Dr Rangan's Chatterjee's top Christmas tips.


as part of Christmas Christmas putting he's back it's Dr Wrong today and a lot of you have been asking about how to avoid the pitfalls of excess and overindulgence during the festive season. Dr Along Chat Today. What are your thoughts can so much to say on this? Few few thoughts come straight to mind. Are Firstly Bikaner yourself recognized. This is a busy time of year. They they were also in precious. Beat yourself up if you overindulge all humanity in the best that we can i. Can I say second thing if you busy at work. You're busy with family. Suffered busy with work. Don't forget about movement. Movement is one of the best ways of de-stressing Lychee getting stressed out. You are building up nervous this energy in your body. You'll priming your body move. Don't worry about going to the gym that worry about the spinning class even five minutes of movement. Will it make you feel bad. So it can be skipping could be star jumps. It could be a quick run around the block and it could be. If you've got kids that could be kicking a football around in the. It doesn't matter but move your body. The final thing I'd probably say is one of the biggest problems these days. We don't have any time to ourselves this problem. mm-hmm is often heightened during the festive period when their loss of competing pressures and competing demands. Make sure every day even if it's just a five or ten ten minutes you take time out for yourself but you phone off rights. Just be there. Sit Down with a cup of tea gear for walk. Listen to some music. Do something the thing that you're doing for anyone else for your partner. Not via children of your colleagues you're doing it unashamedly yourself. I hope those shorts help you you enjoy and get the most out of this festive period and also you can just listen to wrong voice because how common is that during the festive season. Merry Christmas very uh.

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