Ecuador reintroduces fuel subsidies


An advanced therapies more at making cancer history dot Com and by Lenovo. You don't need a computer you need an all day all hours machine this marketplace podcast is brought to you by MD Anderson Cancer Center home to one of the nation's largest cancer clinical trial programs of its kind providing hope to patients new approaches in detection is publicity over the abandoned IPO because other people might not want to lend or invest in we work at the moment after it went from being this supposed government to reinstate fuel subsidies live from London this is the marketplace morning report from the BBC World Service. I'm Victoria Creek Good morning two weeks ago Ecuador's president the British pound is down about half a percent today after weekend brexit talks saw no major breakthrough Queen Elizabeth will take center stage in parliament later this morning as she gives a traditional queen's speech it sets the legislative agenda for the new session her remarks written by the government will also detail some plans for post brexit Britain after pulling plans for forty seven billion dollars company to about ten or twelve billion dollar company and don't forget one of the founders of we work at annoy man he was basically pushed aside he originally Matai Isabel reporting from Ecuador there let's do the numbers China Shanghai Composite Index rose more than one percent today after the US and China last week agreed limited trade deals Liens of dollars to yes so let's talk about a lot of investors smaller investors perhaps a couple dozen of them putting in small amounts as well I mean it's a sign that we work isn't totally at the Capitol Kito to a standstill violence even forced the government to relocate its offices to a port city four hundred miles away the BBC's Matai Isabel is in Ecuador stock market debut last month office sharing startup we work is trying to avoid a cash crunch and its biggest investor Softbank is reported to be trying to take control of the company the slash work stations powered by Intel twelve days of mass demonstrations force Ecuador's go control of we work he controlled most of the HSIEH's now Softbank isn't the only one interested in giving we work a hand J. P. Morgan Chase is also said to have been tapped help raise at the moment so it doesn't feel like it's been burned by the bad publicity surrounding the scuppered IPO earlier this year well perhaps the exact opposite is taking advantage of the wrapped fuel subsidies as part of an International Monetary Fund loan program aimed at shoring up the struggling economy but as gas prices soared protests by indigenous people this is Andrew what explains why Softbank owns about a third of we were ready it can push it over fifty percent it gets control I think Softbank thinks that perhaps we were has a good business idea it sustainable in the long run and this might be actually quite a cheap way to get control of a RAV promising company which is hitting difficult it and hasn't been totally destroyed by the publicity and is going to be some competition of Softbank I suppose the BBC's Andrew would in Hong Kong thank you thanks rectors of we works parent company are said to meet as early as today to decide on one of those financing packages though India this month scrapped plans to impose a ban on single use if the capital city and go back to the areas I'm pretty sure the IMF will have a close is in the new decree remember now Ashtec's the country is still working toward environmental targets the country's finance minister outlined tax incentives for electric vehicle purchases but as the BBC. Zoe Thomas report the negotiations are not over people need to go back to normal especially people in the capital city they are really fed up with broken next door there is a far slower pace in here. Workers are finishing the newest addition to Hyundai's India lineup the Kona Electric by it's there are still major challenges ahead this Hyundai factory in southern India produces a petrol burning car every thirty three seconds but in the plant hand slower demand for electric vehicles means the company only needs to build a few each day what kind of a niece segment market we always the third of all passenger vehicle sales by twenty thirty but today less than one percent of Indian customers choosing to buy them who's this line that's s Ganesh Manni director of manufacturing at Hyundai Motors India he says cost is still a major hurdle electric vehicle per se he explains what fueled the government's reversal if scared of the broadest deliver of violence that force the government to declare the state of Michigan theon bitten a few force the government as well the conversation today between the President and initiative leader was taking place in Kitale they were just one hundred and fifty public charging points across India until that changes and costs drop India's ambitious electric dreams will remain Victoria Craig with the marketplace morning report from the BBC World Service this marketplace podcast is supported by Alpha traitor five years ago Fara Helena's husband talked her into buying an electric car I thought he was crazy fell in love with their Mahindra e two Oh but far as teeny tiny plastic bricks would actually make it back in the box once they'd been dumped out and played with anyone who's ever stepped on a rogue Lego we'll probably know that pain in London it's been Rafa says they ran into a common problem a lack of charging points the biggest fear and our mind was raining eighty what happens if you're not charged as demand grows carmakers expect that cost will drop in the meantime India's chief finance minister new umbrella through announced tax breaks to make electric vehicle maiden war-scarred comes from the battery and that battery costs close to fifty percents of the Casa Minimum Motor is actually latest technology initial cost always be higher it's more affordable government has already moved to lower the GST rate on electric breakers from twelve to five percent wants them to make it Tuesday October fifteenth seeking Alpha Launch Alpha traitor a weekly investor focused podcast will dive into the most impactful market news and set the stage for upcoming market events recommissioned agreement she will move the administration back to the capital city and indigenous groups. Eh compromise too in London. The company's Vice President of Sustainability said he was quote totally open to the concept of product rentals but he said there are technical barriers like for example whether all those and it's GonNa run only a hundred kilometers per charge a nominal patrol car office similar size would go for eight hundred kilometers on a full time hosted by Aaron task and Stephen Alpher episodes will be available every Tuesday and will include discussions with market experts on topics relevant to active traders who are seeking Alpha be sure to subscribe often the distance in China. I'm the BBC Zoe Thomas for marketplace finally you can rent homes cars clothing office space. Why Not Legos at a press you need a Lenovo workstation named most reliable by Technology Business Research Inc to learn more about Lenovo workstations visit Solutions Dot Lenovo Dot Com.

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