Day #1 - What's Your Story?


Sustainable one at the thirty day solo podcast challenge. I'm David Hooper big podcasts inherit does it make if you reward a podcast and nobody listens big audience and by the time you get to the end of this into these thirty days you're message that's the number one thing you can do to attract and build a great audience it's going to improve your delivery because of that you're going to be able to make more money that happens for a few reasons two of them of enroll interview podcast but who's The star there is the person that you're interviewing ready I want you to listen to the introduction episode this explains the what and the why is right there at the top hit subscribe iphone Android RSS Feed however you this is day number one where you get involved previously that intro episode your story everybody has one it's the one that you always tell anything maybe it's how you met your partner maybe it's about that time you're hanging out with some marines a you can add some flare this is what takes a boring story and makes it more interesting today. I've been working on some voice over stuff one of the things that I noticed about bathroom I said man you guys got to do something about this and they're what to do so I get on Youtube and I'm watching these videos what do you do for really bad on your feet so that's interesting I think it's GonNa scratch everything but I'm desperate and once it was delivered a head over to the studio this stuff is so powerful awesome man that can't be good environmentally but what else was I going to do these ready hit the studio I've got sick cleaner I've got the pumice stone again in there and I'm for thirty minutes when Demo work came back nothing I thought I'd been defeated go back do my work come back a couple of hours later let it sit there similar a little when I'm breathing faster I feel like I'm on the STAIRMASTER SCRUB SCRUB SCRUB SCRUB SCRUB sloshing around I didn't know it was going to be success a flush the toilet walked out of the bathroom back in the studio. Victoria's this first episode that you do for the Thirty Day Solo podcast challenge at the beginning usually an intro the middle that's the meat Asam flair to it nobody has to listen to this so take chances I just took a chance there's chances work sometimes they don't work you're never going to know unless you actually so that you create possibly which you could do is request for somebody to share a story okay that's one you could request for somebody to join you on this challenge since I is that typical podcast or request we ask for somebody to subscribe sample of subscription page go big podcast dot com slash subscribe feel scribe is I'm GonNa break that Fourth Wall here you heard the intro of this podcast remember stories are important I talked about this on the previous episode facts tell Quin appropriate personal stories are best while we're doing this is because we want line short and tight my recommendation three to five minutes on the outline don't over think it hit David Hooper on twitter is how to do that you could also reach me via the website big to make sure that you don't Miss Day to thirty because we're going all month year I wish you'd get a and I phoned you gotta button if you want s you've got a button big podcast dot music on your podcast big podcast dot com slash subscribe has that for you thank.

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