SDCC 2019 News, Punisher Annual #1: Capes and Lunatics Episode #114


Episode of Texas brought to you by tweaked audience awesome headphones good a tweak audio dot com and you southgate's his thirty percent off reshipping in a lifetime warranty or he can get their link on our website Southgate Media Group DOT com. I know easily do this big intra this big rigmarole but I mean it's hey it say at the Eggo comecon weekend got a special gas <hes> still waiting for Charlie to wake up and get here but let's get to its capes lunatics episode. One hundred fourteen starts right now right now. Hello Welcome to the Cape Solidity. I am fill our like I said Charlie should be along soon. Lilith is proudly working through a hangover in San Diego brought the promise last week. We got a special gas all the way from Australia. That's right. It's a lot of sprawl accents. It's rang from tonight. Hey how you going Phil. I'm very very happy to be happy to talk about man. It's a big weekend. Isn't it all yeah there's always is always anymore because despite their movie stars there anymore they're they're on anymore. No there are there other I yeah because <hes> that's that's one of the that's all I guess Tom Crews showed up and drop like the the top gun sequel trail. That's right up saying that actually that's fan on on attlee just recently as well on Maverick Kohl for are they I yeah the original was what from the eighties now he's like arts through sequel what after Bay the longest time taken for a sequel to come out right <hes> I duNno. It seems to me that due to see what else were they doing a sequel to that was in the eighties. That's why there's other movies. Yellow Goes Finding Dory is a funny finding Nemo and then finding Dory Right. That's a long one <hes> but maybe those in the maybe Indiana Jones in the crystal skull yet talk about that yet upside out very very pumped to be bill this is this is great. <hes> always on the dough comex evaded movies and of course it San Diego <hes> you'll finger would be on the pulse more so than I am <music>. I'm united from mud bowl down under we didn't get the news that often yeah but I mean new so far ahead. You're from the future she goes of course oh before Charlie. It's here <hes> he doesn't allow look at any of this stuff. I think you guys were talking about it. On into the night I got my son because it came out yesterday that <hes> more lions three for Nintendo's which man Yeah Ed Really Looks Awesome Yeah 'cause yet did I did. I see like moonlights download like downloadable characters something yeah I'm not a game at my co has gone from Las son's crypt on Zietman podcast. We do shameless plug. Hey the game law yesterday or today and he was telling me Dale <unk>. That's downloadable Paco. Something is that right. Maybe yeah I don't know if you have to pay extra for that but if a may not spend released <hes> been announced along with punisher Moebius in blade and at least three of those four a Lotta these games of being asking gone where the hill is punish out where the hell is obliged sorry. It's kind of answer that yeah I mean I was just watching a little bit while he was playing last night way was playing with them. I mean it looked pretty cool. I mean I saw some daredevil. Yes later Glenn Miss Marvel. I know he said he'd already unlocked all the Guardians of the Galaxy <hes> yeah I I would. I understood. I you have to play as the Guardians Automatically I. I'm not too much into because how you started to create a profile of your Ryan. Phil Maybe Raleigh. The one is a slate. Maybe bunged on the I might do that. My wife plays sometimes when the on there but yeah girl who will get on Okay Yeah Slough it on. How would you all he would your team members day four you gotta take full? I think a <hes> why was look I was already look online and I was like working. You Find Moon. I'm like is like their way to do something probably midnight. One of this later characters I mean unwise ways are yeah ways aren't one of those because what we have. It's what there's marvel at Lego Games a hall really I think Yeah Hey Charlie selling ally. I'm doing just fine. I'm just glad to see you although everything clockwise as shelley the professor yes that's what they call me Charlie Esser. I call myself that and we were just talking. We're just talking video games. The we're talking about <hes> like movies because we're talking about Lena now celebrities comecon and drop their toys and stuff like didn't Tom. Tom Cruise dropped the trailer that the quarter topgun okay <hes>. I'm sure Admiral Role Admiral Maverick is doing just like us at this point. He's gotTa be fifties. So that's what you're saying. The first one was one in the eighties so it's been like what the years at least it'll be spent that long in the air force. I'm sure he's gained a respectful. We'll write that he probably shouldn't be flying anymore. Man's game. I'll we'll hell how evergreen is either. He looks exactly the same. You know the fact of deal with the devil. It's it's not the <hes> is not the exchequers concern in the air force regulation say you can buy from twenty three to twenty five now. You missed dude. You have questions go to be off yeah. Exactly I think has some sort of supernatural deal handed out to Tom Cruise. Oh Yeah I mean when you talk to say like that watch. He'll be like you know. It's been thirty years since last night but it'll be like it's been five years. Since I flew that it you can't do slotting time and movies and know what it is. I mean I'm sure with him is that it is a you know a as as but when he would say it's clean living because I'm sure he eats right and exercise is often and you know probably there are the people on staff to keep everything titan words supposed to be you know Dolly Parton questions old. She's still looks pretty hot. You know she's they just taking care of <hes>. Pull Rod is well just noticed there have been a few maims going out either. Have there's a whole face APP aging and they go full Rod. Just look at exactly this whole picture through the old man thinking. It's looks the same while you know it's like if you really would like to give <hes> some rent and his it's not even just a rushing company. It's just a random company. You know that says hey would you like access to all of my facebook data like okay. Hey and that's the anytime you do this. I always like why nobody reads the terms of service. It's like anytime like ooh like in which adventures character are you and they say we have the right now. Go through your entire your facebook history every <unk> you've ever pay and we're gonNA find the one that's just like you of the five that we have who have just as easily been randomly assigned but we we're GONNA make it scientific so we're GONNA go in so it's like don't do those things. Kids not good for you. It's all about just getting just looking for that box sticking it in the grain. That's you know obviously everything's all about you know making the money on it but true yeah in this case. It's just the fact that it was a Russian company now now. We're very xenophobic. Even the Democrats are public. Just who use public against he's done hope against south. Americans are the public against Russians but you know we're all xenophobes now. It's a crazy world. Trust is getting more well. I never trusted them. I am the I am the man within at fooled you see see off my lawn all right what my marvel nerds here so so <hes> I saw I saw a couple items of global news. I guess I'm out already at call on Charlie. I know that you the Linka rated you see I guess Doctor Doom is getting another ongoing series on our okay okay. I'll is that called the crack room. Is that the one I'll know I think I think they said Doctor Doom fancy title up no other title doom is that you need to know. The lovers is a premise actually because the actual premise puts doom in the reed richards seat. Okay it's sexually the premise is that you know the big international effort to make the large Hadron collider or the macguffin collider. It's GonNa try and create and many black hole and doctor doom is like filled with nightmares about Oh gee. He's nightmares. I wonder who else Mike Show Up. In this series nightmares about how this could add save the world or destroy the world and needs like really against the world must not do this. You are not doom. You cannot not assembly created many black hole. Do we live in the super science world writing much anyone can do this some that you have already dot yeah and so they're building the super collider and all of a sudden. There's an accident thousands thousands of people that I everyone assumes it must have been that villain doctor doom Iran Shoddy Ida classic take away from him story so they can build themselves back up to be Florida's lead barrier once again. <hes> is again is they're going to be any rating between the lines. He <unk> doom having a series released. Does that mean anything by why of YOU RECKON BOWL <unk> A._O.. Movies well I mean they have the rights now so and we see this with we see this with the exit where we're getting our our. We're getting our Bible on the expert now he'd already written one for the fantastic core. He's writing one for the X.. Men so that that is going the B. R. Kota going forward. We're also interestingly enough getting that that entire Marvel Universe Bible in the history of the Marvel Universe yeah so I think yeah I think we'll get a lot of doom backstory that will now be official cannon and you know sort of like how one random writer decided this jokers origin now. That's going to be the joke as origin forever and if you deviate from that origin we liked everyone's going to be like no. That's not right. It's like six other words before that you know it was like oh no no. That's the one we liked yeah yeah yet. I'm sorry no I conversation. Don't make me aroused about site at Durham. <hes> <hes> is handled pretty well in the current run by Dan slot in the fantastic full. He's still hanging around. I think in the new off coming up as well sorry <hes> he's bringing to be quite popular. I'm loving the fantasy cool comic book at the minded I don. I bet you guys you writing it but <hes> appropriately have have to be one of my top top books to raid. I think at the moment I do love it. I especially love it. They pants do my National T._v.. That is like the bet that is like the first off in Sudan but that was like the most Johnny storm thing evidently dependent but of course it's exactly who gets to do. Is Your pants the Guy Oh we'll show your face the world and won't say no no no no way get it does get to that scenario. <hes> he's a law now Victoria Victor Victoria's victorious yeah yeah he gets hands dirty thoughts tilling the land with them and nominal but I'll get how he's kept these mosque well yeah well. You know what I will say about doom is that he had he got a again. Hickman got a great reimagining in the in the in the civil war story where you get this idea idea of yes. He is every bit of sociopathic scientists that he always was but he does have this it. It's it's your classic this for the good of humanity I was actually listening to story recently about the the <hes> it was on the science Friday about like the <hes> the which is a great book out Kit renamed something bastards not inglorious bastard but it was the Brotherhood ambassador or something like that but <hes> about this this covert secret apt to sort of destroy the German Science Apparatchik <hes> in during World War Two so that they couldn't build the bomb because they all thought the Germans were so close and building a bomb because Heisenberg who actually wind Wednesday working on the German uranium club actually like enacting forty one sketched out an atom bomb for Neal's born gave it to kneels before who then took it to the Manhattan project and they were like this actually way advanced and they really thought that Eisenberg was going to give the Germans the bomb in Heisenberg view of the world's they I don't care if the Germans had the bottom or whoever I just just WANNA build nuclear I want to build nuclear reactors and save the world you know who's funding me and same way that they kind of test bon drawn. Every so often is look. I just want to get to the moon. These are the people that want to fund me. Although at the same time they're all engaging in horrific actions that not redeem them at the end because they are impact super bowl. Have you ever wonder where that trope of the European superleague. I'm from its from guys like von Braun and and Heisenberg who were more than happy to commit atrocities to advance science <hes> and that is you know and that is that is just the interesting thing there but <hes> yeah and that Dr Dr do miss. Here's the guy he he says it's about advancing science but he doesn't care how many people have to die without science or who events Mandy and you know that good way to see do Indiana's mind. He's the hero but in truth these disease like Otto except without redemption are yet none I absolutely a lot more you can empathize against to a sense with him. Oh sorry than Magneto who's driving factories. He wants to while you know. He's obviously proud of He's rice. Buddy wants to wipe out everyone else with Durham. You get more of a in the fact that you understand that he is doing this for furthering the knowledge in science <hes> but unfortunately there's a lot of collateral that potentially comes with that <hes> and of course with I mean Magneto is your classic you know complex tale of the person who has <music> suffered greatly under one person and then repeated all the mistakes of the regime in which they suffered under yeah he is and you know I mean there's a lot of is a lot of things you can say in modern political ideals and ideologies ideologist where where people they suffer in one hand and then once they managed rise above that suffering they go and engage in further suffering for other people because we we shouldn't want anyone to suffer and that's the heroic ideal is that we we want to actually make better for all people and it's sort of like you know an endgame where we're hat says to this you know we don't trade lives now. This isn't something we we're not going to make it. We're not going to say you have to die so that everyone else can live because as as nobleman ideas that is it isn't isn't we're using now. You're classic. Charlie <unk> problem issue in people have actually solved an ice hall been solved on the good face is that you know the answer is you don't push someone else. He'll kill someone else to save people. If if you need to save people you kill yourself and so if if <hes> visually wants to be truly noble he rips the stone out of his own head at that point and that it's like you know and that that solves the problem and then we can try and repair vision at that stage after we destroyed the stone so that's a whole this is the moral quantum comic book but if you want to be a hero you can't go killing people you just corrupt frank title that he's not a hero now he is isn't even even even when even when he saves people's lives. It's at the cost of some of the people's lives. Oh yeah eight hundred nephews himself as a hero he'd never sees himself as yeah exactly so the difference between soldier and the hero and what makes you a captain America. Is your heroic soldier were yes. I kill people but that is not my resin Piatra. I am going to kill people when the when it needs to be because I'm a soldier but if I can find a way out of this without killing someone I'm GonNa find that way orm. GonNa die try but I it reminded me. When I ray was talking about the X.? Men like <hes> rare. You'RE GONNA be reading that powers of accent house of ex yeah yeah. I'm pretty Cain Jonathan Hitmen Yeah Yeah I I'm excited. I hope it's good what I'm hoping. He doesn't drop the ball on that. I saw the solicit. It says something like you know exhibit. Your has this master plan the bring the mutants like back into the late in like y'all all visible again meanwhile you look at like the solicits everyone including him as like wearing a mask occur star. I'm just like okay. They're more visible but now everyone including like Jean Grays. Where one of cost you everyone's everyone's like Ma at the very mysterious isn't it? I see much Eh what's GonNa be revealed that been dropping a few the ADS <unk> panels with as idea and I think it's James <unk> away. These panels are the most <hes> most replica yeah and <hes> you just don't hate just showing professor x surprise. You have no idea what one of means <hes> but I guess it's getting alive curiosity <hes> to be fair. This was the original idea get behind the expert and yes they wear masks but the idea was if we become heroes and they kind of candidates into the has of course origin a few years ago where it was like you know after that Richard Said effort trump my family into monsters the only thing to do was to go to the highest <unk> Goto the go to a building in the middle of a New York City in the hub of media and put ourselves up as the heroes of the earth you know because we hit in the shadows we would have been hated because we went out and selves. We're the heroes and look at our amazing powers and did all that stuff like Spiderman does <hes> you know that's what kept them from hated like the mutants you know and the mutants of course hidden secret away but of course to that extent you know that's why the fantastic four didn't wear masks yeah we're you. You know it's very interesting. I'd really love to raid the alda lot the original F F stop because yeah I mean exactly as you pointed at shelley how do they they got away with it by by doing that. And I'm sure you know other things but you'd imagine heightened degraded public would would be scared at especially the look of the thing and human torch and all that <hes> surprising that they weren't discriminated against Moore well actually nearly books. They were a guy no oh yeah the army arrest them. They have built for them that are special cells because okay the army sees them just like the hull you know they see them. As it's only Reed Richards pushes that publicity of saving the world that they get out out of it you know it's important to remember that when when the fantastic four was first written marvel horror books and of course the King of horror books and that's you know arguably that's why standard actually he was just like the only that was to working there but who was also you don't master the work but <hes> you know they wanted to have a story that okay we have to switch back horror when he just switch actually that hard man the idea pretty a master on the team that that entire idea of being in that world of the horror comments and that's what that's what they were trying to do and now and this is what I say like when I say oh this is that idea that that read did that so that they wouldn't be hated that is relatively new reveal that was actually just after Valeria was born and she still a baby any tells her that story you know <hes> it's an it's brilliant because it does show how I of how manipulative Richard says tallying literally fantastic four stories remember who's writing to Stanford spin anything well Stanley's Assembly love the idea I mean sadly probably even more than <hes> seem. Dicko loved the idea of the Uber match. <hes> suddenly just mentioned might WanNa have friends that that is that is the idea of Richardson season over mench who has friends yeah. He's the smarter scandal role. He's the best everything he does. He is your plastic. Mary sue as they say but at the same time he wants to have the support he. Wants a girlfriend who wants a kid brother and a best friend you know he wants all of these people in his life because he knows the only way you survive anything in this world even if you are the smartest man in the room is you have have a support team. You have people who who compliment you and June is the evil operative because of course yes. He is smarter spend the room has no supporting yet. It might have been really close. I mean the mind concept zip full fantastic for was the whole family the audio family and that thread run through eibnet dance thought is very a lot of reverence to that end it creates real particular flavor to the comics which <unk> <hes> it's really I mean if you comparative. There's not many of the Comex in mobile at least that you can compare it to where it's so family based and dance law does that take a great job in <hes> in in having those dynamics of of husband and wife of brother and sister of man in best might add stuff. That's really cool. What exactly and I think that is one hundred percent? What makes a fantastic for even in their slumps? The fantastic four are like superman in that you know sometimes they're gooden. Sometimes they're bad but the fact veterans is the idea of these characters survive because they do reach beyond just just the individual issues and yeah and that idea of the family of superheroes for heroes rather than a team of superheroes then you see this eventually vendors are team it being a team. It's great and you do have come robbery and you're in your team. You have your you know they say you know the the blood of battles stickers the water of the womb you know that you suffered with with another. It will create a bond stronger than if you are family but of course if you are family with whom he also suffered that makes it all the all the deeper so they are both the water of the room and the blood of battle and that is that is more powerful than anything else and that's why they're dynamic really moves beyond what you're going to see in in most other chemicals yeah. That's a show well you mentioned Guberman Shah Rare. You get not <hes>. Are you giving not mobile comics one thousand yeah I am yeah absolutely <hes> looking forward looking forward to it. I know a lot of the guys rounded with parallels between day say and mob. I don't really gay I mean I'm GonNa get the guy is going to be really weird so I guess it's like a bunch of characters. It's like eighty pages but it's going to be a h worries or something could just yeah. I know they just did not only just announce. Miracle Man is getting one of you know one page story in there now right man yeah yeah because I think morals had the rights for him the last several years they haven't done like a lot 'cause I know they reprinted some of the old stop and then like they went or doing anything. I just want you know I'm maybe maybe they were planning something for Miracle Man and then the Outta comedic 'cause I'm thinking is that why they did the century the issue with a character like miracle-man where you get the rights to them that you do have both the complex the Oh so we have this new character but this character has all this history. It's like let's and it's like if if marble got the wreck superman you can throw super met you can just retail man's origin story and he's a character from now the the teams in the twenties <hes> or you can have his history and his and his story you know I think this is one of the reasons that kind of merged miles into into the overall six six which is number now of course obviously <hes> but you know merged amazing what we call the six one six because they didn't want to negate the history of uh-huh. They didn't want to negate the history of Lyles. Yes they wanted to incorporate in everything else so if you read character like Marvel Man Site miracle-man Marvel Eh he's he is my romance is well originally releasing miracle man and yet you'll always do marvel mandate if you bring in and <hes> you tell us right and yes the century is very similar to the marble man story of course the woman is very similar to the best stories so you know you can run a lot of ways to work it but it will bring him in you. Don't want to negate all of the history that made marvel man morrow men because otherwise you're just doing the ultimate again and we all know how that that I wonder if Marvel's going to try to play this 'cause I like couple was ten years ago or something standard maybe longer than that they like reprinted some of that old miracle-man stop and some of it and isn't he kitty says a magic word turn in the miracle man yet if their marbles GonNa try to play that as their shoes A._M.. Now women very bad well so I mean yeah so the original marvel man story in with Kit Toma which is panic backwards yeah. It's actually screaming Toma. I see I or chip Roma Dome Yeah. She told my question no Chiwenga to monitor not that I think we'll be delicious delicious. You'll love it. Even I kicked to powers or something within two junior yeah originally yeah well it is it is literally. It is the Billy Batson story and you think there's a wizard Bloomberg or it is what they did. This is what they did. They still they still do it at one thousand right side but the idea is that yeah it was the but that was Alan. Moore got his hands on it but that's Allen more read more as a kid love. These probably thought she was the rip off because it's he's he's in England is the Oh it's quite character adds a magic what he says. What did you say you might let our came out or years? After actually technologies them was first and then this guy came out but from his perspective because time is relative this is this is the original but he decided that of course you know there'd be sex and government conspiracies in the involved and that's what we get our current miracle man and it does mirror the story of the century in the fact that I meet miracle-man marble man. He is the slutty guy who doesn't remember his past and being a hero and then he gets awoke into what his past was <hes> but again so so basically the century is a pastiche marble man who is the Pastiche of Captain Marvel Net back to probably Jason there but that again I'm GonNa have to say. I think that the century has a better story but you know that's me mostly because in the end he becomes a hero and yet you know doesn't just dwell on his own evilness but that's that's my opinion. I mean more D._C.. Are always kind of like copying each other. 'cause I mean they of the whole Aquaman name or thing and I just want they you know at the end of the day. We're going to have like you now is. You're basically just going to be mirrors of each other yeah well. Here's the thing is all superheroes. Muros at mirrors of something even Superman you can argue is just <hes> doc savage now under because you know but there he's got a super serum and then that while them doc severinsen or two and then after America's super soldier and it's like no matter how many weight you slice it. There's a dozen stories that <hes> that come about no no now fill obviously the the obvious one is that man's obviously a copy of law wondered if you're GonNa go are rarely dangle the character I say yeah you know. You know. Nothing like that thank you there is a the ultimate that's his name. Here's actually another night came first or <hes> or ultra making ultraman was kind of a one shot character in marvel but he's basically meant to be well. He's so and again this thing so oh Martian manhunter was a superman pastiche. ultraman in the Mobile Universe is likewise Martian manhunter Superman pastiche and ultra man's basically the his this gorge in is is it or is that was captain ultras attitude it. I don't like a red and green costume here talking when when wonder man created the revenge years he was one of the team that he put out along with demand and anti-venom and a few people <hes> but his his basic storyline is he was. I believe it was he was a fireman but he had a fear of fire he he went to a hypnotist to become priebus fear fire hidden winds up unlocking his ultimate human potential yeah you know so yeah I couldn't spare fighter still grizzly bear on at the same time he also is a superhero so it's like that John's Joe the John Jones Quality. You have all these superpower qualities flight super for strengthening vulnerability so yeah I mean when you when you get down to the meat of it there are so many pastiches all now meet moonlight especially in modern interpretations falls into that same kind of open human even potential unleashed kind of character now. I'm originally it's bound to you know because when we first him it's like he's bounded faces the moon and other a hormone according to the universe you know the marvel handbook to the first full moon class one hundred with his shrink. All we really really let's says now where will buy it wasn't a there was it got so muddied <hes> they I think Doug mench which was really trying to figure out what he wanted to <hes> he had to head away by there was that guy remain strength than lighter on <unk> <hes> it was the diocese that Kinda gave him strength through the moon was all be weighed yeah and then like what late eighties early nineties they really tried to make them like mortals Batman but I I mean now he like breaks because he does like all the multiple personalities and stop yeah but again it goes to the gym and Unlimited Human Potential Committee. Let me because he is a human in this magical world that is powered by the force of all life he can tap into it. He has literally access to all powers and that's why when you were doing that thing we're always that the Cap American captain America powers and now he's got ours but yeah but you know who did that right. I'M NOT GONNA say the Guy No here's the thing I think you're meaner dependence than most of him just because I like a lot of his stocks like the street level. Stop The daredevils that Jessica J. His ultimate spider man stomping and when you know the power levels too high sometimes I think he gets a little wonky which off track ray. I don't know how your T._v.. Viewing down there but I guess on they're saying July twenty fifth. I've been this is going to appear again on the late night. It was Seth Meyers. Oh I saw something online about that cool. I mean I I you know you get mad about it and I know that is my voicing. I think at that time I was quoting pool. I think windows has a harder time with Bennis girl you know and that idea that you know but at the end of the day the thing with the thing with any of these characters is this this idea especially with moonlight. Is this idea that he has his power he can unlock now. Is it guys or is it. His own psychology doesn't really matter are the gods even anything without human psychology. It's established in the Hercules comics that you know look you know we God's we're real beings but we actually are heavily influenced by the stories you tell about us so he tells a story about us that that is a reality this. This has a nice corollary in the current agents of shield art. I don't know if anyone's nine I watched mates but I mean but yeah. There's there's a lot going on about how how oh images in our world can affect nine corporal beings when they take form and so you know it. It's interesting in its way. I don't know if they're gonNA go as far as I'd like them to go but you know they might go there. You know I'm always surprised by agents of shows while show slide podcast on them. Cope Noble said look South Eight Media Network in their ads on everyone is yeah yeah <hes> attached to more announcements. I did you see a while ray price all excited. I mentioned it on the into late group. <hes> I guess mortals returning twenty ninety nine for something out if it's going to be a new line of books or or some kind of special but yeah they're eighteen remarkable twenty ninety nine. What are your thoughts on that affil- lot with twenty nine dollars? You'd be fan of noughties. I mean I was books. They're pretty good but I like. I did love like <music> all course Spiderman twenty ninety nine my favorite pretty good you know speaking. I think they have to work with twenty nine nine again because they gave that big <unk> spiders. I you know about units pointing ninety nine. You know just call that Universe Twenty Ninety nine now and seventy years in the future now eighty eight twenty twenty nine. I don't know what Australia there could be a time down area goodson use it has yeah yeah I mean spoilers at the end of this week's speaker last week got an amazing twenty mazing Spiderman Twenty five yeah they show yeah. That's wait a minute twenty ninety nine falls out of the sky so yeah in another Peter David written cats yeah. He may not know anything about cyclops but he's really call charter amassing interview with Yes I had my redemption now sure or short yeah and I mean <hes> and we were talking about miles. Did you see I guess I they're going to do. I Guess Playoff the movie. They're going to do a six issue to reverse <hes> miniseries going to be like traveling through the multi sort ever oh cool that'd be harder ham. He's the backbone of that entire franchise but has malls got a series already ready title. He had one right now Seattle what they're doing because yeah on the next issue of the one after because he has a big anniversary issue coming up. I guess something bumper get back. The of like the ultimate universe is still out there in some form sound. I'll wow yeah we got the ultimate when the ultimate showed up and the ultimate scar looking for their university but of course it's just a copy of their universe is that there's like a million different timelines for the ultimate university. Do you know what the word infinity means. Infinite number of it wasn't the whole idea of Hickman sicker woods combining all of those infinite. It doesn't investments together but no but it doesn't work that way. It doesn't work that way because I wanted to go into my again but more their lunch but you know the entire premises that the binders are trying to limit the amount of universes for some reason gee. I wonder what it is. I told you earlier but the they're trying to limit of universes but technically is only only limiting the number of universes that they have contact that they're trying to close the fact that one of the final books just before we get to save it words is literally for and Hyperion just just estimating the left and right you know because you know almost suggested the kind of just wanted it all they wanted to be in the face again returning to my mind returning to the oneness of the beyond on when they didn't have to worry about diverging timelines. They're basically like giant fan. Boys are just so mad at all the differentiations that take care of supposedly ultimate timelines. What is what they're doing? David said I guess at the end of the year December morals they didn't say what it is but they're coming out with some big one shot spiteful. That's going to propel them. Twenty Snow Yeah uh-huh Yeah I mean marvel's always doing something they and they never ever ever getting getting events that potato. I am a little as I see absolute carnage coming up and I don't know if I'm picking proper how much of that too but like I'm just trying to get a war of the realms vote for me. It's like why would I read it. I don't I don't like carnage is a character yeah but spider fan. I know there's some spinoffs though to death spend an off the charts as well. Here's the thing you don't have to buy the book just because it's they're like your guy that buys every book every week then yeah it probably getting fifty would be thing but if you only have a small number books you buy like you know. It's like fantastic four and not really a small number. Please five books a week from me you know but it's like you know unless it's like if there's a MS marvel event where she's the central character that might only yet that you know <hes> Abso evil. I'm I'm kind of intrigued but I do like the premise of the first books. Let's call mix so let's talk to this. Yes yes because <hes> comics corner <hes> rate that you did you read any. Have you been reading any of those acts of evil annuals of I read just recently the punish on was there another one release I I wanted to read it. I haven't ready yet but yeah the Miss Marvel one. I think was the first one punisher did come out this week. Yeah Yeah Yeah sorry so so I guess Ms Marvel came. I write my I wanna all out. I mean this is this is apparently the ultimate cover very misleading. It has the wizard on it right before thing. I was very disappointed. There is no five and four quality in there. You have the you basically have all the moment you have Eric's you. The wizard nihilists is very very uncover. If it's a very that when I so this is the first one it's basic premise is you have the super scrawl Yada Yada Yada and he's been cold all of his exploits by this a guy they call them Scott Cre- but his actual name is Mar Coil is a little guy here guys know him okay so which is which it's my thing that character are you Loki in disguise. That's my thing extra vengeance J. or someone else like that. It could be mercury in this guy. He's a trickster. You got to never gets a new quite but here's my plug I mean we talked a little bit about acts of vengeance on the quantum zone but coming up I think in September little and I are going to do the spiderman issues for acts of vengeance. Lovely awesome is just reread it is but you're opening the opening up with an obvious trickster character who's talking to his name but the super scrawl correct I think it is but he's tells else him this magic macguffin device which will if built on the Morphou genyk framework of a shape shifter will <music> can unleash Morphou genetic framework onto an entire planet turn the entire planet and it's denizens into whatever you want to be and he's basically saying I'm GonNa go find him. As Marvel who is the most powerful check shifter after in the universe because <hes> and <hes> use her mortgage scaffolding to actually transform earth into <hes> scroll us <hes> our our old world that was eaten by blackness us and he his his Spanish too impersonal character captain hero medical original tribes were in starts. The meeting up people but being very violent about it and kept marvel. She's like all about this through and she'll put you if she has to but you always prefer to talk it through <hes>. There's this little eighty. Throwback character called <hes> after <unk> boom. Her name is Chaban <hes> she has like Little Marco powers that destroy things and you know basically they know fight fi mccloughan gets used but then gets destroyed by ship boom because hey she lives in the earth to a nice little face with that and then you know basically captain marvel or MS Marvel <unk> out of talks you know <hes> out of you know destroying earth and saying things change you know yes you earth was destroyed. Everything gets destroyed. The best you can do is sort of build the world and he's like yeah you know we're shapeshifts. We shouldn't be so hung up on what planet were on the new world and then they throw Scott Cre- into space and that's the ad and it seems like Oh oh that's a standalone no religion anything until we get to the fire show where once again there's a kind of trickster character making deals with Aliens Space Yeah Eh but he gets well he gets kyle is dry growing that you talking about to go that <hes> organize a whole spice expedition what the punisher yes sorry the punisher yeah the wife Yeah Drake the are together. It's actually interesting Chali that went through the Miss Mabul annual because when you were describing it I was trying to find any ties with the able to punish annual and <hes> the closest thing is this dry character but he gets he gets exposed those <hes> at the end saga similar to that Skull Creek Act so auditor how things are gonNA tie in with a continuing anyone thread. It seemed a little disjointed this whole active able something video future off the the able but yeah but all I love the punisher J._J.. How would how good was that? Actually I was too so I was a bit reserved but <hes> but the huma that injects as really funny it actually works looks and it's not greedy doc punisher that some fans would be wanting at and the odd itself doesn't lend itself to that as well because the odds quite law that actually reminds me a little bit run Otley Amazing Spiderman Yeah yeah yeah so it doesn't really punish a ton <hes> but yeah a rule is quoting joyful punishment spice. Oh Yeah I mean I'm just like him. I've been looking can freely connections between him. Yacht angels you back Charlie on Mister Professor Charles Hester but I but I I I know at least ray we're. I'm sure we'RE GONNA be picking up that mood night the annual yeah well. I mean you'll still feel on S._A._D.. Rate Miss Novel as well as well as I wanted to. I didn't read it yet. A guy tried to read this up to this just then off the back of the punisher annual in what are your what are your initial axis of evil lot. I'm definitely Dante question. Definitely GonNa get the moon not one you know being a fan of vengeance heady on this telling up because I am a fan of acts of vengeance that I want to be like some big conspiracy. Hope is just like random. You know people because it just it gives it a lot more value. I think if there is a common thread I mean it's funny because Charlie was talking about <hes> about the events and all that and if you don't have to buy if you don't follow the tolerant after bought but one of the things that Mambas is <hes> running through different series and making you WanNa collect it lago would never think of getting mismile annual but if there is a continuing story and phase into this punish annual than I will take it out you know Masako Lot back. Sorry <hes> and that's what might also exit vengeance really good the area because you had that back story that this seems to be just as you say random events in account say sorry I've said hopefully it's not really not yeah yeah like I said I'm excited for the mood night. I can't hang on dead pullovers nightmare. Yes I think the next one is Venom Rod. This is madam something Oh Yeah Lady Help Bender Light. I'm not familiar with that character Dina hurdle now. Let's say I'm not familiar with her so okay yeah. It's not good did enjoy it and I love the the epilogue having done by salmon could drain Sqi. Oh yeah that odd. He's been killing it weighed Matt Rosenberg on the punish title itself. He's hot is is really good. <hes> incidentally I wasn't a fan of his in that damnation events vent those wall ago now remember that one with them doctor strange menards and now I mean he didn't art for spun for Awhile too. I like art better here. 'cause I think they like paired him with like a good color yet yet. I mean we'll this epilogue alarm. Just a few really good but what did you think of the brewed quyen of the brewed. <hes> you know the whole kind of thing. I don't know I just thought it was it was ridiculous. It's just like right castle dot Jameson almost it was like sigourney burnt alien alien stuff but yeah it was a little ridiculous the plot getting them in the space. Yeah it was pretty <unk> has been on this fun but while fan that the beginning a bit really good win Johnson's introduced to the punish actually killing these under <hes> what he did lines Russian spies I guess now trying to hijack the space shuttle and and that was actually really cool and then it just became a pretty funny big ride slugfest at the end. James's like what are you doing. These are astronauts astronauts. Don't carry guns in the space exactly exactly now that was that was I thought it was them <hes> <hes> so. What did you what what else you've been reading yet <unk> of red? I am particularly for the shower <unk> things at a hoosier start. I'm love really enjoyed a few. I'm GonNa do something a little different. He Phil. I'M GONNA go down. The Superman. Roots are rare data's Superman Superman's pal Jimmy Olsen did you. I didn't read that but I think Charlie Charlie. They're insane not law though <hes> Canada's got him. He's yeah look Tom Wolfe. Jimmy Olsen Matt Fraction Phil really good very different. I did not expect this sort of comic <hes> away it. was I hear noise early. There's telling us Oh drop dad again. What I you yeah no? I didn't read <hes> Jimmy. Olsen might have to pick that up because I have a big theory that the Internet that I have you heard about the whole Leviathan thing. Is that the big event happening now yeah serious figuring armor who's like taken out all the spy organizations in the D._C.. Universe and what are you reckon. Jimmy Open is alive and Oh wow cool I mean in because they said that they tease it at the end of the last this season supergirl that the Leviathan or like doing that already even though it's it's still going on in the comics and then they just announced that the guy plays I will James Olsen on super girls'll even halfway through the season. Oh my always Leviathan you. Are you putting Europe putting putting the breadcrumbs yeah if pacing the puzzle together that's cool but yeah no. I didn't say I didn't reach him Olsen. You know what I picked up like. It's like a week or two old <unk> out Lois Lane series wanted gay. I WanNa read that I didn't read it <hes> Greg Rock. It's really good great rucker actually yeah because some pretty big name see Matt Fraction Greg Russia <hes> yeah definitely GonNa have to check that one out as well <hes> speaking the corner is well again from our podcast wonder if he's GonNa get a wants to unfortunately not at this Tommy Econ but I'm definitely something would checking checking Jimmy Olsen. Just it's funny. It's auto no it's a really lights comic in it's almost almost like a an anthology lama fraction <hes> split up into law three small stories but they all kind of <hes> overlap with one another <hes> and this really Auburn added that the closest comparison. Maybe is maybe unbeatable. Squirrel girl not read that but it's very light in funny and <hes> <hes> Yeah Yeah Anyway. I was really surprised by that we have anyone wants to see my fear. I put a posted on the Cape Sa- Lunatics blog finally owe us. I used to try to do that weekly but like last year was <hes> watch over time out the I I was like I haven't put up since October. Holy Crap so yeah I did put that up <hes> but yeah no one was even saying demeanor like well. What about this series? He has come back like twelve issue series. I was like I was like one of the road the Leviathan UH and instead lowest goddess series to cement. I don't know maybe in the end. She's GonNa be like I'm GONNA try trying to like battle him 'cause like in the first issue is really good. You know turned Clark you know with her and Clark but then it's like she sends that late the female version of the question like out on a mission and then at the end she's like at the at the White House <hes> like a White House press conference and she's like very real world he she's like Oh. What about this thing at the border with you putting kids in cages ages and stop so I mean I here's the oddest in that <hes> <hes> it is perkins among Perkins <hes> he's pretty good yeah? I I mean I did like the art was really good. I mean really matches the tone of the story in my opinion Perkins Yeah lovely now I saw I think it was very uncover would have been Nicholas Scott. I'm not sure those <hes> <hes> and it has lowest with back against the wall kinda looking with bullets ricocheting off the wall and she's got a report is bad. Yeah I just looks awesome is really great. Yeah I mean like it's only one issue so far but really good okay this way. <hes> fulfill what what have you been writing <hes> like I said I read the punisher. Did I hear you say on your show. Read Immortal Hulk Saga that he's not out there that he's star Good Judge Charlie there yeah I'm back. I'm back. Oh okay on the phone now okay I. I know you said you read it. I didn't read it but I was saying he read Jimmy Superman Powell Jimmy Olsen number one <hes> no I didn't read it. I did had a code I would've thought it coast and the number one coats and what they haven't been doing that lately. I like like I said I got Lois Lane number. One there was no code the AD appointing they were with air putting out a lot of their books with codes and then they were just like young like number ones and annuals. They were doing the code yeah now. I'm not seeing any kids. It's like you know what they they just. They don't want people that word amount in your book yeah well is that I've been they don't want the word him out and you know it's a shortcut of business model but that that's the story of the you know the short battle where elect about it was other shows in darkness in the very last agent. Is You know <hes> the Devon and which suggests that there's a ultimate dementia Jimmy Open some Yada Yada Yada as as I said that you know if Redford it open it might well be <hes> Ali game plan <hes> ultraman fell from the Anthony get university and I at the <hes> very unlikely possibility that we might yet up just love right they feel as well the very last panel of that Shush Jimmy Olsen looking at his own article of <unk> at an article sign who kills Jimmy Nelson Sarah. It's a bit confusing <unk> hanging wanting more <hes> yeah I really enjoyed it. Jelly other was really good at Charlie. I was towing ray like <hes> they were teasing Leviathan on the season finale of supergirl girl last season and then they just announced that the guy plays James Olsen is leaving this season like halfway through all he's Leviathan Ryan right but you so much me. Hey quite I and you know are they making with supergirl Hula by as as has been said Leviathan is under the defaulting but again too but I mean if you're if you WANNA go with that alternate rod reality version they cross over this year's crisis on infant earth's because even said they're gonNa have they they announced. I guess a comic con that Brandon Ralph is GonNa play Superman again through that crisis crossover Charlie he's going to be the atom and Superman and they're we're going to bring that other superman two vs superman in there in that crown this year oh what a rotten Ralph in Obermann and it is only ace. I loved Wenham when John Wesley's ship arrived as the Flash Flood Watch that yeah yeah that was so cool I used to watch the ninety and got a rule buzz saying they out was really cool. Oh Yeah Oh yeah so yeah. They're giving US Brandon wral superman in an across over. I can't wait. I can't wait there. crossovers are so good I mean I love this the C._W.. T._V. crossovers. There's more than like old probably most of those most recent I._D._C. Movies like all right yeah yeah pretty low bar. Really I enjoy them. I thought that was pretty. <hes> yeah yeah I haven't Seen Art Art Echelman what we say about the ones that are good good movies or the good for I think he did. I think a bit Bud Sally I think Iran I think goodbyes because into when you like I remain to the authority to that thing the films are your thing that bad marvel to get those are definitely not up to the level that we expect tomorrow yet but at the same time are the thirty bad film I know because I'll watch taking and watching on men to recently. I thought I hide it. A watching it again didn't hide it as much as watching once again. It was actually top daisin. It was good so I don't want the problem. They're fun. Popcorn sound say about you know should Damn Wonder Woman Commander Fun Popcorn so that you go and you see. Maybe one or two more times says it's fun thing to do on Day with I do and D._C.. Has the problem in marvel fees when they want to tell a deeper story I think fees trips overtone trying to Tel Aviv for story and I think marvel somehow when they wanna tell something they deeper than just a fun filled with people. You know impacting punching each other. You know <hes>. They're both pretty good at that but when you went authorities after defeating films are bad phone is just that easy. The film haven't quite figured out how to tell how did how did how did I didn't do melodrama that they're melodramas still coming up more soap op radic than you know Shakespearean Yeah but I hate Charlie Charlie. We're <hes> we're going to the comics. <hes> you know what Ray Ry. That's one of our favorites immortal hall ECON Field Eagle. Has It feels like we're actually reading something very special <unk>. I don't WanNa lock like a sound really but it really is especially with Joe Bennett this issue. The latest issue feel doesn't have John Bennett in it but it's still Khanna carries the story alone authority and this was a good one. This issue for me was actually pretty much the weakest issue in the immortal series is it a bad issue of a whole comic note advantage you at all but it does not it doesn't give me what I was looking or from a from an immortal and then have the late last big reveal now easy vaccination now. It's like a really really that those really really cool well effect the we already go wrong earlier in the issue in that thing issue about why do you want to become the thing we you know and that the quality that make you know and then the whole the whole you know them you know only everyone in the in the <hes> now in of apply you know all that was that was shocking thought like killing won't time yes of course they're they're. They're probably going to be revived somehow but why why being with the needle drain I mean look who look who he kinda killed. Charlie was DOC Samson was sasquatch. We those no have like gamma and what's been given the game of people they come out of the they come back. I'm back all the time yeah yeah. I'm not to worry about Samson but that did cy Walter had his he was free of gamma or whatever so other yeah but in all of them a lot of them are cured by that there by the whole way a couple of years back so yeah yeah very thought very very strong issue again. Not You know degree with each one of the best ones been ripley. I think the one before this was just fantastic in a couple of them before they <hes> but yet if anyone who's listening hasn't picked up immoral. I feel obliged to tell them. Go Out and get get it because it's you'll missing out something very special. They've even had my favorite fixing. That's my favorite hope the cray hall in that everybody in mind if my mind yeah yeah human that human that cheesy mustache I will I will give one that I did like is rock basically important that you know even that when the whole thing seems control or when benedict or whatever yeah dangerous because when we were fighting you know it wasn't it. Wasn't you know it's still just I'm the strongest one there is not on an I._Q.. And always angry little child getting yeah a beautiful really good running informality doing really does stays out a lot of the essence of what I think <hes> thunderball things in the united. Sometimes I guess we think of the Hulk will maybe things thoughts that we know realize we've sort <hes> it's it's really and you know I think he now. I remember when you if ever read the first I the first time we Iraq and Redeemer and by the way I always get annoyed always bring back the redeemer armor. No one ever bring back. The Rock. Act Was the greater weapon that it looks like a potato but it's probably Ali Morbid and that's why I love about Iraq armor. Oh It's like being on rock. It's almost like a Ben Grimsson no but that's what makes Iraq that cool and so if you ever read newer jumping her David Brock Nadeem rates very much this idea looking back on disease characters who hate the whole story is what we got laughed issue with that he sort of Betty story you know over several ways and that we did now unfortunate story over several ways and I wonder like in the third issue. Probably I wonder what we'd get that you know. I'm hoping we get rick guns that you know yeah me too renting Joan the ultimate human and what are you going to think of Gamma flight. Oh unlike those guys I love critic agree on that. I like I totally feel that there's this idea that they wanna get into crutcher. Pressured feels idea that because he is the gorving man he gets the personalities of around him so he gets more and more evil in fact the most evil we've ever seen him when he was in a mental institution. It would use imploring the mind of the evil after her out really wow oh yeah it's a fireman. We've heard all correctly but <hes> you know <hes> I could be run on that but yeah but it's a great absorbing man story three you are or something he's bringing them. He's been around recently Stanley. He was in the Christian would black Bolt Ron which was very good in was written very well in <hes>. He's getting a lot of attention. Yeah I mean I think there's a lot you can do with glory man and I am here for like yeah. We get Jilin out. He's like he's not being a to prevent is really just being a dude his girlfriend and then they gotta be with you know run guy but he's not like plotting anyone death at the moment you know and really. I think that you know <hes> Mary is more more more supervision is one in jeans even and her motivations were always kinda week. Do you know or big quite always G._O._P.. Up One it made her feel weak again when he got up all the time you know so yeah. I think this couple Diane Janus is writing all of that they pretty much just <hes> from school had knox and any nuts have icon of gold. By the crime before previously but now they've been handed quarter NAS little little Joba May navien Krill. Khanna is fascinated have cool. I've got it now. You know based prison. You know what are we doing with. SLEEPIQ hopes <hes> <hes> yeah they've got themselves in position a hope that day more a gamma flight really say more of it doubled these presdent spun that off in the something they were kind of not not deploring remand Titania Blade. I mean the rest of like Kinda with Captain Marvel for Awhile in my current series yeah yeah something came to that or getting like Alpha flight book again or something of an walk again okay <hes>. I don't WanNa hold too long. I know it's late there but <hes> did it. I was GONNA say. Did anybody relocate number one this week. Now I'm sorry could you read who the Ottesen the Roy that <hes> this is wasn't familiar with the credits <hes> he full name here. It's the raiders kibbles Smith third ever kibbles mythical who <hes> and the arts is drawn by Oscar baas Basel Puzzled Dua. I never heard of him. Feel heavy next anyway. You want to say yeah. Okay Okay Yeah. That's fine. I just wanted to ray wanted the fray read it but yeah it was. It was good okay. I'd recommend the yeah is it is one shot or a mini now well. I know there haven't they're gonNA have more issues so I don't know if it's going to be many or an ongoing but yeah 'cause I like issue to it. Looks like the covers looked like he's going to like harass Tony Stark which I can't wait for you. WanNa read it. Let us know Yup and the way I know we've been reading this ray. Have you read there have been reading and this was a really good issue. I don't know if you locked it as well very contained. It was just the Lebron's family against the summer. easies matinee idol gets invited a bit of reveal this woman that he's had a hot school very weird the story yeah yeah well. This is in bubbling for a bit like <hes> but never knew that she was married until this issue and not only that but she's married to married the very end they met on down the first time when he had the Hobo shutting down them up because he is a drinking over a noyer so yeah yeah that was the weird thing about this issue like why would she invite him knowing who is knowing who the family is what she liked trying to get out of that family no she's trying to you know what I on opinion it. I think they have their time if you will when the emotions in high and I think it's like you know what this will get on the I think so I think I think Shelly I think you're absolutely right. I think she did that to get out of at a damn yet I don't. I don't think they're typically. I don't like trying to con from my everything she said before I think she has a decent relationship with her family and then this is gonNA cause the tension at the family family dinner. That's going to get to the next well. She's she showed no care for Matt Murdock. I mean she's actually throwing him into the lion's den out knowing that he was a you know a d.. I previously and that he had some con handling any obviously obviously knows the family very well <hes> is he he tells <hes> <hes> cut remember nine by <unk> battle. The history associated shows very little concern for mass <hes> and auditor with it. I thought okay kid became actually I actually thought gave him buddy actually spells at he. You'll what was it your retail stroke or something retail Creep Yeah Yeah you mistake very friendly surgical said yeah but he got it because he is a creep around he is. He's a little nearly had no infant him. You know what knitting around I think well. That's what I told you. I think a couple issues back. I just wonder if they're gonNA play in this morning like show that I mean I think they've kind of hinted around in previous runs but like maybe he has issues with women. You know just like taping. Maybe maybe not seeing women as fully developed people. Maybe you know maybe even as sex addiction UNO's. Actually that's probably yeah I mean it. Finally Mike ojos Connor did rises. Well is a big Fan <hes> he loves black widow and blackwood happens to be the only person that has gone out with that actually still alive so all yeah yeah so well electrodes alive but I'm electra I mean Jubal. She worshiped by an echo or guests. Well yeah but I mean he has a good point they <hes> there's a lot of dead now with the audit that girlfriends on his tab yeah Yeah Yeah Oh who actually feel before I forget as well another a bit of I believe it's San Diego Comic Con News All show. You'll love it again. Sorry Charlie plays indulge May <hes> only because of discusses would feel full own you all different x-factor getting <hes> the Hasbro mob legends treatments. Oh really strong guy has been released by Ad Yeah and a double pack with havoc in Laris ooh in the in that that really cool cost you in the nineties yeah yeah so there were those blue and yellow yellow ones. Yeah keep your eyes out for Spain. <hes> an all the others might be another re release of metrics touch wood right now thanks to actually buy those all on our buddy thing. Mike get an extra dictator yeah. Oh yeah cool anyway. Sorry I just before the <hes> but yeah going back to the data will the yeah I mean <hes> trip. The dossier has been doing very well on these todd. I'M I don't mind this oddest <hes> it's it's not <hes> Chatto. He's a brilliant oddest in the first off no fee but Shama is it. I guess it's Shamu <hes> <hes> hold his on the has been bad but you had that I like that for the first or it was just incredible beautiful beautiful and what do you think of <hes>. I got two things up but to fill into Celli. <hes> what do you think of this new addition of coal north the from Chicago and also the return of the AL in on the mix. What are you reckon loving them? Oh Yeah you think it's always loved daredevil beating on the owl but I I mean he he's kind of his kingpin or the kingpin yeah but I just that car. I yeah the call up onto mean I. I was glad the Dr Ski didn't go that way. I mean could look. I thought Oh what he's GonNa make him like the villain daredevil for a while they push against it gets so good that way but I mean I'm glad is I was just like okay. I didn't see that coming so far charlie well I mean obviously you know they've been worked with the I'll for awhile here we had you know had the owl as <hes> you know sort of background sacher and definitely the guy who during the pot among them out yet which is which is a nice take the Erica <hes> you know as as the quote unquote live yet I mean the detective you know <hes> honestly again that he doesn't recognize daredevil title is Matt. Murdock detective in fly over the whole lower at mit face is exactly the same. It's my lady I am. I dared now doing a Christian vile guy you met like two minutes ago yeah yeah but opening up a whole thing in modern watering call. That's the whole thing in comics. Charlie can't play that it. They're devils thing well well good detectives yet. Well people not recognizing people just because they have a little mask over their face eh but no I didn't always leave it in the sense that a lot of people just play along. It's like Gordon knows that man ruth laying but it's like why would I why would I admit to that. You know that makes me liable. Plus articulate actively again daredevil and like had no reason to keep their secret you know so he could well. He's distracted. He's distracted is he's got the the rest of the police force against him as well. They will item the big reveal at the end. Sorry Sorry Shelly now I liked the idea the liberal insane about how you know you truly evil really make money in the world which <music> awfully thin kind of a line and more with his Netflix <hes> Marianne really about the real estate holding and you know the building up of you know the the forfeit rotation of health and you know and and living elaborate in things and we're we're aiming kicking affordable will be bringing the crime that down the rest. I loved the I love the opponent view that Sadowski does on both sides Loyd both of it's quite compelling United Criminals in south but she she expounds on it so eloquently and then you get Murdoch retorting <unk> as really really <unk> another pace a really good writing his issue ah again it's just it's just them at the dinner table. It's very time I mean I love all that stuff but you mentioned the kingpin I i. I'm interested to see if he's going to be like you know he's GonNa fail going legit and then there's lamed matter I tried. I tried to get output Utada pack. It's not demanding a percentage of every I know add it his legitimacy he's just he's just distancing himself further from the crime in his twisted view he is Charlie but yeah we know he's not trump thing. He yeah no longer have older in you know trump property. It's like okay you can argue that but you're still getting aid by and you're still you know you're didn't yourself what you're not because he's still actively involved and he'll Muslim if they don't you know up out of the goodness of their heart it yeah I mean it's basically just Wilson Fiscal and Oh yeah yeah well not. I'm not actively ordering people with a murderer other people so yeah shit now you know exactly yeah and the governor in there. You Know Oh yeah he does. I love that Vile Fred beautifully beautifully Dongyang <unk>. I had my man watching us his ben were behind yours out and just going on the tally with what you're talking about. I know it's not exclusive. Exclusively Wli Netflix spot the issue reveal we did it will back in the black costume <unk> locals that was all the way back with man without fee yeah thank <hes> but <hes> you know if if any recent fans would associate traveling credible Hawley oh yeah yeah yeah yes oh about Asu yet rex was the act dot com members last night but very yeah yeah <hes> <hes> very <hes> yes our next to shape. I'm back in back in black should be pretty good but now I roll another good yet. dateable immoral hulk feel not eh talking about top T. mobile stuff at the moment they will marvel's popped here. Yeah I mean <unk> at this down soon but I won't rate you see what's coming out Wednesday the Iraq by Daniel you all well. Yes the next <hes> cigarette Infinity Wolszczan Yep yeah yeah I haven't been following the last two annuals soldier supreme and the Panthers One out. I think now last week I didn't bother with goes through but I get soldier supreme cream like I was told Charlie. I don't know if they're doing their acts of vengeance acts evil thing over there because it's like their enemies are going out for different people so okay yeah. It's a little bit to have an ongoing than going to be an ongoing join the monthly weekly they're going to be having a anthony were ongoing theory. How so who say well realistic uh-huh realistically we'll see how long that loss though with Ma will could end up paying a serious or exactly but with this symphony wolves annual Phil optically GONNA pick up the May not one but I reckon the whole thing? I'm GONNA tried white. I'm not just wide in our whole tried at the end yeah tiffany Dan titles off you'll but absolutely carnage probably yeah yeah may too big. This big thing for were realms yeah now that it's like you. Don't get a chance breathe in there like here's absolute Karnei Earth. It doesn't give that that Kinda sensitive special event because like you just jump into the next but absolutely yeah it. Everybody's Oh you didn't let worst-off. We'll hear Spiderman fan or you know what that is that you know what because there's a lot of demand fan its CY were up well. That's true the ideas and they actually always do that like you know. The mutant massacre was the phone event outside of the other events that we're going out of that time yet but it just seems record <hes> it just seems now that it's just unrelenting <unk> one literally after the other ident- remember that even if you use ago even start a before the last one end sometimes to Kathy. Here's the thing out say they think that you have these events that you have mullen diminutive big events like what is American. I don't see that I don't see that as a war Rome level of that. That's going to be a <unk>. Maybe you'll have one proper with the fantastic for something but it's not going to be a global event the way our many toddlers Kelly because I've not just spotted titles guys. I have a fantastic full. I mean just racing captain marvel guys. I've a moral hulk but it's GONNA be no but it's going Edward. I N would be under shows up in the last office interesting. You know you would have the way that attend be. Oh there was open I. I don't know I mean maybe they make you know aren't into a worldwide ethnic mistake. I don't think carnage is the EPA late for that. No I mean I think Donnie pushing the N._B._A.. Me Harry Reid might love it but yeah Oh yeah Donnie case is really pushing symbiosis. I mean between rate envenom and then ray of you've been reading silver surfer black read the first one a lot with with with the simulate down so as a as a larger stimulatory. Maybe it's interesting but I guess because there's heavy around Carnahan's. I get the carnage the Tristan Front number one in it's a matter who that is oh we saw it was you shouldn't wasn't went out to the mullet. Carney Erica looks like what the Double Gang. Maybe I don't know but yeah I mean I think I like I've seen like venom demised versions of different stuff like <hes> was it cut like a month or two ago. I saw fun go pop. It was like a big iron man who was like Fed ben demised or something <hes> I do a lot of as venomous variance <music> what that's like the cupboard this captain marvel and like my guy was like Oh yeah. They didn't send me the regular copies. I had to get the varian cover with like you know it really GonNa be a very yes sunny. Every time you mentioning a lot you mentioned dateable mentioned hulk in any mention customizable <unk> looking right at the justice you mentioned him yeah because I read kept him novel as well so that was pretty good. <hes> just got this ongoing. Thing nasty seems to be suffering some sort of illness. Oh yeah she's getting weaken. Stop but non yeah I find it interesting with like you know they. Somebody released to the public that she's half crease. You know she's now become public enemy number one at her home. One is a reveal that owes you after the whole time. I don't know if pin it never really doesn't go with me yet. Yeah this is this is mobile kind of. I think starting to rewrite history in order to make fit with the movies. Maybe that's what I was wondering if they do not yet because we really didn't get into her parentage. I mean especially like other. There's no mention of like any kind of mother in that first movie so <hes> really religious trying to make her aquaman really yet it was it was like oh my father in New England found the beautiful alien feature who he defended to shut out Simon. I got career as well <hes> but this I think from the Margaret Stole Run. which wasn't that long ago thing? It was a five policy on the life more ah which is a really good really itchy me on a series so kind of falls off the back of that but I feel what he drink an really enjoyed at the end as well Minova. This seems to be some the easy alliance between Oh yeah we'LL DR. Manoeuvres is like you know she's always about furthering the cream. Ya the agenda. Neo Carols. Were always been enemy. She's like well we I will I. I know you're crease the wrong that I've been looking yeah all right. We wrap this up. They will probably keeping up late in or if not thanks. Thanks for having me on. Its Tom Sawyer <unk> with no problem Charlie and I have another show to do you know all right now for we get outta here. Rang Help People Nassar on where the at you and yes sure so so I am <unk> double double here a double barrelled how into the night I may not podcast which is why I'm wearing flashy tracks talk <hes> you can find us on twitter at I._T.. Manatt or on facebook Vice <unk> dot com slash shot <unk> facebook group please join <hes> facebook dot com slash slash camus not also on the law son's crypt on. I sued the men outcast with Connor McCann and that's really fun podcast. You can find us at L.. L. S. K. podcast on twitter or on our facebook page. <hes> DOT COM slash L. S. K. podcasts so yeah hope to here for me and everyone <hes> I'm sure you hear me say but yeah Bala. Why spend your thoughts on anything we talk about today? We talked about everything. Including the kitchen. Sink Guy Keeps Lunatics at dot com on facebook facebook dot com slash capes lunar picks active takes on twitter publicly politically on instagram the voicemail six one four parts. We two two seven three seven. That's six hundred four thirty capes work in progress tapes would've thought or and announcing here <hes> brand new I slowly I._D.. Off Ray here we're going to have al at the beginning of every week and then try to get out of weekly newsletter. It'll tell you everything that's hitting the both the Cape saluted takes case a lunatic side picks podcasts every week so I subscribe to that keeps in lunatics starting law you hope o'clock. I'll put it in this show now. I'll definitely be onto that still oil. Be Cool <hes> in Charlie Esther. Where can people talk to you? What would you like to Richmond at old fashioned way? Where Moslem Parsons did you can do stored superconductivity blog at log all one word dot COM? I follow me on the twentieth select. We agent some shield L.. What got me last night at Trivia answer? That's the O._J.. Reliably E. S. E. R. Look the to ease in the middle for quality over the trump got about these. Thank you for joining us again this week. Everyone takes international all international art all right regular ready to play it a little part. They all right for the caves new here yeah we the people over this week save all he did say fighting words or anything Sally Sally Side I did say.

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