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Mars. We thank you so much. Thank you. For us. Well you were. Here. You. We few. Many. Your. Virtue of Mark. MOM You're. You're always. Can. His Night. Yes Lord. CARE. Awesome Thank your truth. Who? Everything else does real. Remain. Stanton. Thank. Rebelling. Our. Own. Own. A. These. Off. Only. A Only. Aw. ooh. A. Only. A. Turn. New. Orleans. Oh A. Ocean. Won't. I. Love. Wow. A? Own. Lari. Author. Off. were. Car. Out. Your. Your. resulted. Draw. A You are. Off. No. Do. Only. He's A. He's like. Is. Hello F. Louis. Bye. Lor. Which? Worse. Hello. A. Last Name. Marsell. For. Everything. Wasn't. And More Blood. Sounds. All Must. Don't. See every. Assignment. This. Stay. In. The same. Cancel. Our. Off? The ground. Together. Listen lower. Said Shouldn't remind. Pay. Only Live. Online. You are. Nine. Hey. Is. Green. Tea. took. Thank you. Roll. Your mind. A. Poor. Only have a new song. Of Nice thing. Is. So good just goes right right through A. Holly. By Floor. Jesus. All. Jesus. Jeremy. Out. Loud. God. All Only. A. Joe. Back. A A A. Talk. Laura. Up. So. Way. A. Live. I. saw. I. A. Leads. Every year. For. All. Of Us. We have. Life. were. A. In. A. Off. Oh. Will. A. took. ME. Show. Rushing. Won't A. A. See. I? Take. Stands. In My Industry. Go. Go. The. A. They'll see. This. Sure Do. Not Of course she about that guy. Day Law do she bought a? Day lower. Body. Not. Daughter out again, Gala Day show Mukai Guy Shot my good adultery. McKay. For All that I have. Plans for more. FUNDS FOR ABUNDANCE Let. Dial. Come high. gration new way. I love. You have. To. Say, which way? But I'll make it. Very. Clear. She started with raw. The Ladies Green. Just. Started on. Your knowing. CEO. then. You See. Wherever you saw. Wherever. Your son. Pieces. Is. Very, hard, MISS Just. Walk on so. Much Joy You life for me. I have some. Thoughts and taking. Course. See your. Always the. Extreme visions not Cilicia. Beaten. Pictures. We were. Trying. So we were seeing. Like. You. said. As the Lord I don't know if it's the Laura saw just working on this. I'm going step up and factories and your by. Guinea. Pigs. So it was like I I saw in here played. The. Airplane taking off the West Coast and. I kind of looked at it, and as I, look at it. And so the plate and size of the plane dwarf the size of this country. And I believe. Washed the plane and it was traveling West Coast to the east coast it was like a crop duster and it dropping this. Fertilization seeds onto American soil and seeds are there are being dropped revival And what's happening has it's going across the nation even now I just feel like it's taking off. As. It goes across the nation it's going to begin to change people's hearts this. Shift in this month of October. People really becoming more interest. More looking at themselves and believe going to see. In, the near future. Little fires. Michael Medical matches might not see a bigger rasonable match Roman hundred people. Are To come home. Church. Go, back to Church Burton start. Of Spiritual. Way. With young. Guest to the, east coast. Carrying message. Just Working on. A. Really Good class and we're supposed to just. Gave me permission. Hotel rooms. I feel the that ancient. Glory. Days. Oh Or? She's the one who data. and. Her daughter signed the paper giving her. Share your insurance. Daughter signed pay her. But it actually what we found the south until. Just, recently so she's got to feel to get some insurance twenty and they. Called and told her you don't get any. Because I. And she died sixteen. I received a check in the mail this week. Feel. Each were. Also. We see see coming that day that she is A. received an email. Another trip. Up. To also. Believe dollar actually. So. I went to the conference with him seats with GTI on Saturday. And we have been you guys picture. Other people data, we've been calling the problem. And unbelieving that's happening as virtual world. My daughter and a friend of mine. That we've known for years. Will for her children by Coda and She happened to show up there I haven't seen her for years. How She right and one of the things she cried was. Pants she's in. Show. Her is. That happened on Saturday afternoon at two, twenty, nine eight am the next morning morning. All. Right. So let me just preface I asked the last words heard from my daughter was not good about me she was. So she called me. And Mom. You. Know but I've been trying I don't want her to come home to me. To come to you. And she said, the Lord has restored our relationship. had been praying for that. Appreciate it. And causes give me little blessings this week. People. Paying for. com. West movie. So. In Romano. going. Say you're. Just. See Lessons you have for me spiritually physically financially emotionally relation late. Back. degree. And Today. A. Graduate. Of course as a mom, this time Kara. Song. For many years. And so Carl A. Profit over many times anyway. So The last few weeks. been good together ESPN to through South within praying worshiping together. and. This is such. As for for this is what is wanted until listen to be able to. Worship for them crave them. Together Outside together. This me this morning. Man. Leave. Your church and carpet. By. Thanks. Good Thanks. Want on. A. Mental. Way Different. They're both believing. Basically leading to. A man. Because it makes all the dinners you can walk. Jesus or not. We don't love it and he was loved one it says faith is the substance. Substance. You had to have something you're hoping for two. Shoot debris and share on. The. You See. You. Of Your Well. My personal belief is with. God has placed within you seal. Her You're teaching your family and friends that are largely. In your life to try to help on ramblers things. Walk. fallish of what your calls to do man. I believe that all call initials many and all who that's all. But if she were chosen because it's up to us whether or not we won't. And that's what makes a difference too. WHO's really you? called. In the sense of going to call. So. He says. Is the substance. Substance just like A. Liquid or solid war, it's a substance. Substance. What it's made up is believed. God's from or were. That's what makes it. Instead. We choose to believe what he said. The naked. God. Is because. A. Lot of people never walk in the fullness of what they should because they have trouble believing. Jesus were. If you WANNA do to work. My Work and the work of me believe. Workers to leap a men. It's leap. Was it to believe it's Natural. It's to the supernatural can be brought into the national. Coaster Brains what's out there in the spirit into the natural? When you speak, you create every time, you say life or death. We're may just like God in his image likeness today's after getting. Show. In humorous. Twelve tells us that God's word. Is. Like a sore. Sharper. than any two hundred soared. Into the dividing asunder of soul. And Spirit joints to narrow etc. So there's a difference between our spirit soul most viewers never get out of sober. Most. Really don't. But it's because they're never either taught him. Virginia. You're. Out. Sorry? So. But. Can you speak create forget the man. says. In power of the time so Eleven. Six does. That faith. Come work. Interesting. because. It. Really Music. Rose. Develops. It becomes. What you need to be. Comment by. Hearing the word. Best way here. God's Word Fast enough. because. You create. Dr Caroline, leaf? And she says it takes about. I think certainly sixty two days. To. Change pathway in your. System. Like. Twenty one days to. I know that there was a mandate. All. All kinds of Fast Oh. Yeah. All over the country and the world with him, and they would record exactly what happened on each date and they'd have similar things happen a different age. By the end of the try first day every body broken. Mason. That psychology paid something. You know we don't say 'cause. Last word. But I have Lugar background there's. I I look at correlations and wonder why the just call it. What you said it was you know. The name but. Anyway. So Come here, right. Thank. Leave the God kind of thing. Is GonNa Leave The. Remain in the Bible when they had sin in the Old Testament. And were in the desert. and Said and better services on. God said take one of those events when most. Him. and. Don't want them all off. So. Servants poll, which is the symbol medical science trade right history. and. It says, but in the words used in the Hebrew. Is says everyone who looks upon that? Sherman poll, which was type of Jesus. Being, made sen right or us. But we're not. The word love is. Stare. Focus and don't take your eyes off of it. So when we hear the word for trying to win a battle. We've got to steer wanted to go the word of promise. It's through faith and what that you inherit the promises? Patience. Patience is not patients in Greek. No. It's persistence. Interesting. Through and persistence, you inherit the promises John G. Go out and pray for them. Go come back to. That grew. Get full. And that will form. Thank you. Yes. So. We're studying new model school and we're going to make mandatory. Come. Back. Lake had a sweet. It was with him at times and Towering vote late. He started studying after he got. List start stating all my demons. He says, Oh, please take you next time. You have a case where there's So. They had this case where this guy was crazy. Bedroom and so they went to the house and they got two sides of the bed. This guy was in the middle of the bed and was just ranting and raving and. Becomes your way you come my way out? The guy jumped up on the bed and? Good Way. In. God wants us to walk in dominion will always come by. That's the God kind of. By hearing the God kind of faith is based on nothing. But the Oregon Is. Not Based on site. Is Not based on. Not. Based on census. Based on what the provision Is. Based on what does the word say? So. Somebody Really WanNa thank God. To take a look at the promises of God and there's A. Thousand Fifteen. Yes in the word. Thousand Promise. But it shows you God's nature. God. And you get to know and. You'll buy me my. You you can ask switches demand. Man Anything you will or should've ending of the double. Major demand, the Authority and power that you haven't. You're. Supposed to be spiritually. and asked. And the reason that. So many of us don't want it at full power is because we don't. Meditate on the word day and night. About what you meditate on the word day at night I don't my own experience. Telling, MYSELF In my only experience. I'M GONNA start with my athletic background again. 'CAUSE I. Three four four really, but three sports. and. I was able to focus solely. On stuff. that. I would hear anybody anybody or. I, wish I was in. The sweet spot. Or they call it in India. was. In the zone. Wherever you you don't hear anything I remember one time I wrestling. The was crazy because I never had to go full match. My masters always ended with him. Thirties. Wow. Really Quick and somebody challenging saying I don't believe you could go home. Match. Goal. and. and. So I. Can. Homage And by the end of the period. Gone. But somebody. From the stance. Pushy Guy Away from me faced was. And I should you think this is easy. You come down here. I just got really brazen, right? Yeah. Tell you about this because. Don't. Well. No, he didn't come down here. And and He would not have whoever was said. You. Know. But I mean I cus. About bullies or. People that are in a nation be seeking to hurt somebody or. Not so much me. Even, Saddam somebody is that. something. Is always my mother used to say our Whitey always have to be judge jury everybody. In a fight. Pull somebody office. Never Star. Always just. Try Stopping. Or held the first so. I got so. My freshman year. In High School Nuts. That is so Michael. Tile. I. I I was just trying to. See. Freshman I'm just making. Have to put. Him. In A freshman. In school. I had a Russell State Champ. Control for months and a half into one entity. And so my coach him, he exactly what shaving me. He said, well, we get out there trying to stay on your back. So. All night before. In his own. So by the time the first period. Wrestling and well in high school. Students by the end of the first period scoreless try wanted twenty three. That's unheard of nicely and Just. Reverse reversal reversal reversal. I was I was way out here by myself. And? When you get the word of God so strongly in you. You start walking out here. But the natural. You're walking outside of yourself you. Jim Never Think That she could ever do. This? And you don't stop to consider natural biases. Consider nothing natural. Arena. On. Research before you didn't consider his own, which is natural, which was now dead as far as reproducing hits hidden. He knew it. But he did. So in other words, he looked right at the promise and only problems and he refused to let anything in between them and the promise. So often today I know Virginia in Ireland, falls people all over the. World. And even. Someone people are shut down the natural. They gotta get off the actual they cam she. TIMES, unless there's against operates into if a gift of. Faith is not required. Did you know that? Supernatural. Person and you get in their presence. All Everybody. And Men But if there's some gift outbreak and kind of like at the pulled such A. Gift Operating. than. Somewhere back. and faith comes by. Hearing. It also comes. By chewed. Building up yourself. Praying. Yes, we heard something about that. This morning this ministry meeting we ran. That when you pray God. You pray divide revelation now. India show. Comes out of your soul you understand what you've been praying and revelation knowledge gone that she didn't get before. And all of a sudden you understand something. Sandy forces pray tongues. event. So Show many times I'm so frustrated with people because. The almost refuse. To. Believe God. They want you lands on them they want you to pray for them. And then they want you to pray for them actually. They run from place to place getting word. Friday. That and. Did. That's right. And then when something really comes. Much Yep. Lots were huge somebody who deliver somebody they'll never. The double come back. Trump try because requires us. Strong. Suit can get strong many times version. But then he just. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word and. bounces progress three. Five, six, trust. Trust into. Actually that's command. Command. Alternative. Don't fear. Don't fear. Don't. Right. Over. Three hundred times. Don't fear your command. Trust is also. And I got to think about this. Why we just What are we trust his were? We will take the word somebody just met. Tells us yes I can fix that for you and. We go over the researcher wherever I know what we We trust them. Trust who's been around forever he's never ever failed. Recently, don't trust them because we not ever studied his word in such. That we see that every time. So. We know that faith says. Right he's just some. Things about the whole. Medical Center you guys I said we're talked about that which is a type of fake. But it's a lower court. It's The Times. By. From my hands. On. Your. Old. Here. and. Will all the way through which is teen? Because Fleming. But after that all. Came yes they want based on. What you see right now, let's who leave. It's a higher form of faith. It's a place that we can walk in used to. But we have to so. Jesus. To Walk It. It will lift you automatically. That had take you over. So many stories but. Right now. Mental say. I'll get. Sometime. It was say, wow, that's beautiful. I know I should. Believe. But for some reason I can. had. I won't believe. There's no reason for on the leaf. One is laughing. Eight, for six. People are destroyed acknowledge. Okay fine. About. This milicic. Some people her in their? says. WHO Were drew. I see that it's true excetera they refuse. They refuse. To Walk on water. Is set you won't walk on the supernatural while you're called walk. Battle and you have to come they're. The only way. Through fear is through fear. While yes. Walk through. To Watch. I think we're GONNA. Cat. Straight out. So. I just find you. Tonight right name I if you have. The door, will. Do we have. Occasional. Something you're Nancy. I don't care where he wants to do this show. This gun show. It says for some reason. I saw. Talks. I feel like. If you. Live by your feelings you will never. Out of feelings she got. Word doesn't matter. WHO. was. Well no for great. You shed. He said. He never asked how? Many men. Through. Disease. Never. So were A. Those. were. To be. Jesus had put on have. You. Because, believe actually stop the less. So basically there's two reasons why people don't believe one is lack of knowledge. So. If you get enough of the word of the year. You'll be. It just automatically. The other one though is on persuadable. Talks about it. Could be unpersuaded -able. That's a choice. I taught this. My parents always did this family always did this my college told me this whatever it is and I refuse to believe in God Areas they don't really. They don't know. Distrust. So. We can national. Usually sleeping. So. I wanted to talk to you about along this line because I think. This something with the unpersuaded. When I wanted to learn about human I studied every structure in viable on every cases. Disease early. Every Two. Questions side. Who? And why? Right questions. That sound. Now. Or anything else that might come up in questions. And as I studied them, I've found that. Always will for some all. Scriptures that you might think it's not. Until you get it. Right study you find out I never countries himself, but there's all kinds of teaching as he does. I. Never does. Word is perfect. On The Lord is. Perfect converted sole right. Okay, who is worse? Perfect. It doesn't ever have a mistake. You could say, well, yes but it was renowned by man because. He read the words. Right. who were move on? Her One Time I. Asked him about that. He said, don't you think? I. Get One so. What I needed out. Her say was like saw. And I thought. I S you probably could. That people to believe that God or. Whatever. But, he also loves span of the world is between here and here. I hear. He sat great that perfect. Everything is because are people might can't figure it out. At some point, we have to choose believe it's a choice stating this choice. Man, so. But there's plenty of evidence. Again. They some of things hoped for the evidence. Of Things. The natural around. The Natural Sciences So struggling. Is My My senses four am I gonNA live by. Were which is spirit. Announces Whereas Spirit. We trust the word of everything else it anything else anybody thinks. It's going to be popular. Find somebody dying. Relatives which. I. Call you their child or their this hour. All sudden. And often made sake change through that. Sometimes, they don't sometimes they just go backwards my father saw me you and I are playing and fun of. And he dishes. All. receive a war. He's much. And so he could. and. Not to find out. You know. So we can shoes or we are not us and I believe that believers there hungrier. Either have to. See. Because time me I all last year I used to say it's going to be. It's up to. John No. Personally, are we believe or not? So some of the things help us believe is the evidence. Well. What are the Evans? Seeing, crush on. A. Second. Ear. One Hundred Peter a servant in an apostle of Jesus. Christ. Those who have obtained? Life Precious. US. He's talking to people who obtain. Is. With us through waitresses have God in our Savior Jesus Christ. Grace and peace be multiplied to you. You don't love him saving grace. Vegas right. You heard that great. You know what else is? The ability to bring God's power on the scene whenever you need. One. Dollars. The sunlight's. Grayson peace be multiplied. How? Long. The knowledge. Our. According to this divine power has given unto us all things as giving on solving pertain to life and godliness. The. And then for sure, we're gonNA tell us great and precious promises that by these. These. You might be partake yourself though. That's the God. Was Walking God. So what's GonNa Change? The worst power onto salvation. The word. The spirit of the word they always agree but. Always, right somebody can try to twist that but worry the spirit or holy. Word is spirit and his life. Living were came and showed us the father show rest here on the father shows bother other decent you saw the US. and. It says that Bindi, she might be part of the divine nature. Having escaped the corruption is the for and besides giving diligence and tells about anything so that you'll never fail. So three times though those four scriptures. Glasses. Here's how you. Get A. Life God to. Dominate. Grace impeachable people to you through the knowledge. Through the knowledge. Versus. All things have retained onto life in Gaza this come through the knowledge. Is giving us all things team how we access those thing. Through the knowledge. That given. Everything, we need for life and godliness walk in the fullness of the power of God is already ours. So a lot of times I take issue with when people pray to. Got What he'll. Because he's really not going to guard, it's all done. They just have to receive it. It's not over about not any longer kidding 'em to give us something. He's already given. It is on the table we have to go up and just receive it. So it's about getting us into place. How do we do that? How do we get this thing? To Walk. In power. God. Century. Century were. You meditate were Dan. You will make your way prospers. that. You make your way prosperous and that you will have. Good success as you do all the truth there in the doing. The experience. Once Fisher, said, have you done the will of God? You'll know this God. After you read the bicycle young. Is Anybody that's GonNa Click. When it clicks is. Heart. It's hard. Not. So Things about truth. So. We have gains out there. Keenum of. Burden. And Jake right. And the whole lies in. Darkness most world is under the Pepsi. His spirit of hartness. Over relies. Dr. On me if you world worldly. Love you. Will the world in the spirit the world is saying. Love you when? Good Just Jesus Right. So. The question is. Is there and this looking at your life to tell? Can. Garth. And I hear. Is there enough evidence that you that you're. Lovejoy patients. Of these. Such line. And also the worship God because there's a formal Ghana. Yes. And no power buses stay away from scratch. Set a life of power out of you won't walk our calm. Here. So that you came. To wanted to tell you this, it's all about this similar by. God's. Jesus John. Where he six? That's right. Way. I am. The Truth And I. Know. By, me God kind of life which is quality of life that is supernatural and goes way beyond just the normal life is one of her she gets or again they're superman. How They're no longer just humanity. They're like ambush was the beginning right there. Men, women. Supernatural Holiday so We have to Kim notes one is based on. We talked about a fruit. One is based on such. Were Lies A holiday. It's black. And White. Is Not, a man. That he should. He. Alexis God cannot lie. And there's a few scriptures here and there from the Bible that you might think that has done that there's destructionists of God create evil. Or an excetera. But when you go into the original translation, it's not like you thought it was because there's a permissive density oldest and we don't have translated English. So. anyways moving on here. So we had shooting it lives. We know that. You're gonNA live, right? You want a kid you want to catch. Killer chickens or whatever. You don't just strove. voiced. Touch. Good good meat around. Very good in. Get the smell of it or Wherever well, the devil is all about since he's defeated. Now, this is what I tell people time and support for people here that. Jesus said. He's already strip. Girl dry his authority. Over. Humanity. But of course. You only wants it can take. Advantage of that. Is Believable. Dre only personally connected forty of this still million. Is Legal because. Anybody WHO's not? God Jesus as Savior and Lord. Is still under. Dread. Even Christians. Who? Jesus to be Lord. Where they're at the non word. Because they're not believing God's Word Austin Dental has. He comes to us with the suggestion. The Bible says and Joe. If you regard lying vanities. You, forsake your own mercy old. Covenant. We're advantage also sometimes. So the double could come and put on your by. The doctor could stay you got. This you can actually have something that comes on you that you're in pain. Or your finances get war your friends all disappear nor your family gets hit with something whatever happens. The person that walks by the Glock Kinda face no. This is what the word promises me and I don't care what you have tried to do say. I'm saying what God says, and you have to repay me some bull return. He's already does right? You have to get I call it. You have, to get nasty. With. You stand out on the grounds, stand on the Bible and say, no. I'm sorry but this doesn't belong to me this in Christ has redeemed me glacier street thirteen, fourteen, twenty, nine. Being me Kirk. From the CURSOR logon access thirty one cents. I believe I'm allergic described. My House will be. A. Generational line. I refused them. Looks like. They're playing right now or wherever more been. Yeah. What I see my is. Not GonNa. Move. In Jesus name I can get, I, say, even though they're out from underneath, that can stay on the word. And whether they get sick while on here or not much they're going to be saving your vital. For. Do My feet in my heart, my life in and say. Everybody else thinks we're in Virginia we're not going anywhere but on the word. You don't owning times in my life so I started in the nineteen eighty and I've gone through everything good bad ugly and. We've had the denigrates people healed of everything I've also gone through divorce. Not Supposed to happen, right? Gone through all kinds of stuff. Much in my own. Cost Nestle the hills can't blame anybody except me there's going to be. Right. So but have the word, and if we should not walk with the word. Often, we read the benefit of war the bad side. Because the word promises life. We don't do the word wherever last right now the not. Only. The doer were. So this thing about Ellison's this a people they'll come to church. They will say the word on Shell, they have a personal crisis. Then, they want do with the word says. Now, go seek out the doctor. They'll see this is going to do this go do that whatever. I I. I've had Walter My. Ministry that. Chose not to go to the doctor. Not Not to do that, but they got some all the word they wanted to stand. They stood right through the got worse and worse almost to the door de sometimes and then gone. Over and over. But that doesn't work. Unless they satcher in the word. The word self will drive out he sent his word. And healed up you. It is the word living were kind of the rain award and Were the. The Raymond is when all of sudden life goes on you understand you comprehended deeper than what you could in the natural. You become. Another person is like you through believe in God for your eyesight. If you saturated, we're all the sudden just I can tell you. It, tastes you. And you're like another man. You're walking outside yourself. Doesn't matter what the natural saying you have drops down your heart to the degree that. It's it's not like you're trying to make it happen the Bible says. On the serving of the Lord must not. Strive. But then it also says strive. Command. Terror the rest will faith is rest. is when you're so saturated with word. Doesn't matter what? I've got. I got. Hell or high water. I got where I worked biting. You was right. Right if you ask anything according to. mind. Will. Show five for ten fifteen. Word in my will. I. How do we know that Scott? Will his? Kaset from his work. If, you ask the anything according to my word or my will. I heard you. And if you know I heard. You. Excellent according to his promise. Then, you have the thing you desire. To fight the good faith which is. Now live natural. You stare you know there's a problem you whatever you just stay home. By strikes on you. And then you act out which we do if you will. To Walk By. The, righteous will walk by. A. Couple more things only give you talk. About Truth. John. Fourteen six I have the way. Else. Only that lines up with. The word of God. Two or three times you have to I can't make doctrine, right but everything be established in two or three. Is. This also something written down our structure. Mistakes. They recorded. Everything must be established mouth in two or three witnesses. So if you can find some saying the same thing or three times that's Bible. If it's. If you can't. then. It's doctors of devils. Taking something interesting. John Seventeen, seventeen says. Your word is. True. True, that's why. As lie. Pay John Sixteen thirteen talks about. Holy Spirit of. Truth. Her they operate. The truth though is this. It doesn't matter why reveal. Your feelings to you. It doesn't matter what you see. It's changeable. You could change something. You know Maryland Hickey she confessed for a year and a half her teeth were white. And, she had some kind of sickness that will allow all of that. And they turned way. Every day she said, thank you Lord my wife. Timothy. To fifteen. It says. Study. Study. White. It's not something else. Not something else that gives you. Wouldn't work read nothing but the vibe. Thank the an twenty three. Good reason that. He knew something. He. Only fifteen minutes go by between I can read something. But. Boxes Rightly dividing. Where the word of. Truth. Thing is about. Worker against the truth? Yeah It's about a warfare against the shrew, the Bible. That thing it's true year and I will be judged out of this thing. If we don't judge ourselves, we will be judged by this. Forum this is what the opening. What's My words my words right John One. Fourteen The we're. What happened his word became? Flesh. Out. Of. Human Flesh Body. And dwell among us in the beginning was. Word and the. Word. The word. What's going? Right. com. The word came something we could see. Manifest in the natural. So We're became flesh. and. The Bible says he was will if gracious and. Visually. gration truth. came. My bosses, but grace and truth came by Jesus. Rationing came. So. Being Okay, so Johnny. We already went over that wanted to. If you want out. Of that If. You can change this. Into believers. If you. Intended what's continued? Gone. They'll stop you continue in. Anything else. Not In. Higgins school that rail. God told him sooner naturally start for cool. Rebel. So start. Really school eating. Young School and certainly started. But. Then it started to turn into a prayer and counseling center and the Lord was angry with. Said I didn't tell you do a constantly center I should current healing. Is My were telling my word. Argue really. Just tell the word preach. The good news, the words. were. We're. We're about. Unto Salvation that will translate men. But I remember a WHO is homosexual who metropolitian church may many years ago you said I thought that they had to find out what was wrong with me so that they could work with me in fix me. If, I could be fixed. He said I found out it wasn't it was I just need to get onto the word that were. Hanging shared. One of his first churches I've shared so many times by it's is so good. He started in his first church and he wanted to help the. Mess. Was Churchill's really messed that he took over. So he decided he was going to have delivered services so. Get free. So he did you have to look services he said we had every kind of manifestation. Swing from. Chandeliers. People work every thing we said about what the fields with them. And they get free in those meetings. Yeah. So he said. Three or four weeks on. It's well, what am I going to do about this because it's not help grab. So. He decided he would get lucys. So he did the same thing again had speeding style and they all say people came same people got freeze all these other stations. Then he went what fears with they're all set. So, then he decided. To help these people so few we. Get pushers. Same thing happened. Come. The demons coming out. and. To this today because I kept devils on my life. But I'm sick. Over over on the handle. Battery. Because they refuse to. Come word really the FLASH NOT ADELE I'M ON. You, know. That's where I like to slap. And I found description for slapping. Yeah. That's we saw. STRIEBER SON in. In. The translation. Lured. And You're my pride and he'll slap them in the face. Father like son. So. Walls you. No before. Sick and tired of up. Over and over and? Drilling. Spirit. There's a different flesh and spirit. You can't cash out the flesh. So Stop Ryan when you go to all food. Cowards or Work. So. Anyhow Is there that? Show. What happened was He went to the Lord bashing three as I said, the problem with you is. Your tried to do. All my work. Teach. My word. And he began it wasn't teach. You GotTa teach Orton everyone best right now and say straighten out for years to come because the word of God, if we if we studied, it says it's the word. Power. Now, they're just cash devil. But. They're they're really fueled between compared to. Just. Word. There's already. A. Lot of stuff is not correct. So. Eight Johnathan. Might work. then. then. You'll know the truth. As you continue in my word. You. Can Give me a worker. shes. Vo. Well. heartbreaking. Not, be held. So take. Off Your is Audrey. Profitable. For Doctrine. and. God may be. For Good. Shush. This my paraphrase. Ready. Yeah. But it's the word that all parts of the armor. Yeah, they're all work the sort of the spirits word of God, right? Yeah. How many Asians were going in? Your mind threat. Right. The Bush breastplate rice is rice is blazing. Makes them annoying who you are in Christ because all revelation tells you who are out right right. Your lungs are power with. The word. Your Fear Shot with the Gospel. And trading always? Heiress yes in the spirit you. Touch. Something, you don't understand that but by what is it that whole pray with those spirit Language you know. promos spiritus. So. So senator the version three eighteen. Lot In word or she each With, words. But in. The. Of over and our God and Truth and the Kingdom of God is true. It's true. It's true. It's. And I look at a political scene national all this. How can somebody I think? How can there be to people who are so sure that what they're saying and it's so diametrically opposed to the opposite and other Spanish, the backup a non faxed the backup and Ongoing. Well sickness the author of a run. Show what black now? Yeah. So black and white. You were serving the Kingdom of God resurgence Saints Game. You know and of course the godless world. As Lie. Is. Is those. Right or who were shaved we have been. told me to see. HOW BE True there not we're saturate. War and oftentimes they're not spirit hill. Difference. Say a person looks almost like they're sterile. Until. Their spirit. Muscles. Like they're just. Maggie bones. So. the Bible Search. Out and worse before. Truth. So I'm just. Quote subscriptions to. Had Fishes for fifteen. Speaking and speaking the truth in. Taking the truth. Whether they like it, don't let through on the Truth About Hell. My Buddy on hell we don't care which thought to help you know. What. I'm. Sure. She's there L. Yes. House. It's not lease anguish go. You know. We're this my prices I know better. Slap them. Because you we did get a hold of them and say hey. You're somewhere that. Changed Things for control somebody. Sometimes just get somebody's telling the truth, my Bill Henderson part of power team. You know when he first got saved. Throw the. Listen to me. I said. What upset he? You. Because God gave. God. Ever be a fight so he didn't have any stays we need speak the truth people because we don't is trivial will set them free. If you continue in my word, you know the Truth and truth will. Bring. You so if you should. Be Nice to people. Wave. Telling the truth. Because one. Is True Right. Romans one point five. Tells us they exchange the truth of God for. Exchange the. True. This whole thing about the line. I saying the other day. I was thinking. What people I've always. said. Something about demonic and demons as quickly is their attention. You know. I was thinking. How would you like if you found? A. Liar. Either time is ally. How'd you? Because they know they're blind they're buying is you're blinded. Says In one translation. One sixty s longest. Shetlands lyell. Once. She says the some of your word is true. I saw macy's eleven and Walk in. Your true. Well, everybody has their own troop. No, you either have each year in launch. Your truth is a lie. It's. Right. Or not is so. We're not helping them by name we're. Not, not, telling them the truth we need to tell the truth. Landry, you tell the truth because they want men love. And they avoid the true lesson. Mr GonNa die, and go to hell and we didn't say anything right and gossip. We know somebody and we say sometime. They understand us. So we to get bolder. Customers. Love says I care enough about you tell you the truth when you don't WanNa hear it right right and so James Eighteen. He. Fourth The All their believer he brought us forth by the word of truth. That's how we say. We can say by hearing words. Wohlers. The word of as. We're. Originally one. Talk but the truth is in Jesus. and He. I and John Enforcers we must worship the Lord in. then. In true. China. Shut. Him Up in the air. Prophet guest. Home. Of. A convention. Center. Instead, learn year. In the Convention Center Convention of take place three weeks. and. He was showing going on me those people dancing in front of the church. almost like swear. Their raining brass. Gold. Right, and there was a time in the same what there watching and they all clap but it was out of were. Disrupting the spirit of God instead of. was. On the board you know and the. Digi L. Place except for months in the Old Testament where I said. He said that disrupted his spirit in they perceive spirit from try to. He said. We don't want to bring brass of golden the presence of God because so today people and always have people that do their own thinking. Well, I'll just bring on my way. Yeah but but it was good enough. And he got upset, right he knew the way to. Rebel, he didn't want you the right thing. Right. So we WANNA make sure. God says not because of legality works. Liyel he love. Guys Lille. Along time ago is. I don't want to spend meals. Much work. So that can be helped. I don't WANNA try out my theory my idea my this that was say, what? Where's the word say? Can you buying something that agrees with that in the word if not, where did you get what you say? You know, why do we go down that happen? It's just a waste of time you. Had the hardest time trying to get through the people that? Just refuse to do. Word they will do anything but to the word. They'll go get help from this I mean that I. I hear about people. Dr You guys. Go two psychologists for. One two, three, four, five, seven, ten years. Why in the world regarding? Why aren't you? Well Yeah. You don't kill Osborn in foreign countries chained to trees and they walkup telecasts. In their in their right mind. Yep. But they refuse to accept. We're. We we had. The. Dead in a mental hospital divers from us for forty five minutes. In Camera. Osso. And nineteen eighty. Two or three. and. The parents I would call. US. On a breathing machine. And he had a and they're pulling the plug that day. And they weren't believers. Parallel leaders son brother Kedar Church. So they said welcome wants to be ourselves if there's anything about like do. So much the place walked in. And machine brief that. So. Go this way. Against your home is. Everything of his body was going opposite way machine. And somehow the Compassionate by head. When I saw this national reactions us. But he was gone. There's no breeding. And having. The time the. Thing. And I just. Lord, you've ever answered prayer for me before inches. If this hidden A. which I really was. I said it that way. The Room. Down in the room they came in Charlottesville. After, we had just great commander. Back. I. and. Way. Back to the Mental Hospital 'cause he they she'll have him there. Now this was in a hospital. And had an mental hospital still. because. You know when people get a hold of you, they don't want to let you go in. Many times and. He ran up to Rodney Radmila I walked in the door I had a fire captain would never seen anything like this when we walked onto the property properties laid ramp to us before we got. Started tearing her hair out. Stream and jumping into. Law. Roberts. God. He's never been around. Before I. Well you know what hit a whole bunch that later? Just. Gone Yeah. Because God right. So anyways. So this boy. Now. He's back and he comes right up on me start. But A. was. US never this yeah. You know. Here Java had somebody. Catcher saying. They're not. Not Wash on my floor, they all die. At. See WanNA fight with me. As I said. This person. involved. He said, how dare you tell anybody? Just growls. When you you're not popular. Try. So the truth will set a street. So we gotta get full of. And you know what? We take the truth week and this part This part. Or? Off Clear. Calm men. Because we need. And God will over You become another person. When you walk in the word, you dare tells you. It's just. Another person. My Body. Huge. Here. Coming around me because of in the spirit who they Insert route. Manage -sarily. Share on. Your. On your. God. You're much greater and greater did. So you will from. God's true. And not back off. As We. True Them. something. Pretty sure reach the truth. Dry. Embrace a separation race. Sore. So Families separate servers that. Truth. laughing. Because the truth will go right into somebody grabs book. And it will hold onto them and it's almost as if there is A. Line on this end of it actual winch. Grain right to the true. Source which is. Just we're we. But he marries the same powers when he's So when we speak it as saying power saying that it was just brought Ryan wanted them right in. Your face and put it on Smith Lewis Worth. You don't story probably, but he stayed in a home one night. For three nights. Out Work. Because he had worked in A. State of the bed husband and wife wife State. With girls some other room. This is days. One they understand. And Ben was never able to go Lou Smith. As he had to work. And? He would be sleeping and so you get to go. So usually name watching down the path to leave. He's already done with his meetings and the wife says, what about my husband? He's not say. And Smith's done. Thought for a moment turn around said, don't change the sees. When you give the word On. Brother Copeland's at. One time. Somebody go and stop by what he was in a certain area and see somebody's ankle. Great. Uncle who was hard as nails wouldn't let anybody. Gospel, etc.. So he went to see this man. And a man came down with his cane. He's project guy. Came Down set down Portu- his house Cobham's there with him Copeland. Knew that got anything about a get league according to what you've been told. So he said the man said don't start to. Ask morning one he said if you confess with your about Jesus and leaving your heart God raising from the dead, you say by that time the majority of walking back, stary? The next two or three nights a certain. Confess with your mouth or she's leaving heart operation we say. To stay on the word. He's working. On the word. Juice off of it. Is. Word like a man stood in front of him. Colin said. Memo released I say. Will stand right from him will not let him go. Man. Good. Never. That's all about so Immune. We're? Power. Tell them the word, which is truth. Whether they. Don't like it. I think too often we ministers are too sweet with people in our congregations. So that we can. Actually but. I'm pretty sweet with people enough of this reason. I never cared about. Finances jerk huge. He's. Or if you don't. Be. Is Worse. But a lot of. Russell were. where? Should enter. That can't be a motive. MOTORCOACH GET BEHIND ADMINISTERED IT WILL Be Firing. New. Do Take Care. Loose. Truce say that none of this word. Whatever was forced to come to US tonight your. Closet to. Bounce, off the walls of our soul. Drive out anything that's not okay and cause us to get full of your word so that we can have greater faith. The greater faith. The God kind of say. Not, the the sky. Where we can just hear you say. And watching. It man. Fight fate is to believe with. Dogs. The Very first sin. was. Late. Would offset and that's are quite to believe the word. Then I wanted to also say. When you're talking about the. Go out just need pause. People need our was with God does he needs are are always moved enough and ran. and. That's what he did. He doesn't. People knew that if you think about it, it's true. He doesn't really need are opposed. To. I don't think. We could walk. There's a time. And place for every on A. Cloudy. Thoughts. The being substance. Four for. The show crisis birthday. Cry Christ painting. Of. The House I think we like you said made a comment of. Hobie next this is now. So. Stove who has. Become. Is. Totally. I think that's kind of talking about. Everything that we Shot L. Say. Yo Gotti problems all you need to speak and God. You know. If you will leave Jesus weakness were rock. Promise. This. But I think the whole there you can. Greek. Really. Is More life. For maybe because. Translate you there. You have this vision while. That's until it's manifested. Natural is this still is is goal it's where you're going and if the were telling you. To do something about it and you do something about it. You're you're always huger over students right? You said it but I think your home. There's a blessed hope. Yes, she's. But you have home now vice. Races love. Both out hope. Love. Those are all parts of what has happened so people can see. When you if you're believe or. You're going to shoot whatever. It made it your fame as well. Because if you say I had already, I'm sure they're walking out on. But still the hope until. June. Eighth is what you're leaving with. She'd had. Become the reality. At least. I could be wrong but this. Pretty. Much. Attitude Yes. I. Agree. With what you're saying What you're saying but the thing that you're why hat whatever that is. The time. To Life. Goal. Your Life. GETS PAID SO HERE Until how? They're not saying. Out Servers. Study, tell me what you find. Me On. A look at a different look at it different. These are whole. Generally. and. If we trust him. We don't have to worry about anything. When we should worry anyway. You know that. Less. Rash. Really. The other Shanta yet what your Asher but. Researchers. Tell me. something. Know. There's Lots of. Back. and. Anybody needs for. We're here.

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