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While He Was Sleeping


Mm-hmm I just flipped out and lost it. Something is not right. We could not understand how anybody would want to murder him. He walked in a room and everyone liked him is so nice at a beautiful smile. It was bad it said was on a pillow. Tillis just terrible terrible scene someone you have to have a or been letting you don't just come in and somebody's apartment and murder them while they're sleeping and expect to get away with it. He was a ladies man. It's no secret. He loved women who she ever heard of ever seen convince some vendors situation. Abc somebody else and that Breathes Jealousy and that leads to jealousy. Lease the murder. What I keep thinking. I was sort of fatal attraction human emotion fuels most homicides lies upon lies upon lies to bury the truth a believe long one in the mail. I don't care if this ten years I don't care if it's twenty years and this case will be solved. The life of every party at Thirty Four Eric. Samoa was charming. Magnetic Success Swap in two thousand twelve. He was living the kind of life that young man liked brag about to one another. Call it the good life the lush life the fast lane. It's a world without too many rules one in which you get close in a hurry to a lot of people you don't know too well and it was perfect for Eric. Living just outside the nation's capital Eric. Samoa was not only living the American dream. He was selling it to the son of immigrants from Ghana. Eric was up top salesman delivering luxury cars and the fantasies that come with them at this Jaguar dealership in Bethesda Maryland. He was focused and motivated to be the best and he turned out to be our number one salesperson. Who What could sell is in Alaska right? I tell him that Eric you could sell anything. Eight Eric's older sisters. Any susie and Cynthia spotted his drive and business savvy at an early age and he started a long cutting business in our neighborhood. The neighborhood kids they were actually working for him and he would pay them. I think what two dollars to cut the grass aboard capitalists. Yeah he'll tell me Susan. I'm going to be really rich one day. He wanted to go all the way to the top. From the day he was born. Eric was Shurmur and his sisters and big brother. Michael Always adored him. He was just a wonderful wonderful joy to our family in to my sisters and I was the baby of the family but we all enjoyed him because he was very vibrant. It was just the three of us and then he came along so he was sort of a little doll. Yeah Them Eric grew up and became a living doll to the women of the nation's capital. He was a ladies man. It's no secret. He loved women. He Walk in a room and everyone liked him like. Oh who's this guy? He's so nice at a beautiful smile and he'll just start a conversation with anyone. I mean he just had that type of personality where women liked him but his sisters hoped there playboy brother would finally settle down in fact they were counting on it. We were waiting for huge wedding that my sister and I were planning for the bride picked out ahead with the wedding planning on going picked out yet but we already knew pretty much how the wedding was going to be. Eric. Sisters admit. They knew little about his dating. Life is big brother knew much more. Our relationship was very very close. Even my sibling my younger brother. He was my best friend as well We talk about everything. Eric's thousand Watt charm and his work ethic and earned him success on the job a high rise apartment in the DC suburbs and a busy and exciting social life. He was a young man on top of the world but he's big brother's still felt the need to occasionally offer advice like that. Playing the field has its risks and can't last forever. He really respected me. The fact that Van with my wife we've been together twenty eight years you always will communicate and say hey. I want to be that but I just can't find the right one even as the youngest and the only one who hadn't married Eric was the glue that bonded his family. Eric was the person that kind of brought the family together. He remembered everyone's birthday. He made everyone feel really special so once his customers he was charming known to his fans. You you know. He wanted everyone to come together in June. Two thousand twelve. He brought them together again. But this time it wasn't for a holiday or birthday it was because they were worried sick about him. June fifth a Tuesday. Eric didn't show up for work at the Jaguar dealership initially his boss. Brian Armstrong let it slide chalked it up to hey he was taken a day off on scheduled day off and I didn't think too much about it. And then the following day which was the Wednesday against scheduled to come in. No call no show and then I got worried word spread and soon Eric Sisters and the rest of their close-knit family. We're trying to find him. No one had heard from HAB now. You're really worried. I'm really word. Cynthia took a deep breath and called nine. One one. Police were dispatched to check out. Eric's apartment in Silver Spring Maryland. His family race to meet them. Eric Samoa a man about town live life at full throttle had seemingly fallen off the map. What had happened doing unanswered. Knock and lots of questions. We were all in shock. We would just shop. I said there's no way there's no way l'armee when we heard that he hadn't shown up for work. Wow that me. That's not like Eric at all. Not Show up for work. As his sisters Sufia and other family members arrived at Eric Samoa's building their fear. Level was off the charts. They stood vigil in the lobby. As police went up to Eric. Sixth Floor apartment. What do you think happened? I was just trying to figure out. Where could he have gone sister? Susie was still underway when Cynthia got her answer from a police. Captain who'd been in Eric's apartment within the captain pain and gently placed his hand on my arm and said that. May I'm sorry? Looks like your brother has taken his life. I mean I was reading screens. I said there's no way there's no way he took his life. Eric loved life three who grief. Cynthia managed to call her sister and she was screaming and she was balling then when she told me Eric was dead. I just flipped out. I just lost it and you show up how long after that I was showed up about forty minutes later. Detective Dmitri Reuven led the second wave of Montgomery County Maryland. Police after patrol officers made that initial suicide call. They try not to disturb the scene so being really look around too much to see you had a gunshot wound to his head. He was in bad. His head was on a pillow. His entire upper body was tucked in. It looked like he was sleep. Detective Reuven and a forensic team continue to work. Those who struggle no sign of a struggle anywhere new apartment. No signs of ransacking. The one thing I noticed right away was that there was no gun. There's no gone seen gun suicide gun. That's correct so this isn't a suicide right. This was a murder in some ways. Dmitri Reuven was like Erik Samoa. Young successful driven but even working homicides reuven had none of the world weariness of some veteran detectives so he was the right com to break the difficult news to the family. I just went downstairs and I said we reason to believe that Eric was murder. That's when everybody lost. I mean his sister was just crying. His Dad just had his you know had buried in his hands and just like people just couldn't believe we were all in shop. We were just shot. Who WanNa Murder Eric? That is exactly what detective Reuven wanted to know. Always thought right. There was investigation with the family and those that were close to home just to see if you had any enemies if if there was anybody in his life that would wanna hurt. What's the answer? The answers eric was loved by everybody and there was no one out. There had that the family knew that would want to hurt. Eric's head wound from a three eighty caliber gun indicated to detectives that he was shot at point blank range. It appeared that he was sleeping when it happened. So it would be someone that Eric. Trust is so much that he went to sleep and that person there and Reuven quickly learned that his victim. Mr Popularity had welcomed lots of people and it was life and home. He used to hang out at a local bar. Just down the street in Romans House the owner of the establishment neum by name and he would tell us he would be here every night and he would go home with a different girl whose family knew that of that now. It was the kind of thing. Eric's brother Michael had already warned him about. Could it have been some revenge situation? You know someone wanted to have him. He didn't want to be with them and they came in and took them out. I mean he just didn't know but Michael and his sisters did know about one particular girlfriend named Denise. There are several members of our family. Who Point to her? The niece dated Eric for a little bit over a year. Older a twenty some years older would you learn about his relationship with today's majority of this family did not like the niece because because they thought she was using. Eric or she They just didn't like her detective. Rubin's interest in these intensified. When he learned something else he said then. He's told him that for a brief time months before the murder she had a key to. Eric's apartment they were going out there to make sense right and there was no evidence of a break in so someone either have to have a key or been leading by Eric. Well we do. These certainly would fit the profile of somebody's. Eric tries to somebody he'd be willing to go to sleep while they were still air. Absolute police were eager to interview her. But they knew that if denise had been in Eric's apartment recently any forensic trail she might have left right. Not Me Much in. The same was true for all those other women. Police hadn't even identified because they DNA belongs belongs. Everyone the apartment their fingerprints Bologna apartment. So now you have to prove it some other way after day. One Rubin said Denise Top. He's list of people to check out but she would not be rubens. Only lead and the reason is because your witness. A witness came forward and seen a man meeting with Eric just before the murder like Eric. He was a salesman but he wasn't selling cars apostle new suspect skinny ruffy beard and a possible motive as old as time. Jealousy leads the Marta. We just want to be treated fairly like a lot of shooting happening. I don't care what he says. He's not getting my hi. Everyone is mainly MSNBC correspondent in host of a new podcast into America featuring the journalist of NBC. News it's a show about politics about policy and about the power that both had shaping the lives of the American people. The roller coaster is not any easier to stomach now than it was two years ago. Each week we're going into America to tell voters stories can for the country because in concert doesn't mean that we should news on right to vote. You can find new episodes of into America and your feet every Thursday to subscribe search into America. Wherever you're listening right now. Hey Guys Willie geist here this week on the Sunday. Sit Down podcast I get together with Hollywood icon Al Pacino for a cruise around Beverly Hills and conversation about his legendary fifty year career. You can get that now for free. Wherever you download your podcasts him. I was here but I wasn't really here. It was very very difficult. People tell you. Grief diminishes over time but days after Eric. Samoa's death US close knit family could only dream about whether that moment would ever arrive when I received the paper the next day and I opened it to the obituary section and I saw this young handsome guy in there I just lost it. Certainly. I mean a lot of people in your situation. There are families that really WanNa know what happened and then there are other people. Were like knocking on bringing back. And I won't spend another minute thinking about the murderer. You guys clearly in that first group. You wanted to answer then you we. We wanted to know who would do this. Because we just could not understand. Who would want to kill Eric? The family had pointed detective. Dmitri Reuven at Eric's girlfriend denise. We interviewed in East Multiple Times interest. Denise picked up when he learned from the family that her romance with Eric was on the rocks and he was with her probably about a year and then after a while he was just tired of Dan I guess bogged down by someone according to Rubin Denise told him that she and Eric we're talking about breaking up by mutual agreement Rubin said she also acknowledged Eric was dissatisfied with their relationship giving the detective a theory to consider older woman younger man and now he wants to end maybe see somebody else and that breeds jealousy and we leads to jealousy murder while he continued to investigate. Denise Reuven learn from residents in Eric's building that there was a woman there he'd been dating for just a few weeks that's why one that's Katrina Katrina. Ben came down to police headquarters for an interview. She's visibly upset here just earlier that day. Detective Reuven at his partner had told her that Eric was dead. Starting just thank. You have to be here. Thank you thank you. Thank you So let's not yes. They wanted whatever leads she could give them but they began with the basic. I met Eric outside like two weeks after I've been there outside their building and he asked me if I was a nurse because he was starting Some kind of agency nursing agency can't like what I worked for. Trina did work as a nurse for the NIH the National Institutes of health. It turned out. She and Eric have plenty in common basketball fan connection. The relationship quickly turned more than friendly Katrina said. She and Eric had been dating weekly usually on Mondays. Ever since Katrina wanted to know about progress in finding her lover's killer. We can't really tell you talk and the reason is because your witness pick if they could at least say. We're Eric died. I think we can tell where he was coming off. The interview topic returned to the vibrant. Eric Shoe so many goals coming trains. It's as crazy as he was having a best time his life. Now he's dead. That explained Katrina said why he never answered her. Recent texts dynamic call to say. Am I the only amount of person I mean? I don't know if he's stop calling me or he wasn't answering because he was dead. Because I've been depressed and suffering in mad and crying because I'm thinking he's not talking to me. We've been like this to settle heart you know. It's a sounded subtle. The detectives consoled her but also continued to probe about that last night together. Two days before Eric's body was discovered Sunday. Monday went down in his place choice. Yeah but then she said the night got strange out of the blue. Eric said he wanted to smoke some pot. She told him she wasn't interested. She did agree to ride with Eric so he could buy weed at a nearby apartment complex. I don't know what was happening. He's never done anything like that around me. The drove up to this building. Almost immediately Katrina said the pop dealer jumped into the back seat and it was real quick. I mean the light was on. Hold the whole deal. Everything did and got out out. It's happened before the lights go out in the car. Because I'm thinking if you're GonNa do something like this turn allow. Somebody might say me you want to be identified in something like this one involved and he had A. He's not my color skinny guy scruffy beard. I didn't see his face straight on. I wasn't trying to look at them directly. I'm not trying to look. I WanNa know who you are driving back to their building eric into Trina spent the rest of the night watching the basketball game before they became focused on each other a few this information. Thanks for a while and our sleep a little later. She told the detectives she was woken up by the sound of Eric. Talking to someone outside the bedroom through a crack in the door Katrina thought she could make out a face and the man looked familiar. She believed the guy to be the drug dealer. The same guy she'd been earlier yes. This was only hours before. Eric was murdered in his bed. Detective Reuven now had another major suspect so concentrated on this drug dealer. This would prove to be a critical moment in the case but not for reasons. You Think Police Strike Gold. Maybe in the drug dealers apartment. That's getting the same same kind of gun but strike out with Katrina. Changes flat out refused to give us a foul. Why detective Dmitri Reuven has worked a lot of homicides? But the death of Eric. Samoa angered him more than most. You know he was just sleeping to kill somebody while they're sleeping is just as horrible. Eric Sisters were grateful to have someone as committed as reuven working their brothers case. He is phenomenal investigator. And now just days. After Eric was murdered it looked as if detective reuven might give the family. Some resolution. One of Eric's lovers Katrina Ban handed the investigators anew suspect Eric's pop dealer. It makes sense thinking. Why did you hear Katrina told them how uneasy she felt with the dealer in the apartment? It was just a little uncomfortable. Seem weird so just around five. Am Katrina said? She got out of there. She said the guy came up to her as she was leaving and basically pushed out with the door. Based on Katrina ZA count. The police believe Eric was killed sometime in the early morning. Hours of June fifth even brought in the dealer for questioning a man named William would fork and he was like I have no idea where that is never met before you believe him. I knew I called him and Katrina Story. Tied them to Reuven hammered away. It would fork for hours. Finally getting him to admit he sold Eric. Marijuana the night of the murder the dealer balked when Reuven ask why he later win over to Eric's and he was like what are you talking about. He was so adamant about not even knowing where lives. You know we dealer. I'm not a delivery man. I don't deliver people come to meet detective. Rubin wasn't about to just take drug dealer at his word so I ended up getting a search warrant for his place and recovered a safe from his apartment and inside. The safe was a three eighty. Hang on and it was just like I'm did he lie. Is this murder weapon. That's going to go the same same kind of gun. The gun was sent to firearms lab as Reuven. Check to see if he could prove William would for was in. Eric's apartment would forks. Dna and fingerprints. Were on the door or anywhere else. You look at the security tape. Is He on there anyway? He was now on a security tapes. Then the tests came back on the dealers three eighty. It was not the gun that killed Erik same caliber but the amunition was different so it was just one big coincidence now. Eric's dealer wasn't looking as good for the murder. Not only was the gun. Not a match ruin was convinced. The dealer was never at Eric's apartment as for Denise the woman who had been Eric's girlfriend. Investigators interviewed her three times. She was cooperative and allowed them to look at her phone. Her fall records but at home the night of the Marta. So they eliminated denise as a suspect and again reuven started from scratch. You don't just come in and somebody's apartment and murder them while they're sleeping and expect to get away with it and I felt like this was my job to find the killer and I felt like I wasn't doing my job. The detective circled that to the person who pointed them towards the popular in the first place Katrina Ban. The woman who'd been so surprised distraught by her lover's death now the cops wondered if she had deliberately misdirected them. Reuven at his partner. Ask her back for another shot. Think Aaron doesn't want from me actually no but he was trying to convince me that he was the one you just days before Katrina had spoken of Eric living but no longer with the ladies. I'm not stupid at some point. I asked her to give us a phone because I knew she exchanged messages. And she just flat out refuse to give us a phone will then estimate you sort of your a little odd but at the same time if it was somebody who was my significant other. That was murdered. I think I would do anything to help police. Now Katrina 's abrupt. Change in behavior was strange even alarming. To the fact it's all they could do was say their goodbyes as Katrina headed off to a new job in Baltimore at this point There was enough weird behavior from Katrina Vanden. We had nothing solid. Nothing really incriminating. But it was just something and not being right there. The cops had a nagging feeling Katrina. Ben was lying. That popular wasn't in the apartment. The Night Eric was murdered but Katrina Watts and suddenly she looked suspicious. Suspicions don't make a case and right now someone was getting away with murder. Damaged gun helps determine detective. Shoot a bullseye. It was recovered. Odd that they after we found eggs body and I was like. Let's just test gun. This gun makes sense as his murder. Investigation slowly rolled forward detective. Dmitri Reuven developed a certain affection for Eric Samoa. The Guy He'd never met the successful charismatic. Charming victim you kept a picture in your desk at work just to remind you we call them the most interesting man in the world. That was the name of this case. And I've always had a picture of Eric that just kind of remind me to to keep going and keep walking case. Unfortunately what wasn't next to Eric's photo on Ruben's death was any hard evidence against Katrina ban. The woman Reuven thought knew more than she was telling about Eric's murder. He decided to take yet another crack at his suspect and along with another detective. Reuven paid Katrina a visit of in Baltimore for the most part her story. Remain the same but Katrina was also on guard and defensive. Don't aware are cassie. Instead of focusing on the detectives to own Katrina should have paid more attention to their clothing. Detective Reuven secretly had a recorder in his pocket. And that's when I asked her about owning any guns on gun. Have you fired armed with a warrant? Reuven searched Katrina 's apartment but did not find a gun. He seized her phone and computer. But cops didn't find anything incriminating gun registered to her anywhere now and no sign that you've ever owned one at any point in their lives crack. Reuven kept going. I subpoenaed her bank records on credit card records just to see if she purchased any ammunition somewhere dune void. Now roosen didn't stop there. He kept looking everywhere he even went. All the way to Katrina is hometown in Mississippi where he learned something interesting. I talked our dad who said that he had guns multiple guns in the house and that Katrina had shotguns before so we knew she lied but that is no criminal. Offense still reuven was certain he could eventually find something concrete and he kept looking. Weeks passed then months. I think that's probably the toughest thing about this job as if it goes on Sol. You've really you're letting the family right exactly and especially families that do stand contact with you. Eric's family was eager for answers. They were not shy about letting reuven though that he gets probably daily phone calls from each one of us and he was so patient in just explaining. Remember so you maybe like one of you could call me and tell other people and you look at your phone you like. You don't even want to answer because you have no news. It's the saying that it was last week. We think we know who did it. But we can't prove it right now may two thousand thirteen. The one year anniversary of Eric's murder approached and frankly the investigation had come to a standstill. Reuven wasn't just angry. He was frustrated. He needed to make something happen. Reuven thought about the gun that killed Eric and he knew a lot of handguns. Just like it were already in. Police custody all across the D. C. Area. He decided to examine all of them. It was an immense task. He began in Montgomery County side decided to look at all three eighty s ricard pacheer which had been hill. Manny it was about sixty guns ruin. Comb through the records for each of those guns. Most seized by cops traffic stops or drug busts but none matched up until reuven read the second to last file it was handgun number fifty nine out of sixty. It was a gun turned in by a tourist from Montana who had spotted at lying by the side of the beltway. Dc's most traveled road. The only reason the man saw was because he was parked in DC's famous bumper to bumper traffic. It was recovered on the day after we found his body It was a short distance away from a crime scene and I was like just as gone. This makes sense. This is like succeeding against unbelievable. Odds one in a million. The gun was a mess missing most of its components and it looked as if it might have been run over after it hit the pavement but the barrel intact using spare parts. The police firearms lab reassembled the weapon and test fired at the result. A close match to the bullet that killed Eric Samoa and on the gun a serial number from it ruined. Learn something else. Where was it originally sold assault at a pawn shop in Columbia Mississippi? Why was that a big deal because that little pawn shop was just a few miles down the road from Silver Creek Mississippi which was the hometown of Katrina Ban. Riven just couldn't buy that as a coincidence so he took another trip down to Mississippi this time to track down the guns original owner which was hard than it might sound. This had multiple multiple owners. It would take me thirty minutes just to persuade somebody to talk to me was because in Mississippi. You sound like a stranger. It's so weird. Possibly sound like a stranger also. Nobody wants to talk about guns. They always think that I'm there to get him in. Trouble was a lot of shoe leather. And Reuven still. Didn't have a solid link to Katrina. It would take some persuading for me to even have people talk to me but slowly. The persuasion paid off and each would tell us had a four year. And then opponent at this pawnshop after interviewing six former owners of the gun we arrived at a pawnshop that bought and sold it sometime around two thousand three so the owner here like we kept our records and diaper boxes in the back of the shed and the rat Sweden on them so we decided to just send them to the ATF. Reuven offered to come look through those diaper boxes the response from the ATF. Thanks but no. Thanks the ATF. Agent was she just saying just let us take care of it so we left Mississippi really nothing. Reuven returned to Maryland wondering if he'd hit another dead aunt he wondered for about a week. It was late June now more than a year since Eric was murdered when an. Atf agent called back found these diaper boxes. We've found these records and we'll fax now receipt. So I was waiting the fax machine to facts game through looked at the name and it was Katrina Ban. She was the last purchase that hang on. And you got. Oh Yeah. That was pretty incredible. I I was literally jumping up and down. Now he just had the Lasso Katrina ban easy. You decide it would be. It wouldn't be like this. It wouldn't be was Katrina van a Monday night girl. A girl who you do not take out and do not show off in you. Do not introduce your friends. She has her purposes and will slap a motive for murder. Eric Samoa had been dead for more than a year and still no one had been arrested for his murder but his family bound together by grief and faith felt a kind of serenity. I believe that there are certain people that were destined or or deigned. I was saying to work this case. Detective Ruben outside of his normal business hours was very determined and he persevered beyond what a normal detective. What do the family didn't know it yet? But that perseverance was about to be rewarded. Detective Reuven had an arrest warrant for Katrina Ban. She was living back in Mississippi. Which is where the cuffs went out of her wrists right now but Katrina Ban did not remain silent. Excuse not at all if it would be. It wouldn't be like this. It wouldn't be reuven a drum. The friendly facade. He wants presented to Katrina now. He came at her full force. So he's still painting. Were Not Okay. Could you give qualifier okay? What kind of remember Katrina had told? Police she didn't own a gun even fired one wedding. Because you never ask you one so no need for me today. I have a gun and you'll never act. Acne have ever held a gun. Have you ever Friday along? It was simple. They told her she murdered Eric. It was your gun that killed him. That's a scientific back. The question was why there has to be there has to be headed the reason. Then you go down telling you as the most cold blooded person that we've spoken with because you're so good is gonNA look horrible. Listen I'm challenging with Katrina. Wouldn't give it up and ask for a lawyer. The detectives put her in lockup and Reuven stepped outside to call Eric's family. I was just like you know. Thank God they're going to get this woman. Giving a conviction was ultimately the responsibility of Montgomery County. State's attorney John McCarthy The gun which gets you interested into a courtroom this is pretty far from an ideal case absolutely to sell this to a jury when you were basically saying that. She felt so portrayed after three week relationship that she was driven to murder. That's a little bit of a tough sell. Mccarthy assigned the case to assistant state's Attorney Jessica Zarella at trial in the fall of two thousand fourteen. She gave Katrina a nickname. Few would envy. Why did you refer to Katrina the Monday night girl? It was used in the context of a girl who you do not take out. You did not show off and you do not introduce your friends. She has her purposes but those purposes are relegated to Monday nights and not the more high profile Saturday and nights. This was the prosecution. Theory Katrina learn. Maybe from Eric's phone that she was far from the only woman in Eric's life jealousy and anger. Did the rest and Katrina Schon Eric. While he slept human emotion fuels most. Thomas is what I keep thinking that was sort of fatal attraction an insignificant relationship on one side and varying that we are relationship you as the other person obviously he made a misjudgment when he became intimately involved with her and the sense of betrayal that she felt is what fueled this homicide and said prosecutors after Katrina killed. Eric quickly ditched the gun and began playing the part of the concern lover but she couldn't keep her story straight lies upon lies upon lies of to bury the truth and that ultimate truth in this case was that gun. Look crux of Katrina as defense was that she had no reason to kill Eric because she just wasn't bad into him. Eric a great guy. But I wasn't even deeper Eric like that. The county level. He never repair. What's wrong with the argument that this was a woman who discovered there were other women in his life and she got incredibly jealous and angry and that tipped her over in. Jerusalem just doesn't work from his Ben Karlin Rigo van was one of Katrina 's lawyers. We have to look at the time in which these two parties were intimate with one. Another a matter of weeks and so to say that the relationship was at such strong level that you become jealous or I ranked to the point where she would murder. Somebody does that resonate with time which they were together as for that gun. Control is attorneys argued that the traveling nurse had long since lost track of it they said someone could have stolen the gone along the way and used it on Eric as she shifts from one residence to another from state to state because of her profession she may have left a gun or she was unaware rather where the gun may have been jurors. Were not swayed. It took them just six hours. Find Katrina Ben. Guilty of murder in the first degree. There's no doubt in my mind that had she not been convicted of this crime. Katrina Ban was just as likely to encounter someone else who disrespected her in the same way that she felt. Eric did and resolve. Is it that ultimate consequence which is take his life but the real jaw. Dropper came at sentencing when Katrina addressed the courtroom. She stood up as if she was given a eulogy of my brother telling US. I'm sorry for your loss and all this stuff those like a slap in the face. She's talking about the murders as though she wasn't even there. You kill this person. You're the reason why we're here. It was just unbelievable. The judge sentenced Katrina van to life. Plus twenty years. Justice has been served today and what you have sown into the life of our dear brother cousin nephew friend. You will reap bountifully with life in prison now years after saying goodbye to eric his large loving family still feels the pain of that loss. Do Remember Air every day all the times we had. It's unfortunate that we have to think about the day that he was brought home from the hospital today that we actually closed the casket. What THEY WANNA do is warn other families to watch out for the other Katrina bands in the world? I pray and continue to pray that even in doing this I said it will bring awareness to other people out there about certain types of people on just being very cautious and being aware. Listen carefully you get close to a very careful very. We're very important. Jenna Bush Hager from the today show. 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