Week 10 Recap


The Twentieth Century Fox brings you. The movie. Critics are calling big-screen moving making at its best. Ford versus Ferrari can miles not afford man. Oh we heard he's difficult. We're on the verge of something and now you tell me that I can't have the best man in the world behind the wheel Christian Bale and Bet Demon in store in one of the best films down on Ford versus for Arina. PG Thirteen may be inappropriate for children under thirteen Friday only in theaters. Okay see welcome in advance focus football. PODCAST Monday November eleven. Feel the Matthew hanging out with you on a very special day force. Today Marks Veterans Day where we celebrate. I really appreciate all those who have served are currently serving or will one day serve our country the most indispensable parts of our great nation are those who are willing to dedicate their life to it serving serving it protecting our freedom and doing more than most could ever reasonably imagine doing incredible sacrifice. I couldn't agree more field and I would just just like to add to that. In addition to those that have served or currently serving or will serve. I'd like also to extend that to their families because while we think about the men and women and who serve our country the fact is that there are people at home there are husbands and wives and brothers and sisters and daughters and and parents that also have to sacrifice to be without their loved one to to you know to raise children on their own to. There's it's a tremendous into sacrifice for not just the people in the service but their family members as well and so I think it's important to recognize and salute them as well that includes of course source our own Daniel DOPP that DOPP. Then you'll DOPP and his brother both served our country. Daniela appreciate you daily for all that you do in this podcast. It's an all that you brought to our great country. I appreciate you to field so Daniel spent six years. Yup and was in intelligence was was in the secrets. World Hands Secret Squirrel so a lot of people often ask where that nickname comes from. That's where it comes from is because those in the intelligence community correct often were nicknamed secret squirrel yet so It is not unique to Daniel but is unique to us here on the. Oh six zero podcast. If you're interested. If you'd like to hear or read more about Daniel's story I wrote about it was it last year two years ago last year so last year. If you just look up I think if you uh-huh Google love hate Daniel DOPP. My suspicion is that what will come up. That is accurate. That's what my mother tells me. Okay mom adopt says so mom. I'm adop- active on the twitter. Go by the way. Yeah shout out to Mama DOPP who again as we say we we We celebrate all the families of servicemen and women as as well so Mama what is your twitter handle dot Mama Mama. That's right I'm on top Mama Hersey p Mama and they always it always in the twitter chat if you WanNa have a live conversation. was there during the show. She watches every show. Auto Dot Mama and we love our very Own Daniel Dopp who you can find on twitter at Daniel DOPP or on instagram at something breaks so be sure to thank Daniel and every servicemen and women and their families service today. It's not nearly enough candidly. Just saying thank you for your service sending out a tweet taking a couple of minutes on podcast field. It's not nearly enough to recognize. Recognize the sacrifices that you and everyone else have made. But it's the least we could do no question about that. The news from the national football league instantly all right so if you are sitting here watching the live stream by the the way you may have noticed during a shot of dingle DOPP it. There is a cute as a button girl sitting behind the class as well on the in the studio in May be wondering to yourself who is that right and we have sary's guys can't possibly appeal to any sort of younger demographics with berry the host correct but we have a special especially guests here today. Not Kool Keith. Is the father of three wonderful children. The Addison which is allison is only daughter. Hello Alison again. Hello are you having fun here on at work with your dad today. Yeah Alison. How old are you again? Eight eight and are you a football fan. Yeah and you're a huge fan of which team Brown's the browns. Yeah just like your father that makes it a lot of sense. And what is your least favorite. Football Team steelers. Chris what are you actually call them. scramblers the squealers about that. The Pittsburgh squealers big game on Thursday night I can tell Alison could be ready for that. One Yeah squealers. Brown's how about day off from having a daddy daughter day. That's pretty listener. No one loves daddy daughter day more than me. Alison listen. I'm curious what What grade are you in third? You're in third grade. Wow so you started. You started early eight year old daughters but they're in second grade. We held them back a little bit. What's your favorite subject in school? Science Science Oh what do you like about science and say expulsions explosions are pretty sweet and also learned before the show you do gymnastics right Alison yet and I saw you do a cartwheel earlier. What's like the coolest thing that you can do gymnastics? Do you do the beam. Do you do the bars. What's your favorite type of gymnastics? The floor vault the vault. WHOA I couldn't do that no he couldn't neither could I? To be honest. I feel could do it worse than I could do. I feel that's not very I saw him to say. Is it now no Alson when you're in school. Do they teach you anything about like teamwork and and and You you know how to how to be a classmate and a good friend at school. Yeah what's the what's the rule. They teach you just others others the way you won't be treated that's a good rule for you on twitter. Their field I'm sorry. Say Cardinals has gotten into your mentioned this morning. The same for you decide for you. Well let's have one more question who's GonNa win on Thursday in and Alison the Browns Brown to the squealers answered like a Browns Fan. Yeah squealers okay. I have a aggressive Franson. Okay what's your last question. Last question is how is is your Daddy Good Daddy. Yeah Yeah I bet it. Is You bet. He is like them out here as well. So they go having knock Wilkie from the show every day even a day where he isn't technically supposed to be at Work Erkki brings his daughter in and hopefully we can provide her with an hour of entertainment. Yes so let's get now nice job. Great job there by Allison and we start our recap of week. Ten Matthew in Allison Allison is one hundred and eighty degrees from David Johnson. It's a very good point. Point Alison did a great job. Alison outperformed expectations. David Johnson not so much David Johnson managed a robust zero. Oh fantasy points yesterday now if you play in nondecimal scoring he actually got you minus one. NPR A Monster Day from David Johnson but Matthew unlike unlike that game a few weeks ago when he had just one touch he played thirty snaps yesterday. So it's not like he was a total non factor in terms of overall snaps APPs. The problem was he was part of a work share deputy was ineffective. Now we knew that. This buccaneers run defense was really good questions about whether he'd be able run the football but like is this now. Is this like a running back by committee situation in Arizona. Kenyan drake play more snap than he got the first two touches of the game mm-hmm he looked better. I mean is this autumn as you say like forget numbers. Forget everything just from the eye test. Yeah Kenyan Drake Look Good Drake look like the guy we saw the the week before against the forty niners. David Johnson looked like who's that fat old guy. Seriousness like. I mean like David Johnson. I Love David Johnson. You guys know this like he is his long been one of my favorite players in the NFL. He has been on the podcast as well. So I WANNA be clear like I am Pro David Johnson. I'm a longtime time David Johnson Fan and supporter. He did not look like David Johnson yesterday. And I think that's credit to David Johnson. Because he's clearly not one hundred percent healthy. He got up there to try to gutted handed out. I don't know about that though. He did not look like David Johnson. But I don't have any reason to believe he's not close to one hundred percent health. He was a full participant in practice all week. If he wasn't close to healthy they would just limit him all week. I think he's healthy. I think he just got thinks so. We'll fight yesterday healthy number to not be the primary concern for me. I just felt like on runs. He looked slow. Oh he looked right but I mean just like you know. Just we had the ball on his hands. He didn't look he looked. He looked bigger than I'm I'm used to seeing him. Lucky lucky I don't know he didn't look like David Johnson to me. It's it's tough on your. Here's why next up. Go San Francisco. Yeah the game is in San Francisco. They played them last week. We saw Kenyan drake do work against the forty niners but still. It's a good defense and they go on to by then they play the rams which all the rams. I'm not quite sure what the defense is really made of. And then the steelers who are all of a sudden a really good defense for the next four weeks sure which that means the final three regular season plus the first week of of the first week of the fantasy playoffs. I don't know what you do with David. Johnson and Kenyan drake for that matter. We're going to hell week by week. Obviously but we are after him. I'm on your team. I don't I mean you know we'll see what the practice reports are. We'll see if anything comes out. I I I hear you. I know what the practice reports said. I understand that I'm just. I'm I'm telling you from the eye test. That didn't look anything close to the David Johnson remember even when he was in space like. I'm not even saying that. Hey was bottled up or anything like that. He just he you know. And whether it's because he's coming back from injury and maybe just takes a game or two and we saw it with Melvin Gordon Right. It took a few weeks. But Melvin Gordon Find Locally Melvin Gordon like David Johnson's too young and too talented to in this ineffective like it'll get better. The question is when does it get better in time for the fantasy playoffs. And if you're sitting there and you're you're five and five after this week or your six and four and you're in the middle of playoff run. Like how much do you trust him. And I don't I think the answer is he can't trust them that much. Like if I could get if I could get at seventy five or eighty percent. Eighty cents on the dollar for David Johnson Right now based on name recognition. I would do it in a heartbeat. Yeah I think so too. I'm starting to get pretty nervous about this. Well because you have to wonder or two if eventually they take the long view of this and say hey listen. Let's say this injury does link earners approach. Maybe it's more of a problem than I'm giving credit for right now. If you Kenyan drake you you can rely on him. Rely on down the stretch. If David Johnson does not healthy enough to go running back that's making a ton of money and still has a belief two years in his contract after this. You might take the long David Johnson especially given that. We expect the current expectations that chase. EDMUNDS will be back this week. I've seen some reports on that. We'll see we'll see how tangible but very it's it's in the mix there and look. The cardinals aren't going to the playoffs this year. Like the the last three games. Not since I got into that too you know. Listen I'm not saying it's is caused. I'm not saying it's not. I'm just saying that since the cardinals came after fan since the cardinals official twitter handle came after fantasy managers there. Oh and three is Karma the thing you tell me they actually game win streak. They WANNA three game win streak. They came after fantasy managers. They trolled fantasy football nation and I had a few words with them and since that time there now in three you tell me is it. 'cause I don't know I'm not saying I'm just saying that's a win for tomorrow. Right there in Karma's undefeated. Well just say one more Cardinal Note Matthew is that yesterday Christian Kirk actually had his first receiving touchdown of the season humour six for one thirty eight with three touchdowns. He's got ten or more targets and four of seven games. Like do we. If you have Christian Kirksey your lineup. He's healthy display regardless of matchup because the volume is so good and the talent is good enough that I understand touchdown for fleeting literally literally up until yesterday but you saw the immense upside of a player that they've got a lot invested in and could be the centerpiece of their offense leaks in the passing. Game when Larry Pitcher eventually retires. There's no question about that. He's gotten red zone target in six of seven games so far this year. So you're confident about that and look. This was a perfect match up against Tampa Bay. You know obviously has a brutal secondary but you know. Look he since he returned in week eight right. He's actually started to line up some on the perimeter as well five. I for one twenty three and two touchdowns on eight targets when he's lined up out wide. which is exciting and you know they go four wide a decent amount as well rest the season I would if if if asking me to pick a cardinals pass catcher I would prefer Christian Kirksey Larry Fitzgerald for sure and I've been there for a while I think for a while right and so Christian Kirk was we talked doc them up on fantasy football now he was a top twelve? Play for a lot of us I believe including you and I this week and so that ended up working out. San Francisco is not ideal obvious in the the by and we mentioned the schedule Niners by Ram steelers but given the volume of passing that the cardinals do and the expectation is they'll be down in. DC The number games. Especially if David Johnson isn't being effect as effective as he has they're going to find different ways to move the ball and so yeah I mean I think he's a wide receiver three and he's more of a wide receiver to and the right match but after this game. I don't know how you bench. Well the only thing I'll say and we just mentioned it with David Johnson that schedules even more perilous. As it pertains to pass sure sure right. I mean San Francisco by Rams steelers. That's an impressive set of defenses. They're about to face that being said you have to feel good about the volume there and the talent. Let's move forward to Kareem Hunt because he made his season debut yesterday for the Browns and Matthew one of my thoughts during the week last week was that what I was hopeful for war was I liked the fact by the way that I like that you keep track of your thoughts during the week. Okay one of my thoughts during the week. Like like as if you've got a bunch of thoughts and when you you have a thought you're like you know what this is a thought that I'm having and you just sort of write it down my calls of the week. Whatever would you rather have? I called it a call. Sure I wanna I know I liked it. You call it a because then I could make fun of you. What are my thoughts during the week? L. Starts may field thoughts from the field. I like it yeah. I'm on on board with that. Big We need some sort of sound or something like that thoughts from the field last thought from the field last week. That when Kareem Hunt made his Brown's Stabia it would not come at the cost of Nick Chop I was hoping they'd follow the Green Bay model and yesterday they follow the Green Bay model. Aaron Jones Kabq Chubb Jamal Williams Cream Hunt. It's not exactly a carbon copy bites. The idea was that Kareem Hunt could see some work on his own like with without nick on the field but he could also see plenty of work on the field at the same time as Nick Chub and yesterday Harry it was four carries for thirty yards. which doesn't blow you away? He had nine targets seven catches yesterday. Fourteen point four fantasy points. He actually outscored Nick Chop despite the fact that Chubb had twenty two touches and Kudos to you by the way at the start of fantasy football. Now we each did like kind of a long shot in a bold prediction election in your bold prediction. Yesterday was double digit. Fantasy points for Kareem Hunt Day. You know you said ten fantasy points cream hunt when it even better fourteen point four and I think given even the uncertainty about his role Very nice call by you. Certainly worked out wasn't fastest of calls. I'd conceited but still the idea that like some people wanted to wait a week. Kareem Hunt they wanted to see him earn their way. That was my call. Yeah and I felt like you know there. There had to be for as little competence as the Browns coaching. Staff as inspired in terms of maximizing playmakers this year. They actually did a nice job yesterday with Kareem Hunt which makes me think matthew that he is kind of comparable to Jamaa Williams again going forward now. I think he's more talented player obvious. Of course but I think the Kareem Hunt and again the browns we now have what eight teams left to have their by the browns already had. There's like I think he'll be somewhere between between twenty and thirty. My running back ranks each week depending on who they're playing against. I think that's right. I look you know. Six teams were on a by last week so the the pickings were a little bit slim. Buffalo did Real Nice Job and shutting down Odell Beckham Junior so looking for other opportunities to sort of move the ball and they did a nice job. Bottling Up Nick Job is as you mentioned you know to the extent that you can and so I think that was partially just sort of looking around and trying to find it but it was clear that they that they had a design in mind. How can can we get Kareem hunt involved and touching the ball? Knowing how explosive a player he is and that's clearly what they did and this is what he does in his first game back. You have to be excited. Added moving forward very much viable flex play moving forward with upside for more. It didn't quite cash in but Odell Beckham Junior. If you watch the game yesterday. Yeah sure the browns were intent on getting the football hundred percent yet. Twelve targets and including some of the end zone like they tried not only that but in the NFL. You're not credited with target if a penalty is called on the play so Odell had two separate throws to him in the end zone where he was basically tackled so oh neither of those is credited as an end zone target or a target period. They tried everything they could to do. Two things one get Odell Beckham junior the football in the end zone to you. Find the way to not score from the two yard line but thirty one percent thirty one percent target chair in week ten. You compare that with a twenty two percent target share weeks five through nine so a clear clear increase in an attempt to get him. The ball snapped seven straight games without a touchdown as bartending. It's it's unnerving I would just say this guy I forget our friend. Dj Gallo Notice Mentioned this on twitter and tweeted at Minka Fitzpatrick the defensive offensive back. Yeah has more touchdowns this year than Odell Beckham Junior about right Christian Kirk scored three times as many touchdowns in week as Oto Beckham Junior underscored this year. But so what I would say for Odell is that not obviously listen. You wanted to touch down. Of course we can decide whether the steelers are a massive disadvantage for opposing wide receivers Mike Clay as potential as continually harped on weeks. Eleven through seventeen as being more generous for Odell than the I ten weeks of his schedule the schedule lightens up. If you have been riding the wave of Odell got in Europe is that like hey. Maybe they turned a corner. Maybe they had a long hard look in in the mirror and they realize that even if it calms comes at the cost of efficiency elsewhere. Let's just use our best playmakers. The ball needs to be in the hands of Odell. Nick Chubb Kareem Kareem Hunt and Jarvis. Landry if Rashard Higgins has a game winning touchdown. Because there's so much tension going somewhere else. Whatever for the most part it's going to be those four guys as it should be? I I basically just want you to know that like I primed the pump for the OB. Jay released like I knew it wasn't coming this year but I knew it was it was it was definitely like you know. So you're you're you're calling it Sweden. I'm calling it this way. Okay good do you want right now. You wait till Thursday third. The play on Thursday nights on Thursdays. Let's get to the next and they and they play Pittsburgh on Thursday night. It's a short week and then just you mentioned the schedule very quickly. So after the steelers on Thursday they've got ten days prepare for a home game against the dolphins then there at the steelers again and their home to Cincinnati. Certainly certainly next with the bengals actually. Is that right. Yeah two more match with the bengals dolphins and depending on what you think on the steelers secondary because yesterday they were really good in previous weeks they were not so great wheelers squealers. That's right. They're they're they're they're the squealers not cool anymore. Not Cool Kief you a neither am I. Hey Key Kooky you You agree with Our assessment of the Browns your thoughts on that game. No I think the way he broke it down was exactly how I saw it. They definitely please don't put a lot more attention into making sure that OJ was getting touches and obviously didn't play out statistically but yes I was really happy with the way they approach it. Obviously down the goal line line they just need to have better play calling. I don't know why you don't. Why Bring all eleven guys in tight? Spread 'em out. Make eight football. Give yourself a chance. It was was analysis paralysis. They over thought too much happens frequently in coaching not surprised that happened yesterday will continue to happen going forward. Let's play some something or nothing matthew. Some players that surprisingly had monster days yesterday and do we think it amounts to something or do we think that maybe not so much to begin with Daria slate. who had ten catches for one hundred twenty one yards and two touchdowns twice as many as Odell Beckham has all season? He has multiple touchdown receptions for the second time in his past three games. He is a big play waiting to happen happen. He's a plenty of speed sterling. Shepherd is currently out with a concussion. Something or nothing here for the speedy fifth round. Pick out of auburn factoring in the giants. Do go on a by this upcoming week. They do so. Can I choose both sure. Here's what I will say I so something. It is both something and it has nothing. It is something in this sense. Kids a talented player. Like forget anything else just like you watch the Kid Mike he can play. They found something. The giants found something variously so like just an impressive young man on the football field You know making making contested catches making sidelines with the toe taps. Like he's just he's he's an impressive young man just on the football field so I would say that something from that sense. And also you mentioned sterling shepherd out so look Sterling Shepard. Look we we hope for the best. It does not feel like he's coming back anytime soon. If you read the tea leaves that we don't know there are people in New York who cover the team diligently who were asking asking saying like some of his teammates wonder if he would ever play football again right which is racer. I want the best for for Sterling in his health. I thought scary thought very scary thought but given the way the season has gone for the giants. The expectation is that. It's it's going to be later rather than sooner that we see Sterling Shepard back on a football field so there's opportunity there for dairy slate who certainly made a name for himself and certainly seems to have a connection with Daniel Jones. It is nothing I believe because of you mentioned their schedules. So they're on a by this week then they're at Chicago home to Green Bay Ad Philadelphia. So you don't like the next two weeks. Green Bay and Philadelphia. Don't scare you as much but But Remember Evan Ingram playing this game either and saquon Barkley did nothing in this game. And you have to expect that if you're thinking about this team team in terms of past catches on this team that in general week with with full health that at best Darius lateness fourth after after Barclay Ingram Golden Tate. And so he he had the two touchdown game a couple of weeks ago but then you know week eight. He had to he. You know we had the two touchdowns touchdowns against the giants but did nothing like the inbetween and week nine right. It's so it's very up and down. So he's an. I'll say I'm going to tie this into Jones because my logic applies to both of these players Jones yesterday had three hundred eight passing yards. Three passing touchdowns added twenty rushing yards. Thirty point three fantasy points. He was great third. Her Time at Dinghy Jones has been a good spot. This your fantasy moment. I didn't think he had four touchdown passes we may have four. He had four to golden tate into to dairy ages. I'm I'm Clark Four passing touchdowns yesterday dingle jumps to the the I'm going to use the same logic. Applies here the upcoming schedule. You alluded stu the Biden in Chicago then Green Bay and Philly but look at the playoffs scheduled for. Oh yeah the giants playoff schedule at Philly home Miami at Washington home to Philly unbelievable so we are now two weeks away from buys being a thing of the past matthew some lineups some teams may have already basically had every player of consequence. Go through his respective Activi- right but there's certainly some teams that are going to you're gonNA have to do with Patrick mahomes coming up on a buying things like that. But if you're somebody that is in the bulk of your roster go through a by especially your star star players go through a by. I don't hate the idea of adding other Darius Layton or Daniel Jones especially if you have a stickies quarterback situation right now. Sure sure because when you get to that playoff schedule if this continues especially if they're especially being Jones because Jones has been good three separate times against bad teams then you might have players lawyers. You could insert into your lineups in the plan. And I know you're saying like you really going to start Daniel Jones in the playoffs. Look at some of the quarterbacks that have been less than we expected. Jury laid an egg against the Falcons Hogan's yesterday so things can weird stuff happens in fantasy football. Maybe you're concerned. I'm not seeing her in a bench Patrick Mahomes but the chiefs have a very difficult schedule in the playoffs. The saint of a difficult schedule in the playoff. There are certain in certain. Yeah you don't feel great about Baker Mayfield Wilson struggles tonight against the the forty niners. They planned by then again. You'd be like Whoa. You know hasn't been what you drafted righty. I assume it's not totally inconceivable that your quarterback could be less. You've expected so far right. So Ryan Tannehill speaking of quarterbacks. Tom Brady Tom. Tom Brady at for all his greatness. If you look at what. His numbers are in the fantasy playoffs. They tend to go more run heavy the as it gets close like he has never been at least in recent memory. He's never been a huge fantasy star during the fantasy plans as great as Tom Brady is and so. You can certainly see a scenario in which Daniel Jones will have valued or in the fantasy playoffs in addition to Darius late two more quarterback here matthew because again sort of same idea Ryan Tannehill L.. And Kyle Alan. Tannahill goes for eighteen point. Nine fantasy points there now. Three and one in games. He started. Now he's heads onto a by. Obviously a massive win yesterday Over Kansas City huge Kyle Allen throws for three hundred plus yards. Just thirteen point five fantasy points but he's a starter for a long time Cam. Newton's been placed on injured reserve kyle. Allen plays the Falcons next week if something or nothing for either one of these players because it has ten helping good enough that you could roster him for a week before he even plays and then throw them into your lineup and same deal for Carlisle Mexicali Allenby a streaming option for you in week. Eleven with again. Four four more quarterbacks on a by not Tom Ahead but not as many of the top quarterbacks but still you've got guys like Cala Maranhao by this week. I'm sorry not this week. Maybe next week but anyways era Jonah by amongst other players there's some good players in the by this week Yes and so. I'm going to say something for both these guys Ryan. I Tan has been a revelation and it continues to just make Marcus Mariota and his struggles. Look worse and worse and worse but then heels look good like since Since his in the last four games he's the tenth best quarterback and fantasy on a per game basis top. Yeah he's a top ten fantasy quarterback over the last four weeks on a point per game basis averaging over twenty fantasy points per game. And and you know you've mentioned this before we've talked about this people. People forget that Ryan Tannehill started his career Tech Sam as a wide receiver. He's much more mobile than I think he gets. Credit for. Seven for seventy five and a touchdown over the last two weeks just with his legs and so yeah we like. That's a hell of a win for Tennessee. That's a hell of a win for them against the Kansas City chiefs and Tanna Hill with no Corey Davis in this game. No Delaney Walker in this game and impressive You know especially when you think about how run heavy they WANNA be like. Yes I think Tannahill is is a viable liable. Streamer this week and going forward. And he's on a bi. But I'm just saying like and same with Kyle Allen like again I'd like this week is Atlanta. I know when etter obviously yesterday but believe it or not. Not Going to buy into the Falcons being you know this reformed defense after just one. Yeah I'm not either. You know so. Call Al Callahan. I look they want. They lost that game too the packers but I was impressed as a lot with Kyle Allen like getting no protection whatsoever on the road at Lambeau snowing going bad conditions like you know and I thought some interesting play calling you know. Maybe I'm looking at this too much from a fantasy perspective from just like like why are you not dumping off and why are you not dumping it off to the most explosive player in the NFL right now. Like like you know. Like I don't know I. It felt like they could have involved. McCaffrey more especially rush on that last drive. But whatever cow Allen is you know listen you you wish. He was a little bit more accurate at times but given the conditions yesterday like he's a gutty kid. Eight starts in his career. Like I'm I'm I'm actually encouraged with courage by the overall look one of the I. Listen I made good calls and bad calls. I believe one of my best calls of the year was when Cam Newton was out the very first thing I said Guys Cowan can play you guys like and I just like. He's going to be a lot better than you think he is. And I had him as a love that first week against Arizona like Cowan can play like. I'm you know I think the I think the Carolina Panthers have a decision to make this offseason. They sure do. We'll get into that much more. As we get closer to the end of the season I like how the streamer I agree with you. I think both things or something Tannahill and Cowan depending on what your needs. Are this week or for the future. I think both viable pickups you know that fantasy football feeling when the excitement of a new week builds your flex you flex your analytical skills by pouring over stats studying charts and trying to spot trends. What if I told you that you can use those skills to invest and feel that same sense of anticipation every day? Td Ameritrade thinks you can. That's because a lot of those same analytical skills you use your lineup could help you build a portfolio folio not to mention. TD AMERITRADE has all the education and investing tools. You need to feel confident when you take the trading floor. There's paper money so you can practice trading risk free. There's charting to help you spot trends in the market and they'll even create an investing training plan that's unique to you and your needs. Complete with exclusive videos rose webcasts and courses just visit. TD AMERITRADE DOT com slash fantasy to get started member S.. I p. c.. Unfortunately unfortunately for the Falcons during a dominant win over the saints running back Devante Freeman gets injured with what is called a foot issue for now we do not and and this is ten thirty on the East Coast. Monday know the severity of devante Freeman foot injury but we do know that Bright Hill is the next man up Brian Hale all had twenty carries for sixty one yards ten yard touchdown reception as well Hale for those unfamiliar with a former fifth round pick out of Wyoming. Who started his career with the Falcons? I got waived claimed by the bengals wave by the bengals claimed again by the Falcons in a world in which devante Freeman Mrs Time Matthew. Brian Hill and rb to is he a guess as a flex play are we. Do I think so. It's a good offense the struggles that Atlanta's had this year has has been defensive right. You know they've been able to move the ball fairly effectively and so with Edo Smith on I R if Devante Freeman you know. We talked about them. A little bit Last last week as well this is kind of an interesting pickup. Follow social media over the weekend But yes I mean Brian Hills going to be the guy you know. I was encouraged. By the fact that he caught the touchdown has done pass. It's one play whatever but the fact that he could be he could be used as a three down back that they're comfortable throwing the ball that he's a decent pass catcher as well. It's pretty pretty thin. Depth chart after Brian Hill my expectation. I my expectation is they. May they'll sign somebody or maybe someone from the that my expectation is that if devante freeman is to miss some time here and we don't know as we record this Monday morning at ten thirty two. Am We don't know the extent of the injury. But if he were to miss some time I would think Brian Hill would be your number one. Pick up on your free agent finds column it is we're at the juncture of the season by the way for those just as a message or like a PSA where free agent fines is not quite the same column as it was in week three right knee. Injuries can certainly change things but most of the players that we've been pounding the table for for for several weeks have either crossed the fifty percent threshold or things have changed for them but yes. Brian Hill currently listed as my number one waiver at of the week a player Flyer that just based off of opportunity alone as a chance that you know this is twenty or so carries. This is the same sort of workload you can expect. You could have expected out of Mark Walton just in a better more efficient offense with more chances for a touchdown. Twenty four sixty one probably doesn't look great. It does not but twenty eight number. I'm more concerned with well. Sure I mean exactly I mean again. Twenty four sixty. One probably doesn't look great but you have to understand. The saints are a really good defense. Despite what happened yesterday like the saints are a very good defense. And so I don't know getting sixty one yards a game that you weren't expected to do much against the saints like you'll see us. I I agree with you. Much more encouraged by twenty twenty versus a sixty one and obviously the lead in this game but still yes. I would think that if Freeman Mrs Time Hill is your number one pickup so Ronald Jones had his best game as a receiver yesterday in the NFL. Eleven carries for twenty nine yard touchdown but eight catches for seventy seven yards. Which means twenty two point? Six fantasy fantasy points for Roggio tells you it's a change player. He certainly looks much much more competent. This year matthew are trusting Ronald Jones. Now think SORTA Kinda yeah to the extent you trust anyone in the buccaneers offense trust Evans and Godwin. Obviously but yeah in in certainly certainly in the backfield the eight catches for seventy seven yards. Is what really caught my eye. Because that's always been a part of his game that he had into the game for all season right and so that's never been a big part of Bruce Arians offense either by the way it's always been much more about downfield passing so dumping off to the running back Blake. Johnson had some good years hundred Bruce. Yes obviously. I mean it's weird I don't I don't think of David. Johnson is like a human like he's not like a normal. I'm just saying like what do we have. David David Johnson for you right now. No no I mean I like David John was so inhuman was so unbelievable in in his years with Bruce. You know what I mean like I just like he's an outlier is what I mean anomaly. Talented that's what I mean. But other than David Johnson. You haven't scene at a ton Anyway the fact is we certainly haven't seen it with Tampa Bay this year and so it's it was certainly nice to see with with Ronald Jones. He's now scored three of past passed for two of the last three. I'm sorry str- each of the last two games and three the last four. He scored a rushing touchdown. And so yeah you know Bruce Suresnes this week sort of said like hey. I think Ronald Jones deserves more opportunity and certainly in terms of total touches. He got it in this game game. In which the buccaneers one they did they want US came. It was a fat is actually a very entertaining game. This this is Kinda reminds me of like the random NBA game. That goes like one thirty two to one twenty eight even if it features like the worst teams was in the NBA important win for Tampa Bay snapping that four-game loss but matthew sort of a fantasy go situation near Oj. Howard at four catches for forty seven yard touchdown? Now he also played against the Arizona cardinals right who have been. I mean historically poor defending tight end so far they have been basically every notable category in tight end stats. They are the worst in the NFL. Now I'm I've Long said this like I think sometimes tight end Sassy. He built grain of salt because there are so few capable tight ends but they've even made less than capable tight ends look awesome. Here's difference Oh to Howard is good like this is what he should do. We should not surprise by four forty seven with touchdown for OJ Howard. Yeah no he's the he's the eighth different tied into score over eleven fantasy points against the Arizona cardinals so far this year still has yet have more than four catches in a game so far this year just one game with fifty or more receiving yards. I think look it's encouraging and that he did what a tight end should do against the Arizona cardinals right. He was productive but we need to see any more of it now the tight end position so desolate that he certainly worth picking up. I would assume he makes you free in their. Just you know like listen I. It's not that I'm saying you have to start artem because of what he did this past week. It's more that if this is part Arizona cardinals defense and part. He's now healthy and the the cardinals. I'm sorry the buccaneers have message something to him. That like we need you and you're going to be the guy that's pushing going forward. Then that part might be more important than might eventually earned him into your lineup. Every single week home to New Orleans at Atlanta at Jacksonville. Home to indy. It's actually not a bad schedule for tight. Ends coming up and so either by which is important too. You're looking at players right now. That you have to factor one week of them not playing for the next two and he's not one of them. We're GONNA come back and talk about a player. Who has your INNOC- points but we found out it's going to happen ninety minutes before the game begins but first a message from the fantasy show chiefs fall the titans yesterday before? The game with Shawn McCoy was announced as an inactive the EMISS- initial interpretation interpretation of that at least from my view Matthew as the fumble a couple of weeks ago the ineffectiveness since they have been Shawn Mccoy and then next thing you know maybe five minutes or so later several of the reporters at the game all got the same message tweets saying. I'm told I am told this arrest game so clearly. The chiefs worked hard or I don't know somebody worked hard to make sure that it was clear. This was a rest opportunity for the Shawn McCoy. Some load management if you will but are you buying that Matthew. Do you think that the chiefs would actually rest Lucia McCoy. This feel I mean honestly I I haven't thought too much about this but can you recall a player being arrested arrested and NFL game when it wasn't like week fifteen sixteen or seventeen suo lot to play for so Adam Taisho covers the chiefs for us here at. ESPN tweeted this us. About right. After it was announced that he was a healthy scratch. Okay well Shawn McCoy. Being inactive is due to three factors his fumbling problem Damian Damian Williams is healthy and playing better and the chiefs desire to get Darwin Thompson into the plane rotation now that is that is what I bought into. Great me me too but then yes to your point a lot of other a lot of other reporters that cover the team tweeted out the the fact that yes this was a this was expected. Rest Day they to me they were six and three. Like it'd be one thing if you were you know if if if you were the four hours eight now and the rest of their division stinks but like right now if the player and I know they don't but the playoffs began today the chiefs to be the fourth seed in the AFC. This is not like this is now. This is a tough road game on the road at Hat Tennessee and again. I'm not try and by the way Darwin Thompson I believe got one Kerry. Yeah I think he had to touch yesterday. Maybe one Kerry yes so right now matthew. So maybe maybe maybe next week they bounce back and he is our next Monday night. He'll be playing but that's a Monday night football game. There's a lot of risk right now so I think think I think right now. I don't feel prepared to make a full on assessment of La Shawn McCoy status until we hear more from Andy. Reid probably starting Thursday. They have this week when they're back into their preparation for the chargers. They play the rams in Mexico City Hall. Phone that'll be. That should be a real fun woman. It's become clear though at least over the past couple of weeks. Is that this William Shop Right now. Yeah I say right now very very specific. Because here's the thing he had a fumble that was returned for a touchdown in a game. They lost cost now. Now they went right back to Williams but Leshan McCoy was an active. So I mean maybe there's some like if you want to hang your hat on anything. A positive note would be the the fact that Daryl Williams was active for this game. And they like Daryl Williams I mean Daryl Williams Williams and McCoy were a little bit banged up early in the year. Got Some decent run so if it was a doghouse situation you know they might not have gone. Immediately back to Damian Williams which they did is interesting. It's really I mean. Dean listened but he did for losing. The fumble return for a touchdown obviously is brutal. But that's not why the chiefs lost that game it. It's one of the factors stories and right but their defense let them down so co to put a pin on this matthew last year it was. It doesn't matter who plays in the backfield VAT players going to have huge fantasy value right this year it does matter. They're averaging just twenty two point eight fantasy points per game this season he was chiefs running back. So it's GonNa get one guy or you need clarity and right now. The clearest picture suggests Damian Williams job but after that fumble yesterday who's to say Leshan McCoy won't don't get right back into the fray next week. This is a tricky one for right now. He is a shaky but filled with upside rb to is what what he is right. Now and when my ranks come out and I'm sure the same as you I will have dame Williams ranked the highest of any candidate to running back by a significant margin right and I will by the way I will have Shawn McCoy ranked I will take them at their at their word that he is. This is nature rest game. He'll be back in the lineup next. What but here's the weird parts? We it's weird because I'm just if that were the case why not addresses and just not play them because you never know. I mean somebody gets hurt you know. Like what if Damian Williams has gotten hurt. Then you're just going with Daryl Williams and Darwin Thompson like numbers game game. Yeah I guess. Yeah it's weird. He's not gonNA play special teams so you like all right. Let's move on to some. It's a weird one to us and I will say that if you haven't Shawn Mccoy Royan your team. You cannot be feeling good right about now. He dropped him. I wouldn't have a pro like if I saw him. Put it this way if I saw the Shawn McCoy on my waiver wire in one of my Leagues Leagues. I'm not picking them up right. If you could drop show at Brian Hill yes Mary Yeah I do. Yeah so I so I guess my point is tweak right I mean let's say let's just quickly if he has a great game next week who's to say they won't pull the plug after the bye right because they have a bye in week twelve by the way art math we had a bunch of clunkers yesterday. If they are nothing to you then you just move along if they are something you let me have it. It was it was. I want to say this to America. If you had a bad fantasy fantasy day yesterday you should not only. You're not alone but you should feel good about yourself. Actually because it means you probably have a very good team because not a lot of superstars or stars show too. I mean look I mean. I haven't I've team where I I got my my butt kicked right and the guy started it Christian Kurkin Daria slate and against me like and I had I had cooper cut my little Cooper Cup on that. But here's my question for you. What is more shocking? What is the most shocking thing because a couple of things? That's absolutely Bo. Cooper zero fantasy points against the steelers Sony or is it drew brees attempting forty five pass attempts against one and seventeen at home at home against a one and seventeen with one of the worst defense. NFL and drew brees stores about forty five times. And doesn't take yourself zero catches Cooper Cup. Who entered the NF who entered week ten with a top five target share so far this year? Who entered the week is I believe the fifth best wide receiver in fantasy? who was coming off of a game in which he had two hundred plus yards? Good News Bad News. Cooper Cup is averaging over one hundred yards per game and his last two outings bad news he had zero on Sunday. The against the steelers. Who for years have struggled against slot receiver? I think we need to put that narrative battle. Because they've been much better in recent weeks they had much been much better across the board defense with maybe that that is true steeler slot near post game so here we go saquon Barkley eight point one fantasy points. Matthew Thirteen carries for one on yard. He had negative thirteen yards before contact yesterday. This giants offensive line is a disaster. Right now. Doesn't mean anything for Saquon going forward or is it just just that. Hey as much as we thought he was the clear cut rb one coming into the season. He's more like five. I think that's right so right now. He's averaging sixteen eighteen point seven fantasy points per game. He's running back eleven on a points per game basis which is still very viable and useful. Course just not what you spent the number one overall pick on right if you added it over again you to take Christian McCaffrey number one overall and so his upcoming schedule there on a by this week hope basically Pat Shurmur digs down and tries to figure out what they can do to get him into space. You don't love the schedule right so it's a buy and then it's at Chicago right home to Green Bay. That's a little bit better at Philadelphia which has struggled recently against the run was good early on struggle recently against the run. Maybe by that time there a little bit healthier on the defensive line. Hopefully they've gotten some things figured out so you don't love the schedule but yes. I don't know that there's much you can do. I'm not it's going to be tough to sell saquon Barkley you know to try to trade him. I think you're just rolling them out there. You have to level set expectations cooper copy. Yesterday we talked a two by two zero Matthew Cooper cubs. Zero my little cooper. I'm still I'm still yep. I'm not bailing after one game. JEKYLL and Hyde so far this year. He's got four games inside the top ten. That's good got four games outside the top thirty matthew but again is just accepting the reality that some weeks are not going to be as good as others and understand that there may never never be a game again. This career rose zero. Zero songs is healthy in that game. Yeah I would think that's the case. Look the rams offense looks broken. Compared to what we think they are. Jared Goff I. I'm trying to think how much how much of his contract is. Guaranteed one hundred seven million bucks. That's that's a lot isn't it. Looks like a lot to me. It feels like a lot. Yeah feels like a lot Yeah so that's that's a tough one here and and you know you have to ultimately trust and Sean Vein staff to get this figured out I believe ultimately they will but given brandin cooks And his absence of you know from the from the team like you have to believe that they'll figure out to voice get Cooper up it. It appeared as if the steelers made a point of. We're GONNA take Cooper Cup out of this game and so as a result like yeah. Gerald levert tonight's Game Robert Woods. Tonight's game yeah. I mean the rams offense distinct on the road and the offensive line just stinks period as Pascal method to for twenty six yesterday. Not a great Dave for the colts wide receiver we thought would be a clearcut number-one option. They're passing game as a matter. They lost until like the eagles offense. This is the same the first time since I want to say it's been a long time. I don't know the exact number but that three one win teams one. Yeah this far in the season season right. I Bet Kyle could find a great stat of the Dolphins Navin multi game winning streak. There are definitely like other nine and seven the hardway baby go dolphins Zach Pascal. Matthew like kind of over one pick still in reach for my Washington redskins. Only the bengals tangles redskins handle redskin tail victory and bengals totally had that they. They got a game against Miami though. WELL THEY'RE GONNA lose. Maybe maybe we'll see. Pascal Donohue just probably reminded that like you know part of what what happens with the player. He's going to be. You must take the good with the bat. He's going to have some atypically strong weeks like last week. And he's GonNa have some weeks like yesterday where he disappoints. I agree agree with Jack Pascal. Matthew do we just wash away and you'll feel better about it. By the way Jacoby perset felt. He wasn't a game. Time decision was ruled out on Saturday but he practice a decent about not this week. Yeah feels like he's close to returning. It has a chance. Brian Hoyer really disappointed in that game and the Saints Matthew we can be quick here disappointing but I mean really like four game. Ah just a weird game album chimera still has eight catches fifteen point four fantasy points and drew brees. I mean forty-five attempts. I'll take that if he told me. Forty five attempts at home. Against the Falcons sign silence that all day every day every single day are the dolphins. Turn to your boy Kaelin Balaj yesterday. Matthew twenty carries for forty three yards and four catches for a robust two yards. Eight point and five fantasy points. It doesn't even matter that he's the starting starting Miami. No it doesn't like it's it's a bummer. You know he he is not been good this year the entire but in fairness to Colombo lodge no one there has not been one effective running back. Kenyan drake wasn't any good behind that dolphins line Mark Walton in the short. The time that he got run didn't do very much either. Lage was like whatever mini. gotcha eight fantasy points in this one. But I will say that I feel I. I see a lot of people taking victory laps on twitter about you know we warned you against Caleb Lodge Caleb Lage's. ADP was running back forty thirty nine. He wasn't even drafted in sixty one percent of ESPN leagues like if you drafted Kaelin Balaj and look. I'll cop to it like I liked him as asleep right. There was a path. Fantasy relevance wins for Kaelin blocks. which by the way there was who they were going to be this ethically bad been caleb? Lage's now the starter. He's gotten some run so he's got an opportunity he just hasn't done much with it like any dolphins uh-huh running back hasn't so I mean whatever running back forty nine if you if you draft your last round whatever you've been able to drop them and pick him up. It didn't kill you the the way that like. I Dunno drafting David. Montgomery did they montgomery was drafted as running back. Twenty anyone excited about David. Montgomery like what he's got. Korea largest for noobs David Montgomery aboard. Bit What Week did he. Yeah who is it against me. I was forced into aboard bed of David. Montgomery being top twenty. If you remember I got I got shamed into WHO and David Montgomery. Ba Top twenty running. But I vote against you know me. Yes I voted against you. Yeah we you and I you and I did it on Friday actually. Wow Oh wow nice well tone. I lost that one. Did you lose. If David Montgomery was a top twenty running back. I have no idea. I don't remember this board. Bet He was running back thirty four this week just missed well. Technically thickly technically with two more teams to play tonight. You're right Oh wait no wait now. That goes the other direction yet. Doesn't work that way. Yellen blocks role does is not matter to us right now that they'll be running back thirty-seven after Carson. Here's Rishaad penny gets gets lucky on a play it does matter though for for the for the opens the plane hard. They're playing really hard. Brian Tours. Trust that man but I'm just there are a number. I just want to make this one last point and then we can move on. It's unbelievable to me. The amount of other fantasy analysts that are taking victory laps on dumping on Caleb Lahj and you're like he was running back forty nine. I mean I mean it's unreal to me talking about the fact that I had Marcus Mariota outside my top twenty five quarterback this year. I know that one. They got a nice job. He's nailed it exactly. I mean it's hard I know I know I said don't draft. Eli Manning Yeah like like come on man like your Tonight I shot some fish in a barrel. Boom you just Miss Schuster three for forty four yesterday. Matthew Man Jude you no longer do no more than three catches and five of his past seven games. He's been held under seven point. Five fantasy points. Do you want to gyms sure sort of I don't know I'm just GONNA in a Boo Doodoo. benching him. You Benji just Miss Schuster benching Juju top ten in terms of ADP coming into the season wide receivers. He's wide receiver fifty five per game basis since week four. He's been held under seven point. Five fantasy points in three of the last four. Yeah he plays that Cleveland this week on a short week. I'm hanging tough with him. God boy he's been so brutal and the passing games brutal brutal. This look at their schedule at Cleveland at Cincinnati Cleveland Arizona. I would have to. I would actually love to hear from people that might actually fall all the steelers day-to-day squealers. Incredibly close. It did it excuse. Start Alison It feels like the formula right now on defense is let's make sure Thad we do everything in our power to not allowed you to be the passing game. And if you're going to get one down the field James Washington or Deontay Johnson's yeah we'll live with that because right now Jews but I think Doodoo for this week he will not be in my top thirty that much. It's hard to argue. I mean like it's your the the the reason why you would is because you remember what kind of talent this kid it has. I know that you you know. But I know like maybe neutralized they had been neutralized significantly. It's tough it's very tough and we'll talk more about where humiliation you know. We you do and we can do this tomorrow because I know we're running short time we should do. We should do all we can do it real quickly. No you want to do it. I was going to name game on. Dude you now can I mike. I think we'll do it tomorrow. All right well unless you WANNA cut some of these other topics which I'm happy to do but we're just running short on time we can do to. We just haven't prepared one for you all right. Well we'll one find a good name game tweet Veterans Day secrets girls so I will. I will heed your wishes. I appreciate that seeing how you worked for me. Thank you for leading the happen. I don't well do I work for you. I don't by the way. I don't think you want that because I don't think I'm a particularly good reflection on you. UH-HUH I like. I like if if a boss if some of a boss's self worth is you know what his employees do and produce and everything like that like. I don't think I'm particularly good reflection on you. I think you're great reflection on me matthew. Oh you're very sweet. Thank you very much look a lot alike. Okay wow well I thought he meant up by bald head. uh-huh myself when I look at you there. Joe Mix there yesterday at one. Hundred fourteen yards rushing against the ravens doesn't matter matthew or is this like the inverse junk time like they we're getting their butts kicked him when they actually got rushing yardage not passing yardage it matters and it matters for this reason. Okay so you've got banged up in this game. Yeah so that's helpful the rare you don't happen to. They actually ruled them out and they declared him doubtful to return the up and then they actually brought him back into the game right trending upwards baby. How's that for fantasy trend about the bangles tangles? Here's why it matters because you should immediately sell Joe Mixon for whatever you can get. Oh okay. That's what I'm saying. Hey listen. Thirty carries one hundred and fourteen yards ard seventeen fantasy points. He caught two balls for thirty seven yards. Joe Mixon's back maybe sell sell sell sell sell. I'm with if you can get anything. I mean anything in Virginia a value. Yeah if you've if you've been slogging through with Joe Mixing so far you have to feel encouraged. Does he have a rushing touchdown this year One I feel like he does. You might have one Thursday calls going to look that up. I know he has that short receiving touchdown right like he has one rushing touchdown impressive impress. But he's been he's been trying to think if there's been a bigger non injury related bust. Joe Mixon jujubes up there where I I think mixing has been worse than Juju though at least you can. I mean Judas had a- It'd be interesting to see I would think by the way. He has zero rushing touchdowns I bet leads the NFL NFL. In terms of rushing attempts without a rushing touchdown this year. I'm sure CALC and confirm that For a later time but I think it's the biggest bust. Yeah for sure gotTA BE GOTTA gotta be He. I mean he is Last one here Matthew is was the deals to von Deke's Stefan digs last night. Three three forty nine yards now. They won that game but look it is is wide receiver finishes over the past six games right fifty to one eight twelve eighty one and as of right now thirty nine and no Adam feeling in this game and so and they moved the ball effectively now like and by the way a lot of his production out of the production that led him to be wide receiver. Thirty nine heading into Monday night. Football was on a crazy catch. That was originally ruled incomplete and they had to review it and then it was. If he didn't uh-huh doesn't make an unbelievable catch on his back with one hand like it's even worse than it is and so it's super weird like look I mean but they they. They gave an end zone target last night. Like almost came down with it and you know it was just weird you know coward off. What are the odds that coward off catches two touchdowns and a and A to version two point conversion my worm teams have been? I'm sure you've played again. Yeah look at you go. We're we're all Irish twins heavyweight that with Adam schefter. Oh goodness well listen. Scottclark rolled me like a piece of dough like it. I had a horrible game. You you know every single guy on my team didn't show up Jalen Samuels Todd. Gurley like Stefan digs. None of those guys Evan. Ingram was out during waller. You know wasn't wasn't wasn't great either so all my guys didn't show up but it didn't matter Scottclark Scottclark me like he had. He had the ravens defense had mark he got to. Were you got more touchdowns from the Ravens Defense. And his tight end than my entire team had like I mean I had stefan digs. Just he's been ravaged by injuries right. He's got a very good not. He does but literally beat me. Like one. Seventy five to seventy like every single guy might deliver. What do you have anybody left tonight? No. I don't like I'm done. I mean it's just saying like you know Jason Myers could knock forty two field goals in lasting. Daniel has some notes from us but I need someone who follows Colorado State football something okay had Preston Williams BC Johnson and Michael Gal in the same receiving group at one time I scored the one hundred points a game. How did they how do they not win? More Games how is it not more aware of the fact that a Colorado State football team had three future. NFL Wide Receiver. Alright they hit the drop. ESPN radio breaking news. A little bit of news right now and feel network reports that Austin Hooper's GonNa miss some time he's actually have an MRI and his knee hooper who has been outstanding this year and we believe will be very rich man. I think you're saying it. If he does not receive the franchise tag. I think Austin Newport will sign the largest contract in NFL history for a tight end depending on whether he doesn't before or after George kills eventual extension with the four matters incapable reset the market. But Yeah I think Cooper is going to be super rich. He has got a knee issue. Matthew which could cause some time so there a couple of components here. Why don't we don't no like isn't a major knee issues in a minor? It's week eleven and I. I'm not suggesting that Austin Hooper's not competitive enough to not want to be out there but you might be you think for the future a little bit here if you're awesome hooper. Let's say it's a four week injury. Just say this right. Get you fifteen like you're gonNA say like yeah. I'll be back week. Sixteen seventeen if your team is something like four. Ten loss season for the Atlanta Falcons to your point. He's going to be a free agent. Why wouldn't you wouldn't blame the player for wanting to be wanted us be safe? Play it safe and baton basis too easy on these nothing. So it's a significant injury in the world of fantasy football. Not just only for the Falcons and they're passing attack but four fantasy football Y- you downgrade Matt Ryan a little bit here. Doesn't feel like there's anyone on the Falcons immediately feel good about going out and picking up no player immediately that comes to mind from the in-house options for Atlanta. So let's look at some of the names outside and some of these names already on the Waiver Column Four. ESPN DOT COM. That'll be out later on today. And you right right. You're right free agent fines. Why don't you go ahead you're Oj? How're we talked about my number one ad of the week? I think if I had to pick one up amongst hide and trying to think who I had as has number of Jack Doyle it's got I believe six straight games with at least three catches so not a ton of upside there doyle but the consistency is worth noting. We talked about Vance McDonald. He's available fifty five Sees we talked about. OJ Howard available in about fifty five percent of leagues bans McDonald. Also available in fifty five percent percent of leaks had a Jack Doyle. Seeing on the screen is a forty forty forty eight percent available as of this morning was forty five point four percent so maybe things have changed with rolling waivers or something. There's up to fifty one point three percent roster. That's weird. I checked it. This morning is at forty five percent. I'll take him off the waiver wire then there any event Coward off. We talked about him. Matthew Sixty four percent available Mike Seki available in eighty seven percent of leagues. No obvious great options here. Math there is no great tight option but certainly something to consider because who has been the rock star of your team. If you play fantasy football I'll give you one guy that coming that by the way it's been really good and I don't know the stats up the top. My but we talked about him on fantasy football now. and that's Noah fant who has fan has gotten since Emmanuel Sanders has been traded. The forty niners fan has actually had a tremendous tremendous amount of a really nice target. Share routes run for the Denver Broncos. So Noah Fan. I think becomes kind of interesting. If you're sort of you know Searching down there. Darren fells of the Houston. Texans who's available mathematics on a league. He's been he seems to have really kind of separated himself from Jordan. eakins there in in Houston Texans. Obviously they're off a bye there at the There's the ravens however maybe Chris Herndon who came back with you've limited yesterday so limited. I wonder if that one might be a few more weeks. The only the only reason I mentioned herndon. They play the redskins this week. I but I if he's he's like a barely even a part time. It's hard to have any major investment in right and then of course you know. Well I was GONNA SAY DA DA Scott but they're playing the the Patriots you don't love because he's a starter too so yeah exactly. We'll get into it more because I imagine we'll have some updates later on today on the exact time line for Austin Austin Hooper who has been legitimate stud so far this season and Speaking of the Atlanta Falcons by the way this came actually fantasy life. APP alerted to me this about forty five minutes ago so policies that I miss this. I put my phone down during the show but devante freeman initially diagnosed with foot. Spring source said and I'll have an MRI today to determine the extent stan of it so We'll find out what the results from. NFL Network so we will. We will see what happens with devante Freeman the results that emory so we should know the status of him at at least heading into waivers. Bad luck for the Falcons continues good thing. They got that win yesterday to help. Change a tenor of their season. We're back tomorrow with the latest on injury updates. Recap of the much anticipated San Francisco. Seattle game tonight. We've got more stuff here doing. I'm also really excited about tomorrow. Not only is a year free agent fines column but Disney plus us is the Morro. So make sure you're ready for that baby Disney applause any gifts. Great thing for yourself. It's so much content I I I will say I'll just say this for myself. Like no one has asked me to say anything like this is not a company man. I think I will I remember the the at the ABC the Disney Upfront Kimmel. which is a great joke? He says Listen Disney plus you can either pay seven bucks a month or you can raise your kids yourself just a great joke Unbelievable joke but the truth is I mean when you think about you know. Pixar Star Wars Marvel avengers endgame low starring a familiar face by the way available on Disney plus Just you know National Geographic. Obviously Disney as well tons of original series like for somebody like me. WHO's fanatic? I'm very excited about all. The original series is that are coming on like they've got ones with low key and Falcon soldier and scarlet witch envision. And so I'm very excited about that. But like there is something for everyone. I cannot wait like seven bucks a month. Take my money and Bob I did announced the way. This is the part. That's companyman Bob. EIGER did announce that eventually there will be a bundle that you can buy. That will get you Disney plus Hulu and ESPN plus so you can enjoy the fantasy show with myself and Daniel DOPP. That's right for I believe fifteen dollars a month yeah. Thirteen is the third twelve ninety nine a month. Thirteen thirteen bucks so we basically ESPN plus. It's five bucks a month dizzy. Pluses seven bucks a month so in essence basically get Hulu dollar. That's right and Disney. Plus you can stream up to four simultaneous streams like you and your kids and your wife and someone away at college could all do that plus it for your neighbor. That's exactly and for me like I. Just this is a this is a nerdy everything but like everything is going to not everything. But they have a four K.. And HDR capability. Which is somebody who really likes you know you have a nice tv or something like that? You're sure we'll have writer so I like get that's awesome anyway. Yeah so happy Disney plus. Data's Comoro very excited about that like I am. I am legit excited about Disney plus and that has nothing. That's not that's it's not companyman talking fan boy netting out talking I suppose take your opportunity to sign up for it now. We'll talk to you guys on Tuesday New episode of the fantasy show with the implicit danger. d'appel bat later today. Thank you Alison. Thank you veterans peace out. Twitter says Inglis College hoops Talking Shetty. ANC He's a two-goal guy. He's looking at a star He. Ah Fantasy cool aw.

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