Ep 64: An Entrepreneur's Life with Miranda Bennett (Live at SXSW)


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Do remember that is that she thought that's what I really liked which is true. She's not wrong. No. I love a bag of halls halls feel free to sponsor this podcast. Yeah. I am. I am sick. I have a Rica's myself. Oh, no. No. Thank you. Interesting. All right. Do they actually stop your coffee? You just like the flavor. I think they help. Okay. Yeah. Now a little bit. I find myself getting like addicted to the halls. I just chop on them all day long and gum. So I'm in that phase of this cold right now, it's fine. I just have a cold. But it still lingering. My youngest daughter has a cold. And then my oldest daughter had the legit flu. Yeah. Like the scary. Flu hundred four point three. Lever flew out of school for five days. Flue? She was so sick. Yeah. It was really scary. Actually, because I didn't I we've never experienced that. Where you know, we get the flu vaccine, we get colds, and norovirus and all that stuff. But we haven't really had about of the flew flew. And she was whole loosening at one point which doctor on call who I immediately called was like, oh, that's just the flu. It's the fever. So that was a journey. I was up a lot for like three or four days at night with her. So it didn't help my cold. But you know, what I have just mentioned last week leaned into being sick. Yes. So what does that look like, well what it looked like was me going to my local like, Rite Aid and whole foods and just buying a lot of things. Now, and then just taking them. All okay. Vitamin C wellness drops. I've been hydrating a ton. What about Umka, you know, what the uncut let me down this time because I felt sick. I started pounding it. I always have some at my house and did not do anything to keep this cold away. Dear. But part of me was also thinking, you know, I don't do a lot to like care for my immune system. When I kind of posed the question of people like what do I do to help with my cold? So many people are like, I take elderberry, blah, blah, blah, and I'm always taking vitamin C and echinacea and oregano oil like it seems like some people have worked immune care into their daily practice in life. I don't even think about it until I'm sick. Yeah. I mean, I also wonder like how much that stuff actually does anything or is it all a placebo? Yeah. Who knows I will say hydrating has been the most helpful thing. Yes. Hydrating? So important, and I joined sleeps hydrating and sleep truly is what makes me feel better. Yeah. And like a warm chicken broth, that's kind of also my other thing that I like so I made a lot of bone broth. But yeah, you know, I've just been kind of trying to take care of myself, wiping down all the surfaces of my home. So the germs my oldest daughter who had the flu then also threw up a couple times. So you know, it's been a lot of just germs circulating. Yeah. And trying to avoid them and stay healthy while traveling and all that jazz. So don't get close to me. I mean, I've been at your house a bunch the sickness started and you're doing okay. And I'm doing okay knock on wood knock on it. I was also I stayed at my sister's when we were at south by south west and her daughter had the flu, man. It's like you can't escape. Yeah. And she's only three and she never gets sick that she was so sad. So sad and sick doesn't feel good to be doesn't. But I was like. Wow. Like if if I was meant to get sick. I'm going to get sick. They're trying to not a ton. I can do. But so far. I'm okay. Which you know, I did get the flu vaccine. Maybe that's helping. I do think it's interesting that like in both houses only one person got sick. Yeah. I know. So I like that makes me think the vaccine maybe does actually work. And I mean, I believe in it. So yeah. But I haven't gotten a cold so far, which I'm hopeful as impressive doesn't happen. I will keep covering my mouth. Although I apologize. If I am coughing throughout this episode. I'm trying hard to keep it in. So so tough tell me about spending time with your family. How does it in Austin? Yeah. Oh, it was great. I mean, it was it was sad that my niece was sick. But she she was like actually pretty good spirits most of the time other than being a little sad. And then my other niece, who's eight months old is just like such a great baby. She's like the baby of babies she is kind of like the baby to end all babies. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, you met her did great baby. She's a great baby. Yeah. So that was fun. Love a good baby. I love a good baby. Also, I was I was sitting with my three year old niece at her art table, and we're drawing, and she drew, and then she goes v and she'd drone she dropped a letter v. And then she drew another letter. She was w and I thought, oh, I guess she knows how I guess she knows her letters like, I guess she knows how to how to write letters and then a couple of days later. I texted my sister. I was like, oh, you know. Mattie was like drawing letters when we were together. She was like, oh, she's never done that before. Oh, I was like oh you got to witness. The I I think it was year aunt influence. Well, my sister has a theory that whenever I come visit them they like they want to show off for me. So they like reached some milestone that they hadn't reached before. That's right. So, you know, maybe this time it was letters. So that was fun you bringing out the just you know, what I'm here for. That's true. Yeah. And you know, I was a little nervous about flying whilst pregnant, and you are now grounded for the rest of your pregnant. I am grounded. Yes. I mean, I'm not thirties. Well, I guess if I had to take an emergency flight in the next two weeks. I could okay because you're not supposed to fly after thirty six weeks. Although there's not like. There's not like a reason it would be harmful. It's just you don't want to go into labor in the air. That's the that's the real reason. Which is legit. I have a friend who was do three weeks before me. And she went into labour two and a half weeks early. So I was like, oh, yeah. That can happen. Feeling a little bit. Like, the end is nigh gotta start packing, or you gonna pack a hospital bag. Yeah. So I was actually discussing my hospital bag with my sister. I ordered some button-up pajamas loose button pajama that zones cozy. Yes, slippers GAC and get some slippers. I don't want to over pack, but I wanna be comfortable. I'm going to bring my own pillow remained toilet paper. Oh, no. That is a smart thing. I never thought to pack, but a softer toilet paper brings some whites. Yeah. Okay. 'cause that first poop after the baby's born is a journey. Yeah. That's an experience. I mean in my childbirth class they described it as like basically giving birth to another child. I think it's that's not far off. All right. Yeah. Can't wait citing to look for to. Yes. So I need to pay my hospital bag. I mean, also feel like our listeners are so bored of this already. But like, we are we continue to be prepping the house to get ready for the baby we did make some progress map made some progress while I was gone. He moved the couch and the digital piano out of my office, which you know, if it was still in there that babies not gonna know you could the baby could live in an office. There's literally no to like their Faeroes space put notes it the the room is seven feet wide. So gotta get the piano. Yeah. Like there. You know? We talked about this on excellent adventure bunch. And we kept hearing people that that were like, you don't need to do anything to get ready for the baby. Like, he just needs to place to sleep in a place to be changed. And I was like, right. And you don't have like literally there is no room for that. Andy wear. So like, please just let me try to get this. Arrange like, I appreciate your trying to make me feel better. But like it is not applicable to our situation fair. I ordered some furniture that is supposedly getting delivered on Monday. From our good friends are good Swedish friends at IKEA. In a second. Dorie? Tori went why did you make that choice? I'm normally the one who makes weird word choices. I'm just trying to make it sound more cosmopolitan. I k- I think Ikeda is how they say it in some foreign countries. Well, how do they say it in Sweden, isn't it Swedish? I don't know. Well, you dish listeners get out of this is the new my seller me solarge. How do you say I key in your time, which we went over in the mini episode yet he said, we'll never mentioned again. Yeah. I got address her in a David I love, I mean, we've established this is the bet I know I've had hit or miss experiences with their furniture, but it's a nursery. Yeah. Get offs gonna get. It'll be vying. So. Yeah. So all of that. Is happening. And oh and also the the the long rumored window work that I've also been talking about hot topic weeks window work. Finally started today or he's houses fucking getting done. Oh my God. It was delayed by like three weeks because we've been getting so much rain. Now, we have butterflies now we have butterflies and it's gorgeous out. So like, it does finally feel like okay stuff is happening. And I have like five weeks to go. Right, right. The clock is the clock is ticking. And then the only other thing that's happening is you're throwing me baby shower this weekend. Oh, yeah. And like let me tell you everybody in my house is preparing. Sorry. No with wonderful. My in-laws are visiting right now, I should say so worth my my lovely amazing unless they still be here what they will. But they're taking a journey with the rest of my family have kicked everybody out of the house. But my inlaws have been prepping. They they are like the most helpful people to ever exist on the earth. I love them so much, but my mother-in-law washed windows today, she cleaned her outdoor couch, less her, oh, truly I've done some prep. But it'll be my inlaws who do the bulk of this baby shower. So we are going to have a shindig for you. I'm so excited. I am to oh. It's going to be it's going to be great. Yeah. And then the toast, you can't wait. And then the next day we're taking we're going with my nieces to Disneyland. Can you ride a lotta rides pregnant at Disneyland. I think you can ride the rides at my three year old niece would wanna ride perfect. It's a small world. That's like the perfect Disneyland. Yes, exactly not going to be going on. Splash mountain or space mountain. No mountain. No mountain. No mix Sunder. Yeah. So yeah. No, Soren hate Soren. I hit somewhere into. I'd hate star tours are very lucky to live in southern California. We can have opinions about these about. So we're about. We realized that it's very amazing. The reason I don't is the reason I don't like Soren is because I get motions to Dory. I'm just like this is not fun. The only thing that Soren is the vomit out of our stomachs. To show. I mean for the record. I also don't like the Harry Potter ride at universal. Yeah. Because it's also like that weird like screen. Yeah. Makes me very, nausea. It's gonna be fun to see Disneyland through the eyes of. Oh my God. I am. I am so excited that's magical because she is obsessed with Disney. Now, she keeps asking my sister. Like is this character going to be like she was like is Daniel tiger going to be a Disney? Oh. He's not. No. But you know, she's excited to visit Mickey's house, so fun. I so so excited. So I think it'll be a good weekend. Oh, it'll be great. He'll be weakened all about you. That's weird. You just have to lean into it. Okay. You just had to kind of an IRA sit because it is weird when you're the person who's being showered or celebrated it feels weird. Yeah. I've never like I didn't have a bridal shower. Did you for bridal shower? I did a little luncheon few. I also in my situation, I got married. So soon after my mom died that I think many people were being very generous with their time in stepping in to kind of do stuff, my mom. I'd have done. I see. So I did have all those little thing. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I'll thank you to everybody who did that ten years. Did you have a baby shower? Oh, yeah. Too damn girl. I had a friend's one. And then I had a family. Whoa. Oh, yeah. I'm I was showered. I'm very spoiled people were very high now so had a bachelorette party. I did too. I to actually wants all see look at why LA one in New York where you had to buy you would buy coastal bachelorette. Yeah. But New York one was a weekend. Wasn't the LA when a weekend? Also. No, it was just an a night out. Okay with Carrie. Okay. That sounds like a pathetic. It was great. I had fun at both know you see it's easy can be celebrated once. All right. I'll take it. I just roll with it. Thank you Dorie before we take a quick break. Can we just say that we had the esteemed privilege and honor of meeting forever? Thirty five listeners in Austin. Yes, it was so great. Thank you so much everyone for coming out truly blown away people drove from Houston and San Antonio. I mean what I know it was so so so much fun to get to meet listeners at and if you couldn't tell we were both a bit like shocked little deer in headlights a little overwhelmed at first nervous. But boy forever. Thirty listeners are just amazing. Yeah. You guys are the best. Thank you. So it was also encouraging to be like, oh, our fans will come out. This is great. And gave us some ideas for how to like hold meet ups in the future when we possibly Ernest terrified totally. So thank you Austin eits for being our Guinea pig. Yes. Thank you. You were amazing pigs. It was so great to get to chat with all of you. We talked about book recommendations. Yeah. We did got some listener people made them colors we painted did. Yeah. It was just a blast. And. Yeah. And so the interview on this episode is from south by south west. It was our live podcasts from south maranda banana Bennett. So enjoy that. We'll be right back. Today's episode is brought to you by sent bird dorey. I have to ask what is that amazing fragrance wafting its way across my garage desk. Well, Kate if you must know it's Tom from Tom Ford. It's one of the fragrances I chose from sent Byrd the luxury fragrance subscription service for perfumes and colognes smells fantastic. Thank you. That's you know, I got glossy as you perfume from sent bird. And I am fully obsessed with it. I wear it everywhere. I travel with it sounds great Brits at even like if I'm just going to work out. 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Thirty five there is no coupon code just use our URL and the discount will be applied again. That's thrived market dot com slash forever. Thirty five for twenty five percent off your first order. We are so excited to be here at south by south west with our guest. Miranda Bennett maranda is the founder of Miranda Bennett studio, a brand known for its wearability commitment to environmentally sustainable practices ethical manufacturing partnerships and advances in the use of natural dyes in commercial scale Miranda is a native of Austin. And when she graduated from the Parsons school of design Eugene Lang college, she launched her first clothing line. And since then her work has been sold globally and featured in publications, including the New York Times and Forbes among others. She spent twelve years operating in manufacturing in New York and then relocated to her hometown of Austin in search of a more meaningful way to work within the confines of the fashion industry. And the result is Miranda Bennett studios. Mission oriented clothing line that strives to marry aesthetically compelling apparel with meaningful production practices focused around circularity environmental stewardship and managers say that her clothes are gorgeous their impeccable their impeccable, comfortable sleek, they're great. And she just opened her first brick and mortar store here in Austin. So miranda. I would love to start by talking about your line, which is beautiful and also size inclusive, which unfortunately is still rare in the fashion industry. So I'd love to hear about what it has meant for your brand to be size inclusive. Yeah. So how I came to that decision was really a very organic extension of the aesthetic that I. Felt naturally drawn to which is sort of trying to pare down into still just the essence of the garment removing like any unnecessary, and any unnecessary flourishes or details that sort of muddled just creating a garment that would drape according to the figure of the woman wearing it. So a lot of our garments. When you lay them flat. They have like these very geometric shapes these very simple shapes. And you know, the thinking behind that is that when they actually like engaged with the person wearing it that it will it will wear differently on different people. And that's actually one of my favorite things to see is different women of totally different statues and build side by side in the same top. And they both look beautiful, and they both look beautiful and in different and unique ways. So that's kind of the the why of it. But I have to say as you know, now on the other side where we do have a lot. Out of like, you know, we're tagged in a lot of imagery on Instagram of customers, Bering, our garments. And I have the experience now of being in the store where people come in and for any number of reasons, whether it's that, you know, they're very they're four foot eleven and like e-e-e-e-no size to or if they're like, you know, five ten in a size sixteen on and everything in between to have the moment with them in the fitting room when they put something on. And they're like, oh my God. I feel beautiful and that was so easy. And this never happens, and there's been tears like there's been, you know, it's actually like that is really powerful. And I've personally experienced that that challenge of you know, I remember once my fiance was like I want to like, let's go get you an outfit. We're gonna we had this a special occasion coming up, and he wanted to treat me to an outfit, which was such fun. Like Pretty Woman moment, minus the prostitution. And be like went to several stores. And I nothing looked good on me. And it just kept getting the the sort of emotional impact of that continued to increase throughout the day. We went through that experience over and over again. And then you know, it kind of it then became like just a cocktail of like frustration. And then also body shame and just all of the stuff. And I think that that's why you know, for me now to be able to deliver that to women feels like, you know, both from having experienced it firsthand. But then being on the other side of seeing the joy, and the ease that it can bring to a woman to just finally feel like, okay? Like, I know that this works for me. That is like so meaningful to me as a designer can we talk a little bit about some of the challenges Hugh face as an entrepreneur. I think you know, we'll one thing I think is that it is hard in the social media. Age that we're in you know, on the one hand that's such a boon in a benefit to business because you have this like direct line to your customer. And I think it it creates this type of engagement that that can be so informative and also such a more like excessively format of even just advertising, you know, which for a lot of brands that's kind of their primary like, you know, program for advertising now is through these like, you know, different channels like Instagram, and you do all of your own Instagram to. I do. And I really you are the head of a company who founded and you do your own social media. Yeah. We were just really cool. It's cool. It's you know, it's funny. We were talking about this. It's hard for me to let it go because it's our voice. And I think it that's the part that keeps stopping me from like eat it over one attempted. I quickly was like I can't. I'm not ready. So it's both just having that trust and someone else really conveying the voice of the of the line in the brand. And, you know, just the tone and everything, but it's also that I get so much insight from seeing what we're tagged in reading DM's that we get reading comments that we get. I mean, it's like it's literally a direct line to the people engaging with the brand. And that's pretty incredible to have that, you know, especially as someone who. Now, you know, I do work really long hours and really long days, and I'm not like doing the networking and the. I like going out in the evenings that you know, and and I live in Austin, not New Yorker LA's. So there's a lot of sides of it that make it really a great space opportunity to get that insight but going back to your original question. I think the double edged sword of that is you know, you fall into the sort of comparison trap. You know, you start to look at other people in the same space as you. And you know, I think sometimes with being based in Austin, I feel a little bit like I'm a little bit on the outside of the mainstream industry. And I think that's kind of for better for worse. I think that that's what gives us the space in the freedom to sort of innovate and do things not within the sort of very traditional paradigm of of running an apparel company, but other challenges I think are just resources I think with being a small business and with you know, doing so much of the production in house. There is there's a lot of long days. And there's a lot of days where you're. Anything from like, you know, the garments. Need tags on them or the bar codes need to be printed for the store, or you know, we need to drive out to the sawmill in bastrop and pick up some more e-e-e-e-no wood shavings for this next like lot that we're gonna experiment for dice stuff. Like, you know, or there's a pop up, and we need to like set up and breakdown, and you know, it's just there's I was actually in a in the audience of a panel yesterday in gen Gotch was saying that about her business that that's like a really big part that they opened with when they're interviewing is just to share like this is gonna be hard. And this is going to be a lot of really unglamorous stuff. This is going to be a lot of you know, I mean fashion general, there's just so much slapping like, you know, and people don't know that side of it necessarily do public social media adds to the illusion of ESPN glamorous when they actually are. Absolutely. And you know, I even feel guilty of not sharing more, you know of. That side of it. I feel like at something I kind of took from some of the conversations I was listening to yesterday was like, you know, it probably would be more meaningful for our customer to see a little more of that grittier side or the lead. You know that the by the scene. Yeah. Although sometimes it's like, well, how do I show you that I'm on my computer at three in the morning trying to late redesign her website. I think that is, you know, how do you even that being able to step back to sort of tell that side of it requires a certain amount of bandwidth that isn't always possible. Yeah. Totally speaking of Instagram. I am curious how you have worked with influencers and kind of few could expand a little bit on how Instagram in particular has been useful for your brand. So to the first part about influencers, we really don't work with them enough. And it's something that it's actually like on my agenda. Whereas I like to call it my to do scroll because so much more than a list Ravil it. So that is something that's actually, you know, very much at the forefront of my mind going into this year. And we recently had a conversation at one of our studio. I'd meetings were having each member of the team recommend one influence or that they personally follow and feel like, you know, very engaged with very much speaks to their values and their point of view, and we're going to be reaching out to each one of those and sort of trying to do like a more strategic like sending each one of them the same garment are are everyday style. Which is I like to call it the northstar of our collection. It's the style that sort of has dictated like the mood and energy and cut of the rest of the garments. That continue to be added. So the idea with that being to really show like how it really is about highlighting the person in the garment, and it can be such a diversity of people that can all look really wonderful, and it and do the things that they do in their life and their work. But the second part of the question was kind of how Instagram has been beneficial. Yes, hugely beneficial. I just think in general social media and the space that it's created for brands has completely like change the paradigm of what it means to be a company, or at least how a company presents itself to the market when I first started my collection that was Instagram did not exist. You know Facebook did. Although I don't really think it was being utilized in the capacity that it is now by brands it was still very much a personal platform for college students college. Yes. Exactly change. It's changed a lot. And I think not to mention all the coterie of other, you know, platforms that exist. What you know, my experience that first time was very much this idea of trying to sort of present myself as the other brands, and has sort of, you know, legitimate in the space that they're in. And so, you know, at that time, there was a lot more of that posturing of just sort of, you know, presenting yourself as just the other sort of, you know, companies that were on the market, but not really trying to stand out and certainly not really sharing what was different or unique about your production process. Let alone, you know, showing any part of that where I think social media has been so incredible. Is that it's created the space not only to share that. But it's created like a hunger within the sort of consumer to see that. It's like they've been introduced to that now. And so there's kind of no going back. And I think that that is. Also, what's really demanded? A lot more transparency from brands is you see one company showing that and you start to wonder why these other ones aren't like are they trying. What are they trying to not disclose? What is you know, or how far away are they from these parts of the process that go into the making of the product that you know, perhaps, they don't even know what's going on around the production floor. So I think it's really created this engaged and informed and educated consumer that I think I'm just like I'm so psyched about because it means if we take the time and effort and utilize, you know, just our resources towards these endeavors that are more labor intensive that are more expensive that are more challenging for a host of reasons. It's really incredible to know that there's actually people on the other side that are like their game because they're following along. And they wanna know, you know, all about that. And it's it's not just about the finished product anymore. It's like all of those steps lead. Up to it. Right. How do you if someone who's up at three AM redefining? Yeah. Your company website. How do you then implement your own personal self care? Do you have it? No, I really don't just being totally honest. Like, I really wish I could come up here and say like while I start the day with my phone in the other room and meditate for two hours set. My intentions have a juice. But I don't. That nobody's ever really wish her life. Yeah. I really humbled in the pursuit of getting that more inbalance. I think it's hard because there isn't there? It's an infinite amount of things that can be done at all times. And I think with the introduction of the store as well. You know, that's like Ben a completely new business for us. And it's really different from our, you know, our existing business. So I find myself kind of like straddling needs to really trying to lead these two endeavors that are very interrelated. But also, very different in their practical reality, and that's still very, you know, we just opened the store in December. So it's still something that you know, I'm hoping that this time next year. I could say, you know, I'm at least like stretching or something. Touching your. Something. But yeah, I think it's it is something that, you know. I think there's a lot of pressure in the social media space to sort of be you know, that person that is really doing it all and, you know, she's doing yoga, and she's running a meeting, and, you know, she's a brand ambassador, and she's ITO. But it's the reality is when you're passionate and you're engaged. It's like you wanna be doing the work. I worry about you know, being a present partner to my fiance. I worry about being a friend, you know, to the people. I I mean, it's hard because you do run a really feed all of those parts of yourself. But it does feel like the the businesses. Always the thing that kind of is, you know, it's the loudest sort of, you know, part of my my mind and my day, and I'm lucky to have a partner that is incredibly supportive of that an incredibly understanding because I've also had partners that weren't, you know? So I know what that looks like to. And I think that's the thing. It's kind of being a business owner and a small business owner it's a lifestyle. And I think you kind of have to go into it understanding that that's the case. It's not it's not a nine to five. And it's definitely not something that you can necessarily dislike leave at the office. You know, right. You are the off the office. And that being said, I'm I'm all for establishing boundaries and for your personal life. And being able to really delegate more. And and also like understand that delegation means like someone else is not going to do it. Exactly. Like, you would do it. That's like the biggest part that's hard. And I think that that's why it's a slower process. You know, for me in particular is like letting go of a little bit of control, you know. Yep. But yeah, it's challenging self cares. But we were I think we had talked about this on the phone. That's why sheet masks are. So great. Just like or just those little things you because I think that site of self care gets kind of branded as being more frivolous or something. But the reality is like I can sheet mask while I'm answering emails, and that's something that's a place to start. I think also there is this other side of self care where it's like pressure to do to do it where it's like if you're not meditating juicing who the fuck are you? And you know, that that also is work. It is work to do all those things as well. And so like, you kind of have to set boundaries with what right? You're going to do to take care of yourself. I'm pressure. You're putting on yourself to do that. Hopefully, you really have to hold space for that. And sometimes it just feels like just the act of being able to take things off of your to do list is like sometimes the only relief. That's you know, that's really insight. You know? Today's episode is brought to you by liquid IV, a non GMO healthy clean ingredient alternative to sugary sports drinks that helps prevent dehydration. It's vegan and free of gluten dairy. And soy staying properly hydrated is one of the most important factors in flu and cold recovery and prevention and liquid IV contains a hundred ten percent daily value of vitamin c and b twelve you know, I was drinking liquid IV all last week and giving it to my kid with the flu. Because look what I can ride the same hydration as drinking two to three bottles of water and delivers hydrogen to the bloodstream faster and more efficiently than water alone. Well, okay, I was chugging it also because my OB told me that I was dehydrated, and I was low on amniotic fluid. 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And you also recently launched a line of nail polish and you're carrying items now from some other brands, so I'm wondering if that is going to kind of expand. And like what else is on the horizon for you like what goes into making a nail shit that. I mean. You took that on in addition to everything else, and that seems like that's a huge chunk of work. Yeah. You know, the beauty of that was that we worked with a partner that created the polish itself at its a seven free formula cruelty free made in the USA. The thinking behind it was here's a way to make this part of our collection. That's so special, you know, the color make it accessible at a price point that it's eighteen dollars a bottle or three for forty eight plus zero weights pouch putting that out there. But it's been really that's actually been a really fun endeavor. Because it's such a concise product the cost is so clear cut. It's so different in that sense from our collection where you know, depending on how the Di process win with the dyestuff for each particular panel of fabric, the cost can be wildly different which, you know, from an accounting perspective is a total nightmare when you're trying to get your cost of goods in order of. So the nail polish has actually been a really fun endeavor. And something I look forward to continuing to have in the collection to like be able to add to with each new edition and the reception of it has been really fun like we've been selling them. Really, well, but also just to be able to offer something so different. But yet that so clearly reinforces the brand is really it's it's been really cool to be honest. How did you land on nail polish? Is it the thing? You had always wanted to do or it was actually a conversation. With my dear friend, Jessica primary for deodorant. She's the best and it was a concept. She had and I just I'm not sure where it came from for her other than she does a lot of like, product development and has a really really rich background in that. But it was something that she kind of came up with you know, we just having like a she's probably like, my number one go to friend for discussing business with and it was something that she brought to my, you know, fraught in front of me as something to consider doing, and then really helped me facilitate that and I wouldn't have necessarily done that on my own. But it was such a, you know, it's one of those thoughts for as soon as she said it I was like could I really do that? Oh my God. I could. Yeah. Let's let's do it. And then in terms of the other brands that were carrying in the store like that process of being a buyer has been super fun for me because you know, there are so many awesome brands on the market now. That are using ethical and sustainable practices, and I really loved having sort of the guide of like thinking of who are person is. And what they're looking for who they're shopping for or even like, you know, a traveller in town who is coming to visit the store for the first time, and they forgot sunblock where they didn't realize you know, that we have I've forgot Yoder. And that's about it. I was I was like who's why I carry that such as moment to see it in action. But you know, like so being able to pick like one or two or three options for each of those key things that you like either put on your body or where with the collections. So, you know, having a really solid sunblock having a really solid like even natural lake mosquito repellent or a great hat, that's like affordable. So it can kind of speak to both our person that lives here. But also a person that's coming in to travel. And you know, I think it's fun now to think of like, the brick and mortar side of our business being something that can, you know, expand in the future and being other cities as well. It seemed like most of the brands were women owned brands, the that definitely is the case say majority women owned, but it's not like not not harake girl. Yeah. Definitely. Because I think that that inclusivity does go and both sides, you know, and for me, it's really more. About the values and ethics of the company, and the sort of just integrity of the product at self. Well, we love everything about what you are doing. Yeah. It has been a real treat to get to observe and then get to come in and get to see it in action. So you guys should all go. It's an east Austin. I think we have some time for questions from the audience Amax. With social media and running that all yourself because that's a lot to take on. Especially as noted entrepreneur. Do you ever feel like you're always kind of standing by for messages from your consumers, and how you kind of balance that with? With all the other stuff you have to do when all the other hands. Yeah, I've tried to be better about, you know, if we get a DM that's specifically like a customer service related question of affording those increase directly onto our sales team to provide that support because they can provide that better than I can from my phone, you know, out in in the world and stuff, but I do I think probably the days that I'm kind of the hardest on myself at the end of the day about what I've been able to accomplish are the ones where I didn't get that post up or I didn't do stories about X y XYZ thing that happened. There's definitely a constant sort of, you know, demand in the back of my head with having that as part of my like, you know, my daily responsibility. And I that is honestly why that's something. I'm like, I need to learn how to delegate some at least some portion of this. You know, I think sometimes the challenge with delegation is. Amount of preparation you have to do to really effectively accomplish it. So I can't just say, hey, take care of the Instagram for me. You know, it's like I need to really like set out like almost a manual for. What that looks like, you know, like what is the criterion for what gets posted what is the site. Like, what's the voice that we want to have like? What are sort of are like, you know, go to things I can prepare that person taking over to sort of know to be able to address. So sometimes that can be the real roadblock is being able to step back, and do the do the sort of homework to to hand something off can I piggyback on that? And just ask how do you an and maybe you handle this with ease? But deal with kind of if there's any ever any the negative comments the negative side of social media since it's so personal to you. You're managing something that has your name on it. How do you navigate the hat and set boundaries with that? I feel like I'm fortunate that I I'm trying to think of like, you know, specific examples of comments or anything like that that were harder to see your here. An unfortunate that I don't feel like that's like a ton of the type of sort of interactions that I ended up seeing. But I feel like, you know, it's really you will you will sort of hold and your energy will go to what you are focused on. And unfortunately, I think often you could have fifty positive remarks and one negative remark and you'll focus on that one negative one. So one practice I try and maintain is just like to really reinforce the good not to ignore the bad too. But to remember to keep that in proportion, but also win there is a critical comment or feedback. I also think that there is a lesson in there. I think. There's actually the opportunity to learn like why where it's coming from. And if there's merit to it. I don't like rule it out just because it's not pleasant. I really try and take even just like, you know, your size inclusive, but you don't have my size like, oh, what's your size? Let's talk about that. Or you know, I wanna I wanna engage with your brand. But I can't afford it. And like, okay, let's be better about having our studios sales section online like readily stocked, and like make sure that you know, or even things like expanding our zero waste products to have more of just like price diversity to have products that do start at like fourteen dollars rather than two or three hundred dollars exclusively. So I think the key with like, the negative commentary is like you kind of have the access to a focus group innocence. So think about you know, if there is actually something that you can take from that and do better from. This a very mature perspective that I would like to absorb. It's just sore. Don't get hurt. But you you do you are sounds like you are living in action Dory's favorite phrase, which is rephrasing of the narrative, totally re you're taking it in. It's such a different way. Then I feel like many of us to colluding number one me. Thank you. Well, I think it's a muscle, and you're very strong. Know you have to practice it over and over. Other questions if you have. As someone who's new to the brand. I you know, I was looking at your Instagram. And while you guys talked a little bit about the fact that you're very body inclusive. It also feels like you are diverse in other ways in the looks and the styles in in the ethnicities that you're showing is that something that you think about or how does that play into both like the development of your clothes in your styles in your colors as well. As the way that you present yourself. Well, I think the the minimalism of the aesthetic of our line is what lends itself to being able to speak to really diverse audience diverse in terms of ethnicity size age. So that's really like kind of a guiding principle for me is, you know, I'm so flattered when I hear that, you know, a mother and daughter can share a garment, you know, or that it could be the first kind of big purchase for someone right out of college. Or, you know, something that a woman in her seventies is purchasing and buying. So I think that it's not so much, you know, strategic on the back end of like, you know, what will speak to whom of this, but more so that it's just kind of an overarching design philosophy of really considering how the person inside the garment is always going to be the sort of focal point. And that the clothing itself is really there to sort of support and work with them for whatever, you know, sort of portion of the day they're wearing it through her station in their life that they're in. Hi. So I'm just wondering about making ethical and sustainable fashion acceptable to more consumer. So you had mentioned the price point can be a barrier to entry for some. And I'm curious just about how you think about your pricing strategy. I mean, of course, there's a good reason that ethical unsustainable goods are often more expensive. So how do you think about that? And then over time to make. Ethical unsustainable faction accessible to more people. Do you think it's more about educating consumers around by less and spend more on high quality goods or companies being able to lower the price point overtime to make it more accessible? I think it's honestly both. But I do think. Yeah. There is that sense that we do need to reframe the paradigm of how we're consuming. So, you know, yes. Like a three hundred dollar garment. I mean, I I understand that. That's a lot for me. You know? But it's also understanding that that feels like a lot more if you're also purchasing, you know, ten other things a month just as like standard practice, right, which is very much the way that people do consume. It's not a strategy of like here's my apparel for the season. It's just a often more spontaneous. And almost like recreational activity in America to shop in this way. That's social it's sort of on the fly. There's a sale you ended up your target to get toilet. Paper. You tripped over a collab- that they were doing, you know. So I think it's also understanding that you know, if we're considering the way that we're purchasing in a more mindful way, then yes, there's that side of it. That does the I do think makes it a lot more accessible if you really being conscious of like, you know, how and where you're spending. But on the other side, I think, you know, like with our line, for example, there are some items that were wholesaling that are died where we have a very very slim profit margin, and we're subsidizing that essentially through our non dyed garments. So there's also strategies like that that you can utilize as a business. To basically offset and sort of spread out some of your operational cost of goods that you have to consider. But then, you know, as a as a consumer, I think, you know, it's there's a lot of creative ways that you can also engage with ethical brands. You know, there's like I'd mentioned the studio sale. But you know, there's buying secondhand. There's that great Instagram. I always just say the name forward rather than backward, but the fashion bizarre the noise off. Yes. You know, that's like such a cool marketplace for people reselling specifically, like ethical sustainable, independent lines just going to studio and sample sales that other lines are carrying you know, sort of maybe also supplementing that three hundred dollar garment with you know, at garments as well. I think there's a lot of ways that we can sort of rethink where we're shopping and how we're shopping. Kind of be more mindful about it overall. Hi to kind of piggyback off that question. It seems like you're really mindful about the partnerships. You make with the folks who are producing numb your garments. I'm curious to hear how you with the fifteen folks, I think you said who you employ like how you make sure that you're able to provide those folks with like, a livable wage, and how how you sort of think about the sustainability of of the folks you employ, and like how you're able to do that as a small business because I know a lot of small business owners. That's a big priority that they'd like to be able to accommodate. But sometimes that's not the reality that they're able to do so. Yeah, it's definitely something. I think about a lot. And it's something that I I really want to ultimately. Always be mindful of passing on our growth to the team that we employ. So actually, Jessica had given me great feedback. When I was I really like getting a larger team for the first time, which is you know, you can offer your employees, you know, finance fit fun. I think the other one was another f word that covered title that. I can't remember. But that you might not be able to offer all of those. But what can you offer of those and being mindful of where you can't offer one being able to offer some of the other? So it's like if you're not able to provide the salary that you necessarily want to provide be mindful of providing a title that will give them the capacity to move onto another job with, you know, a better resume, then, you know, had they not had that. And also be mindful of really, you know, your position as like a mentor and a coach, you know, as the leader of that team and giving them the skills that. At that will allow them to grow professionally beyond their time with you, the fun part is, you know, for me that like I think initially I felt this obliga- to sort of almost be like a Silicon Valley like tech like Bing, Bong tables and break and Napa rooms and not. Yeah. Yeah. But like thinking about like having this obligation to provide all of these sort of like, you know, things that I really when I started to look back and look at the cost of like having these sort of like little like fun bonding things where they did actually start to financially add up, and I kind of step back. It was like, I think that this would be more meaningfully spent on their wages, you know. And I think at the end of the day like I can create a like peaceful and respectful, and like, you know, like an environment that you look forward to working in and that has, you know, functional like, you know, dialogue based work ethic. And you know, we're there's not dysfunction, and there's not, you know, a real sense of like, you know, I can create an environment that people want to actually be in the other thing too. Is that, you know, understanding as a small business that there is that pace car also for us. So you know, one thing that. My Liz who directs by studio, and I talk about in anticipation of each year is like what is an improvement. We can make to our benefits package. So, you know, it's like thinking about additional days off that we can offer like having more PTO is something where you know, we can give people more of that balance in their own sort of work life, but it's not necessarily like, you know, it is an expense. But it's a way that we can kind of we would already have anticipated spending that money, but we can give them more time to themselves next on my agenda is like healthcare like being able to provide that a lot of that stuff is really daunting though. When you you know, you have to also be aware that the best way you can be an employer is to have a financially sound company. So you have to like be making decisions in a way that's actually feasible to you because I am never going to bounce a check to teammate. You know, like, that's the other part is like you have to actually be able to back up what you want to offer. And to me be make. That you really can. Well, thank you Miranda. You so much you guys. Yeah. So Kate last week, and we touched on this a little bit earlier in the show. But you said you're going to lean into being sick. How did that go? Well, it went okay. In terms of like purchasing items to help me feel better. I did not sleep or rest because I was caregiving for a child. So it was a little tricky. I would I was up all night for three nights in a row with my daughter. So once her flu kind of subsided. I was able to get some rest, and you know, I was sick while we were travelling in Texas, and I really took it easy while we were there arrested. Yeah. I ate you seemed okay, though, I felt good. I mean, I think also just removing myself from my sick kids, which was I have to say I had a lot of anxiety about leaving them. But I left them in the very capable hands of my in laws, but I had a lot of guilt anxiety about it. But I also think it's probably good for me just to go somewhere where I could sleep and not be able to physically care for them to be. Out of the house of germ. Yeah. Out of the house of germs as they say. So it went okay, I'm still leaning into it. But I'm going to bed early being gentle with myself, not pushing myself too, hard and unfeeling. Good good. Tell me about hydration because I've seen you drinking a ton. You have to waters on the table. I do I have been really making a concerted effort to drink a lot of water end actually water with liquid IV in it. I don't just say for the ad. I think this whole forever. Thirty five team. We all liquid IV. And so yeah, I mean like at night, I've been putting I have like two pint glasses worth of water, and I drink it throughout the night. That's great. Yeah. So that's I mean a pint glass, I think is twelve ounces a lot. So it's twenty four ounces of water in like overnight. I mean, I'm peeing constantly. That's a that's a lot of work. What are you gonna do? I don't have another ultrasound for another couple of weeks, but the last ultrasound things look good. So I'm trying to stay on that. Track. You're taking care of yourself. You're taking care of your future, myself trialed. Yeah. Good work Dory. What about what's on tap for next week? You know, what my intention is story. What's that to watch? Tv who great intention. Yeah. I'm really enjoying shits creek. I started watching it this past weekend. I'm obsessed with it. And you know, like when we've talked about not making room for books. I also don't do a great job making room for like, TV and movies and my life. And I think they have a lot of Allieu. Yeah. Definitely. So I am going to. I mean, they pay the bills around here. We both are married to TV writers. So we're very lucky in that regard. Everyone keep watching watch TV. But I just was like, you know, what this is fun for me to have a show into fault like to enjoy this. And just it's been really really fun and good had a bunch. I've been doing a better job watching TV lately. It seems silly to try to be do a good job. TV? But there have been times where I've had no shows in my life. Yeah. So making room a sad time when that happened. Yeah. Like to be able to participate in pop culture, and also like have something that makes me feel good. I feel like I need to make a list of shows that I wanna binge when I have a newborn binging TV with a newborn babies, really satisfying. I got through like, what am I gonna be? Have you ever watched skins? That's the show. I watch. I watched the first season. Okay. All right game of thrones. Nope. I want a second. I watched the first two seasons as they aired. And then it like it got so violent that it was like hard for me to walk. Not a great show. And if you want something relaxing. Yeah. So I don't think game of thrones. Is it I've read all the books? Oh, I didn't know that about. Yeah. Read all the boat outlander. Maybe it also I've also heard it's violent. It is is there an iconic show that you've not watched Seinfeld. Oh dory. You've got. Watch seinfeld. It's too late. Like, I weirdly just started rewatching like the first season of Seinfeld. And it was very satisfying. Maybe I mean, maybe I understand it's too late for me, and like Gilmore girls say yes, just not gonna happen. Right. It's not. Yeah. Yeah. So I don't know I'll have to. I'm sure there's something else that like, oh, you know, what? I've never watched the good wife. I've never watched that either. It's supposed to be fan. It's supposed to be fantastic. So maybe that will go on the list, and there's like they're twenty two episode seasons because it's on network TV, and there's at least five seasons. So that should keep me. Busy dig into some Canadian TV. All right. I think we'll shits creek is Canadian. I should just rewatch. You can't do that on television and icon ick. Canadian television show, your good Canadian show that at the time as a child I didn't know was Canadian team because at aired on Nickelodeon. Yeah. And also, your worldview view is like say with degrassi. I did know that was Canadian did I I don't know fifteen on Nickelodeon. Did you watch that that was Canadian, and oh, it's really good. You don't watch fifteen. This is getting way off topic. But. It was fantastic. You know what else? I never watched that we discussed on excellent adventure. Because I think I was too. I just mystic too old is Pete and Pete I was that means nothing to me. Right. We missed it. I don't get it. But my husband who six years younger was obsessed with it. Yeah there and remember when Pete and Pete had like kind of like a nostalgic return. Yeah. Years ago feed was really on it really end up Pete. All buzzfeed. Yeah. I it was like it was meaningless to me. Yes. Aim. It's very weird. Those moments were like a generation as having like like Hansen. I'm just like. Oh, yeah. But new kids come on. Donnie wahlberg? Would you know, he is still a honk to Joey had those dreamy blue eyes. He did. And you know, he seems like a good guy. I hope so me too. Yeah. Oh boy. All right. Well, that was journey Dory. What's on you? What's your attention this week? I just want to express gratitude for the great some of the great things in my life. Like my baby shower while I mean, let's wait to have it before you want to express credit expressing my family a lot of whom are coming in. My parents are coming in tonight. Oh, wow. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. And my sister and her family were coming in on a couple of days and my health very grateful for my health, especially as a pregnant lady. You know? Yes, I do know a lot of shit that could have gone wrong and still could go wrong. Yeah. But but this moment and interesting amendment. Yep. Things are things are good. I'm grateful for your health to we'll think you had mine and yours well Daury. This brings us to the end brings us to the end. Should we remind everyone that we have a voicemail that they can leave us messages on tell us if you watched Pete and Pete at seven eight one five nine one zero three nine zero or Email us about Pete and Pete at forever thirty five podcast at g mail dot com. Emails about Pete. And do you think I feel like maybe we'll get more people who are like I also watched fifteen on Nickelodeon. I don't know. They're only one way to find out. Yeah. Open up the open up the communication. Operators are standing by. Tell us Pete and Pete operators. I mean, Google voice over us. Checking Email you can join our Facebook group at Facebook dot com slash group slash for over thirty five podcasts or one of the many spinoff groups. And if you like the show, please leave us a review in apple podcasts, Tele friend or mention us on social media. And just reminder that everything we mentioned is always on her website forever. Thirty five podcast dot com. And you can follow us on Instagram at forever. Thirty five podcast and on Twitter at forever, thirty-five pod. And firma thirty five is hosted and produced by doors, your freer in Kate, Spencer and produced an edited by Sammy Cuneo and lane. Hammer is our assistant. I.

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