heyy 2021 your north star + powerful reflection exercise.


hilo not mind and happy new year happy blessed expensive. Twenty twenty one. We made it. We made it. I do we would. And we would reflect back a lot last month. And i realized that i spent last year i reflect back a lot on the past year and i'm so grateful for that time otherwise if we didn't have that need to sit and ground an inker i would still be continuing to travel the world but i needed a moment a long moment near year long to ruili the ground plying around all over the place all the time made it hard for me to settle and see a greater picture within and i'm so thankful so thankful that twenty twenty gave us the opportunity to sit home with ourselves and i'm somebody that has always been diving within myself but this just gave me another level of an experience that i my soul needed contained. It really wanted from me. So i can see more clearly this beauty with an me and pursue my north star in another light and seeing where clearly when it comes to my soul's northstar and my my humans desires that were being ignored so the reason why i'm just poking in for a brief moment is not about not about everything been reflecting on i could do an entire five hour episode or more on that but this short little many random very random episode. I just felt like. I had this huge nudge to share in fact actually felt the yesterday yet. I just never picked up the microphone to record it. But i want to share this for the very first day the sunday of the very first full week of the new year especially as the excitement of the new year the honeymoon phase which lasts you know honestly lasts a month or so but i want to build to put this out there as you know. Were really feeling this excitement for the new year. This fresh start unless you are somebody who just sees this day. As another day you know another day with unspecified value just very arbitrary like whatever i understand that had those as well but then never felt they never fell magical and also use the collective energy. Who's feeling this magic moment as well. I mean there is so much power when everybody is collectively experiencing something to utilize that energy. I feel excited about experiencing the magic. That a lot of others are feeling when it comes to the blank slate of twenty twenty one and something that has really hit me as many of us are of course making plans writing our plans or intentions or resolutions. Our desires were creating our vision boards and when manifesting whatever it is we envision for twenty twenty one and some also might still be contemplating. Haven't really picked up a pen or wrote very little. Because you know there's still a lot of opaqueness or cloudiness in the mind and heart when it comes to what you want to accomplish this year and guess what that's totally fine too. I know that there's a lot of pressure. It feels like especially there are people that find it hard to see because they might have a lot of other inner turmoil that's going on or they just simply don't have that motivation right now for whatever personal reason and that's okay and if that's you that's okay too. I think that this episode might help no matter where you're no matter if you have your full vision board or you have no idea what you want or if you think that this day is very arbitrary like whatever i still think regardless this is something for you to meditate on for a bit and it might help. Give you some clarity and came through to me. When i was contemplating a lot about the shadows that i've faced through twenty twenty and i know we all have and i'm not gonna lie. I'm very thankful for twenty twenty. And i'm actually proud of myself for seeing clearly. My blind spots. I was subconsciously. Ignoring my north star. And when i say star. I mean your souls purpose your dharma your overall theme that brings you so much excitement and understanding in navigating the life and i was subconsciously holding myself back because i was seeking comfort in certain ways. And it's a personal shadow that now that i see i'm able to day by day by bit and be patient with it release. It's part of my personal goal. This year of experiencing the most of this year. So i may follow the pursuit of my north star and becoming aware of this has made me see where i've played small or even victimized myself subconsciously due to certain labels and rhetoric of my mind. I know that i'm not alone in this experience. No matter how far you feel on your spiritual journey were still human and these com plex creatures. That are perfectly imperfect and so whatever we don't see it's really not anything to be upset about when you finally do see but only compassionate about because you really are always doing the best you can from where you're at and with the tools you know i know that because of this and the many wild pal i walked and the way my heart just sort of innately is organically is my open mindedness to see and step into a variety of perspectives. A lot of spiritualists are attracted to spirituality because of its open mindedness yet sometimes even in the spiritual community people can get so entangled and a collective vision that spiritualists have that sometimes one might forget. How the importance of integrating into this human experience. I think that this has been an overall theme that i've talked about for the past however many months but ultimately we find this as we do of course immerse into whatever is that is exciting us. It's a certain lane and the spiritual life for perspective or maybe it's a certain lane in the human perspective but you're integrating spiritual knowledge just to bring humans back to that center because it's so easy to get lost in who you are when the matrix is around you but also it's really easy to penalize or bring a negative narrative to the matrix when so important to also meet with compassion. And that's part of my personal. Nar star is to integrate in a more grounded anchored away and have compassion for where everyone's at in the process. Even if i don't agree. That also means want. I don't agree to have compassion and also respect for myself to voice. If i feel i need to. There's a lot of times where i just zip my mouth. Keep my mouth shut. Swallow my words just because they don't want to be confrontational. That's something that my human self really doesn't love but honestly that compassion as well fueled a fire a fire that i needed and twenty twenty really helped me see this and i'm really excited for whatever that brings in twenty twenty one so i'm curious what you feel like triggered you most and twenty twenty and whatever it was that triggered you. Where did you also continue to stay rooted in yourself. No matter the chaos in the world. So perhaps that's just an innate gift within you. I always knew this but i really was able to see it this year. In twenty twenty. I've been very. I would say more in my water sound where flow e self so. I wanna think twenty twenty four igniting fire within me. It's exciting to see where this passion and pursuit leaves so having clarity on my north star or my soul's mission at this time the thing is is that i don't want to place this north star any frame of your forever life as we really are always evolving and i think that it will be when we die. We'll be able to see what that northstar really was. But we're walking towards it in one way shape or form and so in order for one to accomplish everything that they see on their manifestation board for the year or they wrote down in the journal or they've kept in their heart or in their visions their imagination or they are still navigating are trying to make sense of in the maze of their hazy. Mind i encourage you to move forward but in small mindful steps to prevent getting discouraged and completely dropping what it is you want to experience so perhaps right down your overall northstar or mission for the year and make small steps every day to work towards in january. I'm actually going to be doing a lot of quiet. Sacred study but simultaneously taking a little more action than i'm comfortable with than that's one of the reasons why i'm randomly releasing this episode. That is not on monday because it's Action that i felt would help move towards this. What i like to call the northstar. Call it whatever you would like. The this north star might be a little different than the mind is conceptualizing right now. It is at all so in this moment i would love to help you see this north star more clearly by asking you a series of questions and encourage you to work backwards and when i say backwards you'll see what i mean. I mean all the way back into this moment. So i'm going to ask a series of questions and perhaps if he can pause this each question and contemplated in your mind i actually encourage you to verbally. Say it out loud and if you really want to write it down but you'll be reading something else down at the end of it. However this is a mind journal verbal journal exercise reflection moment. And if you're driving pause this episode and listen to last week's episode or another episode or podcast of your choosing if you feel like it but make sure to come back to this and you can keep your eyes open or closed them for a moment to tune into yourself. Soul and allow the noise of the world the surrounding world to dissipate a bit. Or if your eyes are open maybe there's one spot for you to look at for a bed just during this time and take a deep breath and and now july yourself to growl and feel anchored into the earth and again we'll be working backwards for a moment in may seem like a dark question at first but it's very very much for the purpose of making you feel more alive so your soul body has left your physical body you know you're experiencing death and the universe is having me reflect on this human experience you've just experienced and you're looking back in shows you the light moment. The dark moments the triumphs in the regrets. If that happened today let would you regret not doing what would you regret. not saying. What would you regret. Not be feel free to pause and reflect a moment in your heart and mine or verbalize it out loud which i recommend and also be super hones- some of you might think i wouldn't regret anything. Well that's okay. But what if the answer isn't going to best serve hugh and this reflection exercise. So i suggest reflecting a little more deeply. There may be a little something in there. A little whisper all right next question. What did you do in this life that you're grateful for feel free to pause and reflect now. What about this human. This humans heart. What are you most grateful for pause and reflect. Now this was only a near death experience. So you're able to come back in karnataka. In the human form what now would you do differently. Pause and reflect good. I hope that this exercise me of giving you more clarity on your north star or at least your north star given your evolution or where you sit where your lenses in this life right now perhaps it just gave you a northstar vision for the year. Hopefully give more clarity. Especially if you felt like you were living in a mazy hazy mindset and perhaps if you do still feel cloudy i encourage you to listen to this again. Maybe that will clear the musty orders a bit and if you also wrote a lot of things down your dreams and visions or you created that vision board. Maybe there's a way whatever came through to you. You can also integrate that with whatever else you have been dreaming of four experiencing twenty twenty one all right ladies and gents into skin care and make up. Well if you're like any prefer higher quality cosmetics that are also clean and vegan and cruelty free toxic. Free skin conscious. Yada yada very in alignment with. I prefer it when it comes to my products. 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The holiday sets that they're offering this month along with the ala carte. Options of course and start thriving and help women in need today by going to thrive cosmetics dot com slash magic for fifteen percent off your first purchase. That's thrive ca u. s. e. medics dot com slash magic for fifteen percent off. And of course this is in the show notes that again that's thrived cosmetics dot com slash magic. I'm sure many of you already have these visions. But i had to incorporate this northstar i saw with myself with these visions and it's actually brought more of a sensical route as well so i can see month by month. Step-by-step shadow released shadow release. What exactly will help me get there. As long as i also continue with endurance and patience endurance his one of the four themes. I actually have for the year to stay the course no matter while obstacles common my way and so i've written down this north star so i can look at it at least every month from time to time just to remember and i think that as long as we always remember what the overall northstar is and we continue to remind our minded our subconscious mind by writing it down maybe place in on our mere or making a mental note to look at it every single month. I actually you know. I'm gonna move mine. I'm gonna rip it out and place it on my mir or somewhere where i can see every day just to remember because it's easy for it to slip our minds though in all honesty we're getting married and were navigating the way no matter. What but if we create these visions for future with the knowing of our north star. And how we see this alive and how we wanna live this life. Then we get to write about and script our future in a way that aligns with the organic beautiful nature of our human. This human we are the sole we are and do in a practical yet. Also of course magical mystical way so if you want to release in then feel free to listen to this. Whenever you feel the nudge to remember your star. I didn't wanna make it overly dramatic. I could have taken you into a deep meditation and done something like this which i might do and post on the euro magic website which there will be some changes so that way anybody can experience the meditations anytime. I do have a free meditation on my youtube that i posted a long time ago and i still to this day. Receive messages from people saying that. It's helped them in some way. It was just a five minute morning meditation. I actually don't even remember what was said. But you know it's out there for you if you're interested it's just on raquel mantra youtube channel which i have only one video from three years ago. But it's a meditation so feel free anyway. I hope that this helped you in some way and remember you're a freaking miracle and it's even a miracle that you're even in this human suit and having this magical life experience in this human suit so make the most of it and take advantage of listening to whatever your north star is to make the most of this year one more i want to add about the north star that it gives you a sense of resilience z because our world is ever changing. Obviously as you know. And it's changing more rapidly at a faster rate than ever before. And so anchoring in and seeing your north star in some way or whatever. This mission is by integrating your organic nature with whatever is your human self also wants to pursue and just remembering this give you the confidence to continue to stay the course instead of having to take the scenic route because no matter what you'll always get back to whatever is you truly truly desire and want to experience in this incarnation. All right well. I hope that that helped in some way. And i'll see you tomorrow for monday's episode with sahara rose. And i hope that you have a magical rest your year. Your knees that is. The rat is iraq for this episode. I hope that something spoke deep believed who you expanded you in some way. Please let me know it. So you can catch me on instagram at raquel mantra as bill. Raquel a different way. The most even see the spelling in the show outs or hang out with your knees. The like minded very conscious and expansive and helpful soles on the year on magic. Facebook grew especially a place to turn to when it comes to. Well whatever you're going through. And there are several tools on the euro magic dot life membership site all right. Well thank you so so much and have a magical rest of your day.

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