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We're gonna be talking about our social media pet peeves and recommendations on what to do instead. How're you doing fred. i'm doing great. Thanks for having me. So because wasn't media believes in the power of storytelling. I want you to give us a chance to tell us and also the audience a little bit about yourself. Please tell me a little bit about your story. So i work for the the army's digital media division which is A really great opportunity. Because i honestly get to influence social media like that is my my job is army social media and starting out my military career after Came out from college. You know went to film school and la didn't work out the greatest And then i joined the army. Because that's what i knew being in military and somehow fell into public affairs With that i went to a f n That's where i kind of you know. Facebook came out a couple of years before it. And let me couple years before i joined Joined the army. Facebook was only starting to be used When i was working for the american forces network in january and then also in afghanistan and we used it a little bit. That was the primary is mostly just telling stories For me i'm a i'm a broadcaster so it was a primary video stories In radio which was a lot of fun. It wasn't until i went to the i. Br i comment brigade first. Cavalry division Which honestly gave me where. I cut my teeth with social media our first commander who was kind of special forces background. You know was very like hand. don't you know. hey. I don't want this anywhere. I don't you know it was very disliked. Give this away. But then not too long after i got there. He switched out for a new colonel. This colonel ahead. We butted heads but he pretty much said. I want my message everywhere. Figure it out So with the help of Guidance really great public affairs officers I was able to well. We expanded into everything. We had twitter facebook youtube channel. We got into instagram. That's as far as we went. And that's kind of one of the pet freeze. We'll talk about later But you know with that. I was able to really we went and did a couple of major operations with like alantic resolve out in the baltics and combine resolve in We even want a keith aware award for digital digital media campaign One of the coolest things ever and it's it's sad that i had leave that back at fort hood with the unit but after that i took i took the chops from that and In korea was able to get my first job. Getting out of the military Working for booz allen hamilton as a public affairs specialists with a leaning towards social media Same thing i. I left that position for bureau reclamation and the department of interior which was a lot of fun and then i became. That's when i first started becoming a social media manager and controlling the messages and how we speak to everybody and then i took all those into the job. I have now Which is honestly probably the best job i've had by far you've been quite around the world and Interesting enough you've been some of the places that i've been i was in. I was in uniform in korea in thirteen fourteen. And then i hopped over the germany From fourteen to eighteen zero. We're going. we're going the other the other way. I i was in Was it. I was stationed in germany from a ten to thirteen And then i kept going back to germany when we were doing the multi national operations with first cab division Back and forth that in the baltics. And then i went. We did a rotation korea from fifteen to sixteen and that's not sixty was sixteen to seven half months of and i remember i was literally it was two in the morning and i was doing a phone interview because my was coming up and like hey where are you. I'm in korea. You know it's just a little late here so you know. Let's let's go. Well that's awesome and handling social media today a twenty twenty world. There's a lot of different things that were able to do. Now i keep you mentioned earlier but that you were dealing with the early stages of facebook and the first thing that popped in my mind was. When was the first time. I use facebook and then i also thought about what was i using before facebook and The two platforms. That came to mind. Were number one zinger pan so zanga and then my space. So i'll never did anyone wrong on my space. I on social media with my space because a girlfriend You know it was. When i remember when social media i started coming out. I thought it was like i'm not on the computer long enough. You know i have dial up like this is kind of ridiculous It's funny seeing. You know i had a girlfriend who's good at. Html code and you know made it all the dazzled and everything and the same thing with facebook. I didn't really see a need for social media at the time and it's crazy looking back from where i am in what i do now But it was a girlfriend who convinced me to get on on facebook. And now i can't you know now. I can't imagine life without all the tools we use to communicate with people. It's definitely made communication easier as far as communicating to the masses. No at no point now. In today's world we can communicate at scale to people not only in our own country but all around the world. And i know some of the things that you do currently. That's that's what some of your audience's yet. it's you know i. I look back to the first time i started cross training to doing more print media. And we're i was so excited. When i got my first article that was in the base newspaper and i found out what like the you know. The the cycle rate was and you know how many people usually read it and then posted. I posted a link on facebook. And you know and and it's got more sophisticated than it used to be where you just drop the lincoln and add something. I call it a day and the reach was would buy you know would double what the traditional newspaper was even for for based newspaper but still would double that and i started seeing how. How if we were gonna get our stories out on. How do we are going to really get these stories out to you. Know the the general public how we had to leverage social media like i said i had some really great public affairs officers when i was kinda you know when i was a young all young. Nco young sergeant Up and who gave me the freedom to try different things but also you know imparted some great wisdom. So we're able to do some some really good things you know. I've i credit all credit. The the one major and two captains that that honestly got me to our today. That's awesome speaking on the topic of social media. That kinda helps us lead into kind of our conversation today. That i really wanna pick your brain about is what are our social media pet peeves so what. I think fred we should do. Is we should name a pet peeve that we that we that really really gets to us really grinds are gears but also that pet peeve given alternate for audience on what they should be doing instead. How does that sound to you. That sounds great. So i'll start this first one. My my pet peeve on social media for me is that there are no subtitles on video now with if i'm on instagram or a Amount twitter Usually if i'm on those platforms. I'm scrolling i am. I'm scrolling heavily. I'm looking for something that catches my attention an unusually doing it without sound. And so when i'm looking at something that may be interesting but doesn't have any subtitles. I can't read it and be so. I just skipped past it even though it may it may be something in the comments word disruption. That may be interested me. So my recommendation is if you're having if you're producing video content for such platforms as instagram twitter. Make sure you take the time to subtitle to put the tax on there because you need to consider your audience number one who aren't able to hear what you're saying but also number two there's a large amount of people who are watching videos visually and you're missing a chance to share your message. Share your story if you're not putting in those subtitles and that's really goes into behavior of People who use the ace who use these platforms. I one hundred percent agree We have a term that. I've come to almost where i wanna tattoo it on me. It's called break the scroll and that's one of the elements that helps people break. The scroll and i knew it all the time You know. Facebook has kind of changed. For how i use it a lot of times. I'm using it for recipes and like you know how to Video stuff like our author besides dropping photos from my my grandmother and my kids you know and if i see sometimes i tend to like oh look and you know kind of being a better understanding of what is happening and makes me wanna stop metrics only count. If you're on it for every platform has kind of a threshold. But i think it's like facebook has got to be like three to four seconds But i have to actually stop for those metrics turley count. So if you're you know. I know it's sometimes it's it's difficult especially the longer form videos But honestly there's so many tools out there to help with your you know the subtitles in creating s. Rt files isn't as difficult as it used to be. That it's you know the juice is worth the squeeze on that. Definitely definitely fred. What's what pet peeve that really really grains your ears when we're talking about so i'm gonna stay in the same line when it comes to video. It's i i do not understand and it hurts my soul when great videos aren't watched because that first couple of frames are black screen. We find that you know. I used to do it. You know you've got these cool video you want a nice fade. Because we're all like you know. Francis ford coppola. You know we're all steven spielberg and we wanted to to bring you into the story and you know and i'm guilty of it i've done it before And it's been over the last like four years where i haven't because it's it really you see the difference We tell when people ask for advice. I tell him that. I the i frames. Need to be something like either. You need to have a thumbnail image. That's created that's engaging that makes you want to look at it or the first couple of frames really need to be spot on like it's bam. Here's the story because that's going to again break. The scroll you know if i deceive blackbox blackbox blackbox as i'm going through instagram or twitter or facebook. I'm going to ignore it. And there's i know there's a lot of really tapped people who've had content not really seeing to its full potential because they just that one little step isn't taken and you know just i know people freak out about you know bringing in music. Or if they're narrations turks too early all you need to take all that into account and then just come up with that. I that i couple images That way if it's something cool looking. I wanna stop. And you're going to get those metro. One thing i've i've heard about the beginning of the video is you need to want to hook your audience. You want to be able to want them to continue more into the video so if you can hook them the beginning with something either visual or something dynamic then then you know that the watch beyond a ten seconds continue the rest of the story and so and then going specifically the platforms. I know specifically for instagram. That you can change the thumbnail right in the beginning. So as you have your. Id story or your real more on your story. No sorry on your instagram. Tv you can change the thumbnail to be Totally different than what. The first frame is of your itchy story. Because what it'll default to that i frame so have you mentioned about having a thumbnail Something that's engaging enticing to lure people in you want hook them in so that can tell your story and something. I've seen really cool with that. Is people will take a really strong image. And they've started using like this bold. Like i know here at the army. We we use We have you know we have our own texts in color. Palettes and stuff like that but Our team which is extremely talented. If started they got simple template where they can they put out the words on there and it makes you like man. That's a strong image. And i already know what this is about. And people tend to you. Know to go towards that So you have you know. There's always you know ten ways to do things But i mean those that's to you they're going to have to cut your unit develop your Visual stories in a way. Where that i could be something like really dynamic or spend the time especially if you can get to create create a template so it's kind of a drop in e create But either in their way. You're going to you know you're up for success. Opposed to the the the intro of black screen. Because you know if you're just not going to get as many people that's right. Another pet peeve of mine. And i've seen this lately as i've now started the follow hashtags on instagram is hashtag hijackers. This really really annoys me. When i see images or content not actually related to content and i wanted to follow so one hash tag because i am a digital marketing agency is i follow hashtag marketing because i want to see what else is going online and i'm seeing lately. I've been seeing a lot of things that totally don't relate with it And the most frustrating part is. I'm seeing images of of people with less clothing so unlike this doesn't half this is just. This is not what. I signed up to follow this hashtag for an so Hijacking these people who are hijacking hashtags for views. And whatever their intent is it makes me not want to follow the hashtag anymore so my recommendation is as you are. And you can't really control these people from doing hashtag hijacking but the biggest thing that you wanna do My recommendation is when you're looking to have your company hashtag or find something else that you find something that's unique do your research on what the hashtag you're looking for and make sure it's not related to something else with that you don't want to be associated with particularly something that's obscene because that would not put your company or your organization in a good light. That's you know you hit the nail on the head with the research you know hashtags over time change Things that start off as you know pretty you know pretty mundane or printing bonilla. Just turn kinda crazy. Sometimes i've had people who freaked out because a hashtag been using for awhile got hijacked into something very non-kosher and they were worried because they are all of a sudden being brought into a conversation they didn't want to Even with you know even with us we are constantly rechecking are hashtags were constantly. Looking over I mean it's easy as typing it into the search bar and just seeing what pops up granted you know. It's never going to be one hundred percent clean and perfect But i mean if the threshold is mostly your content are mostly you know the stuff you wanna talk about your. You're you're okay. But when he starts seeing it dive dive closer to that thirty five to fifty percent of. Hey the converstation starting to to be fifty percent not what we want to be part of. That's when you need to take a hard look at your your team in your what your processes and figure out. Okay maybe do we adjust the hashtag or something completely different you brought up about how hashtags change over time one hash tag that i was using a lot with some of the photography and videography stuff is. I'd like to post behind the scenes of what are set. Was and what i'm doing and i would use the hashtag. Bt for behind the scenes while in two thousand twenty one hashtag bt is now have been hijacked. and i'm going to say hijack it was is now hijacked by a very popular korean boy band. Yes so there. He goes out hashtag so now it's becoming more more creative with either spelling out hashtag behind the scenes. So that way. I can make sure i get the intent of that hashtag out rather than hashtag. Bt yes or you just you. You accidentally tap into a great new a great new fan base that it will be vastly disappointed about what your continent compared to what they're expecting so you know it but it's funny it just things change constantly You know they talk about in. New cycle is used as a twenty four seven and we we joke a lot and social circle sets. You know social media twenty four second you know cycle and the hashtags mu evan flow. Justice quickly So you know you have to really be just kind of on your toes when it comes to just making sure your stuff is right because it only takes you know people will forget all the great content you put out but it only takes one mess up or one being involved in something Even a hashtag on accident. That hurts your your and hurt your organization's reputation and then it takes a while to build the backup. Fred i wanna give you. The last the last pet peeve and also your recommendation for audience on what not to do it from the for the pet peeve. So i'm going to give the last one to you. Want this one when we were talking about pet peeves prior that i've been kind of you know playing with and it's kind of a two parter one is i cannot stand it when organizations create more presence than they can. They can manage constantly. It's an issue that when people come you know people come to us all the time. Hey we're looking at a link to an account. I want to a facebook account or twitter account and then every so often. I'll get somebody we want everything And then when. I actually finally when i get a chance to explain. Hey this is kinda what you need. Look for this of organization to create this kind of continuity go for and they realized that they can't meet the demands that honestly having you know having a presence each platform really you know really demands. You know we. We have a good sized team at the in the army. But even sometimes i'm like man. I really wish we had a couple more people because it takes a lot To create the content to develop the plans to develop the goals into develop content to meet those goals. Because if you don't do that you can't engage. That's the second part is you know people aren't engaged as well as you know having these presences. They aren't engaging all these presences social media for reason Engagement is such a huge factor. Of what we do that you know. Some people think that. I can just i concur. I found this article. I'm going to write a little bit to it. And i'm just gonna let it be and let it let it soar on facebook and twitter but when people you know there's always an opportunity for people when people ask questions to answer them to find conversations on those platforms that meet your objectives that are in your line and far too. Many people are freezing fundamental social media. Which is engaging with other people So my my my biggest suggestion is if especially if you if you've already got the platforms you know. Maybe take a hard look at. You know where your priorities are lying. But if you're if you're yours ation has no social media presence instead of trying to just put your name on everything that moos digitally mean Take a second and just get on one platform fine. What's best for you get. On one platform create create a plan create goals create content. That meets those goals and then see how it goes from there Some people can go man. You know. I enough bandwith where i can move to something else and other times. You know man. This twitter is hard enough. And if that's the case then be good at one platform you know. Do it really well. Instead of being less than mediocre across the board and that goes with the engaged as well really get out there and find those conversations if you can you know. I've had people who were like. Oh i wanna do this. Why don't you start off as lincoln because it's your alley. It's what you wanna talk about. And honestly it's a little lower speed you know that first year And it's something that you know you cut your teeth on and tell people all the time so if you can consistently produce content be a couple of weeks out of content. Because that's what we tried to try to be least two weeks out so we're never missing anything and we can always adjust if you can do that as an also engage with people in on different conversations aunt as well as on your own Post you know you're going to be good and you'll have you'll set yourself up for a good social media program and then if you decide it's time to expand or hey we need to add another person so we can move into another platform that you can make informed decisions and overall you know. Make the juice worth the squeeze on this one. I totally agree with you. And as as you're mentioning your points Two things came up to mind. Is that most people. When they are looking into establishing their presence on a platform they forget that each platform requires time money and resources. And if you're trying to over yourself on multiple platforms you're extending your time energy and resources across all of these platforms so he have to look at what your your organization. Your company's ban with is in order to support all of these. And the second thing i was thinking about is what some people do. Is they post. The same thing on each platform. Lincoln is not facebook is not twitter is not instagram is not tiktok. It's not step chuck. Everyone engages With these platforms differently in so you have to keep in mind what the end. User's behavior is in order to make sure that your message and your story is getting out appropriately. And that's a that's a great point. I see it all the time where the same the same everything hashtag Wording some people will create. You know 'cause you know these social media tools that we have out there who'd sweet sprinkler sprout A gore paul's. They're great tools. But sometimes it does lead people to be a little little lazy bill. The off set it up in twitter and then just copy and paste for everywhere else There in the issues with that is if i go on twitter and i see a post okay cool and i am scrolling through and i see the same thing your facebook i'm just controlled by it. i'm saying you can't use the same content but using the same content in the same day at the same time With the same. Wording if you're gonna people are going to tune out well you can take that same content having on twitter and then maybe maybe another day or two having on different platform at a different time with different wording and messaging like. I know when it comes to lincoln. I can expand upon what i wanna talk about twitter. I operate both twitter and linked in which is great because it gives me to separate sides of spectrum when it comes to I got two hundred eighty characters over here so have to kind of get to the point while also making sure we got the right hashtags in the link to whatever and then on the other side. I can expand i. Can you know i can. I can do more to bring people in so even though i'm creating content for both they'll go out on different times they'll have different messaging. Because i know my audiences are different on facebook then only did and it just really like you said it takes time and that's why you know if you if you know you guys can't not everything can be the priority we see. This is the priory in this the party. Something's always on the back burner so you either have to add to your team or decide. Hey for us. Facebook is the priority. We're gonna lean on that everything else is kinda. Let's let's valuate fred. It's been a pleasure talking you about our pet peeves on social media. I'm sure we have more that we could discuss. Swear oh man he also Do you have any closing remarks for audience I guess the biggest thing is its social media for reason Engagement is key when people ask y you know what what metrics you looking for. Biggest one is engagement will lead to everything else when you when you talk with people when you jump into conversations When you when you're actively out there on the you know on these platforms you will see a return on investment. you know. I have on the platform. I operate that even if it's something like hey you know for the army. My kids going off to basic training. You know what. I'll see those. You know that sneezy Pass it but i'd rather the. Us army say thank you. You know we're we're we're proud of your son or your son or daughter service. Thank you for what you do is supporting them and that makes them feel good and other people see that that message of this is the army family is getting out there and you can do the same thing with your organization your platforms just have to get out there. Be vulnerable because it is going to be you know. Not every engagement is going to be one hundred percent sparkles and an amazing but you have to get out there and take calculated risk of. I want to interact with this person because they either have something to say. Or there's something i can say to them. That might help them. So folks if you're going to do anything take some time and engage on your platforms. Social media is social. thanks fred. how can people find you honestly. Hopefully you can't finally but you could always find what i do on. The usr platform is at us army. We're on we're on all platforms. Like i said we have good team But you can also find me at on twitter. Hash the mighty fred because i am But you know. I try to. I try to keep my work into the work So if you could find me on social media ten points to you. But i'm also on linked in as well so if you ever have it If anyone has a question or anything they'd like to discuss about social media. I can always find me on their awesome fred. Thanks for being on our show today and Man we need to have you back anytime you let me know. Thanks for listening to the waza media. Podcast if you found this podcast helpful. Please share this with a friend. Give us a review. It only takes a quick moment. Be sure to follow us on our social media platforms at was a media. That's w as e a media and if you're looking for an agency to help you take your business next level. Please visit our website. At was a dot media to schedule a consultation. Thanks again for listening and tune in next time for the next episode.

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