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Hi and welcome to a special episode of switch cost a cost delving into the world of film brought to you by the team switch. Thanks so much for joining us. I'm Charlie David Page. I'm Jess Fenton. I'm Ashley Theresa. And Dime Lily. Neak each Thursday the nineteenth of December twenty nineteen on today's show. We're celebrating the most wonderful time of the year. No it's not Christmas. It's Oxygen Day film releases. We'll be reviewing every single movie hitting cinemas on the biggest day at the Australian film calendar. That's right let's switch team. We'll be sharing their that. Exxon Gioja portrait of a lady on fire Jumanji the next level cats. Sorry we missed you. And the truth so you'll know what to see and what to skip. Plus the controversies at the sagging Golden Globe awards and the one thing about Disney plus. That's gotten the streaming service into hot water and as always Ola giveaways and film recommendations but before we get started a quick. Psa from the switch team. We do what we do for the love of movies. We don't have any advertising on the website so you can focus on what's important. How film reviews so we rely on support from people like you to keep switch running. The good news is if you become a men but you can score yourself up of free stuff and access exclusive content so head on over the Patriots Dot Com for went slash. Make the switch. You'd find out how you can help us and access how exclusive competitions for supporters alrighty. Let's get straight into it with Joe Joe Rabbit the latest film from Tyco. It just checked out this World War Two satire. So does this comedy go off with a bang. Bang young as hard. You're influenced by the wrong things the right things and what's worse you're unable to tell the difference between the two for ten year old wannabe Nazi judger. It's his dream to serve his era so much. So that Adolf Hitler just happens to be his best friend his imaginary best friend but when JOE DISCOVERS ELSA a seventeen year old Jew living in his wall while outside the German armies losing and the end of the war is inevitable. Everything Jojoy thought he knew is now a skew. Black is white up his DAN and Jews. A beautiful without horns and mind control powers will be involved in such activities as four games. Bush techniques Zim stuff. I don't think I can do this. Of course you can edge. I had an imaginary friend coming in so much trouble. It's time to do you. No shoes comes needed show. This might towers you know if you saw one. They look just like us. Hi You know. Tell you see acute from gay filmmaker TYCO ITT who also brought us to the world of people what we do in the shadows and thor ragnarok comes Joe Joe. Rabbits the brilliantly funny hot woman and deeply satirical film inspiring hope starring a most fabulous disgusting. The gifted cost of Young Actors Academy Award Misano Rockwell. Ozzy favorite rebel Wilson and one of scarlet your head since finest performances in LAS two weeks. Giving it five stars. It was brilliant to watch this film although I am bias because I am massively tightwad. Td Fan preach preach. I was discussing this with someone today. A really nice thing he manages to do is make sad things funny. Yeah he did up with boy as well about familial issues and I think one thing is whilst we laughing were also wondering why men. That's the kind of punch pot of film so yeah just sitting there and yes it's soak Funny and he makes light of the Holocaust is part of the satirical tone of the film but then at the same time it packs a punch where it makes you think in some elements which I think is the greatest power of the film yet. Almost release films contained in some way or another grave and he does manage to turn that incredibly sad moment in any person's life sorry hysterically funny but not in a really not so much you feel guilty about it. You're actually relieved to have a laugh at something. That's so horrible. And I mentioned this in my own review as well. He directs children so perfectly and beautifully and he manages to inspire these incredible performances. I know I'm sure a lot of it has to go with his costing directors and his ability to Cherry. Pick these incredible children. The Star of this film is complete unknowing. This is his first film and he also brought US Julian Denison in hunt for the wealthy people. And he's just. He is such a brilliant direct up but he has this incredible gift for directing children. And I think it's because if anyone saying him on social media or an interview with him he so child himself and I think he connects with them that way because he's just all. I cannot get overhead talented. This man is every time someone mentions his name. I just get so excited. I will literally say do anything except the mandatory because I don't give a spat that thought and the screenwriting was just so tight like that which just outstanding from like fine details Huma landing where it needed to land to also sad bateson getting as we could think about a little bit. Everything in that film is just nails from things needing to be when they needed to be rust on the stand elements contextual elements historical elements with all of it. And I think the really nice thing as well as he's management one Kiwi tone in humor into it as well. Which going into America's really big thing just so quickly but they might be some say controversial aspects to this film. Is there anything that kind of feels like steps over the line at all? No no right. That's what scientific debate this film and Yes. A lot of people might be going. Oh my God it's funny it's World War Two it's Holocaust and Taika himself. Plays George Imaginary. Eto La but you also have to understand. It's all coming from good place. Talking himself is Jewish yes. He's married as K. Ks He he's actually. He is Jewish himself. So it's all coming from a good place. It's all coming from a comedic place. I know we live in a time. Where comedy is these days seen a little bit controversial. I think it needs to be untouched. I think when it comes to Jerry comes to comedian or anything make if it's coming from the right place. It sort of needs to be left alone when it comes to this sort of censorship having said that none of this. I didn't feel any of this was controversial at all. It's so hard to explain just. Ytd's just incredible knack for lightning doc moments in life but he yet this film. I like I said I gave it five stars films. Perfect in my eyes With that in mind Gioja Rabbit is in cinemas on boxing day and check out my full review at make the switch dot com dot. Au also hitting cinemas portrait of lady on fire and you check out this picture. Perfect film at the Melbourne International Film Festival and filed. This review switch cost in Eighteenth Century. France artist Marianne played by Wim alone is given the unusual commission of painting a portrait of Halloween. He's played by Adele Haenel but without her subjects awareness of the tusk to do this Marianne poses as Louise's new walking companion but soon the relationship of oddest and unsuspecting news blossoms into something far richer and follow passionate from beloved french-directed. Selene Schema portability on fire is one of the truly great films of our time one. That almost defies description. It is a face for the senses and for the heart built around one of the most exquisitely constructed romances in cinema history. It's passionate deep. It's ostry is staggering. Its power is breathtaking both Milan and Haenel exquisite and the cinematography from Klamath on has to be seen to be believed. The depths of a woman's heart are impossible to jot and the world through their is in. Love is a wonder selene. Scam has delivered a Miracle Film. It left me breathless speechless. Sobbing and in Awe Portugal lady on fire is easily one of the best films of the Five Stars to say that portrait of a lady on fire defies. Any kind of description is so appropriate because coming out of that film. My eyes were wet. I could not speak and it really is truly one of the best films of the year. Two five star films in a row. I think Audi ince's spoilt for choice. This boxing day so fantastic boxing but can I also just say a job as a walking companion? Does this still exist and can I have is that? Is that really a thing? Please email contact at make. The SWITCH DOT com. Today you get into this but I suspect it's not okay but seriously if you've seen the trailer for this obviously it's a really beautiful at a motive trailer but it doesn't really go away much of the story. I mean actually does. The trailer actually captured the same tone as the film actually gives off well. It's funny that you ask that because going into this film I had wanted to leave as little seen as absolutely possible. Unfortunately yeah unfortunately I did actually see a trial prior to my going in and over it did give away a few points. I still thought more intrigued than ever more excited than ever to go into this film. And ultimately it didn't around my experience at all having some sort of ideas to what I was getting into a few of the shots in the trailer absolutely exquisite and to say them in the context of the film makes it even more special by. It's not to the point where the best moments ruined in the trail at as is a common theme in today's trail. Feel and I guess it's probably also important to touch on the fact that this is one of many recent great. Lgbt plus films that we've had hitting cinemas it's been a real fantastic smorgasbord of a variety that we've actually had an offer and it's great to see a kind of female oriented version of that now. It's a really is an it never really plays into any exploitative aspects of their romance it really just feels like this is a romance speaking to universal themes of remembering someone and how Alberta impacts you. It just happens to be between two women though. That's beautiful and you can also find. Daniel's full review at the switch dot com today you and make sure you check out portrait of a lady on fire when it hits the big screen on boxing day also heading to cinemas is Jumanji the next level lily. Grab the control is an jumped headfirst into the sequel soap. Is this follow up? A one shot kill or is it game. Over for the franchise. Giamatti next level focuses on the original team and Spence's grand follow Danny Devito and his friend. Meyler Danny Glover getting sucked back into the game after Realizing Spencer. Missing the film plays with the humor of two elderly patrons playing in a video game much fame of the last one. The team must complete a quest in order to return home we have by sponsor and Bethany even more challenging this time not all work as the game. Thoughts might need some help. Where Bethany Straight here? Oh my God like I'm a total horse. Yep that's BEVAQUA. Hey this many place to its purpose which is to entertain how fun characters offer fresh story without straying from the film's original framework. Well was a little disappointing with the laziness of the writing at times. A story lost momentum in the narrative was put on hold for unnecessary. Jokes was found in the first woman. She was the suspense created by Unpredictable. And motivated debts. Jumanji next level had too many relevant deaths in game clues that with thaw loosely tied in altogether that the film is entertaining. Vaughn and slightly predictable. It wasn't as good as the best but did well. As a sequel I give it two point. Five stars hundred percent agree with everything. Lily just said we actually sorry together. I didn't we Lille's to Sam's Kris which reunion four of which getting together for one special film. It was having said that yet. Lilley was right. It was slow it does too much fluff in end one of the things. He's a lot of the comedy. In this film is derived from Dundee Beta and denny gloves characters being old and not understanding video games and ET CETERA. And once they enter the game that carries on so the huma comes from them being annoying to the other characters in the film. The problem is that jerk gets old really quickly and then they stop being annoying to the audience. Whoa WHOA WHOA. Now hold on a second resume say on the pod. Come at me. Count them having also see this. Yes okay. Maybe the joke does get used a bid repetitiously had maybe it's get- does get a bit old by the bought. What is fantastic about this was with the first film is actually seeing people like Jack. Black and Kevin hough and Karen Gillan dwayne Johnson going in and getting to do all these crazy cargo. Actually one of the best things that happens is ACA FINA. Who is the new character in the in? This part of the franchise is playing as if she's actually being controlled by Danny Devito and it is freaking hilarious. I think it's Great Akwa Fana- pretending to be dining. Devito is the one thing I never knew I needed in life. Son nothing else is grateful for this sequel just for that because I was I think it's a great entertaining. Not Rain Fun enjoyable film. You're going to go in you gonNA lawf- you're gonNA come out and you're GONNA forget about it entirely. It's really great way to spend like two hours of Utah to as like a family adventure makes. I think we're always gonNA need those movies. You GotTa take in somewhere family off. I just felt like like the game elements. You went focused on a law. So that challenges. What they needed to overcome this like a ride is kind of slapped in a few God movements that they will like. We're just going to make this happen. Can go on. There was no real kind of explanation. No clues that really made sense a little bit. Hollow Policemen Exposition Listen here but you can buy my full review. Ethnic SWITCH DOT COM dot. Au entymology next. Level is incentives from boxing day. You can also catch cats on the big screen. The much talked about adaptation of the Andrew. Lloyd Webber musical by Tom. Who So is it the cat's meow or does it deserve to end up in the kitty litter box. Chris it the red carpet at the Sydney launch screening. And this review for switch cost when Veronica is starting out by her own. She's whisked away by tribe of Catechal. Gels they are making the jellicoe choice to decide who will come back to a new live. Tonight is a magic on where I choose. The cat deserves a new life. Going to the wall could get dangerous commodity. I get a cat by soul simply put Tom. This cats fails it fails as an event movie a musical and an adaption. We can sit here and make fun of the CGI but as it is. The film is just so boring. There's not an interesting song. Dance NUMBER CHARACTER. Offering cats is billing itself on its big cost and surprise surprise. They are always did it. Just Elvis trying the hottest but it's just pointless with the material Judi dench sleepwalking. Away through older McCallum is on trying to be a cat is still lead entails disappearance seems like a lake to get her fans to look Tom. Hooper is a terrible director of musicals. He lacks creative. Burning these buddy with every dance number stilted and static. I'll just wait until in the Heintz comes out to enjoy a Hollywood musical one and a half stars. Okay Sir just to be clear. None of us on this podcast have seen cats yet. Am I correct correct nor will I ever say stuff that then how about we get thoughts from what we saw from the trailer because what I saw? Was something horrifying and plastic. I don't know about you guys. The much discussed effect the go one in that trae leaf ex like Taylor swift in possibly high bosom kept bosom like it's did she's choking on them. I don't that was what I does not take away from the trailer. Like I don't understand this so so Whole new meaning to catnip. Clean all my God There is there's not enough money in the world to get me to see this horrifying looking film. I've learned in my adult with that. I really hate Andrew Lloyd Webber and feel. I and I don't like that with the uppermost united together to I saw cats as an adult. I had no idea what it was going in. It was the longest exactly there is no plot. It's literally just cats singing human sized with no purpose. It's I was dead. It's the worst story anyway to do what to say that even though the design of these is absolutely horrifying. That's not the result of the visual office. They've done pretty quick managing to make it. Look keener somewhat detailed. It's just the design of these characters. Looks Oval. I mean if you're going to have the ability to make cats look cats. Why not make them look like cats? I get it different and Hotta to make it a human look like a cat on stage if you have the opportunity and the means to make them actually cats why not make them actual cats. Maybe they needed to talk to Disney about that. Oh good dance and stuff. You can't have actual cats. That would do that. Would've looked v. you know what it would have been a perfect opportunity for them to Shahr what Disney had a do animated animals right because the lion king ulcer horrifying. But that's going too far the other way street fighter realistic whereas cats the other way where it just looks awful. I'm sure we can find a beautiful middle ground but just no one's found it yet. I guess the other. Oh onto this is also bringing in Tom. Hooper. This is not the first time. He's directed a musical screen adaptation. There are some people who would say that Lamy's was not necessarily the best production and That Maybe this should never have happened then. I may be Daniel if you're familiar with Daniel's feelings on Tom Hooper if not. It's a known secretive. Loathing does give you a good idea of what this may be like. But you can make the decision to catch. Cats yourself on the big screen from boxing day. And be sure to check out Chris's full review at make the switch dot com. Today you also hitting cinemas is sorry we missed you jake. Soda can lose his latest work and follow this unapologetic review switch cost since the global financial crisis has been a significant increase in the amount of contract temporary and freelance work dubbed GIG economy. Ken Loach's new film. Sorry we missed. You is an attack on this phenomenon as well. Moving drama about a loving family under siege setting the depressed city of Newcastle and England Northeast. The film follows Abby Akhara and her husband Ricky who has gotten himself a van. The family can't really afford and a soon on a grueling treadmill of forty days speeding to make delivery targets a plastic bottle on hand so it can take a piss without losing time or a fine. The goal is to save up enough money to buy their own house and stop renting ricky fails to see the reality no contract no job security no benefits all the risk you don't concrete in plumbing so similarly bucking where compare on this decides who lives and who dies smy night when my family and I'm telling you now mobile devices who might formerly thanks for the birthday of your own destiny with your plus. Well there is some humor. It's in eighty three year old. Ken Loach's Sedation of exhausted. Couple of working parents in the two kids that sorely missed you becomes heart-rending a film about family dynamics and what we sacrifice as a society the convenience of next day home deliveries four stars. You can find my review at make the switch dot com dot. Au sorry we missed. You is an Australian cinemas from boxing day. I'll have missed that voice. Yes a massive. Thanks to Jake that review also eating cinemas is the truth actually investigated this family feud but can we handle it. Their relationship between Auburn family has been studied extensively over films in recent years. And he are Korea's latest film. The truth is another entry into the Canon starring French cinematic icon Catherine Deneuve as Fabio. The truth sent his on the conflict newly released memoirs of Haddad. Lamia played by Juliette Binoche. It seems that these men was a missing bottle moments and truths from Lumiere remembers as a tumultuous upbringing with a mother so absorbed in her art in Korea even Hook Ulcer Stars as finishes husband a television actor failing upwards. It's a real shame that with so much talent birth in front and behind the camera the truth just feels so bland. The subject matter is compelling in shotton acted well but this new idea and ultimately it goes down in such a way that leaves the audiences unmoved unimpressed. I'm grateful for the opportunity to save these three actors on screen with each other. The truth left me. Wishing that the material that brought them there was a bit more compelling two and a half stalls so I haven't actually seen the truth but I did have disappointing experience away at this year because I watched Kathleen denudes in Cleveland and similar sort of saying it checks like a meme laws and old age and what that meant her and her daughter came and it was a relationship with daughter and going through the remnants that house and whatnot but it was just so boring and the plot. One Minute. We're going through this poll ladies outlook and the next minute. We'RE GONNA RANDOM FRENCH FE. She's playing on bumper cars and there's a priest performing an exorcism and which is no answers anywhere assortment of event. I really director of what has gone wrong. Because it's there and it's interesting it's just presented in such a manner that just I just sat there not being moved by anything. I really don't think it was the direction because Creator is incredible director. He directed shoplifters loss. Jia won the Palm Joel which is incredible stick fantastic movie and also about family and their values but I think maybe this is his first non-japanese film is another language. Insulza. French and I don't know if he's cinematic. Language translates well to French. That's really the only thing that I think of. That may be causing this lack of popping off the screen. But it's just a real shame because I was going in super excited for ahead really heard much about it which maybe should have been my warning but the cost is great. This interesting content here and Dave is fantastic. It just didn't feel like anything was happening here that I was ever going to remember. Oh one to recommend someone you also mentioned in your online review that a lot of the costs gets under utilized and just kind of gets pushed aside and I mean that's probably a scripting problem but it seems like such a waste of great talent here yet and I understand giving new spotlight is probably the biggest thing here because it's her story but I feel like to Cuss Juliet. Vanish with Catherine Deneuve together. It just feels like they should be fireworks explosions To really beloved French actresses and this is the first time they've ever worked together. I just wish that there was something a little bit more for them. Maybe a big argument or something. They do have a few but they do but heads a little bit but it never really amounts to anything beyond dishing dirt. I really wanted to be a whole heap of gossip. Juicy scandals he had bought. It really came down to just jealousy and self obsession which didn't really do much for me. Shame shame the truth is in cinemas from boxing day and check out my four review at the switch dot com. Today you as twenty nineteen comes to an end. It means one very exciting thing. Award season is to the stood Cohen. But along with that comes controversies and problems. The Golden Glove. Nominations inspired a lot of confused. Looks especially for the lack of females in the directing category for the second year in a row. Ladies go now. This is a really interesting topic because even beyond just discussing famous in film here has been such alerted ye off female directors. I mean we've had Greta Gerwig direct little women. We've had portrait of a lady on file book smart a Beautiful Day in the neighborhood Hustler. Honey boy and also the farewell Ole racking up major attention major awards buzz and yet. They just not hear what happened. Nature's the good ones that the films to does. Just let's sorry. Elizabeth Bank his questions as my question though. I don't WanNa see a woman in this category just for argument's sake and played lip service. What would what they're competing? It's tier is Tarintino. Scorsese was Haruf Phillips and Mendez so my question is like if you could. Who would you replace in the directing category at the site? The Golden Globes turned Phillips for Jerky needs to Gar- taunt Phillips for Jerry Lewis to Gar vehicle and replaced with probably Lulu for the foul to be honest. I mean I'm not as amid with the farewells. Everyone else sees. But it's such a stunning film. And it's obviously a very personal story is based on a true story about her grandma and I'm actually coming from someone who likes Jirka. I'm very much I didn't love. It didn't hate it. I like it and I could appreciate a foot. It is but to get it. I feel like it's almost insulting for him to get a Golden Globe nomination when he's basically ripping off every good months says he picked. Shaw I mean obviously imitation is flattery but why not just on the president. He's doing good work in the first place and inspiring everyone else and put someone else in that actually deserves to be there. No Offense Talk Phillips as well is the executive is mainly made up of old males and I think what I struggle with. Is We have things in these films that resonate with women and they're not obviously going to resonate with the board for different reasons. And that's where I get a little bit stock as women film directors. I think are going to be on the backbone or a little bit with people whether they do good work done also on the awards front critical. Darling parasite got a nod at the SAG awards for best excuse the first time. An international film has entered the category in twenty one years lost time. Being a life is beautiful so with that. What do we think is it? Just the sags not recognizing international films or international films getting better and therefore they're getting more recognition. How our feeling well? Let's stop by addressing the most important thing. I just this week finally got around to seeing parasite I know of bad bad charlie. But you've gotTa Watch this film and just absolutely fall in love with this cost. Gels Ho will together and like what what is being compiled onto screen. I mean both the family themselves as well as the puck family. Who they're working for. I just disappear the end. They just have so much fun but levied Abella Life is beautiful is one of those films which was fantastic internationally. Recognized voted his. I struggled to believe there has been another international film in that time period. Twenty one years. The doesn't also deserve that recognition even for nomination and our and it's actually had never happens again. It is kind of exciting to me to think that Sh- pray tell if it happened again in twenty one years time we're GONNA be talking about parasite lock the masterpiece. It is and seeing heartfully laid the way for many other foreign films to be recognized and awarded because I do think it's coming from an ignorance thing but it would be really nice if parasites one that really opens up the door for amazing earned films to be recognized not just on Sun Bowl and acting bud across the board. I think it's about time that we started giving recognition to films walled wide. It shouldn't be something that's necessarily growing from Hollywood. That makes it good or the best. You know it shouldn't be categorized like that. We should be at this point having a much more open and and welcoming view of international cinema. It's no longer just off house films. That's for sure Yeah that's true. One of the most exciting things happen on the entertainment front two thousand nineteen is the launch of Disney plus the new streaming service is packed with film and TB old new but Disney has copped a bit of flux after it was discovered sutton on savory pots of movies but should distribute his allowed to rewrite. History absolutely nauseous. This see our. This is censorship hundred percent. No question about it. This is censored censorship. I realized we live in very tricky times at the moment and especially when it comes to Disney plus looking at a an audience of children and Disney don't want to admit that they made mistakes in the past or in the future when present You know at the at the time these jokes. The one that comes to my mind is one of the fake bloopers at the end of toy story two West and keep eight is basically costing costing catch a couple. Bobby's at the time that was saying that was supposed to be purely comedic and now with a is of twenty nineteen not so much but yet you cannot erase the past. You cannot rewrite history and you cannot send yourselves yes? These things are going to be watched by children and they're going to say them and possibly possibly grow up thinking that these things are normal. But that's where we have to come in today and say yes you saw this jerk and yes but today it's not writing you know. Grow up learning the right things and you know knowing that that thirty second bit at the end of Toy story two was just that a bit. That was done ten fifteen years ago. Because wouldn't it be wonderful if parents actually parented and sat down with kids and said? Oh this is what used to be the case and that's not appropriate because of this wouldn't be an interesting way to look at this and the weed pot is it's rerun in history like it's canceled coach. Show we grew up looking at that. Nykanen be translated know. Mike is the next generation. I WANNA be able to pass on what I saw Warren. Have that go on sale at Disney. Actually pull this out and so now doesn't exist. I mean at the end of the day. It's kind of like them going through particular films which seems to be the trend at the moment and like a racing cigarettes from every single like frame by frame and will it really make people take up smoking. If they're seeing cigarettes smoked onscreen potentially it's an influence but most unlikely. I think it's the same here you know. You see something unscreened. That's racially inappropriate or sexist. If you've been educated properly you're not going to say oh arcade. That's the norm. Then you can say oh no. That doesn't sit well with me. No that doesn't feel rise. Lana Charlie I was sick. Sin decided that I was going to be a change. Mike Relative L. wouldn't stop. You must kill dogs to then what else I can sends me about. This is the fact that Disney have pretty much dominated the cineplex the moment they are constantly edging out of competition by buying more screens. That would rather put anything else in another cinema. If it meant that universal all certainty or anyone else was using that screen to screen films so I feel like if Disney is so intent on controlling the feature of cinema. It's even more considering that they're going back and retroactively changing the past and they wanNA control every element that which is it's Sterry that's That's what we talk about a global monopoly that Saddam finish of it. The thing is children Sponges in order to learn what's right. They need to learn what was once wrong. And if you take away their ability to learn what was once wrong then never gonNA learn. What's Rush? We'll sit just thinking well on the plus side. See what I did the. We have some great giveaways up for grabs this week. Thus stop way giving away five family poces to see Jumanji the next level in cinemas. The gang is back but the game has changed as they returned to Jumanji to rescue one of their own. They discovered that nothing is as they expect. The players will have to brave pots on known unexplored from the arid deserts to the snowy mountains in order to escape the world's most dangerous game. We also have five zero passes to say the truth. After the global success of the con- Palm Joe Winning shoplifters master to Carita Kazu's Ryan charming you drama de the truth pays screen icons Catherine Deneuve and Juliette Benesch the first time as celebrated actress and her estranged daughter he arena in Paris upon the release of the foams memoirs when the Stars Long Suffering Assistant unexpectedly quits. The two forced into an awkward working relationship was suppressed. Emotions can no longer be kept in check. We're also giving away five double pauses to catch. Sorry we missed you in cinemas from legendary director Ken Loach. The film tells the story of Ricky and his family who have been fighting an uphill struggle against dead since the two thousand financial crash and opportunity to wrestle back. Some independence appears with a shiny new van and the chance to run a franchise as a self employed delivery driver. It's hard work and his wants job as a camera is no easier. The family unit is strong but when Botha pulled in different directions everything comes to breaking point. I last but not least. We're giving away five. Blu-ray copies of Obama Nabil bombed better than domino domino AB crunch approach. Susan infomercial giving away five flu ray. Copies of up Omon Abo- teenage. She found a young Yeti on the roof of her apartment building in Shanghai. She and him. Cvs friends named him. Everest and embarked on an epic quest to reunite the magical creature with his family at the highest point on earth to end to this. And all of that fantastic giveaways dot com. Today you forward slash comps now and before we go. We'd like to offer you some cinematic inspiration with each of us suggesting one film that you should see this week and why for me. It's film from at Twenty eight eighteen. It was something that came out towards the end of the year and I felt was echoed swept under the carpet. It has Melissa McCarthy in a role which I am very much in a love hate relationship with Melissa McCarthy but this is I think her greatest role of all time. It also has a regan kind like to say as it also has a really awesome performance from Richard E grind. It is based on a true story which I mean couldn't be Crazier if you try to dream it up yourself it is. Can you ever forgive me and honestly I cannot believe that Melissa McCarthy made it through these award season without much much more accolade than than she got because it is nothing nation. Insulin no but gee that's literally about it and the film itself is absolutely fantastic. She is a much much more recognition than she got for. But I really really love. Can you ever forgive me? If you haven't seen it? I really employees check it out. It's also fascinating to think Melissa's role was originally supposed to be played by Julianne Moore. And then she got fired from the role and obviously these two actress says while both fantastic. Us opposite from another. Yes yeah had held us. Melissa McCarthy manages to steal a role not so much steel you know boy would have been very different film but Melissa did get it obviously in the end and she did. She didn't incredible job and again. The story is you know you can't make this shit up. Well that's good that you agreed jess and now it's your turn to give us your film. What would it be? I'm staying on message here with my You Know Judge Rabbit Review From Elliot. Film came out this year and it was. It was a documentary that was played at the Jewish International Film Festival. It is about an actor who has sadly passed. You know you grow up loving actors and actresses to certain degrees but this is about a certain act that actually had a massive impact on me when he passed because it was so tragic and so unnecessary and one of the most incredible things about this documentary is that actresses Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence actually credit him with turning them into the act as they are today which is an incredible accolade. It's cold love and Toshiba. And it is about the dearly departed actor Antonio Chen. It was created with his parents. And I'm getting emotional just thinking about it actually sort as well. The depths of this man's talent and passion for the arts is unparalleled. And you just you truly discover how talented he was. And how deep it goes. And it's also amazing saying people like J.J. Abrams and Chris Evans. And Zachary Quinto talk about the impact. He had on their lives. And you genuinely say them. Get angry at the camera and you know just life in the circumstances in general when they talk about his passing it is incredibly emotional film it is also so inspiring and just beautiful and so full of love and if anyone can track it down. I believe it's one chains and Youtube Banal. It's called love and tertia a really good recommendation. There a great actor and a great tribute to that access. So Ashley. This is your first time giving a film recommendation so this should be very interesting. What have you got in store for us? I'm supersede promotional from justice recommendation to censor. I'm going to try my best to get through this. I'M GONNA go with a really straightforward recommendation. But it's a worthy sir. This film just came out last week on netflix aches. It's by Dr. Necessarily love but with this film. He's fully redeemed himself. My is it. Star was true at amazing lay performances. Who if one of them literally does not get nominated full? An Oscar or does not win. I'M GONNA town my hair out. It's a really interesting take on something. That has been documented through film. But I don't think it's been done in this way before and even though I'm not actually a child of divorce or have never seen anyone go through a divorce. It really hit me in a place where I'm surprised that it date and I'm recommending marriage story to everyone if you haven't already seen it please go and see. It is incredible. You can watch it in your living room. It's on your net flicks. You have no excuse. It's phenomenal and I'm so lucky that I got to review it because as soon as I got at Mike. I have so many thoughts about this to get them all down and I decry little bit actually writing Marvi too. Because he's just so much detail so much life in this film scholar Hanson and Adam drive on mcvay characters fully lived in. And it's just I've seen it twice since my essential screening and every time I just love it more and more and more and it's just creeping it's wet my top of the list and I couldn't be happier because it's it's such a stunning film ranging. Human scores phenomenal at first by fest screening. Didn't really match me and then second set it's just there and it it needs it Story and of course you can check out. Ashley's review ad make the switch dot com dot. Au you should definitely have that down. Because it's a great read now Lilly. You are last but not least. Nato. I turn up on the film recommendation. Podium so what have you got for US Saints? The best lost in my way. I'm doing mine on my first five Star Review and I had the lucky lucky chance to watch it around two weeks ago. Now she's a darling hot. All of American T. Alive talk show host on all issues it would sex. She is a survivor of the Holocaust. Trains knockout end. America's greatness sex therapist. It's ask Dr Ruth. She is the most wonderful woman onscreen. I've ever had the pleasure to watch on is a motive. She's funny she's Quirky. She's outrageous. She's enthusiastic about sex everything to do with. This film was just spectacular from documenting. Who passed from her. Holocaust Janney surviving through that than going to Israel. How she dealt with a family finding out they were missing the documentary take she three hundred discovery Finding her parents went to options documents on ninetieth birthday in at China's have thrown career from meeting Robin Williams from doing that. He is a td from what she's doing. Now she's ninety. She's still not retired. She's going out there and talk about it. On radio shows and everything it talks about her positive outlook on HIV. And how Jewish history connected home with Lt Community in the eighties? Because she felt like she knew what it was like to be dehumanized. And it's just such a fabulous motive story all fantastic recommendation. It's one I've really been wanting to check out and again you can check out lily's review at make the switch dot com. And if you're really lucky you might just still be able to find it in cinema so yet go hunted down on all around some fantastic suggestions there when you can find the links to all the articles that we've talked about on this podcast at make the switch dot com dot. Au and please subscribe to us. On June Zoya favorite pocus platform. And don't forget to write us. You could also stay in touch on twitter. I am at Chali. Underscore David Jess. I'm at Miss Underscore Switch Lily at Lily Grace Mate. And Ashley you can find me on Instagram Ashmat. Ex- ex- LOG it. Follow it you can find us on facebook twitter instagram and Youtube at make this which a you to stay up today with all the latest reviews nears trailers and giveaways and ICAN confined all the notes and links to everything. We've discussed on this week's podcast as well as other episodes by visiting switch costs dot COM dot. Au If even join today's podcast. When he more from the switch came would really appreciate your support. We keep decide ad free so you can focus on what's important at film reviews. Sir. To switch costs running and score some free stuff had to Patriot. Dot Com forward slash. Make the switch. A you to find out how you can help and some great news. We'll be that for one more special episode next week as we dive into the best bills from the past decade. Plus we'll be setting out on the future as we reveal Lama anticipated films of Twenty Twenty. Make sure you join us as the team. Pick THEM. Must Watch movies with the media. Thanks so much for listening. Have a great Christmas and we'll see you next week.

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