20 Questions for the 2018-19 NBA Season | The Mismatch (Ep. 320)


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I think it works for us. Don't you? Chris? It does because now all of your fans can tweet me. Yeah, you're right. It is a man. Kevin, so smart and Kevin. So nuanced and Kevin thoughtful, then you your brain dead ogres. But then you have the people that dock me for having nuance. Sad. You don't. Mismatch disagree on things. It's Antic it's perfect. Hey, we are friends and it's just hopefully like your friends arguing about stuff. That's what it really is. Yep. Seventy third season of the NBA this year for the two thousand eighteen nineteen season and the season is upon us a with the season being upon us. We are going to answer twenty questions about the upcoming NBA season and we will get right into them. Are you ready? Kevin? I'm ready for twenty questions. It's a great game. All right. Number one, the NBA finals will feature who the warriors and Celtics. All right. I actually agree with you. I think it will be really going on a limb here. We are boys right off the bat, no disagreement so much for mismatch. We'll have to change the name. Okay. We'll know we're getting the number two. If I told you Kevin, I've looked into the future and for certain one of those two teams. Is not going to be in the NBA finals. I'm guaranteeing you that one of those teams is not going to be in the NBA finals. So now you get a third team to choose from that you think could be in the NBA finals. If it is not one of those two Allah go with the raptors hair and here's why Chris, I think when you look at that potential Celtics raptors Eastern Conference finals, matchup if that's what it is, it means quiet. Leonard is as good as he wasn't twenty sixteen seventeen or even better. It means that Toronto's younger role players like Fred van bleed and OG and OBI got better, and it means Boston state healthy because they already have pretty loaded roster as last year. And I think Toronto with Colli Leonard it with a little bit of improvement could knock Boston off in the east end you could foresee a situation where it's like maybe Pacers or a bucks, or I'm saying somebody early in the playoffs right? There are enough strong teams may be in the semi's that somebody knocks them off. Possibly. I could see you with the raptors. I mean, you take that team and you're adding quite Leonard to. It were obviously, you know, thinking about health, I'll give you one in the Western Conference. I really liked that Utah team man, and they got hotter than hill in the second half of the season. And again, it's very strongly believe that the two teams that are going to be there are going to be that they should be prohibitive favorites. I also like your Toronto pick if I've got to go with somebody in the west, like out of nowhere. You know something happens. The warriors have gotten pretty good health and their depth is by virtue of extended winning. Your depth continues to get hurt right year after year and that Utah team, I think, throws a wrench if they could keep Rubio healthy if they could keep go bare healthy and obviously they've got Joe Ingles. They've got joing of Crowder was really good for them last year. He was a now. You get a full season with him. I just liked the teams that throw the. They've been great in the preseason. You know, they won every game of the preseason that I know that doesn't mean anything, but they've looked good in the preseason. And the other thing is they've got guys on that. I think Grayson Allen can actually play for them this year and you get hopefully a season of XM along with them. I don't know, man, I really liked that team and I think that they throw something different on the table than everybody else does, and they were banged up by the time they got to the playoffs last year. I mean, they didn't have the point guard and then they lost XM right after that for God's sakes. I dunno, I like that Utah team though. I think he ties a good pick as well. And honestly, I mean, Houston has been talked about a lot this preseason as a team that could be worse in terms of the wins column. And that's certainly possible. I mean after losing Trevor Aretha Luke by Mugabe, but the one thing I think keep in mind with Houston is a, as you know, you've seen him in Memphis, James NS as a pretty good player, and then Gary Clark on two contracts, maybe by the end of the season, his shot looks significantly better than it did it in his four years at Cincinnati, and he's already ferocious defender. And I think if you're talking about under the bright lights of the playoffs, you might miss Trevor. Reason by moutain. But then again, a reason was Mr. ofr, twelve and game seven and by Moody's shoulder has literally fallen off. So maybe you're better off with NSF Clark when it comes to play off time in may and possibly June? No, I'm an end this fan. Obviously, you know, like you said, I had him in Memphis it, but I mean, every coach gives up on him. You know what I mean? And this is solid, but I will tell you that like he's been a lot of different places. Yeah, and moves on to different places. Nobody's going onto him for whatever reason and so know that Houston themes going to be really good too. Yeah, I'm just saying if there's somebody outside of the pocket, the people are not talking about as a possible finals contender, but we both agree that the two teams that are prohibitive favorites should be prohibitive favorite. We also did not mention LeBron James, by the way, who's in the frigate finals every year for the last decade. I know he's in the west now, but he has been in the finals and he has more often than not. We look up at. The end. Like, why am I betting against LeBron James? So it'd be interesting to see how far he could get his team. Number three, the team that will surprise people. I had a hard time with this one. Could you got. The team that I think will surprise people is don't say Memphis. What? How dare you, how dare you think that I was going to be a Homer. All right. I will tell you the teams that I considered. Okay. I'm not gonna say Memphis because you would just laugh me off the face of your foot k. so I considered Cleveland, right? Because you are now without LeBron James. And so I think they're kind of an afterthought now. Right? So if they did well, this season, I think it would be surprising to people. Would you agree with that? Sure. Okay. I consider Charlotte. You've got a little change of pace again, total after thought team. I considered Orlando because everybody thinks they're going to be absolutely horrible. And they probably will be, but they've got some players. I really like, and I know there without a point guard, but like I saw them in the preseason and the rest of their team. I mean, they got some guys that are coming into their own, and I didn't. Even get to see Bomba in the game. I thought about Dallas riccar Lyle. I've seen the guy win games with his back core being Yogi, Ferrell, and Seth curry. So now he's got, we'll see of Smith and Luca compla- together, but he's got the Andre there. I mean, they got some solid guys. I know at the beginning of the season they're going to be without Dirk, and it sounds like barn to still banged up. I consider the clippers, Isaac, you love that. Don't you love it? Absolutely love it. I know you loved that. They look very good in the preseason. They were undefeated in the preseason rich Pat by the way, preseason. Let's not read too much into it, but it's a good sign for them. If they're healthy, they could be cheating. They were just riddled with injury last year, people forget. Yeah. Well, they have a lot of guys that do get injured. This is true. Gallinari and Avery Bradley is not a great trifecta to lean on right now, but those are good players if they can stay on the court. Yeah, but I will after all send, I will tell you those are the ones that I considered as teams that could surprise people this year. I think I'm going with Cleveland. Ooh, don't you think Cleveland is? You know, I love Colin Sexton. I love him. You got a bunch of veteran guys on that team in that Cleveland team, and I also think that you could get a monster, Kevin love season. Kevin. Love is what he's one of the ten best for sure. Right in the east shore. Yeah, something like that. Would you take him over Simmons? No. You wouldn't. I'm saying for this season just for this season, maybe not might shoot with the wrong hand, but he does pretty much everything else better than him of several rebound or shoot. I've hands, you can't shoot. Well when you shoot the wrong hand, Kevin love is an outstanding shoot. And Kevin love is also probably going to put up Minnesota Kevin love level production this year because they're gonna use him more as feature offense of player, but Simmons is a better defender of more versatile Fender transcend playmaker. Okay. We'll I'm saying that we're not gonna that because obviously you got Janas you've got a y, you've got the kids in Philadelphia. Caroline or Kevin love, who would you rather have? Probably this year's version of Kevin love, but Kyle Lowry is a better defensive player. Yeah. I mean, I don't. I don't know. It's really a tossup between some of those. I think the e stinks. They got, no George hill got the two kids from LA they got. I know everybody hates them now, but Clarkson and Nance or like, you know, they could play in your rotation and you still got the veterans and JR and Kyle Korver and you got tristen. I know you like Jaydee. I'm the president of the jetty awesome fan club the original, but I don't think I am anymore because he has a huge following. Now it's quite remarkable, see how that's develops. I think everybody thinks they're going to suck and I don't think they're gonna suck and that they could actually win games without LeBron James. So I'll go Cleveland. What about you? My answer is a little. I think I've you'd the question a little bit differently when when you Email that earlier for biggest surprise more so than like the winds loss column, I think Orlando is going to be interesting. They're not gonna win. Games, they're gonna stink, but with their length with Bomba, Aaron, Gordon, Jonathan Isaac. I think there will be an interesting team to monitor and they might surprise some people with their youth. How interesting they are. I don't think they're going to be an is sorta watch. Right? Like some of those matter teams in the past have been like on watchable. I think this year could be interesting. A put a guard. You're so bad if they had some guards go with that big. I mean, it's like Augustine, Jerry and grant. I mean, it's don't Trump. Yeah, that's. I mean, that's gonna keep them for me a good by the way. Love the coach. I'm Clifford fan. I think he's really good, but it ain't gonna win a lot. They're not back off them because of the guard to be clear. They're not gonna win a lot of games. No, you can't you. You can't win without gore kinda went through some of the other ones anyway. So I want wanna repeat. Okay. The team that will disappoint people this year that thinks is going to be good, but it's going to disappoint people, but I will tell you, I debated to Portland, and by the way moment of honesty thought to purge everybody in that Portland organization for shores is very, very tough time hearing the passing of Paul Allen, and that is the leader of their organization. He was obviously a titan in the technology world, but he's been a very significant sports owner for a long time in multiple sports. He lived a fascinating life. That's really did. He reached in so many different areas, football, basketball, sports, obviously, technique. But also music too. Yep. So I consider Portland and that is because you can walk around to people in. If I asked the question, I say, who is Portland's third best player? I guess people say they're kitsch, right. I mean, you have a difficult time deciding who their third best player is, and there's some guys they lost in the off season that I thought really helped them last year. One of which was Sabbah's Napier who impressed me every time I saw him because I thought he was. I mean, I just given up on him and he was good for them. He was certainly solid when he came in the game for them, and Davis is the other one, and I'm a fan of Ed Davis. And I think at Davis helped them played a lot of minutes for them last year effectively. So they were one of them. And then the other one, which is the one I'm going with is New Orleans who most people have New Orleans as a playoff team. This year wouldn't. You agree? Seems like a lot of people have been in the playoffs. Okay. Most people have them in the playoffs. Well, if I am to believe all that I read last year about the significance that Rondo head for that team, and I believe that to be true. I believe that Rondo head a major impact on them last year. You know, you read all those articles about him. Calling defensive plays from the sideline, and obviously he played well for them last year and could keep the ball moving, and it worked out better than I thought it was. Their perimeter guys are not good enough Kevin, you got drew and then what me it's like each one more and he taught Moore's on a bad player, Ian Clark. I'm just saying throughout the regular season, you've lost perimeter guy in Rondo who was significant for year. Rondo is really good last year for them really important, especially on, you know, playmaking but also communication the defensive end and you and I both agree on this front, right? That holiday and Davis have not been the beacons of health over the course of their careers, Davidson, healthier in recent. Here's though he's played ads for over seventy games. Each of the last two seasons that's for sure, but I'm not in love with any player on their team past drew and Anthony, and maybe that's enough. Maybe it's enough. I take that back. I love Randall. I just don't know if it's a great fit there for him, but I do. I'm a big Julius Randle fan. I dunno. I look at the pelicans and if I am to believe that Rondo head a major significant impact on them last year than I think his loss could have an impact on them. The other way, Nicola mirror teaches a guy that can't be overlooked either. He was really good for the pelicans after being acquired midseason from the bulls, and now you're going to get a full year of him, spacing the floor next to Davis, or you can play bully ball. Julius Randle. I think that flexibility in the front court is going to be really interesting to watch over the course of the season. I like them. I like how they can play different styles might not work out for the reasons stated Chris, but I like the fact that they can take on different shapes depending on the opponent or may. Force the opponent, the play, the way that they want them to play because Anthony Davis is a top three player in the NBA and you have Randall in miratec who can be swapped. I wish the perimeter guys were better. I mean, obviously, listen, they're building around Davis over the course of the years of his career has been downright malpractice and and now we hired the guys from clutch and so it ain't looking all that good. All right. Who's your disappointing team? If I got the pelicans, who do you got the Philadelphia seventy Sixers. Is this because of the way Marco full Tate cheese fries at summer league? No, I was thinking about this. The other Dell I would have done that. People would have never let me live it down so, but it has nothing to do with Marco Foltz cheese fry eating nothing it has to do get Markle's starting at acidy fact, that's floor. Spacing will be an issue for this team and granted Radic Suissa start second half. I don't know how long it's gonna last. It might only last till the end of the month for that matter. However, I am for them last season. They had that big win streak finish the year that pulled them from like the seven seed up to the top of the Eastern Conference. And that was against a lot of non playoff teams. And granted Philadelphia made their run and Joel Embiid should be projected to be better. Ben Simmons should be better. And the team is still really strong. Not saying they'll be bad by any means. All I'm saying is that maybe they're not three say maybe they're the four, maybe Indiana bumps them off maybe. All the projecting forward it's not achieved yet for that team. 'cause they're still so young. They were head of schedule last year. I think it's more about the hype that's around them right now than anything else. Chris. Well, I will say that if you pay attention any of those, like the stat guys, what they will tell you was post acquiring Belen, Elliott, Elliott Sova. Those guys were immense for them, but their lineups that included those guys, they really were. These were massive positive impact guys for that team and they don't have them anymore and they replace them really. We'll see. I think they certainly could move scholars not bad necessarily. Landry Shamet I think he's very, very underrated and a sham. And I think he looks really, really good in summer league. And yeah, just summer league bub-bubba blah. But you know, he's twenty one years old, two full seasons, which state it's really smart high q. player. He's the type of rookie. That even though he's a late first round, pick, you can project him to heaven understanding of the game and fit in early on, I think has shooting could be helpful at roster and he's not. It's hard to be worse than Belen Elian the defensive end of the floor. I don't think he will be any worse than him. There. I tell you this shame it. I was a huge fan of his in college. You remember that ringer story that I wrote about the nine guys that won't fail. Yeah, he was moving down the charts on these mock drafts, and so I really considered him and I two guys talked me out of him saying, be careful because the kid gets hurt a lot. 'cause I guess he'd missed his freshman year, right? He would have been on the vanfleet clanton e early at. He had had a couple like real injuries in college. He did and had a tough time staying on the court. And so they were saying, like, if you wanna look up in a couple of years, like it's just a risk. That's all. He just played four years at which state and he missed a lot of time, Chris. And so I was like from the ringers twenty eighteen draft guide. The I minus on their quote, underwent surge. Gery to repair a stress fracture in the fifth metatarsal on his left foot in November twenty fifteen. And then again on his right foot in July twenty. Seventeen. That's a lot of surgery on your feet before you're even in the NBA. Yeah. All right. So the seventy Sixers that will not be popular around your offices. Once people here, they're super hyped around these parts. I feel like the ringer is higher Sixers, Sixers fans themselves are, but we have a lot of Philadelphia, fancier. So there's still there's the feeling themselves over that eagles Super Bowl, right? So everything's going their way. All right. Number five, the coach that should worry the most about getting fired. Usually this is termed I coach fired, but we'll just term it that coach that should be worried the most that he needs to get off to a good start, isn't it? Onto the default answer. We're throwing him out. Oh, it's gotta be gotta, throw him out because. I am five. Fred Hoiberg may be the bulls cause they spent a ton of money, right? Yeah. And you know, with a young team, you wanna see some developments and progress, maybe they sputter early and they take an opportunity to pull the plug, but I still like Hoiberg do they were ton of money as LeVine. They threw a ton of money at Jabari. Yeah. So I mean, there spent a lot of money this time around, right? It's not a cheap roster. Oh, they probably think they should win. Some games. May be tough while tell you what I'm intrigued by the market in Carter front court, I really have for sure marketing. Once he's back from his injury, they could be interesting window Carter's guy's gonna contribute as a rookie and then they've got what forty something million tied up into Levin and Parker. I don't know how it works together. Jabbar is going to be a four, right? I mean, that's I mean, it's not about the seasons about development for the Chicago Bulls. Well, tell Fred Hoiberg that you know, piggybacking on, if if I'm right about the team that's going to be disappointing, then it's Alvin gentry sticking to your other then. Well, no, I'm just saying he's been on the hook before you to make people lose their minds. Yeah. Who are you gonna say Brad Stevens or something like that does not. Luke Walton. I mean, that's. LeBron gets it gets every guy. Yeah, ousted. Yeah, unbelievable. Tried to get spoiled trout too. I know Spoelstra is literally the only one that has made it local, make it through the season. Yeah, good coach, I think lukewarm deserves an opportunity with this young roster and I think LeBron James is going to give it to him. He's playing fast and preseason, and I'm very excited to see how long it sustains over the course of the regular season. I'd agree with you completely. I think Luke can do it. He's a good coach, really good coach and Portland is the other one that I'd mention. That's a good one. Yeah, right. I mean, tears dot said that job forever. Right? And they don't get out of the first round. And when Simmons did his deal with house over under podcast, he was talking about Damian Lillard being a Laker land. It sounded like he knew something. It sounded like he knew something house even called him out on it and even like what was the deal. It was pope and Lonzo LeBron wants to play with Damian. Lillard or one of the guys like the play with and that's chatter around the league. It has been since before LeBron even signed her. The Lakers. One of the many indicators LeBron was heading there. I just don't see even in a theoretical world where it was an offer like that. I don't see Portland dealing within the Western Conference about pope in Lonza. Do you think that's? I don't think. I don't think Portland will do it. I think they would look east whether you agree with that logic or not about dealing within your conference. It's what Lord, a lot of teams executives, owners feel. All right. Number six, the first year head coach, we will be most impressed with we've got James beret go in Charlotte. We Lloyd Peters in Atlanta. We've got Nick nurse in Toronto. We've got eager Kokoschka of in Phoenix which one give. That's my selection. Nicklaus nurse. Around, yes, McMorris you're gonna see trying playing faster, even more ball movement, more three pointers. I think we're gonna see that team a little bit of a step forward. And with these other teams, he's other coaches. They're not really in a position where people are going to necessarily be super impressed by the changes because they're not quite at the same level that Tronto is how about Berea though Charlotte's not ready to make leave, you don't think so. But what if Maliki monks, good this year I love is, you know, I love mine too. I just don't. I mean, sure. I think Baraga could. Absolutely. But I mean, Nick nurse on Toronto. Raptors aren't a position to win these conference. The Charlotte Hornets are not, you know, you're right. No. Well, listen, the Nick nurse thing is going to be a hundred percent about the playoffs. And of course poor Dwayne Casey's like, oh, great. Now LeBron leaves the frigging conference. I mean, that was the bane of his existence. He could just never be LeBron right. Oh, he kept drawing LeBron even when LeBron would get a crappy seed. He drew him last year before he could get to the east vise like, you wonder by luck of the draw. We could have seen a couple of raptors Eastern Conference finals appearances more than we did if they wouldn't have run into LeBron yet. I think there's a good case to be made that they could have gotten there. Maybe if they drew somebody else, but they were always in that bracket with LeBron and now they're not. And so this join Casey got he didn't get fired for regular season success. That's for sure. Guy was frigging coach of the year last year speaking about Dwayne, Casey, the pistons last year attempted thirty three percent of their shots from three point range as little towards the middle of the league. This preseason, they tended forty four percent of their shots from three just near the top. So I'm excited to see how that team looks with Blake, shoot and more threes. Even Andre Drummond. Shooting threes, missed all of them and preseason, but it'll be fascinating to see how that team looks with their new-look system. Do you have anybody can hit him. Who can hit threes on head team. Bullock they have. I don't hope that smart to be shooting. Right. It's one thing to shoot that many. It's another thing to have the guys that can make them. You don't have to be that gray Adam to have higher rally than a deep too. You're right. It's really not even about deep to versus threes for a guy like drama. It's about you want him in the dunker spot. You want him rolling down the lane, the pick and roll. Andre Drummond is shooting threes shot. Eleven three pointers in preseason any clanked all of them off the backboard or the the, not off the backboard like off the side of the backward. I mean, like back of the rim, do you play to k now I haven't in years. You can't hit a damn free throw with the guy. Sixty percent from line now he's changed his shot. Well, not to those. All right. Next one, the player with the chance at being this year's Ola depot. Ooh, I like this one. I wrote an article about this Chris couple of weeks ago number seven. The player that has a chance at being this year's Ola depot, like maybe somebody that was highly touted and now you know, we kind of, I don't want to say, gave up on them being star, but then came into their own and became a star. Who do you have for this? I'm curious what your answer. I, you know, I love Justice Winslow. I love him to just not giving up on them. I wouldn't giving up on him. Was he? He still like twenty one, right? He is every time I look at his age. I'm like my God. How is he still so young? I'm just a big fan just turned time this year for what it's worth. I was joking too, right? But he is he still twenty two years old and I loved him at Duke. And I think that the kids got more offense of game than he shows that he showed so far. I think Justice wins are going to be a big time player in the league. I've said that for a long long time and I'm just not giving up, so he's my dig it. I really, really liked that pick. I don't know if it's in the cards for him in Miami play next to assign Whiteside. I wanna see Winslow in a role where he's playing more small, five. The Draymond green type of role for Winslow is where he would, or he would be at his absolute best and maybe Miami puts him in more of the situations they have in the past. So we'll see about that. My pick, Chris, I've two guys that I had an article. I mentioned they don't really fit that same description that you gave earlier about the pick that people gave up on, but Chris Middleton for the Milwaukee Bucks. I think in Mike Buddha holders, new system Middleton is gonna shoot more threes than he ever has. And he's a stellar shooter. He's improved in other ways as well. With the amount of spacing on that roster with Kupa taking another step forward. And his game to Middleton has an opportunity to be coming all star in the week, Eastern Conference. And then the other guy is tarring prints on the Atlanta Hawks. He's made strides in each season of his career and prince's somebody who out of Baylor, I worried about his shot selection. I worried about his decision making and that's gotten better, but so hasn't every single other part of his game has shot shooting off. The dribble is ball handling you still ferocious hardnosed defender prints and Middleton of the two guys that I could make a leap. Oh, that's good ones. And Middleton's obviously been in the league for a long time. So that would be cool to see with the prince thing usually good in the playoffs. I remember him jumping off the screen, the me a couple of years ago as a rookie mean he was getting real playoff minutes. I love that guy. I do to draft. I've wanted the love him. I really did just the decision making so bad for an upper classmen. I really worried about that, but Atlanta did. Took him at twelve really high lot higher than many people expected that go and not only that they treated four the pick, and that's always an indicator that the franchise loves player when you actually trading for them. Yep. And he, I believe he is. I mean, he's pretty well carrying the torch to somebody who's been very good out of Baylor. I mean, there've been discipline. I remember Kato, Perry Jones Perry Jones. Oh my God. Just the Baylor kids have not really translated. Do you know how much loved Jerry Jones. Oh, you did? I loved Perry Jones so much. The draft. No, moved to number eight. We had an amazing, amazing rookie class last year, Kevin, who has the best second year and I'll even let you throw in Bensimon. Let's say it's been Simmons, man spends in and who else would it be Donovan show? I know. I know I'm only kid. Who else would it be for moment? I wanna jazz fans. I think we forgot about Donovan Mitchell. Of course dinners. He's fantastic. It'd be the real rookie of the year. Yeah, yeah. Hey, you know what going off your Orlando thing earlier and how much we heap praise on him during summer league Isaac, totally off the board. He is not mentioned at all amongst the Tatum's and the Mitchells and the Simmons's Markkanen even guys that, like I mean, God, the frigging rookie class was crazy. Like Lonzo was like a disappointment to people which is unbelievable. Right? You know, we kind of glossed over though. Chris, Jason Tatum Tatum was fantastic last season for the Celtics, and he should take another step in terms of skill. But the question was about best season and with with, hey, Rebecca, and all the other guys, the opportunities necessarily there. That's a lot of shots, Hayward, kyri you're back in the lineup. It's gonna be interesting to see how that all breaks down for Boston. They're going to task. Oh, of course they're going to be awesome. I'm just saying if we look at the individual output of the guys. Oh yeah. Whose line. Suffers Tatum's Jalen l. Horford Elhorga or I think I'll Horford could be under ten points per game, really? Yeah, I do. I think he's gonna sacrifice a lot. Do like a dream on thing where it's like some nights. He's just got ten rebounds, six assists than three blocks yet and maybe hit a three or two to stretch out the or something like that l. Horford it's going to be the guy that sacrificing points and he's okay with that. It's not something any necessarily does. He's not gonna score more than he did last year which was only twelve point nine points per game. And this preseason, he scored eight point three points per thirty two minutes and he's not gonna play much more than thirty two miles every game he could. He could easily be under ten points per game for the first time in his entire career. So like the end of last year you've got Simmons, I've got Mitchell, but let's throw in a little bonus here at the end of the year. Do you think that when it comes to the number one and number two pick in that draft? Do we. Think Fulton or ball is the better player off this season is completed. If we go back in time, you'd take Lonzo Tatum you take Mitchell saying just between those two. No question. No question about it. By the way, neither of them could shoot to me. I mean, looking back at the drafts my top three was false Tatum ball. It was pretty tight between those three. In my opinion. I think there's a little bit of a little drop-off from Tatum to ball, but it was pretty close and I wouldn't have argued, but somebody if they took ball over Foltz in the drafts I would've disagreed with the decision, but I could see the logic behind it. There's different types of players, and I think Lonzo ball moving forward with the factor that Marco Foltz we'll see about a shot, but it doesn't look that great needed as the free throws lease. He was a really good shooter at one point in his life. I think Lonzo shot is better than people think it is because it looks so ugly, but it's not bad. It really is though gli. And it's really is number nine. Number nine. Number nine. Number nine. The most triumphant return from injury Gordon Hayward, Leonard, Kris, Porzingis, DeMarcus cousins. Career Ving. Oh, and because I want to be a Homer, Mike Conley. It's gotta be cool. I write it has to be quite Leonard because of the weirdness of that injury, the mysterious nece behind that whole season. And now he's back in Toronto a team that's just got pounded by LeBron come up multiple years in a row, disappointment, disappointment. Now, Leonard here to save the day. It has to be qui- you think Hawaii is the one gotta be. It's hard to save the day on a team that damn near one sixty games. And that's why it's also not Gordon Hayward because even Hayward himself was like Jesus. You know, this team went to the finals without me. Kyri same way, right. I mean, I know he didn't miss the whole season, but I agree with you. All right, ten. The leading score in the NBA this year will be say the phone at the same time like three, two one go, I wanna see if we have the same one. I have a hunch we do. I don't know why you want to count it down is a key countdown. Yeah. Okay. Three to one any day. Jaanus I'm saying. So here's why I thought you had a Chris because you project them to not meet expectations. Correct. My thought was that Anthony Davis will be compensating by scoring more and that's why you would pick him as the leading score in the NBA. Is that right? Well, I know that these teams have to score like they usually score over hundreds on point tonight. Right now, go look to their roster and tell me where the hundred something are coming from, and they're gonna play a really fast pace this year, right? New Orleans is gonna play fast. Couldn't you see him averaging thirty five night seriously? I mean he could. I mean, just some barrier editor at the ringer dot com used to cover the pelicans for ESPN and he mentioned how telecoms are probably gonna break pace records this year in in preseason, they'd lead all NBA teams of hundred fourteen point to pace, which is possessions per game. They're going to be too fast. Well, here's the other thing. He was second last year behind harden and harden got his MVP and his scoring title. And so is he. Gonna you know every night the same way, go out there and give you thirty every single night like you did before the need to doesn't need to know eighty kind of does a hundred percent. And I mean house hardened gonna average thirty. He's got Carmelo on his team. Stand in the corner, get over there. Get over there who'd he mellow in the corner. Wow, I can't believe we agreed on that thing with is like cousins was also on the team for the season. That's true, sharing the rock with him. I think eighty is going to be the guy try and it's weird to say this, Chris, but Anthony Davis could have a sounds really dumb, Anthony Davis kind of a breakout season by that. I mean before the sediment every day he thinks is the best player in the NBA if AD wins. MVP. If he leads league in scoring and he's a defensive player of the year candidate, if not the winter, that conversations going to start, if I'm right, gentry might get fired and they move him. They're not going to trade eighty four and knocking to treat eighty the season. I would be floored. I would be floored if they traded him during the season. If you're the New Orleans pelicans, what you have to do is do everything else before he trade Anthony Davis, that's making a dishes trying to throw stuff against the wall, what steaks and then maybe in the sun. Summer that's a trade would happen. But during the year I would just be flat out stunned if he were traded. If you wanna get the absolute most for him though, are you taking the side of blow it up? Chris? I mean, I'm just listening type inning. Take years, eight years. They hadn't built around him and now he's got all the clutch guys in his ear, Chris, two years ago, two years ago when we first started doing this podcast together, you were so against blowing it up. The can't do it no way. Never. Never. You gotta. You gotta try. What are they blow it? They play on Weiss this and they got knocked out in the first round. You talk about blown-up up. Good teams the us talk about, but you'd wanna blow up the dam ramp. There's a couple of years ago now. Look, they got Leonard. What I wanted them to do is go into the summer and assess the team. Oh, then consider blowing up and they and they didn't have to they, Dan because the team better, they changed the system star shooting more threes, starting passing, blow it up. We're talking about frigate be. They won't play on the clippers. They got nothing else to blow up. I know you gotta needs one more jersey but come on. There's nothing else on. Four. Where the same number is a mecca because didn't he played for them last year. Probably a mecca Shire's. He's running around. You could just buy it Okeafor on clearance from last year and it would actually apply. I'm rooting for Jalil Okafor. I'm just very skeptical of it's gonna work out for them, but I'm rooting for them. Looks to be in great shape. He does. I saw that story about, all right. We got take a quick break. We'll come back. We'll give you the last ten questions for the upcoming NBA season. Today's episode of the mismatch is brought to you by stitch. 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Dialing fee is only twenty bucks which supplied toward anything you keep from your shipment get started. Now at stitch, fix dot com slash NBA and you receive an extra twenty five percent off when you keep all five items in your box that stitch fix dot com. Slash NBA to get started today stitch picks dot com slash NBA. I Kevin, here's our last ten questions before the season begins number eleven. The league past team. You will end up watching a lot. And this is a team that does not have a ton of regularly scheduled national television performances. The answer I had written out for this is not good. The team all in watching the most. I thought you were gonna say the pelicans because you wanna Davis score forty every night. I'm not sure if this is the team will be watching the most, but the Atlanta Hawks are interesting to me why they're interesting curse, taurine prints, all young. Oh, they have some fun young players on that roster is Israel life Kevin, herder Collins, Omari Spelman. I saw Kevin heard her in person a week and a half ago. They put them in the game. Finally, Louis Pierce was like, dude, we gotta get Rian three pick and rolls just right at him. I mean, he can't guard me. I'm serious. He looked like an NBA player. He doesn't when he moves laterally, I'll tell you that. When he shoots the ball, he certainly does, and his playmaking could be good the line. All right. So that is you were bad answer. The Atlanta Hawks, they're gonna suck. I actually think I'm gonna be most intrigued with wanting to see what Luke does. He will draw. That's the real high Luca dodgers you're gonna have to watch leap past see him right. Say the Phoenix I didn't wanna treat you all my. I didn't want to. Dare you. Dare you. Joins. I'm gonna say the king so I can watch my boy Bagley. Kings, Chris checkout. Harry Giles has passing. He's looking like a soul. I put up a video clip. I retweeted somebody last week. I got a lot of traction on that one from fans because I'd said I passed along a story, which is absolutely true. And some people say, the dude is not Chris Webber. I'm telling you in highschool. There were a lot of people that were convinced Harry Giles was going to be the next Chris Webber, but he was that level of skilled player. By the way it was without question. He was the best player in that class until the injuries just robbed him, you know, and then obviously the year at Duke was a disaster and he's been trying to come back from these injuries and this he looked good in summer league. He's look good in the preseason so far. I'm really rooting for him because once upon a time there's a couple of these kids that were like high school kids that they really got it taken away from them, what they could have been. The greatest example of this with somebody. Yeah, I was talking about the other night at a game with somebody. If you ever go back Sunday Carro his wife. Pam ran the ABCD Kant's, which is the elite level summer camp every year. And she sent me a bunch of the DVD's from this and they're unbelievable to go back and watch. But there's one of them and this is when all the best players were playing against each other, all the high school kids in the country and Bill Walker who ended up going to Kansas state. I mean, you've never seen anything like this. Kevin. Bill Walker in high school was an absolute freak of nature. But I mean, he ended up, you know, busted his knees, one hundred times over now known as Henry Walker. He just never fulfilled his destiny. Anybody can go look up his high school YouTube clips. It's like watching an NBA all star playing in a high school game. It's crazy. I really liked him a second round, pick good flyer in the mid late second round for the Celtics in what was it? Oh, seven, eight zero eight. I think for Bill Bill Walker anyway, but yeah, Giles same kind of deal. Where he was supposed to be off the charts, and then it's, it's really been robbed for him, still could be. I mean, he's. A lot of leg injuries in his life, and we'll see how it works out for him, but there's no doubt. The talents is there for him to be a multidimensional switchable elite rebounder who can pass and can space the floor little bit Giles's. I hoped he really stays healthy. I do back to our original conversation. DeLuca thing is it's just so intriguing because it's we didn't get to see him in college like we did most of these guys, right? I've seen a lot of these guys play a ton, and I've seen Luca play in the euro league, but now is like the first go round where you're getting to see against all these guys. And so I am super intrigued. Number twelve people will think blank about stand Van Gundy as an announcer, I think maybe the same as my reaction. Wait stemming. The is announcing really know that. I mean, it's not something really on my radar. Interesting. I read. Really hope, no, offensive. Mark Jackson, I hope they put the brothers together. That'd be cool. I'd love to do because they will fight like on the air and I will love it because jiffy gun, the Mark can be kind of passive and I stand with like, go right back at him or maybe they just agree on stuff. I don't know. But I mean, you should've. I don't know if you've heard Zach, Lowe's last podcast Geoff in good. He was so damn contentious about everything was he really was so contentious about everything it. I wanna get stand in there with him. I think STAN Gundy is going to be great, and I think fans are going to love his, he announces or just to studio stuff. No, no, he's going to be. I think he's gonna be calling games. Yeah, I didn't know that saw the like doing the job for all that sometimes and sometimes you never know what these guys. I mean, everybody thought Rex Ryan was going to be amazing, and he's just not. He's not. He's an amazing personality as a coach, but is in amazing personality as a broad. Pastor, not a good coach, either good defensive coordinator not against NFL talk again, but hold on now. He did go to the AFC championship twice. I understand. It's not like the jets have done anything since he's been going number thirteen. The raptors could re-sign coli. If. You know. I, if he understands math. No, because it's five years one ninety right to resign there and it's four years. One hundred forty one from anyone else any already walked away from thirty million, right? Because he could assign the five-year supermax for to twenty San Antonio. Like dude, how much money do you wanna lose on this deal? I don't know, and he's got the shoot, he'll pending. So who knows what he's going to do with that. But the answer is what he goes to the east finals. Maybe that's part of it. I think to your point, Chris about the money as well for a guy that's had the injuries that he's had. You have to think about what's in your in the most financial interests. However, my response is a little bit more, but whatever just makes you happy. And if Colli Leonard is happy living in Canada, then they can recite them because it's still a lot of money even if he signs elsewhere. I mean if he's happier living in Los Angeles playing the clippers, the Lakers making a little bit less money. You're gonna do that. He needs to like living in Canada. He needs to enjoy up there, genuinely enjoy it. And then there's certainly a chance. By that candidates great country, and they have incredible fans in Toronto as well. They're going to be insane the season rooting for that team. We will remember year ago if we had that exact same exchange about Paul, George, we would have said zero chance zero, especially in. Okay. See to right Paul. George didn't have Drake recruiting him the whole season either like, oh, is gonna. Have I wonder if Kawais a big Drake fail? I dunno. I wonder I'd love to know more about Komis tastes in music. I would to all right number fourteen a dark horse, rookie of the year pick if there is a Donovan Mitchell this year that has like, you know, he is drafted thirteen. So if we say, you know ten to twenty guy that got drafted ten to twenty that maybe that happens. There have been reading a lot of guilt. Alexander Alexandra's one for sure. Little higher than ten window Carter from the Chicago Bulls. He stands out. Maybe if there's not somebody who sticks out in terms of the numbers Carter moves up the charts like a two way, big contributes to winning, blah, blah, blah. And that within the next guy's Colin and I love Colin. So maybe I go with eight if I go lower my next guy would be mild bridges. How about Harry Giles? We talked about him a little bit earlier, so not repeat ourselves, but Giles and Sacramento, his two way ability. Maybe he's somebody that moves into that conversation as well. I think Sandra's a little too raw and my eyes to be the pick miles another one. Yeah. Yeah. I said him. I love him. Alternately, I, if you're if you're if you're a betting man, luanch Deandra and or Trey young, I think LUKA could put up fifteen five and five this year eight and could be one of the very rare centers who puts up twenty and ten as a rookie. And then trae young is gonna put a volume numb. He could be twenty seven or even like a seventeen and seven type season. Here's the truth of the matter. The down of Mitchell thing was insanely rare. It doesn't happen, right? That's why it stands out so much how great he was, though he went thirteenth towards the end of the lottery and had that amazing rookie season. So probably not likely the truth is we won't have a Donovan Mitchell this year 'cause we almost never do number fifteen. The biggest star possibly traded not named Jimmy Butler. You go first on this one. Okay. Here's what I considered. I considered Kemba Walker. I considered Anthony Davis. I considered Damian Lillard and Damian Lillard is probably what I'm going to settle on. It is only because I listened to Simmons in house and Simmons really sounded like he knew something. Maybe he doesn't LeBron wasa play with Lillard. I get that he wants to play with Lillard and I could see Portland season going wrong. As I said, who's the who's the third best player on the team? I think Kemba more likely between those two yards for sure. Kemba probably more likely to, I would have said if I had not listened to Bill in house, semen sounded I don't know. He kept repeating it and house, like kind of called him out on it. Like you sounds like you've heard. Like did. It's been talked about that if it gets an Portland because couldn't you see Portland pulling the plug on the Lillard McCollum thing anyway. Oh, for sure. Right. You know the other one that could get broken up his wall and Beal. Yeah, that's another one too. You could see that one coming to an end, especially at the Dwight bowl of Irish overtakes the wizard, and it's not going their way. Maybe one of those two guys could end up getting moved. All right. So who is your pick Kevin? Marcus. Sorry, Chris had just for you during the preseason. He has not been engaged. He is not at all, and I'm hoping that's because he is a veteran that doesn't give cry, really does not look like he cares one bit. This free season. It's just your guys. All that. A lot of these guys are like that. I tell you this, you don't absolute. Worst was last year in the preseason. I was so freaked out to, you know, who is the worst? Tyree givens. Oh, yeah. I mean, it just east throw in the ball into the tenth row and I'm like, dude, what has happened? And the second season started. He was frigging amazing like immediately there's some of these guys lights come on, you know, and they go time and they go. So I'm hoping that's Mark. You think they could get anything for Mark if they had to move him maybe a little bit. I'll think you're gonna get much farm because guess why? Chris guess why they waited too long to pull the plug. Oh, for God's sakes. What if there? Let's go back to the other question there. My surprise. Screw you. They're surprised. We are a year removed from people having him and Conley in the top twenty five players in the league for God's sakes, and they missed one season and everybody's throw dirt on top, whatever to joke to nab, salute nobody throwing dirt on. Stuck in the middle curse and their old because all the player option for next year almost twenty six million dollars. It's development time. Chris, we've seen Duncan, we've seen Dirk. We've seen we should've bunch of guys play into the agent still be highly effect. I'm not saying a whole other his own others, highly effective edited Vance age. All I'm saying, Chris is that Jaren Jackson looks special for you guys and it's time to focus on development tank tank. Let me back up a just didn't give up one of their picks in the next three years. The Celtics have their first round, pick top aide protected this year, top six protected the following year, and then it's unprotected in twenty twenty one. So in one of those years, Memphis is going to lose their first round pick if I'm Memphis. Ideally, this is the year with that pick conveys to Boston where you're like the tenth worst team in the league, right? You trade a soul in February. You hang onto con. You win some games you stick is nine tenth eleventh. Worst you give the pick the Boston and then you're free to tank and twenty twenty and twenty twenty one. Did you not know? They signed Kyle Anderson Garrett penpal and Chandler Parsons as new Germany. Maybe they. They're ready to go shopping max in the building shell them back, Orlando, Magic assist leader. Oh boy. He would again this year for them. Yeah. Jay Augustine. Yeah, we will see. We will see Kevin, hey, this shit's recorded. You say in this. This is recorded Kevin. Everybody else blow it up to load up Memphis Dallas. Why shouldn't Dallas just tank again? Why shouldn't they tank again, Kevin, why they go sign the Andre Jordan? Where do they trying to get forty wins? Just tank again, tying again, why shouldn't they tank again something to go with Donncha, which they should tank. Right. This trade Harrison Barnes is your trade the tank again. Thank again, right. What's the point? Don't have their pig. That's. Well, thankfully protected. If I remember everybody loves Denver this year. But I mean, obviously they didn't make the playoffs last year trade Yokich and get rid of Gary Harris and Bill around Jamal Murray and tank again and same with Minnesota and same with every team in the league. That's not like one of the top four seeds you think should get in the business of tank. I don't feel that at all. Actually, that's, you know, I don't. It's much more new. Why should thank you Taoiseach not? Why should Memphis tank wash Dallas? Not what I take. I mean tank next year and the purpose tank the following two years, not this year. This year you're competing early in the season, and then you're pulling the plug made year. That's the approach the season. If there's a deal. That makes sense to make no guarantees that when you've weighed in SOGA souls, thirty three and calmly has had a injury to do that anyway. Why not Dallas? Because I think they have a pretty good roster and I think it's a younger sending roster. Older descending roster. Let's the younger sending roster Luca Luca Danni coach d. s. j. Harrison Barnes still on the younger side, deandre Jordan and the older, but plugging him into that situation is interesting. Oh, of course it's interesting and they wouldn't tank because they're picking only top five protected and they're not bad enough. There's not bad enough to be in the top five necessarily bad enough kids. They don't have Kevin O'Connor on staff telling them to with a new draft odds, you can have the eighth worst record and still have a six percent, seven percent chance at winning the lottery. Ooh, that new flattened. Odds sounds like good huts much better. The was in the past good core. All right. Number sixteen, the two thousand fourteen draft has seen these players get bailed on by their teams after rookie contract, top ten picks that were either traded or retained by their team of these guys, which one is most likely. Likely to make the team that did not retain them really regret it. Jabari Parker. Julius Randle, Nick staus Casse Noah. Von lay Elford Peyton. This answers a little more complicated than that actually sounds when I give it, I'm strictly talking about on-court not anything else. That's Julius Randle. I think he could be pretty good for the pelicans playing alongside Anthony Davis, and I think he was good last year for the LA Lakers. I think with the Lakers they could've used a ball handling sometimes versatile center who rebounds at a high level like Randall. So I think they could miss him this year. Granted when you factor an egg thing else, it's understandable why they let them go. You say, it's understandable. I look at his contract and I still say, why? Why is he not on that team? He got listen to million bucks. So what's the reason he did in? But it's still thinking long term. The deal was two years. You need an option year, right? It's a player option though. So for that second year you need to. Retain cap space to pursue a second max for Asian as other stuff as well. But maybe so in my world, getting a player of Julius Randle caliber for that contract is well worth, oh, no doubt about it. I figure the rest of the stuff out, especially when I've got. I mean, I don't know. Maybe they will have that cap space and they'll get a wire, they'll get into, you know, whoever Lillard. Chris Middleton who knows maybe punt and wait another year, and then they'll just use that money for contagious call. We'll pope again. Number seventeen. After this season, what will people think of the Luca trae young swap my real answer is it's still too early to grade after just one year, but the what people think answer is good trade. I think trae young will impress with Atlanta. He's gonna put up, big scoring numbers efficiency is going to not be good. His defense is going to be even worse, but he's gonna pass the ball. He's gonna hit some big shots, and he's gonna impress people and Luca is going to be Luca. Gonna put up big numbers for rookie fifteen five and five or so. And gonna be living on highlight reels on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, everywhere. But you don't think there will be declared winner after the year. I mean, people already declared ballast winter, I know, but now season after season plays out, you can't. You can't clear the winter until we find what Atlanta does with the pick like the deal's not done yet. That's very, we really won't know for another five or six years. Who quote unquote won the deal as we know everybody is very patient about making decisions on these things. Yeah, right. I think it was a better deal for Dallas at the moment that it happened. I. To look up at the end of this year and go God. That was stupid very thing because Luke is going to be so amazing to watch, and he's going to be produce viral. Like every little thing he does. Some of the passes that he's already made like not just like he had a pass to west. He's in the corner last preseason game where he went behind the back, attacking the basket, and then just whip. This LeBron style passed a dart to the corner and Matthews just missed threes head highlights like that. Just like pushing the ball ahead and transition moving ahead, little things that he does. He is. It's not an exaggeration to say, Luca Danni, riches transcended playmaker and I really, really hope Dallas feeds him opportunity to just play that point forward roll this season instead of distributing it amongst the team. I wanna see Luca really handle that ball lot. I actually think that that would serve Smith well too. 'cause I don't think Smith's gonna be run the team big assist guy. Any. Anyway, he can run off answer shore, like you mean, dominating the ball and I'm with you on. Yeah, and I'm saying, I think the kid could be dynamite scorer you know what I mean? Maybe that's more of his destiny anyway, right? More of the rather than the set everybody up and throw the Nola passes to somebody or whatever make make everybody else better necessarily. Yeah. I mean Lucas on another level that category number eighteen and this great one for you because I know that you start paying attention to the NBA draft wants the other one ends. And so you have an awareness college. Basketball's around the corner, the college player that we will all go out of our way to be watching for these teams that are going to end up with a number one, two or three. I'm sending new Jaren Jackson Cleese. I've loved one a Saint you Rashawn homes one. It's now a throwback. It is a throwback. I, I wear that like as nightshirt usually that Rashawn homes Sherzai is a to go to bed. That's true. The answer for this one. It's Duke the team because on that team RJ Barrett camera, tish in Zion. Williamson, I think from those guys, the NBA draft geeks like me and you, Chris and Friday show. We have come in with me sharks, any child RJ Barrett's going to be in all likelihood, the number one pick and the guy that the draft geeks are watching, but fans, Zion, Williamson is going to put on a show. He is going to put on a show. He's been putting on a show on house a highlights for the last four years to Zion, Williamson. When you think about it, he's not even in the NBA and he already has over a million followers almost two million followers on Instagram. That is so unusual for a high school kid to have that much of a following bring that into college RJ Barrett, three hundred thirty thousand which is a lot for a kid, obviously, but one point, seven million for violently ill. Obscene Elam he's the guy everybody is going to be watching for sure. I tell you this, man, I should have wrote this down. I was talking to some. I think it was during the workouts and everything that were going on. And then when we were at summer league and I was asking guys around, they're like who to keep an eye out for an NBA guys. And they told me the kid against aga- harshly mar hetchy Myrrha he's projected to go like in the top ten already, right? Maybe I mean, we'll say it depends on how a shot develops of the course of the season. I think he's from Japan. And the reason about him now is because that's how it came up. The kid that's from Japan. U2. Watanabe is two way player for the grizzlies and he is going to be the second Japanese player to ever appear in the NBA, but that this kid is like right behind him, and he's really good. He's he's an intriguing player. He made good progress last year for aga-, but the shots sittings come along for him to reach the potential bed that is very. Easy to see. Gotcha. I just had a couple of people mentioned to somebody. I'll go out of my way to check out when obviously it's so crazy that we are so aware of these guys. Right? Like I mean, I feel like I knows. I mean. Aware of Williamson and RJ Barrett these guys and following those guys for a couple years now, especially as I on, he's a great name. Hasn't he? Zion amazing. I on. I've never known as ion. Well, you know what it makes me think of is it was just not that long ago is the, it was some big anniversary for the miseducation of Lauryn Hill, and she's got a song on there about her son and his name was I on the only others I on ever heard of. It's an amazing song to I'm surprised you're not a big Lauren hill fan. You don't own talking about, I know who aren't Hillis doesn't know who learn how is. I haven't listened to a lot of her. I mean, I know who she is. It is by far the most underrated track on that entire record. It's about her son, and it's about people told her not to have him. I know that song I've heard before it's called Tuesday on, I think I've seen her talking about that song. It's like one of those Facebook posts a really? Yeah. I don't know, Carlos Santanas on that track. True. I've heard that song before gray tone the most underrated song on that whole record. It's very, very touching. There you go. There's your music moment number nineteen. Isaiah Thomas from all NBA a couple years ago and top five in the MVP rankings to last year, obviously being the buckle to now playing with the Denver Nuggets team that a lot of people really, really like Isaiah Thomas. He signed the one year deal, so he's got the prove yourself year. He averages blank points per game this year. I mean, I like hopefully he comes back soon and hopefully he's healthy maybe like eleven or twelve. Oh really? Yeah, you don't think he blows up and becomes this like, oh, for six man that like do you think is days of the big contractor over long over, really? I mean, I wanna be proven wrong, I do you don't. I see a circumstance where they could look at him and say, hey, everybody needs a Jamal, Crawford type and Jamal. Crawford, obviously just got out. Other deal to look at that Denver roster man, like Nicole Yokich is the best passing center in basketball. One of the most talented passing big men ever. He handles the ball. Paul Millsap BAC Jamal Mari. Gary Harris will bar in all handled a ball. There's not enough opportunity for Thomas to to shine in Denver he can shine within his role, but that that means ten to twelve points. You know, sparking off the bench scoring twenty sometimes. And maybe you bump up your average to fifteen ish like last year with the Lakers by just don't know if the opportunities there for him. It's about getting back man as about setting yourself up for the next opportunity. This year, I'm going to say I'm going to say closer to eighteen because he's got his way that he loves hero chance. He loves that guy and that guy's gonna play him. If he ever eighteen, it'll be something closer to than say it's closer to eighteen and eleven. So what's that? Let's split the different. So if the over unders fourteen and a half year over and I'm under yes. AT say, okay. And I wanna make a better that because we don't play. I was surprised. All right. Let's say, well, he was a huge may just a year ago and now it's all going wrong. And I think people forgotten about it. People like that. Denver team just want to stay healthy of watching Thomas for longtime. I loved watching him in sac, and it's great to see him come back and shine like he did in Boston and hopefully he comes back soon. Man. Hopefully he does, and I cannot believe that mcdonagh guy traded him. I'm kidding. Had enough of that for the last. Last one number twenty. Jimmy Butler is no longer on the Minnesota Timberwolves by, oh boy, let's say mid December. Like when the some of those contracts are available to be dealt once more players revealed to be traded, mid late, December, something like that. I think there's absolutely no way he makes you to December no way time goes by quickly. Man, they hate each, they all eight each other. Now. Yeah. I mean, you can. You can get a couple of games and he's going to go in the locker room yelling at everybody. Again. I mean, it's just gonna be untenable. I think I mean, put it this way. If there's a lot of outbursts, maybe puts Minnesota physician where they have to deal in quicker. But at this way it can be anytime just the team needs to step up. I think that's more likely to happen, mid December, even maybe into early January. And one of the thing about that Tibbs still does not want to deal him period still is not wanna deal him. I think Tibbs probably going to set up a deal where he trained himself and Jimmy Butler somewhere. Let me to get the deal done yet. He's telling everybody off, throw me in come, run your defense me and Jimmy. All right. I say he doesn't make it to December. You say he makes it to December. So you're saying early November late, November, I'm saying within the first month of the season, he's gone what we start today for the season. Yes. So that's Tober sixteenth. I say, by the end of November, he's gone. Okay, cool. Maybe within the next couple of weeks, it's fair after all dies down a little bit and teams are like, oh, maybe my team's not as good as I thought they were going to be and they're willing to make a deal right, or it's better than we expected to be everybody over everybody overreacted the first you know month of the season, right? They look at their team and then they're like, oh, boy, we gotta do something or we're going to bail on this or whatever. So yeah, I think something will come to happen within the next six weeks. Kevin, the NBA season is here cannot wait. Then we got a couple games going on tonight. And then obviously it's going to take up our lives for the next whatever eight months outside, Chris, I'm really. Sighted tomorrow on the ringer. We have NBA palooza twelve issue hours of content on the internet to watch right up top, wake up and dunk it in the morning. I was there when we film that live and you might be listening to this podcast while NBA flus is actually happening. So after he listen to us, be sure to tune into palooza. We have some good stuff it'll be on YouTube to if you don't watch live, but we have a lot of good stuff to lead you up to opening night with Celtic Sixers, and then warriors spender NBA, palooza on the ring dot com. Also, all of their social media platforms will we put stuff out all day. If you did good your hair, go give us a rating and review on. I tuned five stars. Five stars helps the cause for certain happy NBA season to every and we will talk to you next week.

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