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Randy Shows Me the Way Episode 59.5


I everybody it's Mike and Thank you for joining me for another of my short point. Five custodes in this one. I share my randy story. It's a story about a lapse in my leadership that resulted in me reacting to a situation in a way that was way beneath me. It almost doesn't make sense for me to say that. I'm glad it happened because I wish it hadn't but if if it hadn't happened I might still be searching for the lesson. It provided I call this episode. Randy shows me the way I worked with Randy for half a dozen years or so I say one company and then at my own. We had a complex relationship. He was a safe driver and dependable. Especially if dependability was evaluated solely around his desired schedule rather than mine for example I always wanted him to start work early and he always wanted to start work later. My logic was sound. I needed him to start early to to make the appointment times. We'd set with our clients and by starting early. His days would be more efficient and shorter a mutual win win in my mind but not in his based on the consistency with which he disagreed with my logic and set his own schedule another complexity to our relationship centered around how different personalities and outlooks were. Maybe it was the way we are each raised. I can't say for sure as my experience with him occurred at a time in my life before I put much thought into those kinds of things I perceived him to be a glass half empty guy conspirists. Who blamed others and the world for things in his life? That weren't working out the way they could or more specifically the way that he thought they should. It was confusing sometimes too. Because he wasn't always like that at times he was funny and engaging cooperative even pleasant these snippets of positive behavior gave me hope like we were clicking getting through to one another they were like that one golf shot around that you hit flawlessly that gives you hope it makes you forget about the hundred plus other shots. You flopped miserably. They keep you going ultimately and maybe predictably I don't know Randy ended up getting the best of me you on the phone one night when I was giving him his schedule for the next day I call them from my house just before it was time to sit down to dinner with my family really and I. I don't remember exactly what he said but I'm sure it wasn't worth the reaction I attached to it which was basically to tell him to get his crap out of his truck and F. off but that wasn't enough I felt the need to expedite the speed with which that would happen and so like a crazy person. I left home leaving my family to eat without me and I drove the fifteen minute drive to the shop and then I proceeded to empty Randy's truck of all his possessions spy tossing them out on the ground. The guys at the shop had to think I'd blown a gasket. They'd never seen me act like this before. I was always so calm. It didn't take me long to figure out that this wasn't my best moment that there were lots of better alternatives. I could've taken to achieve the same goal of parting ways with him. But I didn't and that's on me. The last thing I wanted was for someone to work with me for their whole career. Unhappy An an unfulfilled regardless of the reason this is what I thought was happening with Randy I imagined he and his wife in the future retired and in bad health sitting around their dinner table talking. About how good their lives could have been no should have been and how it was my fault. It didn't in turn out that way truth is I should've parted ways with randy much earlier before I let him get to me like he did and in a more respectful way because he deserved that and so did I. So here's my lesson. I knew for a long time randy and I weren't met for each other. His sense and mine of what a good employee is. We're just on different complains. That would never intersect. Despite that I hung onto him into the belief that I could change him that he would come. MM around my way of thinking that I could will and intersection between us. And instead he changed me. Not just in the regrettable regrettable moment I've described in this story but forever. He helped me see and understand that as a leader I I can only positively influence someone who wants to be lead in the direction. I'm going and that my energy should only be spent with those folks and not the Randy's so what's your lesson. Thanks for listening to this episode of the how that happened. podcast cast where we believe. That success doesn't happen unless you make it happen. You can subscribe to the podcast on Apple. podcast Google podcast stitcher or wherever you like to listen and while you're there please rate it and leave a comment as well. I'd love to hear your thoughts about the show ideas for future guests or whatever you'd I'd like to share and of course you can always find me at Mike Mala Test Dot Com. See you next time. Thanks again for listening to the

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