Lovecraft Country | Episode 2 Recap: Whiteys on the Moon


lovecraft countries season one episode to is over but we're just getting started here on show recaps. It's the lovecraft country podcast on post show recap. So everybody I'm not Mike Bloom Mike is on the bloom it's Josh Wiggle talk and white is on the moon here episode two of Season One. Thank you Mike Bloom fulfilling in greatly appreciated by bloom on off his efforts on my behalf last week. But I am thrilled to be back in the lovecraft groove with my friends Kevin my Hideo Latonya starks. I missed you both so much. I was. Last week I watched dream warrior I, was ready to talk dream. Warrior. Were Great, movie. I KINDA Crazy. So, Great So, much the super strength and Wild wild ride. Sir. I love the scene where Joe is tied to the bed with tongues. Here, I as Joey that's. When he finds his voice, right so Yeah. Oh. Yeah great his superpower. I love that I love so much. It's it's arguably the best in this series I think next to new. Nightmare. Wife was doing, but she wasn't here and then she came home and she's like so what did you do tonight as well I watched Freddy Krueger Dream Warrior and I explained to her what happened she's like I have no idea what you're talking about and this is what you're talking about on the podcast every week it's like well, it's not a dream where your podcast. Yes. Yes. We'll tell you Kevin and I are conspiring to turn this into a Har- podcast ones lovecraft is over. That would be fantastic I think. There's some new horror stuff that's coming out pretty soon. But I'm very much looking forward to lots of like old school stuff that. Weirdos can school me on. Oh. Yeah, oh. Yeah. That'd be fun. We'll. We'll. We'll get you all the Halloween's. All the children's and the corns is, which is the Halloween with witches is at three seasons of the witch Eh. You know one. Just getting good. Defenders which wasn't the original that every Halloween was going to be a different thing though initially and then Michael Myers was so popular got we got to do it again and so may not back on track for the third one and they're like all right. Well, let's do a different Halloween thing and no one liked it. Where's Michael Myers? Basically right. Like the first one was its own thing and then when they made the sequel, if you do a sequel to a movie and an inch that same bad guy, you can't end the third one decide. Okay. Now we're going to change course doing them polity thousand like no, no no you said a precedent but doing two movies with that one dude. I'm just getting US really severely off track here because very upsetting things happened in the second week of lovecraft country I haven't even gotten a chance to talk to either of you about actually like anything specifically lovecraft country yet because I hadn't seen anything while we talked before. I'm really. I'm really into the show and I'm really really sad after the final scene of episode two this week and I guess this podcast comes days after the episode's Premiere on HBO. So we're just GONNA give the blanket spoiler warning but you should have watched it by now and especially if you've made it for or so minutes into the podcast and you've survived all this stuff about dream warrior in Halloween. That should be plenty of buffer. George. No No Survived, would George has not which you know we sort of. Talked about that, we think it's going to happen they kind of set this at the stage that. I'm so behind on not just recording podcasts but also listening to podcasts I didn't get a chance to to hear what your takes were on everything. But what did you guys call this? Did you think that Georgia's going to bite the dust? Yeah. We we thought that it might happen in episode one. And then the conversation that he had with Hypolito and his daughter a combined with you know jokes about him not being able to run. As quickly as everyone else because he's been. In. The kneecaps like multiple times. Yeah we did call this. We thought it might happened episode one. When he made it out of episode one though I I was like, okay we're getting way more corny events. This is great because of course, I thought that this was a show that would take place at this manner. To Laugh Rui hard about. Is that does that seem like that's going to be what's happening? Right, like how old is this show? How much confidence do they have? It definitely took a swing on this one. You Know Josh you missed last week but I think for me I really loved the pilot episode. There is so much in there I really really enjoyed. I love the pacing, I love a lot of the horror elements itself. We talked a little while Vampires, which I love empires. We know him you. Their skin sparkles. That's your favorite. I'm a I'm a Monceau look sparklys. But. I will say this. This is so weird. It's not even that I didn't I. You know I didn't dislike this episode, but it's definitely not what I expected and I. Didn't like it as much as a highlight and I have specific reasons why we can get into as we delve into deeper into the episode, but certainly was not expected to end the way it did where like Latonya said, we thought this entire season was to be like, okay. They're going to be in love country they're going to be in this manner and like Nah that's that's episode to the matters gone. Tony. Here, hearing gone I. got. Him. Again. Gerald Grant Samuel Braithwaite. He's gone. But. You know. Getting into a little bit of the lower of the show which we talked a little bit about. In the first. Episode podcast I'm wondering you know. Are. These deaths permanent did did letty escape much like we find out Hannah? The answer who was a runaway and pregnant did with the book of Names Right? We don't know the answer to those questions, but it seems like. Everything has completely and totally reset again when the world was just getting built. So, for me, it was this very. kind of like visual whiplash. I thought the show ended four or five different times and then. I thought that the confidence they had with being like, okay, we're GONNA. Have this haunted house story. We're going to bring in these characters and there goes the neighborhood literally like these people come in they start giving orders takeover and then eventually like bring the whole thing down within the course of sixty minutes. What's happening in the whole thing comes down in the course of like on minute at the end like the. Expose. It's super weird because it was I mean it. It is a lot right like intraday basically introduced. So many things in here they introduced called they introduced like a weird Amish village they introduce magic like right out the gate. They have a lot of things they introduced in this episode and wrap up completely by the end of this episode almost and I think it's very odd. I, think for me this episode felt. And this is where Josh is GonNa get ready to rage out. I suppose but. You know I know that TV doesn't work this way I know that it's not like each producer writers in a tackle in episode in their style but we're the first episode had a lot of touches of Jordan Peele in terms of like the you know stuff in Simmons Ville and like the the metaphor of the vampires as as a sundown town. This episode felt as if it was a j.j Abrams episode in that, there were so many things that felt close to his style and what I mean specifically to just the idea of like, oh, it's the Amnesia that people don't remember what happened within that out really quickly the idea of talking around stuff the dialogue specifically felt so abrahams asked where no one. Talks about the thing to create industry mystery but they talk around everything in order to fake a mystery to to keep you wondering what they're talking about the mystery Moser approach the mystery box, which to me is a writer I. I hate that that's not how people talk in the I know it's fiction, but like talking around something falsifying ideas in a way. And then again, all that gets wrapped up. It felt like an entire season of j.j Abrams show in one episode. And Again I. Know That's not how TV works. To meet that was what hung me up a lot on this episode is that it just didn't feel like the first one which I suppose if we talked about this. Style maybe that's on super purposing right I think that that might be the thing that that might be where we're we're getting tripped up is like yet the expectation like here we are. It's like, okay haunted house show or like secret colts show but like definitely spooky manner show like whatever kind of show it's going to be manner show we're looking we're looking for ticks father like that's GonNa take a while turns out like this. This episode is. Kind of the same way the first episode, these episodes feel. I don't know they almost feel more like complete movies to a certain degree. You know what I mean like I think like like there there there's this idea of of the first one was the vampire movie. This one was like the cult movie are we going to be done with the order of the ancient dawn stuff now whereas going to carry over and if that carries over, does it like leak through different genres we going to keep burning through setting and characters and stuff? So I, end, thought that you'd sugar with the J.J Abrams up and no I totally feel you on that I mean you and I have talked on the everything is super podcast. About the. Whole thing with Benedict cumberbatch being John Harrison Aka con, why don't you just l.? Let's see. Why it was it was a ridiculously like weirdly kept secret. A. Secret. Why are you doing that? So? Like I Love I. Love J.j Abrams, stuff you know obviously super huge loss guy even assign that to other people more than him. Felicity I. Love Alias I loved you know I'm a big fan of a lot of stuff within j.j Abrams is. The bad touch on a few other things whether it's star trek or stronger there another star. That's the only one right and we don't want to kick this sort its. We don't want. We don't want to kick this type of scum and villainy, but does it does it do anything for you because I hear that concern? About like the talking around stuff but does do anything for you that like comes like a plot mechanism that. Some sort of like Magical Amnesia is in play on the show where it's not just for this episode. But who knows what that might? How that might bear fruit and future episodes I mean sort of it's hard I think that's the is hard to gauge. Now, right? Like we don't know how involved a lot of that stuff is going to be moving forward to an extent. The thing is this is this is getting a little in the weeds of my own personal writing style versus like you know other writing styles. But like you could do the stuff, you could do a lot of what they did is just the way in which has delivered talked about. I think could have been different like you could. You could create tension. I have them not not not saying like Your Dad's kept in that dungeon but have a little bit more than just like well, your father's whereabouts is in Boston and maybe I do no more. But if I do no more, I'm not going to tell you that I know more and you know I know that you know. But let's see where this goes. It's very abrahams ask where I'm just like that's not. WHO's on first? Right and kind of that's a little bit how this stuff is rain sometimes. The exit. But like you know. That part of it I think is where I get hung up I. Get I get a little bit lost in the weeds on on on that type of dialoguing. I don't think everyone needs to talk that they do in real life when fits and starts on, you know verbal tics I do like a lot of that but I think that that way of writing is so purposefully TV asked that sometimes pulls me out but don't get me wrong. There's a lot in this episode I thought was really right like I mean opening with the Jeffersons had me dying? I mean and and part of me for that. I thought it was really interesting like obviously they reveal the part but like maybe you can speak to this too. There was something that hit me about. George and letty being like just not even questioning the situation they find themselves in money finally like it's just like they have money and then you have. A tick. WHO's more just like Why do we have this? What's going on and I do feel like there's something real there as like a coming from not having money to having money sometimes, you're just like you know what not GonNa question it just going to be excited about all this stuff I have and I do think there is a dichotomy there about people who aren't normally in society whether they questioned they should be there and why they deserve it versus the other which is just like Nah. I'm just GONNA I'm not GonNa live this gift horse in the mouth you know. Yeah I mean a couple things. The first thing that I will talk about briefly is just the. Speaking in riddles part. and. The thing that I will say effective about that is just that you know. I experienced that kind of thing. Where and you know it's the type of. Over versus covert racism that we've had discussions about in the past there are a lot of instances where you know in this case, they're using literal dog whistles. But. In the world you know they use this type of rhetoric like. You know that really unnerving character played by Jamie. Newman who? Goes on about black bears being bad and like they're smart but not smart enough. They're clever enough to cause some mischief persistent always sticking their noses where they belong. You know that's a riddle and speak would it's really just about black people like it's expressing their ideas about that. So from that perspective I understand kind of the You know the use of the. Double coated language as a mechanism. But I do agree that it's just so jarring the where we left off at the end of episode one to then see George and Lennie just like super excited. About. You know the what they found themselves surrounded and all the prosperity in like well that they're surrounded by. You know. Moving on up playing here is one of the first two musical moments of the show that just like last week's episode with the Jackie Robinson Story Narration, and then the ballroom quotes kind of lay out the key themes for the episode which have to do with the intersection of capital and racism So yeah, there are GonNa be opportunities where you end up someplace and it's just like I'm GonNa take myself a proper bryce Isaiah like. White our and then I am going to dress up all of these beautiful like couture clothes and tomorrow and I'M GONNA do it to move on up right like that's an iconic song and I get why it's there but it is incredibly jarring to go from last week where we saw them all go through this perilous time to arrive at this manner to then coming into moving on up and then the only person who seems to have not been Glamour D- by this house is chick. Right. I. I was I was really left with the question at first of was this just a tonal thing or was this a plot device and it took me a minute before I realized that this was story. That is the one who recalls every piece of what happened the night previous. and. What I what I liked about that is I think that it it it it especially as we are. Clearly. Moving into a territory where who we thought were sort of like. The trio, right like the trinity of this show it's broken already as of episode two. This is not the three. It laid some level of import on on tech that I thought was that was really really compelling to me. And I'm just really interested by that character in his reactions to everything. So the worked for me on that level in debt like it kind of felt like a really great way of redirecting the spotlight onto him as a character for me. which may be just structurally. Is, part of the reason why I'm so taken off guard by the fact that we lost Courtney Vance this early on. Like we we got ned stark like in episode to. HBO LOVES TO DO This. Vote like. Even Hbo. Standards. I feel like. The earliest example of this is just spoiling an HBO show for me would would have been like I think it's episode three in Deadwood, were they were they. In history has its way here while bill gets job but like you're not expecting it to happen that early on debt would. An episode to to lose somebody who is one of the marquee names was very surprising to me and I think. Not. The least of which was because I felt like there, there wasn't as much focus on him in this episode as as would typically lend itself to like a big character death like that, which is why to your earlier point with Tanya. I'm wondering is this does this necessarily mean it's the end of the road for that character I. Think you see with with letty that she dies and then she comes back to life. So resurrection is a million percent thing in this world. So have we seen the last of of uncle? George. Well I. Think there there's still time for later on in the series where. His daughter is going to use her third eye to journey back in time you see you hooking up. With Nora and then revealing that tick is actually. Helpless J. Situations. But as much as I joke about that like I do think with that reveal. Hint it. You know it definitely in maybe even flashback terms I think his presence slogan to be around. You know not even a hint almost outright confirming that there is a high chance that George isn't tactics. Father is is really interesting but at the same time, I think almost lent itself to. Say the need for that character dying because the story is now becoming like the idea of what is a father into a son and stuff like that, and you also have a situation where? You know. I don't WanNa say again, the Telegraph a lot of it could have subverted it but it's odd that they info dumped much as they did the fact that they info don't as much as they did almost heightened my chance firms like even more than the first episode I, was just like oh man he he's GonNa die. except. Over, yeah, it's. It's crazy to do that that early especially with introducing that plot point but it's it almost felt like I was just like okay I I, see that this is coming as usual. You'd expect a little bit later in the season like I said they did so much of this this episode so quickly. They Definitely Telegraph it. I mean the from accepting seeing Dora you know isn't a real thing during the whole like spell? Yes. Sure. Through that rousing speech that he gives to take an letty after they come out of the spell afford the dinner. where. He says, you know repeats the Euro Letitia. Lewis you're not afraid of anything you know stick together or not be afraid to you know when he remembers that his brother's favorite book is the Count of Monte Cristo, and that Sally discovers how mantras was able to escape the dungeon. I mean I think that we lose as an audience so much with not having Courtney Vance on the show because he's just amazing actor and just like a great presence in again Angela Bassett's husband but. I mean like think of what tick loses her Uncle George now is one of those ancestors that has passed and he takes with him a lot of the knowledge that he has about. Their family that it's unclear whether or not MONTROSS has that knowledge. But I will say like. You know when Jonathan Majors cries apparently I cry. And I've learned that if there's going to if HBO Plays Leon Bridges Song. Play River on Hbo Than It means, either you're about to get a very intense sex scene or someone's going to die and so I figured that you know that wasn't going to be an intense sex scene. Yeah. What he told about it was just a look it was it was devastating even after having seen her being brought back to life. It was still just because of Michael K Williams acting holding is brother and his arms and then you know. Jonathan Majors breaking down. Is A lot. Is that I'm I'm sad to obsessive character. I am very sad to lose the actor from from the world of this show. If we have indeed lost about those people I, think that that is certainly where we're being guided toward but I do think in a show where we watched someone resurrections episode I'm skeptical. Skeptical. Mo is always got my radar for. Back who do we got? which is crazy that they also introduced element. So quickly like here is magic here is a call to culture culture culture. Weird. Of course, they're weird this episode is also. Are Weird Yeah. But this this is a good segue into like the horror. What is the horror elements of this episode, which is decided around colts and do they match together a little bit too much of different horror genres like the cult aspect literally. But then the also the weird village and I don't think they melted them well enough in a way that I think worked in my opinion but culture straits realize you had these situations where culture very much made to prey on. Weird strange. To, prey on prey on people especially vulnerable people in to an extent. We do see that here not as much as I wish that a delve into. But usually in real life. You know as an outsider like not real when Europe presented as like a person that has a human where you're just like this is crazy talk but then it happens like it always makes me like how do you not change your entire worldview moving forward in a way that so Fundamentally almost mind breaking right like it's like I don't want to you know pull too many strings here, but it is like X. files where for the longest time it's just like Dana you know that these things exist now. I know you WanNa believe the scientific explanation, but you have seen so many things you've got to start believing it's almost insane that you're not like an eventually she does want Muller's gone. They knew was able to do that air that you were Fox molter. Yes. I just wanted to get rooted in your perspective on that one. Have you have? You heard how I am the Brown David? I. I didn't California. Anyway. But yeah, it is. It is a real weird thing. But you know this happens in shows all the time and I'm sure they're going to address a lot of that and how it affects the characters but I always find it. So amusing and stuff and you always, and maybe I don't know I'm getting in the weeds of like horror here but it becomes a question of like. In this genre of horror. What works in a call tour because a lot of. Things that work is that you don't get all the answers and it's weird that I said I don't like a style bizarrely like. Abrahams aside more of like not providing all the answers and I think that works better in a situation where you don't know what they're deal is it real is it not is it more mysterious? What is faith meaning to these people? How does that affect them in in this world and I think that makes them worse scarier thing this we sort of get all of those answers by the end of this we know that it's kind of real. We know that like Why they're doing what they're doing their motivations, how it affects things. So it's really odd in that regard is a piece of cult horror lasagna. Sure. You're very familiar with movies as well, which we can delve into our favorites a little bit later but. Yeah I I. Am very interested in colts. Just generally, I don't really know why but it's probably that true crime fascination that I have. That just makes me. You know I watch a lot of. These about colts now, and then I started watching the new one that's following the show about nexium. So I mean they're really on brand. For the second episode for me I thought of it is kind of like you're right there so many. Genres in this episode, because it's the cosmic horror with the gothic horror and it's a cult, but also a haunted house because of the spells. So you're mixing of genres. And we were missing I think was kind of breakneck pace of this episode is. More character development because there's kind of the the dump of exposition but that's different from character development I think the most that we get. In. That respect is in a few instances. One was kind of the introduction of Christina. To with Letty when she tells the story about the last time, she said the twenty third song. And three, you know when we are about to get a reveal from tick about what he went through in Korea but you know there there are so many this episode has I mean, I, feel like Stefan this episode has. that. Colts. Has. Puff. Calf country has. Series. reveal. Fatherhood I mean it has it has everything you're death. Thrown in there, there's there's a literal sink in that. We see. So. Yeah. That's why I said earlier that my thoughts about this episode are a little more disjointed than they usually are they're really just vibes. Because it was more of a visceral reaction to every twist that we were being taken on and many of them. Incredibly traumatic. I'm a little bit stuck on now imagining bill hater being cast as like that like bleach blonde. Butler guy. HOW AMAZING THAT That I'm so into that idea. An every. which is weird because just take them on the door. They introduced at that character William. And you know. And Christina Christina Right. Yes. And everyone. was like Oh man is this gonna be like a bioshock infinite situation there apparently not related at all they may both be dead. So we get nothing following that. So it's so weird again to introduce these things and then just be like Ed and they're gone for now. But I don't know I mean again that that could be the style and tone of the show just shifting. Episode and I think for me you did get some of it. Right? You like the character development I agree was not fully there but also the like. The type of death of racial conversation wasn't there as the first episode which. I I'M NOT GONNA get it every episode. This isn't GonNa like blackish or black af two of my favorite shows that really address a lot of race of every episode very heavily. And I was hoping he got a little bit of that here but there were stuff right? Like I liked to things that immediately come to mind is just we're he essar shipping and they were just like code for slaves or just like a plus and the other one her she was just like not as all white folks out to get you and I was just like, yes, you are. Like things like that I I really enjoyed. And there was for me and you know not to. Kick this other high of of of Nessun whatever but there was something really fascinating about Samuel in his portrayal like they came in thinking that they were in control of this cult and basically like give orders like well, you have to listen to us. As the leader essentially he had this mentality of just like I'm zealot only to the point of which it influences my own authority, which feels very accurate to less just say a certain group of people in this country and their own hardcore beliefs. It feels like there are people who really really believe and the people at the top of that believe chain are really just using that to their advantage to control and they are not gonNA follow suit to their own for perpetuated belief system. We saw something very interesting along those lines happened today that broke across the news for one of those people. So I found. The wizard community, right? Yes, it was a community, of course. Magazine yes. Magazine you were numbered that people at the top. There's no way. that. Experience. But yeah. So those parts of the show I did like I heard that the episode did like but I don't know I just felt like it didn't have as much of that type of stuff that I was hoping for in this one which was I guess part of the did disappoint may I suppose the tiny? Do you have any reports from the from the Tony Goldwyn beat? To pull back because I love the actor he plays a scoundrel. So well, I feel like like. So Richard Newby who covers the show for us at the Hollywood reporter has an interview up with him today. We're recording this on a Tuesday night and it's a really really great interview and like just the contrast between what he seems like as a person how thoughtful he is as a creator versus like the characters he typically plays it's just fascinating to me that while I'm. Simultaneously, like devastated to lose Courtney Vance George in this episode I'm a little bummed out that we only got Tony Goldwyn seemingly for the one because he's turned to stone crushed underfoot by the end of it I thought that he was being set up to be a really aft- up Bad Guy Arnaud any any thoughts you because I know that you're you're you're the fits the fits. Joe Yeah Yeah I mean so. I will say that Samuel knows how to make an entrance. It is a screaming essentially vivisection that he. Is Getting done to him. He's having surgery to remove an Oregon. that. He will later serve to everyone at dinner. Donate that. Which is why you don't eat it everyone's. So. Yeah. I mean I think that a couple of things the first that I'm not surprised at you at using names like you know Tony Goldwyn or according to advance. Any, promotion, it's smart actually for show to do that to you know get some real hype for. Being on the iron room that was the point is it seen being exactly? In so. You know that move is one that now as a tail is old the time for Hbo I'm not about that, we probably got. because it seems like maybe what this show is trying to do is to transition a little bit toward the people who are supposed to represent the future and and what they should be learning from the people that came before them the connection to one's ancestors, and the way the show plays with memory. And things like that. So maybe. Tony Goldwyn was more of a means to an end to one establish the more mystical magical. Parts of the society which they do say they their houses of it like not necessarily this chap but different chapters all over the country so they could be back. Just from a different place, it's the show is going to have like that kind of an arc like you would. You would imagine it. We're not done with the order of the debt. And more and then to. To set up. Christina. Braith white as being you know. The person to pick up the legacy even though she's a woman that's her main lament that she can recite chapter and verse of the Bible Genesis Nineteen is what they are referencing in this particular scene. When they're introducing the character of Samuel. and. She knows all the foundational texts and everything that the order was built upon. She's obviously been listening to her father talk about this stuff her whole life. But yet the rule say she cannot join because she is a woman so. You know. It's possible that it really just to set up Christina as the bad and giving her motivation in getting rid of the characters of Samuel and William, to whom. Obviously was her father and she's got daddy issues which seems pretty clear and the other she described as both a boy and a friend at times. So who knows what that relationship really was about? So yeah, maybe it's just to get her. Out there going. Yeah I. Mean if we're ramping up a abby Leah's Christina is more prominent. Fixture of the show I'm I'm pretty here for that. She's she's she's also terrifying. Elected, there's something really scary about how sometimes you presents like I'm your friend out here, and then she liked nothing comes that cost like yeah. Okay. I'll take away your Amnesia bell replace it with something horrible like she she if she's like now empowered in the wake of this, like that could be very very very messed up for. Ya and you know her presence in this episode. I think said upset her really interestingly. You know needless to say I'm very into the direction that she could be going in I. Am all about evil wicked women, which is a psychological problem I have can you do? We got. But like there's a lot of Maybe episode was meant to be this like more of a setup. This was two sons of Adam Chapter. There could be a lot more that we see from the order the ancient. Don. So. It has potential right? Like we're. We're we're so I feel like Houston especially doing everything a super doing something with hindsight already filled in that I know what has come like what is to becoming what has happened already that that like predicting or knowing is meaningless now because I just just know but now I'm like actually watching the show again week to week I can't binge it and I'm just kind of like Oh man I actually think about where things could be. Just having no, it's just so weird. So. Yeah. That's that's an interesting change of pace remain here. Any anything about the about the dreams and? Specific Dream sequences, the nightmare sequences that that hopped out to tither view because those are those are pretty powerful I think in terms of like. Some story momentum not just sort of like the surreal and nightmarish quality that like. The serpent stuff like things like really take a turn. Take a turn. But also like obviously, there's a lot going on with chicken what happened him during the war and like we're seeing You know Jamie Chung has been used on the show now I think just the twice I think at this point and both times I think very, very odd ways. She's sort of like she is like she's like the Martian from John Carter in the first sequence of the first episode, and now she's once again just like like fighting to the death I really curious. Do you think? As we're talking about how like this is a show that's playing with a lot of different horror conventions tiny. Can you imagine like the war episode like is that something that we're setting up here? We're like we're going to go all in on ticks experience in Korea. I would imagine. That we might get that kind of flashback I mean HBO loves. Its War. Like retailing's of you know there's like the Pacific Band brothers just. Tons of programming that they have They do it. I mean. Even Perry Mason. Recent Limited series or maybe series that wrapped up with on HBO THEY DID A. Of Perry Mason in the war and it was only like maybe five to ten minutes long. But was there to give people enough back story and so I think that we kind of have to go there in order to learn more about tick and what? Component NRA guests coming makes. Off. You. Did it. Yeah I mean we. We have to. A lot of this episode is about memory. You know we have to look back in order to move forward. I mean, that's done very well in kind of like. The way that the spells are done That people. See the kind of like the demons are people from their past or present that are important to them and then. The way that. They're all those times when letty uncle George can't remember things. Just the show is playing with memory and gas lighting essentially. which there was a really good article. That looked at by lex prior over at the ringer who wrote lovecraft country Welcome to the White Mansion and prior rights that the theme of memory in reality where Whitey's on the moon is where Whitey on the moon stores, the group is confronted and studying frequency by individuals committed to disrupting their perceptions of past and present. It is clear that these characters are merely pond in the orders games. What tick letty George and Montross are experiencing is essentially gas lighting perceptions are uniquely vulnerable to the manipulative whims of their dominators. So you know the idea of like you know. Trying to make people feel as if they are insane in order to. Distract from the fact that are terror openly terrorizing them. And how that affects That affects memory and impacts the person with the trauma going forward. We're seeing in this episode. I can't imagine that we won't get a flashback that gives us more detail on you know what tick was about to say. When he was saying something really bad happened in the war we'll find out what that is. I'm pretty sure in a flashback and we'll also find out why that kind of like set in motion this. Idea that it seems that tick is kind of like very much inbetween like walks a thin line between reality and fantasy and what that means for the rest of the show or the Lore of the show. Do we think that that is. Is that does that strike you as like visual device or that's like something that's happening within the context of the story that ticks seems to be on this sort of razor's edge between worlds almost like that first sequence of the whole thing how much of that is just him? You know daydreaming or just like literal dreaming while he's on the bus versus something he's kind of experiencing. A question for me that that I don't know that I have a great answer for, but I'm interested to see what the show is trying to say with all fat. Yeah, it's something I hadn't really considered I guess in terms of that like how much is is imagined his trauman PTSD from the war. How much does that affect affected him in ways that we don't know and haven't seen yet I mean certainly the like if this hour show, the horrors of war is certainly a direction that can be easily taken here. What is interesting also about that scene that I just thought about is we kinda didn't mention that this stuff is happening to them. Right like all his essentially like this pain that they're experiencing whether that be. Violent pain whether that be sexual pain whether that emotional pain and this is all being viewed on broadcast it in a way to the people there to all the white folks and it's almost like you know looking at it like this this idea of black pain as entertainment for other people. I mean here we are watching a show that's doing a very similar thing that's become more and more real and relevant the idea of black paintings theater I mean you know going into modern us we saw it. We're seeing it right now after what happened in because nationals Kenosha Wisconsin. That Entire thing is being addressed as like the video being shared is almost like this like. I don't know is that right? Like it seemed like pain and spreading black pain in a way that I think is not always entertainment but we watch it in a way that I think it's almost similar to the people that are watching it even if it's passive so deal I just thought about that right now as we're discussing that scene but I think that you know. That is interesting in that that is a fascinating part of it that I hadn't considered previously. TAP. Dance show this is. Just a lot happening in this episode and it. It strikes me that there there is a lot of of the matic material that's being exported this episode in addition to so much story. Like because I I had even. It's been a couple of nights. Now, since I've watched the episode I'd forgotten that like it was being viewed as a spectator sport. Those those. Sequences are happening for the rest of the order to be feasting on. which maybe makes it a little bit more satisfying tick stands up and says like get the fuck out. Really. Good. Moment the dinner scene was really just just a watch that was was pretty nice. That was pretty good. Yeah that that dinner scene. I mean, it comes on the heels of all the. Traumatic experiences that we get with uncle George seeing you know Dora again. At you know and then. He has discovered kind of secret room. which is cool. A cool aspect of the older houses and this type of horror as well. that. has kind of the text of the order an learns you know some things about how they might be able to turn this situation around. And you know we get to see him deliver kind of the speech to take. And then we get to see him go like full Johnny, Cochran At this dinner and stand up like pace around the room. And Talk to the people at the order about the Prince Hall freemasons explaining that he wasn't able to join the other freemasons because much like in the bylaws of the order. Prince Hall was black and so. Go and start his own order which you know sprung up. And then gives us kind of like the loophole of sons of sons can give orders. So you know we get this right after William brings them in the just the men by the way he has to go someplace else in each. Brings them in and sits them down says just because people don't. Think you should be here. Doesn't mean that you don't belong which you know is just the type of comment that makes you realize how much you stand out. I it's not helpful. So. Yeah. I mean it was really cool to Kisii the tables turn I was happy that we didn't have to watch those people eat that whatever that was. What do you? It was I think it was his liver rape her right look like. A meal out of that liver pretty fight I mean. Yeah. It definitely would depending on how much they took out right? As a person, you know I have not and I will not simple human liver but as a person who is eating chicken liver. Delicious highly recommend I. Know That is something. A lot of finding figuring out what you're getting at. Nothing nothing like eat Tony Goldwyn sliver if given the chance. If. It's cooked the right way but scurried yeah Like a garlic sauce possibly. Believe that's. Only with some fava beans. I mean, like I understood that obviously. That's the way you have to go. This is probably this is this is interesting because this is actually a cultural thing like I know for a fact like I've been in situations where I've been out with friends, you know specifically white friends and there's places that will serve like. And I'm super into it and they're always like absolutely not. So I never order it as for when I'm with my also Brown friends in which we have order like a liver before. But like honestly one of my favorite things, my mom, an honest cook this courage delivering gizzard that is one of my favorite foods in existence I. Love It. I'm not saying you know go out an order and everyone, but like legit I think it's interesting also like well, foods are considered normal by culture right? Like that's considered super weird by. Most probably Americans but is totally normal for someone like me and like my background Aside normal for for a lot of. Black families too I mean it. The way that you know. Black people and other marginalized groups. Poor groups of people had to use the entire animal you know. So it's Kinda like a the phrase in high on the Hog. Came out of that. Essentially like if you had the better cuts of the pig, you're richer are, and if you've got like the tripe and the Chitlins and everything else than you know, obviously that's what you could afford So yeah, I, my grandmother eats gizzards all the time show get some like fried livers sprinkled ended there. My sister will have some amounts us it's Trying new. Thanks people for sure. It's also sees season your food. WHY PEOPLE AS? Episodes outlet that was very funny. Yeah. I I am a big fan of Jaki Tori. which is often organ meat from from typically, chickens is like the predominant animal used in in your Katori. And, it's just real good. I just can't much Oregon me because I've got the gout and it's very. Straight foot snow yeah. It's all very. So if you don't have the Gout, give it a shot unless you don't eat much case I hope you're not offended by the segment in which we've. Veered from talking about a bunch of racists eating a human. Liver. Into advocating for eating more Oregon's. Just, I guess the a cultural thing you have these leg rich people who are eating human liver and the rest of us are just like normal chicken livers fine for us. Thank you. Wonder how many livers did. Did Samuel Braithwaite half. They're capable of like you know in like inflicting hallucinations and accessing the garden of Eden and turning into stone bring people back from the dead do it's gotta be able to generate lake eight livers I. Definitely. Thought the reveal was coming at some point that he you know he's not Samuel is the original braith white I thought is where they're going like he has some sort of immortality kicking. Tight `esprit way I think was the name any titus. Yeah. But like obviously if he was or wasn't that sort of changes at the end. But I thought that asked their leading again a lot of stuff that I thought they were setting for a haul that kind of wrapped pretty quick that said. Four ending that was probably my favorite. Aspect of this episode was the spoken Word Poem that they played, which I assume is like a beatnik style poem. Why these on the moon which I had never heard before but. Holy Crap that hit me in such a rate. Wonderful. Amazingly emotional way because it's also Africa's so much of this episode is also Things of what we're talking about is looking at the you know white achievement in the accomplishment of white people while black people suffer and I think that's directly reflected here is that you have these these people you. Know essentially having to suffer so they can accomplish something great and it's so it was just so powerful in obviously like perfect for the time but has been something has just carried through to even now as as ferry especially with American exceptionalism the idea of like look how great things are while ignoring all the true pain, the majority of pain that's happening. Across the board and not focusing on that at all. The. Tiny I saw that you. You'd compiled some stuff on on. He's on the moon. Is there anything that you want to eliminate the listeners on? Yeah, I mean I grew up. Hearing this like hearing my. Aunt or mom like play the record of this. So I grew up with it, but then got reacquainted with it very much last. Season of debate because our topic was about space policy. In the United States and you know we've got the whole space farce as I like to call it a, which is not just a Netflix show. It is also an actual like trump policy. So. Yeah. I'd Gil Scott Heron is the person who? Delivers this. Amazing Spoken, word? Piece. Ease known as the Godfather rap and also the Black Bob Dylan. And Eric Miller who wrote. An article for history dot com about Kennedy inspiration for the poem I mean. Scott Heron. Says you know at the beginning of it I wanNA give credit where credit is due this inspired by some Whitey on the moon and it just is exactly the kind of. Response to the space race, the United States was involved in in the sixties and seventies on trying to get the first people to the moon and the Apollo Eleven launch Scott Herren released the work in nineteen seventy and uses his lived experience as a black person in America to critique US exceptionalism as as Kevin was saying and the pursuit to spend millions upon millions of dollars to put a person on the moon when there are people who are right here in the country who are protesting for civil rights starving. There were protests of Apollo eleven as well as other launches and one instance. According the same history channel article, there are five hundred mostly black people that held a protest led by Ralph abernathy outside of the Kennedy Space, center, and they had props. They brought two meals with them and a wooden wagon to demonstrate the contrast between this beautiful new shiny rocket and what Black America had to deal with on a daily basis. And then. A good quote that I'll kind of like some with this is from the Atlantic article that was published in twenty eleven when Scott Heron passed away. By Alex Magical. Rites Whitey on the Moon change the way I thought about space the space race forever and anchored the flight into the heavens tethering it to the persistence of racial inequality the hunger for the technological sublime crosses racial divides. And boundaries established the ease with which people could use our in that kind of sentence to which America went. To which America went to the glory of the moon landing and to what costs to our nation was there to put. Whitey on the moon. So in the context of the show. This plays obviously over these like chance like this very. Climactic moment. Where take his kind of been forced to? Participate in this ceremony. And we get him in an effort. He's just there to find his father but Samuel on the order you know they have plans of using these people like our heroes. As disposable means to an end just to go back to the garden of Eden right but everything in its right place and become mortal right. So it's a the parallel that they're driving. I'd like to think though it's Samuel in the order had just been spending a lotta time listening to radiohead wanted to put everything in the right place. The same way that the Beatles miss were misinterpreted by the Manson family. But yeah. that poem that spoken Word Poems Amazing and if you all want to hear more about the life of Gil Scott Heron, there is a great documentary on Netflix. It's called the. Don't see the name on there. But I will include the Lincoln the show notes. Okay. Grids just basically about like yeah. The what led him to writing Whitey on the moon yeah. So ladies, he's in the garden of Eden is is kind of what's being expressed here. It's like, Oh, great. You guys get to go to the garden and that's fun. How Nice for you. Feels feels like that's what's going on going on here it's like final rush of the episode is very traumatic because it's coming. Straight out of you know two people getting shot like we watch letty by. which I don't know what your thoughts were in the moment when when that happened. Were you thinking that? Was it for journeys small was that something that was on your radar you feel like there would at least be some sort of give and take with that character. I mean I kind of figured something had to happen. To bring her back just because they had the preview at the end unless shout real weird grow quick which I guess did I'm so I was definitely surprised when I thought she was gonna like bleed slowly and then they would cut to something not that she will look completely dead and then you know I figured uncle George would be the one who would die and that sort of is how that played out. I suppose. But definitely was a moment of just kind of like That's weird for me. Little. Tiny. What was your reaction? Yeah I mean they. They Find Montrose. Who was not happy to see them? And Why But Michael Kenneth Williams again, the men in the show gets to make amazing entrances. because he comes out of the ground like the dead and they're just like Kay Montrose was going. They're trying to escape and they run in the they're having this discussion about the book of names in the Book of the dead it which I was hoping there'd be more discussion about in the episode because I want more of the law in this and then all of a sudden a crash into an invisible barrier, and we're just as disoriented as they are at this point. They get out of the car and they see. Samuel and Christina and Samuel just straight up shoots leading in the. Gut. She dies I did not think that would be the end of this character I figured something would happen. But that doesn't make it any less traumatic to watch Also, because then you know. They they. Try to give. Take this Sophie's choice after he's just like held his friend as she dies like I will either shoot your father or I will shoot your uncle and you get to pick and we see the gun go off and then we kinda cut to black and get you know. The picture of. uncle George like in bed with Montrose over him because George was shot and then letty waking up on the couch and I feel the way that leads character. Feel I think in this moment I want to go into the bathroom and scream into a towel like it's very traumatic everything that she went through in this episode. So. I, what was what's interesting to me is the contrast of pointing out as they do that you and Kevin both mentioned earlier with you know the spells having been cast so that the people in order can like look at this as a entertainment. In making that comment on looking at black pain and trauma is entertainment while at the same time, the episode itself puts especially letty through so much she's like. Sexually, assaulted by. A fake tick like she lets her guard down to and he tells her that she's wanted to hear her entire life, which is that she won't be abandoned. So she's very vulnerable in that moment and then is terrified by liked the. Male member being A. It goes after her and then she gets shot and she dies and comes back to life only to wake up and see the other Georgia's been shot and she has no what's going on tick. It's There's just so much in the implication to write being it feels like her resurrection buys George. The other ticket, right like it. That's that's what it feels like some sort of like energetic thing where she's she's back and he's gone. It's possible that that is what it is. That was my read on it at least is that it feels like that is sort of like the balance that's in play which I like just add that to the plate. You know if that's if that's what's going on if. She's dealt with this episode seriously. And she has to be the one to let her friend know. Once, she sees the real take after. Wild thing that happens during the Whitey on the moon seen where tick. The portal opens to eat in a guest tick sees Hannah is a pregnant ancestor who escaped. I mean there Kevin you're right there aren't as many. Historical aspects of your relating to like black history really in this episode, other than Whitey on the moon, and then you know the everything that is the show of the theme song moving on up There's kind of like the the moment where you know we get the history lesson for most people. Don't know that slavery was definitely a thing that happened in the north and you know this wasn't like a love affair. This was a slave owner who? violated a slave in got them pregnant, which is again unfortunately, a tale is all as time and she escaped and it was powerful to see how much power. from communing with that ancestor, I can't imagine that there won't be some type of situation. If we're talking about possibly bringing back uncle. George. Wherein he gets that same type of power from communing with Uncle George as well and maybe even he gets his mom. In later episodes too. But that's like a really cool part where he's running out of the house. It's like he's following in the very like footsteps that Hannah took and she's the one that's leading him to safety. Comment. In the first episode to write were he even says, the past is a living thing. Mrs Almost quite literally that like. The past is here in this case, a living thing that he is following. Out of the House, which is really interesting. Yeah. I mean this episode like we said it had a lot in it and I do WanNa hit one thing you know before we wrap even though is so we did last week Josh, you weren't a part of this but we We talked about like vampire movies that we love. I would love to throw out some. Cult movies that we luzern like Josh we know that you're you're you're not a horror boy. So I don't know if you've seen a lot is that what you call yourself? Horror boy. Boy. Like. A little boy. Amid, a mid-2000s. Horrible. Or, character, on umbrella academy. Our favorite. I actually I think Colt. Stuff is is really cool. Whether it's like Colt movies or cults as aspects of film or shows. You know whether it's like the guilty remnant in the leftovers. Thank. You could even like HBO has a has a decent tradition of colts whether it's it's this cold. There's a I don't know. I don't know if you qualify as Colton carneval but I feel like there's some element of that on that show the guilty remnant in the leftovers the highest sparrow. On game of thrones the Sopranos family on the Soprano. So Lake, there's just like a lot of different call to play on HBO I in terms of like recent Colt movies that are horror movies can't tie midsummer I feel like yeah. And the level of just like absolute shock and terror and guttural. Glad that emanated from my body. When I watched the the the scene, you know the one if you've seen the movie and I'm not gonNA say anything more in case you haven't seen the movie. Yeah. Kevin is pantomime ing it on the video chat as we're talking, it's that Kevin and then it's the. It's the stuff. that. Is seared into my brain and that was horrible and that movie was. Incredible Both. As a film, it's incredible but also the viewing experience that's almost to me like experience of watching a thing and then the thing itself can be two different things and both were sublime in the case of midsummer. To be like that that way that it made me feel in the act of watching and hearing the movie. In because. So much of it takes place in broad daylight that you can't really get away from what's happening midsummer was crazy and it scared the shit out of me to the degree that I. I'm not ready to to go back and see hereditary I haven't seen it. silly. I know thing and I don't want to watch that happened then I know I know a few things from hereditary and that's not comforting. Me Even knowing like some of the Gore that I'm in for and who have to in how you would think that. That I'm steeled for it still so Even though I have some of the big spoilers pocketed for hereditary I don't. I don't know. I don't want to do that. I would definitely say midsummer is especially as a recent Kobe mood that was really really cool I know there's like some divisiveness by people over it because compared to her the Terry on but I really did enjoy midsummer I thought I thought it was really really well done. I think the visuals are so unique and so interesting having horror movie in broad daylight I I like cult movies, fiance likes them I think more than me so like she really really loved midsummer individuals in there and Wanted. For whatever reason, the movie made her once to go to that area and like find a communist I was like, why am I putting? They're kind of see that with my and. ERECTA yellow frame. I believe it was yellow yellow rave. Wherever we are, and I'm just like no I don't like any of this. She's going to try to get me to a bear suit I'm just anyway. With me and towards the end moves us. Yes. Yes. I mean. It's a it's a very strong feminist movie at also a well-done movie about grief and like. You know how to deal with Greece and how and what other people can do and can't do when when that happens I. Think it was really well done because of that the Oj wicker man is a really really good one We saw vibes of that in this episode where the kids were going around to wicker statue with the red string. Almost straight out of that movie But I think though the one going for that I would recommend people that is the lesser known in a similar way of recommending near Dark Last time is a movie it's on Netflix is called the endless I really really love that movie I recommend the people who made it made another movie beforehand call resolution. I would recommend watching resolution first and then watching the endless you don't have to they are separate films, but it can added a little bit of. An extra element that I think is really cool. But that was a really really well done cult movie that people don't really know about. Tiny crazy colt movies in your catalog yet amon I mean I. I loved both midsummer and hereditary. Ari Astor's like writing and casting are great but you all talked about those. I'm Martha Marcy May Marlene is yeah. It's it's more of a thriller, but it is terrifying. That's about colts. It's an early like Elizabeth. Movie. Her sister is played by Sarah Paulson actually in in this movie. So it's just like, yeah, it's it's really kind of this. Story about a woman WHO's haunted by memories of when she was in a cult and she kind of escapes and it's the chronicles like what it would be like to move back in with family member that you hadn't spoken to for a while 'cause you were in a Colt. But you don't. Tell them about what happened. You know you're trying to deal with that trauma another one that I. Really. Really liked. I mean Rosemary's baby is you know even though? With the director of it all. It's not something that I watch anymore but it was kind of like a seminal like is what cult movie like can look like. One that I think is still on Netflix I. Think is pretty cool. is this movie called the invitation which? is about ostensibly. An Ex. who invite a someone who invites her ex and their new partner to a dinner party? And then things kind of go awry from there. Yeah. I mean like I I also find just a lot of the. Documentaries about actual. Colts going clear. Yet things like that I'm really interested in things like scientology because that's you know the newest biggest Colts that is in pop culture. So yeah, things like going clear. And then there's all of those like kind of like Lemme many series. That are also about scientology. Yeah I really like movies allowed the master you know not really our Riley but certainly, yeah world and a scientology analog and a commentary on on that for sure. The boy meets world episode where Shawn Hunter joins a cult Tussey. You guys all remember that. That's a classic right there. Yeah. At the one where Mister Turner gets into a car or a motorcycle accident at the end spoilers for this twenty year old. Spoiled Turner gets an axe. that. Our Plug. That's like a very recent one is called. One Bedroom. One be are is how it's listed I. Think it's on Netflix now it's also I think maybe on Amazon prime and it is again extensively about a woman moving into an apartment complex. That turns out to be something a lot more. It's very low budget like shot quickly and like gritty. The cool new. Newer one. You mentioned. Sarah Paulson a minute ago, and then it struck a nerve in my brain was like. There has to have been an American horror story about a cult. Cult yeah, yeah seasons six. Has An American horror stories at this point ten ten. Wow that's a lot. That's too many was not the best season because it was just very broad takes about the twenty sixteen election which no one wants to hear with anyone what Colt was about. Dumb. Too soon, a I have a weird not weird connection to to cults, but I mean when people ask my family. Yeah. Guys. Where my family's from they are from Guyana. And usually people's reactions were either a where's that can be hey, isn't that where? The sample simple massacre is I guess Jonestown is Jim Jones's Guyana that's the one so That is why my weird connection there for that is that the Jim Jones who is early as from Indiana which is where my fiance is from. So we shared a Jim Jones connection that is the thing that binds US I guess. I I come from Mike, Really really ritzy part of Long Island and the order of the ancient Don was very reminiscent. A collective of the really wealthy horrible white people from my hometown that were part of an organization that I will not name here for fear of reprisal. But. Has Been the source of much I R- for be in recent years especially given the current state of the Dacian. Very. Affiliate with those other people because they're too poor. Christina said. A great line was. There are a lot of. For, given all the things that happened in this episode, there were some like good moments of levity that was one I like I was just like straight up laughing at moving on up being the opening that we got, and then the scene where they're at the lunch table is just ridiculous. Yeah. When take trying to explain. Everything that happened to you know a a wiped memory wiped letty and George, and let he's like. Like a dog whistle. Shot the sheriff. I it was. So funny. I'm I'm really excited about where we're going now because as how does I am to certainly Lose Courtney From from the show at least for the time being were gaining Michael Kenneth Williams. It seems like a really big way who barely talked about here is wrapping up. And I think that will presumably beginning a much bigger dose of him in the very near future. But I'm so pumped. have him on my television on a weekly basis in the near future I. Mean I, think when you think about? The Best TV characters of all time you can't walk away from that conversation not talking about Omar. And he's That that does not I think even do justice just like the breadth of his career and whether it's boardwalk empire whatever why he's just such a good actor. and. So to see him in this context and in like a weekly horror series for hopefully a while unless like this is just going to show is GonNa rip through its cast. Which Catholic we don't know we don't know, and that is i Kevin to what you were saying that is for me a little bit of the joy of this is getting to know Ya. Getting to know a show like we're in the very early stages of dating the series and figuring out what its quirks are like, what are you into and like what's your baggage and they they? Well, that was fast link. There's there's a lot of stuff that we don't know the rhythms of this thing yet. That's exciting and something that I'm really willing to give a lot of rope on when the pedigree is as high as what's involved here on on lovecraft. So there's a lot to be excited about right now. With show. Did. You guys notice by the way speaking of who gave Williams that when he came out of the ground, he was dressed the same as tick They also wearing that like same color yellow shirt The two were episode one which I thought was really interesting, which is also bizarre lead that type of yellow along jeans is blue cage look. So I thought that was really odd. But I did notice that that. They were wearing almost like a different style like he was wearing a polo and. A antique wasn't, but it was almost the same color shirt and I was just like that's odd. I don't know if that means anything or what but I I did catch that. Means that he escaped from what seagate. To See. This is actually this is actually a prequel to luke cage. Weird. There are some. Speaking of kind of like crossover things, there are some connects a couple connections in this episode that I just wanted to mention really quickly the first being to watchman. Because during that like. Dan St George has with Dora. They're discussing their time that they spend in Tulsa and it seems like it. You know. The Black Wall Street massacre been the impetus for them to leave Tulsa and come to. CHICAGO, which is you know the Black Wall Street massacre is what opens up watchmen. Yep and then we get kind of a callback to underground in the second season of underground. One of the really stand out episodes was one that basically just featured journey small at who was real life pregnant at the time as her character. As a runaway who was in the woods running through the woods pregnant and so when lady says she had to have been in talking about, Hannah had to have been so brave to. Run through these woods at night pregnant escaping. You know that's a little bit of a call back to that. So I thought that those were things were really cool and. Fun Tie. Ins they are no Dan and Dave showing up in Westworld or anything but. Was Cute little known not everyone. I don't even know what that means guys. Maybe. Lucky. Possible I liked because like, Hey, westworld your sense of humor. It's nice. It's rare deficit doesn't really happen but naked wasn't everybody's. Flavor of tea flavor I duNNo. You'll have to explain this offline. We'll talk we'll talk next week. We'll have another episode of lovecraft country to dig into with more Michael K, Williams I, am sure to to talk about some more horror recommendations I'm sure are on weighing haunted house it looks like. Based on the on the preview. Yeah any any early? Haunted House, things, you WanNa you WANNA. PISS leave. Leave the house. That's my that was my that's been my problem with haunted house moves for so long we're just Like. That's the answer out of the. You get out the door. Problems S. Sometimes, they follow them though that's true. Sometimes you get followed but yeah, get out you drive cars as he can you go across the country and then key houses and done with you. You just ask Anna what's going to happen or a nice learn how. So I'm excited to see what that's going to look like next week. All right. Well so we're we're set for that lovecraft at post your recaps dot com send us your. Follow. All of us on the twitter bots, Ahmat Round Howard Kevin. How did they find you? You can find me at Kev Maho Dale on twitter and you can check out my website which needs updating at the madman dot com. The website you gotta be updating. So there's a lot of stuff that happened recently that have made me feel weird about dating website or entertainment content. Fair enough Latonya. Where can people find? You can find me at L. K. Stark's on the twitter's. Okay. So Final Tanya there find Kevin on twitter as well. You'd seek me out I may not say anything that's weird relationship with the online space right now but I'm really thrilled to be back. This is my first podcast over a week that I've done. Thank you Kevin Little Tiny for making me feel very comfortable is very nice. Getting back into love talking to both of you in. This is a really meaty show to to sink her teeth so. I'm looking forward to the weeks ahead now that we're really cooking with gas here on on lovecraft country, we'll be back next week with more lovecraft plenty more happing here. I'm post show recaps this week Mike Blooms got a bonus lost podcast for you to listen to Mike's GonNa Join Kevin and I for Thor Ragnarok on everything is Super Latonya. You'RE GONNA join Kevin and I the week after that on everything is Super Black Panther breaking. News. Breaking News, it's happening doing it. It's going to happen. So we've got a lot of fun stuff happening in this neck of the woods. So if you're enjoying the poster recaps, stick around, we've got a lot going on. We'll be back next week talking lovecraft until then everybody take care. Bye Bye.

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