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A merry, musical Christmas buffet.


yeah Hello and welcome to our final. Oh podcast of two thousand nineteen and to end the year on a note of joy. I want to feature a new album. From the Indianapolis Symphonic Choir the Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra Mr and Sylvia McNair as soloist all conducted by Eric Stark. So humming. Along if you want or belted out full karaoke style if that is more your everything mm-hmm uh-huh uh-huh it's far as music goes David Foster seems to have done it all. He's composed hundreds of songs as well as many many film scores. He's He's played with the likes of George Harrison Ringo Starr Chuck Berry and Celine Dion and he's produced albums for Josh Grossman. Michael boob lay and Andrea Bocelli. And he's produced Christmas albums with Celine Dion Rod Stewart but he makes an appearance on this album as the composer of grown up Christmas list. A song he wrote in one thousand nine hundred ninety. Here's how it begins. The Soloist is Sylvia McNair. I sat on your. Yeah well. I'm still I'm not. Aw Heart still can dream. Here's in my the world uh-huh as leave the grandest Z.. Was Bean can you. They never do Aw Aw that was music by David. Foster Rub Swinson is is a Utah based composer conductor and music educator who is a special interest in choral music his piece. Christmas Zano Wind. The Indianapolis Symphonic choirs is Christmas. Carol Commissioning Competition so it only makes sense that it's included on this album. Here's what it sounds like. No wonder at one Ah ooh aw. Aw mm-hmm Eh uh-huh me the heart the Herald Angels. Sing is one of the best known of all Christmas carols. The words by Charles Wesley were first published in seventeen thirty nine set to various different music. Eventually those words were set to music by Felix Mendelssohn Dawson and this is the version we all know. In fact the tune comes from a piece that Mendelssohn wrote Commemorating Johann Gutenberg's invention of the printing press that used movable components to create letters numbers UH Yeah in that was music by Felix Mendelssohn Johann Sebastian. Bach wrote his Christmas Oratorio Oreo to be performed during the Christmas celebrations. In seventeen thirty four Bach intended each of the six parts to be played on one of the main feast days. The use of the Christmas season part two includes this beautiful Sinfonia this album features the Indianapolis Symphonic Choir and the Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra together with Soloist. Sylvia McNair they're all conducted by Eric. Stark who is the artistic director of the Indianapolis Symphonic Choir. This choir was founded in one thousand nine hundred thirty seven at the request quest of the Indianapolis Symphony here. They are with all holy night composed by Adolf Faddem in a version that includes absolutely everybody buddy choir orchestra and soloist stores aw aw Either Yeah UH EH. You have been listening to a few highlights from festival of Carols. A new Christmas album featuring the Indianapolis Symphonic Choir There Chamber Orchestra Orchestra and Soloist. Sylvia McNair a lovely edition to any collection of Christmas music. It's from naxos catalogue number. Eight point five seven nine zero six five. That's it for this album and this year. I hope you have a peaceful and joyful holiday season please join me again in twenty twenty. I'm Raymond Boucher so long for now. AH AH.

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