Why should you consider PrognoCIS EHR


Prognosis HR. It's a medical software company. Prognosis supports over twenty three different and unique medical specialties each of these specialties are equally maintained for their ease of use mature content and providers. Specific tailored. Workflow prognosis is a fully integrated fully, certified electronic health records solution and practice management software. There's also other offerings however such as medical billing services, commonly referred to simply as RCM or revenue cycle management, many current customers of prognosis are RCM have reported back an instant uptick in their revenues, thanks to prognosis experienced an expert, medical billing, coders. There are multiple independent third party research firms that proclaimed prognosis as the high value. EHR prognosis offers many feature. Rich benefit. It's such as text appointment reminders for patients in Telehealth, to- health is gaining traction in a best practices document is available to you upon your request. Why not explore this as an option for your practice this early in the game? We're starting to see the wave of Telehealth. It's coming, and we all know that it's growing in popularity for patient care, and it will probably become as common usage as a smartphone. So the question is why suffer through another day trying to make use of a software program that you have outgrown you may not like or suffering from poor customer support, why not take a twenty minute preview of prognosis. There's no obligation. There's nothing to lose. Many current customers using another EHR have reported a better experience after making the switch new age, our users have expressed to us a fast and easy startup. Please contact us at prognosis dot com or call toll free. Eight seven seven six nine three six seven four eight. Thank you.

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