20210823 Nicole Sandler Show - The Dog Days of August


The following program contains graphic material including offensive language. Your discretion is advised. She's got the news. She talks with news makers she encourages us to laugh and she cries with us speaking truth to power and questioning authority daily. It's the nicole sandler show all right. It is a monday. Excuse me my voice still hasn't recovered from the weekend yet and all i did was really sleep. You know But welcome to a monday. It is Today's august twenty third. And as i was preparing the show. I'm thinking you know every day every day i i come up with a title for it and i put together like a graphic for youtube and for the cover art for the podcast and today we do have a guest coming up but it. It's not a major guest. We'll be speaking with Courtney hostetler. She's the lead attorney for free speech for people which is a A group that that that is sort of a progressive watchdog group and they have filed a couple of lawsuits against the gop g q. P for some of the The horrible voter suppression legislation. That they've recently passed. I believe these suits in arizona if memory serve anyway. We'll talk to her but today there's just a bunch of stuff it's a busy day on capitol hill. There's a lot of stuff going on. And i'm thinking you know. I guess these are the dog days of summer. And so i thought okay. That'll be my theme today. The dog days. Because i have a couple of dogs stories to share with you. That are that are pretty upsetting. And well i so i thought i should. I should give some information out where the dog days of summer where that phrase comes from and i learned that the dog days of summer are actually over already here. According to the interwebs the dog days of summer run from july third to august eleventh. Who knew and the reason. Those dates during that time sirius. The dog star is the brightest star visible in the sky. In case you're wondering in the summer serious rises and sets with the sun on july twenty third specifically it's in conjunction with the sun and because the star so bright the ancient romans believe it actually gave off heat and added to the suns warmth accounting for the long stretch of hot humid oppressive weather in the summer so they referred to these days as dog days. And i guess it's stuck so the term dog dave's summer began came to mean the twenty days before and the twenty days after this alignment of serious with the sun so it works out to july third to august eleventh each year. Who knew well today. We're dealing with a few dogs in the news in the house. Blue dogs see how i did that. Yeah blue dogs. Were threatening to derail. The joe biden democratic agenda. And we'll get into it a little further. I just thought i'd set it up and explain the dog thing on the other the other story. We'll get we'll get back to that 'cause that's gonna take some time. The other story is that today happens to be andrew cuomo's final day in office as governor of new york. And you're wondering well what so. What does that have to do with anything. Well andrew cuomo. Apparently while i was gonna say has a dog but apparently had a dog a really cute dog to this dog's name is i'm gonna see if i can't pull up a picture for those of you watching on one of the streams To sell you a picture of captain. Here i'm just i'm just gonna put this this shot up. This is captain cute. Little looks like Some kind of a german shepherd. Apparently andrew cuomo adopted captain just a few years ago in two thousand eighteen and it sounds like he never got captain the training that a dog needs or gave the attention. So let me read to you from the albany times union newspaper today governor andrew cuomo. Who's been staying with. One of his sisters in westchester county in the final days of his third term recently asked staff members at the executive mansion of anyone would like to keep his dog. Captain captain has remained at the state owned residents after the governor moved out last week. Who leaves the dog behind man To state police sources told the times union on saturday that the governor had recently asked mansion staff members if anyone would be interested in caring for the dog captain described as high-strung mix of shepherd siberian and malamute head nipped a few people since cuomo adopted him in two thousand eighteen. The sources said and a mansion staffer recently took the dog home for a few days but decided he was too much richard ads. Oh party a senior advisor and spokesman for the governor lashed out at the allegation that the governor has been looking for someone to care for the canine. He said the arrangement was only temporary. Because the governor who is scheduled to resign from office at eleven fifty nine. Pm tonight is planning to take a vacation He also said that he and the governor had more important things to do to deal with as the tropical storm on re was bearing down on southern new york and new england as a dog lover. That's not how you act when you adopt a dog. You're adopting this being. You're saying i will care for this animal in this case for the rest of its life or the rest of my life whichever comes first. That's not what you do. So you know a good riddance andrew. Cuomo stop. stop hurting your father's name. And i hope somebody good comes to captain's rescue and gives the dog some training because that's what it needs. Wanted dog is rescued when a dog is adopted from a shelter remember. I volunteered at the local. Animal shelter Every weekend for the year a little over a year until lockdown happened last march. Those dogs need extra patience caring because they're going from stress full situation into the unknown. But i digress. I'm happy to talk to you about adopting a dog No you don't rent a dog. Steven cohen damn it. Yeah more important than the dog. You know look. I'm someone who adopted my daughter and have adopted dogs over the years. And i consider my responsibility to each of them the same. They are under my care when i adopted them. I said i will care for this soul for the rest of its life or mine. Whichever comes first damn it all right. So back to the The other dogs the blue dogs. So i turned on the the the The c. span. Just a little while ago and happened to catch some of the rules committee hearing so there's all kinds of debates going on what they are voting on today. Ostensibly is and and things change. So don't hold me to this. But at the last time. I checked there. Were going to vote on the budget resolution. Not the reconciliation plan because that hasn't been written yet but the how the senate already approved the budget resolution. The house also has to pass that and then they can start actually writing the reconciliation bill. The first step though it's got to be passed by the house in order for the senate or whoever start writing it. So that's That was what they reconvened to do right. But in the meantime there is a group of nine. Count them nine Blue dogs. here's the other dog story. I think some of them were new dumb. But i think the new dem part of this coalition fell apart. I believe these are all blue dogs. and they They're derailing it. Say see the way was supposed to be the way it was. Set up nancy. Pelosi and and President biden and chuck schumer all agreed that they would bring up both bills. Both what was known as the biff. Which is the so-called bipartisan bill. that already passed the senate. That's what these blue dogs wanna vote on now but pelosi and schumer and biden all agreed. They're going to hold that bill until the other one. The the budget reconciliation bill is written and ready to be passed and they will pass them at the same time. Because there's a deal going on between the two factions of the democratic party. Right you got the you got the progressive faction of the democratic party and then you've got republican faction of the democratic party. Now i know they like to call them. Moderate that's not the definition of moderate. These are republican leaning representatives with dis next to their name. But make no mistake. They are not. I mean you know how he calls them. The the republican section of the democratic party right So in fact. I'm watching. cnn over the weekend. And i was shocked. I i'm seeing these spots. That are they seem to be Put together by republicans commercials. I'm talking about spots Ads like telling them not to. Don't don't wait for the other bill to come. No we want. We want the we want the full. You know we want. We want to vote on the the the biff. The bipartisan bill. Now and Basically trying to upend the deal that was cut. This was a deal that was arranged. That was agree to buy both chambers. This is how they were going to do it. In fact you know what before. I get to that before i play for these spots. Let me play. A good explainer. Briefly came from hill. Kapoor on msnbc. So here's here's what how he explains. Exactly what is going on here. The house returning early and planning a series of votes today and tomorrow to move that three and a half trillion dollar package that is the centerpiece of president biden's agenda that's a safety. Net expansion and tax hikes on opera earners speaker. Pelosi is facing a rebellion from a group of moderate house. Democrats moderate concern on that three and a half trillion dollar reconciliation package until the passed infrastructure. Bill is done passed in the house and signed into law by president biden. They haven't out bad today in the washington. Post digging in on this position. Nine of them saying that they oppose holding that infrastructure. Bill hostage their word to the reconciliation bill now speaker. Pelosi has for months that these bills have to move in tandem because the votes aren't there to pass one without the other to that end. A coalition of progressive groups has a new ad campaign out today targeting. These nine moderate. Democrats led by congressman. Josh got high in new jersey accusing them of obstructing president biden and his agenda. Of course here. This is high stakes standoff between the progressive and moderate wings of the democratic party with huge consequences for president biden's agenda democrats hope to run on the infrastructure. Bill and this reconciliation bill which would include a major investments in health care and childcare mitigating climate change raising taxes on upper earners and corporations to get it done they want to run on this in the two thousand twenty. Two midterm elections to tell voters. Please keep us in power for another two years but of course they have to pass it first and speaker pelosi is probably going to have to pull a rabbit out of the hat to get all members of the house except three democrats which is her margin for error except three democrats which is her margin for error. All right i just. I had it ready to go. I just lost the connection to the screen. So hold on. I need to pull this up on the other screen and hopefully this one will stay. could think redundancy is a good thing right all right so what i want to show you is. He mentioned the ad by the The progressive caucus ad right so there are two ads. That are running one is. Oh this is. The this is the progressive. All right. let me show you. I'll show you this one. I 'cause i haven't ready to go so this. This is the ad from the progressive coalition. It's put together by justice. Democrats and included in it is oh man everyone from move on to let me see if i can't find the The entire list dammit. Now i lost it I don't know where my notes are but move onto the sunrise foundation to the working families party basically the big progressive groups all got together. And did this ad. This one targets. Josh got heimer. Who is the ringleader of these nine centrist or or conservative. Dems as. I call them. They're not moderates But this is the ad they're running targeting those nine members of congress. And here's how it goes. Joe biden promised he would build back better and his infrastructure plan does exactly that fixing our roads and bridges making historic investments in clean energy education and broadband expanding medicare and childcare. But these nine conservative. Democrats are sabotaging. Biden's agenda because it would make billionaires and corporations pay their fair share tell representative got heimer stop obstructing president biden and start working for the american people. Okay good ad right. And i was glad that i saw that. Because i'm telling you all weekend long. I forget what show i was watching was watching something on cnn. Oh the concert on saturday night. We'll get to that too so trying to watch this concert. 'em some other programming on cnn. And i keep seeing these ads pop up. Please let it be on this computer to wrong one dammit. Okay so for some reason. I don't know why it's not letting me show anything. Let me try one other way. 'cause i have i have. I have that video ready to go. We'll let me do it this way. Add screen capture. No dammit dammit dammit. Why is it doing this Just that's a justice dumb. Dad mehdi hassan. Why is it not in this folder. This is making me angry. Give me just one more second. Because i do everything myself. I can download video onto this computer. I all ready to go. I'm telling you it was it was it was right here on the screen and then the connection to to the the window just died so let me bring it up here We are going to sorry i got. I've got these folder after folder. Here is this it. that's not it man. I know this is such great radio. Isn't it Bear with me. One more i'll tell you what while. I'm waiting to do this now. I can't even do that. I'm sorry what while i do. I'm trying to chew gum and talk at the same time which is also not easy So what i'm trying to do is find for you the Man this video. Why can't i find it here. Now there we go today show and this is the no labels. Okay so the you know. I'm thinking why are. Republicans running this ad on on cnn. And then i realized it wasn't it was actually not republicans at all but the no labels you know there are a few of these groups that that you know the the the problem solvers caucus while there's no labels and their third way and they're basically trying to turn the democratic party into republican light third way is actually not in league with the with them with the no labels people right now which is a good thing all right so i'm able to bring it up this way. So this ad has been running nonstop. I mean almost every break oops one more second hold on i i know i know there was no audio there. I will give you audio. Give me one second. I will not play it without audio. What wasn't there audio. They're setting the gremlins. It's a monday. There aren't supposed to be gremlins here today. All right now we can do it all right. So this ad is running. Virtually non-stop on cnn. I don't know where else it's running but just know this. Is these blue dogs. This is the ad running to push to de rail. The deal that nancy pelosi chuck schumer and joe biden made to pass the to infrastructure bills. Together something amazing has happened in washington. Dc a bipartisan. Congressional group and the president have agreed on an historic deal to rebuild america's bridges roads and broadband loving weekend. Not do if we come together as a nation but nancy pelosi and chuck schumer are holding the deal back in congress even vote on it with trillions and unrelated spending madam speaker leader schumer. It's time to get out of the way to rebuild america. why then what's no labels dot org. Hey no labels someone had to say it all right. It took me a long time to get there but really So it's it's dueling ads. You've got the the democratic groups the progressive groups. Singling out these nine blue dogs for lack of a better term. And then you've got you know the the no labels crowd say calling out nancy. Pelosi and chuck schumer. They are working to get things done for us. This you know we have like a once in a lifetime. Chance to pass meaningful legislation. That will help people in this country who actually need the help. I'm not talking about the wealthy one percenters who you know who keep getting tax breaks. They're the ones who get these. Great advantages mostly from the republicans and democrats are an office. It's like always playing defense. We'll finally there's legislation in the pipeline to help america. Not only to rebuild the infrastructure but to finally fix our health care system l. Better than it is now to help working parents to help students to. I mean to help people no audio again. No you have audio now. You got audio now to help us. And and there's a group of nine number nine nine nine idiots who just want to Who want to screw it up. So i like i said i went i. I started watching one of the hearings on c. span a little while ago as the rules committee dealing with. I don't know rules before they get to the vote. They're they're supposed to be voting pretty soon but i think they're behind the behind the running late but did the whole thing. Just god is off. Can you tell making me crazy. So i'm watching. It and what i notice is tom cole. Republican is chairing this committee. For whatever reason. I don't know where he was at this point. The ranking member was in the lead. And he's not wearing a mask and pete sessions. Republican is speaking and he's not wearing a mask but sheila jackson-lee who was the other speaker along with pete sessions. She had our mask on. It seemed like every democrat in. The room had their masks on but the republicans. Didn't you know enough of this already. Can we follow the god damn science. You know the fraud it in arizona. I know i'm going off on a tangent here but but you'll get the connection in a moment in i. I know no labels as a performer. Republicans they are. But they're supposedly like third way. It's a group of former republicans and some conservatives who want you know the middle road. Those are the centrists not the nine. How so-called democrats who are trying to screw up this deal which is so precarious anyway but anyway the the arizona fraud it you know. They were supposed to finally be done today. How many months has this thing been going on. Well how little little problem there it will not be released. This initial report will not come today. It's been delayed because quote cyber ninjas. Ceo doug logan and two other members of the five person audit team. I'm reading a quote from the actual statement. They put out to other members of the five person. Auditorium have tested positive for cove nineteen and are quite sick. What do you what. what more do you need. I mean invented. This is insane. Donald trump did one of his norberg rallies. This weekend i think in alabama and when he mentioned you should get the vaccine people started booing. So he's like i know. I know you've got your freedoms he backs off because of the booze right. But what's his name. The infowars guy. Alex jones called started badmouthing trump. Calling him an idiot because he doesn't know that the vaccine is what it's going to. It's going to put a microchip in you. They're still pushing that crap. Meanwhile today the fda gave final approval to the pfizer vaccine. There's no more excuses so now the fox people have been screaming. Well it's not. It's not approve. It's an experiment. And why is it taking so long so today. It's approved so fox's screaming. Well why why did they rush it. There's no winning with these people. By the way the fox people were telling you not to take the back seen they have to take the vaccine or they don't get to go in. the building. Fox utilizes a vaccine passport in case you wondering that's happening by the way moments after moments after the news broke that the pfizer biotech ovid nineteen vaccine has been gotten full approval from the fda new york city immediately announced that it's public schools. All staff will have to be vaccinated and there's no opt-out option right. No testing option as as a way to get out of vaccine. If you wanna be in a classroom if you want to work in a public school in new york city you must get vaccinated that works for me and then a short while later the pentagon announced that the us military will make cove in nineteen vaccines mandatory following the fda approval of pfizer shot. So maybe some of these These flat authors will finally say all right. I'll get the shot because the alternative is death or bad illness. You wanna get really sick now. What's not an alternative is. Is it called in victim. There's another drug that for some reason people someone like someone's reading on facebook while there's this drug it's a d. warmer for horses and cows. That cures that'll work against kovic. No it won't it won't and so the fda. I love this. I don't know if i have this year or not. The fda actually text texted tweeted. You're not a cow. You not a hawk horse. Do not take this drug. You know. I mean that's the way to get your attention the fda telling you you're not a cow and you're not a horse okay. So there's that yeah it you know. Sometimes you just gotta wonder who are these people. How were they how we live in the same country. I just don't get it. I'm alright so all this is going on there so many different areas. It's like you know the head-spinning analogy comes up. But i got a mention. What's going on in afghanistan and we dealt with this a bit on friday and this is my mantra right now yet. What's the pullout messy yeah are people scrambling to get out of afghanistan who we should have gotten out before hell. Yeah but the media is doing a really really lousy job of of of of Explaining or of covering the news the media. that's supposed to be neutral. They seem to be delighting in criticizing this administration it and the people that they're inviting on the various programs to talk about it are all the people that got us into this mess. In the first place from people from the bush administration really and the people who kept us. There leon panetta and others. I don't need to hear from them. And so we did some on it on friday and we'll keep talking about it because it's pretty reprehensible well many hasson is one of the few cable news hosts who i think is doing a really good job and his show on peacock while on sunday nights. It's on msnbc and so last night he does this thing. It's like a minute. Long rant i forget what it's called like the minute rant or something so he put sixty seconds on the clock to rant about something and in this case this is what he ranted about. And i just had to share this with you because it was good. It's time now. For what i call the sixty second round the clock sixty second one of the most annoying aspects about covering the biden withdraw from afghanistan. The american public support the withdrawal and those of us who oppose this catastrophic. Were tragically vindicated. and yet. You wouldn't any of that from the debate. We're having right now. Newspaper op-ed pages on. Tv screens are filled with people. Who got it wrong. Still trying to let the rest of us about what should happen now in afghanistan there. The journalist people in my industry never covered afghanistan. Talked about it helped. Make it the forgotten war all these years now expressing outrage over the ending of it the top. Us general at intelligence officials who falsely told us year after year that we were turning the corner and afganistan that we were winning the war against the taliban and building an amazing afghan army and democratic government. Even now still insisting we stayed just a bit longer the bush administration officials who got us into this mess in the first place the trump administration officials who signed the damn deal in doha with the taliban both front blame it all on joe biden. There's the coughing and complaining from politicians on both sides democrat and republican who spent years sending other people's kids to fight and die and they knew winnable an unpopular war. So forgive me when i see. Keep your views on the end of this to yourself. Personally i would like a period of silence from all of you about so right and if you do feel the need to comment on the disaster that is afghanistan. How about starting with the word sorry. The buzzer goes off when he reaches the end of the sixty seconds. How about starting with the word. Sorry many hostile is really good. And what's nice is the other my other favorite. Msnbc is ll. She and ali chelsea is usually the guy doing the philippines and he was vacation this past weekend and last week and so many stepped in and filled in for chris hayes and even allie kelci on saturday morning. That's a good thing we need more of that. By the way those of you who were freaking out thinking oh my god. Rachel maddow's leaving msnbc. I told you she wasn't she was just. You know it's contract negotiations. And she got. She's now making eight figures eight figures in addition to her show on msnbc. She's going to develop projects for nbc universal. Good for her. I say good for her trying to think. If there's anything else i need to get to so i'm there is there is one other thing actually. There's two other things there's more than two other. There's a lot of other things but Just what we're getting to here on friday. In addition to talking about the way the media is miss covering the end of the war in afghanistan We also talked about the voting rights issues. And what we're you know what we're facing and it's it's really bad. One of the things that they will be voting on as the house is reconvened today and tomorrow is not only the budget resolution so that they can write the reconciliation bill but is also the The john lewis voting rights advancement act And it is so important that we passed this You know what's at stake. And i'm not gonna go through it now because what we'll do it in when i'm talking with courtney hostetler in just a moment but we need to have control over. Our elections are elections. Need to be run and a free and fair manner. That's what the the john lewis voting rights advancement act and the for the people act would accomplish. It would keep them free and fair if these bills in these individuals states are are able to pass and You know and basically we lose control of our elections and the republicans. And i hate to put you know. I want to try to not sound so partisan but it's the republicans who are doing this. The democrats aren't doing this. The democrats are pushing for fair and free election so that everybody who is a citizen who's entitled to vote can vote the republicans wanna keep you from voting and then they wanna be able to control it after the fact so if they don't like the outcome they can change it and that's one of the reasons that free speech for people is doing this While they filed this lawsuit. I guess we should just get to at home all right. Let's just get to it and we'll chat on the other side. Okay all right okay So take it away nicole. And courtney joining us on the line courtly council. He's speech for people. You can find them at free speech for people dot org and of course on twitter hold on. That's not working. Let me try it another way. Yeah that's not gonna work. Oh i think. I know what the problem is here. We go maybe protect our rights to vote among other things and this time you guys have filed not all right. I got to figure out why this is doing this man. You know. I try to do something a little different. Yes we tape this the other day so i got to figure out why that's not working. I wonder if i put it down here. If that will work. Let me try it this way. Sorry about this guys. let's try it this way. Tell going on what what you've done yes. Unfortunately arizona is one of a number of states in this country that in the aftermath of this past election which saw an enormous outpouring of voters of new voters of people may not have voted in recent years and are coming back. Usually this would be seen as as a great sign for our democracy. That people are getting engaged. And what unfortunately we've seen is instead of a huge outpouring voter suppression laws. Being passed in states throughout the country Being considered in arizona was one of the states that led the charge. Georgia's you may know was another one and a number of voter suppression laws were introduced in in arizona and the two that we are that passed in that were challenging. A one is senate bill. Fourteen eighty five Which is we're calling the voter purge law and what they're going to do is arizona actually has a great permanent early voting lists where people can choose to always receive their ballots by mail on its rate because it makes voting accessible store name. You know people who work really long hours people who can't get time off on tuesday in the middle of the week It gives people flexibility and getting their ballot in and it was enormously popular and has been for a number of years in arizona at the majority of arizona. Voters vote by I will either return it by. Mail uses dropbox but in in the numbers going up every year. And this is a this permanent early voter lists is actually now under attack. And what they're going to do is somebody misses two consecutive election cycles. They're going to be purchased and that's really difficult because you know for example if you're somebody who Only votes in the presidential election. You're out of luck and you might not realize it until it's too late until you've already been removed from the list and look what it would be great to get everyone voting in every local election in every midterm election. That shouldn't be used to keep people from voting Particularly as we know it looks like when this goes into effect a it could end up having more than one hundred fifty thousand voters purge going to affect a latino black voters much more than white voters. it's going to affect people with lower income level more than people in the upper range of income levels. You know who would start getting raises. Not who is targeting. Unfortunately we're seeing the same thing with the other bill that passed which is senate bill. Teno three and that's a bill. That says so in arizona. If you submit a vote by mail you have to have to have your signature on it now. If somebody claims that your signature doesn't match and we know that's problematic but at least e would have five days to cure that if you don't sign it all if you if you forget to sign or if you don't realize you're supposed to sign For example maybe if english is not your first language and you. You aren't sure where you're supposed to sign or if you need to sign you actually can only cure up to seven. Pm on election day and he can't even go to your local polling place. You would have to go to an election office and again if you're voting by mail it's probably because voting in person on election days out of reach for you and so this makes it even more out of reach for folks you know. There's a lot of people who live miles and miles and miles away from their county election offices but you know we actually did some some research looking into. What does it take even. Let's say you live in a city or let's say you live in a place. Where things aren't that far away as the crow flies. What you actually find out is when you're trying to rely on public transportation what could be. Oh it's ten miles. Anyone can get there. I mean that could be two hour workday trip. And that's if you catch the right connections you know an end. So you're looking at people who you get a twenty minute lunch break you know or you've got kids to pick up or you've got you know again. It puts out of reach for people in again. We're looking at the people who are going to be affected by this law or black. And latino voters gorgeous but another question about this law do they just figuring you will all of a sudden just have a revelation and realized that you signed your name wrong or you forgot to sign it and you're gonna go yourself by seven. Pm on election data to fix it or they sang. We'll notify you. This is something that you you're supposed to just know. The law basically says in election official has to do do their best to notify. Oh great with. It doesn't establish what that means. So what you get is some counties you could have election officials who are on top of things and really wanna let people know other counties. Their best effort might not look in to write ball It could also frankly just be maybe the these election ficials really do want to do their best but they have a million things going on in the lead up to election day you we know unfortunately this enormous slowdown in males so you could have people who submitted their ballot a week and a half two weeks in advance and it's coming in a couple of days before the election so even if election officials have the very best intention to notify people. It's not clear that they would actually even be able to get that notification in in a way that would allow people right alleged human best intentions know that sort of the institutional parameters around getting your ballot in there are slowdowns. There's mill we. We wanted to be millions of ballots. We want of collections officials to have many many ballots and so than to put this burden on election officials in voters. It's clearly intended to keep people from polls and it's clearly intended to keep very specific people of course and that's how they're doing it around the country so free speech for people filed a lawsuit on behalf of a number of organizations in arizona. Mi familia voda voda Arizona coalition for change living united for change in arizona. A few others. So you're you're working with them to try to block these new voter suppression laws. But i got this is just arizona so for example i live in florida. Same thing with the vote by mail. I voted by mail here for years. And i'm just automatically in that system where for each election i get a ballot sent to my house. Well now and they didn't even allege problems here in florida. The election went off fairly flawlessly. But they're doing the same thing where you have to re register for vote by mail. I think after after every two cycles or something obviously the the intention is to keep people from voting right and yet and there's is there anything we can do nationally so you don't have to file these kind of lawsuits in each individual's state to stop these kind of voter suppression a laws from from going through or taking hold. I mean absolutely end. The answer would be for to get federal voter protection and asked and you know. We've we've done that. Work with the voting rights act and unfortunately the courts have just repeatedly rolled back those protections that were intended to be in place for all voters to make sure that our country does allow for safe effective and fair voting and as he's protections rolled back. You see just this this enormous outpouring of new voter suppression laws. Right i That's we there's a hole in voter protection and all the it's getting filled by suppression. That's i mean that's why the voting rights act was passed in the first place. Back in the sixties. It's why it needed to get updated in nineteen eighty two and that needs to happen again so in terms of what we can do at the federal level. The the thing that i think everyone can do is put an enormous amount of pressure on your senators on your on your congress people and ask them to to get voting voter protection. Laws passed to support. For the people act to support these acts that would stop voter suppression in in its tracks. I mean how would the for the people act do that because there's one other major concern of legislation that again it's it's the republicans trying to push this kind of stuff all around the country but the m- the most troubling i do not believe is addressed in in the for the people act and that is a provision that would allow a a republican governor the state to step step into local election boards and say. Your election didn't come off. It was not conducted correctly. Whatever that might mean and therefore they're going to take away the power of the supervisor of elections in a particular county and then put in their own people and say we're gonna put in our own electors and basically up end the fair and free election by the people right. Is there anything in the for the people act. That would prevent that from happening. Well i think that's exactly you know in some ways what we've seen in the aftermath of of twenty twenty is unprecedented. The idea i mean unfortunately our country has lived with voter suppression has been fighting voter suppression for decades and centuries but the idea of i mean this is flagrant flagrant putting in election officials with the intention of stealing the election from the people. It is almost. it's really it's a new. it's a new threat. And i think it goes hand in hand with the voter suppression laws that we're seeing right. We're seeing people come out to vote and when people don't like when the leaders don't like what the people have said they just want to take it. And and i we've we've seen we've seen how that plays out we've seen that. Long-term democracies can crumble We've seen that in. This is this is how it happened. And so i think what we need to do is again. Get to our congressman and get to our senators and say we need to be on our toes about this. We can't set back and say well. Our our democracy is more or less. Because i don't think that's true and we need to get aggressive about not only preventing voter suppression but making sure that when people are people need to be allowed to vote. They need to be able to get to the polls in have their ballots fairly counted and then once that count is done. People can't be allowed to you. Leaders can't be allowed to come in and change results because they don't like that and that's really the that's what we're seeing these direct challenges and i think we're seeing it from both sides right. We're seeing okay. It's a two front assault under democracy. Let's make sure we stop against specifically black latino native american voters make sure. Their ballots aren't counted right. You have this sort of pre election effort to stop people from getting to the polls and having their ballots counted and then on the other side is okay. Let's say that we still you know enough people that we don't like are still able to vote. Well let's make sure we have provisions in place where we can take the election from them afterwards. And that's that's scary and i think we need to think again. Need to be extremely proactive. In what we're asking our governor government to do and frankly we need to be really proactive at the local level. too. I think it needs to be both. Let's be proactive at the federal level. But keep on top of it in this really goes back to You know i mentioned earlier. It'd be great to get everyone out to the local elections. And sometimes we forget about those because we are extremely busy. And i think our election you know. We have very specifically created a system of elections in which it's not easy to vote right so it's very easy for very busy people especially people who work before nine o'clock in the morning and after five o'clock at night you get to the polls but really to the extent that we can't and to the extent that we can support people who don't have the same capacity as we do to engage Because they have so many more burdens Then it's really important that we look to these who are we elected at the local level at the state level because they have an enormous amount of power over what our elections look late. So you know. I think to the extent that we can be aware of all the places that voter suppression and voter intimidation is happening and doing what we can to protect our voters and protector democracy. Let's get brought in creative about what we're doing so that y- means lawsuits But you know all these amazing plaintiffs that were representing the familia voter arizona coalition for change lucia the league of conservation voter voters on just by a z. They're doing an enormous amount of work on this lawsuit but they're working on a number of different fronts to educate folks to to get out the vote to make sure people understand what's happening to protect their rights and they're working on Frankly they're spread really thin right so the most the more we can do to support and this is just in arizona right as Across the country that are creating networks and coalitions the more that we can do to support their efforts. You know the it's really important to look for again all these avenues. Look the people who want to suppress. The vote are looking for every possible avenue to do that. Oh sure. And that's why. I asked about if there's something that can be done nationally because you're this as important as it is and it is it will only affect arizona. And they're doing this. I think they're in forty something states right now and they hit every state if they could to try to suppress the. But that's why you know this. This is a herculean effort if you have to go into each individual state and try to stop each of these individual voter suppression laws. They're pushing through because there's tons of them and just realize also that if if this was a thing of during the last election if these laws were in place donald trump would still be in the white house. He would have stolen this election. We've learned in recent weeks. How close he came and given the tools this this would give them the chance to say no. This election was not conducted fairly. And we're going to throw it out and put in our own people and overturned the result. That shouldn't be allowed to happen. But that's the goal of and and i hate to sound so partisan but these are the republicans doing this. The democrats aren't doing this. Well it again. It's very specifically tied to racial army to discrimination on the basis of ethnicity of your race. I mean this is very specifically targeting black latino native short because they're more likely to vote for the democrats. Well i look. I think the reality is. There's a lot of racism in the way that we view our country us who should be allowed to vote and we had never really you know the voting rights act was supposed to route that out and for long did but now that the legs have been cut out from under especially section five of the voting rights. Act we saw hell quickly. Many legislatures moved right back in there. And who specifically they're targeting and why they're targeting these people and there's again they're specifically targeting black and latino voters and this there's there's a long history of this and what's really. I think troubling is not good enough word. Graham is that it's not just that they're they're using long term strategies suppression oppression in conjunction with these laws. Right you see you see the connection between black. And latino people for years have been for example shut out of neighborhoods that might be say close to government building near the reason that lack in latino neighborhoods tend to be a two hour bus ride from the government buildings where they could get to drop off their voter. Ray you can you. We understand that years. Decades centuries of oppression have created situations in which black and latino voters have to work from seven o'clock in the morning to seven o'clock at night and can't get to the polls right that there are more likely to be working on the front line to be more likely to be vulnerable for example in the pandemic so became much more dangerous to vote in person. They're more likely to work on hourly shifts and therefore not have the kind of let you know when i wanna vote. If i had a long life i got there and there was a long line i would just call my boss and my boss would say go vote. That's right you know. Not all bosses are like that. And i'll bosses are like that and for people who are working hourly for hourly wages. That's a risk that many can't take again this. So this is very much tied to socio. Economic oppression that has been targeting targeted specifically black and latino communities for centuries in arizona and elsewhere and then to the suppression laws which are like. Oh these are mutual. That we're we're not mentioning god. It varies is typically tight. You know the people who have the hardest time getting over the burden of these laws place on boating. Thus are black. And latino voters in that is because of systemic oppression rate is. And then you're gonna keep going on until we stop it so there's two fronts that we should act on one is contact your local State representatives you are. You're you have two senators and one congress person but then also talked to them about you know this this kind of stuff that's happening in your state but also talk about the importance of passing the for the people act and the john lewis of voting rights advancement act we need national protections we needed at the state level too but to do it in each individual state where we're going to always be fighting uphill battle unless we tackle it in a major way on a national level so it's got to be a two pronged attack or fifty one pronged attack and i will say i think it is like you said fifty one prong attack but on the same thing. Let's not let the republican representatives off the hook letting you know let's not assume their loss causes and frankly even if they are. We still need to be calling them. They still need to recognize that they have constituents. I mean make a logjam of their office. I mean call them where our date flood them with calls and focus and them know that the one consequences despite their best efforts at suppressing the vote that there are people out here care about the health of the democracy and who do see that they are undermining our democracy taking away the right to vote and that there are people who won't stand for and that it is not too late for them to take a different tact right that reverend different they might feel about the policy is it is appalling. That forty nine a are senators. Just don't think that voting rights is something that should exist. Who don't think that we should address ongoing voter suppression especially on the basis of race calling out on that well. I'm represented by a republican. I'm not gonna bother to call them go. You need to call them to to keep calling that. Without a doubt courtney hostetler thank you so much thanks for it for taking on this work And and for filling us in on what's happening again. People can find more information by visiting free speech for people dot org you can follow them on twitter at f f p And and just pay attention and be involved and speak up because we are the last defense. We've we've gotta we've gotta fix this or we lose it all Thanks so much wortley. Courtiers thank you. I appreciate it all right. You take care of courtney hoffstetter from free speech for people. They're doing great work Glad they're on the case but it's not enough. It's not nearly enough all right while we were speaking with courtney. The house has been working so let me give you an update on what's happened now. Heather k goal at politico. I'm reading from her twitter. Feed and almost an hour ago. She wrote news. Pelosi has made an offer to representative got heimer and he is socializing it with his group. And then i'm going to read you. The thread next up part of this potential deal where told would be a deeming motion meaning. The budget resolution would be deemed past when the rule is passed. So i they were gonna vote on the role then on the actual thing. I guess she's saying it would be deemed past. When the rule is passed to recap potential deal would one deem and pass budget resolution when role passes as soon as tonight to firm commitment to pass infrastructure bill by october first. Three idea to also have reconciliation ready for vote by then to likely be pre negotiating with the senate and And then a little while later. She wrote caution here though. No agreement yet. We're told still working this out. Hope is to have something for this caucus meeting at five thirty okay. So that's five thirty now. I'm looking at ryan grim grimm's I'm reading everybody's comments on what's going on ryan grim of course of the intercept. He writes regarding her second point. The october first deadline would be a big win for god heimer but no deal yet right and then a little later. That was six minutes ago. And then he just ryan grim just a minute ago. Wrote this bullet number two nats. The firm commitment pass by octopi to pass the infrastructure bill by october first. This bullet number two would hand mansion and cinema a ton of leverage and threatened. The big package pelosi did not end up mentioning it to the caucus so may have been wishful thinking from god. Heimer floor vote soon. So they had the The caucus meeting and then i'm guessing. Let me I'm going to pull up c-span again and See what's happening there. Now if they are voting see what is happening. Rules committee okay. That's the rules. House takes up three point five. Oh it started at five. Oh one how house returns the legislative session to consider the three point. Five trillion dollar budget resolution members will also take up the john lewis voting rights act. But that's not what this is. All right This is the house session and this is a. This is a for some reason. The video that's showing is Looks like a pentagon briefing. So i don't know well they'll be in session tonight. the vote. I'm sure hasn't even happened yet. But as it does i will pay attention to it and we'll bring you all that information tomorrow tomorrow. Of course being two day and laffy wasn't here last week she will be here tomorrow. So we've got that The one other thing. I wanted to talk about before we run out of time. Is this big concert. That was supposed to be saturday night in new york city in central park. I watched it. I watched well. It was like the first half of it and then put the you know they had the new york philharmonic which was kind of cool and they had know they had a bunch of acts on the the the old school rappers. That was school stuff. But the stuff i wanted to see. What's coming near the end. It was bruce springsteen patti smith together doing because the night come on paul stein and they all well. It started Lightning during Barry manilow sat. Whoops so was lightning during that barry mallows debt. Sto they couldn't They couldn't perform in fact. Here's what happened so barry. Manilow is doing a medley of his hits. And you got you got to be in the right frame of mind for barry. Manilow can without you care to you. Know his getting ready to deal. I i write the songs all of those songs but then this happened. Hold on with them all right here. On thunder. own. Small elvis costello i missed elvis costello to man up by all means and then they shut it down and everybody had to leave and and it ended. They talked about coming back at ten o'clock and it was still raining. So we didn't see elvis costello. We didn't see paul simon. We didn't see patti smith and bruce springsteen together we didn't see any of it i guess they always one and on that note. I oh you want to all right. We're done for the day and by the now it's just now that it's just us barry. Manilow is not available for any of his female friends. He has a husband okay. One of these days. I'll tell you my barry mail story. Because i got to meet him when i worked with mark and brian. And he was the nicest man you can imagine who had no problem laughing at himself like self deprecating humor. He was down with it. Just so coolness was twenty years ago so all right we are done i. I'm not gonna play the news today because believe it or not. I need to come up with a new intro for what's news seriously. We're in overtime now. I guess i can tell you. So what happened. Was i told you. I got a call. Another copyright violation. I get them you know i get. I get content matches all the time. But i got another copyright strike and they took down my streaming for a couple of days and then gave it back to me for whatever reason but they never identified what the offending content was. And you. I got ten years of shows archived on youtube. I think i have to take them all down. Because i. This strike came from the ria. The recording industry association of america. And i emailed them. And i said you know you gave me a copyright strike. You took down a video but you never told me what the offending content was and while they wrote back to me today and it said during a coal. Thank you for your message. The video contained a sound recording owned by an ria a member company and has not been authorized for use on this platform specifically the beatles a day in the life universal music group and it's universal music group who has given me all of the strikes. I've had so far. So i have that on hundreds hundreds of videos so i'm not quite sure what to do either. I delete them all off. Line or i wait for the day that they totally killed the channel so i got a lot of thinking to do over a few days anyway. I'm not gonna leave you with the news today but you can go to nicole. Sandler dot com click on. What's news and listen right there or subscribe to the podcast and you'll get it for free all right everyone. I'll see you tomorrow laugh. you'll be here. thanks for listening bye.

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