Hour 3: Can't Question Giannis' Competitiveness


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Some equipment described as optional APR valid on Twenty Nineteen Sprinter vans excluding cab chassis only two qualified commercial customers exclusively through Mercedes Benz financial services at participating dealers through September, Thirtieth two, thousand, twenty. John Jay Williams in Subic. PODCAST. And what Jayjay said there earlier this morning that's jazz fans are going to be thinking all off season. So a doozy you guys love and I say that a doozy game seven doozy. Between the jazz the nuggets. But in the Western Conference, we're not done with game sevens rockets thunder nine eastern tonight on Espn Heatin Bucks a wet your appetite at six thirty eastern NBA FAN ESPN is the spot tonight keyshawn Jay we'll Zubin presented by progressive insurance all of our guests including Doris Burke, who will join us at eight ten am eastern and Charles Barkley and nine thirty am eastern join us on the Shell Pennzoil. Performance Line. All right. So the nuggets get it done eighty to seventy eight. Now, an Opportunity J. for James Harden to get it done this game seven this is against his old squad. There's a ton of people that think hardened just as out there scorn a ton of points and that's great and nobody doubts his individual talents but this is a big spot in round number one for one of the greatest players of his era. I think James Harden legacy of winning having a chance to win a championship is on the line here and look his legacy has cemented as as one of the most gifted innovative scores. We've ever seen in the history of the game. He's proven that right multiple scoring titles, MVP he's incredible. But at today we evaluate teams or players on how many championships have you one right? It's things that have haunted players in the past. It's Charles about that. We, probably will. Right. And I think when you look at James Harden. The way things went down last game with Russell Westbrook taking the last COUPLA shots those last couple possessions me as a basketball player recognizing an and key and I talk about this is I think we're above Alice when we're on the court and James Is Alpha and the way but I felt like at times James becomes passive around Russell Westbrook. Now I thought it had to do with coaching. It did I I really think that at that time you needed the head coach to say, Hey, give the ball to James Harden but also. He's not the only one at fault. James. Harden needed to say to Russ. Give me the ball Russ Take Gimme the ball. So I think tonight if we have. Okay see actually this key would it's shock anybody here if we woke up tomorrow morning if you didn't watch the game and the headline was okay see wins. Game Seven. Shock you I wouldn't be shock-and-awe isn't that a problem? Isn't that what a problem we you're thinking about multiple MVP winners on the same team having a chance to do to win a championship the Houston Rockets with the style in which they play well, when they got Westbrook the first thing people say can they co exist to ball dominate players can? They coexist. We saw what happened with C. P. Three in hard right they had golden state in in headlock and then when C. P. Three got hurt it kind of got away from him a couple of years but he got her. Yeah. But he got hurt got way from a couple of years ago. The marriage ended they moved on sentiment. Okay See. Now when you look at it, you say to yourself. What is James? HARDEN WEARS THAT LEGACY If you don't WanNa Championship or you don't put yourself in a championship position People GonNa look at you as a regular season scoring champion. That's pretty much it an MVP. So you don't ever want to be known just based on statistics. That's why always when we talk about winning championships man. It was so damn important for me to win a super bowl. It was so important. It was important not only to win the Super Bowl but be an important part in this. To make sure that I had a great season, all of those sorts of things. So when you look at it, our defense was dominant but I played a very important role because important to be able to how to championship I don't care about him. Pro Bowls in playoff appearances and. Can Finish the deal with a ring on because it's like a degree nobody can take that away from and when you win a championship, nobody can take that away from you. You can talk about the regular season and your champion regular-season your MVP and comeback player to hear. But it's different when you got the ring on your finger backs and I think the narrative that. Is. Correct. Faxes correct and I think the narrative then becomes if they lose game seven to Chris Paul. What kind of player this James Harden need to play with that can help him do that. It's not an Alpha. Nine Alpha right and he's looking to the last two years. Look at the last two years CB three was an Alpha that was a problem Russell Westbrook, Alpha? James. Harden take the last I. Don't Know James. Harden is an Alpha all the way. James. Harden is an Alpha and the way he scores, but I don't know if he's a demonstrative meant how? Give me the Damn Ball, Alpha, that's that's Russell Westbrook. I think. He I think he is that Gimme the Damn Ball Alpha I. Think he is I've seen times where he's just basically game took it and took the shot. You see what type of player would you need to play? It's not who he needs to play with him. A certain way if you go back to his days at okay. See when it was him Katie Perk in obviously in Horn. When you look at that, he wasn't the main focal point. He was kind of a guy within with a bunch of guys. That's what he needs to be able to do is get with a team that got a couple of guys that will allow him to do what he needs to do not trying to do too much. So yeah. You're right. So maybe we need to if this happens then I think you have to start resetting expectations yes or James. James Harden to score forty points every night we're not GONNA win here we're not gonNA. We're not going to win that way how. So then the conversation becomes is James Harden our second best player third-best. Championship man s okay. There's nothing wrong but you know there's Nathan. will go crazy with a guy who can score forty, five, fifty, one of the most. Gifted scores we've ever seen in History Essex saying. Hey I, if we're saying a I become a second option, I wanNA championship being that guy. Which is Down so You're right. You're right. You're right. Championship. Finals. Time lack of sleep. Stuggle Mickey cut me. No, you're right. It's all we make mistakes and we correct them. That's what we do. But if you think about it those e and you go back to his okay see days. Those the way that they style in which they played. That's what he needs. Not the Dan Tony System that allows you to. Jack up threes all day long. No. It's not gonNA work with him. You can't do it. It's. It has been proven that that is not the way to win. A championship could be the final game for my can't Tony as well. He's sixty nine years old his contract is up. There's been a lot of discussion around him. keyshawn Jay Wills Zubin presented by Progressive Insurance Progressives homequote explorer is changing the way you buy home insurance. Now you can go online and get a custom quote and save both time and money learn. More progressive DOT COM Doris Burke is three minutes away Tim, legler echoes exactly. What J. Will said, he said this Mike Greenberg Radio Show greenie yesterday essentially, the burden on the beard is heavy. So he gets them all the way and I mean talking about two finals he's GonNa continue to deal with this every time there's teams come up short in the postseason. I think a lot of it's GonNa fall at his feet he has. To have a big time performance when you've done when you put your offense Greenie that much in one player's hands, the way that they do, it's unprecedented in NBA history the way the operate their offense around one player will then you need to come through with a huge performance when your team has to have it So it's GonNa fall in large part at his feet, and I think obviously with Mike Dantonio, not having A. New Contract I. think that would lead to a coaching change as well. So there's GONNA be some definite changes the way you look at everything and there's no question hard can't escape this if they don't win this game J I think that is put super well from the standpoint of yeah. Usage all the nerds, the numbers guys they love the usage rate at the end of the day here talking just what am I is showing It shows you that. He gets a lot of shots up he scores a lot of points but at the end, they can't finish in. You can't win that way long-term. Any MBA. Planning NBA but I'm not a damn fool. I know what I'm seeing her I know sports and you think about it whether it was the Great Phoenix teams of Steve Nash with Dantonio by the way Antonio. Was Out in La when he was coaching with us in couldn't figure it out or whether it's here in Houston or whether it was with the Knicks you're going to always be at the top of the leaderboard scoring. But at the end, you can't finish the deal I. Know CPI three Adam in a position, a couple of years ago and he's got. Hurt and it kind of just disappeared but you've got two guys and MVP's like you said Jay, in Russell. Westbrook as well as hard that are high octane scoring machines, you can't have that without having a sort of plan in place when that doesn't go the way you envisioned to go in they do not have another plan in place you're all or nothing. You're all or nothing. There's no adjusts the scary part about all of this stuff Zubin is that we still haven't seen the all yet. We haven't seen the all yet. We haven't seen both Russell Westbrook and James Harding get hot and. An avid die hard basketball fan is a fan of sports there nothing better. You have to high caliber players that get hot at the same time if that were to happen because look two, thousand twenty. Expect the. Unexpected. If that were to happen that would be. I would give them a chance to beat the Lakers. If were to happen if they got hot at the same time if they got hot, they have to be extremely hot but here's the thing you're always on the edge of your seat waiting for the happened because of the potential of happening but got to also take into consideration. One of them get hot they GONNA stay hot or not shit Iraq. That's not necessarily true. Pointed a prop mom part of the problem that's necessarily gonNA. Try to go sixty, thirty, five I. Hear You Harden is at thirty five you're GONNA try to go hunt with their bring gains in both those guys have had thirty, five, forty points where he just everybody else gets him where they fit in. That's what they have all the answer Larry piece. But has that been in a situation in a game seven where all their pressures on you now? No. But I'm saying once again, the mentality is look survive in events. My thing is you need to get to a new day in order to see what the new day brings you, but you need to get to that new think. So you need a big time game from James Harden tonight, an Russell Westbrook the by game seven in order to get to a new day with the Lakers think about Brooke and game was five game five with the last shot was fired rotate you mean game six game six okay. Think about Westbrook I mean he Shot the ball. He didn't it up. He decided he was gonNA take the last couple of shots. That's all I'm saying when you got that type of mentality you you it's hard to change your mentality but that have you. Might be in. Tony's problem though that's why he needs to be that person that is demonstrative that actually specifies give the ball the game as he ever done that. No, but that's the that's the problem you can't. Then my point is not going to change your not just all of a sudden change, your philosophy, your thought process in your style because your system, you believe works and it's in place to win championships even though you've never won a championship with it, but you just won't change in. That's Dantonio. Let's get doors his opinion on this because she always gives it right down the line. Yeah. She's twenty seconds away the twenty fifth anniversary by the way the rockets last championship keyshawn Jamile Zubin. Reminding you to check out ESPN audio at home by telling Alexa to play news from ESPN ESPN audio at home is brought to you by Mercedes Benz Vans, driving mercedes-benz Van, and find out how far extra mile really goes from customization service to financial assistance. Mercedes. Benz vans are ready for anything and we are ready for doors Burke Hey DB. Good. Morning. That's twitter feed. We were talking about this morning doors I. Know you're in the call for the raptors and the Celtics I called Brad Stevens, the Kawhi of coaches he's quiet. You don't hear from them. He's not demonstrative but boy is he effective? You're on the call last night take us inside y he has been so successful with this particular group. Just, WanNa go to your first point. That's okay. Zubin because it's fascinating. You just said that about his temperament and I'd love to hear what Keyshawn J. we'll think about this because day passion I off camera in between quarters were we were talking about this and sort of you know Jay there's always this talk about a coach has a in the NBA has a window in which the. You know if you're not pop or Rick Carlisle or one of these guys whose tenure is so long that there's a window and then your voice starts to not resonate a little bit I think because Brad's temperament because he doesn't seem to get too high or too low. He's never swimmer like he's always going to make this point I've been in this training camps like there's this. evenness in the way he addresses these men that I think can help his tenure. So let me just throw that back up. The guys. Do you think is Kenya could be sort of like a pop because of that. I I. Do I think eventually he wins the championship in in we're not even having this conversation doors I. Think when you look at it, he also has the support of Danny in the front office there's. No grumbling going on in front office, the coach coach plus players of bought in from day one, right they they. They like him there. You don't hear any complaints about him. They're listening to him because when you believe coaches, you know you'll run through a wall for him and I think that's what we're seeing in in Boston and Andorra's I would throw this back to you I. Think after watching how turbulent the row was a couple years ago with Kyrie and seeing them grow through that those relationships bringing Kimbe in. Watching Brad Stevens managed that. Had to be difficult because the outside pressure on that relationship and how he dealt with that I thought was was critical and I gave them, I, give them a lot of credit for managing that that that was challenging for him and I I think players have bought into him for how he managed that. And I think you're pointed salad like he's a guy who's always going to do a level of self examination. You know, where can I get better? What are my feelings have I fallen short and I'm sure he looked at that relationship with Kyrie and every guy on that team and how he managed each each one of those because that ecosystem obviously is constantly changing and just to keep Shawn's point about you know grumbling so. At. The center spot, which has been the one question hovering over whether they're championship caliber. Look at what he does. You know cantor is critical in the last series He basically in the eight seating games splits the minutes at center between Cantor and Williams because he knew might meet each in a different series and so Robert Williams is perfect right? He goes for ten in the first quarter they had to endure what they knew was coming, which was Toronto was gonNA throw the First Punch last night I just think you know his handling of of the players and and cantor being. So genuinely enthused for the success of his team and Robert Williams is telling and. No I'm curious I think what you've done as you forced. Toronto to execute and a half court they are nowhere near as lethal. You, you've helped him twice now with a with a high number of turnovers and they they paid a little bit more last night but not as much as required, and though I know this team as a championship pedigree and they've been down before it feels different than the season to go to me guys. DB. Let me take you over to the game tonight six thirty on ESPN network the versus the bucks. The other day Jaanus was asked by a reporter how commuting Gar Jimmy Butler and I think you know his response is responsible because well, coach tell me to. What do you? What do you take about I? Mean obviously, it's not the only reason they lost that game but ultimately of Jaanus in the mentality and answering that question, what do you make of that? Yeah. I'm not going to go down that route only for this reason. Okay. You know number one I believe he should have probably said I'm going to guard him right or coach. Just, I want that guy let can I have him for the next five minutes of this? Okay that's absolutely one hundred percent agree with that. But in no way, am I going to question this guy's competitive fire I? Think his major is and his belief in but is so fundamental and so pure that it wouldn't cross his mind to to maybe challenge you know the match up in the moment now in the aftermath of this and the chatter and everything else well now it's brought to his attention and I'll be very curious to see Do those matchups change particularly in those moments? Right it go back to when Lebron James Wins the battle against collide finally before the season shutdown and the battle against Milwaukee and he goes. And seeks out those two stars because he's like, okay, it's my time I have to do this. Whether they score on me or not, it's my responsibility I just wonder if that wasn't a sign and I've not spoken to. So I'm not close enough to have this kind of conversation. 'cause my my level is different here in the bubble it would be something I would ask him directly like did it cross your mind? Why should do that? Well, you know now now. That you've had chance to think about it how different do you think about it? Like let's I'm going to give the guy a little bit of a runway here just because I know how competitive he is individually. So wasn't a mistake in that game unequivocally, but I think Mo- moving forward. You know that probably changes now Doris Burke is joining us here on Keyshawn J. Will Zubin. Let. Me Ask you about tonight's game. Okay. See Against Houston and for whatever reason or however you may unfold C. P. Three takes care of business we wake up tomorrow. Is in moving on and James Harden Westbrook and dantonio packing their bags. What's the narrative that would be set about those guys in Houston? Yeah I mean listen. It's a great question number one I would say fundamentally like I in no way put put. What happened at the end of the last game on James Harden Shoulders you know Russell I thought struggled throughout the course of the game that. They. Run that particular action keyshawn we're Russell starts with the ball. He sort of gets himself to the elbow and throws it back to to James that never materialized and to me that's on Russell like hold your dribble, get it back out and you know find a way and you know Russell is beating himself up in the aftermath of that game and he'll come back like a house supplier tonight. this. This will be interesting because. I think the long view of history will will you might Dantonio? He fell short in Phoenix if not for a Robert, ory hip check and in the ensuing, you know sort of fracas that the develops. Do they win a title that that went that year if Chris Paul doesn't pull his hamstring in that series. And this is the fine line between winning or losing. But when I talked to coaches Keyshawn, they say this man was revolutionary to the game. So it's the long view of history that or the lack of success in his particular spots like the system only works so so so hard. So I don't know the answer those questions I think it's obviously something up for for long and strong and passionate debate amongst fan basis. And I just going say this about crystal Paul. You know. All they do is they hang around long enough for the Maestro to take over. His ability to get to that poll up game his ability to manipulate the game. The little shot he took in the post game interview, some guys are built for that. You know he's trying to get in their heads after game six, four, game seven like the Guy He makes me laugh he's a joy to watch play and you have to admire the competitive spirit DB what what does that say about CPI three not only has he taken? Okay. See to game seven. He's one of the leaders in the NBA this team is one of the leaders in MBA in clutch points. He's handled a boycott. Essentially, he's been on the phone late night with Lebron James Brock. Obama he's having so much on his shoulders, but he's still plays such a high level. Looks from you know obviously I feel. You know quite lucky to do what I do to watch. It's men you know hone their craft and do all these things Chris Ball in particular I've been covering him since he was wake forest you know going against your dookie, which were always incredible matchups. You know he's always been a leader I think he's always been somebody who's been an unafraid to challenge teammates to challenge coaches and now to challenge society, and the fact of the matter is very little. Change happens without somebody directly standing in front of you and wanting confrontation and you know I'll go to Jimmy Butler for across comparison you know Joel Embiid tweets out heading tweeted months, and after he watches Jimmy. Butler closed the Miami game he tweets twice. Like when you have a crystal Paul or Jimmy, Butler Lebron James Those guys and Kevin Durant and it goes something Steve Kerr said about Kevin. Durant. Like there's a handful of guys who can do these things. And It's you know we're watching the best in the world do what they do, and yet there's this cream of the crop level like for ten years Chris Paul was the best point guard in the NBA is he the Best Point Guard in the NBA? No, but you know what he does. He fights on the margins for every inch and millimeter because he knows he's on the back nine of his career shoot. He's almost to the nineteenth tee at this point. But like he's still fighting for the margins, he's trying to get better and look where he's got his team. It's really something special and we should appreciate Jay will know so well said so well said Doris will be on the call tonight for Miami will walkie against six thirty eastern on ESPN and then the big one, nine, o'clock eastern game seven thunder rockets Doris was brought to you by the new Ford Super Duty. Built Ford tough doors. Thank you so much. Thanks, guys, thanks be more NBA chatter with Charles Barkley on the Shell Pennzoil performance line at nine thirty A. M. Eastern doors is so good. The best is so good. Just their ability to articulate people in their emotions and and what they're thinking in those moments doubt. We'll see you tonight on the call again still dot Com Russell Wilson ranked ahead of Aaron Rodgers on our ESPN top one hundred NFL players list for twenty twenty head key all fired up. But what is our resident quarterback Guru? Think the guy that played the position is onboard with Kyrie we'll see Gijon Jay Williams. The. PODCAST. Never wonder just how far an extra mile really goes drive a Mercedes Benz van and find out start with a network of over two hundred fifty authorized dealerships backed by a salesforce ready to help you with everything from customization to service on vans like the Mercedes Benz sprinter, it's tailored to your lifestyle with auctions like blind spot assist an NBA voice command for. 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So you can check your balance deposit checks, pay bills, and transfer money from your phone with a top rated APP and when you're done banking, put it back in your pocket, a banking experience built around you and your life this is banking reimagined get started online anytime. What's in your wallet capital? One, and a member. FDIC. Key we're GONNA talk straight with one of your NFL Life Partners Dinner Lobski here in just one second on the Shell Pennzoil performance line. But to recap our conversation and fell top one, hundred list is out one hundred players ranked by our forty-six analyst on exactly who will be a best performer in the NFL this coming season. Russell Wilson is at four Aaron. Rodgers, finds himself outside of the top twenty and that's your biggest burn. It really is in there's nothing against Russell I like Russell Wilson. As a player I, take him in a heartbeat the would love to have played with them but Aaron Rodgers at that position just different and I know people say well and won WanNa Championship in a long time and his team struggling Mana, do NFC championship game with us is receivers and I'll say that to the cows come home Jay was on one using the slot and I was on the other side. That's what we was thrown into a bunch of broke bound players. Outside of anti-atoms, atoms is. So when you look at it now, I don't know the parameters of why or how they get to the rankings in the position that they put the players in. But. If you ask anybody and we'll ask Dan this you take Russell Wilson over Aaron Rodgers let's bring him in to find out dinner. laskey joins us on the Shell Pennzoil Performance Line keys teammate on NFL live four PM Eastern every weekday on ESPN I quick Atlanta probably should've asked you this in the commercial break. The forty-six that voted this. No No. I haven't climbed that wall yet to have that distinction. So No, I did not vote. So keys in the same boat there. So what do you think he's comment here. Wilson versus Rogers. Yeah I mean I actually would easily take Russell Wilson over Aaron Rodgers Aaron Rodgers I don't. See what he's accomplished and how great he's been, and he's still a really good player but Russell Wilson's the. At worst the second best quarterback in football right now and so you know the what has been the towards four is making something out of nothing and he'll kind of these these inexplainable type of plays. We see those routinely a Russell still and last year you know for everything that went against Seattle, he had them in the divisional round on the road against the Green Bay and I and I know keys point of NFC be or the packers being nasty title game is valid. As there's a lot of fool's gold there as well. I. Mean I think they won like nine or ten games by less than six points or something like that got to win the game. So I'm not gonNA knock them for that but like this was a thirteen and three team. And Thirteen and three team they did not go thirteen and three on the backs of their quarterback and his dominant play their skill position players. So Russell Wilson will have the better season Aaron he's got a much better team around him. Complimentary pieces wise as well, and that's why you didn't get a vote. Okay. Anyway. Let's move on. Did you. Yeah that's true too. So Dan let me ask you this column, Mary Jones Drew Lock and Garnham issue which one of these second year quarterback is prime for big time sophomore season. Yeah it Kinda Murray for me. And there's something that Carla Murray can do that will take him on a rocket ship and he'll be in the running for you know fringe MVP or offensive player of the year we they obviously ad hoc right and so I think the biggest adjustment with him hop comes from. John Hopkins isn't this timing type of receiver it's not like he's you know Sh- ordinaries, more of like he's never covered. He's such a good contested catch guy ball is in the area always makes the catch. And it's really like tyler getting comfortable with that like when you often see, you know a quarterback looks receiver. It's like well, is he going to get open doors and separations that doesn't really matter with Hopkins? You just make sure that you throw it in his vicinity give those one on one opportunities that takes time for quarterback to get comfortable with I'd say this was the most stack quarterback in football last year forty, eight sacks right and so as you watch the tape you go how many are on the offensive? Line stinking in how many are on the quarterback thirteen times Carter took a sack last year we're just didn't need to it just like the ball could have gotten out of his hands as a receiver open at four or five yards, just get it out and just the impact that has on his offense. Lamar took a massive jump Lamar Jackson massive jump from year one to year two near one he was sacked sixteen times in one hundred, sixty pass attempts. So one every ten times Lamar threw the ball was sacked. Twenty. Three times in four. I'm so one out of every nineteen. This massive jump that you could take a quarterback when you realize getting the ball out helps last year Kinda was sacked 48-times so and a five, hundred, twenty times one out of every eleven tenths so like if he just clean up those little things with the addition of the talent, his growth in the second year. This kid's GonNa. Be. Conversation, he's going to be that good I say caveat with they took the kid out of Houston Josh Jones or the offensive line as a tackle if he plays really really really well, some people thought he was a first round pick Charles off and it's going to be scary. Yeah Dan Dan you're you're breaking up a little bit there. No that Westport service have the same thing I feel you on that I. Want to ask you your big Carson Winston the company, my man, the biggest one I hear you talk about all the time. Dak Prescott is ranked twentieth on this ESPN NFL one hundred this whence comes in at thirty nine your thoughts. Yeah I mean Zubin could be ranked twentieth Spurs. The talent. Like. I would say this if Carson Wentz was on the cowboys this year you WanNa be ranked twentieth. He'd be ranked in the top six or seven in the NFL I mean their offense is low did loaded and so any quarterback is going GonNa go and play well, there will play well but there I'm actually surprised Jack is not rank higher because the talent that they have they have you know probably a top three receiving core Darwin's baller tight end that people don't know about their offensive on top five in the NFL and obviously top three back so. Carson Wentz a better player. This is not a discussion. This is not debates. This got solved year we if Democrats loses. Mario Cooper. Gallup and Harvard Smith and the for sometimes and leave this team to a division title and accomplishes things historically that hasn't been done at the position like Carson Wentz last year in Philly then maybe it will we will revisit. But for right now, this conversation has been closed. Okay. Dan. If you say so but let me ask you this question. Let's see if you can close this when the chiefs obviously gave the big deal to Patrick mahomes big money monster deal. Now Watson is up for extension. Will he get treated the same in Houston and if so should he take it or she looked go somewhere else? That's a great question I would look to go somewhere else There's a lot of there's there's a lot of lack of structure in Houston right now I and I'm sure he loves that organization love that steady but. You know ever since the death of Bob McNair, Russia's so there there's doesn't have have been front office. There a little Brian's good coach, not a great coach but a good coach and I would just sit there and go man I. Don't know if I really trust that this organization is going to put me in positions to play well and succeed the way Br v-chip, Andy, Redo, and the hunt family in Kansas City. I will say this about the Shawn Watson he is absolutely phenomenal. He's actually my sleeper pick for MVP this year. Best Offensive Line and most cohesive authentic lines. He's had three big time receivers that can go vertical. So will he be treated the same way they better? They better than Houston better because you know he's a main reason why they're even in the conversation to win their division and go to the playoffs keys that spectacular he's going to be. in the breath of Patrick Mahomes for the next dozen years in the NFL. Now, dependent on how they support him. We'll be if he elevates to that level or not, but he's he's spectacular. So Houston should get the deal done because don't wait till the end of the season to get the deal done because he is going to be in the MVP conversation this season I'll talk to some people about helping you get that vote. On. Keystone. Like Meyer and key I think yeah I like this. We let it in you. We will see key Dan Lonski, the whole gang, every weekday afternoon four PM Eastern on Espn for NFL live Dan. Thank you very much. Afternoon various already mentioned Bob McNair the late owner of Houston Texans who has passed away. We'll see what happens with the organization moving forward still to come one of the all time great intimidators on the court is dancing back into our lives if you love watching one of the most popular shows on television that's next Jeon Jae Willing Sylvan the podcast. Volvo help protect what matters most your family. The Volvo xc ninety. SUV offers a range of advanced safety features like an available built in booster seat for your kids safety and comfort, and the blind spot information system that has your back and alert you to cars in your blind spot. Wherever you go summer safely, explore exclusive offers on the xc ninety during the Volvo summer safely savings event visit Volvo cars, dot com slash us to learn more. Let's roll and we will start this morning with tennis. The US Open. It is day three in flushing Queens not too far from where we are at the South Street Seaport Studios in. Lower Manhattan we're going to start with Serena defeating Christiane in straight sets seven, five, six, three in her first round match on was around sixteen player last year. So she's a very good young talent Williams one hundred second victory at this major breaking tie with our Chris ever for the most us. Open wins by a woman in. The open air she's looking for that elusive next Grand Slam, which would put her in company with Margaret Court and the all time list at the very top of this is the years e for her no fans all the intensity. She could just deal with it herself and get that intensity going without the fans I think it's going to be perfect and it's awesome for tennis fans you know Wimbledon this year but at least got the US Open, every single point streaming somewhere on the ESPN networks nuggets in jazz who? Last night on ABC what an ending in a final seconds? Mike. Conley could've hit a three to end the game and end the series and give it to Utah in seven but instead it rims out Denver overcomes a three one deficit for the first time in franchise history it's only been done a dozen times in playoff history period they'll move on they got the clippers in game one of the Western. Conference Semifinals Yokich Murray PG colleague. was going to say last night you felt like when Utah was charging back. What would the energy in the building have been like in Utah they were playing that game at home game seven with the series would have been I just think you know if you had energy of the crowd, it might have been different scenario, right. But for the next forty days, we're GONNA HAVE NBA champion here in forty days. It's GonNa. Be a tough to just watch it without fans. Game. Would have been Denver read with the seating there Denver to three seat. So we'll see what happens but both passionate fan bases dancing with the stars speaking of passionate fan base is you can't be on TV this long without ever changing your format and be successful dancing with the stars is back September fourteenth on ABC. This season, we've got Nellie by the forty five now if you want to feel. Great Charles Barkley Charles. Oakley Cool Excuse Me Oakland? On with us at nine thirty excuse, me darkly would be great on their too though Bollywood Super Bowl champion Vernon Davis. Tiger King Star Carol Basket I need a little bit of a lesson on that. We've also got the figure skater Johnny Weir. You always seem now commentating during the Olympics and I would be remiss if I didn't mention that one of us three has personal experience on dancing with the stars key take take us a trip down memory Hollywood. SPF News, if you turn on the ESPN news right now you know. Collar popped no, it was. It was fun. It was. You. Know it was one of those experiences that you just step out of your comfort zone and you try to. Talk. News. So you know was just one of those deals. Uncomfortable but I was able to get it in but you know the interesting thing is I was the first one voted off right I in usually when you the first one voted off, that's because you're bad but this this. Is. What the stars is really geared in terms of voting and stuff like that social media and at this particular time, I wasn't a social media social media guy now. So people that were there. Have, big social media followings plus not only that they put me on there with about six professional dancers that had. Professional dance experience whether it was kristen. WHO's a? RB singer who dances and videos or Corbin BLEU or? Who else was on their? Amber from Glee who actually wind up winning so I'm up there with all these dance a lot of excuses to managers say look man I'm up there with all these dancers I have fun though it was it was a it was a lot of work. What was the practices like I've heard Jaclyn? You're working on ESPN two towers ESPN. So I would at the time when we first started, I was in Hawaii on vacation. So they sent my partner to Hawaii to interrupt my vacation to dance. So I would dance I would practice probably six hours a day. Wow. Hours and so when I come to when I would come to the city go to Bristol. Our get in on Saturday I would have practice on. Saturday. Due to show on Sunday then practice again on Monday before the Monday night show fly home to La Woozy went. Yeah. Yeah. Sounds like. It was a lot of work, but it was fun man you get to experience something that. Otherwise I wouldn't you think I'M GONNA sign up for dancing and it took me forever to do it because they have been asking me for like ever you WanNa do you WanNa do and I'm like no, I'm good. I don't do it on what eventually they went to your agent what turned the tide for you. I. Just I got tired of him asking hold on hold on, I'm going to zoom and keep asking you questions what's going on he's never watch tiger king is this true Side Z. Carol Baskin like I knew who she was but I have no idea who she is. So how do you? Okay. So first of all, we are in a major pandemic in the middle of the spring. There's only two things that you should have really honestly paid attention to were under rock. There's tiger kings in the last dance well I saw the last if you didn't watch that. So. Carol Baskin allegedly fed her husband to these tigers allegedly don't know if she did she did and I don't really don't care how he's dancing and now she's on the only place in America that you can. Do that only here. At the top of the Hour Donald Trump weighs in on saving the college football seems. Hadn't seen Tiger King what J. Will and Xueping. Got podcast.

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