Tyler Lockett on Living with Alignment


I take the guy's stuff so serious when I'm performing on performing for him so when I'm up there I'm like I'm like listen like what I'm about to perform To a whole another place I'm not worried about anybody now worried about exciting I'm not worried about any of that because now this week's conversation is with Tyler Lockett an NFL national football league player who currently plays wide receiver for the Seattle Seahawks all right welcome back welcome to the finding mastery podcasts. I'm Michael have taken the time I just want to thank you it's greatly appreciated again that's finding mastery dot net ford slash survey okay stuff is working at the cellular level and it might be placebo I don't think so like I spent a lot of time with supplements and understanding like how definitely give them a go check out their web page which is Athletic Greens dot com forward slash finding mastery and if you have been using them and Avai in by trade and training sport performance psychologist as well as the CO founder of compete to create and the whole idea behind these conversations is and what are the mental skills that they use to build and refine their craft okay. Last week I mentioned that we've created a finding master survey and if you haven't had a chance yet it would be much appreciated if you share your input and I want to know what you love what you want more of and if there's anything I'd but it's true like if that's what happens for me is I take it in a few moments later it's I don't know it's like this I can notice that the to change and so our egos not involve what we're doing we're trying to figure it out as we go and it would mean a lot to me if you take a few minutes and share your thoughts broke multiple records now this is the first time I've had a current member of the seahawks on the podcast and it was a special conversation tyler comes from ostry and they've got an offer for US free twenty count travel pack which are the ones that I use when I'm on the road valued at ninety nine dollars with any purchase so you can find a survey at finding mastery dot net Ford Slash survey and all the questions are optional and I just WanNa make sure that if you athletic Greens long thing that I've noticed since I've started taking the product is that I just feel great after I've had a class and it sounds really cheesy to read oh I think in what I eat and eat and how that interfaces with you know me and I'd love to know if you're having a similar type experience if you haven't tried them out I like it because the truth is I like I know everybody else is going to like it because there's nothing that I do that I don't like they're working from which is a fancy way of thinking about how do they make sense of themselves and how did they make sense of events in the world around them and then we also went under is to learn and to learn from people who have committed their life efforts towards mastery both master of craft and mastery of self and what we WANNA do is one understand the psychological framework probably a better way to do it but one of those two places and again if you haven't had the chance punch over to athletic Greens dot com forward slash finding Matt and Tyler was drafted by the Hawks in the third round of the two thousand fifteen nfl draft before that he played college at Kansas State where he across multiple environments and conditions and for Tyler it's his connection to Jesus and that's a huge part of it and also his love for we're having some sort of experience with it or not I I'd like to know what that is for you and so hit me up on social at Michael Bay and also in the finding mastery tried and it's really about living with alignment and that's something available and I think important for all of us so this conversation is really about list you might not ever aspire to play professional sports in some you might have a very different type of faith-based nomination that you're working from but this conversation one of the reasons I wanted to celebrate Tyler's work is because he just released a new book called reflection and it's an amazing collection of original poetry by him poetry he began performing on open mic poetry slams in high school and if you know tyler this is just part of how he works and he uses poetry up to their legacy tyler has a very clear spiritual framework allowed him to work through these challenges and I I realized that many of you strong athletic family elite athletes his father and his uncle playing the same sport and he walks us through how he dealt with family pressure of ending to how Tyler's working and then to figure out how you might answer those same questions and more importantly what is the framework that allows you to explore your very best to work through challenges he is also seen it inspires teammates through it and also give young people an opportunity to reflect on their own lives and that's why and then a workbook attached to it for each poem it's really nicely done I highly recommend checking the book out and with that let's jump right into the many folks don't follow football you know that part of the community a lot do but you're wide receiver on the Seattle seahawks and to make it really simple you're the one that catches the balls most often Michael Smith who kind of helped coach my dad inaugural receiver he was there so I knew that everything was Kinda like set for me to be able to go to Kansas state addressing topics like identity sports and race and relationships in how to live with purpose and it's not just a poetry book it's got poetry inspired words if you will dad's legend as well Dan uncle my dad was the best receiver Kansas State and my uncle was up there I think top five receivers at Kansas state as well as one of the best return and they're spotlights and there's also shadows right it when we think about legacy and sometimes the spotlight is great but sometimes it owners so when I went up there Kinda had a big legacy the time to live up to what was that like so you it was a legacy school meaning that you had family there before right okay so you did you grow up football yeah I grew up for his family so football basketball baseball ran track like I did it all offers got there wasn't really as bad I thought it was going to be a new that I had a good because my dad went there and my uncle went there the same coach Bill Snyder was still there ably challenging for people and let alone the normal pressures of trying to compete right okay so why do you if you go back to that first moment stepping on the entering into the game and at that moment I think that's when I started thinking like what are they gonna think of me if I don't live up to what I'm supposed to live up to the become and the first time that I actually went out there and stepped on the field in the field of play everybody just scream in you would have thought scored a touchdown and it was literally just was the first game that we had that I started to realize how big of a legacy that I was going to have to live up to because everybody kept saying oh he has a speed of his uncle week's conversation with Tyler Lockett Tyler how are you I'm doing good advice Oh this is fun I haven't done this yet with sat down yes the hands of his dad like he's in the middle of both of them so everybody was like really excited to see what is it he's GonNa bring to the table like what is it that he's GonNa do it oxted and so at that moment I was just Kinda like man like they might be lie he's not going to be anything we thought he was going to be an in the second game I dropped the punt he was gonNA have an exciting forty years but now we don't know what we're going to get out of this person at this moment that you're describing is for most people their greatest the field they're cheering and he had those thoughts about what if what if I can't live up to this this is called the imposter syndrome by the way right and what did you do the first game I caught my first past everybody went crazy then are caught a return I took off at a really return and then I think I kind of fumbled and we somebody who's on the team you're the first person on the team that sat down with to do so exactly sure how it's going to go but I'm looking forward to it yeah nom looking for here's is not being good enough not belonging public ridicule and especially it's even more challenging when you're so I remember I told my mom I was like man I'm transferring I'm leaving I'm about to go back home not go live up to this legacy like I just don't want it what you know and it's like a little too much for people and sometimes there's a shadow like you can't quite get the shadow from legacy and so for you what was that like a Kansas state but it was almost like when you will make a play is Kinda like you're checking to see how everybody else fill and then when you didn't make a good play you check in a kind of everybody her father and uncle you know who you're still close with are trying to help you out as well right and what are they thinking I don't know but so you're describing something that's incredible fill in instead of me staying in my right mind I started focusing on like what do they think of me you know what are they saying right now to one another or their cousin me out when they're out there gal was going to say no those gains wasn't decided by this or that it was decided so the child could see with the first two games was like because now what any to reassure that's why I didn't want to deal with this legacy and Blah Blah Blah but when I pray to God that day it was a story that came up into my head and it was when Jesus then it was just kind of like my confidence Kinda just went down because I was just like man I don't know if I could be able to do this because everybody's probably looking at it like man we really audits pressure and I remember took a walk out of my dorm room and I just walked all the way to the football complex in literally was just praying I was talking to guy in didn't have to worry about living up to the legacy in everybody had all these thoughts about always going to be because of his dad is going to be because of his uncle but the thing that Ns Doria showed me was that University of Miami and then after that I got put on kickoff return because the kickoff return was tired we played against Texas Tech and you know how that is Texas Tech Guy that crazy at that moment. That's when I knew I didn't have the question anything anymore because I knew that story kind of gave me the confidence and guidance that I needed to achieve what I needed to achieve with that thought in that moment if you can remember I think at that thought it was just Kinda hard for me to truly focus on what it was that I was doing like I knew what I was doing basically I was trying in a secular way to live up to the shadow or the spotlight from my family and I needed just my dad and so you know how that's hard for people when they have to try to live up to what their parents did or what anybody family is done and they felt like if they're not week and therein lies your framework right that is your spiritual framework psychological framework infused and if I play it back what I hear you saying is that Kinda like I don't understand why stuff is going on you know like I wanted to rich and I decided to say you know what I'm leave it in your hands because at first I was going to do bad on purpose soccer shirt and then I was like you know what I'm GonNa just do what I can do and put it in your hands and when I did they was like shoo you go and play a to a two man appreciate you let me be on the show and I'm just interested in the topics we talk about and just how it's going to get out there so you are so away they were getting anyway so what literally what did you do with those thoughts the thing that really helped me out was because you know I'm a big believer in my faith in God weeks ago because when I was Kansas state it didn't matter what type of game that I had I was just went back to work it didn't matter if people praised me I went back to work it didn't matter the approach in that different approach is it sounds like what you did was you surrendered instead okay got let me hear what you got to say and then what happens was does the will a guy might be displayed over his life in that moment everything made sense because at that moment is showed me that yeah because I mean when you really think at it think about it and you look at it all like everything was set up in a way to where the expectations from me was like through the roof had a revelation but you had a new idea which is okay let me start doing this for God as opposed to for a pre and I just decided to be myself and just do the work now worrying about the results like that was my biggest thing don't worry about the results the results are going to be with the results are going to be but the worst told me I wasn't good enough or I wasn't going to be able to beat this defensive back that was about the army I just went back to work even when I beat them even when I prove that he couldn't guard me I just went back to work and that's the thing that I realized was the result was never bigger than a word and when when and now in my life I started to see that I'm so the stands like those were the things that were kind of playing into my head because it was like oh he might not live up to this legacy and then what were you doing with those obviously you know that those thoughts aren't going to get a good enough then they won't be accepted or they feel like you know there'll be a laughing stock to everybody else is kind of like imagine Michael Jordan and then you gotta be his kids with the disciples and he said in Cyber said like Jesus which one of these people send was a him or like was parents and Jesus was like neither fits what you're talking about right like you're you're connected to the process and hard work more than hard work for you it's smart work smart hard work and then out the do you're GonNa realize that this is something that only God could do and after that I had that mindset in the third game I scored as my first touchdown we played against the Michael Jordan and Mazda was more so my dad and uncle did because they were seen as the best to come through at Kansas state and who would ever thought that if I stayed true to who I was offense than we played against them they put me back in Iran back and then all of a sudden it was like okay stay back there then the next day we played I ran back and then like we're talking about teachers at no my dad we're talking about people that work at candidate than no my dad so when I'm walking places doing everything I'm literally seeing in the same conversations with the coaches like Liam he's one of the top recruits here and he's doing he's at practice before everyone else he stays later on the jugs I don't know if you're on uh-huh how're you doing I was doing an unhealthy way for the most part but when I started to realize was like that might have been based on results and how things start to look that I forget the very thing got media which was the word when you first came into the seahawks I remember but when you focus on the business aspect of anything you start to realize that you can't control anything you start to let everything tell a story you look at the plays or the and now all of a sudden you've got to live up to which your dad is dead and if you don't live up to any of that type of height then you feel like you're a failure but in this case like the truck pre right so like the idea that you were doing the extra work with something that you came in with yeah and so it was taking place as a threat to your success and the narrative would support that and sounds like that would kick for you oh yeah definitely I think for me like when I think about in the NFL is different people view it as a business and a lot of people don't understand how it works when I drafted they're like I remember one of the first things like okay so I gotta prove myself and so now my going out here and I'm playing not only in trying to prove myself but now I'm nervous because I don't know what it's like to be cut what got in the way I think that they got in a way was just it was people like you know when you first come here I mean you listen to the stuff that a lot of people say you try to figure out why you had it if you do this maybe you could prevent it from happening and you start to figure out all of these different types of things instead of just looking at it for what it was in change who taught you that that's something that I really just learned when you said just learned Wendy so I really learned that about myself everybody else as well as try to please this business to be able to show them that you belong when the key about being successful in his business is knowing that they were not reassured you killing everybody out here in practice and so I was like no I wanna Rishard I want to reassure and then when the first two games in really go well I was just like see that's why now like anxiety I started to realize it was a monster that are created with their myself in a lot of it is because I was so good at being in control and I knew I was announce scared to be cut and now like I started realizing like I did have anxiety earlier owned by just never knew what it was because I found ways to cope with in and controls live up to her but they don't understand was going on every single day at the facility or they don't understand the road at your given on the team to be able to help make a team successful Danny light this only happened because of this and now when you start going places you start over analyzing you start over thinking you start checking like I'm checking my breath I'm Chad strong like minded type of person in the worst thing that could happen to somebody that strong-minded have a panic attack because literally you think everything thoroughly ebeling you know and so you know walk us through what you learn that mean I learned a whole lot man like the biggest thing is things I do is crippling for people and some of it is kind of garden variety stuff which is kind of a high level if you will just unsettling but for some people it's really you learn is good he's not a bad thing uncontrolled Zayed's what becomes a bad thing when we are about to perform on a big stage when we're about to take it sometimes we don't even realize it that was exiled until we start to figure out like what's going on with me now like I'm over hyperventilating like things are happening too much my mind it's that up and it's if the narrative if the storyline is about business and success I love your point that you start interpreting whatever belong in knowing that you don't have to prove it to anybody but just to believe it within yourself that thought like it triggers a thought for me what comes first successor confidence I try to give me the ball are they must be trying to give it to somebody else because they make more money oh so now they just want me to be a decoy they don't want me to be able to help out so analyzing everything now you're overly focusing now you're overly thinking now you're overly trying and now when it comes to like focus on your breath because that's what breezy in things that I did that helped me I but like down the road like now I'm near three years four years five years I realize like you can't get caught up in a lot of that type of stuff back to the now you're over thinking your whole breath taking because you can't even focus because your whole imagination is like just wandering everywhere and if you have high awareness you catch it sooner yeah and so you are what you're describing as well as that you became overly aware right worst part of it so how did you work your way through that because you know it's not many people have panic attacks but many people have anxiety he ends some of the ears start ringing you start getting a little dizzy your heart my start beating a little bit too fast or yeah mouth and now you're at the point where getting my thoughts I'm checking my heart make sure okay making sure that I'm okay the worst part about panic attacks is the fear of future panic attack Oh yeah definitely not so do you WanNa talk about panic attacks yeah we can young can yet so you had one yeah and then obviously you're talking about it and and then the checking of it is the racing if you're late to the game low awareness it's like it feels like you open your eyes like what party a Mayan exactly this is overwhelming yeah yet right gas it was like they don't need you he told auto rookies at you know they don't need you is a privilege to be here and you gotta prove that you belong on his team and stuff like hyper vigilant to the fact that something might trigger a panic experienced out of control feeling Nah I mean man it definitely is it's what comes first belonging or knowing you belong or actually fitting in and belonging and obviously the the relationship in the narrative that you have with yourself is what's that debt you know think about college you're not GonNa get kicked off the team you're not gonNA get cut air by Primoz makes the team I mean you got a scholarship they allow you to be a walk on but here it was just yeah I think the biggest thing and it was one of the things that you kind of taught me was a panic attack can kill you but the thing about it is you can't tell the difference between a panic attack in the heart attack inaugural Bang Bang so if you never had it before you know you get sweaty you know your pause might start getting much easier a so now you're dealing with all of these other thoughts in your head and you didn't confuse yourself because you can't even believe your thoughts because now you're trying to please you like oh my gosh and my brother die because you don't know what death is like as so dentists like after you have that especially being a strong minded person like we say now you're over don't get the stats and now you look at everybody else and people in two hundred yards one hundred and fifty yards now people are talking about you saying that you're not as good as they thought you were going to be because you can this is what I'm about in this is what I have to like to let child listen to show you guys and I'm not worried about which I'm not worried about which I feel I'm not worried about it they're gonNA test or we're about to do something we've never done before we have this nervousness inside of an truth is but that's a control type of anxiety and the key is to be able to have a sound mind to be able to bring it back to what's going on right now and that's the biggest thing that you know that I've learned was because at the ended a day you know like you said a panic attack is like an alarm clock is trying to wake you up and let you know that you need to deal with this before something bad really happens and you have to be able to bob so why are we partnered with a skincare brand because I genuinely believe that this is important skin is important ends on it but a life well lived involves being in the outdoors and I can wreak havoc on your skin and for me you know I spent a lot of time and I love the Caldera lab their product is called the good and it's specifically tailored for men and oftentimes a life well lived maybe this is my own the CNN perspective but if you could watch from a helicopter perspective now you've got space that makes all the difference in being able to see like Wyoming where his constant outdoor adventures it didn't do his skin any favors so that's why he invested in it so he understands what we're talking about he's lived it and see in the Sun for my sport surfing and otherwise and call Deras co-founder had that same type of thing and it was for him a harsh environment in Jackson hole is about and it's about creating space between the frames that are taking place that everyone else might be seeing but you're playing in the space between and an incredible work to be able to create even say what you just said but the thought about creating space for me that is what masters it's a different type of view and so even when it comes to create a space like you start to learn that a Lotta people fear anxiety is because they have that type of panic relation the ship with it they haven't tried to alter their relationship to be able to come to grips with it to where it's like look you're not a bad thing you're teaching me how to be it done the investigation around it in the easiest way I can describe it as you know let's say you're playing a video game and it's a card game right and when you're sitting the space between thoughts is really an old thought its zen thought and not many people talk about that because in the car the cockpit of the car and and you're trying to navigate the course it's happening fast you'll see the corners the cars are coming up on your really quickly and it's hard auto's things that you're doing has in common is and so now there is no balance okay quick break to talk about her new partner called Dera definitely like that's that's truly like the biggest thing because when you think about anything and everything alive everything becomes overwhelming if you focus your attention on one thing and you know what 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thing about your imagination is it takes you to a place but you have control over your imagination as so when I'm thinking about stuff like that every aspect every intention every motive like every reason behind what I think and I put it on a piece of paper so I could be able to take away the power because I think the key is being able vessel constriction blood starts move differently you know the reason we get cotton mouth is because we don't need to digest food if the Sabertooth chasing us so that's why cotton mouth like that system will rumbling it's not quite naming an emotion but fear yeah you know anxiousness worry naming the physiological state will also kind of defuse it and so I can deal with it you know I think this thought that I wanted to see if you could chin check this a little bit but I think one of the most powerful thoughts we can have as humans he's not stupid award but for the most part errors on the side of readiness ready to tiger so those who have control my breathing my thinking through the whole thing the worst things that I was afraid of happening didn't happen when I said it could happen you're actually using to release stress not gic research based approaches one is when you name an emotion or state at the fuses the state okay in your head you can say with those dogs are so like if you have fearful thoughts just say fear panic trembling like you know in now you're starting to take I'm trying to find like what ways best worked for me sometimes you can think about like what's the worst that can happen and I'll tell myself every bad thing that I don't want to happen and it sounds like it's not a recommended thought but if you're if you're heading down that path to say where hold on now what's the worst thing that can happen and then you see is that no matter what I have the ability to adjust to it yeah no matter what happens it's a fundamental belief that you you know what if I just go watch TV then it'll go away may because then if it goes away when you wash that you're going to think that you always have to watch it in order for it to go away then you got to be a teacher is one of the things I do is I write in a journal so sometimes I write in a journal in when I write it I kinda like honest with myself in every single way in strong-minded to wear now when you go to work you're carrying Zaidi now when you're in the car you're carrying exotic now when you're at the movies you're carrying anxiety now when you play you're carrying in a one thing college of knowing that you control your mind that you have a sound mind then it allows you to be able to be more peaceful and not to worry about those things half but you have to earn this belief you have to go through difficult things to get that beliefs statement right which is I can deal with difficult experiences and I also think that exactly has to do with your mind wandering so you don't have to argue with your own thoughts go into our head but there's only one thought that makes it to where it allows us to choose whether we react or respond and so I think the more that you become powerful and a lot of that was because I put myself in a box because when you feel like you did some things in your past that you had no idea about because you were so messed up then can't do this or you can't listen to secular music not I mean SOS starts to make you think well what can I do if I can't if I'm supposed to read how much sometimes we get so caught up in argument with our own head that we forget that we're in control a thought only has power we give it power and there's so many thoughts is going to happen otherwise you're going to be ready every single day every second of your life you're going to be like I'm ready for what's going to happen and there's nothing that's happening because you're the only one in the house and you're watching TV it's like it's not quite the ready okay so all right why Jesus for you all of a sudden you start wanting to say well now I can do this and if I could focus on this I know I could be forgiven and I could be happy something lighter brighter more aspirational as opposed monsignors and Lots of folks in the home you know our family was was dedicated and my mom worked at the Church Yeah Jesus my Lord and Savior you know I'm a Christian or believe everything that the Bible says and you know like when I was growing up God I didn't know what that meant and so and I still I don't think I have and I listen a lot I used to talk a lot that's what prayer was don't because if you can't i WanNa hear them I love this question so I grew up Catholic spoon spoon fed if you will we had priests dad was heavily involved and I remember try like having lots of questions and I had the same type of question like I could never here talking and asking and then so then I flipped probably about twenty years ago to listening way more them I'm still not hearing it and just be an altar boy you know like as a Catholic like you know you pray to marry you know different stuff like that and then I would go to a non denominational is something destructive or whatever yeah like this was when I was younger like in high school you know when you think about those things that you're like whoa like the Bible says like if you do this stuff you'll be put the debt like enjoy life or be myself because everybody has this type of light dot process when it comes eleven for God like or you can't go to the club it could deal with that that's the second part of cheese that's the worst thing I can manage so then you come back to where you are and you're like Oh okay well whatever ah I'd love to just short form answer like do you think that that is one of the more powerful thoughts no I think it is I think that is a powerful thought I went to a Catholic church you saw two boy understand all those different types of things and then you know different types of just like some of the different stuff wishes I got older and I started learning all these days about God and stuff and I really wanted to be able to change I really wanted to be able to be like everything he created me to be I said I really had interesting moment where it was it was a guy I remember in college he was like a Muslim so he would talk about a lot of this stuff supposed to pray how much like there were questions that I had that other people didn't have which was like you know when people say I can hear change falling spirit my question would be like can you really here what have you had that or do you have on a regular basis man I had a game changing moment in my life because I always wanted to make sure I believed the right thing Oh maybe I'm being too analytical about it but anyways my wife and I go to a a three day mind from this retreat nothing it was last year Oh God I WanNa make sure I believe you know the right thing like I don't WanNa be driven the wrong way and then find out at the end and literally when that come from and so I it he is your mentor he is the mentor for you right like there's you say God Jesus but I know that there are different for you and so is Jesus the One and as soon as I said that like I woke up so this was all a dream this was I don't even remember waking up on my eyes already open and it was just like everything I saw wasn't there anymore okay so hold on help me understand was this a dream or was this were you actually in now is learning about God and stuff specially in the youth group like if I I started taking it so serious to where I'll put myself in a box and I didn't allow myself to fully sleep I sleep paralysis and it was something that you couldn't wake couldn't couldn't move but you are wait I was awake by wanted to make sure that you know everybody has all these other types of beliefs and I didn't WanNa be don't WanNa believe in it wrong thing at the end of my life and so one of the things the only way for me the only way I woke up or got out of that situation was when I caught on Jesus as so for me it made me realize that her sixteen hours silence meditation whole time listening listening listening and she you know at the end of the retreat she leans over she says I heard you don't have to go looking anymore and when I stopped look in I started to actually realize that everything that it teaches us people who chose to believe in the very thing that was in front of them in and they're just telling the people that's outside like this is what we believe this is what we've come to know prowess is actually paralysis okay so you were awake conscious yes but you can't move but you just described that you pick up your phone ethanol Old Testament but now Jesus died for us like we're able to live you know because he made Hamill Nuno's NBC so that we might become the righteousness of God so when I was younger literally had it twice that day because the next time I had it I was I was up and then I heard my alarm clock go I mean I heard my alarm system go out when I'm reading that I'm I'm reading the understand like this is what happened back then and so it's allowing me to see this is what gave them peace if this is what gave them is literally like people get so confused about it and he's the most misunderstood person in this world but it's like when you literally read the Bible is is literally like I'm seeing is right now as I'm talking grandma fall and I hurry up and turn it over to where the brightness on so I turned the flashlight on try to wake myself up what I heard it lilos she said hammer it's or whatever but she says I heard God i what look like this dingoes a man who went from Christianity to Muslim I think as I listened to it in our member I went to sleep that night because I was just like you know and you had the intersection of the mind like floating back and forth between the two you had an experience that shifted you right like and this is how we are to prove it to you guys because this is what he did people are saying he didn't magic tricks but he's doing these nobody's ever done before like a history book is just a book telling you about everything that's happened in the past and these are people who have stories telling you the stories that happened back in the day and the Bible says and that's literally where the the wars one you win and losing their mind there's nothing that could ever happen in your life okay so when you think about mental health and you've got a strong spiritual framework and you've got incredible physical framework excited for it that's why now you yeah and so I won't I won't go into what she heard but it was it was game changing for her so have you had when you think about mental health do you think about it as mental strength mental weakness do you think about it as a continuum like how do you think about mental health a what is this panic thing yet another experience which is like Oh my God I can't move Oh let me just ask for Jesus and things worked for me right and I dropped the phone on a thing is just laughing and laughing is so like the only thing that I could do was I was just like Jesus please help me Steve Do I not want to believe so you are learned in football and you are learning in scripture those are two foundations of where you spend most of your time desa very tough question that I will say because life for me the weighted avenue mental health is way different the one thing that I can say is the battle was in the mind. SOS like when you start reading scriptures and you start understanding Scriptures I think for me it allows me to start realizing he's already given us the answers to the test Ada I just wanted to prove to the world guy was real show by my lifestyle and literally be alight and then you start getting around other people who care about all these other things is so when when I start understanding licking their scriptures is starts to allow me to realize that my whole life was centered around me being in control but and so then it will go off go off in literally it was nothing anymore so how did this change you it made me stop looking for stuff because because understand like what is it that's bothering you you have to be able to understand your triggers and when you're a strong minded person like you have to learn that you can't just say they don't really matter and then you start listening to music and you start listening to people's songs and they start talking about how they had it all and it's still something that's missing you start hearing people say the Venus at this is what gave them love things that they're talking about still applies to today's world that we live in it it gives me a choice to say do I want to believe because and then I got a follow on which is like a lot of people don't recognize the pressures that elite athletes work with and there are significant yeah at the has already happened in your mind like the Bible says the is Atlanta Body so what you see if his light your whole body is light if you see darkness your whole body is is fully darkness when it comes to believe in a God and believe in Jesus died for you like you can't be in control says cast all your cares upon him for he cares for you in another one that says spin and so it's like for me I started to realize that there has to be more to life than this because by even football like up we played against the saints at a hundred yeah like I say I was able to pick up my phone and I was shake should yeah okay how is shaking while I was trying to pick my phone up yeah here while I was doing that it was laughing at me and they're searching for something to fill a boy you start like listening to all these people and it's like success still isn't enough when you finally get that job that you want you want a better one when you finally get a certain amount of money that you want you think that you're gonna be happy but all that does is expand your mind to the next level of what money that you need to be able to this is just we get so caught up everything that happens in this world and that applause football like I didn't care about money when I first got here I didn't care about any alive but he says stuff like listen you have the mind of Christ say that you have a sound mind like you don't have the spirit of fear but you are spirit a love power and a sound mind wrong coast cast down imaginations you know that everything that exalts itself against the knowledge guy and you start to realize that the mind is very powerful in the mind can play with you move and I'm looking literally Emma closet in it's something that's your Standard Dart and I'm just like what in the world is grab my phone they go back and forth with with Christians believe in a Muslim will say what is what is supposed to be and I remember this girl in Seattle had told me to wash the that's all your exotic he's upon him for he cares for you and it says take my yoke for his easiness light and you start seeing all these other things I've talked about like pull down at that moment I realized the Bible says we can't please got in our flesh and at that moment I even told myself if I can't even please my own self in my flesh I know I can't you didn't fifty something receiving yards and I remember J. B. on our team he was like Dang brawler US killing it and I said you know what I went home and I said that's still wasn't enough been turned off by Christianity by never introduced to it possibly or that following other frameworks that you don't understand the framework is strong and I think many people struggle with framework by either they haven't invested in a spiritual framework or they haven't really taken look at their psychological framework and invested deeply in it so that it is strong and flexible at the same time what do you say to folks that have other type of stuff because you realize that the treasure that you have on on in your heart is in heaven in nut they can destroy that with a week from now or a month from now or a year from now and so all you can do is really live out your truth but like regardless of what anybody else says like for me for Righteousness blessed are the Peacemakers blessed are the meek you know what I'm saying like he starts to tell you like this is how you noticed her blessed and then all of us they can break these can't break into still but any treasure that you have on this earth anybody can take away anybody can still at any given moment so strong for you because you haven't studied so deeply I mean the biggest thing is like you have to follow your truth and the thing about it is your truth today doesn't mean that is going to be things going right I thought I was supposed to do this. I thought I was supposed to do that but it's because I put my own agenda Emma relationship with guy I didn't know if he really wanted me to do all these other types of things in let me search him really see if what I'm searching after Israel actually believe that she'll end up knowing you end up finding out what's in there for you blessed guy you start to realize that it doesn't matter what I go through there's nothing there's nothing at this world can give me that I don't already have that's better than eternal life lyft guy like your life is four you're like he tells you that you're blessed because he says like blessed are those who hunger and thirst the the key things that you hold onto you stop worrying about what this life is going to throw at you you stop worrying about what's going to happen you stop worrying about the of this world and audits regardless of what anybody else said pastor could've went up there and told the story like about everything that was in the Bible I had to go find it I had to make sure to go me so I'm supposed to live for you and now you're supposed to feel every one of my wishlist and now when things aren't going right in my life I'm going to sit here and I'm a question you why but I planned it for myself and now when it didn't happen the way I thought I said hearing was like I was going on but when you start realizing what you start to learn like when you give your you but the thing that I learned is like we get so caught up and in our relationship with God because we think that it's a one sided thing oh you die even include international electrical plugs just a nice touch knowing that you know you're GonNa get after this a little bit and here's some gifts it's a nice little experience when you open I there so thoughtful have to live in a spirit in a Bible talk about like the fruits of the spirit is like love and peace in all these different types of things and once you start realizing that those are the and so having them on board 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really stoked to partner with away and I've had their luggage in our family for about four years to a place where you look everything and I'm doing isn't working obviously no matter what it is still wanting more and so when you when you see look at it and know myself and I couldn't just always depend on what somebody else said because I needed to make sure that I truly new and I think when you when you have that feeling stay asleep as well is the reason most people find it easier to fall asleep in a room that's a bit too cold than too hot and it's likely because the colder temperatures taking you and you you ask the questions that you've asked if you have people in your life that understanding note they could be able to help walk with you but if not you with attention and the things that we see as like as the things that we see that's amazing that gives us a spark we start to realize that the saints to a place where you're like I want to know if this is for real or not it's like you test it you love where you're you sit here that don't have what you have so what would you suggest to them would you say go get learned in the Bible that they now is a suggested after being able to take the first step you know the Bible talks about like when you seek me you'll find me when you seek me with your whole heart the same way that we go after he's wholeheartedly you have to be able to go after guy because this is the thing the bio says guys knocking on a door but it's us who have to be able to answer that call in you know isn't seeing crouching right there to door and what and what did allow me to show was you said desires for you but you must rule over it so gives me meaning to where I don't have to worry about this stuff anymore is being impact is being able to inspire and being a light because bio says electrolytes shine so at the I want tyler to drop a ball in the end zone at this game or I want tyler to catch a ball in the end zone at this game is is got passive or active my first is you have to you have to come to a place where your heart inwardly like you really WanNa know like you have to come a good behaviors that are righteous so to speak in an act of God is like Hey I want Tyler Mike meat and I want tyler to go to the seahawks and I have to be able to let light shine in if I don't know how to let my lights shine then I have to be able to go to the one to show me how I let my light shine got active or passive for you a passive God is sets in motion Hey I hope you hope what is in my life that's going on San is literally right there at the door waiting for me to give his my attention any can't tent me can't do anything in my life until I decided to give learned was like you know came out that I was saving myself till I was married and there's somebody from back home said me he already did it and I'm like no I did it understand it was like he had a plan the whole time and that was one of the things that I've literally learned was like even my situation right now like one of these we're talking about sex yeah I'm like no I didn't wait until I get married and they literally try to say whatever they could to make people think that I really did have sex mark that we thought life would give us gives us that little dryness as well as so as like for me like the thing that gives me up in the morning that a day the the life that I'm supposed to live is not supposed to be for everybody else I'm not supposed to worry about the things that they're saying compared to all these other types of things because the other thing is like when you understand like our relationship with guy and you understand everything that it is doing like one on one of the favorite things and I was like guy like why is it that people literally try to talk about you when you become spotlight are you trying to be able to shed light on something like in the Bible talks about when Cain was giving US offering guy didn't accept it but he accepted Abel's in you know he said you know if you don't do about is even when you read it he said I'm not here to abolish what you've learned back then in a law I'm here to fulfill it and it's like the more you start to be able to listen guide is a miracle worker and I truly believe that he's working each and every one of our lives is just a matter of how are we seeing it so let's figured out only give you a road map now let me give you some guide posts on what I think our thoughts through this and he showed me that this is the next step this is the next level that I'm about to take you on because you speak about this stuff in a way that had at path so I truly believe that in life we are going to get to the place that we're supposed to get to but it's on you how long it takes had a plant and in the Old Testament they were literally prophesying about Jesus coming in Jesus doing all of these types of things and then literally he got here and then is gonNA alter you to get back on that road so for me and I actually believe that our was created with the purpose and that's why I feel like I went through that mental stuff I didn't know what I was there's depth to what you're working to convey so how do you organize your thoughts for poetry before we get in the in the actual how did he put out his stuff poetry how did he make it to where people are able to be drawn to it and all these different types of things as I truly believe that acid I'm gonNA give is I think he's both the reason why I say that is because when you look back at the beginning of time how everything was created in Adam and Eve did and all these different types of things and then you get to the New Testament at the finish the old testament stories or whatever you heard you start to realize that this whole time with me the thing that I realize about God is that God is all knowing guy so there's every path that we can take in our decision he already knows the end in in that moment it was just like I got done worse than you and I was like wow I die for your and people still don't know me they still question wrote a paper and pen like that anytime that I did always lost it I've always just memorized everything now it's like you do journal though you do write stuff down but yeah but this is different this is like it to me it's I think I have this right you hear something you feel it and then you stitch another line to it and then talk about your book in poetry because you work in the way that your mind works is really different appreciate that hope that's good yeah right like you going through wild went through it then you hear Kevin love talking about it after I didn't went through it you talk about Demar Derozan with depression and I'm starting to think about it and I'm like God like why am I going Steve were cloud in my reflection have you ever heard of the the Zen saying ten thousand moons so the idea is that but it's a reflection of the one true source and so not to be confused with the reflection but to remember that there's one true source yeah and that I mean that's things have already said in other poems but in a different type away it might make me think of another poem that I said but as long as I continue to focus on what it is and I'm trying to get across avation friend that talks about committed suicide talks about executive the monster I created like it's different things this is all in the book your book you like in the hallways at the facility sometimes you'll come up and you'll have like this beautiful poetry that you're just spilling out of you and you've practiced it in it makes sense to you in my poetry is pretty cool and there's different different types of things like I have different types of aspects when it comes to poetry light inspiration there's ten thousand moons when you look down at puddle or a pond or a lake or even an ocean if you have enough perspective when you can see the moon as a reflection women whatever the case is starting from the bottom and working your way to the top like I realized that I put all of that into the book because at the end of the day all of these that people are GonNa ask is this what you went to school for like you're going to speak in a level to your poetry and do all these different types of things to where people are going to read your book and they're going to say a lot of that just came from like the stuff that I went through the stuff that you think about the stuff that you hear but a lot of the stuff that are wrote and the way that I do my poetry learn the whole meaning of reflection in general even that's what the book is called is because I'm labeling everything that clouded up my judgment everything about book in some of the poetry man crazy thing about it is like I feel like that I can't really write any type of poems unless guy gives it to me there's been I'll work on trying to figure out what the next sentence in based off of what the first thing this was I'll be able to remember the next line that comes with that the only hardest part with that is if I say certain if you take guys where you're going to get there in time if you take your way you just don't make some laughs you gonna go to a stop sign you might go eat at a place but at the end of the day something's going to happen talk I've wanted to write poems about certain things certain topics and literally nothing comes to me so how do you prepare yourself for paper depend I is by the to the reflections are different than the source and when I saw your title I was wondering if you were getting at that as a reflection but it sounds like maybe that's not again I see myself as somebody that was created to be able to inspire in the shed a light like I don't like sometimes life people taught us that we thought was supposed to be like this all these other things has not given me fulfillment the money the fame the power the lifestyle of the the idea is that there's lots of things that reflections of what is true beautiful in good but the essence of what is true beautiful and good

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