Barstool Rundown - September 30, 2020


It's The rundown. Hi. Hello Donna. Hello Kate. Hodge podge crew just thrown together with people who happen to still be here. You look at this group and you say, thanks, they needed somebody. You know you can put that Mike home. This type that. Want okay. I'm wearing mine and I'm from Mississippi. I, figured it out story. Josh Clipper up and we take clipped. Myself, it's fine. To mess around with my clip. Time, fiddle midfield. Clipper. How it is? Lady. Clip were able to find the clip I was yeah. Yeah. You know where the clippers? Yes. Clipped up. Are you? Hi? I'm. I forgot like it's like I'm Lynn but the. The rundown is presented by high noon high noon or the heart Seltzer made with real vodka real juice sparkling water is delicious. They got the peach they got the Black Cherry they got the lime, the watermelon they got the grapefruit. Delicious. I skipped one but as all their pineapple renting loves the pineapple only one hundred calories gluten free and no added sugar keep his game changer Ondeck for home gating. Watch parties are any day during the opportunity real vodka real juice for real fans like us Hashtag numerous kate, your big high noon Gal I certainly in their delicious versus. The Peach on ice. Forget it. It's a treat. Forget what? Troubles because you're having high knew. I brought you to specifically because I know I was in around the water cooler. This morning I saw youtube discussing the debates at link. Kate a big trump fan donnie also a big trump fan and you to just going at it and tooth and nail. What did you guys think about the debates last night I know have a lot of opinions. One big hot topic for me that I don't WanNa. Get to Oracle was Biden's tie white and blue or silver and black. I didn't the new dress debate. It's the new dress debates. Take a look at that. What color was it? You'RE GONNA have to take a look figured out for yourself. It's tough to tell. Okay. What do you think? What do you think it? was. I really have no recollection my only opinion. Now, the debate you'll get out during debates. Now, I just had a couple of drinks in Houston like I always get drunk because like gotten drunk and a couple of videos. Now I think it would be a great character I. Think of the funny if somebody had to get blackout drunk to watch the debates, I think people did a lot of grocery story winning say beforehand and people. A lot of people buying Hainan's it was awkward. I'm going to be honest I didn't watch the debates now I just watching wrestlemainia nine. Better choice prior to the debates, they're making a big deal like should they take a drug test or not? I don't think there is any harm in a president who is over the age of seventy taking adderall in fact. Presidents over the age of seventy, your presidential candidates were on adderall. Require, yeah, I don't know because like right now like. Works. Okay. But like when I'm at that age I'm not going to be able to run a country I like I might not even be able to drive a car. Should require presidents to be on drugs at all times I agree. I. Think they should also use. It also have to pass a driver's test like you should have to drive from the tip of Manhattan to the bottom without getting a fender bender. Old people stuff. Where can I ask them? What time? What time would you like to go? Eat a cracker barrel is they say like if it's before five thirty. Be President. Okay. All right. The colored any. Traits favorite podcasts caller daddy was theropod guests here at Barstool Sports, and she had Lana roads on today porn star Lana roads hand actually. A big porn lady. Yeah. So big on the roads is she's fantastic. She's A. She's the Meryl Streep of seized. Whatever yeah she's now like a youtube blogger she made the transition now she's a Legit porn-star, right? Oh. Yeah, oh. Yeah. Okay. was but issued putting out new porn or is she like you know what? I'm just going to do this whole Youtube blog and then I assume she has an only fans I I didn't I don't I. Don't know what I've never actually been. Josh knows. that. Are Making the transition to just having only fans and they're like, well, I can make more money and I don't even they don't even have to get like being on camera a Lotta. Times they're just like you know no getting banged out on. Perk of the job are like a hassle of the job. I would say ladies now are banging the guys out whenever he's on talk I'll pull him in even harder. His hip, his head just slamming. Say we're doing all the. Heavy lifting, right? Yeah. Would their coupons? Florida man there's a video out a Florida man shooting multiple times through his windshield getting shot at through his windshield. I don't know this video is crazy. You see the cracks in the bullets come through. It's it's crazy this a video. I'm sure my just showed it. To. You. So yes. So this Guy Markham Zada, which is the name of a Florida man who would shoot run. Yeah, it comes outta would. Big Old Hunker on that guy probably he was driving along a highway in Orange County near. Orlando and said, he only pulled his gun out after another driver began shooting at him I. So then he took his gun and just started shooting through his own windshield at the car at one hundred miles an hour question. I feel like going a hundred miles an hour dangerous. But if you're GONNA shoot it somebody why through your windshield why not try to out put out the? Record it on your Dash Cam. Shot through someone else's Oh he reached out. Yeah. He liked drove by and reached out the window. Car, if you had a gun what you've used it. May. Never been car. Now, I have two broken off pitching wedges. That was a full pitching wedge snapped off shorter and his very sharp on the end and people think nuts. But I keep the shortland upfront next drive and I keep fell the one in the back racking just grab it. If you saw it I, remember when I drove you back from were like are these golf clubs just around guess there for if I need most better heard. Store legit why I keep them. Their case I ever need to I don't know why. Picture get broken. They get broken for that purpose or did you re purpose a broken pitching much? Shorter one is snapped off. So it just fits nice and snug great. An insane. Would do more damage than a baseball bat I just 'cause it's like I get a lot of momentum like baseball bats much denser but that thing like it's it's got that like. I got the head where if you hit someone with the head of the Gulf, Club in the right place I think are cute impact. The Golf Club might have the advantage being being ironed but they more widespread impact. The BASEBALL MATTERS IS GONNA Live I if I, hit you. Fight you in the shoulder. You'd rather have the golf club I think. It depends on the back. Does depend on the talking metal bats. Yeah. You'RE GONNA win. Just gotTA. Go back to you real quick. If you're GONNA, use that weapon do you use it as a hitter or stabber? We'll. So in my mind the way it goes down. Okay. Favors and I'm way up in the boonies going hiking. Before you go hiking sometimes, you gotta go the bathroom some venue in the West for a second. Okay, take the club with you. Maybe there's a very creepy guy because there's whatever. So something comes at you start swinging that sucker get too close you flip it around and you just start you go for the is. Would you rather fight a creepy guy or a bobcat almost certainly creepy guy. They, have a small cat. He's terrifying. I'm covered in scratches yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah I think Kate could take most creepy guys. I'm a ligature that's the problem is they're user problem of creepy guys following women taking dumps in the woods on the way to hiking is that a prevalent problem in new? York hasn't been. See The golf club in my hand. So deterrence I like the I like the idea of somebody's seeing. You're going through the Gulf Club Oh. She's going off and now she's just going to shift. She's just insane. Yeah steelers and the titans the titans with some covert issues game looks like it's going to be postponed to Monday or Tuesday. Not really the big cove disaster that people thought it could be that's good news Monday or Tuesday night footballs steelers Titans Kate your that confirmed his play I don't think that's confirmed. I think I'm just going some some reports I'm assuming by six thirty when people watch this, it'll be confirmed. Yes. If people make it this far kept us on another. Actually these faces, morning, Sunshine People Click on it. They don't seem tech they. They they leave. Thank you. Nobody wash. We do have a show called morning sunshine. I'm Kinda something about Ben Roethlisberger. He you know he knows like what are those dogs? The the shepherds, the German shepherds, and that some of the German shepherds that have like that face small and they're facing talking about. Old you see. The. Most called the hair. But yeah, I like dogs I see those and I'm like and Ben Roethlisberger to me like. I just look at them and I'm like German shepherd with heroin. Just there's something about him like like Tori spelling highlighter and like I feel the same way about Ben Rothlisberger as. Root for the steelers. That made no sense, but it's Something to think about. Ben Roethlisberger is very easy. Turns me off. I don't like that either. Don't want to look at it. I don't know about Tori spelling she's a bad looking person to you know who? What's her name? You know I don't like looking at I probably shouldn't say it. ME. No. It's an actress she was on Grey's anatomy. Visit a long face. Yeah. Sarah Jessica Parker as long as she looks like a foot a foot out. Guys. You just open this hour just besmirching all the. Like on the Cato besmirch someone who's like famous famous and successful you don't WanNa. Yeah. And Walker. Ellen. The other one, the other lady. I I don't want to say. Hey. What's the next game? Now. I know you don't want to say that I really want to say it Antoine, Walker James Posey. They say, they put Miami on the map they used to play for the heat back in the ninety s and the two thousand and they say Miami wasn't on the map until they put it there with all their partying party partying in the. Nineties I think cocaine put Miami on the map. Yes and scarface scarface. Marina Miami binder ever heard of us. Even. Pit Bull put Miami more on the map. Then antwon walker pit bull Rick Ross the birdcage loss Yup. Cuba Cuban immigrants. Right they they certainly yeah map and they ran to. I have a hard time picturing you having I was in Miami for a week. Remember they took all the talented people the Super Bowl this year. You didn't you didn't go. Now, you're in China though. Back, I didn't get I was trying to I was thinking of flying down just to the party. Did. Nothing right. I masturbated a lot. So now we go the march human thing happened to Miami Oh? Shit. Yeah. That's when I dominate Mark Cuban. Mark You. It is. Marquis. Mark Cuban. Kids. Yeah, we'll get a picture. You know mark humans over there. Christopher. Brennan fucking Walker. Cubans. Or Cubans Jackpot away. What's Somebody chose the picture over you or would you over? You Walk in. Bangor. Mississippi. And then, and then I thirst ramping Casey's pants and then a first draft she said, oh I don't want back. So I did was. I left the pants on the ground crumpled by the band. So the housekeepers would think I had sex. Allies try to entrust my housekeepers amy. On the map. Yeah you did now super. Bowl's in Tampa. This year it is. How does Tampa compared to Miami not very well, Tampa. TEMPUS fire. The Geo Metro correct that's very. The MASERATI. Chancellor Geo. Metro Tampa's the Toyota Camry. 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Oh, boy I sure did a French teacher. ooh French French teacher fancy he especially, he really upped it over quarantine. He was already a big tattoo guy but then he decided to start getting his entire face. There's only one little spot on his nose that is not covered in tattoos. His tongue completely tattooed and the whites of his eyes completely tattooed black and I would say that, hey, you do you accept this man Sylvain Lane is his name is thirty five years old he's a kindergarten teacher. Oh. Yes. Okay. Kindergarten teacher and so recently little kids started going home complaining of nightmares this there's one three year old that went home told the parents I'm having nightmares. Here's why this is my teacher and he got fired he got fired. Do you think? Friend and would you take your kids and say, here's your new teacher be cool with it. No. Because I am scared of all people different from me. Yeah I. think that's terrifying at least he didn't. You know the people that they're all ended up and then they get horn implants. Yes. like that's even more terrifying but I mean. No I just think there's plenty of jobs he can do that don't require. Kindergarten teacher I can maybe get that I. Don't know why you got the full sleeves in the full face I right now. What are you me? Yeah I. So I used to work at like seventy sixers play and the convention in Philly inside worked the Philly Tattoo Convention. and. Tattoo People Great Teaching the kids a little bit maybe. A lot right. Should. He Tattoos chaps as well? Yes. We're. Talking on the subject they had this thing at the Philly Tattoo Convention. Pay and sign up to have hooks hanging from the ceiling. And you could get hooked like hooks into your back. Dangle you and spin you around like people paid for this and like but there was the guy there that was covered in the blue puzzle pieces of the horns. Some famous tattooing people they're. Call that. But yeah, not kindergarten teaching I don't know to scare me. Too slippery slope. The needle. I I'm. Happy Get One if I had a golf club to your head right now, you had to get one. What's the Tattoo you're getting and you can't say we'll lose. SAY THAT CAMPING MISSISSIPPI FOOTBALL E. Coyote. Why that's that's such a nineties loser answer from somebody who came up in the nineties. Get the. Devil my uncle. Why? Did you expect the not here nineties loser answer? Yes I did. But why go on? I don't know I'm going to say the state of Mississippi but you said that when I couldn't get it. Get what would you get? I tend to actually. World Still Spinning. World. Yeah does whereas it. What's that? You don't hear Dan. Was Awesome Spinning. Because I had a friend he was from Liverpool and whenever someone was complaining, he would say look outside go the wheel still spinning. Love, Australia. Yeah. So it's of like cool Matata. World still spending I mean. Life goes on this rundown was the best who cares Spin it. I thought me. You told me this run was the best. The best. I'm just saying me personally I didn't know. Much about the topics world still spin it. We did this ragtag suite we found out. We were doing the rundown four minutes or. Whatever we'll still spend we'll. Big Deal Yeah Fund World Still Spinning, Hukou Amata also I run down I proposed like all presidents should take at all but I know. Hitler was on a lot of math and like. Wait a minute workout so well. Math was relatively new invention. No was invented I think probably in the early nineteen hundreds, we didn't get Mississippi till two thousand five. That's what my dad started You guys met using it for. Different reasons now, just to get high in, lose your house and stuff. Half an outer. All was here and I ended up I was like I'm going to be Super Productive Tang to get done I ended up to smoking two packs of cigarettes. Never I've never had an adderall. Out All I believe are used to take Ritalin and it just makes you focus. It it gives you amped up. Yes. But you should only do it if you have a prescription. Out a prescription is illegal fad and not to be done. In terms picture you on adderall. Oh Man. You get. If you're going to, what is it Wiley Coyote Tattoo? I don't know. I mainline sugar through my sweet tea. So I'm good. If you get put on like two more shows than I. Think you're GonNa you'RE GONNA say I. Thank you for mentioning that enough tomorrow morning nine thirty. Why didn't you say majestic it's great traits. We're not good. Radical. We're not funny. Yeah. That was good. World suspended. Reviving.

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