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#044: Marc Jospitre w/ Chris Ross & Wes Baiz


what's up? Everybody welcome back to another episode of the win win effect podcast. I'm your host Chris. Ross I'm joined by my co host counterpart West Base for today's episode. We are blessed and thrilled to have an opportunity to speak with someone that we both felt collectively that will bring you our listeners. An extreme amount of value our guest has been in a tutelage and mentorship in an inner circle consulting team with the world. Famous Bob Proctor. Perhaps you may have heard of him. He's been sales for last twenty years and the last four years specifically he's combined his sales expertise with the mindset tools. He learned from his mentor. He's also a keynote speaker and author an expert in listen closely and destructive ideas. We'll get more into that without any more delay. Join US all the way from beautiful Spain. Mr Marc Jospeh. Tra- how you doing man? I'm doing great. Thank you Chris Thank you profiting me. Man. It's been a pleasure. I'm really excited for this episode. I've been looking forward to this show. I know that we've had a couple conversations and leading into this and I'm just really happy that you hear what main me want to invite you to. The show is that we see eye to eye on so many different types of levels when it comes to just human behavior not just pertaining to sales. I know that you are certified coach with Mr Bob Proctor and he was your mentor for years. Can you can open up and tell the listeners a little bit more about yourself and that kind of experience and what led you to doing what you're doing today. Well I've been in sales for over twenty years now and if you are a true selves professionals. One of the things that you need to be doing is to continuously get better at your craft and train and do and do things that it's GonNa go. You're going to bring something different to the table. You know because otherwise while you become one of those sales people which you don't want to encounter so I've been I've been involvement do personal development us as long as I remember. I remember the very first book that I read on. The subject a realized how powerful the is in what we can be doing it and I got into this quest in this journey where that I'm going to read everybody. I'm gonNA discover what's see Grad in chapter throw in as a matter of fact when I watched that movie the secret that was light bulb that went on and I was like. There's something that couldn't put my finger on it at the time but as I continued to to to find the Information Bob. Proctor came on on my path in and I saw him the first time in the movie the secret but then I went ready all in and started to be coached personally by him and his room. And now I'm I'm part of his inner circle One of the top consultant in the world in his organization in and truly grateful to have this gentleman a great mentor. In if you look at the lineage. From where he's coming from impressive we talking about Andrew Carnegie which was the first building out on this planet sauce When you see where that's coming from you have to pay attention. This is exactly what I did and Never looked back at the. You mentioned something real quick before we and I'm sure West has a lot to ask you as well for the listeners. A your light bulb went off when you seen the movie secret in your mind was impressionable course. You saw project. What's maybe had your minor pressure. Maybe be hey. This might be something that I need to spend a little bit more time investigating on what I need to do with my life. Did it not just take it to another level? But we're your. Were you open to different types of possibilities understanding what you do for a living and different ways of doing it? Yes it was it for sure. That was something that happened at that moment but for me at that moment was was really interesting. First of all Bob was in my opinion was the only one which didn't fit in that movie. Which it's really bizarre. When when when I was watching it I felt I felt something different from him. And but this idea that there's laws that govern our universe in that this has never been talked to us was was an. I realized this later on but was really the part that caught my attention in. If you're repaying attention like there's laws which are there and if you understand start operating bylaw you cannot fail impossible because it's like gravity you're not you're not defying gravity today. Says all you know what I'm GonNa Climb on the roof of my building and I'm just going to say gravity work. Today's I'm just GONNA jump. You're never going to do something like that. Because you know that if you try to define the law gravity it's gonNA end up badly. So this idea of off attraction was really appealing to me and I was like okay. I need to investigate. I need to go a little bit deeper into this. There must be some some some Literature on the subject. There must be something that can go deeper. And this is where that the quest took a toll different level and I I went. I went deeper and deeper into the subject right west. We were talking about this. On one of our last episodes I think is probably maybe three or four back on their certain habits and understandings and beliefs and goes into convictions. About what we do with people and companies and corporations. Can you elaborate a little bit more? On what mark is talking about for listeners. Absolutely I mean it's it's you report you so right and so when and this is actually where I cure sources dive a little bit deeper into as you know when when we look at it. It's kind of like causing effects right your decisions your actions lead to your outcome essentially and so it's the same thing with what mark saying you know what there's a law of gravity you know. What the cause and effect is you know if you jump off that building you know for example and in gravity takes over you at that point right and affected that and so we're alabi curious also for the listeners to kind of dive a little bit more like deeper into with mark specific is Kinda. What what your thought process? And how how you were before that time period of you getting into the law of attraction and then how did that? Change Your Life. What what were those pivotal points? If if you start thinking about the love attraction because I'm pretty sure that the listeners. If you've been in sales you you you caught word of that idea I can attract clients to me. I can attract the wealth. I want a piece of that and then you start like exploring it and then it didn't really work in the Infamy. I I remember. I was extremely frustrated with that because someday work some. They didn't work so it. It must not be a law because if you think about what law is is it would. There's no exception to a law. Works the same way every single time so I was extremely would save frustrated because I didn't comprehend like the full Spec of what this entails and how it works. And how can I use it in my advantage every single time so before that what what was happening is basically we are pretty much like victim our of our environment. We are operating by like most most people operating today. Yeah you know you're you're you're motivated you your pumping yourself. You're doing some affirmation in front of all those things but this old piece in bits that you gather here and there but there's never really a Emanuel and something which is very clear that it gives you a clear instructions on how to get to where you WanNa go so as I started to dig deeper into this I counter Deepak Chopra for example which is doctor which is started as well to do fine a into explain at the scientific level. What is happening through this and for me? The my mind was Program at the time I needed to have this this proof I needed to have this scientific part of all of this mumble jumble law of attraction stock to really comprehend in implement this into my life and this is why. I was keep going after all kinds of different author all kinds of different methodology. But you what what's happening when you're doing this is you're just picking up piece than bits and there's never read this sequin. Chal ways of operating so. This is why one day. It's going work and the other. It's not because you still have the programming in new subconscious. Mind which I know that you guys talking about this. So there's still the programming which is running in the back so in other words that software just running in the back of your mind so every time that you bring a new in formation the southwest still running. So you'll do this for. They will to but then the software takeover and then you go back to default. You're talking about doing one day and it works and the next day a dozen potentially right because your mind still going is is going to tell you yet. Maybe it's not gonNA work but you have to be one hundred percent confident in how to deal with it. If it doesn't work would you say that? Yeah but the thing is we're not right. That's that's the trick. That's the trick that I had to overcome and discover for myself every single person's different our our wiring in the brain as there is the same but the wiring is different. 'cause past experiences in our upbringing you mentioned going on of listeners. Don't know this but your from Canada and you live now in. Spain was your type of upbringing. It maybe had some beliefs and opinions and convictions. There that you had to realign shit. We won't have enough time. I show right but like if we go with this idea of money at it was. It was all like you know. money's scars. It was all like you know it doesn't grow in tree was like a mega bank is Who Do you think I am in? All of those preconceived. I mean if you if you know about the culture that we have in Quebec. Because I'm not coming just from Canada. I'm coming from the French part of Ganim in the culture. There is living to be small so that programming is so embedded into culture. That even though you don't want to have it it is it's cultural so it's all around you and me bought taking this way all the time so people would have money while they probably screw someone they'd probably steal it. They probably cheated. So this is all the programming that I had in me which I would never realize this until the time that I started addressing it and really paying close attention to even now they which I'm living a pretty good lifestyle does are coming back and try to just like. Oh your your your guard is down. I'm going to take over again right. And you have to catch it. Right says repetition more that you do the easier will become and and I'm very much aware of Light. The culture more less a lot more that type of upbringing and I come from something very similar where it was all about just the the happiness in the home that said what you would measure success with. I was just having a conversation. I think we're on a call that it was yesterday was for training team and we're a role playing a little bit and I was talking about you. Know the things that how to measure success in people measures assess differently just depending on your your mindset and your what your values are and I made an example about you know what I how I measure success. I want to if I make it to eighty or whatever and when my deathbed and if I had my whole family and the people that I love the most and I was took a huge pardon creating a lifestyle for them and creating a life and giving them everything they would potentially need to be successful in her own way. That's how I view a measure truce's sets when I would pass over or cross over to the side but then if you look at it in a different way some people would value or measure success by how much money you have in the jets and watches and all the things like that. But that's just going to give you a short term type of satisfaction feeling. What would you say for the listeners would be the right way to start looking at it if you were starting off as a new person understanding both sides of the though subconscious and conscious mind with all attraction so when when you talking about success in and I love this in I have been encountered any better the finishing of success that Url Nineteen Gill? Which by the way earl nightingale and Lloyd CONAN which they have a company which is called Nineteen Gail Conan Co creation. This is the father of the personal development. Space they started. It is all we have to go back into Sixty nine hundred sixty url saying is success is the progressive release of a wordy ideal. Right in other words you can be a mom at home that this is your job. This is what you're doing and you're taking care of home you taking care of your husband can kill your kids. You're making sure that everybody is at like you know their best. And this is your job while I'm doing this because like I don't think there's the hardest thing to do that to raise kids in taking care of hope because like this is this is the place that you feel secure in all this well if you becoming better at it every single day you're successful. It's not the bank the money you have in the bank. It's it's not like the material possession you have. It's having an ideal and that you're getting better at it. Every single that is what success is in. In in this way we are. We are not creating separation from the person that owns a jet and the person that like basically is renting their house but if that person better every single that what they do in like the percents successful as well so in this way. I believe that this is the best way To to to define what successes that one of your first objective when you're working with an entrepreneur is trying to figure out what they call success or what what what that means for them. Is that one of your first objectives. My first objective truly is that the person discover. What is they're calling? Because I believe that each and every one of us has a calling I was in sales. I didn't like sales. I thought that that was that was that was like because of my experience. I thought that that was like crew. That was in there. That was people which was without scruples. All of the of the stereotypes but when I discover what truly is selling I fell in love with it i. I made a decision at that time. That will not do anything else like I would always work for myself because as a salesperson nobody can dictate how much are. You are entirely in control of your Your income right on the results are instantaneous. Weren't the things I love about sales if you know pretty quickly. The other person's engage with you or not if you have enough emotional intelligence and I love what you said about the China. Help them discover their purpose. And here's the I've been thinking a lot about this that I don't know if you know. Who inky Johnson is He's a football player. He got hurt on a Westie. You know who does? I don't think so played back in the nineties and how horrible injury was like disabled loss. All the also I think like his runner right side of his body went completely paralyzed. And he's doing is doing some some keynotes talk. Yes yeah. I've seen him back. He's real. He talks a lot about a connecting. Your purpose with the other person if their minds impressionable to it. You're connecting your purpose until they're strong enough and willing and able to develop their own purpose and build it on their foundation. I thought that was a beautiful way of saying that in trying to connect with someone because people only enroll by from you or do business with you if they somewhat view you as a trusted source or won't to be somewhat of former fashion of you like another version in something similar. That's what the human mind is is all about connecting. Isn't it so you want to like? Hey I wanna work with somebody that I'm I have commonality with. We have similar values as one of the things that why West I get along very well is we are. Upbringing was very similar. Very similars scary. But when you're doing something like that in your working when someone you have you feel that connection and that's what sales all about and like yourself. I when I first got involved in sales. I'm not doing it this way. I can't I'm not reading the script. This is awful this off. I can't I'm not gonNA pitch anyone and I made a commitment like yourself. They longtime goes. Listen I'm hitting my numbers. I'm not reading off this paper not reading these words. I will connect with them. Because I'M GONNA make sure this is my moral obligation to do what's in their best interests at all times realigning all of this west. Can you explain and maybe go through some of the ways in similarities between mark and myself? Yeah I mean it comes back to the core core values right right and the core values the way that I view is the intention for the outcome and so where from what it sounds like in this you know with this is that we're not looking to sell you into a product or service. We're not the outcome for us. Isn't the sale the outcome is? How can we truly help you get to a better position with your life with an utilizing product service? Good whatever it is as a tool to help you on that journey right. It's not the focus. It's not the that's not. What because if you're just aiming to to make the sale you're aiming to make money right and where the philosophy here is very similar is that how can we truly help. This person actually get toward. They're looking to go d you talk a lot about night. Similar views on this as well as like ninety. Five percent mindset in five percent strategy. All let's let's let's go into it right now because this is in. I mean I remember the first time that I heard this from my mentor. I was I was ten. I tend to agree with it. But if you understand where we coming from because most of US thinks okay. I'm mark I'm my body. Which that's that's totally false. We we are pure energy. This is what we are and when we start on the standing and like people Google call this like spirit in in you know son of God in all of those things. It doesn't really matter the brand that you attaching to it like what it's important that you understand the concept. Is that the computer from what I'm speaking. True right now is energy the Internet to the the network in the frequency. That's going like the message that you're receiving is energy so we are made all from the same stock and that energy is malleable. And you can you. Can you can media shape that through your mind right so if we coming from that that that standpoint in that thought is the most potent form of energy that exist and that you have the ability to think whatever you WanNa think now you understand how you can start manipulating in one essay? Many blading not talking about like in in in a negative way like union more than limiting more of influencing yob but no order. It goes even further than that. You can manipulate the forms that are taking around you and all this comes from that ninety. Five percent mindset right. The strategy is as important than the mindset. But it's only five percent so you can have a perfect strategy but if you don't have all of this mindset in being unwavering like fate on that all docs energy that you have will help you to come to term and to really create the resolve that you want the strategy can be as good as as as it. It is on paper. It will not work. There's a disconnection there. I mean that urged you're sending and the results that you want to have. How much of the strategy needs to be aligned with the strengths and weaknesses of the individual. I don't I don't think it matters. The strategy itself is is like with the the current. Data's that we have okay so when you're doing a strategy for instance You want to sell a product online. So there's different channels that you can be utilizing you can do. Facebook advertisement Nigeria advertisement. You can do. Organic advertisement paid advertisement. There's all kinds of different strategy. You can utilize but with your attitude. Which like this is where the ninety five percent comes into play with your attitude and that belief in truly focusing at I believing that whatever strategy will utilize that you have that conviction that this is exactly the way it should happen. Even though the evidence doesn't look that it's GonNa work right if your fate is in there if your your your attitude this and there's everybody is a line into it regardless of the strength and weakness that you have it will work and and I mean I'm not I'm not gonna go in details but like there's so many scriptures that explained his in are talking about this that the fate is the key. And if you're if you believe in it if you are truly and you know you just know it in all of the sales of your body it portrayed at people and you are attracted to that type of people you know when when your energy I can explain a little bit like conscious subconsciousness but you when you are connected with someone and you you really feel and you just know I wanNA follow this guy if because I cannot explain it but it seems he knows what he's talking about right you have to have that level of confidence in the way that in in your delivery would your tonality as well tied into being very empathetic of your own emotions in understanding how to direct those into a positive type of attitude. And that's where that alignment is is important for myself. And I the reason why I asked you to question about the the right strategies and aligning them with the strengths and weaknesses of every individual. You have to understand the being adaptable to change. Because all the other moving parts out there that you cannot control but obviously with people like ourselves were armed. Taliban competitive advantage will always win. It doesn't really matter about the moving parts. We're going to overcome anything to be set in front of us. How much is that to? How much is that pertain to the overall outcome? That you're going after as an entrepreneur or even just an even have to be in the business your mindset this everything right mindsets before everything regardless of condition and circumstances this is why. I'm saying ninety. Five percent mindset five-person strategy. You can have the worst strategy. Ever you have a strategy but you're strategies five percent it can be really really bad but if the mindset is on the right place the attitude is the right place do you are taking proper action. Even though that again strategy looks terrible from the right yes and if you look at a marketing strategist right and looking at this and they just like putting putting the just now of this. We can't do that. But if you have this unwavering fate it will ultimately work was. How much is that tied into your competitive advantage as well and what we do especially with the sales teams well. It's absolutely critical. Because here's kind of my question. Also for mark related to this. I think the listeners can get a lot of which is all times people talk about this topic. They're talking about as if it's you know it's like an arbitrary you know result based off of just a will to believe right you're have faith in and then there's the other side of it where it's like. Okay the your belief system And and your commitment and your faith allows you to be impressionable to change and adaptation. I and that's what influences the result because the strategy will always change the belief. As long as it's strong enough will stay and so mark in in your experience in your in and your thoughts which one I mean. How do you explain that to people to help them understand? You know this is why it's so important like how does that you know that belief system truly influenced the actions of that person. West like what? What you're saying right now is key and I want everybody right now. That listening to this. You've got to pay very close attention. Because like we call it into our our methodology. We call it. Paradigm Paradigm is a is a belief system that controls your habit. So this is basically that that's backwards software which that back software which is controlling everything the default mode the way. I like to call it. I like to call it. You Bullshit Starts Yup and you've got so many of them which that is exactly what is holding you back. The bullshit story is what makes you have the poll results having so if you're not selling on Friday it's because he had a bullshit story that tells you that tried as not a good day to sell if you're not selling on Monday while you have a bullshit story that tells you that you're not good selling on Monday so all of those stories that you are having which by the way most of those stories on not even coming from you. They coming from your parents. They're coming from the society coming from school. They coming from one teacher they coming from one mentor and the thing is we are never reevaluating. Those bullshit story as long as will like ninety five percent of the population will live with their bullshit story for the rest of their life never reevaluate if they they want to have those bullshit starring their life and if this is serving them so you mentioned the type of limiting beliefs which we call it but like it really. I want you to start changing like just beliefs because belief for me as something streaming positive but when you start having a believe which is negative. I like to call it. Bullshit Story Because I want to get rid of it is bullshit because it's going to prevent them from really maximizing their potential to the highest level or even discovering their potential. I we speak a lot about this with individuals because I talk a lot about. You always do what's best for the buyer all-time it doesn't matter if it's a company or corporation individual doesn't matter if you actually focused on say to save person just for a second if you're a salesperson working with individual how important is it it how impactful is it for you to open their eyes. That are bullshit story and an Umbria lining and re anchoring a different emotion to that story. So it's positive for you to get to both to get the outcome. You're both desiring. It's paramount that that is that is the key of our entire methodology is really to address that because again it's not it's not who you are. That's holding you back is who you think you not and pay attention to that. It's not you are that's holding back is who you think you're not all I'm not. I'm not a millionaire. Oh I'm not good at this all. I'm not good at that. Like just start thinking in in realizing how many times that you're saying those things that you're not you're not you're not you're not this is exactly what's holding you back so if we're not addressing if we're not making that change if we're not pinpointing what is holding you back you will stay exactly where you are and you will never pass out those limits that you are creating on your own like a prison of making when I started looking at potential prospects for not who they were at that moment and I started looking at them as they could be if they and then once I started looking online at that way I started to teach them different types of methods or techniques for them to turn herself into the person they should be. And that's the impact you can have with people. I'm sure that's probably. What led you to you when you became a father. Eight years ago with your daughter. And that's probably what was the motivating factors they listen. I have an opportunity to create the mind of a beautiful daughter and has as creative can control our own destiny just because of all the things potentially in our past in people that you worked with of having all these limiting beliefs and convictions. That's held them back. Can you tell the listeners? A little bit more about your podcast after dark with mark. I know you talk a lot about your female entrepreneurs. Can you tell them a little bit about that? I think that's so important for people to hear well with mark was an idea that I mean I had my own radio. Show and I I I studied communication. That is something that I've been. I was a news reporter. I was on radio television so like that. Thing is is natural to me. This is something that I really love. But what people see when when they see you on social media on they see the results they see you like flying first class in stay in the best hotels and traveling the best way and and having that success they just see a snapshot in Time. Mav A lot of work that you've been experimenting and dealing with and working on for years prior that so people are just seeing this and they they have this false impression that Oh my God I want to be like this guy because it is so it looks so cool. But they haven't seen all the darkness that I don't shoot in there right. I can't stand it. 'cause you just jumped conclusion. Just think that is overnight success. We just got here. I'm his blood sweat and tears. I've had a overcome so much versi but in you know introduces a person to their true self. If you're willing to go through the pain and gets and push through and grow from two type of opportunity the that's an opportunity to grow of. Its growth is hidden in all that pain. And that's why that you talked about when you're going to an understanding you have that real strong belief in a conviction the reason why we're very confident because we we've had to overcome with clients in with our self before we can actually serve. The community are serve the marketplace. That's what makes you effective mark. Is that overcome so much you if you're taking the profession of salesperson is you you countering so many people look at the amount of sales presentation of Don my life and it's staggering the growth that experience because you you meeting so many different types of people so many Well so many objections that you encountering it forces you to to grow and grow really really fast so true that groves. This is really where you started to to get to know yourself. And this is where that I became extremely fascinated about that personal growth space because I went through those things. Now when you do a transition like this well it's all starting right from the kid. Go and what you think you knew. Go all the way out the window and then you have to start like at like square one even though that you have all that experience you. It's not that easy. I mean we see it into our our company. We have people which are dominating. I mean when dominating in their field is scary. I adjust on top all the time and they move into the space and they are crushed because all their bearings everything that they know their paradigm. They're they're normal habits. All of those just fell apart so now they find themselves into being extremely vulnerable in that vulnerability. This is where really the growth start. Is You need to be vulnerable. You need to be honest with yourself so I don't know what was the question exactly but this is what I had and I was just trying to track the information because it's it's important for people to understand the snapshot that you see of all this assess and all the things that you know we've experienced and that's a part of doing all the hard work in the in the growth stage in phase but are always growing always learning. I'm a lifelong learner. But the reason why a lot of people get crushed in this type of space is there. They don't know what game they're playing is. It could be a finite type of player but these players that are actually dominating. They're playing an infant type of game. They they're in it for the long run and they will have the resources available to be able to do what they do each and every day because as you know in West would probably agree. There's certain days I will be the best in a game of doing it and certain days I will not. It's the way of life but it's my. It's an opportunity when I have to it than want skillset going into that type of way of thinking with the ninety five percent mindset then I need to worry about the five percent strategy of implementing what I need to accomplish and that's dedication to become one percent better each every day. There's I will not accept anything less from my best for myself. The people I work with everything and I'm trying to improve. Can you walk the listeners? Through why is that so important each and every day and hold yourself accountable every day because I know a lot of listeners? Were probably have a lot of questions with that. Well there's there's no there's nobody that's going to do it for you right. We have a saying that you have to do it yourself but you can't do it alone so I absolutely love that in as a Man. I don't know I don't know the woman I don't think is is is the same because I think generally woman have this open heart in openness to know that they need help as a man with been conditioned this is part of the paradigm this spot of Bullshit. Story that you have to do it yourself and and basically you don't need any help and you've got to get away from that because and this is the reason. Why a mentor? This is the reason why you need a coach. I mean if you look at the top professionals in their field no you look at the vallone. Manado you look at a messy. You look at You know whatever football player or hockey player or baseball player. They all have coaches tiger woods. Best in his field. You're seeing right now with the last dance you know Michael Jordan. He mentored Kobe exactly and then Kobe just just said Hey. I got five rain because of Michael. Soles don't stop down on me like how who would be the best like on one on one. You don't know that you don't know that I got meant so even if you are at the top of your feel you can be better every single day and the way to do that is to hire someone that's going to be able to see your bullshit story that's going to be able to see your blind spot because if that would be not a blind spot you'll see it because you can't right it's potentially cut light years off your learning curve and you'll save yourself a lot of frustration and failure but only just just like everything else in life that brings you more closer to understanding the bigger picture a lot of people when. I'm working with them or maybe it's an entrepreneur. An hit a seven figure level. Just meet kind of shining light on the bigger picture on some different variables or components within a business. They go WHOA. That's could be a two hundred percent growth in next year for them just because they're looking at it in a different Lynn's. How much does that pertain to? When you're working with somebody or working with a company or mentoring that relationship that you have with your men t and you shining a light on that how much connection you think you experience and what what emotions you kind of. Go through you at that time of helping someone like this is. This is the part that makes you love this industry makes you love this business because there's nothing that makes me happy you're to have a client sending tax just You know what I sold double that what I sold last month in the end I got this. I just bought my new car. I said like I did exactly what you told me in in like. It's amazing what's happening right now. Like this is where the gratification is. True truly is an what we call it. We called it psychic income. So there's two thought to type of income so there's material incomes so that's the money that you're earning from your business but then there's the psychic income in that part. I believe that this is one thing that as a sales or son you need to truly find in yourself. You need to really understand why you're doing what you're doing and get that psych income because now it's not about. It's not about the clothes. There is getting out of them serving in this in itself. What it does is. It's animating your emotional intelligence which your prospect of your client. This is. What is proceeding cannot. Explain it it cannot understand cannot see it but sensing it and that connection. This is most of the time not most of this is what sells right when Beth. The word the gesture saying consciously in everything that you're sending as an emotion as energy because I I told you we are energy. So every time that we communicating right. Now I'm communicating to you through the computer and you can be like thousands of miles away from me but you still sending the you still feeling the energy even right. You're still feel that vibration even watch watching a recording. You're still gonNA feel the vibrations being transferred over West Howard. We talked about this. A lot is how transfer your energy in a motion through a phone or through any type of trainings. Yeah I mean come again. It comes back to your intention. It comes back to your intention. That's something I don't believe you can fake and if you see if you do you're not going to fake it for very long at some point it's going to be revealed but you have to have that intention. What mark talked about was frequency? And I mean. That's pretty much what this is right. I mean when I'm when I'm hearing you when I'm seeing you. That's all frequency that's happening that's an feeling it. And that's why I can feel it through this. And so when you're when you're speaking with a prospect and when you're dealing with a client what are those frequencies that you're sending out and and what are they feeling from you because that's what's going to impact and influence what that relationship is going to look like and what the outcome is going to look like. I'll go even further that West because like that. That point that you're bringing in this is something that most people do not comprehend and this is where that the studying is so important and finding a mentor. That knows about those things specially if you're in sales the frequency that you're on even before to go on on a sales presentation will attract the type of people which are on the same frequency that you have so when when Chris was saying like you know how important it is like to to get better at it every single day while this is why it's important because if you want to earn millions of dollars if you want to be on on this this other plane where that you know people always into Viv parties and and a you know the earning seven figures per and stuff like that in order to start getting yourself into that you need to I elevate your mind said the ninety five percent you need to elevate that at that level and what you will realize is now son. You'RE GONNA start seeing people with lower more though coming into your experience and just just might magic and then you would wondering why. That's that's that's pretty amazing. I I'm I'm meeting those people which you can buy the thing that I want to sell. And they don't have any problem because you elevate your frequency at another level in the only people that can communicate with you are the people which on that same frequency like a radio station right if I tried to be on one. Six point three in the might frequency right now is on ninety eight point nine. I won't be able to connect to one exactly. We know that in the radio business but when it comes to the human business then we think now this is occas focus. Like dude works the same way. There's no difference is a game of inches and I like to say especially when you're looking at sales game a millimeters you're looking into that frequency than dialing yourself up increase your knowledge increase. It took it takes a lot of work to do it. We do an levels that we do it. Mark West as well. We got to get to the point where the listen. How can I make more of an impact with people? If you're focusing on that and you one hundred percent believe in abundance it was for myself that shift. That happened for me. There's enough air we breathe. There's enough money out there. There's enough success out there for everybody. Everyone and when I one hundred percent took that in and believed in my heart and soul people don't I don't have to explain it to customers. They feel it mark and I'm sure they do you feel you. They don't have to you know have to really explain to them. All the exit knows any kind of objections when it gets to that type of understanding level of understanding on how it's important to all the small things right every day to adds up is the difference between good and great small details so when that goes into working with somebody that have a program you sell for a million. I would sell that to same way. I was sell a t shirt. You know all about connecting an understanding that type of level of a frequency and putting the things out in the universe. I pinch myself sometimes mark and I'm sure you do as well at Choline from Canada to living in Spain about lifestyle. It's all about lifestyle you have to live it. You had to one hundred percent limits for people to understand it and feel it. How much does that play into your role and understanding how you're influencing people the right way? I. It plays a big role and and I take tried to really get better at it every single day. like the the amount of work that I'm putting into my own training That part like for me is priceless. I would never go back to just you know. Be a couch potato in. Play Games all day on. Never do that again because I I look at the satisfaction. I'm getting now just by by studying in in getting close to God and I'm using this on purpose right now because I really want to start paying attention on everybody which has a lot of success. I'm talking about like you know you're in in the UK And we take Louis Milton for example the Formula. One driver east talking about God every time that is in front of a microphone. Now Ask Yourself. What is the reason behind this? It's because like they come to a point where the the understand that they're made from the same stuff absolutely at got is and and I mean it's across the board every people which is the very top are taking are really starting to own this. The problem is in the bullshit story where they told you that God will punish you if you think this way and if you watch some porn and if you are doing this and this is where the problem is not in God south Is there to help you give you everything that you want? But it's the relation that you have with the God that creates the lack. I've spent so much time so happy. You brought it here in. This conversation. Went to hear because a lot of people aren't I guess you would say in upgrading. The comfortable enough to have that tough conversation and in putting out in public especially when it goes to the public I I three or four months ago. I'd been gotten more closer with in my own self me being more spiritual in focusing on myself and my relationship with my higher power and as all that's done is clear all the bullshit completely. It's got me back line to when I true self and I started realizing a lot of things in my conscious mind and subconscious and tying both having those communicate the same type of frequency because I was a realignment. And it's that's why it's important to keep re upping yourself and getting different levels because that's where you're going to experience all the satisfaction and getting to the Portuguese feel like you've accomplished so much but it's all the small things it means something to you that you get the most faction from making seven figures are getting to eight figures mark and go in inexperienced in that type of the only lasts about fifteen seconds for me when I accomplish something like that because I have a bigger goal in mind. I'm a targets but would that realignment and being more spiritual in becoming one hundred percent. Authentic like extremely powerful for people and. I'm really happy that you went there with that. And I know I know you have to really busy man and so where we have a lot of things going on. But I'm just so happy and grateful that you came on to our show and our hope listeners. Got A lot of value about the PODCAST. Real quick is that other than that. What would be the best way for my listeners? To communicate with you in contact you while you can come to my website where that we are having Always you know like we always like do something different as well as on facebook having a group which is called the richest interpret aura. So if you're in business if you're in sales this is a place that I would connect definitely wear that. I'm always sharing New contin there in. I'm always getting involved into this and answering questions so my goal is really to create a community where that will give you stuff free but at the same time. If you're really serious about your craft if you're really serious about where you WanNa Bring Your Business. I can help you get there. And and that that is where that like you need to get involved with our methodology in start creating. I love what you just said about. You know if I reach something. It lasts fifteen seconds. Most of the people have this. False concept is bullshit story that you're reaching million dollar the dunes and and like there's trump heads rave parades coming and like know clowns like some flipping all this like nothing. It's like it's silence and then you just like okay so like actually disappointing when when you do get that the big success that big goal that you were after and said this appointing into not that you have it but disappointing based on the expectation that you have. It's just just moved in when when you working on this song while it's a normal day you you saw it in your mind for so long in that might and this is where the mindset is so important because in your mind that ninety five percent it already happened so it doesn't matter if it takes three months six months a year two years five years. You know you're going to get there so when it occur now of Senate just like okay. So let's go to the next but you put things out in the when I put things out in the universe is only going to be positive and I that realignment when I do myself in a more in my ritual. I put things out in the University of acres already. Commish I say thank you and then I move all of my day and I'm GonNa go attack my gay. I don't just go to my dad talk my day. The understanding getting to a certain level of success. Never it's always going to change. It's an illusion like getting there. That's who you turn yourself into during that journey and discover about yourself that's the powerful point of looking back on how far you've come. I did learn from my parents like a strong work ethic for my father. A way of understanding my mom was adopted twice. Okay and never been good enough. That's that's a F- got fired. You can actually take. My sister was handicap watching her breathing overcome so much an impasse away. We'LL YEARS AFTER. They predicted for her to live for lifespan. I've learned so much about taken all those valuable lessons and put out in manifest a life and created a life of that. I warn it in sometimes Same Way you sit back and look like damn like how did I get here? Well you know how you got here hard frigging word you gotta put it in. You gotta put it in. You can't just say I want to be successful a million dollars or make you know ten fifteen million dollars. You can't just put that shit out in the universe got to own it you can. You can put it there. That doesn't mean you're GONNA get it but I would say I would say this. I believe that if someone can take something from from this stock today is you absolutely need to live from a state of gratitude. Gratitude is your it's truly your currency and if you if you're truly happy and grateful and your utilizing this currency in your advantage and you're you're looking at what you have now just the fact that you can listening to this right now. You should be truly grateful for that. Just the fact that Chris is doing the show and then you are on his on his basically as frequency on is network you part of his community. You should be grateful for that. Because he's sharing some valuable information that you can. You can utilize In knows you know in two three four five ten years from now you can be a millionaire and it just started with that. Well if you're grateful already now for that it cannot turn in any other things than good that is that is a powerful currency that we we are utilizing every single day. That is something that is part of my routine and we increasing this. And if you're looking at again I'm GonNa Take Louis Amilton which I believe he's a he's a he's an amazing champion and always beautiful words. Getting out of his smile's always beautiful. Things is extremely grateful and you hear him saying it over and over and over again so take example of the people which are already having success and see like how do they talk to themselves how they talk what is happening. And then you'll see that. Maybe I should take a little bit of what they doing. Ban Tell you the what you just said about. Pay attention to the very small things what they put out and what they communicate and how they communicate when they're in the universe. I'm very extremely hard myself at. I sometimes tend to yell at myself. Like what is wrong with you. Those types of things. But that's just a break. My state is important for you. Won't you break that state and you'll get your attention to understand why you're yelling at yourself while you're disappointed and not being hard on yourself. So what these while you say. Call him successful people do and they have very similar patterns of behavior. What they tried to do is I go. If they're mad at something a mad at their cell for disappointed they want to understand why they feel that emotion so people are going to get upset anger issue or whatnot. They'll say what am I really afraid of. You're asking the question you're questioning. Why you feel that emotion when you ask that question are not going to look into it going following through with that emotion of anger just for an example. You're going to understand the fear and then try to realign that bullshit story you have tied into it and then putting something positive there where you can only put things out in universe positive. Well said I've really loved what you said there. I mean have anything you want to add to that west or mark I mean I would just second fat and you know I think the biggest takeaways lead with gratitude and and you know aim to become what it is that you need to become in order to get to the outcome that you're seeking to get to right and the gratitude piece you can't if you can't find things to be grateful for your living really poor type of style. It's gotta be grateful for all the little small things and if you start small. Feel your pulse. That was something given to you that you didn't have to ask for work for your heartbeat as long as heartbeat is still going. You still got a shot. He's still got a chance. The right we think about think about right now the fact that you can breathe properly think about everybody which right now on assisting breeding especially in this day in dime right now all you grateful every single day. That are healthy. Are you grateful that you you are able to to still be free so in into your home? Are you for not having disease in your family and all those like this is the type of things that it is so easy to take for granted but the truth is if you're grateful for those things now all of a sudden you're going to start being able to expand a little bit about what you're grateful for and tried to be grateful for fifty things fifty five zero and you'll see that the first twenty thirty pretty easy but after you've got to think and every time that you are getting into thinking state what you're doing is you're eliminating the frequency you? WanNa you WanNa see like you WanNa know how people highly successful people operating. This is what they do is they are pushing themselves like Darren Yates right famous bodybuilder. Well everybody that was going to train with Dr Arnn Gates was getting out puking. Because the guy was not satisfied by Justice Standards. This is stained rest frequency. Yeah exactly so. That's the same that you need to do. What your mind. So the moment that you elevating your frequency to another level because you're pushing the envelope you're not just trying to see all I'm GonNa look five things. I'm grateful okay so tried to ten tried. Twenty twenty third tried fifty. And at that moment you're GonNa come. You're going gonNA come a point where it is it becomes soul becomes more difficult right now. You've got to really think and to those thoughts. This is where that like you. You're going to pass you moving to the typical point and then moving into a different frequency different think and then this is how the different wavelengths you transform yourself into another version yourself. You never thought you would ever see. And it's extremely powerful because it comes from your purpose in a higher in something that you're trying to set out for a lot of people fail this when I go to mentor. Mark is that they're on this type. Standard for frequency and they try to lower themselves a little dial it down a little bit to be able to communicate no. I don't lower my standard. Here's what a standard but I know how to get your levels up to here. That's what I'm going to focus on. I'm need to raise your standards but I you need to say it to yourself why you want it. Why do you want this type of lifestyle? Are you willing to put in the hard work dedication? It takes not the okay. I kind of want it type of attitude in mentality is like has to be a must for you. Like champions are made it round like four five. Am either you're waking up going to bed either. Are That's where a lot of people don't live and wake up and go to sleep. I get up every day to same time and do the same things until I don't even touch a phone or any type of things in the last three months such a phone any type of level communication. Nothing goes in my room and I'm working on mind body spirit critical thinking and put it now. I'm ready to have the type of opportunity to wear. Okay Hey what I need to do on my task. How do I accomplish this? How can I become better each day? To serve in a different capacity. How do I reach that type of person? How can I make an impact with them? A lifelong impact. Those standards and estimate tally lot of people. Get on the phone to sell somebody. Let me share. Let me share like truth bomb. That mentor mind. Shared with me which I was like. Oh Gosh you're tired because I talking about waking up very early right and probably their listener right now. Just I WANNA wake up four in the morning and crazy ache. No this is. This is nonsense and all you're tired not because of the energy that you're wasting your tired because you're holding. Your Energy Energy is designed to be released. And what's happening is you're holding it up because off. You know what I said earlier. It's not what you are that's holding you back is who you think you're not and every time you say this and I'm not that what you're doing is you're holding yourself. You're not releasing energy and that is extremely tarring holding back energy. Which the moment that you're going to let the energy flow and you're going to let that energy flow to and true you because that's the way it really is. That is the moment that you will see. You will always be replenished like of energy and you can wake up. You can't sleep four and a half hours and I three hours a night and you'll be like as energetic than if you sleep seven and a half or I mean nine. I believe this way too much which I don't sleep. I don't sleep more than six hours. Tops six hours is very productive. You could go to four and a half if you if you focusing on that if you focusing on really releasing the energy and let it flow you will see that this. It's called a. Taurus is basically the energy flow to like in getting out of you and then you are recharging yourself all the whole day the whole the whole day because there are certain things that I focused on inside of an hour or inside of a certain period of my day. I know where I'm going to get all replenish. All my energy to be able to serve in a different capacity in the next hour because a lot of people don't even check in with their selves. You have to check in with yourself. You're so distracted. It's world's is a crazy place. I mean I'll see slowed down lately. But as a hit. These people have taken the time to utilize his time properly. Been two months since the pandemic two months or so. Probably yes shutdown that you can discover a whole different version of yourself in two months toadied and again you know how your replenish yourself is your doing those little exercise of gratitude so every hour of solely think about like no few things you don't have to go and I'm going to do like an hour gratitude. You can't do this for five minutes taking a five minutes to meditate like you calming your mind. You're really looking at your vision. You looking at your purpose like this is how that you were going to replenish yourself all the time in. If you're making this part of you standards which I really love like what you're saying you know if you making this part of your standard what you're going to realize this. You're going to be sole energetic. People will want to come to you. You're going to be like honey to bees. Because you're you're going to create this attractive force around you. This is what the law of attraction is coming from but it's a second the the primary lies vibration gration. You Emanate Absolute Shrek to you corresponding frequency. That's why that's why it's important to transfer positive energy correct identity a working with a buyer working with a whoever doesn't matter any kind of pass right what you're doing is you're trying to transfer your positive energy into them to have been experienced what you're feeling and how you're communicating. I don't even an encounter if unless it's a really positive emotion positive feeling because my outcomes bigger than a lot of other people's outcomes because it based on my standards what I'm trying to accomplish I don't entertain negative bullshit I just don't but I will entertain it and use it against you to wear so you're able to see the impact is having on your life I mean. How much time do you think you spin talking to yourself in a negative way like why did you beat yourself up so bad like why is in the night US something? I've maybe help the client with I never WANNA use myself and I'm using example. Make an analogy as always someone I served son about me. This is about them. How can I make an impact with them not an end result or buying timeframe or speed it up a little bit? How can I make an impact with them? How could they remember me? Like you know like we're kids right. You have one teacher. That really helps. You talked about this before was like I can remember that one person that broke through my emotional bullshit instead of saying and got my attention and you're gonNA remember that person. Do I remember all the other teachers that I had during that time absolutely not? I don't remember them. A guarantee the Clinton the clients that you work with a guarantee they remember your name ten years down the road. You remember that person that helps you insurgent at type of level of frequency understanding it West. Anything that we can maybe left out for the listeners. Because I understood but when I reached out to Martin and asked him to come show and I was honored I knew that he was gonNA bring that type of level understanding communicating solicited or anything that we left out. Now I think just bringing it back really to again to your intention to your intention and everything and your intention with people your intention with yourself your intention with your outcome your intention with your with your life right and you know. What are you going to prioritize today? You know? Are you going to keep giving yourself that same bullshit story or are you going to start working towards a better outcome will? We'll be the first step. Do you think for the listeners. If they so say they listen to this understanding that bullshit sorted at next step after they realized that Bullshit Story. Well what what I would do is I would do. List and Those those type of lists you know. Make a list of like fish. The hundred things of the person that you want to become like in take example of people that are models to you know. I talked about Louis. Milton. I'm going to bring him back again. I love personally Richard Branson. I think he's a great model. In terms of being a business an interpretor shaper like a a worldwide influence. I love like what he does. And the way does it so take people like this like models that you have is in see how they manage that life. How do they? How did they behave in? Every time that you're writing this right next to it. What is it? What is the relation that you have with that behavior? So points instance. You know you wake up away I get is I wake up I get up be be and I mean I never have alarm clock. I don't need alarm clock to wake up like I can program my mind now. I'm at that point that I'm GonNa wake up at four at is opening so I I wake up I get up like what is the behavior you having right now. All you know I mean bed. Turn like you know all. It's very comfortable at turnaround and then like I'm kind of I'm into in between twilight zone and I in the states for a couple hours they be honest with yourself do that list of fifty or one hundred and then identify some of them that you can be working on right now and you're going to be surprised in and this an exercise. I gave like to mind. My student said take this. There exists a pen like wonderful invention like this is. This is one of the most beautiful invention in business. It's calling marker and then you just you just like put like the type of behavior that you can already implement into your life right now. So you're projecting yourself in the future of the person you want to become five six ten twenty years from now and you look at the type of behavior. They have what they how they were what they do and highlight the one that you can already implement in your life and I brought you. Your life is changing from that from today. Because you put you put something you put an action to it. I love that example that you may with your students because a lot of people don't make it not make it affirmative right at that moment you're making it real. You're putting an action to it. You need to put something an action to a positive type of affirmation. You can't just think it in your mind I'm GONNA accomplish it. You've got to put something positive down and write it down. I like to tell people did when you're documenting your journey. It's important for you to go back and measure reassess like so Monday through Friday. I'm really in the zone. Exactly what I'm trying to accomplish for that data for me to Be Successful. The doesn't change on the weekends. I'm just doing it in a different type away measuring reassessing completely like a bigger picture. So now it's not just looking at the small details going on through the week. I'm looking at overall picture. How many get to the overall goal? That's how you really create the life that you want to live. You're talking about putting the things out into the universe and attracting on that type of frequency. What are the qualities of an entrepreneur like what are the successful qualities? I'll be what do you want to have like even if you're looking to get married one day and you want to be in a relationship. I would only want to put only WanNa put the qualities of that person that I want to have my life. Not just what she looks like. Or if you're a girl what he looks like looks can be very deceiving. Okay you want the the. What the qualities of that person? That's how much you have to one hundred percent. Believe in yourself in heart and soul to be able to manifest the life of your dreams and what you just saying this is. This is what I like about what you're saying because those qualities important at the same time you got to see like how how you're gonNA manage that lifestyle. Maybe WANNA have a cleaning lady. You know full-time which is maybe that person is living with with you In Your House but if you want to have a cleaning lady which is coming is living into your house. Maybe you don't have the financial means to do that right now. Don't worry about it you can hurry. Hired someone to come once a week and if you can't once a week it once every other week like what. I want to do what I want you to understand is. You don't need to be arriving or arrived in order to make that happen already. There's a lot of those things that you already implemented in your life right here right now but you haven't really thought about it so if you haven't thought about how you implement those things and this is why this exercise is so powerful so important and I promise you out of hundred people that's going to be only probably twenty. That's going to do it in out of the twenty like to do the list out of the twenty. We're going to have between five and seven. That's is going to move on and do that for real and that is statistics that we have people has in out of in Forbes. This study on that and they realized that only thirteen percent of their goal in rioting not only thirteen percent goal and only seven percent. They have been writing of all the people they studied. And that's Forbes. That did that study so similar studied. They did with a high school graduating class. Maybe it was a while but I don't know I read something where they did a study back. I think it was in the fifties and they were graduating in thirtieth year anniversary. They did the same study about the people who are most successful new ones. That wrote down their goals. The ones that have not just financial better quality of life but a whole as a whole better quality of life and happiness. They did yeah. It was only like five to six percent to five hundred and actually to yet park percent. It's five percent and and Like that's that's just the way it is but look. You're not thinking that time if you're not like this is free and formation. You having right now. I'm charging a lot of money for people to work with me. You have the same information that I'm charging people now. This is what's happening is because it's free you you don't see any value in it and you're not thinking seriously. That is why the people that are serious. They do invest in themselves. Because they keep themselves accountable. When you're working with me. Not You're not giving me money you're investing in Yourself. That is that is the the little the little things that defer there so you might be listening to this and you might find this fascinating. It's all those good but if you're not taking action if you're not applying it well you're not going to get the results because they want. They want everything instantaneous. They want success. Quick we live in a world that has to meet look at Amazon prime. Either look at all the they want right then. They weren't right then. They're not willing to put into work. This hard with the things that we're talking about is very difficult and extremely difficult. Kmby not just on a strain on your own means it can affect your whole life. But that's the power of it supposed to affect your whole life but in a positive way and then when it when the usually happens when they go to do it one day or it gets a little difficult manish. It's hard is. These people are crazy and call me crazy comedy the war. But you won't call me broke a promise you that you know what I love to say. Like when people say oh. Yeah but it's hard I say like. Is that what you WANNA believe? What's hard for you define hard? I mean that's different perception. I mean what is it? What's hard about it? How much effort do you think you put into it now for me? Not Studying is what is hard. I just can't. He's not even it's not even an option you know when my daughter comes in dust like wants to do something happened on my morning routine and all this. I'm just non I can. I can go into this right now. You know I need to put my mind at ease. It's like taking a shower right. You know you like you like after you did sports something you like to take your shower you like to. You know like just get into fresh clothes before to go for food for example to go to the restaurant this to me studying. Is I clean up my mind. I'M WASHING OFF. The crap refresh mine. I'm clean I'm ready. I'm ready like bringing on another seriously. I feel that that's my way that I look at my room. I walk in bedroom. I I'm going to go to sleep but I got a very much a routine when I go to sleep. Make sure that the last thing that I do is pray or an or I put whatever it is for you A lot of people do things differently and by the time I get up in the morning get myself that routine and ritual Mataya walkout. That bedroom showered and dressed. Like I don't leave my room unless it's freaking clean. You see what I'm saying. I learned in the military. You gotta make your bed man. No one's coming in the house but still gotta make the bed do when I walk out. That room is like me walking into a twelve round fight in boxing. Coming out a ring music in my head I. I have a certain outcome that I'm going to accomplish. Not if I can accomplish it. I'm going to accomplish it maybe today. Maybe tomorrow but if it hasn't happened yet but the key word there yet. I just haven't figured out the way to do it yet. That's just the power just understanding of putting the positive things out in the universe. My one of the proudest moments I've ever had a lot in this kind of maybe give you an opportunity to stand this with create a mine of young daughter but I have three nieces and are back in the states. One eight one six and wants to okay my oldest niece. Her name is Bella and one of the proudest moments ever had. My life is when I got a message. I was in the UK. Got a message from my sister and my mom said that her Her teacher wrote a note and sit at home. It said that day. She corrected her on the word. Can't her teacher said the word can't and she corrected her can't is all perception. She has six years old at a time. Offset all about what you can do. Is You just got to find the word yet? You had just haven't done it yet. And our teacher was so amazed by that it was it was warranted products that just shows goes to show and I'm sure you've experienced with your daughter and that's one of the things that I'm proud about having a young daughter and having the opportunity to be able to hopefully molter brain and understanding that she can accomplish anything she wants to do in life. It's all about the way that you handle situations that's the brilliance age. Can you give listeners a little bit more about why? That's an amazing opportunity to be able to mold a young mind while they so first of all this so malleable. Their fresh other than the Gen- genetic conditioning they have which is coming from basically the conscious consciousness paradigm like everything and everything can be conditioned and put into their mind. And there's a beautiful book that would recommend you to to read and it's called how to multiply your baby's intelligence by Glenn Doman and a phenomenal fascinating and Glenn Doman have been working into working with Very challenged children. In what you realize is we can create new new neural pathways in the brain. So which is called brain plasticity and the new neural pathways can can basically you? You cannot stop learning regardless of how how physical damage that the body has. The mind is always perfect. So you can truly mold the children to become brilliant and that that is the part that actually they are already brilliant If you go to my my youtube channel I did A. I did a report on a study from a the. There's a doctor that did a study was was working with NASA. And what what you realize is. Children are considered genius From the moment they're born. I can't get a genius is jumping as our life. Yeah Ninety eight percent of children that they tested are genius and they did build staffs with the same children at the age of the data at five and six ended at ten fifteen in stock because like it went from ninety eight percent to back to thirteen percent and what they realized is the School System. Is the problem so we. We are coming from this genius. Pipe ball of Mindset in the school are dumbing down the children so and this is why this book How to multiply the intelligence of your your child your children from Glenn. Doman is extremely important. I believe for every parent to read so that you can really help them to have this plastic in their mind and create a future based on what they want. And that's the power of understanding the psychology and even a biology behind. You know what makes people tick? I got a lot of books. You know like yourself especially sales books. When I was reading these books it makes some of it just makes me sick because it's all about just someone's opinion and it's just a negative opinion because they don't have the right intentions in mind but if you that's when. I really made a shift in my life. I think it's probably like around ten years ago. I started. We had a similar conversation. I started studying the psychology behind it not understanding and what the human brain and understand how to really make an impact with people's behavior and understanding why they do things they do it and why they think these things you understand that type of way of looking at what you do for a living as a whole man you start under questioning everything you learn growing up. Well yes you should wait a minute. That's why a lot of people in the states. They think they live in their own country. State the old country in the world. Danger Danger WanNA leave the world. It's like all this fear did they have. I mean West is from a different part of the world and now lives in the United States and then he would probably understand this. That come from his sheltered freakin lifestyle. And think that just because I go somewhere else. It's you get an experienced. A World Different Cultures. Go to different kind. I mean I love understanding how it's so different in where people come from and how they have so much more drive in other areas of the world if you're not a millionaire in the next three to five years and if you're an online space or coaching or industry whatever in your living in America in ever not a millionaire by then you're failing today. We haven't stone-age rain the digital world. That's why you see all these young crazy entrepreneurs making extremely amount of money. Because what they're doing is they're changing the way that people have always done business and that's exactly what you're doing with your mind and you mentioned that manipulation part. You're manipulating how you've ever thought about things you manipulating the ether. Yes so and you have all the right to do that. What you're not allowed to do is to manipulate another person. Exactly but the ether. That is that is your prerogative. And that's what you should be doing. We have been given that power we have been given like the the God God modus operandi which is basically the ability to create. We have the same power so I would really encourage every single one of you. Who truly start using your power the right way and surf and use it for good in. You cannot have any other thing that good coming to you west. Can you shine a light with the listeners? A little bit more about why people coming from Different Cultures. That don't have everything they have at their disposal. What's what through that type of mentality. Dante's arsenal but it is important for you to touch on that. Yeah I mean I came. I came to America from a Third World country so for me. It was like if you had electricity that day like you were lucky and in the winter yet to try to keep warm right. I mean those are the things that you you thought about and one of two things happens when in that scenario so when you go from that to coming to America where a lot of things can be potentially provided for you. You find two people and it's usually based off of either entitlement or those who choose not to be entitled meaning that there's some who will break differently and so there's some that will come through and say I'm not entitled to any thing and I gotta earn my way every step of the way and those will go on to do great things. And then there's one you'll see we'll come to this country and sit on welfare and things along those lines and will stay at that level because of the fact that now they feel like they're entitled to this and so what happens is but then more so than not. You'll see that the people coming in from a worse opportunity are worse situation in their life because they also have more gratitude to where they are. They'll tend to do more. They'll tend to do better the because they view things different against our mindset but what happens a lot of people who are sheltered who are born into a comfortable life doesn't mean to be born into a lot of money you're born to a comfortable life and you you haven't had to face adversity? You're not programmed to be able to handle what's necessary in order for you to get to where you're looking to go when you're trying to get to that higher level and so you have to go back and something has to be a catalyst that will trigger you at some point to say. I need to make a change. Needs to do something different. And then that's where that reprogram reprogramming part will kick in for you with. Does our brains are designed to protect US right mark? I'm here to protect US and understanding and we'll west is talking about the people in their shelter life. They'd never experienced pain before setbacks diversity so the hell to do with it they don't have how rea- yeah like impart this is. This is the parents fault because they've been sheltering their their children especially if we go into a eighties and nineties. That was exactly the society that in when you talk about. The millennials the one which are failing to millennials. Which are the matic? And I'll say this like in brackets. Because I love working with millennials. I believe they're they're really. They're really out there. They really They really made me think of of me of how I was when I was a teenager. You know I didn't want to get bullshit from from my boss in all this. The difference is they don't Shit like if you don't take it now don't they just just go in and know that there's so much opportunity out there but the one which are struggling true that Generation is the one which have been very very sheltered and right now when it's time for them to go on their own and and make things happen than they are lost because they were sheltered they they never really experienced true pain. They never really experienced like the real market. Where that you know you you have your have to performed Brian. And that is where that you have shift. Gosh they need. They need to make that shift otherwise they will be struggling all that life right when they make that shift in their understand that they have all the capability to make that happen. It's like it's it's the must win lose or draw as they gotta make it happen. You win alert. You don't lose the ones that lose a themselves exactly when you quit on yourself. That's it breaks my heart with people when I see talent and I see all the capability to do anyone accomplish in life and they waste their life. It's really sad it breaks my heart and watch it and I think that's one of the things that drives me. I can't I'm not going to allow you to beat yourself. Yeah you know that's that is that is probably the thing that have the biggest problem with because what what's happening is when you invest yourself into this those type of people because they giving up on themselves like there's very little results that you get out of it. Yeah but he's under zone. You're looking for now. You can be pushing and all those things. But they don't have that drive and I made a decision at a point where that I'm going to work only with people that have this ir and the reason for this is is exactly that because if you don't have a desire is nothing like again you have. You cannot do it alone but you have to do it yourself. There's used to questions that I ask people pretty early on when I'm trying to get to know someone in would this type of emotional intelligence. We both in all three of us. We have high emotion. Tell us we understand people and understanding what they're not saying we could hear it a little faint voice that we hear back brain knew exactly what's going on when all that happens. I mean there are start telling me all these things I them. Hey what is your motivating factor before you answer that. If you tell me how you make decisions I'll predict your future because that's the decision making I need to realign that and then I'll tie in the motivational factor. Whatever it is for them. And that's when I start rewiring them. Why do you think you normally make decisions like this? Where does that stem from? And when I start changing their narrative they have no reason to sit there and look at me and be like. Listen Chris. I've been doing it this way. I really appreciate what you've done. And that connection has nothing to do whatever the hell I'm selling them. That's the most powerful way of and the most way of persuading somebody self persuasion and asking the right questions not just questions but you have to listen for the little faint messages. Well what they say to you and how they say it's all the things they don't say because you had a conversation point of view an emotional conversation and in tying also three in and you'll really understand the person that's why I led with. If you tell me how you make decisions I predict your future. I know I know exactly what your situation is right now. Just by you sharing with me and I've learned a lot about your emotional patterns. What have you learned from this experience and I want them to tell me? Now what did you learn from me asking you questions and that connection? They go the long way. You'll always have people coming to you from referrals that come from you from just putting out that frequency in a universe and no come. They'll come find me. I don't have to beg people to do business with us. We don't we. Don't do these things. We just keep running into other opportunities. We're putting positive things out in the universe and I en- this is the way to work lake full for you out there listeners. Which are listening to this. And and you're you're you're struggling you're scratching your you. You know you're grinding. The best way to generate business is truly to connect with the people that you wanna work with right and and the moment that you truly can connect at at an emotional intelligence level but in our language we call it at the subconscious level energetically those people coming to. You don't have to you. Don't have to look for them. And that is that is the beauty and this is the way that you should be wanted to work. And if you work this way man men men and men license great brighter skies on a limit is just getting to whatever you need to accomplish life mark. I really appreciate you coming on an spinning more than than we kind of a bargain on agreed upon time and I know that that is ties all the way down to your core values in your purpose and all you WanNa do serve. People that shows through action. I really do appreciate it. Thank you mark for coming on. That was great. Thank you so much. Keep keep the good work guys that that is exactly the type of message that needs to go out especially in a time like this we are here to and if we all come together at one there. There's such a beautiful upside. You can never get that time so when people spend the extra time just bring some type of level of value to Sir people. It means the world to me and I really look up to people that do that so I really do appreciate it mark. I'm west anything that we need to maybe potentially forgot to portray to the listeners. But this has been a really impactful conversation. Nah again just follow Marc and Mark know thank you for coming on. It's really been a pleasure. West pleasure when been mine Chris I keep the good work and looking forward to connect with you again. Always always my friend. You'd beat stay safe out there God bless you and your family and I'll see you soon guys very small little details just a wrap up. Take the time today. And not just make an action or inaction. Just go about your day to say okay. This is great. Information takes time and reflect back on what we spoke about today and then go back and re listen to it. Your mind will be a little bit more impressionable to actually catch second. Wave all little small little details at Mark West myself that we mentioned on today's call So guys y'all stay save other God bless. I hope everyone does what they need to do. Not Go to Netflix and chill when the shit gets hard because it's going to be difficult but if you're willing to put in work you can create any type of life you want build it you build it within never external so keep moving keep going keep learning take care appreciate it taste.

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