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#861 Everlasting Father (Isaiah 9:6)


Pre The word with David Platt is a resource from radical dot chapter nine verse six for to us. A child is born born to us a son is given and the government shall be upon his shoulder and his name shall be called. Wonderful Counselor Ciller mighty God everlasting Father Prince of Peace Let's let's think about that. Third Third Name for this child is son given government upon his shoulder and his name shall be called everlasting father other. What's that about? It's a son it's a child. This called everlasting father. Oh don't miss a a beauty here. The pictures of the Bible is painting that Isaiah is Bravo in the coming of Jesus that we now celebrate at Christmas this picture of everlasting father a father who cares for his children who protects his children who provides for his children. I'd think about my kids. I love my kids so much like I just I look get them and I'm I'm an awe that I'm their dad. I praise God for the privilege of loving and caring for them. I WANNA provide signed for them. I WANNA take care of them in every way possible and the reality is I am an imperfect father with imperfect love but the picture here here is Jesus the mighty God and everlasting father who longs to take care of Revis who longs to provide for us and help us and love us and serve us and and help us grow into all that we can be like. This is the picture of Jesus he loves us as an everlasting father. He protects us as an ever lasting father he cares for us as an everlasting father. A perfect father four ever I I think about my my dad. I think about Before he died unexpectedly and went to be with God just this to his love and care for me and he too is an imperfect dad but I have a perfect father and I know some listen to this right now may not have had a good relationship or have a good relationship with your dad. I just want to encourage you lift. Your eyes is to heaven and see you have a father in heaven regardless of what your father as looked like on earth. Good or bad you have a perfect perfect father in heaven. In Jesus the Son who came to save you and me from our sins the wonderful counselor counselor mighty God God in the flesh cares for us as a dad for his children and will forever and ever and ever her ever lasting father. Jesus we braise you. We praise you. Obviously we know that Trinitaria picture that we see in scripture. God God the Father God the Son God the Holy Spirit but even here seeing you described Jesus the son as an everlasting father. We know you're oneness on notice in the God head with the Father Son Spirit and yet we know you're oneness in the God head Father Her son and Holy Spirit and we praise you. Praise you for your fatherly. Love for us your fatherly care for us your fatherly provisions and for us. We praise you that you see as as your sons and daughters that you are committed to providing for they use see with love even think about the way I see my kids the fact that you see me an even greater more loving way that I see them. Oh the thought of it. I just looked to you. We we looked you right now and we just braise you for your fatherly care. Affection delight in us. We praise you. We will get to enjoy this kind of relationship with you for all of journey forever and ever and ever ever you our Lord Jesus are ever lasting father and when we worship and glorify and thank and praise you in the name aim of Jesus are ever lasting father. We pray Amen.

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