After The Show 592: Long Shot Blu-ray Review


You're listening to the after the show Oh maybe podcasts from as Skelly dot com confined this podcast on itunes music store Google play you choose voice assistance just say listen to after the show maybe focused and you can also find as an ace corey dot com where we post written reviews kc the way area hosts. Hey scully talk hello. Hello everybody hello. Everybody in the world listens to this. No advertisers Damn Miss Opportunity. Don't we have at least one person from each location in the world. Okay defined location continent okay then there was a down to seven and where we count as one so we got this one covered. I was hoping we at least seven listeners. Are there only seven continents still. I don't even know we got rid of a planet. Have we ever gotten rid of our editor continent. No I should know these things. No we've still got seven. I think okay Alexa a conscience we love to ask questions seven seven correct because she knows everything sometimes Europe Asia remind as Eurasian customers and also has given us all kinds of Alexis. Stop giving us all kinds of different yeah all that sometimes eight sometimes for there's not a definitive answer anyway. So what's your before the after the show discussion. Do we have one much supper. Just do you have any we did. We have anything to add. We talked about this movie and a little bit. That's about it. You're focused on your little project with your lights lights making a cup of tea like pretty. You know this is marriage everyone. You don't always have something stimulating to discuss. It is the way of the world wow we can pretend we had something big important. We didn't and we didn't we just we said nothing to each other and what we might have said stuff but on the either of us was listening so I wouldn't count that as a discussion all right so it is Saturday July the twenty the eighth. This is after the show where a movie review podcast. This is the five hundred ninety second episode. We're going to be looking at the movie longshot this week. Which is a twenty nineteen movie? You can pick it up on BLU ray from this this upcoming Tuesday if I'm not mistaken it's not yet is out this week from our friends at Lionsgate is rated fall but does it say rates enough. Oh why is it right. Tada said this one well so <hes> there's a little bit of something about Mary involved it says sexual content language throughout and some drug use. That's correct accurate. Those are the things that contained within this movie. Maybe it's my friends at Lionsgate sits all give us a synopsis of the movie Longshot Romantic comedy ish with <hes> mismatched pair of Nice and when when you always give us a synopsis I've decided to give you the synopsis of the Box also because whoever writes synopsis for Boxes Is Pretty Close to the people who right the one-star reviews I._M._D._b.. Me Not goes to me now so this <hes> The the box synopsis is from the celebrated team of Seth Rogan Evan Goldberg Creators of outrageous comedy hits including this is the end and a neighbor's comes along shot Seth Rogan stars Fred Foschi partying journalist. WHO's got it bad for shallot field shall Easter on in brackets? Is I crush to Magadan. Is this whole forgetting script. It's first Grosz turned presidential candidates after Charlotte Highest Fred as a speechwriter. He is a fish out of Walter on her elite team plus sparks lie as he turns her on to a wild new world of raging Ching Parties Secret Ron Booze and hilarious rule-breaking jam. That's super boring. Well God yes so <hes> hated that so can I have that minute Jack of my life so movie studios highest Turkish. You're right. You're tiny little opposite. Nobody will understand and not be much better than I. My style is under selling so does he get you get you really undersell the fantastic movies you let me watch the whole movie and I will give you literally possibly less than one sentence on you summit up. If you haven't seen like in your mind you've seen the movie so you know everything about it but just from your synopsis. Sometimes it's hard to gauge okay. It's it's romantic comedy ish and it's a mismatch perreault people that is it it it is and then you wrap all the other stuff around it and that could be plugged into loads of movies. It's the same synopsis all right so we just don't like to admit that we're watching the same stories over and over. Let's review the movie longshots. Let's do it. I've said I was going to have some. I'm going to make some jingles and insert them into our podcast. Yeah thank that idea personally do not find some now I was thinking some real professional style jingles and partying at voice talents of me and you know Jangle no not singing. It's not singing meet a Hamas <unk>. It's not home it well then. It's not featuring miss more of a like I end once for Supper I._M._D._b.. Review now. It's what sounds like it's like nineteen sixties and seventies radio which I'm not a big Fan. Oh Yeah I was thinking of making into an old time radio show and searching noises in the background and while while one by by that kind of thing yeah I'll pass resign over. This won't give up my position as the other person on your gas if you do. There's just no. I'm in protest all right so we'll review this movie long shop without the jingles sit talk. You are not on down on record as not being the biggest seth Rogan Fund in the world correct correct in fights periods of time where you don't like him. It's all correct so going into a movie. You've seen the cover for this movie today and you'll like this is the movie we're going to watch and you saw the Cova how a need and then I realized what we're watching and I was like <hes> on. How did you enjoy the movie not enjoy the movie? I enjoyed it a lot. I say this also begrudgingly. I loved a lot and okay okay. Now I can say we're starting from here. Seth if you're listening <hes> in moving forward with our relations it's a fresh start as they like to say on the British eastenders soap opera that we watch fresh start fresh start where start here. It's a good start we can move forward from here because a really enjoyed it. I really enjoyed him her it. That's all there. Is You enjoy the movie. AIDS did elevate yes yes and this and the story of this the way they did it all the scenes even the ones who are like oh God that's still uncomfortable or that's just like God us a little bit low on you know intellectual thing not that I'm highly intellectual but it's mixed in with other things in a nice balance for me and so I I'm on board now. I'm not on the seth train yet sort of like driving on the gravel road next to it just in case I ever want to jump on interesting country. People will know what I'm talking about so you know this. I have the wrong impression of this movie. I didn't see the trailer far. It's all saw the Cova on what was about. I was thinking it. was you know a Raunchy comedy stone kind of movie. You're preconceived which I off. I mean he had a preconceived notion yeah exactly and I often don't like those type of movies. They don't really appealed to me that much and I had no idea actually the spoilers. I think we already said it in the synopsis. synopsys spoiled the whole maybe anyway the my son did not sport so they might be some spoilers continue at your own risk so I wasn't expecting it to be such a romantic comedy. I had no idea that was the road. This was taken and you know it's it's written. I I did did feel that it's written in the old fashioned way where everything is super obvious was about to happen. You get what I mean like. Everything is almost telegraph before it happens but I didn't an feels Kinda old school Arlington descriptors wrote but it didn't make me think oh this is like awful like this. I think they were trying to go for certain thing and the the parents of Shelley's throng and Seth Rogan I had no oh idea would be so cool. It's really really fun to watch they. You know like I saw these to promote in. This movie didn't see them listen to them a Maoist stern show and I didn't you know I all I've seen of shelley's there are movies. I'm not really seem many interviews with. I didn't realize that she was like into comedy stuff you know but she is like fully on Bush. He was like no. I just wanted to make comedy at Seen Seth wrote. She said I've seen Seth Rogan movies and they're so far away from what I am. I thought it would be interesting to go and work with them. Mike and see what our could fit into it which I think she did totally and it's not when I said I thought it was going to be a stone movie. It is kind of a stone of movie right. It's got I disagree but I mean the Guy Seth Rogan characters Kinda like I mean my knees Estonia Right. He's he walks into the White House. Let's like saying it's a as a movie about politics but it isn't just a love story not did we mention that it's surrounding politics Niane yeah the movie. It wasn't part of my Synopsis Synopsis But it was yours is on the box the movies surrounding the movies in the politics world bolt. It's not about politics and I don't need to understand politics or anything. It's about how the politics of anything and this is literally politics running for president or the politics of life and perception people have of you can dick around with who you are and ultimately who you choose to be in your life so it is about the politics of life we are on. Also the politics have done seen as everyone laughing. Yes everyone but me there is some Dunton in this movie naturally as a dance scene is a club scene so <hes> just you explain to the listeners what the overall eve my snaps a note now the synopsis where the comedy comes from here. Let me like how Oh this movie whereas most of the comedy come from in the jokes no script like where not a base level the jokes. I mean most of the comedy I'll explain is Liza actually explain it when I said to mismatch people so that is where your comedy is GonNa come from clash of worlds so there you go and also the surrounding characters I thought would kind of funny to pretty funny because the two people are so different print that everyone around them has a different perspective on why or why they should or shouldn't be together and how to keep them apart or get them together or whatever so it's all about that how different those two people are so the very different people. There's no way in Hell in real real life they would collide in any way I'm imagining is is a pretty out that way that happens right. I mean they do try and I keep believable but you know I disagree. We can meet anybody anywhere yeah so seth Rogan who's not a politician or anything in this movie just to is a writer for a free newspaper and she is going to be well. What is she originally secretary of State? Yes she's a secretary very straight but she's going to resign from that job to to run to become president. She's only running for president because the jerk president now is not going to run for president again right who happens to be so also it's against the backdrop of that aw man Rogan helps her as what you call. That person isn't tracer. Speechwriter is then they do that. That's a real thing right yeah. Of course I taught let creative enough to make up their own speeches. The person is a crate if type WHO's with them. All the time writes the well we actually not this is anything to gauge politics by but we do watch the T._v.. Show designated survivor act. There is a guy who writes his speeches foreign. Did you actually honestly not know that thing. I didn't know it was like the he's with all the time following around and stuff. I have to be right because no not these days. You're on the Internet right now. You need this. This is like you are. It's almost like the politician is your puppet in if you're not able to completely represent that person than any cracks right there you're they're saying everything you tell them to say so if they go off on a little jaunt and as we've seen this movie and they say one wrong thing that doesn't match up with one of the speeches that you wrote five speeches ago then they're fucked right so you are. You must be babysitting them. I'm and it's not just one. I don't think think every bigger politician headliner as we would like to call them would have tons of people around them constantly to watch how they behave watch how people are dressed around them. How people are behaving around them so they can refer to them or not? Referred to it I mean it's like they're Aaron extension of you and then they make version of you. That doesn't exist. I'm not a law. This movies based around not like you not being yourself. Correct and suffragans character has that personality ability this e loses his job in the beginning because he can he will not compromise yes very anti people being controlled right or lied to and he doesn't like politics or anything so a major thing where he ends up. And the other thing that are is shelley's thorough news who is like being somebody. She's not all the time because of a job sees him and she you know she knew him from back in the day and he has not changed Aziz just himself like that's that's the thing traxler to immediately like he is just it's just like looking at that kid again. He stood in the kitchen with and he's got the same personality. He's not trying to be something which all the way through the movie She's trying to be something until what she inland Ritchie not find out by watching a movie but let's just say well. You know I'll make these go <hes> so I do yeah a- and this this yeah this movie's fairly predictable to be honest you can see what's going to open like it's no surprise no surprises the love story wasn't I mean. Did you expect the store. Did you expect that so often. Yes yes so did I. It's just the way it's laid out isn't it. You just can feel everything coming you can't I mean they can throw twist in their one way or the other do they. Don't they end up doing their thing how that but it's not only have one or two options either. They ended up together or they don't yeah on under she win the presidential race. I think that's irrelevant but is an interesting little thing tie on the end so I liked the comedy it. It never actually did like I really liked the comedy. There's some really Raunchy comedy and add is seen the involves a dull of sperm this pretty Greg Obatian yeah as some Camila the go out and take some molly's and you know the got crazy cool with the kids yup and what else did he. You know it's got some crazy stuff in it but it's also what why found because I was expecting eighteen crazy stuff because the saw seth Rogan on the box bought the actual tender parts of it which I will call ten departs as though it's a piece of meat is <hes> trader the love Pas are were actually really pretty convincing. I thought it was a sex scene. which is them like you know? They've re the look at each of the she's like come with me now in the half sex so that actually felt legitimate to me and then there's the other romantic will mother playing the famous song which sunk it must have been love pretty woman. I don't know the words of only listen to thirty five years now but when they find that they commit Mitt to that they commit to this is a romantic moment. It's not funny like they don't go for the funny laugh or anything and they dancing and then it's sweet sweet yeah I I actually appreciate that because it was not always going for the sex joe called a there was actually a good balance realistic not realistic real like romantic comedy right in the middle of it and I said to you the other day another romantic comedy we I saw the share was crazy. Rich Asians and I remember saying on this podcast when it came to their wedding scene and she's walking down the aisle and the music was playing. I said to you that's I can identify because I've watched enough movies that is supposed take a moment where you feel something but I felt nothing because I didn't cat yeah in this movie when that Song played and they were actually finally get together. I was like there was something about it. Felt something so uh this operated I don't know as a romantic comedy this work for me whereas Craig's rich Asians didn't. I don't know why that didn't do you know why that didn't just the whalen felt a lot more. You're forced in just the one direction you knew what was going to go down and this whole I I don't know maybe that was to romance. He can cheesy makes a lot of romance. It was more about the again the clash of their worlds. They're crazy friends on either side the crazy conflict between his mother and then you know all that kind of stuff kind of overtook you caring about them as a couple like he didn't get invested in them as much as you did about like beating the odds for them but not really them as to people so you could say this much more in love with the the hooker in the billionaire from pretty woman right yeah so we can say this movie was much more romantic. The Hooker and the billionaire like this movie woke on Seth Rogan type joke level because this is all those crude jokes in there that you will you know in love if you like him and then is also the romantic you know rum com thing in that to a romantic comedy has grown ups like so it works in both spheres which is difficult to think can't get ballot a volunteer him yet. Could you really you tried to find line when you do like a joke with sperm and you do like a actual romantic thing also like I said something about Mary. Did it a long time ago and everybody loved it if you correctly but that was that I think you you know in the line is in the middle of the somebody about Mary's like over the line of like crudeness like this is a law of it you know yeah. There's the balls in zip which still gets me. I actually crossed my legs together. I think about Kawai and I don't have bowls if you're not seeing something about Mary. I don't know of you should recommend the quality of is actually is but at the time it was unlike anything before it was Kinda cool in the day but did it age well enough to say the anyway. Let's so long show actually worked for me. I liked it both ways. I think it was Jane. I think it was interesting story. I like the scenario of the politics thing. I thought that was interesting. Instead of just this go runs a coffee shop. This guy is a loser kind of thing what you usually see this was mall. I know I know it's a bit crazy like you know they're in the public and all that but I like to the idea of love well the person who's running campaign light well. He's kind of a loser and you can't be with him. Because then you won't get open the scale in the votes and all that I liked all that berries he's like well and she gives them mental tomato Michio on buying like what will do. Is this not from her how she doesn't mean no Bush. I mean that when he realized she she's kind of like what we're going to do now for a few months is you know you'll be somebody you will be more. We're going to lie to everybody palatable to people yeah and he then he's Kinda late. Even in that situation the is gonNA lose a he's like no. I don't think I can do that but it just go back on any on the phone more or power to him everybody if they don't like who you are so that's what the movie is and I found it very funny. I left quite a few times too. I think when I left a lot and I mean a whole lot I was like I just really really enjoyed. It had a good time. The Specie gives it. The end is hilarious. I won't spy that she gives us speech of the N._F._l.. That was also the speech and when she is absolutely stoned overhead and she goes on live T._v.. To given another speech that is really and also Seth Rogan is this tons of stuff from him. Yes unfunny stuff from some we'll go into the down the goof factor yeah and and sort of Eve again making it fits better yeah even the character not like at twenty something or immature thirty something but more like in gay combined this character but if he's like goofy Seth Rogan moments there are those two momentary turns up this week costume. It's just goofy and silly but you know it kind of fits in the story and it's all this stuff light up. I guess they <hes> dial back on it. It's not like a knob joke every two minutes and it's not like jokes either all the time so mid acknowledges that grownups do make crass jokes folks grownups do masturbate grownups do have a sense of humor you know even political people. Everybody tries to pretend that we don't talk about sex or joke about stuff or get drunk or get wasted but every hey now I won't say everybody. A lot of people do yeah so you know it's sort of like telling everybody lighting up it absolutely is that and also it makes it lightly makes fun of today's politics but in a fun I thought it was really funny where it kept showing you like there was a certain news channel on in this Wembley News Yeah it's really far fetched and silly but when you actually really look at it is just like a real news channel. I'm I love and slightly exaggerated but you like no. I recognize scary thing. It's not that exaggerate yeah but there's a law that so yeah but it's not like super light. This is Donald Trump and this is it's more subtle about I guess well it's not even about like the pilot -tic like a party or even directed at the idea or you know like undocked toward a current president but the idea that at the presidency is now packaged as like a dog and pony show like <hes> because in this movie the president is a guy who was played the president on T._v.. Show for many years and now he wants to stop being president so we can go into movies movies because that's to him is it's a step up in the presidency and that in his mind and probably in the world around him that make sense almost like idiosyncrasy level of like will Duh the presidency's. He's not that big a deal and <hes> as you go through it you aren't told straight up but obviously he's made big business deals with all these people like he doesn't care about the presidency he only cares that this is like can go in his portfolio of jobs he's had had and that how he can make money off of it and all these other like it's no big deal really who cares about the environments when you can like make a billion dollars off of the lump lumber industry that kind of thing. I think that's more of an idea like a generic eric view of politics than I. I didn't feel like it was pointed. I'M NOT DONALD TRUMP FAN and I still didn't feel like it was like pointed at him or anyone or anything. In particular is one one scene I and in particular that I really liked and it was just a like a dialogue thing it was seth talking to his old college roommate and they're just having a discussion together and it's the discussion of like how friends I don't really like divulge and things to each other because he's like yeah characters like super anti big companies anti-big government anti government <unk> <hes> stealing everyone's freedom and he sort of like fuck the man Kinda guy you know what I mean like drought rooting for the little guy all the time and so his friend who's been a Republican. All these years doesn't has never told him that because he's afraid that his friend who in reality probably thinks of himself as open minded is very narrow minded in that he wouldn't even accept that this guy is like a churchgoing Republican dude and I found that was pretty interesting to yeah and I came in. I I like that scene in particular. Come really near the end of the movie. I was like wow this. This is quite different to what we've been discussing but it still funny <hes> by there's still a funny edge straight so it's funny uncomfortable because you're like Oh yeah I do that now. I doubt who I am so that's a good thing with my friends. People who know me no me I am not a closed book but I identify and we were talking about it like I don't believe in any gods of any kind. You and I are Vegetarian Burien. These are pretty that means that's our life. That's our the tell we do our life but that offends people so badly that I know and I'm happy to get any debate or any conversation. Sation not offended by what somebody else's eats is bizarre to me is. I'm offended by the people in a state. I'm not offended at all. You can do what you want you yeah. I mean I get comments all the top. We're not vegan run an animal rights activists. We start eating meat ten years ago for health reasons for me in the new jumped on board and now would you say we suffer no and I am still way overweight. It's not like I'm wasting away or anything. I'm totally healthy. People will say when you say like Oh you know they'll say oh get the burger. Get the whatever and not even say anything I just go ahead and order when all French fries and a salad. Oh why don't did you get a burger well. I don't eat meat. Oh this. I guess you don't want meaty meet either. I'm like I couldn't give a shit you could cut somebody's leg off right now and eat it right in front of me. I don't care there's also a weird phenomenon where people try and make fun of you. Oh yeah like go. They'll say some. They'll say something like you'll say vegetarian that go ha ha well. I'm eating twelve stakes tomorrow like okay license yeah but you you can one hundred percent. Tell that trying to make you mud and that's a good example of how sometimes if in your life you've made choices like in this situation with these two friends you know I know if I bring it up. I the simple thing of not eating meat. If I say if I go to a restaurant and I'm the first person to go. I don't eat meat so I don't want anyone else to order me or some bullshit like that doesn't doesn't how I do it like it's out at all but if it comes up it's touchy subject and you know I can see how this friend didn't want to be forthcoming with his with Seth Rogan character just because he overreacted of course but that's not that was really good in really real yeah exactly. I like them so let's move on to the cost. Shelley's Throng Plays Charlotte field. I saying her name correctly Farrand. I mean you've heard her on however. I think she is thrown anyway. Shelley's the Ron Theran. I can't think of how many ways you could say no. She said it on Howard correctly. You told me one she said the wrong rise warm so anyway. I'm a big fan the house my favorite thing I will tell you in Miami recommendations this week I really recently I re- watched <hes> from atheists. It was on TV Manda. She was really good in your member number. No she's very good as well. I think Prometheus is better than giving credit. Watch it again for Shirk zinn quite remember in grasp how it all kings touchily wow wow this is actually pretty cool but other alien film that came after it no. I like Prometheus anyway. I'm a big Fan. I really like a atomic blonde. Also excellent atomic bond a lot also that movie that we would just discussing. Discussing before the after the show the woman Sean Penn during last face yet that was interesting performance from her. I really like and I've never seen a do comedy. I don't think that's all I don't even know she's done any but I think she was really great in. I'd like to see her in more very things. It's really interesting thing though is she's not. She Dabbles in the comedy part but really she's playing the straight. One you know the the straight the funny one she's that she's like the stern professional but because we're cracking her personality just a little bit that's where her comedies coming from instead of her being funny one I found it really funny when Seth Rogan was addressed in outfit and she's like what you fucking watching that movie and she totally reacted in a way that's like you're not expecting her to react because she's all put together and professional and elegant and I really liked her character plot and Seth Rogan. We've discussed so far. I've always been fun of his since knocked up. I really liked knocked up. I think it's really sweet another movie. That's sweet actually as a real hot to it. Don't you think knocked up yeah goofy and weird and often gross and crude but there's a real hard the end of it when you get to it you know yeah so I've always been a fun. You'll you haven't slowly becoming more well now. I'm ready now I to start again so if he wants to make a bunch of new movies to keep me on board. That'd be Great Bob Odenkirk who I think we're both funds of inhale. That's the goal soul which is a fantastic T._v.. Show it's actually the Prequel to break him but but really I don't see that way just about him is his own show isn't he so good in it him and <hes> racy home yes lenses. She's a my favorite part of the show is just fucking exceptionally good but as the president yeah he plays the President I mean he was over the top and kind of like cringing but that's exactly how I was supposed to be still so he's not in it. Particularly a lot is just a few scenes <hes> now shelley's is why she she's the handler or whatever Angie June Diane Rafael is muggy and she i I really loved her thought. He was hilarious. He's horrible bitchy. She's really as bitchy he rolls her is all the time Brogan she's like and it's a fine line to play character. Who you know needs to be a strong character without everybody thinking in your bitch just because you're a woman right? She is actually bitchy. She does all the things that all of us women identify as like the MSCI move I rolling the sighing the light complete dismissive twitch of her hand and when he's around like and she's just being snotty I mean that's just the bottom line but she does it really well genuinely in the other scenes when she's talking to show Shirley thrones character. She genuinely loves her and wants. What's her to do well so I thought she balanced that really well and then Ravi Patel Place Tom and he is the what was his title is the same? He's the other handler person secretaries yeah yeah. He's very funny too and this relationship the with them to O._J.. Jackson junior plays luntz whose friend you know I thought he was excellent really getting he's ice cubes on. I can tell yeah and you know they even a fell that relationship between them as really good yeah but it was written well from the beginning and he's friends like inspiring unlike he's he's like no you should do this. She always inspiring him but then at the end when we get that that conversation just talks about what he doesn't really know about his friend properly but that should not affect anything right is your friend. He makes you feel good in being a Republican Christie shouldn't affect anything has Republican Christian friends and says I love you man but you really fucking mental so yeah I really liked to that relationship between them and I thought he was excellent. O'Shea Jackson Junior amdi circus Turkish isn't here but I loved about him as seemed like a really good boss at his company that he clearly owned because he gets every day off. He's like I'm GonNa take my best friend often getting totally fucked up because he just quit his job. Everybody gets a day off. You know it's like this big fancy office and I was like I like that guy under circus plays pokka Wembley and he's like the head of the Shitty News company like he's like the billionaire who buys up all the media to control at he's the guy who hates gay the people and who is now wanting to ravage Alaskan forests to build like data centers and he's the guy who the president is basically his puppet and Seth Rogan is like that guy he just bought the newspaper newspaper that I just quit from because of that guy you know so it's like a loop and undies circus has got some crazy. Prosthetic media was like that's Andy Circus yeah he's prosthetic makeup to make this guy but you can see on circus underneath go and <hes> you know he's just a slightly sleazy horrible right I mean but he plays all right then. Finally Alexander Skarsgard plays James Stewart who is the president all the prime minister. Let me say of Canada that names really crappy like super crappy but there was one thing that was extremely funny. He's talking about his LAV that they've told him to changes laugh. Laugh is like a like that kind of thing so he makes. Does these normal often. He's like it's less. It's multi unless noise yeah but he is not good. No I didn't some things like he was good in that one with the girl where he's the boyfriend but then he ends up having the thing with the teenage girl yes it was it was at called yes diary of something a good in that because he was like a brooding you know dude darn good job and he was fine as the vampire on true blood ed because he's is quite theatrical and it was fine. It's kind of like a neo situation for me because I don't think that what's his face Keanu Reeves. Is that great in anything else all cities ever done. I like John Wick very what very much but it's not like. It's a stretch so one dimension but I feel like Alex needs to isn't his brother it guy yes okay to branch out. He's got this is a bunch of skies guts. I mean he holds himself fine. It's just that he was it. I don't know on I think so and he was trying too hard to be the political guy who only cared about his image. You just need like loose inaudible pool but he's never been loose as he's always looks like it's going to stick except in that movie diary of whatever teenage go I believe isn't it yeah Gary of eighteen in that it was like he was that guy and I was more convinced but yeah yeah I would like to have seen him be less of a cartoon character as I felt like it was so this is the right to by Jonathan Levin. He directed the movie fifty fifty which you didn't see I saw I saw on T._v.. Was I missing anything. It's a romantic comedy. It's <hes> it's Joseph Gordon Levitt and and <hes> black widow Scarlett Johansson K. thank the thing was he was dying of cancer and he just had never been successful in Dayton and this is this is a date that goes right is that good synopsis of it the one with scallop good enough for me but might standards. I very low Joe Jonathan Levin also ended movie because warm bodies which was a romantic comedy involving zombies okay. I'm which I did not see. It was like <hes> but again Jonathan Levin regularly like his style you don't him him. I don't know what it is is pretty young is <hes> seems yeah. The film came together well so no everyone says all we had great collaboration and whatnot but I think part of that because he had seth Rogan get insurance their own who are producers directors famous people writers have been in lots of movies. There's sort of Hollywood elite at this point in might have gotten he got a little lost in there but because it is as far as style and the way is Colt and all that the made made is pretty standard in that way is not funds he tortures to or a style true what good it might be more about the relationships of the him to the people in the parts and also I do think that to Hollywood bigwig people are going to have a lot more control over like just for ego sake about about what they say and how they do it and what they look like and all that stuff I think he might have succumbed to that little bit but I just your opinion. He is not just my pants fact all right so is what it does. A bunch of special features on the blue right does <hes> seven minutes in heaven which is like the making basically seth in Charlie's on censored Gabriel. Did we mention that boys to manner in this movie dimension. I was not a big fan envoys demand but when you play their music still in style gic again help it it is what it is voiced manner in this movie they perform two songs actually while the movies going on and they're also in one of the extras and there's some feature at says well well. It's got a bunch of stuff the making of was actually pretty in depth yeah. We've watched like marvel movies where the making like three minutes long in it's just people get an ass say no. The director was all wonderful everybody in any stock. He's all because they might have to work with them again. Some you know this was more like went into everything went to costume in set design the actual stars of it. The coast is the director. I think everything was covered right by the same night seem pretty cool. I mean we watch the whole thing. It was good so thank you to Lionsgate for this movie for review before I go with the end of the review. I'll tell you the whilst the I._M._D._b.. Reviews section of this this podcast I._M._D._b.. Reviews are when you go find the one star reviews eternally reviews at all of people taking the time out of their life to complain about these movies and snap very useful but it's entertaining so let's go for it does not add value to your movie watching or movie shopping and you might think what why you listen to this bucket. Why are they going to? Why is it going to read like a load of bad odd reviews was because they seem to like it well? That's not a pint I just I just find it funny that everyone has their point of view people. There's a lot of wrong people in the world yeah. What do we see that on your not? The only the we're Stony Chelsea we watch Tony and Chelsea north of photographers do there who choose youtube yet thing I getting into photography so we watch a lot of youtube people and he said something she said the opposite and he said someone else agreed with him and she said well there can't be just one wrong person in the world. Yes like meeting. He's still wrong. He's just not alone. I love that so oh yeah the turnout atone reviews on and never quite as as the one that's correct so here we go is someone attends via lag Grizzly who I swear read that name before so maybe he writes all one. Maybe he's claim to fame. He doesn't even watch movies. He says this is a new low for Shalit's. I thought she had more class than this drivel terrible. This person says all that was it. Oh my God the Uni Matrix underscore zero says can I got the impression this vid vid was aimed at the seller dwellers. You can't get the girl a need some false hope to encourage them to live on seth plates Seth so nothing new that shall as while offering a competent performance was clearly out of place. The script was disjointed impure. I'll there were a couple of clever lines. Although we found us of groaning much Schmo than laughing ultimately we didn't hate the movie but it was an endurance wonder we won't revisit ahead to look up pure. Allow me pure. I'll means I. I've heard it many in my life. Do you know what it means. It means like describe. What no it's got a definition yeah? It's not come into my childish. Chilly in trivial will die. It's fine self rogan common. What what is it that people expect to go now? If you're a black man you love going in blankly. That's cool and if you don't who Seth Rogan is you don't know his comedy. That's cool too but once you start watching it you understand where it slots in and childish oldish silly and trivial at times is precisely what they're going for so you shouldn't be giving it a one star review. You should be give me like a five star review because they hit the mark turn naturally because it goes up to ten five if they don't like it but it still doing what it meant to do so at least average all right so to like it. This one is what is this. This one is this was a good one does evens three one eight. Two seven says I'm sorry but if the contemporary state of American filmmaking endorses drugs smoking casual sex and Dick Jokes and political position is held in search low regard then it's as a lot about the American cinema seem mm-hmm filmmaking an audience intelligence all of its scarily bod. I mean those things are all in there. It's like but he saying because they're in that. We're all it is but if you you don't partake I'm not I don't do drugs and never smoked pot or done. Any sort of marijuana related thing. I'm sure I took some fast acting like speed type pills back in my twenties. I drank a lot <hes>. I don't just because it's a movie. I'm not an idiot so that doesn't tell me the bluer. I'm going to go out and smoke some dope because they do it. Like who are you to think that a movie which is fiction should mold your actual choices in life. If it enlightens you to something or makes you curious about something and then you pursue it in real life then that's Kinda down to the person but if you look at it I can watch somebody grilling a hamburger. It doesn't make me go. Oh I'm gonNA eat hamburgers again because I have no mind of my own. No it doesn't work that way. Stopping dickhead Barnes and finally this one's real real shot ocean blue EXO. Of says I wouldn't even watch for free on H._B._O.. That's it has a good one. Here's the thing did you watch it. Yeah you watched it exactly or did you not watch but he wouldn't watch if a free early on H._B._O.. Where did you K- what was the circumstance under what you did watch it well? I would watch it for free on H._B._O.. Channels any movie for free on H._B._O.. Give Me H._B._O.. For free show all the movies. I've watched many bad movies over my lifetime on H._B._O.. Just because just because his free also just let me breakdown his coming. I WOULDN'T WATCH FOR FREE ON H._B._O.. He he says don't you have to pay H._B._O.. Nothing's free as aware okay you criminal. You must be the one hacking somebody's satellite stations see yourself away John. I'm GONNA phone the feds all right so yes but is the one-star reviews from I._M._D._b.. Don't that <hes> that sound effects us what you need from like gung prices right prices right or any game shows that want want somebody loses so thanks to Lionsgate review this next week. We're GONNA look at the movie. Hello boy miss. A boy is from Hell GonNa Record to saying <music>. I'm perfectly happy with the original boy and I don't know what's wrong with you. People that you couldn't have just gone on with my beauty and the beasts guy moved along with him and not just turn over because I love the original boy movies so Mr to del Toro was done with it. I don't care you could still go on from where it started. I like that guy. I like meeting the Biscay Ron Perlman issue I do when now you're GonNa get I mean he wasn't great in alien four but never mind now. You'RE GONNA get Hoffa from a stranger things as hell boy excited about that and also. I don't think it's necessary but hey well next week. You can listen to sit talk say what she dislikes or it wasn't so bad after yeah so maybe recommendations I am going on the theme of this movie and the two stars some going for my favorite to movies by these two stats so seth rogan would be knocked up. I mentioned earlier think is a really fun movie and as law hot and my shell thrown choice would be mad Max fury road. Oh yeah forget about that matches a fantastic movie the everybody should see. It's not a fantastic movie but it's fun on and she has a good character. King Greats top lying to everyone love it Johnny Oku. Here's my Max isn't mumbles in Shit. You can't understand him. He's not a great mad Max again. Mel Gibson Fan community original is what it is the movie though is J. It's fun as big. It's magical movie. It doesn't make it good. Stop lying to people and it goes to me. I I actually prefer for it to the older maximum maddox movies and I do like those also but now this racist star widow in them so I can't say that back. I'd rather have Tom Hardy than that well. I can't even do it now. Articulate enunciate whatever it is when you're speaking the every word needs to be separate official. I can hear what you're saying thing the the they often can still making the furioso movie which would be not Mad Max for her so let's hope because I really loved it so they're my recommendations knocked up and Fury Road Yours. Mine are what you're asking me. Mine are because it's another comedy not with politics are brand is crisis 'cause I also was not too sure about that one but then it wanted me over bullet Sandra bullock and your Guy Billy Bob Yeah and it is about politics in about twisting and spinning and contorted manipulating things and <hes> when you think about this is really it's a good story yeah and it is a comedy kind of in impossible comedy as in it is like ridiculous how these people behave yeah and so you are like sort of. I don't know I just really enjoyed it after even though I didn't think it would and then of course just WanNa throw another comedy out there word that's got the uncomfortable stuff but it really made me laugh was bridesmaids. It's an Oldie Buddy goody kristen wig sitting in a wedding dress. ANYTHING KRISTEN WIIG says when she's in the point. This is really funny yeah. Why don't we see Kristen wig very often anymore because she's rich from have to do just runoff with all the Hollywood money yes she was in she was is in new ghostbusters but we didn't see it did not don't know interested? I don't think I am either anyway not because of what anyone says it's just that again like hell boy. I'm not interested in redoing a thing that was was fine. The original ghostbusters was fine for what it was if you want to now I guess they couldn't get everyone on board but they're going to now apparently right to do another one but with the original people that's happening with Bill Maureen everybody. Everybody is that because they're like he's bring so it's like you ruined ruined. Goes can't ruin it. 'cause it's GonNa always exists for what it is but like everybody needs to first of all if you're a creative person right and you WanNa make a movie make your own fucking movie make up a story that doesn't exist you will find the core of all the stories that we watch over and over. You're not going to come up with a new genre or whatever or a new tale of humanity but like Harry Potter didn't exist before it existed star wars didn't exist before it existed. Hell boy didn't exist before it existed and then they become a thing and then yes what someone writes another thing and someone invents another idea in vincent another planet to go to convince another time in human the future of humanity in what that could look like and so you know. We don't need to Redo everything. Just take a new thing are invents this scenario in this movie watch today Longshot see I mean this is an inventing anything but it's also not remaking pretty woman. You know what I mean. It's not like we're literally saying that may navy exists and I'm GonNa Redo it. I'm not opposed to remaking movies. Don't get me wrong. There have been a few which one did we watch the I liked. I liked evil dead. Yes the remake but it also wasn't like wiping clean the slate because of the world comes from you can feel the cheek. You know you can feel that it's all one big thing anyway. It's not like trying to get rid of the past whereas hell boy because it hasn't been that long or even remaking Spiderman when they did starting with the new Spiderman. It's like Oh no just forget that other one ever existed not just make up a new superhero. It can't be the hard she says without making any effort to do it yourself yeah exactly exactly all right so moving on a scully stuff. I've just been playing on this week a lot anthem. It's the destiny spy E._A.. What is really good? I really like it told you picked it up cheap. I could've played it when it was expensive back in the day by didn't only thing I'm finding wrong is <hes> bud is because wait. It's so long to play. This is the outside of waiting. There's not many people play in it so when I need a team to go do emission by it takes a long time to find for people and put them together so sometimes I'm sat there for like two or three minutes I reckon if at a later on day one would have not opened in you would immediately going into a game but doesn't doesn't seem to be happening because people they move on don't need to other new games and they go thick oh Gamer even though this game is cheaper the moment and I it probably does have more players than has out for a while. It is a thing where you'll assign a waiting room just waiting because you can't do the missions on your own some of them. You have to have a team of four and actually getting together for people who are at your level as well. It seems to take awhile so that's the only downside I really enjoy the game his phone bit reports it saves you could say because a lot of the missions involve the same thing you just go out into the wilderness. You know you some voice octane you find a place. The store at all games are kind of repetitive not always always not always oh. I have been playing something else this week. Tetris effect came out on P._C.. I already own it on the playstation and I got the P._C.. Version is the same game exactly the same but if that is not the best tetris game ever made. It's good it really is. I mean it's tech is I don't get board a plane tetris and that the music in that game and the visuals even though you don't pay attention to them ninety nine percent of the time 'cause you're looking at the tetris board it just the frills around it. Make it better. It's out to explain why it's better. It's a good game yeah so I've been playing you gotta get in the flow in fact I might WanNa play after this because you get Kinda like yeah you know like I said I don't do drugs a mess supposed to drink at the moment liver liver to the everybody has a great liver but may now that's not true my liver has lived will put it that way. Okay so maybe <hes> Tetris will be my glass of wine so it's good it's a good one. Also you can play this vision in virtual reality so I'm GONNA have to hook up my vehicles and try it that way. You gotta definitely crazy crazy right. Yeah sounds like it'd be crazy so yeah. That's tetris effect. So sitter was for dinner tonight. We'll be lots of whole grains lately enough. You've noticed barley elaine. Wa <hes> <hes> <hes> what else of a made brown rice one of your faves <hes> again to help cleanse the liver or whatever they want me so I mean that makes with vegetables and then some not chicken salad anything that's Brown. I've found I favor a New York you not that I never did no because I always like Oh. No US be like join whitebread Brown Romberg <unk> Brown bread Taser and then rice. I was like no I prefer brown rice and you will see I like the white rice but I'm learning and also add this weird thing where I can't really taste anything at the moment so I think that has a lot to do with it. <hes> being more palatable to me some reason right so let's what's <unk>. I'm what is your advice to everybody today. My advice is always remember that everyone has <unk> a beginning to let you know what I mean but like kind of from this friend the guy is Seth Rogan character being so negative about people and sort of down on Republicans and of course if you're Republican. Can you a decade kind of thing well you know every person has a beginning everybody was born then they learned how to be potty trained in that the eat with the utensil or eat at the table of who wherever culture there in learn how to walk learn how to sit up learn how to read whatever that languages everyone started somewhere and then a combination of their personality traits mixed with their environments and then other for information. That's fed into them and then information they seek as they get older makes the combination of who they are but the all started somewhere they weren't born the person that you now decide to hate they weren't born with the intention or the plan to do harm or do damage or be jerk or be lazy or be the person that you looked down upon or be less than what you think they should be or being elitist asshole. If you think that's what people are really starts that way you know every starts and then you're like a is it a repository or a like a a big vase that gets her bucket or whatever you're just get filled up with all the stuff in life life a big fan base then you know you if you judge somebody based purely on the slice of what you see right this minute you're completely discounting the whole of their life and you are also giving them permission you do the same with you and you know. That's not how it is. You know that your life is a combination like I've been raised with three siblings same parents same area basically same ideas same mm-hmm everything you know nothing changed from the time might siblings were kids to the time I was kids not really not the big stuff you know and yet we're very different so I know that even being raised in a similar situation I am who I am because of me gathering different information perceiving it differently choosing different things in my life seeking different things in my life therefore we're not the same person we're not clones of one another and so someone that you judge purely Liane this one thing they say or one thing they do and decide that the whole of who they are it. That's a problem. Isn't it in society in like today. That's the big problem is I've decided who you you are based on a mean that you posted on facebook period. Yes and that's it instead of thinking about the whole person and if you don't want to take the time and you don't WanNa make the effort and you don't in. It's not an ex. It's not you know discusses with the friend and her thing was that I don't want anybody an excuse for their bad behavior by saying will they were baby once in the what I mean but you can understand a person better. If you get a full picture of who they are you can't you don't have to accept their behavior or their choices the damage that they do none of that you don't have to accept it at all still punish people for being destructive horrible people whatever level they are but you will understand it better her and maybe the next person that you come across who might be headed that direction. You may be figure some things out who knows you know he can't save the world but at least it's something don't this look at people as like a cardboard cutout 'cause I'm. You'RE GONNA be wrong one hundred percent at the time and I like to be right a lot more than that ship. Was that supposed to me so that's it but not advice all right. It's just it's just me selling you telling you something. If you listen to the beginning of this podcast you will understand the in this podcast literally anywhere in the world because they are. You're listening to it all the wrong audience to be promoting this it catches everywhere including youtube and all the other places like June's and Google play and all those things you can cut chose on cash it talk on instagram. I've been posted more on their. You're going to get a lot of garden pictures so if you like pictures.

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