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The paul finebaum show podcast has been brought to you by the capital one sabre card earn four percent cashback on dining and entertainment two percent of grocery stores and one percent on all all other purchases now. When you go out you cash in what's in your wallet terms apply the cried passion than patching tree of of college football leaves here the paul finebaum show our three podcast program is live live and underway and we're glad you're here. It's been a good one so far. More of your calls were guests as we finally start to turn the page on summer looking looking ahead to fall. Let's grab some calls now terry in san jose california military. Hey paul. Thank you for taking my call thank you. I know you've been talking about scheduling and i wanted to bring up something. I'm a u._w. Graduate university washington and starting next year for the next eight years. There's movie playing michigan home and away ohio state home and away and michigan state home and away cancer. We could lose all those games or some about those games. It doesn't make any difference in seattle. We wanna see these big big time programs come to come to you and whether we lose or whether we win when important to see big time programs now i'm looking at alabama scheduled this year and they have new mexico state southern miss and and western carolina jesus you know alabama we have better scrimmage with the three and four dukes then those kind on the schools. I'm surprised that the the alabama fans don't demand bigger programs coming into their stadium or is it winning the national championship. Yeah i think we i think we lost call but let me let me say <hes> this <hes> i i do think the schedule schedule is is is embarrassing. <hes> primarily because of the non conference game alabama has played some great games in in that opening spot issue number three a couple of years ago wisconsin virginia in your tech clemson michigan southern cal this year they they ended up with a clunker. There's no way to sell that game. It's terrible opening game after that alabama doesn't need to apologize apologized. They play an s._e._c. schedule they have l._s._u. On on the schedule this year <hes> they they have other important games both home and away. It's it's really the first game that is deluded the alabama schedule but it's going to get better <hes> there's a there's a home at home with wisconsin with texas and alabama doesn't need to really apologize about its future schedule. Squirrel is up next needs not to apologize about anything. No apologies here and thank thank you for taking my call and i didn't call to talk about this but you got a gentleman earlier efforts the <hes> hurricane camille and the anniversary and i didn't realize it. Was this wig realize. I'm fifty years but <hes> i live out. Dolphin island bought they. I was about ten years old and that happens. I have memories of camille but we didn't get the damage in in that part of uh of alabama that mississippi but ironically that hurricane cut an island a barrier island in half the are you aware now i did not realize is <hes> that's amazing are there. There's a worn island. You've got ship island. You've got cat island. You've got some barrier islands off because mississippi and about ten miles off shore and that hurricane and literally divided an island in half. There's a cut ship island in half the now there there was a east and west ship and ironically the corps of engineers join in those two islands together this year. They're actually still working on it. They've <hes> they dredged it up and joined the two islands together and that was a gap of a couple of miles just wanting a little small yeah that's amazing. I'm actually been out there the past two weeks <hes> on two different nights. That's a great floundering spot. I don't have you ever done that. Floundering yeah i had the i used to go fishing early on <hes> been deep sea fishing. I've never been floundering. I my now my career. It's given floundering for a long time. It's a whole different aspect of fishing. When you go at night you go with a life and it lights up. You're in about a foot and half the water and literally really these things are just laying there and use walk up and stabbed him with a spear. It's crazy. It's crazy <hes> you. Anybody can do that so you need to give him shots with that but i know the reason i called is actually competent one of your regular caller <hes> and that would be your number one leg comfort champion tuscaloosa believe it or not <hes> <hes>. I don't know if it was that he's maybe growing as a person or maybe the changes medication but regardless. I thought he showed a lot of restraint would net yesterday yeah i do too. I think jim is a sensitive human being and i think he he sees a severely challenged in troubled individuals so <hes> he went in easy well again that that kids not at the gym fleet and jim didn't want to have lower self that level so how can you have enough without ration- for that guy other net and <hes> you know he brings up you know his place in your book that when you wrote a few years ago he's fifty miles away. Thank you for the the <hes>. Thank you for signing my copy so years ago and i apologize for this but i have. I just now getting around to reading it thirty in amount. You're just now leaving memphis to go to get to page fifty four you. Can you can put a question. What pace needs to be on the listen. <hes> the book is five years old. It's still available. <hes> it doesn't matter anymore whether people by an cashed the checks. I'm i'm a reader history paul. I mean i'll probably we read thirty bucks since i got that from you but but i'm reading mostly historical things and things of that nature but i'm getting around to this one i'm going to. I'm not sure i ever read the book. Well you need to try okay. Thanks for taking my call. Thank you yeah once about <hes> about people that write books once they're done. You're you're. You're under the next project by all means. Candy is in west virginia. Hello kenny hey paul. How are you doing. We're doing great candy. Welcome to the show got. <hes> had a couple of small suggestions for the show but i did want to respond to andy from chicago. I just think it's kind of ironic think that somebody that lives in the murder. Capital of the country can call out of town. He's never been to and caller. I hate town. I thought that it was kind of odd <hes> well. You know people from chicago shoot people from chicago because they had to live with people people from chicago pretty much but <hes> i i had to two small things there after listening to your show their last week <hes> you you know with all the all the clemson people <hes> first thing i thought we would do is change the the the network to the south carolina educational channel but <hes> <hes>. I thought i was having a medical emergency. They're like thursday or friday. I was uh always have your show one. I don't always watch it but i listen to it. While i'm doing other the things that i had <hes> i had to show one of my kitchen cutting up you know some kids of chicken and stuff and i was listening to a call and after aretha man i really didn't get none of that and then another call came on and it got worse. I was picking up every third word. I thought i'm having a aneurysm or many stroke or something and then i go in and i sat down i i thought i needed to take a break and i started to watch watching this show and the next caller coming in. I didn't understand any of that either and then i realize i'm i'm perfectly fine. They were all clemson callers the thing i was trying to remember what day that was but <hes> i realized well i non one i. I didn't have to call the third one. I thought i'm fine you know so so so i came up with lasantha and i thought it's hard for people to get along if they just don't understand stay in each other and this is going to be kind of like the clapper you know after say if you know it's like you know when the clapper came out man what now think of that you know so simple but you know what i think you need. Is we have to have subtitles you know for you know certain certain callers so that we can understand each other and a- and i think you can work in both ways and so we can understand them but also you know we can. Have you know that can go two ways so if you say something mm for example like <hes>. I agree with what you just said. They'll here all right or if you say i would prefer to call my show anymore anymore. They'll here going out of hill so i think that that might help us because if you can't understand each other you definitely can't get along aw. I wonder if there's i wonder if there is a book <hes> decoding clemson ease. I bet there is but i bet pop-up gotta have pictures and also after today i you know after i heard that other boy call in about ned you know now now. I know what net stands for its needs educational diploma a up. I thought there was something air but you know he's. He's a ninth grader. So now now i totally i understand he just wanted to follow in star the pot a little bit and rattle the cage and <hes> you know that that definitely worked kenny always a pleasure is your thank you matt in north carolina. Hella matt hey paul. Thanks for taking my call buddy. Hey listen man. I'm glad football season back and and i can tell when football season's back that you can't get into your show but that's all good man. Hey did you get to see jarret stidham this weekend. Play for the patriots at all. I <music>. I watched a number of games. I missed that game. How did he look fall. He looks he looks amazing man. I'm telling you right now that kid while they're the best five he could have wound up in <hes> you know he's with bill check who basically wanted best debate stojan n._f._l. Without without a doubt no doubt but i'm gonna tell you paul aw he was threatening needle. He was throwing ball. God with dropping balls. He was putting right in your hand. I mean bomb long pat and i didn't know he could throw the ball that will i mean you know. It always seemed like when he was with house on it was some kind of gimmick or something going on with them but <hes> you know put him in the pocket. Let him throw and i'm telling you he he he looked really really good. I think <hes> his youtube is really going to be bright and i tell you fall you can go to n._f._l. Network they show those games over and over and over yeah right. I also find it. Yeah you are not recorded or whatever and then for lasting. I wanna say something quickly about. He's playing some fans all right so you win two national championships in three years and then you call paul finebaum show crying about him calling you a vagabond walk walk into debt. I understand okay. I'm gonna do football fan okay. We'll never see a national jammie so these guys need to get over. Overman need to toughen up a little bit <hes> but but again i i have to agree with most of your callers it. It just seems like they're just they can't handle winning man. That's what it seems like to me so <hes> really called in just talk about them but the clemson stuff keeps coming up but i appreciate you let me get on and i love to hear what you have to say about what you thank you as students career is going to be later on when you when you get a chance to see him matt thank you. I'll definitely check that out big fan of jurors so let's take a break morecombe eight five to four two seven two eight five. It's been a busy shows not listening to the paul finebaum show podcast glad you are here more of your calls at eight five five to four two seven two eight five carlos in miami hello carlos. Hey mr feinban. Thank you for taking my phone call here sunday florida but his raining lots of having to go rhino and your name sir thank you <hes> i have a i have a couple of questions for you sir <hes> number one. What's your take about the quarterback you right now and <hes>. How do you see the long haul for u._m. Future and finally who wins the game gators or miami yeah. I think manny diaz is a good coach and he's brought some spirit back to that place. A desperately needed it. <hes> i mean outside outside of a couple of weeks. Democracy era seemed <hes> comatose. I mean he did going briefly but it didn't last and that's the key carlos. Do you need to run. Apparently he ran. Thanks for the call carlos. I see florida winning that game name. <hes> brad is in destin abraham. Welcome to the show hi paul how you doing we're doing well. Thank you very much i was i was just going to give you a quick nick scenario about the about the play offs and about <hes> clemson <hes>. How much margin of era do you think that they have. An example would be what what clemson loses to texas in them. That would be huge. Yeah go go and they run on the type of okay. Where is their quality win coming from. They don't have one okay. The highest ranked team that they will be playing is is like number thirty one or thirty two so <hes> you know it to me. They have very little margin for error and if they were to lose to to say syracuse or someone like that <hes> then to meet. There's a good chance they're they're sitting on the outside looking in they could and what they would. I need <hes> they would need a couple of things they would need south carolina to be really good which is debatable and they would certainly need a formidable double opponent in the championship game. Good luck trying to find that the conference. There's not one no saw i think they would <hes> i mean if you saw a bunch of undefeated or one loss teams. I mean they're going to go to the back of the line. They should yeah. I think <hes> one of your callers earlier. I think made a real good point in our said if <hes> if l._s._u. Only lose one game. Let's say to alabama and then say allah bama georgia face for the s._e._c. championship and if alabama georgia and say l._s._u. or texas a._m. All only have one loss gosh okay. There's three one loss s._e._c. teams. That's mathematically possible okay. I don't see you know what i mean bread. You cannot lose a home game against a team that you are a prohibitive favorite over there. You go and you know it's possible that oklahoma could run the title. Will you know they're in and if ohio state runs the table there in the big ten champion i i mean even with one loss michigan could get in i think as long as they win the big ten because they would have more quality a better yeah no the clinton clemson is does not have any room for error and and by the way <hes> conversely <hes> alabama has a little bit more because they can make it up on the back end but <hes> eh they better not lose the wrong game you you hit the nail on the head and the other thing real quick. I think last week or a couple of weeks ago. I think you at that <hes> you took a little bit of issue with whether or not <hes> dabbagh who's gonna give kelvin bryant a national championship ring right yeah okay. Let me ask today a couple of years ago when <hes> if alabama head won the national championship after lane kiffin had left lane kiffin deserve a national championship ring i think he would have yes okay and <hes> what if it was not telling brand. What if it was a walk on that that quit we at after two or three games yeah listen. I mean that's a that's a fair point th- the kiffin situation he was there through fourteen. Game is a walk around who quit. I probably wouldn't give one to listen to the arguments. In favor of dabo are are very strong. I was simply making the point. They had he done it. As long as his team went along with him i would we would be praising him today for showing class but in that that's an issue that <hes> there are two sides to and and <hes> and ultimately the final arbitary head coach yeah of course i haven't been i haven't been a coach. You know one of the things that you do is you go ahead and lay that out ahead of time. You know if you let everybody know that's in the building <hes> this year when we win the national championship we win the conference <hes> you are not part of the team when the last whistle blows. I'm sorry you don't get ring or a watch or anything like that so <hes> i i. I thank you for the call. I think it's a good debate even though i said what i did i certainly tried to be reasonable <hes> i i. I respect the the opposite view. It's it's it's really a close call and some people ain't things are close call. <hes> jerry is up next in kentucky a hell of jerry hi paul. Thanks for taking college. Thank you not lose up mark suits and kentucky and maybe kind of why he doesn't get as much respect as deserves. I think that's part of that is is you know when he came mindy kentucky. He didn't complain about the players he had. He didn't find about you know what he hasn't ross or he just went to work and i don't think there's a great appreciation ration- even not kentucky people about how bad the program wasn't he came in. I mean joe filtered cream classes for rights in the mid sixties on average previous four. He had maybe eighty five guys refugee calva players you know nil brown said that that was the least amount of division one player he's ever seen on a team including troy. I think you can make the argument that mark stoops inherited the war situation kentucky in terms of the mini coach said maybe john rate when he followed troy bradshaw and to see he what he's done and turn that around for now. You've got eighty thousand that team salary. You guys are s._e._c. Calva players and that's why kentucky's doing what they're doing. It's this depth. You haven't seen anything like what mark sutures doing. This may bear bryant was here and rich brooks is on matt. Jones show a couple of weeks ago and this the best kentucky rostrum years this ship ocean. I certainly have great respect for rich <hes> i i like quote the fact that he's done it methodically and and i think you know we're not about to say jerry he he couldn't have done it without the support of mitch barnhart earnhardt and you like the president there they they. He needed them to stand behind him when it looked like he was close to the end about three or four years ago. Oh yeah i was at that mississippi state gaming. I remember that very well and i think that that's the biggest thing to say right now. Is you know <hes> frankfurt's used to say to kentucky was what like oklahoma the home and brassica with the big blue nation that they would support football at the university never did right and finally right now you can say the university of support and football and all these folks think kentucky's going away just joshua bending snell you know the offensive line's probably better this year than they got eight. Guys complain the defensive line. I mean this. This team could be better than last year's team as a whole team because the authenticity better and jerry let me let me say this about the fans there <hes> i really appreciate it. I mean i remember sitting under last year talking to calipari in front of about ten thousand kentucky fans at our show on that saturday morning before the georgia game i mean it was just one of the most most amazing scenes that i've witnessed <hes> in a long time because you just didn't expect ever to look out on a kentucky crowd. How many people without much excitement we will take a break more to come in the final ninety minutes of this tuesday afternoon. You're listening to the paul. Finebaum show podcast. Welcome back go. Let's continue with more calls. Zach is in kentucky zach. Thank you get after him. Hey how you doing great. Thank you very much. Hey it happens cellphones jim in ann arbor jim go right ahead how you doing paul. Thank you jim good afternoon. Hey i just wanna. I kinda listening to this conversation. When ed i feel like you guys are maybe pollen on and maybe not really understanding his point. What is his point well. I think he's putting in maybe ninth grade language with the rest of us adults kind of know and since that is the rest of the pack is essentially eventually caught up with say that i mean he is a great coach. He's won a lot but you know jim. How has the rest of the pack caught up with saving well. <hes> easily davos beat him twice. Kirby should have beat him twice. Should have i mean shoo. Shoo hefner freeze beat him twice the reality. Is you know georgia. I mean alabama is a great program but i think i think what ninth grade lead was. Trying to say is that kind of the moment in the sun is receding and the rest of the feel. I really think alabama tastes a huge setback this year. I think georgia wins the s._e._c. outright. I think they end up playing michigan and the championship so i yeah jim. If if what you say turns out to be true then i would agree. I mean there are signs. I i can't tell you that having watched this over the years and studied history and seen history. We live that <hes>. There are a few cracks would make you wonder but losing one game is not going to end it. <hes> it's going to take more than that and and right now all all nick sabin has done is suffered a very bad loss in the national championship well of course i agree with that but i think we are beginning to see kind of the if you equated the golf terms. He's probably like whole seventeen in my opinion. Just one quick thing about med. I mean as has an outside or listening to ned is basically like listening to jim from tuscaloosa like the same caller so you you essentially have a ninth grader who's uneducated located and then you have an adult who's uneducated who just shouts the whole time there in my opinion is the same person so i don't know what why jim calls him and missile and a fool. You can't even understand the guy when he calls in. You have to like rewinding. Slow it down so i think everybody needs to pump the brakes on that. He's he's saying saying what a ninth grader in ninth grade language but we all probably know to be true well jim. I didn't understand until a few minutes ago that he was a ninth grader. I do understand dan or comprehend. I should say better what he's saying but <hes> back to your saving point <hes> the key is one of the things i'm watching this year is his coaching staff and a lot of praises already been handed out but that that's where the slippage came last year and the year before and if he can shore that up then then i think that would counter your argument but i do appreciate the call <hes> certainly it's always always fascinating to hear people from ann arbor which is one a one and a half national championships at michigan in about seventy years right off a guy who's won. Five of the last ten ralph is is in tennessee ralph. Go right ahead. I go house man. They <hes> <hes>. I just got a message for chicago. A you know we're we're. We're here mo. Actually we're not are you. Are you there <hes> okay. We'll see we'll get you back <hes> well. I hate to make a return call but when i hear the stupidest jim and it's not me like the speed stupid remarks i've ever heard and he calls me. Child like the knights greater ned right. I mean ball's gonna. Why don't you defend me. I made it. I mean i defend you. Jim i tell you i think you really needed defending their because <hes> the guy defending. I think you heard the end. I thought it was better just to shoot his argument down in one shot versus what you say. What did you say to shoot him down. Well i mean i it. His argument is infallible. When you consider michigan. His team has won one and a half national championships in seven years saving his one five in the last ten. Oh he's a bama hater. He knows i'm from baba. He knows i've been a bama fan and grew up playing anyway so that's and he he's a hater and most essentially essentially he's delusional idiot related is louie. Certainly he's an idiot for what he said quite meet or ninth grade are you moron and he's a he's just delusional about his state theory or alabama thing that can happen is this when alabama shows they've lost there. He can talk this. They've been talking this crap seven eight years every year. Especially after saving loses he comes back and wins another one and they can't talk doc back down. That's what the idiots trying to do expected to happen again this year i i don't. I don't know what i'm telling you you know. The the facts are not there for what they're saying that the fact you up then they can talk. These are just typical buffoon nitrate type pacers paul. I've been through this all my life. You know that go to <hes>. How do you overcome people like that jim. I try to just ignore them or do what i'm doing. Basha l l i know to do i mean it makes me so that really makes me angry that are more like that comes out and talks like he knows what he's talking about and i feel i. That's why i'm calling. I promise you i told you i'm a reactor. I call to try to get some sense back into people with a fool. Ooh kim comes on the air. I promise you that's what i do. I sincerely mean that man sure absolutely well. I i uh-huh worked up. I didn't take out get worked up again today but when you let that i'm sorry i just that makes me so angry jim all right yeah. I don't know what jim said are there but <hes> man coaches in new york coach. Go right ahead paul. How are you good to talk to you jack you. I listened to all these people screaming and yelling. We gotta straighten him out in a calm way number one. They told her about alabama schedule schedule for years because what savings done nobody wants play michigan. All of a sudden is going to be good. Nobody wants to a play him so he plays tough opening game and he and he falls into the southeast conference schedule. Now you talk about clemson. We we talked months ago about clips and schedule. When syracuse was your toughest game they play in. They can't play in the southeast conference so that you can throw it out the window the other problem. I sees with this transfer portal thing that started all of this. This was the coaches coaches being able to move before the season ended well. Now you know nobody honors a contract attract anymore. Whether it's a college scholarship or a coaching contract everybody gets up to moves. I mean we're looking at dallas list with zeke elliot. You know what i find was. Yona don't play do signed a contract on your contract paul. You got a contract doc with the network. I see you on it to do it. In admiral admirable thing it's just gotten out of hand that people want want to come and go and do they please without any responsibility or consequences great call. Thank you very much from new new york. We'll take a short break or not done yet. No telling what's going to happen the final hour and twenty minutes. You're listening to paul. Finebaum show podcast. Let's continue joe is up next. Hey joe hey joe. Hey paul and joey show up for a long time and <hes> one of my favorite parts. <hes> has always made a lot of sense but it's <hes> gives you less so hey listen <hes>. What do you think about <hes>. There's also last year alabama saving even <hes> using the for this year's preparation. Do you think the <hes> do you think he's <hes>. I dunno trying to tell us what were the injuries stories. You think he should practice to these guys. I mean these guys know what dude easy to do with their effort in that game he's picture. They're all yeah but let me ask you this. <hes> whatever happened last year it it does weigh on their mind but as soon as as soon as the season starts. I don't think anti game is going to matter one bit then becomes a a week to week odyssey and you guard against injuries which have already happened. You guard against <hes> the problems that occurred last year what happened at the end of last year. <hes> a number of things began to weigh on that team. Attrition was probably the most significant defensively and also to was bank was banged up a little bit. I'm not saying he was severely injured but he wasn't since the same player and and what else happened to he started seeing some great defenses like mississippi state auburn was good georgia was really good and clemson was great right right. I agree and i just wonder if <hes> if maybe <hes> safe wants to make sure i mean he always wants to make sure they prepare. Maybe he's more focused. The alabama football like i have and you know every whenever whenever saving saving is one championships he probably shouldn't have won these loss on the i mean when you're in the championship game every year. That's going to be a factor but <hes> there's. There's not a lot you can do about that. Now you can have mike tyson and and in <hes> stephen a smith and and kevin elko and everybody else who knows how to speak come down and talk to your team. All you're trying to do is get them through the summer. Get them ready for the first game which is a terrible game by the way and when alabama be tested <hes> they'll be tested at south carolina. It'll be tested. It's a texas a._m. <hes> <hes> l._s._u. and auburn in the championship game. This is not going to be a fourteen week of of being tested every week. This isn't the n._f._l. All right i agree i just i was just <hes>. I don't know i just want her to see if the you start seeing these injuries early hope you they don't continue. Hopefully you get very concerned. I would agree. It's it's a scary thing to see. Jimmy is in chicago. Hey jimmy hey paula first thing. I wanted to say that list of top. Ten college towns the first one i've ever seen by any publication that didn't have chapel hill in the top ten. I was kind of a surprise there because they have charlottesville in there and they're always kind of grouped with a chapel hill but i'm guessing maybe the football part yeah yeah i i. I don't remember something about lists and i do not know how this list came together but their subjective charlottesville charlottesville college station knoxville oxford boulder columbia ann arbor austin athens and madison i mean there are two or three in there that <hes> <hes> they're really floored me. I bet floor jew as well yeah yeah. It was kinda surprising but in reference to <hes> <hes> the caller about about fifteen minutes ago he was talking about you know what kind of margin would clinton add if they lost to texas a. and m. where they wouldn't have any margin for error. Are you know as as a matter of fact what kind of interesting about their schedule is an goes to clemson in the second game of the season and then the very read next week. Clinton goes to syracuse for road game and i really think anybody's going to be clemson son playing them early. Is maybe your best opportunity because they're having to replace their whole defensive line then they've got some other key team players you know that aren't back a course like eddie n and and renfro and guys like that and even though you're going to be <hes> replacing them with very talented alad players they're not experienced yet and even the <hes> the very best athletes can take them up to half the season into you know just figure out physically and mentally what it's like to play at this level before they get you know so they they could be vulnerable there but if they i lost a and you know hey they can't lose any other dame's i'd call last week and mention that hey they lost that game <hes> the first game after kelly brian when it quit and trevor lawrence started against syracuse when <hes> lawrence got that concussion and they converted that four th and ten in the last minute and a half to win the a game. They lost that game. You gotta wonder where they would've been at. Because where would there big victories have been over oklahoma yeah how so that would have been a question if they would have gotten it last year. So that's one of the weaknesses of playing in a week conferences that you can't lose you know i mean in order order to eliminate all doubt you know so it's gonna be you know really interesting you know as far as that goes and then you know as far as alabama goes. I mean <hes> loosen players before tap. Even in has become almost a routine occurrence. I mean two years ago. <hes> it wasn't quite that soon soon but they lost terrell lewis and kristen miller there to pass rushers in the first half of the opener against florida state lost for of the year although lewis did come back you know to the playoffs and then you know last year they lost a louis again and <hes> <hes> chris allen before the season even began so it's just one of those situations you have to deal with football's a collision sport and people always say well elevator should win. They always get all these four five star guys with the reason you got to recruit as many of those guys that you can cause stuff like this is gonna happen. You gotta have dad yeah no. You're you're absolutely right and and i don't mean this the wrong way. 'cause i hate to see it. Watch it over the weekend but everyone deals with it. Alabama obama is better equipped to deal with it than anyone but it still hurts right ahead and somebody like georgia the way they've recruited the way clinton senate recruited. They has a better chance of overcoming it whereas somebody like florida who've lost one of their top defensive backs last week that really hurts it's fan because they don't have their recruiting to where you know you know so i it's just a big factor and it's you know it's just the way it is in the sport award you know and again with you know the playoff system the different conferences ginny. Thanks for the call hate to run. We're at the end of the third hour.

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