Wall Street Breakfast October 11: Crude Rallies After Latest Tanker Attack


Weekly investor Focus podcast that will dive into the most impactful market news and set the stage for upcoming mark events hosted by Aaron task in Stephen on Tuesday October fifteenth seeking Alpha launch an Alpha traitor output and mysterious attacks on oil tankers near the Strait of Hormuz in other news the EA cuts oil demand growth forecasts brexit negotiations have shifted wildly over the past week starting with a public row between London and Brussels Brown our top stories today crude rallies after latest tanker attack I e a cuts oil demand growth forecasts and trade optimism and one point one percent respectively president trump said trade talks between the US and Chinese officials on Thursday went very well assuaging fears about a potential lack of progress deal at an October Seventeenth Eighteenth summit the board of French carmaker Renault has voted in favor of ousting. CEO Theory below or just days yesterday things took a turn for the better with Boris Johnson and his Irish counterpart saying they had found a pathway to a possible deal pushing the pound up two percent sterling market news and analysis subscribe to this podcast on Apple podcasts Gulag casts qualified and Stitcher mm-hmm leading today's news oil prices rose two percent to fifty four dollars and sixty one cents a barrel overnight after Iranian instigators looking into the sources of the missiles recent attacks in the region have centered on oil facilities in tankers including drone and cruise missile strike that have Saudi Arabia's I before another meeting later today many are also looking out for our currency agreement which could lead the US administration rescinded Tariff Rate Hikes scheduled for October Fifteenth Missile said that two rockets had struck a tanker belonging to the National Iranian Oil Company traveling through the Red Sea the tanker is now ablaze off the Saudi port city of Jeddah within after partner Nissan chose a new chief executive it's a sign the automakers are working in sync to move past the Carlos Ghosn era and repair their troubled alliance resolving differences climbed another point seven percent to a dollar twenty five as e you chief negotiator Michelle barring a Mitt British BREXIT Secretary Steve Barkley for talks that could pave the way for cutting the figures for the second consecutive month I e as revisions will add pressure on OPEC and its allies to make deeper output cuts in November this is a prerequisite to reviving any merger discussions with Fiat Chrysler which were scrapped this year after dion failed to back the transaction US stock index futures are looking to build on yesterday's gains with Dow futures ahead by two hundred and thirty points and the S. and P. Five hundred and Nasdaq up point nine percents we expect growth in two thousand nineteen to be the weakest since two thousand sixteen following evidence of a slowdown in several major consuming regions and countries according to the EA demand growth estimates for two thousand nineteen reduced by

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