Falcons vs Vikings Preview w/Randy Havens


Want to know more about what your favorite ninjas have on their minds. Check out the american ninja warrior podcasts. It's available wherever you get your podcast and it's a great listen for any any ninja warrior fan if matt ryan is going to be alive to see it because it's real okay the episode of alcohol podcast official official podcasts at the atlanta falcons on the s._b._a. Soon podcast network. I'm d._w._i. Has always i am joined by my co host. The june petro dogs for her name. The quick quick draw mcgraw facebook messenger the amphibian samaritan the trash talkers supreme the one that only touchdown balls. She will not be bossed. Gina matt online thomas gina how you doing doing. I'm doing great david. Thanks how're you grade. The amphibians birds trips me up. I think that that's the only it's only the second time through with that new hour of the nickname so i'm still giving into regular season for him. I'm going to get in shape so we we've. You've got a really special guest joining us for the podcast today of you listeners you may know him as mr clark the beloved science teacher from stranger things on net flicks you can also find them in godzilla king the monsters halt and catch fire and a score of other t._v. Shows movies <hes> here's a falcons fan and he is helping us bring in the two thousand nineteen season season in with style. We're talking about the one and only randy havens randy. Thank you for joining us how you doing. I'm doing great. Thanks for having me. I am superstar superstar to be here awesome. We wanted to start this off by getting to know a little bit about you. I think <hes> our fans many of which are stranger things. Fans ends in probably know you very well through that and <hes> some of your movies as well. I think the lube out a little bit about you as a falcons fan so do you tell us a little bit about how you became a falcons fan how many years it's been how many years have you gone through. The suffering with the rest of us in atlanta sure absolutely would be my pleasure to talk about my pain with you. I <hes> <hes> i started going to falcons game. It was something that my brother did with my dad and <hes> became a fan. During during the the dan reeves era and <hes> <hes> suffered through that end the michael vick era fun times a lot of pain there as well the very short of course bobby portray no era oh boy pants well the most pain <hes> and yeah you watch jim morris morris sort of not dulas with michael beck and a end and then you know coming into smitty who i thought did a great job <hes> for many years and all the way all the way to now which i feel like it's like the best the best of the falcons never been which i think i need a drink right yeah i do. I do feel all of that pain <hes> it. It always seems like gin crabby from wrong. Always seems like whenever people talk about author experience with the falcons had always opens with a painful like they've given us so many. I guess that's why gina go ahead so david came up with this question but i love it so i'm going to ask it when you need to cry on film. Do you think about the falcons. I wish it was that easy. Unfortunately the falcons are a lot like my career. I've i've put so much hope into it <hes> <hes> and had my heartbroken so many times. I don't feel we find some sad. Instill listen to that's. That's how i that. I mean that definitely works also oh. I didn't realize you're i mean we're gonna kick off the two thousand eighteen season in style with a lot of darkness. Yes oh this is fantastic. We can go a little bit more it now. Yeah i think we should turn a turnover relief here. <hes> randy some of your favorite falcons players over the years current current past. I mean you said you started. Essentially in the nineties with the dan reeves era the first super bowl <hes> th the team went to i mean they're even though so this has been at times painful franchise to be a fan of there have been a a large number of really great players have come through her some that stick out to you that maybe you had the jersey. Here's e or guy. You look forward to play on on sundays. <hes> loved john abraham like doc <unk> the last time that we pass. I just love love. The way that you offensive lines would just have to like figure something out with him. He was he was just such a beast. Obviously the <unk> gonzales <hes> <hes> <hes> roddy white yep going into the laundry this year well-deserved served. He was a great things for our team for a long time and <hes> like this. I have like a problematic when someone eaten by dogs faster. I haven't been i've been gone all all day and my dog is just going just. He has mad that. I'm not playing with him. I was about two minutes before i hop on this call and so y- he for a little dog he does make a lot of noise. I apologize to our listeners. I'm going to meet our talk baxter. Oh this is my fault for having a busy schedule at de ngelo hull <hes> oh wow like at his like i feel like at the height of his career he was doing such great team things for our team but i think like in that that hell year of two thousand seven i think was too much for him and really use you saw like the the the bad side of his competitiveness sort of come out where we would call a major low hall 'cause it was like that's all he cared about was like i would literally watch him like if there was like a a <hes> an interception he would like always want the guy the lateral the ball to him and if it didn't happen he wouldn't blow up. He would just stop on his hands. Why aren't i'm getting me. The ball and it's like it's not all do it to it. Helped the guy on the team. Not just go like i'm the one give give me the thing <hes> so. Those are like my previous era <hes> <unk> falcons that are like we're like you know i was excited to watch them every week and and then of course now the turnout is just amazing and i love them all yeah it's quite i. It feels like this roster. Maybe jumping ahead. A little bit has several guys who generally have hall of fame aspirations on which is pretty remarkable. When you think about about it you know obviously matt ryan. Julio jones. I think are two guys who have a very strong contention to make into the hall which is falcons fan. Eh warms my heart. Sorry to cut you off there. Yeah that's okay i did since we were talking about me. Angelo hall i did want i also also loved him as a player when he was here by i did not like him so much when he left and part of that was because remember when he tried to fistfight smitty on the sideline it was great that was that was before smitty had kind of a scare with his heart. I remember they were on the road playing in carolina and he ended up going to the hospital just avid checked out and after that he was always more sedate and calm on the sideline but before that who boy he would get super super red in the face and like you know blow up on players so that was what he did with the angelo and that was one of my favorites. Many moments of all time was pretty great. It was a pretty great moment. Yes absolutely general mattis. Oh yes keeping on this. You know optimistic streak here. How optimistic are you about. The two thousand nineteen cautiously spoken like someone who's watched the falcons for more than a couple of years. Yes i am i. I'm pretty excited about this season. I like that this <hes>. I don't want to too far ahead of where we're going here but <hes> i. I think we've got a solid defense. I think it's <hes> like that. Q. is soon taking over the d. again. <hes> i feel like maybe it should have been that way the whole time but i know i know as a head coach ken a lot of stuff on your plate late but like where he was he took over the the defensive play calls was like our defense wasn't unstoppable but like you know it was the definition issue of that at bend don't break style <hes> where it was like you like they would they would not give up you know it was it was they fought ninety nine yards <hes> and you you really had to work hard to score on the tele two thousand sixteen yep absolutely <hes> so just as a side note. Are there any favorite falcons websites that may be rhyme with alcoholic that you would like to point out some of your favorites on the internet's yeah. There's a there's a couple one in particular. It's the uh-huh that's open right there. Let's see here route ten five second. Thank you know let's try <music>. I'm still getting into game shape. It's caleb mcgarry and i both are still struggling in preseason season mode so we're we're all getting our conditioning to where it needs to be anything. You want to add here now. I think that that's all that i have which is a byproduct of like a twelve hour workday so far has been at camp. She's been a cranking it out for work criminal content getting oliver ryder stuff to write about because this i mean it really is sort of a big week. This is week one and do we have a game tomorrow game on thursday. No oh wait actually yeah. The the first game of the season is mar. Yeah the season kickoff office always on earth night. Yes i am i am so pumped and we do have actual football to talk about. Falcons will be at atm minnesota on sunday taking on the minnesota vikings. There are some connections between the falcons in the vikings. We're gonna talk about. We're going to talk a little bit about the matchups up to an offense defense and vice versa and give some predictions for this game but before we do that we're gonna take a quick break. We'll be right back. Check out the american ninja warrior podcasts for a behind the scenes. Look at all the action of the show and more with your favorite competitors listening subscribe wherever however you get your podcasts. Hey i'm spencer hall. I'm holly anderson. I'm ryan nanny. I'm jason kirk and we're the host of the shutdown full cast your avengers of college. Football podcast says in the script onto riff on what that means and basically what is this all spoiled every tuesday we talk about everything from cooking disasters to pro wrestling too unfashionable pants worn middle school we also do talk about college football every now and then like mascot fights announcers fleeing the booth early and unfashionable pants that coaches where now if you want to take college football exactly as seriously as it should be taken subscribe for free on apple podcasts or in your favorite podcast app and we are back with the foul colic podcast this is david walker of course joined by my co host gina thomas and and our very very special guest randy havens of stranger things and we're going to talk about the upcoming game game two one the two thousand nineteen season season. This is the one that starts. The sixteen game run towards the playoffs. Falcons hopefully knock on wood. <hes> this is going to be at minnesota this. Is it really really good team and i i want to start with some of the connections that the falcons have with the vikings because this is believe it or not we actually we have some distinct connections with their team. <hes> obviously you jimmy. You and i've talked about this in the past <hes> their head coach coach. Zimmer is someone who was in atlanta during the bobby torino era that <hes> randy mentioned in the first half of the podcast and and <hes> he was a guy that one of the few that spoke out and just hold out pacino for being a garbage human being and i think falcons fans have i've had a ton of respect for him for being you know bold enough to do that and call out the coach really just handling the franchise the way he did and of course she is now the head coach in in minnesota very very good one <hes> fantastic defensive line coach <hes> and then <hes> randy. You may remember two years ago in the playoffs. When it looked like hated rivals the saints were about to go one step further in the playoffs and it was the vikings with their last minute miracle that knocked the saints out of the playoffs <hes> two years ago so obviously we have to say thank you to the vikings <hes> <hes> so randy and these quick thoughts about this viking team just in general the connection with the falcons. Maybe the fact that they did knock the saints playhouse is two years ago. I'm going to keep beating on that one for any saints fans that may have stumbled on this podcast yeah definitely e._s. <hes> the yes forever and ever amen yeah that's that that play <hes> brought meet so much joy and i just like i was watching the game as happens because i think that was the same week in that we lost a billy <hes> yes uh-huh and <hes> so i needed something to make me happy <hes> and so yeah that final play of the game was just so amazing. It was the <unk> <hes> <hes> the rams game last season. I shouts out to the wrath that missed that call. The american truly was i salute you sir. <hes> you know i was very sad for the saints obviously <hes> <hes> i you know they've never cheated in a game so it was <hes> oh is really horrible to you. See someone do like a dirty play on them and not get caught like allowed tragic situation freak doc we address i mean i know that this is not a podcast where i get to talk trash about the saints the whole time but it is a big part of my brand so i'm just gonna go. Let's just all take a moment to reflect upon the fact that the saints had to actually ask their fans to stop suing people about they've literally let it you're embarrassing us so yeah that's in god. Oh this is. This is the the perfect brand. New podcast is talking about the falcons taking a shit on on the saints what we're here for in. I loved it randy's like diving headfirst into it with us. He is right in with us. Yes <hes> <hes> fits the vibe perfectly so let's get into the actual details of this upcoming game. Although i do want to point out i think you could argue that. If there's another franchise that maybe hate the saints almost as much as we do it would be the vikings because of gone to the n._f._c. championship game where they entered farve farve farting for the vikings made. They really really hate him so i. I think you could argue that. <hes> there is a shared become robbery between them and the falcons as far as their despised for the saints franchise so we'll leave it at that jeremy. If you're out there listening i still love you man <hes> <hes> let's jump into this matchup of the vikings versus the falcons i want to start first with the falcons offense and how they're going to match up to vikings defense. That's because i'll be honest. I woke up last night in the cold sweat thinking about this vikings defense. It's a really really good one across the board. They've got talent on all three levels. If we look at the defensive line you've got the criminally underrated limbaugh joseph in the middle everson griffen who is most fantastic pass rusher in the hunter. Who can i think he had like fifteen. The half sack's last season <hes> e in the middle. They've got anthony barr. <hes> eric kendricks at linebacker. They have the fantastic safeties anthony harris harrison smith and then at corner. They've got xavier. Erodes trae wayne's at this is not an easy defense to score against and the falcons will be taking into this game an offensive line where we still don't know who are starters are going to be two of the five positions <hes> we have some guesses but that is a tough defense in which to establish your offensive line starters for the first time <hes> susanna. I'll start with you. I on this one <hes> when you look at this vikings likings defense you look at this falcons offense and we'll start with -fensive line. We're not gonna talk about the weapons. Just talking about just the trenches do you wake up and cold sweats like i do chakib up this matchup. I do and for two reasons one. It's what you mentioned. We don't even really know who's going to be starting at left guard or right tackle for the falcons <hes> <hes> you know. We've got two options that guard. We've got a the two free agents. They brought him this off season a damone brown and james carpenter. <hes> carpenter was out there with the ones in practice today. I think that they'll probably start carpenter. I thought he looked really good especially run blocking when he was healthy enough to play on the preseason but in quincy admit today that you know there was a little bit of gamesmanship involved in not revealing who those starters would be but as far as tackle. Here's my concern. We don't know of caleb mcgarry. It's <hes> conditioning is at a you know a regular season. Game level is still really not too far removed from that heart procedure procedure which obviously is medically cleared so i'm not concerned about that but i'm just saying he missed a lot of conditioning and development while he was sidelined with that and then a good no is actually the only falcon on the injury report for today now he was limited. It's not like he was held out of practice altogether but that is another thing to monitor senator for the rest of the week so i would say at this point. I'm more concerned about right tackle. Which would be anyway. Those are two young players. It's actually a very difficult position. I feel like i've been saying this for years but i think the team should value the right tackle position differently because teams scheme best pass rushers against that spot as the perceived weakness and in this case that probably at least early in the season won't even be a perceived weakness it will be you know a young player trying to get up to speed so i think that in terms of off the communication across the line how little time whatever unit does start will have had messed with each other. I think that this could be a rocky week in the offensive line. That's probably my biggest concern going into this game randy. We talked to in the first half about some optimism cautious optimism as you put it for the two thousand eighteen team when you look at this matchup the match up in the trenches with the vikings <hes> does that optimism sort of take a step back or are you still feeling like back over the long haul of the season. They're going to be fine. Maybe this'll be some rough sledding or do you fly out of the gate. They're gonna <hes>. This'll be a good test for them. What's your feel about out this matchup coming up on sunday. I feel like it's going to be a great test for them. <hes> i feel like this that quinn works really well with with like the trial by fire that he is able to find players who get their mettle tested and come back the next week stronger better there faster smarter and i mean obviously the first two weeks are going to be very tough. <hes> i'm on offensive line engaging by the preseason which was up a hot mess. Yes i i. I can't imagine how it feels. The first time matt ryan yells at you. Uh which which we saw a little bit in in the preseason season clearly matt ryan was not very happy with his with his o- line <hes> don't wanna get knocked out in the preseason. Can you guys start. Stop the guys on the other side of the field me one favor from bring me yeah. It's <hes> i think when i look at matt ryan's many years in the league now oh my god. This is going to be his twelfth season. The offensive line has been hit or miss. He's had some good ones but but he has had some absolutely dreadful and i actually i'm very optimistic about the long-term prospects for this offensive line in randy like you said <hes> q. tends to find these guys and get them. You know to learn from their experiences and get better. We saw it last year. You know you look at guys like dante. Casey foia lucon who both had the step in because of injuries and they rose to the occasion and <hes> <hes>. I tend to think that this offensive line gina to your point they may struggle in this game and they frankly they may struggle in the next game. Although we're not gonna jump ahead it and if they do i i think you've got a point. This feels like trial by fire where they will come out with their mettle tested. They may get beat up some they may get yelled at by ryan but they may come out the other side of it a little bit better than they were going into the game and you know it's going to be tough for fans watching it but i i i am optimistic so i do want to talk about the guys who are behind offensive line because i think now this is is where if we're gonna take some hope into this matchup for me it. It's with the skill positions <hes>. Let's just list these guys out for the falcons. You've you've got m._v._p. Quarterback matt ryan who put together quietly elite season in two thousand eighteen. Even though mitch trubisky was nominated take to the pro bowl ahead of him. <hes> julio jones the best receiver in football that does not complain about helmets. <hes> you've got kelvin ridley. Who i think is bound for a absolute breakout your in his second year he had a fantastic rookie season muhammad's the new who is a fantastic receiver with great hands someone that ryan trust lot austin hooper who went to the pro bowl has developed every single year. He's been league ryan have a special connection. Now we got a healthy devante freeman back <hes> this is the talents across the board for the falcons skill <unk> positions at quarterback running back tight end wide receiver. I would argue. This is one of the most talented set of weapons in the entire n._f._l. Randy randy when you hear those names. Does it give you some hope that even if the offensive line struggles these guys are going to pick up the slack somehow yeah. I think we see that you know matt. Ryan ends one of the best quarterbacks under pressure because he has to be true at. It's like it's like it doesn't matter how many times you hit him. He's he's still gonna find ways to beat you. <hes> and you know he's got. He's got such a quick release <hes> and <hes> you know obviously historically not known as as a as a scrambling quarterback but can move when he has to and he knows where the sticks are in the end and he gets the ball there <hes>. I'm not worried about what if the elkins are going to score if they're gonna move down the field. I'm worried about if matt ryan is going to be alive to see it. I wanna laugh because krill but yes so my god that may be the cold open my god so much good and material the tunes from here embarrassment of riches gina when you look at these weapons and you look at the match up they got and i mean absolutely no disrespect to some of the guys mentioned earlier like xavier rhodes. Try wayne's those are quality players but it really does feel like for the falcons this matchup. They're very very very few teams in n._f._l. That can match up player for player with who they're going to try it out on the she on sunday yeah minnesota's defense i mean a lot of the individuals on that side of the ball or just some of the best at their respective positions in the league they are pretty stacked act on defense but the falcons are equally stack on offense like these ryan julio ridley all these guys these are guys who can hold their own against any team of we can. I genuinely believe that. That's really not me looking at this through rose colored glasses because you guys know that i will slander the shit out of the team if i feel like fairy but in this i'm this specific instance yeah. I don't worry really about those guys going up against anybody. I think that those individual matchups they always have the potential berlin yeah yup and i think with it sorry <hes> i think with the like with all the weapons that we have the defense just pick their poison like <hes> <hes> yeah. Who are we gonna cover. 'cause you know whoever you're not double. Covering is gonna catch that ball yeah i mean i think that the addition of readily i wasn't. I love with the pick when it happened because i was like. Why would you get another receiver but now i love it because you know listen. If matt ryan is going to have to get rid of that ball fast you want a guy with that kind of vertical speed even somebody who is going to be able to get open when holyoke covered because you don't leave julio jones and single coverage unless you're an idiot yeah and it's a lot of opportunities for the rest of those guys in even you know like devante and the passing game i mean just getting him involved in that way might take some of the assumes out of that pass rush for the vikings so yeah i think that these guys i think that they are fully capable of holding their own against anybody in the league even a very good vikings defense and jason but the athletic pointed out that <hes> in the second preseason game actually the third for the falcons but in preseason week two do when they went up against the jets and they were blitzing like crazy ryan was running for his life even when he was running for his life he completed ten to fourteen fourteen passes and the three of those <hes> four incompletions were drops so he literally would have gone thirteen fourteen had the receivers caught the balls <hes> even when he was under duress so randy like you're saying he's not a running quarterback but somehow even when he was getting blitzed to high heavens events he was completing thirteen of fourteen passes and moving the ball down the field <hes> so for me that was sort of a wakeup call. Call a reminder that you know even if this offensive line struggles and i actually think they'll be better than they were last year a quicker <hes> that the these few games they may struggle but it won't be as bad as some of the really terrible performances we saw last year even with that it feels like ryan is still capable of moving around just enough getting that ball out quickly and making something happened with these weapons <hes> i think it's worth pointing out in the preseason when he was <hes> you know sort of having to scramble to save his life. He didn't have julio jones out there. <hes> julio jones is a massive x factor you put him on the field and the entire tired defense changes and you know like you said you can't leave him out there by himself. If you do ryan's gonna find them who is going to catch it and you're gonna cry at night because you just got post derived so all right the next match up. I wanna talk about in this one. I think is going to be really interesting because if there's a big question mark at going into the season other than the falcons offensive line it's the defense. What will the defense look. Look like with coach q back. Calling the plays randy talked about earlier the tail end of two thousand sixteen. They really looked like a different unit flying around playing loose and we saw some inklings of that in two thousand seventeen when they were a much better unit <hes>. It feels like this is one. The biggest question marks going into the season. What is this defense going to look like the the vikings offense. I don't wanna take anything away from him because they actually have if some really good players kirk cousins i know a lot of people tend to laugh about him. I actually i may be alone here but i actually think he's a pretty good quarterback. I think he's underrated underrated. People adam phelan is he. He never gets talked about as one of the top five receivers in the league but i think he should get some respect. This guy can catch everything that's in his orbit like he is incredibly impressive. I love of all the receivers in the in the league. He is one of the ones i love watching the most. That's not on the falcons. He is fantastic receiver <hes>. They've got a healthy delvin cook back. <hes> dalvin compares very very much. He's he's a lot like devante freeman. <hes> one of those guys that can break your hips by changing directions. They've got kyle. Rudolph stefan digs who <hes> <music> on the injury report so who that's something to keep an eye on but this is. This is a vikings unit. That has the tools to score but this defense. What are they gonna do so. Let's start in the trenches wrandell start with you first this retooled we'll falcons defensive line. We've got greg jarett who we all know was freaking amazing. We've got adrian clayborn. He's back. We we love what he can do. They signed alan bailey from kansas city tyler davidson. Who is a fantastic run stopper. Who i think may be an underrated underrated a free free agent for the falcons this year jack crawford who had a career year and sox last year quietly and then you've got tack mckinley who many people are saying <hes> looks in the best shape he's ever been. Vic beasley looks as fast as he's ever been. This vikings offensive line has some big question marks on it. How how do you feel about this. Matchup flipping the script. This falcons defensive line. Who's arguably looked pretty good this preseason. You feel good about this matchup going into sunday. Yeah i feel i feel so good about our d. Line <hes> this season <hes> i i i mean like it's all a beasley making plays the preseason so mike okay so cue has has clearly has a passion project act on the team and it's an it's an it's victor beasley junior and i feel like it's gonna pay dividends that <hes> that beazley's going to step up this season <unk> hopefully going to see him. <hes> <hes> do some great things that twelve and a half million sprinkling the pill and the you know obviously the rest of the amazing. I mean like gregg jarrett <hes> clay. <hes> jack crawford and tack is i. I love tack. I think he played with a lot of passion <hes> i i love our d._t.'s. I think they of <hes> are just very mean. People and what you want in a defensive tackle. That's exactly what i want them to be. They're mean and they're fast and you know jared his his motor doesn't stop <hes> <hes> <hes> and i just love love to watch him and <hes> yeah i think are <hes>. I think our defensive ends are <hes> <hes> hopefully bring the pain as well <hes> and i do. I want to talk about kirk cousins for a second because i do. I think think you're right. <hes> d w i think he is a good quarterback. However how many other banks do you know after they have one good game scream at the people in the press box. It's a fair question as somebody who has been in a number of post game media availabilities. It never happened that eh do you like that. I don't particular like i mean it was. Let's fine sir but it was good. You did a good job like seven out of ten stars ars. Kirk parents want some validation for kirk. He's picking up the cell phone after the game. Did you like that mom. Did you like that of gina your thoughts on this matchup in the trenches for the falcons defense. Do you like that did every year. Actually i do like it every every year in my entire life as a falcons fan i come into every season thinking this is the year that finally gonna get pressure on the opposing quarterback in every year except for the john abraham years i was from and i we have not seen what they can do yet so i am still optimistic yeah i. I think this unit has the power that a very i think that a really key element here is having ricardo and john o'neill both healthy because they're indiana jones actually because they're all three instrumental and coverage and as long as you know is oliver doesn't have too much learning curve chur font looked really good during the preseason so i'm not too worried about him but as long as coverage stays adequate. I think that this unit that they are very talented. It's very talented allenton defensive line and i think that they should be able to get some pressure so i am going to believe that until they prove me wrong and i hope that this is the year that they finally don't do it so that they don't all proved me wrong and you know have a pass rush like a normal fan. I'm with you and to who the point you just made because i think he's actually critical l. Let you speak to this. I is the secondary in the linebackers because if the defensive front is going to have success us in passing downs. They're going to need the guys behind them to make sure that they've got the coverage set. <hes> we've got first year starter isaiah oliver <hes> it's his second year. He played sparingly in his rookie season. Because of you know <hes> oh gosh ro robert alfred playing ahead of him. <hes> <hes> you've got demonte casey. Who was i would argue that the biggest breakout stars for the falcons last year led the league in interceptions absolute ball hawk. You were listening linked to a different position for young player. Yeah incredible and i've read somewhere that you know someone who plays slot lot corner for dan queens defense is there's a lot of similarities to how they play safety and this defense so hopefully that will be helping with the transition moving to that nickel go corner spot as you mentioned desma true font who he has the tools he can be elite. He has done it in the past and of course counting the ricardo allen and arguably the fastest linebacking core in the n._f._l. Deante jones devinder campbell or speedsters to begin with germaine grace who made the roster can freaking fly. He was one of the standout players in the preseason. <hes> we won't talk about duke riley and then foyer. Who had you know arguably a really really strong rookie. He season in relief of an injured dion jones was a yet another mid round. Find a for dan quinn dmitrov so gina thinking about those guys is behind the defensive line to me. I feel like they're not getting enough. Credit either like this is a unit that if they play to their abilities they are going to be a really really tough team to move the ball against oh yeah i think so i mean you know both <hes> keanu and ricardo really multi tool players. They're both very solid against against the run and against the past <hes> they both hit really hard to which is fun and also good <hes> and then the linebackers. It's the same. It's that speed they. Can you know they can disrupt the passer. They can cover effectively because they're fast enough. You know can i mean dionne. Theon jones is given to embrace that sense but which is one of the reasons he is one of my favorite players who has ever suited up for the falcons but yeah i mean it's matt ryan referred to the three guys that we were missing last year or for most of last year dion piano and ricardo as the center of the defense and it's not just i it's not any one element of the game. It's really every element of the games that those guys are fundamentally important for and i would say particularly the communication that's something that they've that they all had worked really hard as rookies while <hes> jon allen diana's for fees and then ricardo after taking over at as asserting safety fifty really refining and fine tuning that and they've all three become leaders <hes> on the team in that and they can read what the offense is going to do more effectively actively than their backups could last year so i think just that in and of itself and keeping their communication where it needs to be. I think it should make a world of difference for the defense this year yup absolutely i won't go through these names again randy. 'cause i get like chill bumps. When i think about dion jones kiana neil ricardo ricardo allen demonte qaisy these are studs absolute studs on the back end of this defense when you think about all these guys being back being healthy being on the field together. Does it give you some optimism that this defense under dan quinn <hes> is is finally going to turn the corner and maybe give like a really solid unit this year. It does <hes> it's. It's <hes> obviously one of the most exciting things about the team name is is is having <hes> rico and and tibo in kenner neo back <hes> like having all those guys on field together is is so important and we see what happens when they play together <hes> <hes> we we see what happens when you know rico's back there sort of diagnosing the the play <hes> they are amazing. They're so much fun to watch and <hes> yeah i think i think that people sleep on the falcons defense and i think this is the year that maybe that's gonna stop happening. Hope so. I'm gonna knock on wood but i'd like what they're doing. <hes> and you pointed out earlier randy in the i was asked by someone in the preseason what the most significant a change for the team was going to be and i said moving dan quinn back to defensive coordinator a really feel like that is going to be one of the most significant changes <hes> we saw before in two thousand sixteen. We saw what he did in seattle. I i personally still love dan as a coach so a lot of fans are frustrated with him may be ready to move on from him inexplicably. I still think he's a fantastic coach. I'm very excited about what he's doing with this defense <hes> so for those who are done with him you can you can just skip pass this part of the podcast but i am still a big believer in dan quinn in what he's gonna do defense so if i'm wrong about this. I'll drink a lot of alcohol in the season well. I'll do that anyways but i'll do it with tears in my eyes but at this point i'm gonna remain an extremely bullish on what these guys are capable of so that brings us to the part of our podcast where for the first time in almost a year. We're going to do our predictions because these are the games that matter these games account not the preseason games <hes> we did not win the preseason championship you can cry. Here's about that but now we get to go for the big one randy since you've joined us your guest. Why don't you give us your prediction for how you think. This game's going to play out on sunday twenty four twenty falcons <hes>. I believe there's a completely unnecessary last minute field goal for money matt ah just to walk and mac. I love it. Oh my god that would be is somewhat telling wouldn't it for him to come in to punch in a field goal at that wouldn't be surprising thing that has ah probably that's true gene. How do you see this playing out while i swear i'm not a copycat but i was going to say twenty one on twenty four falcons also on matt bryant's leg that they get a win. Wow people picking the wind. I <hes> at first i was waning into actually picking the vikings but the more i thought about it the more i believe this defense is gonna come out flying. I think they're going to pick off or cause some sort of turnover during this game that could be the play that shifts it in their direction the falcons i think in the impressive win on the road. I think it's extremely close game. I could see this one coming down to like seventeen fourteen just a hard it fought battle two teams with defenses that know how to fight it out and we're going to see the falcons still in the way <hes> three people picking the falcons. Oh god we all need to drink now randy. Thank you for joining us. You tell our listeners where they can find you and what you've got going on. You can find me on twitter and instagram <hes>. I don't post a lot of falcons content. Most of what i post is is really stupid but <hes> feel free to stop stuff. Yeah feel free to stop. Stop ryan and engage with me and my stupidity <hes> <hes> working on some things <hes> i don't i don't. I don't think i'd announce anything at this at this juncture but <hes> yeah i've got some exciting things coming up later in the you keep an eye on that and then when you can announce john will be sure to spread the news excellent absolutely thank you so much for having me <hes>. This has been really awesome. Yeah thank you <hes>. I'm gina remind our listeners can find you what you've got going on. You can find me at the falcons hollick where i am reporting from flowery branch doing the same thing from from twitter at jean. Thomas j annonay thomas because my parents are weird later tonight. I'm going to actually in about six minutes. I'm going going to be recording the first episode of new podcast that sitting under the felker hollick podcast umbrella on the vox media podcast network. It's going to be called alcoholic hollick versus and this week. It's versus the daily norseman. Which is the site in our estimation team brands network that covers the vikings so my friends had clever is going to come. I'm on and help. Preview the game with me. That's gonna drop on saturday mornings so keep an eye out for that and <hes> yeah later tonight will also be making a video of my dog picking his has winner of look for that on the website too because i wanna very serious journalists obviously jury serious journalism herbalism assery guys you can find me on the twitter's colic d-w weekly here on the foul colic podcast and the post game podcasts this year. I'll be hosting that with my co host evan burchfield you guys know as the man who single-handedly pleaded on twitter for matt bryant to come back to the a team so you can thank him for that later and of course our articles daily at the best falcons website that rhymes with bucket hollick that is defile golic dot com check their daily content so thanks again to randy havens mr clarke from stranger things and many other movies and t._v. Shows keep an eye out for his announcements. Admits he's got some stuff coming up in the near future so for randy havens and gina madeline thomas. This is david walker. Thank you guys for tuning in and we'll talk with you next time.

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