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The john and ken show. John kobylt. Ken chiampou. Kfi am six forty five everywhere on the iheartradio app. Sure we are. Why not well pick him anything else about this mars thing. That just disappeared that story. But what are they doing. People aren't interested in all the great stuff that really goes on at. That's why because people are still pay big story for a day god. It's unbelievable what they're doing up there. Oh you are keeping track i am. Nobody's covered that. I see when i flip around to another planet or digging things up and looking for water and collecting rocks and analyze. Campy this mad at two. Oh five i will. You hit a sore. What are you going to do in five fifty five. Probably pass out proper plate. You gotta hit best vaccine story. Best vaccine strong shirk with up for a good vaccine story. This was the best way around the system that i heard when out with With with people saturday night. Right and this guy. does not qualify for a vaccine. And he's got plenty of money tan. He thought beat the system a bribe. Well he. He became an uber driver for a day. An uber delivery guy. Overeats uber eats So he signed up for uber. Eats he delivered one bag of food. From mcdonald's made four dollars gives you an idea how they pay and that that gave him a credential to go and get a vaccine because he was a food service worker. That's smart and that was it. He never did another thing to check. Credential i wonder i guess we're hearing stories second anywhere and you know people have done that. Yeah no i well. He said so. Many people have done that that it actually screwed up the uber because they think they have lots and lots of drivers now that they don't have because there one day because they were one day one our server and they're getting They're getting message sack. Mcdonald's go pick up a bag of mcdonald's and people are looking and saying. I don't think so i got my vaccine. My neighbors kids do that. Little tiny bag of mcdonald's is he the guy he gets out with like a soda. I think i'm running out. Thank you guy. The guy goes and waits for the next next week. I was in a couple of places where they came in to get the only spot. The the food delivery guy. No some of them are sad. Little disheveled look at them. And it's like well. Of course your food delivery guy get the vaccine. I wouldn't want to touch in my bag. Don't well we're here to tell you that we're both fully vaccinated. It's all three of us. Rates and ray to what about eric eric. You are too right now. Second shot the sixth. He's really young. That hap- yeah you're twelve years old. How'd you get one all right. Okay we told you. Think yes so you know so Kind of what we all did we did. We'd actually like no one to come in here anyway if anyone else in the building right. It's because we're vaccinated doesn't mean we want any company any visitors and talking to us all right never tend pretend we're still Infected or currently infectious and took shot. Rundown is that you're the only one that had anything. You've got woozy. The other day right sitting here in front of me and suddenly you stood up. You're gonna feel kind of lusi. Wanted to go a nap. I very wanted to crawl into a corner and ball up and go to sleep. I felt like crap that the second shot second shot. Yeah that's supposed to mean your immune system is saying hello. My immune system woke up woke. My dad woke immune system and wouldn't shut mark. I had nothing but a swan. A sore arm to which was still today exist yesterday. You're five feet tall and hundred pounds. It seems like that vaccine would have had some sometimes. Immune system's shot. There's just nothing there to wake up. Yeah well that worried me for a few minutes. And then i said whatever against john is. I was so tired of this. I had a neck ache. My arm was sore. The whole arm the joint and the shoulder and i was brain foggy. I just couldn't concentrate. I went home that night. And i sat on a sofa staring. Wow i was it was. It was like a hangover without the fun and And i don't know if this was hardest problem but saturday night into sunday morning. Yeah i slept nine and a half hours without moving which hasn't happened in many years. I think i'd have to take an overseas trip to make that happen. Yes and have your your. Your be disrupted for data half but not nine and a half hours. I slept and was three years ago. Something like that. My doctor gave me the shingles vaccine and some other vaccine. I can't remember one in each arm and that the next well that day i was just i thought i was going to take a quick nap. Two hours later i woke up. Like what the hell was the vr. By by the way we were joking about my friend becoming an uber driver a vaccine. Eric got his vaccine. Even though he's only twelve years old The day i went it was nothing but young women in their twenties be essential workers. I guess i don't right. Well past the nurse's week or the nurses period we shouldn't have signed genders. Could be doctors now. These weren't doctors. You're judging by the a lot of likes and well. yeah no. They're too young. Because dr spent those spend all these things in their hair fluffing there. Hey and they wanna look good to know female doctors. They were serious in that these. It looked like a line to register for courses in college or a music concert line. That's what it looked like. Maybe they work in the school cafeteria or they work in the jin. Eligible is a good one. It was a shabby looking graphite some gender example and there wasn't a single person who looked like there were over sixty five but two hundred people in my life. When i got there. There were one hundred in front of me. And i time i got to the front of the line that we're hundred behind me. It took some pictures. Because i sent into my wife. It's like this is not an over sixty five crowd here. it was. It was just a young young kids. I went to cal state. La which is the drive through and by the way yesterday was the second shot only so the line was quick and debt was so well organized. You got to say hats off to fema in the national guard. The national doing. They kept it organized. They were very polite. National guard should do everything except one car in front of me. Took forever talking to them because they want to see your id. That's all they do. And i kept going. What's going on what happened to be in that line. And then i saw it pulled over and i saw one with a little jacket. It said mandir interpreter. Here they have assigned with stuck one hundred languages. They can find somebody to speak your language if that's really yes abroad. An interpreter. a hundred languages the did might be one person knows like ten languages. They might be well. Sure right so. I don't know but there was some little jacket on said man an interpreter right so they were working with like try to make them understand. There's something was not right. He couldn't understand what he's instructions. Were speaking languages. I had a run in with the city today. I called three one one. I go to my local rec center where i play tennis. And we work out and the entrance to the parking lot shut. They have big metal bars. Ma'am and nobody came and unlocked the locked to it up and this happens every once in a while you should because it's a holiday got there and there's virtually no parking on the street the legal parking. I'm thinking all right. What holiday could this be. As i made seven days as is wednesday. No they took it off today. Only did okay. Thank of at. And and i love the monday things so i called her three one one at seven thirty. Because i've done this before. I say gee send somebody over unlock the gates. So people can park because nobody was using the park. All the tennis courts were clear all the grass area and this man areas walk clear. Everybody normally is there. Everybody was gone because he can't find parking right. I called the first time i called. I get. Eric said he's speaking spanish to me. And then it tells me Press one for english. Press two for spanish pet press three for other languages and maybe that would give you the list of one hundred and they would find one of the interpreters cal state la. I don't know what they do. And then and then i called back after eight. And i get somebody and she goes well. Everybody's off today for cesar chavez holiday. I go caesar shabas day. The march thirty first. She said the whole city is closed. I said well out here in the real world. Everybody's working maybe government. It's closed but in the government areas she goes. I'm sorry there's nothing i can do about it. And then i said well you're working. Why don't you come over here and open the gate. Well thank you very much. Her up on these are a few of my favorite things. Are we still doing that. Stimulus thing we are okay. All right so you chance at the keyword to text in to double your stimulus when we come back. We'll talk about what's happening on thursday. That's when people ages fifty to sixty four can get vaccinated. You didn't california but let me tell you a little twist to that. Also the cdc director got very emotional today very worried about america with corona virus impending doom. We'll talk about all that. I am convinced. All these people really are emotionally insane damaged. John and ken. Kfi john and ken show ken chiampou. Kfi and six forty live everywhere on the iheartradio apple. Now you can play your stimulus here for your chance to double your fourteen hundred dollar stimulus check text nationwide keyword cash. See into two hundred two hundred. You'll get a confirmation text info standard data and message rates apply in this nationwide contest. Grads cashed two hundred two hundred cash. Two hundred two hundred phone rings answer it even recognize the number likely coming from the five one three area code at maybe the money and listen to. Kfi at five twenty this afternoon free last winning keyword of the day but let's pay attention to the science right with the science. Come from the cdc it. That's a new study strong evidence that m. r. n. a covid nineteen. Vaccines are highly effective. That would be madonna and pfizer in preventing sars cova to infections in real world conditions among health care personnel first responders other essential workers. This is a brand new study. We now have real world experience to draw from almost four thousand participants of thirteen weeks from december through march. So there you go and it stops transmission and that was the big question and studies the pfizer vaccine in israel. Shield yielded similar results. You are right. It prevents a symptomatic infections as well as a symptomatic spreads. So if you get the vaccine even if the virus gets into you it will be killed before you can transmit it to someone else. Which is why we're puzzled. Because here is the c. d. c. director today at some white house press briefing. And she's getting a bit emotional. Her name is rachelle wolinsky. I'm gonna pause here. I'm gonna lose this correct. And i'm going to reflect on the recurring feeling of impending here. We have so much to look forward to and promised potential of where we are and so much reason for hope but right. Now i'm staring. I know what it's like is a physician to stand in that patient room. Downs loved masked shielded and to me the last person to touch someone else. A loved one because there couldn't there. I know what it's like when you're the physician with the healthcare provider and you're worried that you don't have the resources to take care of the patients in front of you. I know that feeling of nausea when you read the crisis standards of care and you wonder whether they're going to be enough ventilators to go around and who's going to make the choice and i know what it's like to your hospital every day and seeing the extra more sitting outside i didn't know at the time when it would then it would stop. We didn't have the fines to tell us we were just scared. We have come such a long way three historic scientific breakthrough vaccines and we are rolling out so very fast. So i'm speaking today not necessarily as your cdc director not only is your cedar director says a wife as a mother as a daughter to ask you to. Please hold on a little while longer. We are not in a warp. That's not from a year ago. I d that speech. You would give an april twenty twenty or maybe even the summer or here in california later last year but By the way if you look at the numbers. I mean sixty five and older in the us. They're getting the vaccine in big and those are the ones that get sick. I don't know why she's panicking if we have more spread. It's going to be among young people and there will not be that hospital affected. Just it's not shown by the data they can't let go there so emotionally invested in controlling your life and frightening you. They cannot let go which is why the media was highlighting featuring top of the their web pages her little speech because this is the last gasp to control your life to make you feel scared so they could get more hits more eyeballs four years. Add this doctor. Rochelle wolinsky in there. She came in late on the national stage. She wants her. Dr fauci moment she wants. She wants to be remembered impending doom on pending doom. Yes she actually well. Did you see today. I thought i was in a time. Warp what website was not the new york times. The paris hospitals were overwhelmed. They iraq sedate in france. I thought that might be part of the reason. Because they're in. The situation that we were in new york was in a year ago. Apparently they're doing that same thing where they may have to work on some patients and forgo others because they can't be saved them like wow this march. How did that happen because the vaccine roll out for the eu was poor was terrible now. Great britain. Good thing they did a brexit. They separated they had their own vaccine routine They had zero deaths in england. They have the astra zeneca from oxford. But you know how many people vaccinated in the us got at least one vaccine. yeah million. it's the third one hundred million. Got it about thirty million have had confirmed cases again. They tend to multiply the number of people who probably got infected and may be may have been a symptomatic you multiply by four. We might have two hundred and twenty million people in this country and in that hundred million with antibiotics sixty five and older. Yeah that's the key here. That's who gets the worst and who dies. I don't care how many degrees she has. What a resume looks like chicken. Little the craig's is falling this create impending doom impending doom. I heard the cases were up seven percent last week in the. Us the yes he calls it a plateau we don't want a plateau cases. Don't matter god cases don't matter it's probably college kids after spring break. Just stop it. This is ridiculous. In fact if the cdc announces that the vaccine is ninety percent effective and the same day. she's talking about impending doom. Why don't you go back to your office. Figure out ways to roll out the vaccine even more quickly and we're getting ready for big stuff here beginning on thursday everybody fifty and older can be vaccinated. Although i ran into a few people over the weekend that were trying to jump in and book appointments for after april first you cannot. You have to wait until april. I if you're fifty and older if you're gonna use that as age at start real early in the morning but they were like but i'm trying to put in tape. Why can't i. They're not letting you do that. So and then. He got two weeks before the eligible sixteen and older. So they're calling it the the rough two week window for people aged fifty to sixty four before. Yeah although i don't think they're promising a big increase in supply chain gavin newsom state and there are also will not be a huge stampede under fifty because a lot of younger people are gonna take their time to get the vaccine. They don't feel at risk but you saw them all in line. You saw those girls. They're all their twenties and thirties. He said they're all lined up. Yeah but i still don't think there's going to be a big vaccine. They they might have They were the exceptions. You think of that age range. Oh anybody showing up that early. Yeah they were worried. Well yeah the dip remarks exactly. Hey i'm happy for them fully vaccinated. Call me what you want with digging from day one. I was so what kept you up last night. Nothing actually kept me up last night. I think i think i was okay. Schlep the cdc directly. When i woke up this morning i wasn't thrilled. Hearing about the impending doom tape did hear that. Yes of course and i thought okay. Great vaccinated four. You know what's going to happen with all the variants. And was it a waste of time that i got vaccinated. I'm gonna have to get another booster to make sure i'm okay. You can like news alerts on your phone at three in the morning. You're staring at because it lit up. I i do get alerts. But i don't i don't i don't look them in the middle of the night unless i happen to be up and you always happen to be up. We got were covered up john and ken. Kfi john and ken show john kobylt. Ken chiampou kfi am six. Forty live everywhere on the iheartradio app. So as you know last week or big story was what was going on at echo park lake and the large homeless encampment that was eventually dismantled and then fenced off. It took a couple of days but they -posedly got everybody out of there. I haven't seen an update that anybody crawled back in. They're supposed to do repairs These people took about half the park up and Did some damage and created their own thriving commune society. But that was enough even for one of the council people mitchell farrell. His and. that's that's it. We got shut this down. So when i saw the headline i admit i was taken for a loop. I almost wasn't going to read the article. And the headline in the el segundo time was the echo park. Homeless camp has gone. What does it mean for la. And i thought oh it's going to be the hand wringing what are we doing now. We're just taking people out of the places that they managed to sleep at night and we're just going to throw them back instead. It was basically people who were telling the el segundo times. Hey what about my neighborhood. Why can't they do this here. That would be great. Yup and then progressive activists fear that the aggressive tack echo. Park could become a playbook. I hope the activists are terrified that their money is going to dry up because they're not going to be able to pull stunts anymore. Keeping local residents out of the parks that they paid for twelve yoga pants to the press conference friday which i didn't see. He called it the largest housing transition of an encampment ever in the city's history assuming they've all now like they're in permanent housing here. I don't care it doesn't matter what he says. he did suggest it could be replicated. Well yet prove it do it again. Clear out the parks and some guy complained some activists that will they don't do this with the alleyways of la. That's next. it is every everybody should be cleared out of any public area anywhere where people live or they Go to parks anywhere. They play where they live anywhere. They work these vagrants should be gone. Just keep shoving them out chasing them away. I zero tolerance like they have in many cities. The playgrounds though has a more universal appeal. You don't want people camping there. Well as bad. Because sometimes they burn up the businesses and they leave all their trash. I'm not saying that. Go but you start the same you start with the parks and then and then go onto the next category and the next category anywhere where normal people live. We should not be impacted by the vagrants at all zero zero tolerance. It doesn't matter what these activists say. Ultimately they have no power. We've got the police. The police have their weapons. You guys lose out go. We just all we need. You can't arrest your way out of this watch me. If i was the mayor i would give a speech. Saying we're gonna arrest our way out of this. That's what i would do. We find you laying on the ground. You're under arrest. How about that one. What are you gonna do. You're you're you're violating the law. You can go to fifteen judges. They're all gonna say he's violating the law now. The guy that's running for mayor bush sciortino. That's the councilman. That's his is from. Watch the san pedro the way he put. It is exactly what you're saying though. He put it kinder saying the approach of intensive outreach to followed by a choice date must become the standard. If we're going to move people living on our streets into a better situation we no longer had the luxury to wait until people already. Which is the problem. They go there and like you. Don't want services okay. We'll come back in a month. You don't want to be back in a year because you either want to get rid of them or you don't when you want to get rid of them you say here are the choices. Here's the deadline. If you're not going we're going to force you out. That's all you have to say. There's no need to have a roundtable discussion that goes on for three and a half hours. These are the choices like you deal with. Children did it the sent in a riverbed as well and it worked they went to everybody. They took their information. They sat with them. They decided so. Which category you in. You're going to accept services you're not going to accept services mountain drug help. You need alcohol. Help art we're gonna give it to you and we're going to give you transportation getting over and what you have and if you stay here. There's an end date. Connect your votes when you vote for a councilman or mayor. Connect your vote to the living conditions. You see with your own two is if you have all kinds of Vagrants turning your park. Filthy and disgusting. Look at the guy who's the councilman that's your fault. If you voted for it is what. I'm into blame the victim. I always blame the victim. I always say what did the victim due to put themselves in. What is what did the risks. What is the risk. The victim talk. What is the action. The victim did not take and here. I really fed up with people. You have to stop complaining bitching about the homeless sleeping in your park you elected mitchell farrell and he ignored you for many years. I don't know what finally triggered him to do. Something and garcetti. But if you if you had removed him and and voted for somebody who is against homeless people. Defiling the park. This could have been done years ago. And as your fault one worth watching councilwoman nitya rahman she's new to the scene but boy she's another and she was horrified. The sudden closure of the park the massive. Lapd presence the use of force against protesters. Well a guy that lives in her districting charlie collins said what do you know she has time to show up for a photo op and echo park. But she cannot come down and meet with the neighbors who've been asking for months to meet with her face to face about encampments in los feeless and hollywood see that's typical and john. Of course it had to come up. Mike bonds venice. One guy in this story says it's a powder cake here. And i think venice is probably the worst place in the city of la right now with the homeless problem and bond let that whole thing. Get hold dumped. There's one encampment on the beachfront. That's growing the more than two hundred tents. This guy says that's another one. They can have the beachfront me because they're criminals. Shouldn't they just open their special homeless. What what did he call those places. Garcetti the bridge shepherds home right. That was that was a scam. What happened with that. How come these people on. The beach aren't in there because there aren't enough beds and everybody cycles in and cycles out and everybody came to this but you've tolerance you can't do your drugs in a bridge home you can't drink in abridge home. You're not gonna get your medication. Charles curfews this. I could some homeless policy on one half of one page. You mental mental patients to a mental clinic alcoholics to alcohol rehab drug addicts to drug rehab and two story. There's nothing else to do. You cannot sleep in public anymore. Ever if we find you we will give you all the choices will give you a shelter or we're going to forcibly remove you that that's your choices. Nellie up a page you really wanna live off the grid and indulge in your addictions then head somewhere. Where there's nobody around you for miles. The thing is you can find a piece of land way up in the woods somewhere. I guess that'll be okay. And they'll go if you force them. Every one of them left Echo park lake every one of them left the santa river bed when they were forced to go they all went because they have no leverage. They have their choice. We have more power than they do. But it's your fault you elect these idiots idiots you elect them you walk or you don't elect you let some other a bunch of fools do it if you just in your job once every four years once every four years maybe ten minutes and vote for somebody who says. I'll get rid of the homeless. That's all coming up. After three o'clock we're gonna have a special guest from orange county. His name was travis call. He's one of these people that fosters children he and his wife and he says he and others who foster children had been getting calls about taking an extra children. You know who the extra children are the migrant children the unaccompanied minors at the border. He's got a lot to say about this and he also claims that they will get special immigration status. That's right path to citizenship. You'll talk to us after three john and ken. Kfi am six forty. Johnny can show live everywhere in the iheart radio app. We'll be talking next hour to a man by the of travis got in touch with us. He is one of these foster parents who got a phone call about the possibility of taking even more kids. They're currently fostering. It says here to four month. Old twins will also caring for their own six-year-old biological twins and they run a nonprofit he and his wife fighting against human trafficking in california. And you'll hear him explain. Exactly what's wrong with this story. When we talked to him being asked to take in twenty six or more migrant children social services are trying to scramble to place these kids because as you know not sending them back and when they have them in custody they try to find somebody in the us that can take them but sometimes there may not be relatives or anybody sponsor they're asking. I really don't understand that line. They're asking some parents if they could take in twenty six kids by themselves. Say we'll ask him if that's what they asked him. But that's seems could you. You'd have to have like a mansion. Yeah and a lot of staff that or use cages i. We have cages in the backyard. But you know he's got a good point bites people say well that's great. That's what we're doing. He thinks this is in some way. Aiding and abetting trafficking what we know that the smugglers are bringing a lot of these kids here for money and if you help the kids get in the country. And then they get a foothold. But that's just going to send the message. Back bring more kids smugglers smugglers are making over two billion dollars a year in human trafficking roaring to billionaire as much as you feel bad for the kids and you want to provide a home for the wrong. Their parents have the responsibility to keep their kids in the house. And stay where they are. That's their responsibility. it's not there. It's our responsibility to take on their problems when we have no place to put them. That's that's just wrong. We're starting to find out more detail who the fraudsters wore that stole all that money from the california unemployment. This is the employment development department fraud. A man by the name of edward kim. This story was arrested in september in las vegas. They nabbed him at a hotel. You must have gotten a tip. They found him with meth and thirty two debit cards. Thirty two of them and he said oh. I help people file. Unemployment claims in exchange for ten percent kickback. That's all i do. Well twenty three of those cards were the name of prison. Inmates apopka as loon there. That is gavin newsom system there. If fact this kim ended up granting over three million dollars he and his conspiritors withdrew at least one point nine million in illegal. Add payments from the atm machines. He went out and bought himself. Eighty two thousand dollars truck. Because that's what you have to do money laundering as soon as you get that cash go spend it because otherwise they'll just take it back from you. I mean they could take possession of the goods but you make it easier. If you just start spending but now you leave a paper trail of the things you bought. I wonder if the smart thing to do for Hide to cash. Well yes actually take the cash out of the atm see clear out the accounts but then it really just hold onto the cash in some way. Don't dig a hole in the desert hall and just sit on it for a long time. That's right until the said they can't find the cash able to prove that you stole if you suddenly start buying a lot very quickly. That's exactly the kind of like you on the video withdrawing that money what do you have to say it. Just i not be. And that's where you put a stocking over your head and say it's for covid purposes. He apparently did a good fief. If i had the nerve e. d. applications for the inmates claims were filed by kim indicating that these claimants had an annual income of seventy two thousand. And we're unemployed due to the pandemic now this reported income on the fraudulent applications caused. Ed to pay the maximum amount. I guess he knew what the magic number was. Yes it's it's easy to figure it out. I mean and take him and multiply him by thousands thousands of guys what they did and and again gavin newsom. All you had to do early on is allow the e d d to do a cross match with the names of prisoners and this would have been other state office and gavin newsom. He actually wrote a decree saying no that would be a violation of the prisoners. Privacy rights even the death row inmates so they didn't do an easy computer match on the names and this guy walked away with millions of dollars and that was newsome's policy that he signed his words that was his deal. You know kim went further. He did something else too. He also allegedly filed two hundred and ninety seven fraudulent tax returns using stolen ideas to obtain twenty two thousand covid. Nineteen stimulus payments. West guy really went to work during the pandemic he was like. This is my time. this is my there. Daddy had met. That may have trip them up. And there's a soul and government that cares because all the government wants. Is this money to go out into the system to pump up the economy. They don't care how it gets into the system. This guy buying an eighty two thousand dollar cars. The same as you and i buy one but they don't. They decided to relax eligibility requirements. And yet they could never get through and get their claims legitimately unemployed last week story. There was a because they don't care yet. They still have a nineteen eighty system but if they open the floodgates and don't care how come the people that actually deserve the money. A lot of them didn't get it. I guess because they've got overwhelmed. That was the other part of this. Yeah right yeah. I mean this quick in because i actually think these guys are smarter and a lot of these guys probably got blocked out too. But they're not gonna go call and complaint right. You're going to just try to find another avenue. It's like all right. Let's go steal the cova money. So there's a million people who still are waiting on their unemployment benefits a million and get that is new california. A million legitimate citizens can't get unemployment benefits and look at these characters. Recall recall recall. We'll have more on that later. A couple of interesting stories when we return though we told you. We're going to talk to a man by the name of travis call for marriage count from orange county. He and his wife to take in foster children. They also run a nonprofit fighting human trafficking. There one of those people that got a call from social services. Ask you if they could take in a lot of migrant children. We'll talk about john and ken. Show debra mark has news. kfi am six forty.

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