out of the equation. <hes> you know you mentioned that you think he's headliner. I also think that nate sees himself as the headliner <hes> and we know earlier this year that the u._f._c. didn't love the idea of putting the title fight hasn't made of this which is a whole other debate in of itself but we saw that happen with carter macgregor's comments cowboys comments about you know they tried to make that's that's like a a cobaine between cowboy carter. They both thought hey. This is the pain of fight so i i i tend to think that most likely we'll see next year. You're certainly leaving the door open for him to <hes> to appear at the end of the year but as of right now today i i think it's more likely next year so yeah i mean i think the colby and <hes> the new smith is a great fight in new york i. I hope that it comes together. I believe that it will. I have to be pretty optimistic outside company together with york <hes> and you sorta got to see you gotta see what happens with john jones. You gotta see what happens with james. Corden is back this year. I mean that's that's the question i would. I would ask you even close. Let's relationship with them. <hes> that's going to have an impact on on steep but that's gonna have an attack john <hes> but hey it's a good problem to have because usually not i shouldn't say usually but there all are often times where they're kind of looking for flights and here's this guy's got authors bozell. I don't think cormie comes back this year in fact. I'd be shocked if he comes back this year. I know you decided about his future. I feel like he can't go out like that. I feel like he will try to come back whether it's against here's someone else just to get a victory and write the wrong so to speak feels like steve bay would make the most amount of sense because it's a big fight. Don't tell that to francis and gone who certainly deserves it as well so i think that that might be a long shot but yeah i'm really curious because the nate thing he. I don't think he's going to take a co headline. Spot against anyone anyone so then doesn't mean that will only get eight. I don't think there's a pay per view in january and then the next las vegas pay per views and march doesn't mean we'll have to wait for nate mazda and then what happens then so. It's gonna be really interesting to see how it plays out. Let me ask you about connor now that he does want to come back and it seems like okay habib portray tony ferguson gateway sarony. I don't know max holloway like there's so many options out there and he isn't really committing to one particular neighborhood though it does seem like he wants to get the belt back as soon as possible if you were booking his return. Who would you book them against if i was booking his return and in what capacity if i was u._s._c. if i was if i was eh because i think that they're probably different answers if you <hes> okay hey. That's a tough one. It's fair if you were a team mcgregor mcgregor. I'm greg. I mean i think i think i wanna look. I don't look at carter as as as necessarily being a guy who's ready to come back tomorrow. You know i i think <hes> i think to try to answer who he comes back against you you. I have to answer the question of what did he coming back. You know because because thanks change you know <hes> circumstances change to to pull the quote for d._s._p. Stocks rise and fall you know it so it definitely really matters when he comes back if he's coming back later this year. That's a different answer that he's coming back. You know in the first quarter of the first half of next year but if i'm sitting here today i i mean i'd be looking closely at that fight between cowboys aronie adjusting gates. He's still i mean you don't be i. I liked that fight against cowboy. There's a lot of value and connor being able to say that i'm fighting fighting a fan favorite of cowboy guy supposed to wait. You'll see history. I also think that you can you can play up. This idea. Just engage is the most entertaining fighter in the sport you you know that's that's something that's <hes>. That's an argument that can be made. That's a simple thing that people can get their heads around if they if they're. They're aware of just engaging if it were fans watching the s._p._f. Yes sir caller is coming back. This guy just engage you. Who was he well. They call it the most entertaining fight or the sport and i i look at those two match ups and nothing against either cowboy or justice justice but i if i'm a gregor. I'm probably thinking i can win. Those fights. I i'm thinking that these these fights matchup stylistically well for me. <hes> you know not not that he it would be this massive favorite against them but we qatar's have always i mean he likes. He considers himself a tactical for precise striker <hes> cowboy adjusted one of the reasons is there fan favorites is because they tend to get hit subtypes of that. They were willing to engage the type of flight that qatar as well so if i was his team i'd be looking at that. They were always looking at eight. You know oh exactly what you're getting into. What they you know that the buzz will be there. You know that the fan interest will be there <hes> obviously so so that that means the money is going to be there. You know what you're getting two in terms of of what you have to go there surprises really what they because you've been there with twice <hes> so there's always a good a good amount of options for connor but yeah if i would say if i would be surprised if you would be looking at you know a cowboy or a h e if they come out of it they make a good performance but when is he gonna fight is gonna fight within a typewriter that would doc was set up for one of those guys okay if you're the u._f._c. what do you do you see i think i do i do i think donate or and this is gonna people are gonna go nuts on this but i see people all the time you know on on twitter saying why are you even talking about connor enter be like why even mentioned it and and i just wanna tell shape these people and be like listen. I have gone on record about a billion times saying. I don't think hunter deserves. The title shot i. I don't think i mean who does who thinks that he quote. Unquote deserves it but if you think that it's it's not a possibility that the u._f._c. would put him right back in there without even remember metal because of the money that it would make you're crazy that is it the possibility <hes> and and and i can't sit here and tell you without lying but if i was running the that i wouldn't consider it you know because their business and making big fights and then it's still a big fight him. Versus beep is a huge fight him versus name as a huge fight and let's be honest. How confident are we how many more times conor is going to fight. I mean what is that number. What is the number of fights left to conor mcgregor has in his career and how long are they spread out for it. If he well he come back and then disappear again for two here so i'm kinda tempted to to take full advantage of it and maybe not get too cute and set up the biggest fight that i can while i know that i am interested conor john mcgregor it again in the octagon yeah that that is i mean. You're right when you break it down that way. They are both coming at this from different perspectives. I think at the end of the day the probably want him to stick around as as long as possible. I'm not breaking any news here. I'm certain that they want him to be successful because they can make more money when he is around but you're right like if i'm team mcgregor i would push for the winner of saronic h. e. because i think that that's a more style friendly flight so to speak. It's a more winnable notable fight than going in there against hubby right off. The bat to me sounds crazy but if you're the u._f._c. you're gonna make over two million for that. Pay per view how do you how how do you turn your back on that. I get it. It's a very it's gonna be fascinating to see how they actually book him whenever he's ready. I think it's going to be really interesting and we'll get. I wouldn't be surprised if they present them with even though we both agree that is probably not smart. I wouldn't be surprised if he just takes it would take it immediately was interesting. That habib told me that he he won't he'll flat out say no. I'm not fighting that guy. I don't wanna find. I fighting right now for legacy and beating guess after i just dominated u._c. To twenty it doesn't do anything for my legacy. So there's another interesting twist out is that is that ironclad. Does that mean that he would absolutely do that. Tells you know but i can tell you that i was. I was with a couple of weeks ago and san jose and he told me that that bell. I'm not fighting carter at he said data. Don't call me with this fight. Don't even call me with it so yeah. It seems like everyone like habib. If you wins ferguson i think has to happen and if he wins could open up for for connor because there's the rematch component there he beat him about one seventy eight would open for connor. Yes goes out the beat up the i. I think we're seeing that but i will say that certainly warrants an immediate rematch if he loses especially in a freak accident he's undefeated twenty-seven to know oh so it'd be hard to deny that i really wanna see the hallway fight like in speaking to connor it seems like there's a lot of animosity there from the trip to dublin and all that but i think hallway needs to defend the title against volkov ski and so if you look at all those i think need versus mazda needs to happen because there's so much positive press surrounding that fight so you look at all that god i sort of feel like the one that makes the most sense for all involved right now is gateway sironi winner. There's a history there with both guys. They're supposed to fight him at separate points this year ear. I kind of like that. I like it and i think that everyone would i don't see how connor wouldn't like that fight other than the fact that it's for a belt but i think he stands to make just as much money with or without the title on the line these days so it's going to be cheap to see happen though 'cause like you just said that the next the next year pay per view in vegas would be march cowboys not gonna sit around and wait until march and i just i don't see connor coming back this year. So i'm with you i mean i think that's the most me personally. That's what i want to see. The most i wanna see counter fight the winner of that fight but that fight is in you you know what two three weeks and and then march is a long time away so yeah it just a a lot of it does come down to timing and exactly one quarter. This is gonna fight him which pay per view you can put him on for now though it's the u._f._c. in china this saturday zhonghua leogane destroy title appreciate the time brett. Thank you very much for doing this all right so the u._f._c. back this saturday in shenzhen china again six a._m. Eastern on e._s._p._n. Plus three a. m. eastern on e._s._p._n. That's the prelims title fight. Some other interesting names zhang liang the leech lee jang leong going up against these a._u. Though santos that's an interesting fight at one hundred seventy pounds so there have been some great moments in the u._f._c.'s five previous trips to china counted them down on the show earlier this week the spinning back elbow from dagnon cam. I'm against john hathaway kung lee knocking out rich franklin and retiring in michael being knocking out kung lee francis and gone against curtis blades. There have been some big moments will zhongwei lee topped them all this saturday that remains to be seen. We shall find out in a couple of days for now though we're out of time time. Thank you very much to all our guests. Thanks all of you who continue to rate download subscribe all those things and more. I appreciate it more than you know you can throw in a comment there to whoa i would love you and troy personally culture house and throw the football around with you too just like andrew luck not only does you sound and look and act like him. He throws the ball. I can toots. It's amazing anyway. Thank you very much to brett okimoto. Thank you very much in new york rick. Thank you very much to alex cora cerro. Not thank you tomorrow monday but happy birthday birthday to you we appreciate. We might let it slide. I'm not sure yet or you'll get a lifetime ban. It's one of the other let it slide lifetime ban. We'll find out we're out. Thanks for watching. Thanks for listening. We love you. We'll see next week. Appreciate it. Enjoy the fights tip toe.

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