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Reggie inducted,30 games of the decade and Guess that Game with Run Jump Stomp & More


skip frames is recorded live over twitch dot TV slash dot chops up and is recorded once a week on Sunday yes off As the good old days the classics to Remember old works with fondness oh even rose tinted glasses video gaming is an art form kite two thousand and ten thirty two hundred nineteen hasn't been one of the best in terms of high quality video games the two thousand ten has delivered from the greatest video games ever made lie in my intro yes I did say it's recorded live on twitch but this evening support me over at Patriotair Dot com slash skip frame you can receive my content Brasilia's Lola and get a very personal shouts out for supporting the Shug so intimidate intimately connected with cutting edge technology a slightly different often we forget the gains that come before or place with something shiny new and it's very true fool the show or done industrial before we do finally record on twitter so as of next week the show will be recorded this is as I said recorded once a week eh gaming rigs are currently butts let's go down all safe I've played these gains were not in number thirty they've got Alto Wild I've never played this I thought I was try to imagine the gaming landscape about some of the Games on the list it's near impossible they have got best gaming PC GAMING PC's for two hundred nineteen if you know what the show over and more coming up right up off that this show easing recorded live I'm trying to get the the stuff will sort out on obvious to have the ability to record live on twitch as in like my borders my background's any nine where I won't have played in the last nine years so the article reads when it comes to music or movies or television there's a tendency to lean our line don't force Oh in the news this we will start with a call from C. Net thirty of the best ranked video games of the decade the two thousand to big mobile massive championship we know how big this valve twenty-five hotline Miami which is two thousand twelve twenty four alien isolation ducked into the video game hall of fame. PS Four funding allows US cross play and we've got fight club plus a brand new segment e we'll let them off for that one number twenty seven excuse me is over watch list in two thousand sixteen comedies game is three years old and it's now announced strange mystery has never been in gained quite like outwards twenty nine which was released in two thousand sixteen is Star Valley so first game on the list was released this year agree with this list what's your whining on my do next week is do my thirty of the decade about try remember like exactly intense were incredible video game and here is C. Nets favor I'm going to go through to thirty I would love to know from you guys if you agree with this list or if you this is a puzzle game very good apparently Twenty League of legends which I don't understand how that one can count assume pick up the the grand avenue one and go well you know only go back to the old one and then play the old one it's like despite that you'd be crazy to argue that last I number ten four nine I don't think this is one of the best games release in the last decade but I think it's one of the most important games imperfect but when they did release them the deal see later come up with DLC was it was good it was good they actually improved on the game so you know gets towards the end of the game but it's still a very good game an amazing direction for the series brilliant twelve it's pretty much weight but because I haven't been paying any gains confronts New Stories Fight Club and I've got my new segment war y'all to listen the new PG coming from those guys who did obsidian entertainment it's a living breathing snow globe of universe hidden hiding switch on switch in like nine days I will be picking up I'm not talking about overwatch was twenty six accomplish this community doesn't thirteen dotes seven bloodborne is incredible game I haven't completed by it's amazing changed the way you play any souls games by born foss furious okay they say that goes most important phone APPs ever made eighteen gone home not played out in two thousand thirteen I mean I still can't get over the fact that they poured this switch this game is unbelievable as just as mind blowing and I didn't realize to finish with a two thousand eighteen reboot fifteen raymond legends I haven't played Raymond Legends I think it's on pretty much every council for saying the last of US unseen near Awesome what's up it's a great game when it works I had troubles in my early days trying to stream the playing it will try again sixteen God of war you know Rapid Action Number Six skyrocketing twenty eleven skyer in that game is on everything from your toaster to toast to your fridge to switch writes games but it definitely one of the most influential games again it's not my list but mine Croft I think people will say this is done so much for gaming not just gaming but so much people coming together all sorts h. just an incredible it's an incredible game number two the first of the dark souls very good game because it was released in two thousand nine so yeah I mean it's I suppose it still going I think they cheated with this one using guy again on playstation xbox pc if you haven't played dead cells go on a copy sit down for a few hours look yourself in a room and road like is just amazing wilde but what is interesting is this a few games not mention that released in the last decade so I love your thirty top ten games and the next has done to get for gaming in the last week which at three at number nine hundred and fifteen that's an incredible guy coming on switch fifteen October just incredible it's talk about Stodgy we all love farming now again destiny the first season at twenty eight from two thousand fourteen I skip Friday's I think I'm gonNA dedicate to like my top thirty games of the last ten years I would love to know how you feel about this list I thought run down let me know what your top games often the last decade what's this what's this I see you say Sony have finally opened their back we're gonNA start with the news I will say this before we go on any other game this week acceptable link's awakening I'm trying to crack through that game and all the streaming in very interesting list in places so there you go is seen it top thirty games of the last ten years I mean legal legends is questionable like Mario Maker things I mean I can think of a few from the last ten years that I probably would myself very interesting list very it was at one point of someone particularly on mobile devices it's on switch it's on playstation xbox is on PC multi. I think there's a battle Royale version me to hold on I I probably would not score as school that sells a buffalo lot personally but this Melissa's Senate twenty one the witness brought cross platform to their system yes Sony says the as four can now use cross play but what titles CTO yes finally the console war has can be four on the front line with you and your friends one on xbox one on the Ramin dachshunds were released within two months of each other that's inside you know but scarring is huge and I look forward to seeing what they do with the next installment the elder scrolls series as long as actually taken advantage of this now he knows Soni did have cross play with certain games and something platform far fancy fourteen supply and it's on and on the second three years ago stodgy value we all know Stodgy Valley to the wall by store it was one of the biggest games on twitch when it released being viewed hit like one hundred twenty thousand game I haven't completed by I looked at this month being spooked sober an you've got twenty three come out and she doesn't eighteen dead cells is an get like you know fall outside six number five the first of the redemption two thousand ten that was released SLA mazing game really is an incredible wall on the side waving going catch us and everybody pays the pays for sold amazingly and they know they've got better selling console than the experts better console the xbox one that's the Bible that's something that will be debated for years but what people wanted was this idea that they had to have three consoles so have you had friends playing you know for example faith on an xbox playstation you wanted to play your friends on your xbox then playstation four one on one of the mobile one switch and you can show each other for a microphone and say that you'll console is better because they finally finally the two thousand eleven that was released it's just brilliant a number one breath of the wilds two thousand seventeen which you know well John Laura as a blow it but this did something this carved a hole in the wall Joan rencontre blew open it took me a long time to get my head into breath of the I station rock league was already doing playstation four I believe that was at the time I think you cross play on some of the fortnight with mobile they'll say that it's it's done correctly so see project UH saluting number of mass effect two probably one of the most biggest PJ's lost decade console of this generation and to be fair they they do you know we have to switch I always say the switches the alternative to the other two you know it's the I'm not sure but I think those were the main two and we know that Sony were late to the party butts the article from Metro Metro Metro Dot UK. You know and if Sony when it comes to the next generation cycle don't get on board on that people are going to buy an intendo console they're gonNA buy an xbox because they want to play with friends Oh exactly what senior saying it's an interesting list by all means those associate Mario Galaxy there's no the legends I think I just WANNA be straight the list the titles two thousand ten jasmine saying you've already blown your list nineteen poke among go but no allowing cross play says the game couldn't guarantees curie quality of services on offer consoles height the excuse it made them sound so weak although according to the X. Sony executive there was much simpler explanation they didn't want to do anything curses someone to buy a game on xbox playstation as simple as that they came out I number four Paul to a great puzzle game it's Colorado say much about poetry because it's just good number three again I don't know if it's one of the they did actually come out and state that why would you WANNA buy a game on a different console when you bought on planet on the best in the world it's not narrow is they had the the PS four can now support cross play on for any game that it wants originally so you try to pretend they're taking pays for owners which we know is bull crap pays four was first released Sony was dead set against cross play refusing to allow you you use multi format games like minecraft four nine and rookie league but thankfully that's all changed now according to the where they going with the the the idea of joy pat and touch screen joy pat a mobile phone of course sorry I'll watch for that reason most camario galaxy to it's a that's a fun game two thousand ten at least eleven horizon zero dawn again I need to finish my play for its as a greg mind doesn't usually take developers long to patch option I believe it was dauntless was at dauntless was fought my mommy fortnight they accidentally switched on cross play for if that have come out it won't you know their big selling will be that this higher this console comes with cross play allows cross platform play between your friends so if you've got friends that have an xbox one or switch but you have a place four cost play will allow you to play together in the same match we because players we've all been apart cross play again I've lost was number thirteen metal guests Fahd phantom pain now this has had some problems as you yet simple as that although what as pays for cross cross play is simply the ability to play the same game for example fortnight with other people that own different formats the council but there is one of the big things with PC mouse and keyboard will always be under tonnes for shooting games you could argue you can ask me whatever you want you could argue with me pub Jay and the new colby modern warfare will also implement cross platform so that's a really big step activision you know again money grabbing company station four players and it just sucked game for me next generation appears for the XBOX why they've called it you know the new switch wchs which then hopefully means we will see on playstation I might be wrong hero siege book edition it's a great feature it doesn't even use it costs us any all-stock in it doesn't cost anything to use cross play and even if the game was never designed with the blue box and you've got a winner on orange but you know seemingly fortnight you wanted to play with friends who are on xbox but you couldn't you were basically left to play streetfighter five squad heroes Super Dungeon Bros. trailblazers to Taiyo our chicken horse worth under weapons authority and Hover Keb Ounce Mantis burn raising overloads finally see store or online which I believe is a Japanese exclusive by believe it's coming to expert where will within so there are some there are some playstation exclusives or playstation pc only games there so they won't have of course platform with switching xbox compete ps four and xbox and they knew how much you know generally how easy it was for the cross plates be implemented the only downside for Pollens chump chump means of the realm as now got cross platform Smart Dauntless Remm Royal Mega Baseball too which is a great game was not on xbox correct me if I'm wrong games glory guns vickers online hero. Cj I'm not sure what heroes sages but it's on Android I will look at that hex finally Gone Yup you can have cost platform which is something we should have done from the beginning we all silly sausages and they go so cross platform into the Gaming Hall of fame you know he's under acceptance video I haven't listened to the accepted I don't think I need hopefully you know we're gonNA see there are Erie's a list which I'll read if I pronounce any of the Games Rolling I'm sorry but the rest of these games have so you have the option to leave out PC or smartphone games although the consoles are naturally more on even footing so the Games that allow cross platform from the one of them won't because it's not only our format they DC universe online we now know that he's on switch army I didn't realize origami was a multiply Game Game Hall of fame congratulations to Reggie form president of America for his induction into the International Video Game Hall of Fame for the Walter Day lifetime everything's finally coming up all Reggie yes reggie fees are made the ex president of Nintendo of America has been inducted Mac android or our S. just remember just because they've already got the cost functionality already there it may stem over to other formats the the ottaway international video game hall of finding ago so which is just lies on Fort Law and then section of mobile and switch because I think mobile and switch are roughly about the same frame rate I might be wrong. Pc I I mean it's unbelievable I wear a point now where people are they being conducted name is it's just it's just brilliant so the Ottawa Ivy G. H. O. F. which is the international you know support not support remembered for their massive achievements within gaming I really really do think it's an incredible thing so he did a lot I think you know it's just great to see him being awarded it with the right thing so much across place a poor most of these with pc but that may change your future now that Sony's flee behind the idea so remember this is just peers form pc or how old are PG and what I'll be done it's also the suffolk down when they did like the legend additionally brought a dictionary corden onto switch they've included everything they've included this episode that's that some great stuff on Youtube County about the donkey Kong speed run records and stuff anyway that's aggressive aggressive so yes I mean it's just genuinely think he was a great president for Nintendo spy is DEF- is the different controllers that tend to use different formats touchscreen as much as precise the joy pat mouse and keyboard is even more accurate you know I agree with I don't understand butts greetings and salutations welcome to this week's replay where we endeavour to catch the biggest headlines WE'LL SKIP stop red dead redemption to is fondly coming to for a very small minute we have fortnight which can go xbox one pays for switch PC android I think they sectioned off the PC listen to the acceptance video all that is is just he's been it's incredible try force game master Jess Ultra Dick Wile to not sure there is this jammed I believe that's a Sony in a PC exclusive a Valkyrie follow fancy fourteen which we activision are allowing cross platform so you know this idea that you've got playstation four play basic it all comes together and play it's great so Enger I'm GonNa Digress slightly and there was a free game actually available game is still available the epochs till the cows come home to your blue face is genuinely better rocket lake xbox one pays for switch BC we we already knew that was there the the guy who's been dubbed I big speed Raunchier is is there as well which we won't get into extols the game will land on stain in December so it's going to be a month flair onto stain which is really strange is also going to be launched on a launch title for Google Stadium Active I it's on its game but does say oh and apologized visit mention pub J. xbox peaceful as Pudgy only not repeatedly okay that was my wife looking at Rec Room Pox Nora pinball ethics three sage craft Kamanda Spice Lords Sports Bar Vr Star Trek Bridge crews stuff off the overall the overarching kind of Duda from this the overarching Doodo from this whole new story is that Sonia finally acing stated ever since for dead redemption to came out rooms have have a fund that the PC release was intimate months went by and even though the whispers continued and hint suffers no pc version arrived was it still forthcoming was it all a ruse now we know that the version for GTE five a lot longer than the tone half minutes long and like I say he is in the hall of fame and it's great to say so so goggle stadia and Eamon award presenting the prestigious award to him was none other than trifles Gamassa so I apologize so trifles game also presented the award he'd been inducted into the UH dreams of the wild west and lots of hot works honest way to PC game will be on fifth November three rockstars own PC game launcher yes rockstar did launch his own welcome to the next sketch find my name is Richard Today's show we're gonNA discussing thirty of the best video games of the decade Reggie fees may gets in the and Google Stadium this is from Wyatt now a buddy of mine does a show to my buddies to a show called Google Stadia Co check it out I'm pretty sure they would have covered this there's not much more to say about it I'll leave the video that I believe he's very humble and very honored about it and you can listen to the video it's well worth a watch I really do enjoy the fact that it's good news though I am looking at one of the pictures on twitter at it looks like and it's also releasing onto the epic game store please slowed Free Games launcher the epic Game Store Greenman game on a humble on the console versions read is Fred not it's coming this week Rockstar Gal announced rockstar gains announced the red devotee redemption to built using it could whether I dunno fee for taking advantage of cross plan that they probably just say if they if they are it's going to be in a loop box if he does cross ply will put it he say finally getting a forty one of the biggest and best games for the pay and it's red dead redemption to finally Cowan too Sergio's Pc Guy Mitchell getting or cowboy gain Yay and we can stress this enough we construct what that last bit was about but yes red dead redemption you too so why we're talking about here is to we're drink red dead redemption to will also for the PC specs the minimum specs What will they raise definitely want to confirm this as whether it's going to happen thank you obey in there will flowing around the same kind of area system requirements lab which is where I run the first one is pretty much what they're saying so no why they do it but at the same time it's a little bit annoying golly more on this when our genes but I do get fed up with the the magnitude of launches that we have on our PC just for their own just for their own gains and I said axeing on on the on the I'll just on anything really thought we'd see unless they're not twenty seven hundred or an Intel core I seven sixty seven hundred K with the Ram Sixteen gig I would probably say that windows ten is recommended video card is the Rx four seventy or in video g falls GT x ten seventy it's really interesting actually a January thought it would be more addition to the game and we'll mach which will twenty dollars off the original price so buddy's for redemption to includes out more survival kit for story mode will hold it'll be cheaper they won't have to pay people like Staying or green man gaming or epic whoever the launches that putting their games on riotous author as live until the tenth or the ninth of October so if you are listening to his after on October unfortunately there is the story mode trade him out mode cash bonus and fifty go baas online I've never played with different optional live rent redemption to on pc we'll be available and then DEDICATED VIDEO RAM is recommended to be two thousand forty eight megabytes the recommended requirements as a CPI rose seven the actual specs. I don't I mean thick gained bank where cyst they've got a like what PAS anyone who hasn't downloaded the rockstar launcher day goes so just goes on about the the address redemption to be pc two free pc title so you can get garth three Grantham Vic- Sandra bullock bullied by bully scholarship edition. Eleanor Max Payne website stopped trying to Ram Games in my face so rockstar will be given away preorder bonus exclusive for the Rockstar launch Through October twenty seven array now I've already got San Andreas probably won't believe something preorder bonuses for Stars Games launcher for retirement include free upgrades the specialization and not going to happen whether the PC SPEC is actually what I just said I thought I'd load up the Rockstar launcher but it's on there yet the grand theft Auto San and does seven and up video cards has to be right on seven two six five or an MVP falls on fifty with two GIG around railed on the epochs Game Store Green Man Gaming humble game stopping retouched digitally beginning on October twenty third all pre orders will receive bonuses of twenty five we'll be feature all previous release contents of redemption online including the recent from tape suits race specialty roles of bouncing and collect the try and trader we're gonNA valid butts download the sound of the San addressed of prefatory law that rockstar launcher. It's a real shame that we have more launches whether doing it if they can make a lawn chair in coon to free towels and the following so if that's kind of nuts so have you preorder on the Rockstar launcher I believe redemption to is coming to let me know you'll pick it up and let me know if you want to be catching horses in the wild skin and bays and shop by cowboys I want to do so light bite news just some quick roundup of a couple of stories that I may have missed out ovoid director says Nintendo kind of any character multi channels so I might pick it up I'd love to see what it looks like it's a great game a rarity as I've gone on playstation don't do the online because I don't have pass plus so they go news elderlies awaking sold four hundred thirty thousand copies during its first three days of Sao we know from my chops breakdown Zelda Dade reached number one in its first you'll say Jeff Kaplan and said that you can use them I'd love to see troll beyond in Smash Bros probably get me back into your your this is your European Ashburn yes that's what Jeff Kaplan has confirmed that any character that smash Bros that intendo wants pointing to Smash Bros we know there was multiple see coming it's been confirmed weekend. Nintendo announced that the extant legend Zolder Link's awakening shifted and the president of units in Europe the remake sold four hundred thirty thousand Kobe's during the Games I three days old style spicy it's shoot to number one position which shop and United States the denominate deep demonic goose has certainly captured people's attention and has dethroned the mighty links find where are charts are and just see what happens with our days and see if they update it but yes god since some videos of this it's absolutely hilarious and that's your quick bites or your short bites like Your Life Bites of gaming news from Nintendo we know full well that the game has flown in somewhere in the charts so we'll have to waking the tile has full punt team which is Arava is made why full precedents in which is rob impressive let's hope the good goose continues to dominate for Goso Zelda has shifted hundred thirty thousand copies which is really really cool and if you're a fan of Gasol ghost the untitled goose gang bridges number one on the intendo switch Egypt's I believe it's topped the UK Charts will run down the gaming charts surely the means and huma surrounding on Tokyo's game one hundred copies sold per minute which is nothing short of amazing given it's technically a new Zelda game so olives not just physical or physical and digital that's interesting but he's ago and it was pretty much my introduction into souls is demon Sol's yes demon's souls was released ten this week we're gonNA have to find myself a solid area defined gaming charts but this one this week is brought to us by VG DOT COM and The top ten bestselling auto now I'm confused I'm trying to sign anymore it's a great game it's it's clunky is got problems but introduced the world to on which combined with negative reactions from from trade shows meant that same fit for that the game would be a failure however positive where mouth of Enchilada game to sell over one hundred thousand copies a combined sales in the UK currently our fee twenty which is

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